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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday September 04, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Join Jason and Little Jeremy Irons for an afternoon prospect chat.

Jason Parks: I'm in a Seattle coffee shop. It's overcast. I'm a Mudhoney reference away from harming others. Let's talk baseball.

19braves77 (Pensacola, FL): Without considering injured players, most disappointing top prospect this year ?

Jason Parks: I could list several that failed to live up to the hype, but I was disappointed in Mason Williams. He was most certainly overvalued by many in the industry coming into the season, but I didn't receive one positive report on Williams the entire season. Not one. Scouts that adored his game soured on him quicker than I anticipated, and it wasn't just his production that turned them off.

djr (Evanston, Il): In your last chat, you stated Javier Baez would not be in a future Cubs line-up, but would be replaced by Mike Olt. Why is that?

Jason Parks: Because the Cubs traded a valuable commodity for Mike Olt, making him the key piece in the deal. Olt is a better prospect than he showed this year, and I think the Cubs believe that as well. Suggesting he would be in a future hypothetical lineup had everything to do with the trade, the proximity to the majors, and his position. It had nothing to do with Baez.

Lukene (Saint Paul): Do you think Eddie Rosario is overrated?

Jason Parks: He's overrated as a second baseman, that's for sure. I like the bat; the approach bothers me a little, but I like his swing and I think he will hit. I don't like his actions at 2B. I think he's a better fir for the outfield, but unless he changes orgs or changes his name to Buxton, he's not going to be patrolling center anytime soon.

googoo (Japan): Do you also think Byron Buxton is better than Carlos Correa or George Springer?

Jason Parks: I think Buxton is the best prospect in baseball.

padremurph (San Diego): Is Zach Eflin a top 75 prospect?

Jason Parks: Not for me. Not yet. ( I reserve the right to change my mind and rank him in the top 75)

padremurph (San Diego): What do you think of this idea? The Padres have a ton of pitching prospects and only a few hitting prospects and the Cubs have a great system but all (outside of CJ Edwards) are position players. Given that Hoyer is familiar with some of the Pads organization what do you think of the idea that they make a trade to even out their systems?

Jason Parks: I don't like the idea of trading prospects for prospects just to create some sort of balance in the talent force. It's all currency. Why does it have to be even?

padremurph (San Diego): Looking into your crystal ball, who's your AFL MVP?

Jason Parks: Kris Bryant. When presented with the trophy, he will pull a baby goat from his uniform, slit its throat, drink its blood, vomit its blood, and then power drink himself to sleep while bitching about Javier Baez's prospect status. It will be perfect.

Joe Bob (TX): Best under the radar Single A and below players to keep a close eye on...

Jason Parks: RHP Alberto Tirado is a good one to keep a close eye on; Jose Rondon with the Angels will most likely jump into their top three prospects; Franklin Barreto really wowed people in the GCL.

Luke (Romania): Who will be better, Gyorko or Rendon (health being equal)?

Jason Parks: I prefer Rendon. #Texan

hsc (Toronto ): Sorry if you've already been asked this, but do you think putting young pitchers on innings limits is a good idea in helping them build strength, stay healthy, etc.? Been hearing a lot of old time guys saying pitchers need to throw more lately.

Jason Parks: I think it needs to be player specific, with a very careful eye on workload early on it the process. I don't like innings limits because not every inning is created equal. Some are more physically intense than others. I prefer number of pitches to numbers of innings. Again, I think the best player developmental plans are the ones tailored to the individual based on their specifics.

Mike (Utica, NY): Would you think I am crazy to say that Lucas Giolito is the 3rd best starting pitching prospect behind Bradley and Walker. I've saw Syndergaard, Taillon, and Giolito in person and he had the best present and future arsenal of the three.

Jason Parks: He has electric stuff; no doubt. But unless we are just ranking players based on pure ceiling, I don't see the case at this point to rank Giolito ahead of guys like Taillon or Syndergaard. He could (and should) get there, but let's take it easy and respect some of the developmental progress and production from the older cars before we start losing our virginity in the backseat of the new model.

carltondavis (Washington, DC): Byron Buxton is the number 1 prospect in baseball. How does he compare to recent BP #1 hitting prospects of the past few years? (Profar, Trout, Harper, Heyward, Wieters, Bruce, Gordon)

Jason Parks: I don't know. Buxton is still in the minors. We have major league perspective for the other players you listed, and I can't remove that when attempting to form a relational comparison.

Javy Baez (Kodak, TN): What is my ultimate ceiling as a major league player? Do I have MVP pontential?

Jason Parks: I'd put a 7 on your ceiling and suggest you have all-star games in your future if everything clicks at the highest level. Clicking at the Double-A level isn't the same thing. If Baez clicks, he's going to be a monster player.

carltondavis (Washington, DC): Do you see Kohl Stewart possible making a Robert-Stephenson like ascension in the minors next year, perhaps ending the year at AA? Whose ceiling is higher?

Jason Parks: Yes. Stewart has the potential to move fast and climb prospect lists after his first full season. I really like it. He's going to be a stud.

John David Crow (The Moon, bitch): Did KG have #rig? Wait, why am I asking this?

Jason Parks: He's a tall guy with large feet, so probably. He lacks #violence, so it probably plays down.

Speaking of #rig, does anybody have a good tomato sauce/meatball recipe? I don't want to cook all day, but I'd like to throw together a homemade sauce. If you have a good family recipe or something, please email me at: jparks@baseballprospectus.com. I appreciate it.

JR (Brooklyn): Joey Gallo: is this a situation where he could, in theory, shorten his swing a bit to make more contact but still retain most of his silly power? How optimistic are you that he turns into a major league regular? Love the chats, always. Thanks.

Jason Parks: In theory, yes he could. Would it affect his power? Yes, I believe it would. Gallo has an extreme torque heavy swing, one where he pinches in his hips and coils before unleashing hell onto the baseball. The problem is that once he launches that sword, he struggles to maneuver the barrel if the pitch location isn't where he guessed. It can be very all-or-nothing in that regard. If you put the ball in his spot, he is going to hit it out. But that plane is very exaggerated and he doesn't stay in the zone very long, so if you offer movement and avoid his fun zone, you can't beat him. Better arms are going to exploit him in a very major way.

jharrison3 (Illinois): F*** one, marry one, kill one. Yu Darvish, Bryon Buxton, Mike Trout. Go.

Jason Parks: I'd f*ck Darvish. That's just pure honey and it would be very enjoyable.
I'd marry Buxton because he would offer so much. He can change the game with every tool.
I'd kill Trout just so I don't have to listen to people like Brian Kenny talk anymore.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Professor Parks, what are your thoughts on Lucas Sims, A.J. Cole & Miguel Almonte heading into the fall? Do you think all 3 have the chance to be role 6 type starters?

Jason Parks: I do. The reports on Sims have been fantastic. Very good athlete with stuff and feel. THat's what you want to see. Cole doesn't get a lot of credit as a prospect. The combination of size, stuff, and projection still remaining is pretty fascinating. He's only 21-years-old and is still improving. Almonte is a fox. Love him.

MKPJ (Chicago): How soon are the top tens coming(I can't wait)? Is your Top 101 coming early as well or are you waiting for spring for that?

Jason Parks: Top Tens starting earlier this year because I love pleasing people. Baseball Prospectus will be launching our lists in late September, when the minor league playoffs conclude. We will be going by division, starting in the AL West and moving East. We will make every effort to complete all the team lists by January, so we can publish the book early and get ready for the new season. I'm very excited about this.

Mr. Mister (Oakland): Yeah, I know Buxton and Correa deserve the young love, but how good can Addison Russell be at his peak, and when do we see it?

Jason Parks: I don't think he has the same ceiling, but that's not to discount what he brings (and could bring) to the table. Depending on the source, Russell could be a 6 hit/6 power middle infielder, which makes him a monster talent. That's a very high mark to hit. I think he belongs in the discussion for top ten prospect in the game, so that should indicate how much I like his skill-set.

ZigZagBurners (Right near the beach): If I'm Brett Jackson, my next move is....

Jason Parks: I hear Japan is nice

Zach Lee (Smog Capital): I understand that my stuff isn't the "nastiest," but why didn't I get a cup of coffee this September?

Jason Parks: Because Jesus doesn't love you.

Adam (Oakland): Not sure if you saw but Oakland promoted Addison Russell (among some other teammates from his Stockton Hi-A Cal League team) to AAA Sacramento for this past weekend game. What do you make of this?

Jason Parks: Nothing.

j train and the big brain (cubicle): Brighter future: Manuel Margot or Elier Hernandez?

Jason Parks: Margot

biscuits (cali): Hunter Harvey has had a very strong pro debut for the Orioles. How much of it is smoke and mirrors? Is his off-speed (changeup in particular) underrated, or is his heater to much for low-A hitters?

Jason Parks: It's very legit. His heater is better than people realize and his secondary arsenal has plus projections. This guy is going to take a huge step forward next season. I trust Chris Mellen when it comes to talent evaluation (not much else because he's from Boston), and he blew the guy up. If Mellen loves him, bank on it.

Tina Turner (Stairway to heaven): Trey Ball hasn't been more bad than good on the mound since being drafted, any chance he plays the field?..... On the diamond that is.

Jason Parks: Patience

Mike (Fargo): You recently put a "5" on Sano's hit tool. He goes an "8" for power. Is that essentially what G. Stanton is today (.260/35 HR)?

Jason Parks: Yes. I think they could be similar.

Jack LeLaine (Costco): With names like Naquin, Cecchinni, Hawkins and Davis taken ahead of Seager in the 2012 draft, will he become the steal of the first round?

Jason Parks: It's very possible. I don't think he's a long-term shortstop despite what people continue to say, but he's not terrible there and his feel for hitting is very natural and easy, and he stings the baseball.

petersonkai (SLO): Kohl Stewart recently could have started the first half for Texas A&M. Instead, he dominated Rookie ball despite the diabetic concerns. Does this give more weight to his "frontline starter" potential?

Jason Parks: Not really. Potential isn't always tied to production. Also, Kendall Rogers went to A&M, so I think Stewart made a smart decision to avoid the school.

CyMature (Western Mass): Keith Law is a short right-hander. He gets no plane on his fastball. But all he does is succeed. Please explain.

Jason Parks: Well, being a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever can open a lot of doors for people.

Behemoth (Scotland): Is Lewis Brinson likely to make enough contact to play regularly in the bigs?

Jason Parks: Probably not. I think about this a lot. I really like Brinson. Good makeup; great feel for his craft in center; hard worker; natural pop in the stick; red flag swing and miss. Hard to find another player that whiffed that often in Low-A and still managed to carve out a fruitful major league career.

Costanza (Queens): G. Springer has done a good job of helping us forget that J. Singleton was once the more highly regarded prospect. Which of the two do you now see as having the higher offensive profile? Could both hit 30 HR?

Jason Parks: Springer brings a lot more to the table, both on offense and defense. He's the superior prospect, and in all likelihood, the more valuable major leaguer. I don't love comps, but the Chris Young comps I've received on Springer aren't terrible, at least as far as the production is concerned. Springer is going to play a good CF, he's going to bring his legs into the game, and he's going to hit bombs. Do I think he will hit 30 bombs at the major league level? I think that's a stretch, but possible. I think his swing and miss will limit that level of game power. I think he will be a low average/20+ bombs/25+ steal type at the highest level. That's a big time player.

Singleton is limited to 1B, but he can hit. If he's a 6/6 type he's a player. But he lacks the same value of Springer.

John (Little Rock): Sano has put up an ISO over .320 at each stop this season. Do you have any major concerns that hit hit tool won't play enough to let him tap into that power in MLB?

Jason Parks: Sure. That's always a concern. Minor league pitching isn't major league pitching. Sano has a lot of weaknesses at the plate, and major league arms will exploit them. But even if he hits ~.250, he's going to show enough power to have value. He might not hit his ultimate power ceiling because of the swing, but we shall see. He's still very young.

Lisa (KC): It looks like the Cardinals have finally decided to leave Carlos Martinez in the rotation. Who has the bigger upside between Wacha and Martinez? I know Martinez is small, but what kind of starting pitcher can he be?

Jason Parks: Martinez has the highest upside. Martinez isn't small. He's short. Big difference. He's quite strong, both in the legs and the core. I tend to discount short pitchers, but it depends on the build when it comes to projecting workload. The thing that concerns me about Martinez is the effort in the delivery. I think that could limit him a lot more than his height.

jpaternostro (CT): Let's keep #BuxtonChat going. What are the chances he and Sano both start in New Britain in 2014? Need to know how many months worth of muscle relaxants to buy.

Jason Parks: I really don't know what their developmental plan is, but I think Sano could benefit from more AA time, and I assume Buxton starts the season at that level. It's time to take a long shower. Door locked.

redguy12588 (Pittsburgh): What did the Pirates give up in Herrera, a utility infielder or an occasional all-star 2nd baseman?

Jason Parks: I don't see an all-star future; rather, I think Herrera has the potential to play as a regular at the highest level. That's a pretty high ceiling given the fact that he plays an up the middle position.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Has Max Fried's status changed at all or can he still be one of the top LHP prospects in the game very soon?

Jason Parks: Hasn't changed for me. He's in the developmental process. Bumps and bruises along the way. I like the arm. He's not a monster in the Kershaw or Price mold, but he is going to develop into a good major league arm down the line.

Vin (Seattle): H.Harvey or M.Almonte?

Jason Parks: Almonte for me, but my experience with the player trumps all. After I get to see Harvey with my own eyes I'll have a better feel for this question.

Sean (Chicago): My fiance and I spent entirely too much time developing additional one word terms like #slack, #want, #wet, #rig and #sparkle. A Few of our favorites: #lust for a girl who is dressed like she wants to get it and #flex for someone who likes to work on their fitness. Thoughts?

Jason Parks: Speaking of #slack, #want, etc...

Baseball Prospectus is getting close to launching some merchandise at our own online store. In that store, you will be able to find #want shirts, #slack shirts, #rig shirts, #sparkle shirts, and more. Aside from the upcoming prospect lists, I'm more excited about the #want shirts than anything else. I can't want to show the world my #rig in cloth form. Details to come when the store opens. I'm pumped about this. I think its going to be really cool. Right?

6 of 1 (Half dozen of the other): C.J. Edwards or Luke Jackson?

Jason Parks: I'd take Jackson.

redguy12588 (Pitsburgh): Cole in 2014 vs Taillon in 2015, who do you take?

Jason Parks: Cole. I'll always take Cole. I'll go down with that ship if necessary.

Alone Again (Naturally): What position is Jurickson Profar playing next season, and for what team is he playing it?

Jason Parks: I think he is playing 2B for the Rangers

sjdigio (Chicago): Does Marcell Ozuna come back in 2014 and grab a starting OF position away from Yelich or Marisnick if Stanton is still around?

Jason Parks: I discounted him once, and he burned me early on. But long-term I think the best bets are Yelich and Marisnick.

John (CT): If Profar is at second where does that leave Odor?

Jason Parks: In Double-A

sitrick2 (Minneapolis, MN): How many Role 8's are there in the league right now? Are there any? I'd assume Kershaw and Cabrera, but anybody else?

Jason Parks: Trout is another 8, but they are rare. Take the best ~5 players in the game. It's a short list.

Spuds (NLondon): How #wet is Carlos Rodon? Puyol #wet with Lloris #rig or Lamela wet with Paulinho #rig?

Jason Parks: #COYS. Rodon is so #wet that the Astros are already building a special mold-free workout facility to combat the extreme #moisture that will ooze from Rodon's body.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Prettier swing: Griffey or Strawberry?

Jason Parks: Strawberry's cocaine swing was prettier. Griffey's baseball swing was prettier.

jpaternostro (CT): Gotta have a Fringe Average logo t-shirt as well, right?

Jason Parks: Of course. #slack.

Mike (Pittsburgh): Besides Yu Darvish, which pitcher would be described as the most pornographic?

Jason Parks: Jose Fernandez is basically a snuff film at this point, as is Kershaw.

Bill (Baltimore): You ranked Mike Wright fifth in your O's ranking before the season...you seemed to be the high man on the totem pole and he has rewarded your faith. No reason he can't provide cheap bulk innings at the back end of a rotation, right?

Jason Parks: Right. Lacks a big ceiling and ranked high in a poor system, but he will be a major league arm.

Luis Heredia (West Virgina): What, specifically, is up with me this year?

Jason Parks: Here's the thing: not every arm is going to dominate at every stop because there are developmental factors at play that we don't always see, not to mention the context of the process itself; Heredia was born in August of 1994 and he was pitching in a full-season league. He has a lot of pitchability. He moves the ball around, forces weak contact over going for the throat, and basically does the job of a pitcher, which is to get outs. As he continues to mature on the mound, the stuff will start to miss more barrels and he will step out more than he did this year. I'm still high on him.

Yasiel Puig (Instagram): Why they all sticks on the cutoff thing and don't see the real baseball things? #deseo

Jason Parks: #rig

Armin (Austria): What is up with Trevor Bauer? ML: 5.82 K/9, 8.47 BB/9 AAA: 7.86 K/9, 5.41 BB/9 Do you think he will figure it out eventually or has that ship sailed?

Jason Parks: I don't have a lot of faith in Bauer, but I can't discount the raw talent. His approach can range from stubborn to competitive to straight-up horseshit. Believe in the stuff, but its hard to people in the pitcher.

rogero (philly): Pick one to develop as a starter: Matt Wisler or Eddie Butler

Jason Parks: Wisler. Jason Cole has been able to put eyes on Wisler throughout this season, from camp to the Texas League, and the reports have been stellar. If the delivery doesn't negatively affect the command or the utility of the change-up, Wisler is going to stick around in a rotation.

Sam (Chicago): You know who my favorite prospect writer is? This guy: http://tinyurl.com/mqw7udm

Jason Parks: #Sam

Shawnykid23 (CT): Could Albert Almora see MLB in 2014? Is he a 15/30 guy in his prime?

Jason Parks: No. He could see the majors in 2015 if everything progresses smoothly.

Francisco Lindor (Brooklyn): I'm in town, I'd like to come over for dinner. I'll bring a bottle of Merlot. What are you cooking? What are you wearing?

Jason Parks: I'm not in town; don't bring Merlot; I'm making pasta tonight; I'm wearing your jersey and nothing else.

ttt (Manhattan): Most power in the minors? Sano or Gallo?

Jason Parks: Gallo has the most raw power I've ever seen at the minor league level.

sean3258 (Coatesville): More on Eddie Butler please. Ceiling of a #2? Hearing lots of potential reliever labels but he seems to have 3 pitches. Can he and Gray actually pitch with success in Coors?

Jason Parks: Not many pitchers can actually pitch in Coors, so I'll hold back judgments on that front. Butler as #2 is the ceiling; the stuff is legit. You hear reliever because of his delivery, his short-burst potential, and because he's a ginger and people are afraid of gingers.

JonKneeV (Indianapolis): What's wrong with Starlin Castro?

Jason Parks: Thinking too much. He's a natural hitter. He just needs to return to the comfort and confidence he once had.

Travis (NY): Tottenham received $100M euros ($132M american approx.) from Real Madrod for Gareth Bale. What ML player under the same system would command that type of money?

Jason Parks: Probably Junior Lake

The Dude (Office): Is Kyle Crick a top 20 arm in the minors?

Jason Parks: Yes. But I'm not sold he's a starter. I keep hearing (from sources I really trust) that he profiles best as an elite closer. Obviously, its too early to put him in that box. But I keep hearing closer.

Ben (Durham): You once said you were #smitten with Chris Archer's NC-17 stuff. No that he's having some success in TB, how do you see his future? Still potential #2?

Jason Parks: He still has work to do, but my love for Archer remains strong and true, and one of these days when he's a number two starter, the world will rejoice and I'll light an extra candle for him during #BathNight.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Will the Cowboys ever match the blue they use for their numbers to the blue the have on their helmets?

Jason Parks: I don't want to talk about the Cowboys yet. I'm thinking about starting a small city fire before Sunday's game. The problem is that I'm currently in Seattle and its too #wet to burn. I'll commit a crime if they lose. Get ready Seattle.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): Wait. MLBAM and BL are married? http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=21716

Jason Parks: Yes. THis is very big news.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): What five attributes of current or past pitchers would you use to make your ideal player? Like, Nolan's fastball, Carlton's slider, Rivera's cutter, Santana's change, and Maddux's control/command, for instance...

Jason Parks: Nolan's lower-half workouts (strong legs don't receive enough attention). This creates not only power and stamina, but everybody loves a husky pair of thighs. Everybody.

Maddux's mind

Darvish's release point consistency

Chapman's raw velocity

Blyleven's curve

Tom Selleck (On a Ferrari): My moustache is the sixth tool of the World. #rig

Jason Parks: Yes.

Also, thanks to all for all the sauce/gravy recipes. Excellent stuff so far. I appreciate it.

Shawnykid23 (CT): I saw somewhere that Dodgers officials are saying Julio Urias could be in LA as early as age 18. Given how agreesive they were with Puig, does this seem possible? Could he have a role 7 ceiling?

Jason Parks: I don't think it has anything to do with Puig; player specific.

But yes, I think he could pitch in the majors as an 18-year-old. Some marketing and PR advantages built in with Urias. but the overall profile could justify such an aggressive developmental plan.

John (Cincinnati): How important is it for a guy like Gary Sanchez to learn English if he wants to catch in the majors? Can he rely on teammates to translate? Is a limited baseball vocabulary of maybe 100-200 words really all that's needed for a battery to both understand to each other?

Jason Parks: It's important, as communication is vital to success of the battery. Communication is the key, so it doesn't require a fluent conversation in English to discuss events in a baseball context. That said, a failure to learn the tools to communicate at a reasonably high level would raise a red flag for me. You are a catcher, a leader on the field, a player tasked with assisting his pitcher during the game. Why wouldn't you learn how to communicate to the best of your ability? This is true for English speaking catchers as well. If half of your staff is made up of non-English speakers, its your job to find a way to communicate with them. It's your job to be a leader. If you can't step up to that challenge, you don't belong behind the plate.

Free_AEC (South Jersey): For the past two years half the draft discussion was about Mark Appel and his signing bonus, never about his pitching. Now no one mentions him at all. It's like he went into the Witness Protection Program. You could wear a yellow speedo and talk about Appel.

Jason Parks: He developed a bit of a reputation for being soft. His stuff is electric and his draft position was warranted, but the initial signing issue and the questionable #rig has cooled off his status some. I don't think it matters at the end of the day what people are buzzing about. Appel is going to be a very good major league arm. Was he the best arm in the class? Production will determine that.

Jorge (Miami): Can Jose be in the discussion with Kershaw for best NL SP in 2014?

Jason Parks: He might belong in the discussion based on talent, yes. Kershaw is the man because he brings it every start, every year.

The Dude (Office): What local brews are you imbibing while in Seattle?

Jason Parks: I haven't had any yet. I've been pretty busy, and when I've had the opportunity to partake in adult libation, I've opted for liquor, as it is most certainly quicker.

padremurph (San Diego): Best pitcher in the Padres system? Highest upside? Sleeper?

Jason Parks: Wisler is probably the best pitcher. Never sleep on Joe Ross. That sucker could pop in 2014.

Archie Bradley (Shoving): I see the majors in: June 2014, September 2014, or other?

Jason Parks: I was hoping for September of 2013

santo10fan (a cube in Iowa): Can we get a BP cookbook? With special guest author KG?

Jason Parks: No.

gphelp77 (Chicago): What is worse to have, delivery concerns (ie-Butler) or command concerns (ie-Crick)?

Jason Parks: It depends on what is the cause of the issue. Poor deliveries can certainly play a role in command issues.

Vic (Columbia): Re: Urias - you like him better than Gohara?

Jason Parks: I do, right now. Gohara has a lot to like, but he's not nearly as advanced and that body could end up being high-maintenance.

Dignan (Austin, TX): How does an a-hole like Bob have such a nice kitchen?

Jason Parks: I don't have the tools! And even if I did have the tools, I don't know if I could fix a car like this.

Terry (St. Paul): Can O. Arcia be a 30 HR guy? Despite the early struggles that guy just looks like he's gonna hit

Jason Parks: Whoa. Easy there show pony. He's going to hit, but that's a very high projection. 20+ for me, but I might be underselling it a bit.

gphelp77 (Chicago): Urias, Sanchez, or Gohara as the biggest stud

Jason Parks: Urias

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): My 8yo has just started at the kid pitch level. He wants to pitch. I was finally able to see him from a side view. He has an "inverted W" delivery. How soon will he have Tommy John surgery?

Jason Parks: Call Andrews now.

Jim (Bellevue): Try not to star-chasing but you have been in Seattle for more than I thought you would....Can I look for you door by door? You know, for the baseball talk, not for the "D"

Jason Parks: Yes. Please knock on doors. I'll be behind one of them. I'll be the guy wearing a Raul Adalberto Mondesi mask and a half shirt. (and that's it)

kbrown22 (NY): How are you doing in keeping Brain Kenney away from everything you love so he can't ruin it with an obnoxious twitter campaign? I'm trying to hide Jose Fernandez in my closet.

Jason Parks: He has his view of the game and I have mine. I find his binary conclusions to be incredibly boring and sterile, but he is free to analyze and appreciate the game any way he wants. That said, I'm not sure how someone can actually appreciate such a complex and abstract game by trying to fit everything into a universally recognized box. If baseball was an exact science I'd probably be writing about another sport for a living.

temple (madison): what kind of a ceiling do you see for the cubs alcantara. does he get replaced in a couple of years as Castro moves to second when Baez takes over at ss

Jason Parks: Second baseman of the future in Chicago. Jose Reyes-light, with less taste but not as expensive.

Brian Kenny (MLB Network): It could be worse. I could be Harold Reynolds or Mitch Williams.

Jason Parks: You are them. You just live in a different household.

jpaternostro (CT): I don't suppose this partnership with MLBAM means a web show with you and Callis easting barbecue and talking prosects in some hole in the wall Carolina joint?

Jason Parks: Probably not.

Liam (Dallas): Is Tyler Kolek the best prep pitcher from Texas since Shelby?

Jason Parks: I don't think so. I'd take Stewart over Kolek.

Liam (Dallas): How legit is Tyler Glasnow? Seems like he has little idea where it's going but no one at his level can hit him.

Jason Parks: Very legit. The stuff is very good. The feel is improving. I don't think he belongs in the upper-tier, but the production has been great. Hard to argue with his results. I think he falls back down to earth a bit as he climbs the ranks, but he's still a top 50 prospect in the game and a very legit arm.

redhead (cleveland): what ceiling does clint Frazier have. is 2015 sept a realistic arrival time

Jason Parks: 2015 is aggressive. That basically gives him two full-seasons in the minors before a ML arrival, which is asking a lot of a high school player. His ceiling is a role 6 type, a first-division player. The bat speed is incredible, and if he sticks in CF, that could change the evaluation.

sitrick2 (Minneapolis, MN): Just out of curiosity, how far in advance do you guys announce BP events? Will there be anything in my beloved Minneapolis for the ASG?

Jason Parks: We haven't announced our 2014 event schedule, but I guarantee we will have something in Minneapolis during the ASG.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): What makes you so confident that Kohl Stewart can be a fast mover?

Jason Parks: His present stuff and overall approach to pitching.

Jose Fernandez (Miami): Am I proof that the Home Run Sculpture is a benevolent being or an destructive one?

Jason Parks: Ugly is ugly, even when you drink too much.

jharrison3 (Illinois): You just made my day with the announcement of those shirts. That's a whole new level of badass.

Jason Parks: Thanks. I'm probably too excited about them, but this has been in the works for a long time and the finished product is going to be pretty sweet.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Do you think there's such a thing as a AAAA player? Are there guys who destroy AAA but just can't play in MLB? Not directly related, but sort related, can Chris Colabello be a Morneau replacement in MIN? Does his 2013 MIN say anything about 2014?

Jason Parks: I absolutely believe in AAAA players. The major league level is the highest level for a reason, and the talent gulf between AAA and the majors can be extreme. There are countless players that have the skills to play in the upper minors but lack the high-end skill or adjustment ability to find sustainable success in the majors.

Aaron (stupidville): what does rig mean?

Jason Parks: My definition of #rig has traditionally been: "swagger, only more penis specific." But it can be nebulous depending on context.

horgejernandez (Brooklyn): is Christian Bethancourt's progress for real? And how many starts does he get in the bigs next year?

Jason Parks: I don't believe in his bat.

Biscuits (Morgan hill, ca ): After Xander, correa, seager and Russell, who are the next best MI prospects to keep an eye on?

Jason Parks: Raul Adalberto Mondesi could be a star; Jose Rondon will have helium this off-season. Just wait.

Antonio (Canton): Don't you think that K% could be a huge concern for Mike Olt career?

Jason Parks: Of course. I expect better from Olt next season. 2013 wasn't pleasant.

mark (ks): does yordano ventura have 80 rig?

Jason Parks: He has an 80 fastball.

Raul (KC): What should i name my firstborn son?

Jason Parks: If the last name is Mondesi, might I suggest you go with "Raul." It's clean, crisp, and oddly familiar in relation to the last name.

Aceathon (#bathtime): Overall, has the Rangers farm system gotten better or worse this year?

Jason Parks: I liked their draft and their LA haul, but they did ship out talent this summer, so its only natural that the system took a hit, especially when you also factor in prospects that have graduated to the major league level.

Yan Gomes (Cleveland): I think I should win the AL Rookie of the Year. Man, I deserve it! I'm brazilian! #samba

Jason Parks: #Samba

Liam (Dallas): Is Lucas Giolito a top 5 pitching prospect this time next year?

Jason Parks: Very possible. Delivery isn't the cleanest thing on the planet, but the raw stuff is sex

Zack (Ottawa): In your years covering baseball, who's the best prospect you've seen? Trout?

Jason Parks: Trout when he was at the A ball level was incredible to watch. I didn't have a large sample with him, but he stood out early as being special. I loved watching a young Hosmer hit. I never lost that feeling, which is why I still believe he will be an all-star level bat.

Rolf (NYC): What do you think of the "Yu Darvish needs to learn to hold leads/win close games" debate that is going on among the Ranger media and fans?

Jason Parks: I think its foolish.

Josh (Pennsylvania ): Thanks for the chat, STAR, percentage chance that Gregory Polanco develops into 20/20 player?

Jason Parks: 70%

Roy (At a bar): Looking back at it now, would Delmon young still have been a top 3 prospect?

Jason Parks: Absolutely. Failure to develop into a monster talent at the major league level shouldn't diminish his status when he was coming up in the minors.

Gareth Bale (Madrid, Spain): Do you miss me yet?

Jason Parks: Not yet. I love the crop of talent your departure allowed for.

Thomas (Miami, FL): Take your pick, Kris Bryant or Jose Abreu? Weird comparison for sure but who's bat would you trust more?

Jason Parks: Bryant

John (CT): Garin Cecchini has followed up his very good rookie season with an even better second year. All of this leads to the question,where does he play for the Red Sox in the majors? He doesn't have the power of the typical ML third baseman. Is he starter material?

Jason Parks: He was overvalued because of his numbers; some had him as a top 20 prospect, which floors me. I like the bat and the approach, but I don't see a 3B long-term and I don't see big power coming out of the bat. He's probably going to be a major league regular, but I don't see the type of ceiling that warrants such lofty praise coming his way. Maybe a high-average corner bat that has secondary skills, which is a damn good player. He's not a star.

DeathSpeculum (detroit): who can I kill, fuck or marry to get a BP event in Detroit?

Jason Parks: RoboCop

Francisco (Lindor): Jason, im rather disappointed you elected to leave me off your best MI prospect answer. I really thought you and I had something special and shared many #dark evenings with one another. yes you cheat on my with raul, but hes very #wet, and i am ok with that.. but just this once

Jason Parks: My favorite comment yet. Thanks.

Nathan (STL): What are your thoughts on the season Nick Williams had? High ceiling kind of guy? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Love his natural bat-to-ball ability. His overall game is still very raw and unrefined, but you can sculpt some of that in the developmental process. I don't think you can teach a hitter how to hit. I think you can assist in the process, but I'm of the belief that you can either hit or you can't hit. Williams can hit. We will see how it all develops, but I like his chances out of that Hickory group and I would rank him in the top 10 in the Rangers system now without hesitation.

Kevin (Seattle): What were your thoughts on Taijuan Walker's MLB debut?

Jason Parks: Very impressed. Love the athleticism; good delivery; hides the ball well; stuff is very electric; command will come and go and the secondary stuff isn't quite ready for the bright lights. But he could be a role 7 arm, a very good #2 starter.

Kendall (Seattle): Please tell me that you're not at a Starbucks. With the AFL of coffee shops in Seattle all around you, please don't degrade yourself with the corporate little leagues.

Jason Parks: I'm not in a Starbucks

Doug (Connecticut): I think if Sano and Buxton start the year in Double A, there should be a BP event in New Britain

Jason Parks: I'm not allowed to get that close to Buxton, unfortunately.

kbrown22 (NY): I'm scared that Matt Harvey might already have hit his peak and will never be this good again, can you make me feel better?

Jason Parks: Syndergaard is a very good prospect with a very impressive #rig. He's not Harvey and he's not ready, but he's a reason to be excited about the future.

jharrison3 (Illinois): Has the risk factor on Javier Baez dropped at all? I know the K's are still up there, but has he improved enough to be a little more confident in his future?

Jason Parks: It has improved, but he still carries a higher risk than most prospects at his level. It's just his overall approach that concerns some people.

Dan (England): Middlebrooks or Cecchini for RedSox 3B future?

Jason Parks: Middlebrooks over Cecchini for me

temple (madison): better future Garza or porcello

Jason Parks: Porcello. I fear injury with Garza.

Kyle (Ottawa, ON): Is Toronto's complete and utter clusterfuck of a season a direct result of the Blue Jays pulling out of the planned BP event? I tend to think so.

Jason Parks: I blame myself.

Casey (Memphis): What are your thoughts on the Red Sox calling up Xander but playing him only 1-2 times a week? Should they have let him keep playing regularly in AAA, or is this one of those instances where we just don't know enough about all the considerations that went into the decision?

Jason Parks: He played a long season in the minors, so its not like his lack of playing time is really affecting his development. This is a very important aspect of the process, as Xander is the future of the org and he is getting to participate at the highest level. Especially with a young player, the aforementioned participation isn't just exclusive to the field. Everything is different at the major league level, and getting to experience the ride has a ton of value for a young player, especially one that will be asked to carry a heavy burden in the coming years.

Mine Curves (Eddie Butler): Didn't my season prove to you my delivery is repeatable, or are you scared that I won't hold up for 30+ starts?

Jason Parks: I like to be proven wrong. Pitch 200+ innings at the major league level for several seasons with consistency and I'll stop worrying about it, Until then, I';; highlight your strengths and weaknesses and use those to make projections about your future production.

asstarr1 (Madison, WI): In pornographic terms, would Aroldis Chapman be that weird anime tenticle porn?

Jason Parks: I take it back. This is my favorite.

Jason Parks: Hundreds of questions left in the queue. Your #want (as usual) was exceptional and greatly appreciated. I had to end the chat early because I'm tired of being in this coffee shop. When I return to NYC after instructs, lets go for a marathon chat. -JP

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