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Chat: Mike Gianella

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday June 30, 2015 7:00 PM ET chat session with Mike Gianella.


Mike Gianella: Hi everyone. Hard to believe, but we're almost at the halfway point of the regular season. Still a lot of time left but before you know it it will be fall and we'll all be a year closer to death. Let's chat!

Shane (Rochester NY): Alex Meyer has obviously struggled mightily this year and was moved to the Bullpen for Triple-A Rochester. Is this just to get him back on track or are they trying to develop him into a reliever/closer?

Mike Gianella: I don't have a lot of information on the Twins but there has been some talk in the past of eventually transitioning him to the role. My guess is that Minnesota might try the Cardinals reliever/starter path and use Meyer as a reliever this year with the hopes of stretching him out in the long term. I do think Meyer's ultimate path is as a reliever, but this certainly is not a universally held view.

Steve Trout (Big & Tall Fitting Room): Mike, What innings eaters might the Cubs go after at the Deadline? Thanks!

Mike Gianella: If you're talking about pure innings eaters and not aces it opens things up a little bit. Jon Niese is the guy who has been linked to a couple of teams, and Bartolo Colon is a logical guy too (although I haven't heard any rumors about him). Thinking of guys on second division teams, it's kind of limited to be honest. The Rockies really don't have anyone obvious. Jorge de la Rosa? Maybe? Diamondbacks don't. They're not really innings eaters but Mat Latos and Dan Haren aren't quite ace material and would probably fit the mold of a non-ace who wouldn't cost a bevy of prospects.

Vance Law (My Dental Office): Hi Mike, Who has the higher ceiling, Touki Toussaint or CJ Edwards. Thanks!

Mike Gianella: Ceiling it's probably Toussaint, but that assumes that everything breaks right.

Paul Reuschel (Ireland): Dear Mike, Melvin Upton has been unfairly cast into his brother's shadow. I think he could upgrade the Cubs' outfield defense. What about you? Thanks!

Mike Gianella: He probably could, but his bat doesn't play. He'd be a decent defensive replacement/pinch runner, but I can't see the Cubs (or most teams) taking that contract on for that role.

John (CT): Is this the year Jon Singleton lives up to his promise with the 'Stros?

Mike Gianella: I doubt it, if only because it's crowded right now and I don't see him getting enough at bats. He needs a trade or an injury. If that happens, I think he could be solid, but I don't see him living up ALL the hype that surrounded him way back when.

Shawn (Cubicle): Lost Giancarlo. Looking to replace some of his power. Traded Jason Grilli for Marcell Ozuna and am looking to add Ryan Zimmerman off of waivers. Both of them should show more power in the 2nd half right?

Mike Gianella: I think Ozuna will. It's hard to believe he only has four home runs and even if he doesn't repeat last year more power should be on the horizon. Zimmerman is a tough read because of the plantar fasciitis. It's a tough injury to recover from in season, and I suspect Zimmerman is going to have to rest/recover at some point.

navarra (Ukraine): Hello, Mike! On Sunday some guy dropped Porcello in my very deep (~730 players rostered) mixed dynasty league. How much should I bid on him from my 100$ FAAB? I have good pitching, but I think that in such league grabbing Porcello for free wouldn't hurt.

Mike Gianella: In a deep league, I'd probably go $20 or so, $25 if you really have the need. I'm not a huge fan but as you point out that's a deep league.

Isaac Asimov (international space station ): Is Jake Bauers the most underrated prospect in baseball?

Mike Gianella: The most underrated prospects are usually the guys who don't get any copy/press at all. Bauers is up there, but for me the guys like Robert Refsnyder who everyone insists is a non-prospect are truly underrated. Refsnyder might never make it, but he deserves a shot and could cobble together a 10 year career if he gets it.

Zebraheaded (Boston): I can't seem to find any updates on Jorge Alfaro since June 12th, when a ton of outlets reported he "might be out for the season." Have you guys heard anything?

Mike Gianella: Still the same story from what I have seen as well. It sounds like the Rangers are being really cautious and not ready to make a decision, which given Alfaro's value makes sense. If I had to guess he won't be back until August at the earliest, but I'm just guessing. I think he might miss the season.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Mike thanks for the help.I am in a 12 team one year h2h league.We use the following stats .Hr,r,RBI,ave,sb and xbh.I will need to drop two because of Dl activity. Soler, A.Gordon, S. Souza,B.Burns,Paredes,Thanks again

Mike Gianella: I'd drop Soler and Paredes. Soler could be good but in a redraft he might not be worth it this year. Paredes is already in a crowded situation and might not be a full timer ROS.

agetting (Queens): Now that the Mets have graduated Herrera, Matz and Syndergaard, where do you anticipate their organizational prospect ranking will fall? Is there any talent in the lower minors or is it somewhat empty?

Mike Gianella: I'm the wrong person to ask this question (just about everyone else on the team is better), but yes you'd have to think that the system takes a tumble now. I'd guess middle of the pack at best, but as you point out there isn't a lot in the lower minors at the moment. Comforto is on the fast track and Dom Smith either has to produce or isn't going to be considered top talent.

Chipshot212 (first place and planning for playoffs): Will Stanton return this season, and if yes will he be his regular self in the fantasy playoffs? According to Jeff Zimmermann over at FG, " am not sure I completely buy a quick return time. It seems to be four to six weeks to recover from the break. Then, he will need to build up his game strength. I bet his return is closer to the six to eight weeks with a chance he doesn’t play again this season once Miami is out of the playoff pitcture." What's your take?

Mike Gianella: Stanton will definitely be back. My colleague Bret Sayre is guessing five weeks but I'm going with the more conservative six week estimate. And I agree with Jeff regarding the injury. Hamate bone injuries tend to sap power, and even if Stanton is on the field in six weeks it is an open question how that translates this year. On the other hand, Stanton is so strong that it's hard to completely write him off. The other factor is Stanton will WANT to play. Even if the Marlins are out of it, he'll be in the lineup unless there's a medical reason for it. As far as production goes, I think he'll be fairly productive but I'd guess you're going to get 75-80% of the power.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Mike, Which organizations are more likely to put a damper on a pitching prospect (e.g. not allow them to use their best pitch or force them to throw more of a certain pitch) as part of the development process? And does that complicate the job of scouting?

Mike Gianella: It's a tough question to answer, but I know the Pirates do this to some degree, and it impacted how some of us (including me) looked at Gerrit Cole when he was a prospect. I think teams tend to limit pitch counts and don't so much prohibit specific pitches as they do force pitchers to sequence (throw pitches at certain times or in a certain order) so that they can work on their craft. It does make scouting more difficult, although if a scout knows what he or she is looking for, it isn't rocket science. So I think it makes the scout's job harder, but if an organization's tendencies are well known, you can put 2-and-2 together.

joncarmela11 (Detroit ): Where do you see Javier Baez fitting in the Cubs infield, they seem to be set?

Mike Gianella: Right now I don't see a good fit at all. It is possible that they bring him up as a utility guy, to do what they wanted Alcantara to do and play a lot of positions and not be a starter. They could also push Bryant to left field and put Baez at third, but if Kyle Schwarber is going to be up in mid-August that wouldn't really fly either. I think they could find a place for Baez (Jonathan Herrera isn't a fixture by any means) but there are no guarantees.

Mike (NJ): Hey Mike, I have a question that I've been trying to figure out for some time, but can't seem to find the answer and was hoping you'd be able to help. What happened to Manuel Joseph, who was owned by the Tigers organization? Kid put up top numbers in the DSL, but the Tigers mysteriously never brought him state side and then simply released him this past offseason. Do you know what happened to him? Doesn't look like another team picked him up either. I'm in desperate need of some help Mike, so any answer is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work at BP!

Mike Gianella: I have no idea. I was wondering myself what happened to him this winter.

mattstupp (NYC): Michael Cuddyer's first three months with the Mets have been terrible- he's arguably the biggest problem with the team. His paltry hitting has come with a .307 BABIP, no less. At age 36, are witnessing the beginning of a steep decline for him? If you were the Mets, would you prioritize getting a bat like Jay Bruce over a shortstop?

Mike Gianella: The decline already started prior to this year but was masked somewhat by Coors. The Mets probably should get any kind of hitter they can get. The problem with getting Bruce over an infield is that in addition to a bat they need some stability on offense. Something to keep in mind is that the Mets schedule in July is brutal. There are no gimmies on the schedule, and it's possible they put up a 9-16 month in July. If they do that, forget about buying. They might be selling yet again.

Matt (Wis): In a dynasty league, would you rather have matz or alex reyes? what do you see as the ceiling for each?

Mike Gianella: I think I'd prefer Reyes just because of Matz's injury history and questions I have about his long-term durability/ability to put up 200 innings. Matz strikes me as a #2 in terms of the ceiling, although a #3 is more realistic. I think Reyes is a high #2. You could say #1B, but that's a difficult designation to give any prospect.

Craig (Philly): Thoughts on Eddy Julio Martinez? Best International Prospect right now?

Mike Gianella: I think so. He gets the Andruw Jones comps, but I'm wondering if there will be some low BA and a little less power to go with that. This is still a pretty nice player; Jones was on a Hall of Fame trajectory before he fell off the cliff.

James (LA): How good can Yoan Moncada be?

Mike Gianella: He could be a Top 10 hitter, with maybe the potential to be a Top 5. I haven't seen him (which is my bad; he was in nearby Lakewood, New Jersey recently), but the ceiling is really high for good reason.

Ben (Philly ): What do you expect fantasy wise for JP Crawford? Futue top 5 SS?

Mike Gianella: I have two questions on Crawford. He could be a top five guy, but that has more to do with how weak the position looks right now as opposed to how great Crawford is. I see a 10-15 home run ceiling, and that could be generous. This would limit the value, even if he does steal 30 bases. To be safe I'll say just outside of the top 5, but with a season or two where he cracks that barrier over the course of his career.

Mike (NJ): Yoan Moncada or Eddy Julio MArtinez?

Mike Gianella: Moncada, just because we have some data to look at. If I just go off of the scouting reports it's almost a tie, but for every Jose Abreu there is a Yasmany Tomas, who is good right out of the gate but doesn't live up to 100% of the hype.

Eric (Boston): Will JP Crawford be that good of a fantasy contributor?

Mike Gianella: He'll be solid. I'm thinking Erick Aybar with a little more speed, which isn't bad by any means.

Carl (D Town): Is this Eddy Julio Martinez guy for real?

Mike Gianella: I think so but we're all guessing. Who sent you guys?

Danny (Chicago): Carlos Rodon's potential?

Mike Gianella: High 2, with the outside chance of being an ace. It's going to be all about the control/command. I don't have any questions about how good the raw stuff is and in terms of his physicality, he's a beast.

Rob (Minnesota): Miguel Sano called up this season and is he a poor man's Stanton?

Mike Gianella: If he's called up, I think it will be a mid-to-late August call up, and that would depend on if the Twins are in contention and they want to try to add him in case they need him on the postseason roster. He is a poor man's Stanton but I see more of a 30 HR ceiling than Stanton's numbers, but only because it is hard to predict ANYONE can become Stanton.

Bill (New Mexico): It looks like Matt Holliday is going to come off the DL shortly. What does St. Louis do about the resulting glut of above-average outfielders (plus Jon Jay) other than gloat a lot?

Mike Gianella: They could make a trade, but their roster is so deep that it's hard to see what they'd do. Peter Bourjos would seem like the odd man out if they don't make a move.

DJ (Dallas): Mike, thanks for the chat!! What's the story with Rougned Odor?? He seems to be a different guy after a few weeks at Round Rock. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

Mike Gianella: He looks like a hitter who worked on his approach in the minors and is being somewhat smarter about his at bats. He has always had the talent and was very young for every level he has been at, and I honestly thought the adjustment period would last the entire season, with a breakthrough coming in 2016. I think Odor's legit. He is going to cool off to be sure but I think he can be on the bottom of the Top 10 at the position right now.

JP (TX): Only in my 3rd season of a true Roto league and this is my frist season where i am not in the top 3 at this point in the year. but i am in 4th currently 10 points behind 3rd and 12 behind 2nd. is it time to start selling off expiring contracts or can that kind of ground be made up in 3 months?

Mike Gianella: You can make up that ground in a Roto league, unless you're talking about an eight-team league or something really shallow like that.

Ned (Flanders): Which arm do you like better in the Rays system currently, Blake Snell or Brent Honeywell? Who has the higher ceiling?

Mike Gianella: I think Honeywell has moved ahead of Snell in the Rays system (slightly) and has a higher ceiling by a little bit.

Dan Turkenkopf (Saratoga Springs, NY): Mike?

Mike Gianella: Hi Dan. Although I realize that you enjoy the "Mike" convention on Twitter, here in the Baseball Prospectus chat room I am all business, as you can see by the gravitas I use to answer many baseball questions by our devoted readers. Please, afford me what little dignity I have left and permit me to answer these questions without getting distracted by the antics that I usually revel in over on our favorite social media website.

kylanje (Florida): Mookie Betts vs Starlin Castro for fantasy purposes. Pick one for the next 5-10 years, is it close and why? Thanks.

Mike Gianella: Betts. I think the power comes for Betts - or enough of it that he hits 15 home runs and there's some speed in his profile. I don't think it's close because Castro is near his peak and while I believe he's not as "bad" as some say he is, how much more ceiling is there.

Brandon (Chicago): Can you imagine a world where this is a theoretical thought? "3 way trade, Cubs get Matz, Rockies get Addison Russell, Mets get Tulo and Kris Bryant and Starlin Castro and Jorge Soler and Kyle Schwarber"

Mike Gianella: I can imagine it, but that world would have to include a scenario where the Wilpons never got involved financially with Bernie Madoff. It would also require some kind of scenario where Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer don't exist and the Cubs are being run by a caller from a sports talk show because he won some kind of crazy contest. So, yes, I can imagine it, but I have a vivid imagination and am a silly human being. It probably won't happen.

MikeGianella (My Head): Why do you talk to yourself so much on Twitter, Mike?

Mike Gianella: I am a megalomaniac. But you knew that, didn't you, Mike?

Bart Bennison (Staring at my bobbleheads): In today's face-paced, instant gratification world.... Everyone wants immediate results. Name some younger players we should be patient on for rest of this year or future years. (ie- Pittsburgh fans ready to get rid of Polanco)

Mike Gianella: Not that anyone is bailing, but Addison Russell is going to be better offensively than he has thus far. I have been down on Adam Eaton for years, but the moderate power he has shown has been encouraging, relatively speaking. Now if only he'd run again.

Rude Rudy (Bah humbug): Everyone is soooo into prospects. Don't people realize most fail? Or at least fail to reach expectations.

Mike Gianella: I think people realize it but still can't help getting sucked into the hype. It's exciting to wish on a guy's ceiling.

Dan (bloomington): hey mike, thanks for the chat! So I'm holding Archer and Sale and need an offensive upgrade, preferably in the outfield. Our offensive stats are R/HR/SB/RC/OBP/SLG, what would be a reasonable return for one of those potential Cy Young winners?

Mike Gianella: I think for Sale you should be able to get a top 5-10 guy. Archer might be a little bit lower just because he has only done it for one year, but I wouldn't take less than a top 15 hitter, and I might push for more if I could.

MP (KY): Mike, need your input here... Points Based Dynasty League - K's are negative 1. How close are Kris Bryant and Xander Bogearts? I have Nolan Arenado at 3B. Can deal Bryant for XB. SS is Starlin Castro, at the moment... help me out. I'm torn.

Mike Gianella: I think Bryant is a lot better because of the power (although, yes, the Ks hurt. I would hang onto Bryant, even though I could see why you'd want to make the move. It is close.

R B (Wallowing in my ego): True or false - Alex Blandino will be starting for the Reds somewhere by 2016 all-star break.

Mike Gianella: False, but the Reds are moving him fast and if he doesn't stumble at AA it's not an impossibility. I think 2017 is a more responsible guess.

Bert Traylor (Milwaukee): Life is .. (a) Meaningful; (b) Meaningless; or (c) Not unlike a box of chocolates?

Mike Gianella: a) and b) at times, and sometimes both. When you're out hiking with your kid on a beautiful day and the sun is hitting the lake just right, it's a. When you're at work and you're slammed and you can't believe it it's b). C) is baloney. Don't get me started on Forrest Gump. It wasn't even the second best Best Picture nominee at the Oscars that year.

MikeGianella (InYoHead): You should take a cheese break.

Mike Gianella: OK. I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm taking a cheese break.

Grz (ATL): What do you think of Jordan Zimmermann in dynasty going forward? Should I try to sell him?

Mike Gianella: I think he'll be OK, although his ERA was a little but too low last year based on his peripherals. This year he's having the opposite problem, though, and he should be doing a little bit better based on his DRA. The defense behind him is hurting a little bit this year. I think Zimmermann is a solid #2 who should put up ERAs in the low to mid-3s; I just wouldn't expect a sub-3 and he's not really a big whiff guy.

MP (KY): Does Wilmer Difo have a starting role in Washington next season? I'm guessing they move on from Desmond.

Mike Gianella: He has a chance to win the job for sure. I would agree that the Nationals aren't going to try and re-sign Desmond and that he'll walk.

Lenny (Hosting the party): True or false: Trevor Story will be the Rockies SS by next June?

Mike Gianella: False. The Rockies won't be able to move Tulo until the deadline in July 2016 :)

Old man (Duke's bar): In a dynasty league, prices increase $2/yr for players in majors, frozen for minors guys. How much is too much to sell off prospects to contend? League is down to about 5 teams for 3 money spots, and maybe 3 could possibly win. Seems all 5 teams selling anyone and everyone and damning the future.

Mike Gianella: I usually go by a 2-for-1 rule. Two major league contributors for one prospect. I think in this scenario you do have to play to the market so it is more likely that you'll have to go closer to a 1-for-1 model. It obviously depends on how realistic your chances are at winning.

Browny (The moon): What's your favorite baseball podcast for BP, and outside BP?

Mike Gianella: Don't tell Craij or Ben, but TINO is terrific. I listen to it whenever I can, and those guys are funny. Brett Taylor and Sahadev Sharma's Limited Range is a Cubs podcast, but those guys know their stuff and talk about baseball in general as well. Don't let Brett know I said this; he's a nice guy but has a huge ego and will really revel in this compliment if you let him. ESPN's Fantasy Focus is daily and is an obvious must listen. Chris McBrien's Dear Mr. Fantasy is for shallower leagues, but he is really entertaining and has great guests. I also have a weird friend-of-a-friend relationship with his co-host Joe Pisapia.

Amy (Boston): I have Fernandez coming back. Who would you drop Bauer or Shelby Miller?

Mike Gianella: I'd drop Miller in a keeper and Bauer in a re-draft.

Budd (Brooding in the corner): Thoughts on a worldwide draft? Seems to make too much sense to a casual fan. Though I'm not sure of its impact on academies, DSL, etc.

Mike Gianella: It seems like a great idea but there are a lot of hurdles to clear as you kind of allude to in your question. You'd have to get agents on board with the process, and I'm certain the savvier agents like Scott Boras would fight this tooth and nail. It could happen eventually, but I'm skeptical it ever will.

Grizz (Chi): Syndergaard, Zimmermann for Springer in dynasty who wins?

Mike Gianella: I'd go with the duo but it is close.

Davin (Da burgh): Will we see another player get 3,000 hits? 300 wins?

Mike Gianella: I think 3,000 hits is something that could happen; if Trout stays healthy, he could certainly do it. 300 wins seems like the one that may never happen again. You need a pitcher to stay healthy for 15-20 years and win 15-20 to do it. CC Sabathia seemed like a near lock to do it and then he got hurt and now he looks like a back end guy at best. That's the problem.

Davin (Da burgh): Minor league injuries seem to be almost as sketchy as NHL ones. How can we best learn about status of our favorite prospects? ie - heard weeks ago Marcus Molina may get TJS. Another dynasty guy I own hasn't played in weeks with nothing turned up via my usual news sites for minor league guys.

Mike Gianella: Your best bet is likely bloggers that specifically cover the teams or organizations that you like. Local newspaper web sites are typically bad when it comes to minor league organizations, and as you point out MLB sources aren't very good.

The Rude guy (My basement): Why doesn't organizations give all players eye surgery to improve their vision and hand/eye? Pitch recognition seems to snag many hitters as they grow.

Mike Gianella: This is similar to the "why don't pitchers all get Tommy John surgeries" question. It's not especially ethical to operate on a healthy eye, and unlike TJ eye surgery wouldn't necessarily improve coordination, it would simply improve vision.

Lou (IL): Do you foresee Javy Baez contributing to the Cubs this year? I'm assuming he gets called up after he completes a rehab assignment ... hits maybe 240/250, 30%K rate, 10+ dingers ... barring trades, maybe Bryant shifts to LF ... does this sound accurate?

Mike Gianella: Yes, although as more of a backup/utility guy.

Andrew (LA): When is Corey Seager up? Is he a Beast?

Mike Gianella: August. He certainly could be a beast, it just might not be this year.

Tommy (Houston): Carlos Correa has gotten off to an unbelievable start. Is he really this good??

Mike Gianella: He'll go through an adjustment period like George Springer did last year, but Correa really is a top-tier talent.

Brandon (Chicago): Is trading Starlin Castro a good choice for a premier pitcher?

Mike Gianella: Sure, if you can do that. I don't see why a major league team would do that though. A second tier guy seems like a more realistic target.

Bart Bennison (Rivers): How do some recover from TJS so quickly and effectively like Harvey...... And some like Luebke and Beachy struggle just to return?

Mike Gianella: It's hard to say. Everyone is different. TJ has a success rate of about 80% according to Stephania Bell of ESPN and this is something we all kind of forget. But as far as why some recover better than others I don't know.

Davin (Da burgh): Will the DH expand ? If so.... Within 5yrs, 10yrs, or longer?

Mike Gianella: I think it's something that will eventually happen but 10-15 years seems much more likely.

bpaulus (philly): Will Chapman get traded? Any other NL set up guys likely to get a job because of trade.

Mike Gianella: I doubt it unless the Reds really clean house. Ken Giles and Will Smith seem like the most likely candidates in the NL to get a bump if there is a trade.

Davin (Da burgh): True or false questions: Polanco will be an all-star someday? (Pirates) Ryan Howard will be a DH by this time next year? Dan Vogelbagh will be traded by next spring? Montero will have a better career than one of Matz, Syndergaard, Harvey, or Wheeler?

Mike Gianella: True. True. True. False.

Shawn (Couch): Who are a few guys to target in trades you think will have a big 2nd half?

Mike Gianella: Ian Desmond might not have a "big" second half but he will be better. Alexei Ramirez should also improve in the same manner. Carlos Gomez is still a stud and will be one in the second half.

Davin (Da burgh): % chance game: What % chance does Jose Fernandez have of winning a Cy Young? Bryce Harper winning 2 or more MVPs? Worldwide amateur draft by 2020? Kris Bryant hitting 300 homers? You going 24 hours without tweeting?

Mike Gianella: 30%. 70%. 10%. 90%. 0%.

bpaulus (philly): What NL setup guy will become a closer because of a trade?

Mike Gianella: Giles and Will Smith. Jim Johnson if the Braves trade Jason Grilli, although I don't see much of a market there.

Shawn (Couch): The Duda has not been abiding recently. Think he gets hot again?

Mike Gianella: I don't know about hot, but he should hit another 10-12 home runs and be solid the rest of the way.

Rudy (My basement): Who is nerdier: World of Warcraft players or Guys who stare at minor league stats for hours a day. For fun.

Mike Gianella: The World of Warcraft guys. #HometownBias

Tony (Edmond, OK): What would you call the Tier 1 starters in the AL? Felix, Sale, Kluber, Price... Archer? Gray? Keuchel?

Mike Gianella: Definitely the first four. I'd put Archer and Gray there. Keuchel is right on the bubble for me.

Davin (Da burgh): Favorite announcer past and present?

Mike Gianella: Right now it's Vin Scully. I know that's obvious, but his cadence and pacing is poetry. I'll lose my baseball card for this, but when I was a kid and Tim McCarver was covering the Mets in the 80s he was excellent. I learned so much about the game listening to him talk about it. Just his stories about catching Bob Gibson were worth the price of admission.

Tony (Edmond, OK): How much are you buying into Jason Kipnis? Something like .285/.365/.445 true-talent? Can he hold a .330 BABIP with the high LD%?

Mike Gianella: I think that's about right, with a higher BA due to the line drive rate/hard hit balls. I think in fantasy he's a legit top five talent at the position.

Tony (Edmond, OK): Could we petition the league to have Wade Davis traded to Cleveland just to see if Mickey Callaway could somehow keep him throwing 96 as a starter?

Mike Gianella: OK. I like petitions.

Shawn (Couch): What's the deal with Evan Longoria? He may not even be a Top 15 3B anymore

Mike Gianella: He was hurt for awhile and that could be a factor. I hope this isn't David Wright syndrome where the demands of a tough position and coming up young lead to a lot of injuries/ineffectiveness.

Mike Gianella: I really enjoyed talking to you guys tonight. Thanks for the questions. But more importantly, thanks for the memories. I...had...the time of my life (tears well up in my eyes) I SAID I WOULDN'T DO THIS!!!

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