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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 26)
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Birth Date12-1-1992
Height6' 0"
Weight190 lbs
Age30 years, 6 months, 1 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2014 CHN 21 52 229 36 6 0 9 15 95 1 5 1 .169 .227 .324 56 -10.9 1.2 -4.0 -0.7
2015 CHN 22 28 80 22 6 0 1 4 24 0 1 2 .289 .325 .408 72 -2.3 -1.1 1.8 0.1
2016 CHN 23 142 450 115 19 1 14 15 108 11 12 3 .273 .314 .423 90 -4.5 -0.7 3.7 1.3
2017 CHN 24 145 508 128 24 2 23 30 144 1 10 3 .273 .317 .480 94 -2.6 4.4 -7.4 1.3
2018 CHN 25 160 645 176 40 9 34 29 167 5 21 9 .290 .326 .554 120 17.5 3.2 2.8 4.6
2019 CHN 26 138 561 149 38 4 29 28 156 0 11 7 .281 .316 .531 102 4.0 4.3 7.3 3.9

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2011 BOI A- NOR 2 6 .246 .356 .378 .250 112 -0.9 0.2 0.1 19 0 -0.1 0.0 -0.6 0.0
2011 CUB Rk AZL 3 12 .270 .356 .405 .400 104 0.1 0.4 0.2 123 0 1.5 0.5 -0.3 0.2
2012 PEO A MID 57 235 .254 .327 .375 .378 97 22.4 6.9 2.5 161 0 2.5 4.4 15.1 3.2
2012 DAY A+ FSL 23 86 .258 .333 .371 .200 110 -5.2 2.6 1.2 46 0 -1.9 -0.9 -4.3 -0.3
2012 MSS Wnt AFL 14 60 .000 .000 .000 .205 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2013 DAY A+ FSL 76 337 .254 .325 .368 .310 101 14.4 9.9 4.1 129 0 1.8 2.2 3.4 2.2
2013 TEN AA SOU 54 240 .249 .316 .375 .333 106 19.4 6.5 2.6 156 0 1.5 1.0 10.7 2.4
2014 CHN MLB NL 52 229 .240 .302 .371 .248 103 -13.8 5.9 1.4 56 7 -4.0 1.2 -10.9 -0.7
2014 IOW AAA PCL 104 434 .271 .336 .421 .322 92 13.1 13.0 4.7 108 0 -3.5 2.8 1.6 1.9
2015 CHN MLB NL 28 80 .253 .320 .405 .412 92 1.2 2.2 0.3 72 11 1.8 -1.1 -2.3 0.1
2015 IOW AAA PCL 70 313 .266 .332 .408 .402 98 21.8 8.7 2.2 148 0 3.9 1.7 10.0 2.7
2015 CUB Rk AZL 4 15 .290 .378 .387 .417 99 2.9 0.5 0 194 0 -0.2 1.0 0.6 0.2
2016 CHN MLB NL 142 450 .260 .328 .428 .336 90 7.8 12.7 1.4 90 9 3.7 -0.7 -4.5 1.3
2016 IOW AAA PCL 4 15 .238 .314 .350 .300 89 -0.7 0.4 0 80 0 0.8 0.5 -0.5 0.1
2017 CHN MLB NL 145 508 .259 .327 .430 .345 98 7.6 14.9 3.3 94 8 -7.4 4.4 -2.6 1.3
2018 CHN MLB NL 160 645 .249 .317 .408 .347 99 31.3 18.1 2.8 120 7 2.8 3.2 17.5 4.6
2019 CHN MLB NL 138 561 .249 .318 .428 .345 99 10.6 16.9 7.4 102 9 7.3 4.3 4.0 3.9

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2011 CUB Rk AZL 12 12 2 4 2 0 0 6 0 0 2 2 0 .333 .333 .500 .167 0 0
2011 BOI A- NOR 6 6 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 .167 .167 .167 .000 0 0
2012 MSS Wnt AFL 60 57 9 12 2 0 4 26 16 2 14 3 0 .211 .250 .456 .246 0 0
2012 DAY A+ FSL 86 80 9 15 3 1 4 32 13 5 21 4 2 .188 .244 .400 .213 0 0
2012 PEO A MID 235 213 41 71 10 5 12 127 33 9 48 20 3 .333 .383 .596 .263 3 0
2013 TEN AA SOU 240 218 39 64 15 0 20 139 54 19 69 8 2 .294 .346 .638 .344 3 0
2013 DAY A+ FSL 337 299 59 82 19 4 17 160 57 21 78 12 2 .274 .338 .535 .261 6 0
2014 IOW AAA PCL 434 388 64 101 24 2 23 198 80 34 130 16 8 .260 .323 .510 .250 7
2014 CHN MLB NL 229 213 25 36 6 0 9 69 20 15 95 5 1 .169 .227 .324 .155 0
2015 CHN MLB NL 80 76 4 22 6 0 1 31 4 4 24 1 2 .289 .325 .408 .118 0 0
2015 CUB Rk AZL 15 12 3 5 1 0 0 6 1 1 0 1 0 .417 .533 .500 .083 0 0
2015 IOW AAA PCL 313 281 49 91 14 2 13 148 61 21 76 17 3 .324 .385 .527 .203 2 1
2016 CHN MLB NL 450 421 50 115 19 1 14 178 59 15 108 12 3 .273 .314 .423 .150 2 1
2016 IOW AAA PCL 15 15 3 4 0 0 1 7 1 0 4 1 0 .267 .267 .467 .200 0 0
2017 CHN MLB NL 508 469 75 128 24 2 23 225 75 30 144 10 3 .273 .317 .480 .207 2 6
2018 CHN MLB NL 645 606 101 176 40 9 34 336 111 29 167 21 9 .290 .326 .554 .264 4 1
2019 CHN MLB NL 561 531 89 149 38 4 29 282 85 28 156 11 7 .281 .316 .531 .250 2 0

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2014 922 0.4035 0.4653 0.5664 0.5591 0.4018 0.7404 0.4027 0.4336 -0.0030
2015 307 0.4365 0.5114 0.6624 0.6642 0.3931 0.7978 0.4853 0.3376 0.0087
2016 1669 0.4230 0.5183 0.7075 0.6459 0.4247 0.8114 0.5917 0.2925 0.0000
2017 1831 0.4369 0.5571 0.6284 0.6988 0.4471 0.7460 0.4859 0.3716 0.0000
2018 2228 0.4282 0.5763 0.6604 0.7631 0.4364 0.7775 0.5072 0.3396 0.0000
2019 1985 0.4126 0.5516 0.6438 0.7155 0.4365 0.7509 0.5206 0.3562 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-04-12 2014-04-20 Minors 8 0 Left Ankle Sprain - -
2014-03-22 2014-03-22 Camp 0 0 Right Foot Contusion Heel - -
2012-10-28 2012-12-15 WIN 48 0 Right Thumb Fracture Tip of Thumb By High Five Celebration - -


Year Team Salary
2027 DET $24,000,000
2026 DET $24,000,000
2025 DET $25,000,000
2024 DET $25,000,000
2023 DET $22,000,000
2022 DET $20,000,000
2021 CHN $11,650,000
2020 CHN $10,000,000
2019 CHN $5,200,000
2018 CHN $657,000
2017 CHN $609,000
2016 CHN $512,000
2015 CHN $
7 yrPrevious$48,628,000
8 yrPvs + Cur$70,628,000
4 yrFuture$98,000,000
12 yrTotal$168,628,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
6 y 89 dWasserman6 years/$140M (2022-27)

  • 6 years/$140M (2022-27). Signed by Detroit as a free agent 11/30/21. 22:$20M, 23:$22M, 24:$25M, 25:$25M, 26:$24M, 27:$24M. Baez may opt out of contract after the 2023 season. Award bonuses: $1M for league MVP award in 2022 or 2023. $2M for league MVP award in 2024-27. Limited no-trade protection (may block deals to 10 clubs annually).
  • 1 year/$11.65M (2021). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 1/15/21 (avoided arbitration). Acquired by NY Mets in trade from Chicago Cubs 7/30/21 with $4,008,602 remaining on contract (as part of the deal, Cubs pay about $3,847,271, with Mets responsible for $161,331)
  • 1 year/$10M (2020). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 1/10/20 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year/$5.2M (2019). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 1/11/19 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year/$657,000 (2018). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 3/18.
  • 1 year/$609,000 (2017). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 3/9/17.
  • 1 year (2016). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 3/4/16.
  • 1 year (2015). Re-signed by Chicago Cubs 3/5/15.
  • 1 year (2014). Contract selected by Chicago Cubs 8/5/14.
  • Drafted by Chicago Cubs 2011 (1-9) (Arlington County Day HS, Jacksonville). $2.625M signing bonus.

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 703 102 188 35 6 32 100 50 177 22 8 .293 .350 .516 126 53.0 SS -1, 3B 0 5.5
80o 688 97 178 33 6 30 95 48 176 21 8 .283 .338 .497 120 45.5 SS -1, 3B 0 4.7
70o 678 94 172 32 6 29 92 46 176 20 7 .277 .331 .487 116 40.3 SS -1, 3B 0 4.2
60o 669 91 167 31 6 28 89 44 175 20 7 .272 .325 .478 112 35.9 SS -1, 3B 0 3.7
50o 661 88 161 30 5 27 87 43 175 19 7 .265 .319 .464 109 31.9 SS -1, 3B 0 3.3
40o 653 86 156 29 5 26 84 42 174 18 7 .260 .313 .454 106 28.0 SS -1, 3B 0 2.9
30o 644 83 150 28 5 25 81 40 173 18 7 .253 .304 .443 102 23.9 SS -1, 3B 0 2.4
20o 634 80 145 27 5 24 78 38 173 17 6 .247 .298 .433 98 19.3 SS -1, 3B 0 1.9
10o 619 76 137 25 5 23 74 36 171 16 6 .239 .288 .420 92 13.1 SS -1, 3B 0 1.3
Weighted Mean66289161305278743175197.264.318.46310932.4SS -1, 3B 03.3

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BP Articles

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BP Chats

2020-08-14 14:00:00 (link to chat)I know he checks in very high on your recently released dynasty rankings, but what are your thoughts on Shohei Ohtani moving forward? Will he ever regain pitching form/Should Angels just let him hit?
(Ben from Memphis )
First of two Ohtani questions.

I do believe Ohtani regains his pitching form in time. Recovery from Tommy John surgery is complicated and different for each player. Since Ohtani continued to play and split his focus between hitting and recovery/pitching, his full recovery likely will take longer and look different than a normal pitcher. If, and when, he fully recovers, he has #1 overall upside as a two-way player, especially in daily leagues.

Now, I do not think it is the end of the world if Ohtani does not recover as a pitcher. He really can hit. As a full-time hitter, who may profile well in right field (for example), Ohtani could hit something like .280/35/15, which is right up there with the likes of Javier Baez.

There is plenty of risk with Ohtani. Always has been. The potential reward is sky high, however, and his strong hitting fallback does mitigate the risk, at least compared to other pitchers.

Ultimately, Ohtani owners should not bemoan his inability to pitch at the moment because he still carries loads of value as a hitter, just not #1 overall type value. (Jesse Roche)
2020-04-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)How has quarantine changed your thoughts on Wander Javier? What's his upside?
(Dusty from Colorado)
A history of my Wander Javier chat takes:

1/24: As you well know, Wander Javier represents a dyad in the baseball force between Wander Franco and Javier Baez. Hence, the name.

2/14: His upside is such that all your tireless effort will be recognized throughout the industry and Dusty Colorado will be hailed as a prophet.

2/21: His upside is so high, I had to remove him from the Ceiling-Only Top 101 because it burned with the light of a thousand suns.

And today . . . his upside is so high, he will still break minor league single season hitting records despite the shortened season. (Jesse Roche)
2020-01-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Welcome to baseball prospectus Jesse. As you know I've followed your work for some time. I'm a fan! Can I get your thoughts on Wander Javier and what's his upside?
(Dusty from Colorado )
As you well know, Wander Javier represents a dyad in the baseball force between Wander Franco and Javier Baez. Hence, the name. (Jesse Roche)
2020-01-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Welcome to baseball prospectus Jesse. As you know I've followed your work for some time. I'm a fan! Can I get your thoughts on Wander Javier and what's his upside?
(Dusty from Colorado )
As you well know, Wander Javier represents a dyad in the baseball force between Wander Franco and Javier Baez. Hence, the name. (Jesse Roche)
2018-08-30 13:00:00 (link to chat)Cub fans all calling for Javier Baez to be MVP. He has been hitting really well and is a defensive wonder, but given your sabermetrics approach, how does baez look?
(Bill from Madison)
NL MVP is pretty wide open this year. Our top 5 by WARP are Arenado, Carpenter, Goldschmidt, Freeman, Baez. B-Ref likes Cain, Carpenter, Baez, Freeman, Goldschmidt. FanGraphs has Carpenter, Goldscmidt, Cain, Arenado, Baez. And we're talking like half a win between first and fifth. So Baez looks really good, which is amazing, given his pretty bad contact skills. (I also think that you can make a pretty good MVP case for Nola, Scherzer, and deGrom, not that they have a chance.) (Rob Mains)
2018-07-13 15:00:00 (link to chat)Who is your pick for 2018 MLB Home Run Derby champion? Sleeper pick?
(Justin Sickle from Pottsville, PA)
This seems like an ideal showcase for Javier Baez. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-07-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)Since we can now gamble legally, Who do you have in the Derby?
(John C from Forked River)
Javier Baez puts on the best BP of these guys. (Jarrett Seidler)
2017-03-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)A Dozier trade for Baez specifically, or Happ to a lesser degree, would help boy teams, right? Baez could be moved to SS for the Twins and Polanco to 2B making the twins better defensively. While, Dozier would clearly be an affordable, and resifnanble, lineup improvement for the Cubs to try and repeat. Thoughts on a package that would make sense to help both teams?
(DJ from Mpls )
There is zero chance the Cubs would trade Javier Baez for what is essentially two seasons of Brian Dozier. They might not even make that trade for 2017 alone. Ian Happ is more realistic, although the Cubs would have no real need for Dozier with Baez at second base. I think Jose De Leon (from the Dodgers, at the time) was a perfectly reasonable offer. Dozier's pre-2016 performance is good rather than great, he's a free agent in two years, and he's either not an option or not a big asset anywhere other than second base. (Aaron Gleeman)
2017-03-22 20:00:00 (link to chat)"Low minors second base prospect is always a tough profile." Ahhh, so THAT'S why every scout crapped all over me, and Dustin, and Cano, and Mookie B., and on and on and on. Maybe second base shouldn't be looked at as a "tough profile" any more than any other position.
(Jose Altuve from Cooperstown, but later)
So Pedroia was a shortstop prospect until Double-A, Cano was mostly a shortstop until High-A (and looked like he would end up at third if we're counting), and Betts played all over the place. People will bring up Jose Altuve until the cows come home, but isn't the guy who turned out to have an 8 hit more the exception than the rule?

Here's an exercise: group your favorite X number of MLB second basemen and see how many were second basemen in the low-minors.

I'll start. Aside from the above, Daniel Murphy wasn't, Ian Kinsler wasn't, Ben Zobrist wasn't, Javier Baez wasn't, Brandon Phillips wasn't, Neil Walker wasn't, Dee Gordon wasn't, Logan Forsythe wasn't, Brian Dozier mostly wasn't, I think Jason Kipnis and Rougned Odor moved there in High-A, hell even Joe Panik moved there in Double-A. (Jarrett Seidler)
2017-03-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hey there, Matt. Who's the next Ben Zobrist?
(Bryan G. from Rhode Island)
Literally who would know this better than you?

(Javier Baez.) (Matthew Trueblood)
2017-02-13 20:00:00 (link to chat)How do you see Javier Baez's career turning out?
(caseyj15 from Medford, OR)
This question is basically unanswerable. His error bars are wider than Eric Gregg's strike zone. He's really damn fun, though. (Scooter Hotz)
2017-02-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think of the long term outlook for Javier Baez?
(caseyj15 from Medford. OR)
I think he's probably a good middle infielder. He has such high highs and low lows that I think opinions on him bounce around too much for their own good. To me he probably evens out as a solid player for 5-7 years until he can't pick up off-speed stuff anymore and is relegated to a bench defensive replacement. Sort of like Ryan Howard but with a glove. (Trevor Strunk)
2016-11-11 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hey there. What's the likelihood of seeing Happ in the Cubs infield in 2017?
(duncanf from In The Jacuzzi)
I don't know exactly where he fits with future MVP Javier Baez taking up his likely infield spot at 2B. Maybe a better chance you see him in the outfield, but the Cubs are spoiled for choice there as well. I guess he's close enough that an injury on the dirt or the grass might open a role for him. So 20%? Another full year in the minors isn't the end of the world there. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2016-05-16 23:00:00 (link to chat)Few Cubs questions for you sir. Will Jorge Soler ever mentally figure it out? We all know the huge potential thats there. What is Javier Baez's best long term position? If the Cubs and Jake Arrieta cant workout a deal by next trade deadline and they decide to deal him, what kind of haul could he return?
(BC from Urbandale)
Soler just turned 24 and has a bunch of work to do in ironing out his approach. I can't speak to his mental fortitude, but with guys who reach the major leagues I tend to assume it's a relative strength. Better question is whether effort to evolve his approach wins the day ultimately or not. Hasn't shown much progress this spring. Baez seems to be just fine in a utility capacity, I wouldn't go out of my way to settle him into one spot. And re: Arrieta, I can't see the Cubs being in the market of selling a dude like Arrieta given their competitive window. If he leaves, he leaves, but have to assume he'd do so after pitching post-season ball in Cub pinstripes. (Wilson Karaman)
2016-05-26 19:00:00 (link to chat)Who are a couple good 12-team dynasty buy-lows to target if I am a middling but young team building for 2017-2019? How about Javier Baez?
(Angry Carl from Wisconsin)
He'd fit the bill. Jurickson Profar could as well. Players of this ilk ("failed" prospects who still are young and have room for growth) are generally the types of buy low players you are looking for. (Mike Gianella)
2016-05-18 19:00:00 (link to chat)Does Javier Baez ever hit 30 hr in a season?
(Angry Carl from Wisconsin)
Yes. I think it could happen within the next two or three years. The crazy thing about Baez is that he's ONLY 23-YEARS-OLD. Once he gets comfortable against major-league pitching, which is starting to happen in my opinion, we will be looking at a special hitter. (George Bissell)
2016-05-18 19:00:00 (link to chat)What is Javier Baez's ceiling?
(BC from Urbandale)
Something similar to what Manny Machado is doing right now in Baltimore. That's the pie in the sky, best-case scenario. (George Bissell)
2016-05-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Can you wax poetically about Javier Baez's defense? I know his bat bring thunder, but wow I had no idea his glove was this elite! He has to play 3rd base daily, and Bryant moves to LF, which brings to question where do you play everyone else. BAEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Scott from of Lincolnshire)
It really is remarkable. He's so creative, such a playmaker, on the bases and in the field. A freak. We all undersold the tools surrounding his offensive game when he was coming up. Not just the acumen with the glove, but the sheer speed and arm strength, all 60 or better. (Matthew Trueblood)
2016-04-21 19:00:00 (link to chat)How many AB's do you see in Javier Baez's future this year and how well will he produce (5x5 OBP)? Thanks...
(Jim from LV)
350? I think he'll be solid but we're all still going off of ideas about what he'll do without a lot of major league success. He's deep mixed/and NL-only worthy (duh) but in standard mixed I still see him as iffy. (Mike Gianella)
2016-03-09 19:00:00 (link to chat)It's a 12 team NL only 5 x 5 (2 catcher league) where you can keep 6 (2016 salaries) Please help: Schwarber 8 B Hamilton 13 M Franco 16 AJ Ramos 6 Baez 8 Mesorasco 10 And right now I would be throwing back: Inciarte 12 Quackenbush 6 Drury 2 Is it reasonable to keep those 6? I have a few more days to decide.
(Chris from Baltimore)
Yes, I think that's fine. I'm kind of iffy on Javier Baez depending upon the keeper rules, but he's better than all of those bubble guys with the possible exception of Ender Inciarte. (Mike Gianella)
2016-02-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)How do you see Javier Baez's career unfolding?
(caseyj15 from Medford, OR)
I think he's very likely to be quite good, but it could be a while before he gets there. Check out this piece I wrote last April: (Matthew Trueblood)
2016-03-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Wilson, would you keep any of these guys in an 8-team, NL-only, 5x5 league: $2 Ryan Howard, $2 Javier Baez, $1 Jake Lamb? Thanks.
(GBSimons from Indiana)
I'd probably keep all of them. Baez is a no-brainer, and somehow, some way Howard was a $13 player last year in NL-onlies. Okay roster depth, even in a shallower league. I've always liked Lamb, just needs regular reps & I'd take the flier he gets 'em for a buck. (Wilson Karaman)
2016-01-21 19:00:00 (link to chat)Who are this years Correa, Seager, and Buxton?
(Jared from Oklahoma)
I'll give you a couple prospects/young guys that step into the spotlight for me. A few established younger guys I think will bounce-back are Javier Baez, Jurickson Profar and Joey Gallo...MILB I'll go Nomar Mazara, J.P. Crawford and A.J. Reed as my big-three for hitters. (George Bissell)
2016-01-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)I really want to utilize Javier Baez to the best of his abilities, but can't find anywhere to play him! This kid could be something very special, am I correct?
(Joe Madden from Chi Town)
You are correct, and you're in a tough spot. If you aren't playing him everyday, you need to send him to Iowa. It's not like he's 26, let the kid develop and get the at-bats he needs. It doesn't sound like he's going to play everyday anytime soon, so, either trade him or let him pile up the PCL stats. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-01-14 20:00:00 (link to chat)When does Gallo get a call up from the Rangers, given that many of the spots he can play are filled and the Rangers are trying to contend?
(Nomar from Newmarket)
May? June? It depends on his performance I'd imagine but since they are trying to contend he's probably the first guy up and if there's an injury and he is hitting. They could also go the route that the Cubs did with Javier Baez and promote him to have him on the bench. If they are contending, service time won't matter as much as having a superior bench bat (perhaps). (Mike Gianella)
2015-12-01 14:00:00 (link to chat)cubs dont seem to like Baez (contact/k rate??), do forsee a move for a young sp? thanks
(stan from chicago)
The Cubs still really like Javier Baez, and they're not going to move him unless they get something really nice in return. That being said, he's probably their best realistic trade chip, so yeah, I think he probably gets moved. (Christopher Crawford)
2015-11-16 16:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez...are you a believer or skeptic? A couple projection systems are giving him 2-3 WAR next year.
(Zonk from Chicago)
He is so volatile, but has had some tough stuff to deal with recently. I would tend to say believer, in part because talented interior infielders have lower expectations, and between his power and defense, I think those projections are reasonable. (Jonathan Judge)
2015-09-30 19:00:00 (link to chat)On recent episode of TINO, you commented that Javier Baez had learned plate discipline with the cubs' development staff ... could you elaborate on what that looks like during in-game plate appearances? I can see from his stats that K's are down (although swinging strike rate is still very high), but seems like his power is down as well ...
(Mike from Northside)
His approach is tampered down from when he was trying to hit 600-foot bombs. You'll still see him gear up for a homerun, but that's usually only when the count and situation dictates it. He looks pretty different from the ultra aggressive player we saw last year. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-09-21 20:30:00 (link to chat)I'm trying to decide if Javier Baez is a guy I can depend on to start for my dynasty team at 2B next year. I've listened to many of your podcasts and you've tagged him as someone that you would jump on as a sleeper. What are your expectations for Baez? He's obviously made adjustments since his 40% strikeout rate rookie season. Should fantasy owners expect Baez to be the guy we thought he would be and the guy your BP staff thought he would be when he was on top of most of your dynasty/fantasy 101 rankings?
(holmesp2001 from St Louis)
I think if you're relying on Baez to be the stud that many thought he would be two years ago, you're very likely to be disappointed. That said, the adjustments he's making are starting to show and I think he has a reasonable chance to be a top-10 second baseman next year. (Bret Sayre)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)If you were the Cubs who would you target in free agency? Also at the end of the season --barring injury-- who do you see playing 2nd and SS for the Cubs? Thanks.
(Ryan Rust from Edmond, Oklahoma )
If Kyle Schwarber moves to left field as many expect, it doesn't seem like they have a lot of holes. Dexter Fowler is a free agent so they'll need a center fielder. My guess is that the Cubs bring in someone on a one or two-year deal to fill that as opposed to a big time acquisition like Jason Heyward and then bring in an arm to try to help on the back end of the rotation.

If I had to guess, it's going to be Javier Baez and Addison Russell up the middle. Starlin Castro gets traded this winter.

It's fun guessing when I have zero inside information as to what really will happen. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Which Cub at AAA do you think is most likely to make an impact down the stretch?
(Blars82 from WI)
Javier Baez is the guy who if he's healthy will manage to come up and make the biggest impact. The question is whether or not he can manage to adapt to playing all over the diamond the way that Arismendy Alcantara did not. It sounds great on paper but is a rough role for a young kid to fill. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)With reports floating around that the Cubs have inquired on David Price, is there any way a deal could get done without including anyone from the big league roster? Torres / McKinney enough to headline a deal?
(cowboy2024 from Chicago)
I think it's possible, although I think it would take more than those two to be the headliners. A lot depends on what the Tigers scouts think of those guys as well as Albert Almora (whose stock has dropped but I still like) and C.J. Edwards. If you're counting Javier Baez or Arismendy Alcantara as minor leaguers despite their lack of rookie eligibility, my magic 8-ball says yes. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Rank the following players in terms of their 2018 fantasy value: C Kyle Schwarber 2B/SS Addison Russell OF Jorge Soler 2B/SS Javier Baez 3B/OF Kris Bryant
(Aaron from Waco, TX)
Bryant, Schwarber, Russell, Soler, Baez. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)What's your opinion on Javier Baez? Does he make the necessary adjustments for the MLB? I still see a massive fantasy ceiling from either 2B or SS or maybe even 3B. Is a 30 HR and 15 SB ceiling still there for Baez? I'm seeing a lot of people distance themselves from Baez due to the poor showing last season, but I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. What do you think?
(Harry from Newark)
He's a really talented player but I'd like to see what he does in the majors in his next go round. That high strikeout rate worries me, and to your question on the adjustments ti's hard to know until we actually get to see him play. The ceiling is high, but if he can't make contact the power tool won't matter. I haven't completely given up on him for 2016 and beyond, but there is some reason for cynicism. (Mike Gianella)
2015-06-30 19:00:00 (link to chat)Where do you see Javier Baez fitting in the Cubs infield, they seem to be set?
(joncarmela11 from Detroit )
Right now I don't see a good fit at all. It is possible that they bring him up as a utility guy, to do what they wanted Alcantara to do and play a lot of positions and not be a starter. They could also push Bryant to left field and put Baez at third, but if Kyle Schwarber is going to be up in mid-August that wouldn't really fly either. I think they could find a place for Baez (Jonathan Herrera isn't a fixture by any means) but there are no guarantees. (Mike Gianella)
2015-06-02 18:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez has looked much better in AAA as of late. Do you think he gets the call soon? Do you believe the speculation that he may be used as the DH when they play in AL parks next week? Also, if Kris Bryant playing in LF tonight a sign a call-up may be soon, does it have to do with Soler being out and needing another body in the OF?
(Shawn from Cubicle)
I feel like we were having this same discussion RE Baez last year...In order: I think it happens soon but I think it also happens after a trade. I think it's a possibility but I wouldn't yo-yo the player like that and he actually has defensive value. Bryant in LF was for Soler who has a sore ankle and well, to get Jonathan Herrera at bats which _(ツ)_/ (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-05-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)In my Yahoo league I am building for next year and thereafter. My roster is Russell Martin, Kendrys Morales, Josh Harrison, Brock Holt, Brett Gardner, Dexter Fowler, Gregory Polanco, Coco Crisp, Carlos Ruiz, Travis Snider, Kyle (and Corey) Seager, Jason Heyward, Carlos Correa, Desmond Jennings, Javier Baez, Matt Harvey, Carlos Martinez, Jimmy Nelson, Edinson Volquez, Jonathan Paplebon, Chris Heston, Noah Syndergaard, Lucas Giolito, Julio Urias, Jose Berrios, Matt Cain and Sean Doolittle. 8 keepers allowed. Comments? Suggestions?
(TimLandry from Montreal Quebec Canada)
Keep Matt Harvey eight times. (Christopher Crawford)
2015-02-25 14:00:00 (link to chat)Where do you peg the bust rate for Javier Baez? Seems like broader sentiment is turning on him.
(Brent from Colorado)
Broader sentiment doesn't really mean anything for the Cubs or Baez, thankfully! He's got potential to be a special player still. Sometimes guys need to reach the big leagues and see "Oh, that stupid habit of mine the coaches told me I wouldn't be able to get away with... crap, I can't actually get away with it. Now I need to make some adjustments." Guys largely stick with what works and are reluctant to change things until they see they can't succeed with the way they currently do stuff. Baez needs to tighten up his zone and be more selective. He also wouldn't be hurt by bringing his bat a bit more vertical before his hands launch. He does so many good things with his swing, but he does a couple things that make him fight himself. He's entering his age 22 season and there's really not a whole lot of guys I'd take before him or anything. (Al Skorupa)
2015-02-04 19:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Javier Baez this season? Do you think there's any way he could get that K% under 30%?
(Jack from Ridgewood)
I think it hovers right around there, if not a couple points more. He's so, so aggressive, and is still learning. I wrote The Call Up on him last year: and it's going to take some time. Unfortunately, everyone is impatient with prospects. He's going to take longer to marinate, but the reward is special. (Jordan Gorosh)
2015-02-04 19:00:00 (link to chat)Cubs SS in 2016?
(cubglen from milwaukee)
Vegas style odds: -110 Addison Russell, +175 Starlin Castro, +600 Javier Baez, and not Yoan Moncada (Jordan Gorosh)
2015-01-15 18:00:00 (link to chat)How concerned are you by Javier Baez's high K rates? Have you downgraded his odds of stardom over the past year?
(Darren from Norfolk)
The strikeout rates are an obvious concern, but I haven't killed my view of him. I still think extremely highly of his future potential and see him as an All-Star caliber player, though it may not happen as quickly as many would like or originally thought. (Mark Anderson)
2015-02-18 19:00:00 (link to chat)Does Joey Gallo develop enough in his hit tool to ever hit .240 in the MLB? Will be break the K record in one season during his career or does that future title belong to Javier Baez?
(Nick from LA)
If he does, he's a star, and I'm encouraged by his rapid progress since he was drafted. There will always be a lot of swing and miss, but the progress he's made with fastballs suggests that a .240 average is realistic, especially in that yard. (Brendan Gawlowski)
2015-02-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez comes to the plate to face Aroldis Chapman for 100 consecutive plate appearances. Both players' fatigue "resets" at the end of each plate appearance. How man HRs, Ks, BBs and balls in play would you predict?
(BCermak from New York)
let's pretend that 'learning' resets, too, so no adjustments. It's the Groundhog's Day Matchup from hell.
I'll take 55 strikeouts, 10 walks, 5 homers ... leaving 30 balls in play with the hope that Baez doesn't get drilled by a pitch. (Harry Pavlidis)
2015-02-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who has the greatest chance for a breakout season in 2015: Javier Baez, Manny Machado, or Jorge Soler? Thanks for the chat!
(Greg from The Office)
Can Machado really breakout again? I feel like he already did it, so it would be a comeback.
I'll take Soler. (Harry Pavlidis)
2015-01-05 15:00:00 (link to chat)How much are you concerned about Javier Baez? The group of players who had a 40+% K% like he had aren't exactly the most successful players in the history of the game. Do you think he's capable of eventually getting that sub 27%?
(Albert from Ridgewood)
My concern is the size of Baez's swing. (Jeff Moore)
2015-01-08 12:00:00 (link to chat)Can Javier Baez be fixed?
(Sebastian from Illinois)
Anyone can be fixed, it just depends on how much work it'll take to do it.

I will say that Baez tends to struggle right after a promotion, and then comes back for a second go-round and adjusts well. So let's see how he handles MLB in early 2015 before giving up on him. (Jeff Long)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)I don't want to give away any spoilers, but is the infographic for Javier Baez, just him on a unicorn? (Great job with those by the way!)
(The Dude from Living Room)
Thanks! And no, it's a bit more....dire. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Javier Baez for 2015 and beyond? Still fantasy gold or should we approach with caution in Dynasty Leagues?
(Jason from Florida)
To round out the #BaezChat I think that my feeling on his 60th percentile production has changed slightly. I don't expect anything above a .260 average with Baez which is a far fall from the .300/40HR seasons we were dreaming on when he was in the lower minors. I still think he'll be a fun player but my expectations are fairly altered. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)Why couldn't we have just taken the Eagles to Mt Doom?
(Frodo from The Shire?)
Because Javier Baez wasn't listed at 2B (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty league rank em... Jose Altuve, Javier Baez, Wil Myerz, Arismendy Alcantara
(Jombo from Mi)
Altuve Myers Baez Alcantara (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-12-18 15:00:00 (link to chat)I'm in a 10 team 5x5 keeper and we redraft every 4 years. We get 7 keepers and this year we redraft. With my #7 keeper, should I be keeping Javier Baez over Julio Teheran, JD Martinez, Marcell Ozuna, and Alex Wood? I had originally reserved my #7 for Oscar Taveras, unfortunately. How would you rank those players?
(Steve from Long Beach)
I think Baez is a fine option for that spot. He's boom/bust though, and you have to be comfortable with that level of risk. If you're not, I'd take Teheran or Ozuna with Wood and Martinez filling in behind them. (Craig Goldstein)
2015-02-09 20:00:00 (link to chat)All "risk" associated with Javier Baez's profile seems to be fully evident now after a taste of the big leagues. Should we temper our expectations in a similar way for Joey Gallo, or are there tools in his profile that make him less risky than Baez?
(Mark from Texas)
Probably temper expectations, but I think at the very least its understood there's going to be a lot of swing-and-miss in his game that can lead to extended valleys to go with peaks when he's locked in. (Top 101 Chat)
2014-11-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Tucker, how's it going? Happy Thanksgiving man. Got a question for you about Javier Baez. Do you think he's a bust? A 41.5% K% is just downright pitiful. I honestly don't see how he gets that below 30%. I know he has a history of starting off slow in the beginning when he gets a promotion and then making the necessary adjustments and begin to produce. But he always carried an insanely high risk card with him. I own him in a dynasty and I honestly don't see how he becomes anything more than a Mark Reynolds type. Please give me some sort of optimism about Baez. Not feeling good at all stashing him the entire time and then seeing him turn out like this after so much hype. Thanks Tucker and keep up the good work dude.
(Al from NY)
I needed to watch this Predator excerpt before answering this question:

I don't think he is a bust. Far from it. I know the hype-train took him for a ride, and the strikeout concerns are real. The swing can get violent and it doesn't always look pretty. The hips and hands can really get funky at times, but that's not always a bad thing. I really recommend reading Ryan Parker's piece on his swing, as he went into deep detail: (Tucker Blair)
2014-10-03 11:00:00 (link to chat)Will you root for Addison Russell to become a star because he and you used to be tight, or will you root for him to fail so you feel better about the trade? I'll assume you said the second and go ahead and call you a monster and a illogical psychopath.
(Paul from Ohio)
I actually feel relatively indifferent toward Addison Russell now. I'll root for a lot of players who get traded from the A's on the basic ground of familiarity, but I never really formed an emotional bond with Russell. It didn't take very long for me to start thinking of him as yet another Cubs prospect, and I, outside of general feelings of empathetic sadness when players are themselves sad, don't really care whether Javier Baez and Arismendy Alcantara and Kris Bryant succeed or fail. In my heart, Russell joined that group pretty quickly. (Jason Wojciechowski)
2014-10-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think any of the following will become first-division or elite MLBers? Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, Oscar Taveras, Manuel Margot, Jose Peraza. Thanks!
(Chopper from Indy)
I think all are at least first division. I think Margot is going to be an absolute stud, by the way. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-09-15 19:30:00 (link to chat)With most of the 2014 MLB season now in the books, how good or bad does my pre-season trade in a keeper league of Robinson Cano for Albert Pujols, Howie Kendrick, and Javier Baez now appear?
(Paul from DC)
Depends entirely on how many players you keep. If your league keeps 50, give me Cano. If it keeps 100, give me Pujols and Baez. (Ben Carsley)
2014-09-03 14:00:00 (link to chat)Of the Cubs big four of Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Addison Russel, and Jorge Soler, who is the safest bet to be successful and who is most likely of being a bust?
(AB from North Side)
Bryant is the safest bet. He's going to hit for power, and although strikeouts will be a part of his game for sure, the average should settle in around .270. It was actually a toss up between he and Russell due to positional value. On the other hand, I believed Soler was the most likely to be a bust before the 2014 campaign started. He's had some attitude issues in the past 12 months, but is (small, small sample alert) outperforming Baez. Yet, I'm still going to stick with Soler as the most likely bust, even with Baez' down year. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-08-19 14:00:00 (link to chat)Baez! Baez! Baez! But seriously, Javier Baez! No, wait. Real question: McKinney. Can he stick in CF, or will the bat play enough to move to a corner spot?
(Scott from Lincolnshire)
Baez is God. McKinney is a useful 4th OF, imo. (CJ Wittmann)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's your estimation on Javier Baez's full season stat line?
(Matt from IL)
.245/.295/.495 as of right now. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-08-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez seems to struggle when he gets to a new level, then adjusts and starts to crush at that level. Isn't that exactly what scouts want to see? Obviously they'd prefer him not struggling in the 1st place, but he seems to make adjustments. If he hits 35 HRs from the middle of the infield, who cares if it comes with a bunch of Ks, right?
(Shawn from Office)
No one will care about the K's because no one seems to care about K's anymore anyway. That's why Chris Carter still has a job. With those K's, however, has to come power and some on-base ability. If he's striking out 180 times a season with a .310 OBP, he'll really have to hit every bit of those 35 home runs. If he's doing that as a middle infielder, then it'll play. If he does it at third base, he's Mark Reynolds. There's still a lot left to figure out. (Jeff Moore)
2014-08-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Javier Baez a sandwich?
(Gila Monster from Boston)
Oh geez. This sandwich thing is dumb. Let me clear this up once and for all. A sandwich is like porn - I can't define it but I know it when I see it. (Jeff Moore)
2014-07-31 19:30:00 (link to chat)I have two for you Ben... 1) just now far has Rafael Montero buried himself in the Mets organization? Has deGrom's emergence almost sealed his fate? 2) Now that the Cubs have acquired Addison Russell, is either he, Javier Baez, or Kris Bryant trade bait? Is there a way for all three, as well as Arismendy Alcantara to remain in the Cubs future lineup? Thanks, and it's awesome to see your continued success in the field you love. Congrats
(Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen) from Brooklyn, NY)
Montero certainly isn't done, no. He has higher upside than deGrom in the long run, and injury/attrition always present opportunities for pitchers. Bryant at 3B, Russell at SS, Baez at 2B and Alcantara in CF with Castro the odd man out is one way to get that done. Could also move Castro to 3B and put Bryant in LF and keep them all. Thanks for the kind words! (Ben Carsley)
2014-07-24 19:00:00 (link to chat)Help me feel less angst about trading away Kris Bryant for Javier Baez a month ago. (I knew Bryant would pass Baez on all the midseason prospect lists, and figured Bryant is more likely to become an impact player. I need more help in the infield than in the outfield, though, and maybe Baez still has a bit more ceiling than Bryant. Still, all the homers.)
(justarobert from Santa Clara)
I cannot assuage your pain. Your only hope is that Bryant ends up in the outfield and Baez sticks at short or second because the 3B pool of talent is hyper thin for the short term. Baez is still a freak so it's not exactly a loss per se, but I think Bryant will be the better player in both real life and fantasy. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-07-24 19:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think that Javier Baez spending time at 2B in AAA is a sign that a call-up could be coming soon? Arismendy Alcantara is playing pretty well- would he move to the OF to make room?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I think it can happen in September which is a really far cry from where he was early in the year. I think Alcntara moves to CF for Baez. He can handle it. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-07-22 15:00:00 (link to chat)Obligatory Cubs prospect question- Javier Baez has been heating up recently. He seems to struggle when he gets to a new level, then adjusts and starts to rake. I know he's always going to have some valleys due to his approach, but were the concerns earlier this year a bit overstated?
(Shawn from Cubicle)
The big league level is obviously the largest jump. He's going to probably struggle a lot when he gets there. The approach really needs work. It could take him 500 PA, 1000 PA, even 1500 PA. I'm not really sure. However, the power is legit, the bat speed is outstanding, and when he makes contact, especially to LF, it's going to fly out of the park.

I don't think the concerns are overstated. AAA is a league with a bunch of journeyman throwing junk. They can throw CB/CH etc for strikes, whereas most other levels, they frankly can't. Baez' approach may hinder him from being a franchise altering beast, but if he turns out to be Nelson Cruz, or even Alfonso Soriano, that's pretty awesome, too. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-07-07 11:00:00 (link to chat)Nick Williams has said he believes he has the fastest hands in the minors. On the top 50 list, Javier Baez is credited with the fastest bat - where would Williams be on such a list? Top 5?
(Or from Denton)
He would be on the list. His hands are weapons. Premium hand speed. (Jason Parks on the Top 50)
2014-07-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Best/worst qualities of Javier Baez's hitting? Likeliest area of improvement?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
Best- Violence
Worst- Violence

It's a live by the sword die by the sword sort of thing.

Better Answer
Best- Bat speed
Worst- no ability to adjust
Improvement- approach (Ryan Parker)
2014-07-03 19:00:00 (link to chat)who do you think will turn out to be a better player Javier Baez or khris Bryant?which of these outfielders springer,polanco or taveras?
(Lion lenny from Detroit)
Bryant, which isn't a slight on Baez. I still believe in Javy but I think Kris will have a better career when it's all done. I'll take Polanco, narrowly over Taveras and Springer. I think Polanco has a better overall package than the other two. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the Chat, Jeff! Can you give me the most recent comparable minor league season to what Kris Bryant is doing in 2014?
(Number27 from Millioke)
How soon we forget. Javier Baez hit 37 home runs last year. That was pretty impressive. (Jeff Moore)
2014-06-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Obligatory Javier Baez 'what the hell?' question.
(Paul from DC)
Baez is a high risk, high reward profile. Of course, you're currently seeing the low end of the spectrum, but there's no reason to lose hope. Baez has franchise altering power, and assuming the hit tool can play average, he's going to be extremely valuable. There are certainly some questions about his approach, but I think the realistic slash line looks similar to Nelson Cruz. On the left side of the infield, that's outstanding. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-06-03 14:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think about Javier Baez's future production? I've read some articles saying he could be a "generational" type talent, but the K rate is concerning right?
(Frank from Chicago)
I wonder where you read those articles...yes, the K rate is concerning & the approach makes me question whether he ever gets there. (Ron Shah)
2014-05-29 19:30:00 (link to chat)I am in a keeper league in which the 1st and 2nd round picks cannot be kept...I am eliminated but have Carlos Gonzalez as a trade chip (1st round), would him for Javier Baez and Archie Bradley be enough of a return?
(Ben from kalamazoo)
Would someone give you that for 4 months of an injured CarGo? If so, hell yes, that's a great deal. (Ben Carsley)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)Jeff Samardzija, Javier Baez, and Archie Bradley for Jose an 18 team keeper league...who says no?
(msimotes from Kalamazoo)
Seems like a trade where I'd want to try and hold onto Baez or Bradley and move them in another dump deal, but that's how my leagues roll for dump deals. Every league is different. (Mike Gianella)
2014-04-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)Need help! I got offered Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, and Jeff Samardzija for Jose Fernandez...This is in a 20 team keeper league in which I am in first and the winner gets $2K...What do I do?
(msimotes from Kalamazoo)
If you want to win this year then don't give away the best player. I'd ask the Bat Signal guys, though, just to be sure. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-04-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty (no minors): My team is locked at 3B (Longoria), and SS (Bogaerts). I have Javier Baez and Byron Buxton on my bench, who will be vying in the future for the DH gig on my team. The only way around this for me is if Baez ends up playing 2B on Chicago's North Side. Should I hold my ground, or make a deal? What kind of SP (my biggest need) should I be targeting with Baez if I need to deal him?
(AJ from Phoenix)
There absolutely has to be an OF you can drop to make room for Buxton. Unless your OF is Trout, Harper, McCutchen, Cargo, Stanton, find a way to deal an OF and keep both Baez and Buxton. (Ben Carsley)
2014-04-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)Projecting Javier Baez in the major leagues, what position will he play?
(Loria from Milwaukee)
Alcantara is the future at 2B there with Bryant in RF/LF. If they keep Castro, I think Baez goes to third and they move Olt/Villanueva. If they move Castro, Baez is your shortstop. I think SS and 3B are the only options. (Ben Carsley)
2014-04-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty: my Ian Kennedy + Javier Baez for his Jordan Zimmermann + Dylan Bundy. He has pitching excess, I need SP, he could use a 3B next season with Miggy moving to 1B. Fair?
(AJ from Phoenix)
I'd do that so hard. I prefer hitting prospects to pitching ones, but this is just too good to pass (Paul Sporer)
2014-04-09 19:00:00 (link to chat)Is Javier Baez' penchant for striking out something that will be of concern upon his call-up and/or long-term?
(Fred from MI)
There are going to be a lot of Baez questions here.

It's always been a concern and it will continue to be a concern until he proves that it isn't. The one thing that bothered me about Baez-mania was how convinced people were that he was ready to contribute at the MLB level. I think he has approach issues that are getting exploited by guys who know how to sequence.

That said, it is a small sample and I think he adjusts. It's his way, suck then destroy (Copyright Harry Pavilidis). (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-04-09 19:00:00 (link to chat)Long-term (dynasty): Manny Machado or Javier Baez?
(AJ from Phoenix)
Love this question. Strictly fantasy wise I'll take Machado here. I think he can develop more power into his game and his learning curve isn't as steep as Javy's will be. It's a tight debate but I'll take Manny. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-04-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)In 2015/16, Javier Baez is playing [insert position here]?
(Josh from Wrigleyville)
Second, short and third. I know Cubs fans are super excited about the future, and I would be too. There's not much else to look forward to. But this need to pigeon hole Baez is completely unnecessary. The fact that he can play all three infield positions is awesome. The important part is that he'd going to play every day. His defensive flexibility gives the Cubs a chance to move the pieces around once more and more of them get to the majors. I hope he plays all three in the majors and I'll bet he sees time at all of them this year. Remember when we needed answers about where Xander Bogaerts was going to play when all of the factors were things that had nothing to do with him (resigning of Stephen Drew, Middlebrooks' development, etc.) Same thing with Baez. He can play all three. Which one he ends up at has nothing to do with him. It's about the other players around him. (Jeff Moore)
2014-04-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who finishes with more MLB HRs? Javier Baez or Kris Bryant?
(Number27 from The Good Land)
Career? Baez. (Jason Parks)
2014-04-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)With the recent decision by the Cubs to try Javier Baez out at second base, does this open up third for Kris Bryant for the next few years?
(SenatorsGuy from Minnesota)
I think its about having options. You could try Baez out at third, but you already have Olt and Villanueva ahead in the queue--which should be considered a strength in the upper minors/majors, not to mention Bryant; although I think his long-term home will be in a corner OF spot. As an org, if you can fill a weakness from a position of strength, you explore those options. Baez needs more time in the minors, but there is going to come a time when he is ready to attack the major league level, and when that time comes, you have to play him somewhere. You might as well prepare for that outcome by getting him reps at a position of weakness in the short-term regardless of your long-term plans or projections for the player. It's smart baseball. (Jason Parks)
2014-03-19 20:00:00 (link to chat)Final 4?
(The Dude from Couch)
Javier Baez, Javier Baez, Yordano Ventura and Javier Baez. (Bret Sayre)
2014-03-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who plays 3b for the Cubs this season. Olt have a shot? Valbuena?
(Southcoast from Texas)
I saw a report a few days ago suggesting Olt is in line for the job, but something may have changed since. Were it up to me, I'd start Olt. Valbuena had a decent 2013, but he's a bench player long-term. Olt could be a starter for someone, even if it's not the Cubs. Let him show the league what he can do before he gets shoved aside for Javier Baez and/or Kris Bryant. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-03-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Standard 5x5, who has the better year, Javier Baez or Mike Olt?
(Tommy from Chicago)
Baez, but I haven't buried Olt. (Paul Sporer)
2014-03-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)Looking for the top emerging bat in the late middle rounds of a keeper league Which player offers the most help this season and which has the highest upside over the next couple years - Javier Baez, Taveras, Polanco, Springer. Stashing till July not really an option.
(Tall Dark Stranger from Laredo)
Baez possesses the highest upside over the next couple of years. Springer will be up once the Astros can delay the clock, if you need someone immediately. (Ronit Shah)
2014-03-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Javier Baez could end up at 2nd or 3rd? Which is more likely?
(dan from cincy)
The most likely outcome with Baez is he hits a home run, but I'll say he does them as a third baseman. (Ronit Shah)
2014-02-26 19:00:00 (link to chat)What Cubs prospect are you most excited about?
(Pie from In a tin)
Javier Baez and it's not particularly close. He's my unicorn. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-02-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)So basically I'm in a conundrum. My fantasy league allows you to hold 5 minor leaguers. Background info is that I have one of the strongest teams in the league, with exceptional hitting and very good pitching. The minor leaguers I own so far are Javier Baez, Miguel Sano, and Addison Russell. However I'm unsure of what to do with my last 2 spots. Based on how I know the draft will play out I can go a couple different directions... -Draft Gregory Polanco and Archie Bradley -Draft 2 longer ETA prospects (Frazier, Giolito, Dahl) so I don't have potentially 5 minor leaguers coming up this summer and forcing me to cut 5 guys from my competitive 28 man roster - Draft 2 SPs to balance out my team (Bradley, Giolito, Gray, Syndergaard)
(CharlieWerner from Manayunk PA)
I'd go with Polanco and Bradley followed by Synder, Gio, Gray, Dahl, and Frazier (Paul Sporer)
2014-02-18 14:00:00 (link to chat)2B seems like a pretty shallow position fantasy-wise. Any chance rostering Javier Baez in hopes the Cubs bring him up to replace Barney in 2014 pays off?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
There's a non-zero chance, but it's very slim. Arismendy Alcantara might have the better shot at that. (Ronit Shah)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)I've seen a lot of detractors this Offseason on Profar. Saying his ceiling isn't nearly as high as people once thought. Are you in this camp after a half a season where he was tossed in and out of a lineup playing all over the diamond? I personally feel that if he was to be measured, this is the season of which to draw conclusions from. He isn't looking over his shoulder and can focus on maturing at the plate and meshing with Elvis. Thoughts?
(Tim Bennett from Elmira, N.Y.)
I don't think last season should be much of a barometer for what to expect from Profar, no. We're in agreement there. I will say that from a fantasy POV I think Profar gets a bit overrated. He'll be good for a long time, but he's never going to have first-round potential the way Xander, Javier Baez, Oscar Taveras, Bryon Buxton et al do. I don't think Profar is ready for a huge breakout in 2014, but he should challenge for a finish as a Top 15 fantasy 2B and give us a glimpse of better days ahead. He's uniquely well-rounded and can contribute in all five categories. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)Welcome Ben, I'll start you off with a curveball: Let's say every draft eligible prospect from 2010 to 2014 was eligible for this year's draft. Just based on pre-draft scouting reports and without the benefit of hindsight, how would the first 10 picks of the draft unfold?
(baseballjunkie from cali, where it's already Spring)
This is an amazingly difficult question to answer, and also quite fun. It's probably better suited for an article than for a fantasy chat answer, but since I was able to access this question ahead of time, here's what I came up with after about 30 min of research. I'll note that since I'm not familiar enough with 2014 prospects yet, I've restricted your search to 2010-2013 draftees. I'll go with:

1. Bryce Harper 2. Manny Machado 3. Gerrit Cole 4. Dylan Bundy 5. Anthony Rendon 6. Jameson Taillon 7. Bubba Starling
8. Byron Buxton 9. Carlos Correa 10. Archie Bradley

Toughest omissions for me were Francisco Lindor, Trevor Bauer, Kevin Gausman, Kris Bryant and Mark Appel. If Luc Giolito had been healthy for his senior year, he'd probably have made it on this list. Obviously that's not how we'd rank them now, and it's funny that guys like Chris Sale, Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey and Javier Baez are left in the dust. Bubba Starling sticks out like a sore thumb, and Buxton was underrated. This exercise also reinforces how loaded the 2011 draft was. Last year's pales in comparison. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)How is Javier Baez not in the top 3 this year? I can't remember another shortstop witch as much power potential at 21 years old.
(John Niggli from Lagos)
I think he's the second-best fantasy prospect in the minors. Ergo, he is top three. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)I have 5 dynasty league minor league slots, the first 4 are filled by Javier Baez, Miguel Sano, Kris Bryant, and Gregory Polanco. Who should I choose for my last spot between Clint Frazier and Jorge Alfaro?
(CharlieWerner from Manayunk PA)
I have them ranked fairly closely to one another. I'll say Frazier, but barely. (Ben Carsley)
2014-02-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez... Give me a ceiling and a floor.
(Jordan from Vegas)
The ceiling is Gary Sheffield. The floor could be any powerful young player who fails to make adjustments at the major league level once the league sees him the first time around. That's the key. Baez is going to come up and amaze everyone for a little while because he's ridiculously talented. Then the league will get a book on him and pitch him differently. What happens from there will determine his future. If he adjusts back after the league adjusts to him, it's on. (Jeff Moore)
2014-02-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Guys like Xander Bogaerts, Javier Baez and the like were projected to have no chance to stick at short and now it looks increasingly possible that they can/will. Is this just erring on the side of caution or are several prospects unexpectedly bucking the projections?
(Colby Rogers from Chicago)
Bogaerts got a bad rap, and I'm not sure why. There were many who immediately wrote him off as a shortstop, but there was always a crew that defended its possibility. Baez doesn't have quite that same support, but he has the hands to stay there. Projections are tricky however, especially when it comes to projecting how a young man's body will develop. In fact, sometimes its borderline creepy. (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)At the 1-3 pick in my dynasty draft, Buxton and one of A. Bradley and Tanaka are off he board. I'm looking at Baez, Giolito, Bryant, Correa, and J. Gray. Who do you take? Why? How would you rank them? (Reference: I pick 1-3, and 1-6 due to trades; one of the picks in between mine would be Abreu and one of Baez/Correa (in that order)). Thanks!
(AJ from Phoenix)
Hi AJ.

The order might be different from a pure prospect perspective, but I'd go Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Jonathan Gray, and Lucas Giolito. While Correa could wind up being a better baseball player than Baez, Baez's power tool is ridiculous and from a purely offensive standpoint (read fantasy) he has the higher ceiling. Correa's pretty damn good too, though, and I anticipate a power spike this year in the minors. His raw numbers don't look great, but he was an 18-year-old at Quad Cities. I'm impressed. Bryant's great too, but you're asking me to rank him against two amazing prospects. Gray and Giolito go behind the hitters just because I have a bias toward hitters when it comes to prospects in fantasy. I'll go Gray because Giolito had the TJ. He should be fine, and it's entirely possible that I'll flip these two if someone on BP's great scouting team comes back with a positive review on him in spring training. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)If I decide to sell on Matt Harvey, what return should I "settle" for? If a team is middle of the road, maybe go prospect route and ask for Baez? MLB route and ask for who? Or just stay the course and wait a year for his return?
(AJ from Phoenix)
You're not going to get Javier Baez for an injured Matt Harvey in any of the leagues I play in. It seems like a bad time to trade Harvey. Teams are going to try to undercut you, and if they don't it's hard to know if you're really selling at a good time or if he'll bounce all the way back. I'd say if you can get 80% of his MLB value on a two-year keeper guy do it, but otherwise hold on tight. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)I know we'll get composite/Jason's scouting report on the Cubs this week, but what are your thought's on Javier Baez's hit tool? The bat speed is elite, and the power consistently ranks as plus-plus. But he hacks at it quite a bit. From a fantasy perspective, how would you compare him to Kris Bryant? Lastly, where do you see each of them ending up defensively?
(AJ from Phoenix)
This is more of a question for Jason Parks, but from a fantasy standpoint I like Baez better than Bryant. I think the strikeouts for Baez are always going to be an issue but a lot of hitters in today's context strike out 130-140 times and still provide plenty of value. I was asked about defense before, but I'd guess Baez winds up at third which pushes Bryant elsewhere on the diamond. First? Left field? I'm just guessing at this point, but both will eventually find a place to play. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-17 10:00:00 (link to chat)How good can Javier Baez be in his prime and do you think he gets called up at some point this year?
(Kevin from Florida)
One front office source told me that thinks Baez has hall of fame potential. No don't go crazy with one projection, but if you really believe in the bat--meaning you think he will reach his offensive projections--35+ home runs is possible, all from a left-side of the diamond home. This is an extreme opinion, but not all that crazy when it comes to potential. Javier Baez could have a very special bat; the hand/eye, the bat speed, the raw strength are elite. If he puts it all together, he could be one of the best players in the game. If he stays healthy and consistent once he achieves that level, the hyperbole and hype of the present won't seem so crazy. (Jason Parks)
2014-01-17 10:00:00 (link to chat)Alright Jason. You're at a scientific lab (a cloning facility) and you're given the opportunity to splice DNA together of two different ball players to make the perfect player. Which two players' DNA do you choose?
(LanceR from Dallas, TX)
Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez. It would create a highly instinctual shortstop with a plus-plus arm, plus-plus glove, elite power potential in combination with a mature approach from both sides of the plate. JF Lindor-Baez (Jason Parks)
2014-01-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez makes his MLB debut on _____, playing ______.
(Paul from DC)
Do you mean on, as in when? Because I'm tempted to respond with "on a Harley playing the banjo" just for the mental picture. I wouldn't be surprised to see in Chicago by the end of the season. They're going to leave him at short for the time being, but if the Cubs want him in the majors this fall, they'll have to make a mid-season decision on Starlin Castro. Maybe they're hoping Castro gets off to a hot start and brings his value back up so they can trade him, I don't know. I don't see Baez as a SS, so even if he plays there some, I think he ends up elsewhere. Maybe the second blank is second base? (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you had to pick one of Carlos Correa, Addison Russell, or Javier Baez which one would you choose?
(CharlieWerner from Manayunk Pa)
Correa. I'm a sucker for up-the-middle athletes and plate discipline. (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do we see Javier Baez and Kris Bryant in Chicago this year?
(Brett from Springfield)
Both could get a brief spell in Chicago this year, but I won't be shocked if they wait until 2015 either. (Mark Anderson)
2014-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez makes his Cubs debut on _____.
(Paul from DC)
June 8th (this is a total guess) (Craig Goldstein)
2014-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking for a long-term solution at SS, and while I have options, my best two (in terms of fantasy impact/value) are Javier Baez (draft) or Xander Bogaerts (trade). My question- in two parts- is: 1) Do you see them both sticking at SS, for say at least the next 3-5 years, and 2) is a June 6 Baez call up (I know it was a guess) at all realistic, or am I waiting for a September cup of Joe?
(Francois from Toronto)
Baez has torn through the minors thus far and logged 54 games in Double-A last year (and performed exceedingly well). I think June 6th or 8th or whatever I said is possible though I don't think it's probable. I'd go with Bogaerts as I think he's got a better chance of sticking at SS for longer, though my guess is his cost in trade is going to be exorbitant. The value play might be Baez, but it's also riskier. (Craig Goldstein)
2013-12-10 18:00:00 (link to chat)In a keeper league I traded Robinson Cano for Albert Pujols, Howie Kendrick, and the rights to Javier Baez. Crazy smart or crazy stupid?
(Paul from DC)
Hi Paul:

I like that trade for you a little bit, although a lot depends on what your needs are, whether or not you're on a competitive footing for 2014, and how deep your league is. In a really deep league, that's a great trade for you; in a shallower league it's close. I like Baez a lot so I think that if Pujols can put up "only" a 25 HR/90 RBI year that you still did the right thing here. I think Cano will be fine in Seattle, but that's still a good deal of value you're getting in return. (Mike Gianella)
2013-11-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)I traded for speculation that Javier Baez might get 2B playing time in 2014 in a 15 team deep 5 year keeper league. A pipe dream?
(allangustafson from San Diego )
Not a pipe dream. It could happen in August, just don't count on it. (Bret Sayre)
2013-11-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)What Cubs prospect most excites you?
(Alex from Anaheim)
I'll take the easy answer and say Javier Baez. The bat speed is flat out stupid and I think the tools can work at shortstop. He has a chance to be a superstar once he matures. (Mark Anderson)
2013-11-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez's peak MLB season may look like ________?
(Ty from Chicago)
Soriano with the Nationals? What was that, 2006? (Nick J. Faleris)
2013-10-07 18:00:00 (link to chat)On many levels, Noah Syndergaard for Javier Baez makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
(Trader Joe from Freeport, ME)
In real life or fantasy? In fantasy, I tend to default to the hitter over the pitcher, so I like Baez better at the moment. In reality, I'm not sure either team is going to make that deal. The Cubs love Baez (with good reason) while the Mets are also high on Syndergaard. The Mets are deep in pitching, but David Wright blocks Baez assuming Baez's future if at a corner. Maybe this is fair, but I think i'd rather have Baez and the hitter. (Mike Gianella)
2013-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)In your last chat, you stated Javier Baez would not be in a future Cubs line-up, but would be replaced by Mike Olt. Why is that?
(djr from Evanston, Il)
Because the Cubs traded a valuable commodity for Mike Olt, making him the key piece in the deal. Olt is a better prospect than he showed this year, and I think the Cubs believe that as well. Suggesting he would be in a future hypothetical lineup had everything to do with the trade, the proximity to the majors, and his position. It had nothing to do with Baez. (Jason Parks)
2013-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking into your crystal ball, who's your AFL MVP?
(padremurph from San Diego)
Kris Bryant. When presented with the trophy, he will pull a baby goat from his uniform, slit its throat, drink its blood, vomit its blood, and then power drink himself to sleep while bitching about Javier Baez's prospect status. It will be perfect. (Jason Parks)
2013-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Has the risk factor on Javier Baez dropped at all? I know the K's are still up there, but has he improved enough to be a little more confident in his future?
(jharrison3 from Illinois)
It has improved, but he still carries a higher risk than most prospects at his level. It's just his overall approach that concerns some people. (Jason Parks)
2013-08-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)How many swings of the bat would it take Javier Baez to knock open my Spiderman pinata? Also, as far as Cubs prospects go, we hear much about Baez, Bryant, Almora, and does Vogelbach fit into that group. Has his defense improved enough to warrant legitimate prospect status (beyond DH)?
(Jim from Yellowstone)
Just one swing. Baez does not get cheated. Vogelbach is behind those guys because of the defensive profile. I've heard he has improved a bit at first base, but it's never going to be ideal there. The bat makes him worth watching though, and he's definitely a prospect...just behind those guys you mentioned. Don't see him getting into that group. (Jason Cole)
2013-08-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)What should/can the Cubs do to fix their S. Castro problem and their need for a frontline SP? Will Castro bring back the SP? Should they leave Castro alone, hoping for bounce back and trade Javier Baez instead-whom I would assume would net them a top flight SP? Thanks
(MKPJ from Chicago)
He's 23, they should probably chill. They'd be selling low right now, so I doubt he'd bring back a frontline SP. Shouldn't trade Baez, either. They're building very nicely, IMO. (Paul Sporer)
2013-07-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)I know this question has been asked a bunch in the past, but given Javier Baez's recent showing, the need to know the answer seems to become somewhat more pressing for guys like me. What position will Baez play, and eventually settle in at when he reaches the bigs (which may be as early as next year)?
(Fran from NYC)
If they want to move Castro and let him play SS so bit it, or they can put Baez at 3B and just let him hit. I personally believe he will end up at third, playing for an organization not named the Chicago Cubs. (Zach Mortimer)
2013-07-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Javier Baez as Cubs 2B of the futcha?
(Marx from NJ)
My money is on Alcantara. (Jason Parks)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which five players currently in the minors have the highest ceiling?
(Mario66 from Pittsburgh)
Byron Buxton, Oscar Taveras, Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, Jorge Alfaro (hard to name five) (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you see Javier Baez reaching the majors this season? Is he worth stockpiling for 2014 in a 5x5 Keeper?
(LittleRon from WV)
Maybe he gets there at some point next season, but at this point, I don't think it's likely that he sees significant action in 2014. Player development and situations like these are always fluid, but I think that's the smart bet for now at least. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-29 18:30:00 (link to chat)Who are the top 5 Shortstops for future fantasy value?
(Tim Tebow from Canada)
Hi Tim. I hope you land on your feet.

This is a pretty broad question. I'm not sure if you're talking future value among all shortstops or value among shortstops that haven't reached the Majors yet. As far as prospects go, I would go with Xander Bogaerts, Jurickson Profar, Javier Baez, Addison Russell, and Trevor Story. Keep in mind that this isn't rating best prospects but best fantasy value. Story gets a bump for potentially playing half of his games in Colorado, for example; he's not a Top 5 SS prospect based on real life value. (Mike Gianella)
2013-06-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Javier Baez a 30 HR middle of the lineup bat in his prime?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I'm optimistic., he has the tools. He could also flame out. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-05-22 18:00:00 (link to chat)Does Javier Baez's so-so start have you concerned or is he gonna be a beast? The power tool seems undeniable.
(Matt from Chicago)
I pay 10x more attention to the reports our prospect guys give us than I do the stats. So-so starts do not bother me as much as so-so reports (Jason Collette)
2013-05-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Javier Baez looking closer to being the next Josh Vitter with the bat with every passing day?
(Mike from Utica, NY)
No. (Jason Parks)
2013-05-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)What is the ETA for Javier Baez? Will the Cubs move him aggressively?
(Larry from Indiana)
2015 seems like the safe bet. I think they already have moved him aggressively, getting him up to High-A in his first full season out of high school. I got my first in-person look at him in camp, and if nothing else, it was fun to watch. Serious bat speed and that dude does not get cheated at the plate. (Jason Cole)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)Care to find the nearest crystal ball in your apt. and provide an early look at the top 10 next year?
(bmmolter from Mass.)
I can:
1. Addison Russell
2. Javier Baez
3. Taijuan Walker
4. Archie Bradley
5. Aaron Sanchez
6. Byron Buxton
7. Jameson Taillon
8. Robert Stephenson
9. Francisco Lindor
10. Austin Hedges (Jason Parks)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)If you could see 3 minor league teams this year, who would they be? Anything especially good in the Sally this year? Yay for real opening day!
(marjinwalker from lunch break)
Rafael DePaula (Yankees); Adalberto Mondesi (Royals); Javier Baez (Cubs). Just to name three that would probably be worth the price of admission. (Jason Parks)
2013-03-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)I think I saw Javier Baez hit one over the scoreboard during a Cactus League game this past weekend. Is he going to be another power hitting Cubs prospect that fizzles... or is he as beastly as he appears.
(Steve from Bayshore)
Spring Training is so much fun.

I don't think there's much reason to ding Baez just because the Cubs historically haven't been able to develop good baseball players. Theo Epstein knows what he's doing even if he wasn't the one who drafted him. (Matthew Kory)
2013-03-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)Paul, In a dynasty league who would you target 1st between Lucas Giolito, David Dahl or Javier Baez ? Thanks
(Joey from Madison, WI)
Baez for me. Giolito intrigues me, but let's wait and see on him, so I'd even go Dahl over him for now. (Paul Sporer)
2013-02-27 20:00:00 (link to chat)Which 5 or 10 players you think cantop the list of the 2014 Rookie list for Fantasy, also other than Buxton and Boagarts can be an impact back.
(Robert from Puerto Rico)
Bret Sayre is our prospect guy on the fantasy side, but I'll try to help. The tough thing with questions like this is that players who have 2014 ETAs who excel tend to defy the timetables and wind up contributing in 2013. My five guys for 2014 would be: Jose Fernandez, Xander Bogaerts, Javier Baez, Taijuan Walker, Jameson Taillon, in that order. Baez has the best chance of the potential 2014 crop to be an impact bat. (Mike Gianella)
2013-02-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Rank the bat speed: Gary Sheffield, Rickie Weeks, Javier Baez?
(Matt from NJ)
That order looks good to me, but elite bat speed is elite bat speed. (Jason Parks)
2013-02-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Would you rather have Javier Baez's bat speed or Carlos Puyol's hair?
(wcgopher from VA)
Please. Puyol's hair is almost #wet enough to turn faith into science. (Jason Parks)
2013-02-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Want to play desert island discs? You get five. How about desert island prospects? You get five...purely on who you enjoy watching the most.
(Name from Place)
1. Oscar Taveras 2. Javier Baez 3. Francisco Lindor 4. Jose Fernandez 5. Rougned Odor (Jason Parks)
2013-01-16 13:30:00 (link to chat)Didn't see Javier Baez in your next set of position prospects. Is he in the next tier?
(TheGoat0211 from Phoenix)
He's probably just outside of that list I posted before. I like Baez a lot, but there's a lot of risk associated with his game. (Mark Anderson)
2012-12-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)When do you think Baez will be brought up to the majors?
(Nick Robertson from Chicago, Il)
Hi Nick, thanks for the question. I assume from your location that you're asking about Javier Baez. He's 19 years old and talented but raw, which means not soon. In his article on the Cubs Top 10 prospects, Jason Parks put Baez's ETA at 2015: (Geoff Young)
2012-10-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who is the best power prospect in the minors right now? Are there any guys that you could see having 80 power in the majors?
(JayT from San Francisco)
Guys like Miguel Sano, Joey Gallo, and Javier Baez have huge power potential (Jason Parks)
2012-10-16 14:00:00 (link to chat)After Profar, rank in hotness the next level of upcoming minor league short stops from a list of Francisco Lindor, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Hak-Ju Lee, Trevor Story, and Carlos Correa.
(Paul from DC)
Baez, Lindor, Russell, Story, Correa, Lee, but I'm assuming you're asking me to rank them purely be physical attractiveness. (Ben Lindbergh)
2012-08-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are you're thoughts on Cubs' Javier Baez? Do we have a Machado, Profar talented bat?
(Bill from OH)
I've heard good things about Baez-particularly his power potential. It's unclear where he winds up on the diamond just yet. He's a really good prospect. Maybe not quite on the Profar/Machado level, but still really good. (R.J. Anderson)
2012-06-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Could you please compare "The Puerto Rican Trifecta" Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, and Fransico Lindor's upside with the bat only regardless of who could end up at a different position. Thanks.
(stevenpsu78 from york pa)
Baez has the best pure bat; Correa has the tools to be a legit offensive force, but he just started his professional journey, I have yet to see him in person, and it might take some time before we know what type of offensive player he will become; Lindor can do everything, but the defensive skill-set is the calling card. The offensive game is advanced, with some batting average promise, a mature approach, and some pop, but he's unlikely to be a middle-of-the-order hitter like Baez. (Jason Parks)
2012-06-05 16:00:00 (link to chat)Saw your twitter posts this week about Javier Baez's big game in A-ball (3 hits, booming homerun, swinging at a 3-0 pitch in a 13-0 blowout, getting beaned in the ribs, and then getting benched the next day for ignoring the take sign the day before)...What, if anything, did we learn from that game that we did not know before?
(Jason from office)
That a lot of people on Twitter don't understand that you are going to get plunked if you swing on 3-0 in a 13-0 game. (Kevin Goldstein)
2012-05-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)Whats your take on the Royals keeping Bubba Starling in extended Spring Training? I know reports were that he was raw, but is he THAT raw that Low-A wouldn't be an option?
(Jquinton82 from NY)
He's pretty raw, and he's not the only first-round guy taking it easy, as Javier Baez is still in extended as well. (Kevin Goldstein)
2012-04-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Most impressive prospect no one is/was talking about prior to Spring Training but will be soon enough?
(jaymoff from Salem, OR)
Cubs infielder Javier Baez. The bat could be special. (Jason Parks)
2012-03-23 12:00:00 (link to chat)Looking forward to my prospect draft next season. Taijuan Walker v. Archie Bradley. Xander Bogaerts v. Javier Baez, Michael Choice v. Rymer Liriano. Who'd you take in those matchups?
(Joe from Bellvue)
Bradley, Bogaerts, Liriano. Walker is the wildcard for me because he could be the very good version of Edwin Jackson we saw a few years ago or the one that has been around most other seasons. (Jason Collette)
2012-02-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is it likely (more than 50%) that Javier Baez can stay at shortstop, or is he a corner guy when (if?) he makes the show?
(Mike from Chicago)
It's way less than 50%. Maybe 10% at best. He's a 3B, maybe 2B in the end. (Kevin Goldstein)

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