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Chat: Ben Carsley

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday January 29, 2014 7:00 PM ET chat session with Ben Carsley.


Talk fantasy in Ben's BP chat debut.

Ben Carsley: If you can't handle me at my Nick Green, you don't deserve me at my Xander. Welcome to my BP chat. Grab something frosty or neat and let's have fun.

proffitt9 (Tampa): My Yordano Ventura and Koji Ueharra for his Kris Bryant? Thoughts?

Ben Carsley: Thanks for being my first chat question ever. I'll always remember you and I'll make note of your name in my diary tonight <3 -

If you have a shot at contention this season, keep your package. I love Ventura's strikeout potential, and Koji has a good shot at 40 saves in 2014. If you're playing more for 2016 or beyond, go with Bryant, who is one of the 10 best fantasy prospects in the game. It's a fair trade, so it's really based on your needs.

Mike (Boston): Seeing as he's still technically a "prospect", what do you project XB's production to look like this year? Also, if you could only eat one of either adobo peppers or Frank's, which would you choose and why?

Ben Carsley: Welp, we made it to question two before a Xander query. I have Xander pegged for production somewhere along the lines of .270/.330/.400, and that's perhaps a bit optimistic when it comes to power and pessimistic when it comes to average. I think he'll perform in line with JJ Hardy and challenge for a Top 10 fantasy SS finish. I have very strong feelings for him.

I would choose Adobo because it would be fairly easy to recreate Frank's on my own. Adobo also adds a smokiness and #lateheat that Frank's can't compete with. Frank's is a depth piece. Adobo is a star.

aidanh21 (LA): Hey Ben, I'm picking third in an inaugural dynasty league draft. I'm thinking of picking Goldshmidt since I assume Trout-Cabrera will go 1-2, but I want an experts opinion

Ben Carsley: We talked about this a bit in Episode 3 of TINO, but I think Goldschmidt at 3 is a fine choice. Personally I'd lean Bryce Harper, as there's legit 50-homer upside there and he's still like 12 years old, but no one would blame you for taking Goldy. McCutchen also deserves some consideration, but I think I'd have him fifth. You could also consider taking Grady Sizemore.

Tim Bennett (Elmira, N.Y.): I've seen a lot of detractors this Offseason on Profar. Saying his ceiling isn't nearly as high as people once thought. Are you in this camp after a half a season where he was tossed in and out of a lineup playing all over the diamond? I personally feel that if he was to be measured, this is the season of which to draw conclusions from. He isn't looking over his shoulder and can focus on maturing at the plate and meshing with Elvis. Thoughts?

Ben Carsley: I don't think last season should be much of a barometer for what to expect from Profar, no. We're in agreement there. I will say that from a fantasy POV I think Profar gets a bit overrated. He'll be good for a long time, but he's never going to have first-round potential the way Xander, Javier Baez, Oscar Taveras, Bryon Buxton et al do. I don't think Profar is ready for a huge breakout in 2014, but he should challenge for a finish as a Top 15 fantasy 2B and give us a glimpse of better days ahead. He's uniquely well-rounded and can contribute in all five categories.

Chat Question (Chats): Would Japhet Amador mistake Craig Goldstein for a pie and eat him?

Ben Carsley: This is going to be a pie-free chat. Craig is handsome once you get used to him. Amador would probably still eat him yes.

Ric (STL): Can't believe Frazier was behind Meadows in MLB networks ranks last night. To me, Frazier equals a legit power threat and long term middle of the order hitter. Meadows seems like the odd man out in Pitt and trade bait while his stock is high at the deadline. Your thoughts.

Ben Carsley: MLB.com's rankings have been really good this year, and I think Jim Callis in particular is among the best talent evaluators on the interwebs. But I agree that Frazier should be ranked ahead of Meadows on both regular and fantasy lists alike. Frazier has the bat speed, power and #want to become an elite talent. Meadows is a back-end Top 100 guy for me.

Callum (London): Thoughts on Viciedo in a dynasty? Had a down year, but I'd like to think at only 24 he can rebound. Does he have 30 HR upside?

Ben Carsley: I've never been crazy high on Vicideo. Is he better than what he showed last year? Sure. Is he going to put together a bunch of seasons where he hits 30 HR AND his average doesn't kill you? I'm not convinced.

Joe Mielenhausen (New York): If Pete Wheeler were a real person, how many full seasons would it take him to break Rickey Henderson's stolen base record?

Ben Carsley: Four, maybe? That kid had some serious whee ... he was fast.

Brett (Washington): Could Kyle Parker have sneaky value in dynasty leagues? The numbers look good and Coors field should help. Think he gets the call this year and ends up at 1st?

Ben Carsley: Yes, Parker has sneaky value. The Morneau signing hurts his ETA, and Parker is not a star in the making, but anyone with plus power in Coors is of interest. I think he'll be in the league for a long time but will only be a starter in his prime. Sort of like Garret Jones, but in Coors, which isn't as bad as Garret Jones or Coors sounds alone.

John Niggli (Lagos): Considering something like 70% of the top 100 prospects fail to meet expectations/stay in baseball for long, which 3 players in this years top 10 do you think will have the most successful careers?

Ben Carsley: I think the top tier of fantasy prospects goes Bogaerts, Baez, Buxton, Taveras in that order. Then there's a dropoff to Hamilton at No. 5, for me. I think you can rank the first four in any order. If you want me to pick three of the "safest" prospects, let's go Bogaerts, Taveras and Francisco Lindor.

JoJo (SD): Really enjoying TINO...your hosting skills are well received but I would enjoy your opinions more often if you are able! Please rank for a contending dynasty team in need of SP: M. Perez, G. Richards, T. Ross, C. Kluber, S. Kazmir, E. Johnson, J. Paxton, H. Santiago, B. Peacock, C. Morton. Thanks!

Ben Carsley: I swear this wasn't planted. Thanks for the kind words! For near-term value, let's go Perez, Kazmir, Paxton, Ross, Johnson, Santiago, Morton, Kluber, Richards, Peacock.

baseballjunkie (cali, where it's already Spring): Welcome Ben, I'll start you off with a curveball: Let's say every draft eligible prospect from 2010 to 2014 was eligible for this year's draft. Just based on pre-draft scouting reports and without the benefit of hindsight, how would the first 10 picks of the draft unfold?

Ben Carsley: This is an amazingly difficult question to answer, and also quite fun. It's probably better suited for an article than for a fantasy chat answer, but since I was able to access this question ahead of time, here's what I came up with after about 30 min of research. I'll note that since I'm not familiar enough with 2014 prospects yet, I've restricted your search to 2010-2013 draftees. I'll go with:

1. Bryce Harper 2. Manny Machado 3. Gerrit Cole 4. Dylan Bundy 5. Anthony Rendon 6. Jameson Taillon 7. Bubba Starling
8. Byron Buxton 9. Carlos Correa 10. Archie Bradley

Toughest omissions for me were Francisco Lindor, Trevor Bauer, Kevin Gausman, Kris Bryant and Mark Appel. If Luc Giolito had been healthy for his senior year, he'd probably have made it on this list. Obviously that's not how we'd rank them now, and it's funny that guys like Chris Sale, Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey and Javier Baez are left in the dust. Bubba Starling sticks out like a sore thumb, and Buxton was underrated. This exercise also reinforces how loaded the 2011 draft was. Last year's pales in comparison.

@kltaggart (NYC): What is the overall favorite kind of pizza in the MLB?

Ben Carsley: Pudding and tequila

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse): Can Dominic Smith be in the top 101 next year and will Syndergaard be better in the long term compared to Zack Wheeler? Thanks and goodluck at BP!

Ben Carsley: I like Wheeler better than Syndergaard, which is more of a compliment to the former than an insult to the latter. I'm not a huge Smith guy. I want to see the power develop before I put a 1B prospect in the Top 100.

Peanut Butter (Fridge): What should the punishment be for people in this country who insist on refrigerating their peanut butter?

Ben Carsley: They should be forced to carry their change in their wallets at all times. Or listen to McCarver ad naseum,

Rob (Lexington, Ky): In a NL only league, had you rather keep N Arenado or A Wood?

Ben Carsley: I would rather keep Arenado. I know Wood is slated to start the year in the rotation but I'm not sold on him starting long-term. I know Arenado isn't poised to be the superstar many thought he'd be pre-2012, but I see a long career as a starting 3B, and that's a valuable commodity in Coors. I like Arenado a bit more than most anyway.

JoJo (SD): Please rank for dynasty Stephenson, Ventura, Giolito, Crick, Sanchez, Stewart, Stroman, Butler, Wisler, Heaney, H. Harvey, Kingham, Glasnow, Urias, Fried, L. Sims, Z. Lee. Thanks.

Ben Carsley: Wow. How about - Giolito, Stephenson, Ventura, Stroman, Butler, Sanchez, Crick, Fried, Heaney, Urias, Glasnow, Wisler, Sims, Stewart, Harvey, Lee, Kingham. I retain the right to change my mind immediately.

Matt (New York): Dynasty......Minor Bruce Josh Hamilton for Chris Davis

Ben Carsley: I really like Bruce and think Minor has some decent years ahead of him. Let's go with the collection of players, as I'm not sure Davis' average is real even though Hamilton's best days are probably behind him.

JoJo (SD): Would you trade Rizzo for Wright in a dynasty points league? What about Rizzo and Rios for Wright, Teheran and BJ Upton? Thanks.

Ben Carsley: I would make both of those deals if I was the one getting Wright.

Alex (Anaheim): How high should Ellsbury be drafted in a 12-team mixed league?

Ben Carsley: The third round, I'd say. You probably wouldn't get too many weird looks if you took him in the late second.

Evan (California): Hey, first off I can't express how much I love the TINO podcast. It really is great. Anyways, my question is how much do you take prospect ETA into consideration when drafting/trading for them? Guys like Tirado, Tapia, Thorpe, Mejia, ect. all have huge upside, but are they worth grabbing now before the hype grows or would you rather hold on guys like that and go after prospects who will help sooner despite having lower upside?

Ben Carsley: More TINO love! Let me take this time to give shout-outs to Bret Sayre, Craig Goldstein and Mauricio Rubio, who join me on TINO, as I'm sure just about everyone reading this knows. We're having a ton of fun and I'm glad it's well received so far.

As to your question, it completely depends on your window for contention and your league size. If you have deep MiLB rosters, sure, grab those guys now. If you only keep 5-10 MiLBers, you don't want a high-risk guy eating up a roster spot for four years. You can also take far away, high-upside guys now if you're in the early stages of rebuilding, whereas taking Tirado doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to compete in 2015.

Chris Shelton (Bush Leagues): Who is going to have an April like me this year? I believe the answer is no one because I am the best Mr April of all the Mr Aprils. Also, Shelley Duncan and I are going out looking for women. Who can make us look better as the ugly friend we bring along to raise our appeal? Hunter Pence? Pedroia without a hat and eye black? Thanks man. Don't rule out a comeback from me. Marcus Thames has been teaching me plate discipline.

Ben Carsley: You're in the early lead for "best fake name" in this chat. Well done. It's impossible to predict who's going to essentially experience a statistical aberration in April, so your guess is as good as mine. With that in mind, let's go with Juan Uribe, for no reason.

You can't do better in the ugly department than Shelley Duncan. Shelley Duncan is uglier than Billy Hamilton is fast. Give my best to Marcus.

Al Leiter (Keeping my head down, until the Christie scandal b): What do you think of my doppleganger Tyler Lyons? He posted a 3.73 FIF, and that is considering that Matheny only deployed him against lefty's 1/4 of the time.

Ben Carsley: The Cards have one of the deepest rotations in baseball and Lyons doesn't belong in the convo with the other guys on their roster. He's either a bullpen arm or someone else's fifth starter. Not much of a fantasy factor, even if every Cardinals starter magically transforms into a top-60 option.

Not Mauricio Rubio Jr. (Chicago): Who lied to you about Reese McGuire?

Ben Carsley: No one lied to be about McGuire. He's awesome, and while he's a better MLB prospect than a fantasy one, I still think he merits inclusion as a top-150 fantasy guy. He has a shot at being a top-10 fantasy backstop with legitimate power and a non-embarrassing hit tool, and he's a lock to stay at catcher. As one of the founding members of Reese's Pieces, my love for him knows no bounds.

BleedBlue1908 (Athens, GA): First year dynasty prospect draft. 17 minor league spots. If and when is it worth grabbing Hultezen?

Ben Carsley: Once the first 150-175 prospects are off the board. I don't mess with shoulder injuries.

Eli (Boston): What do you think of Tucker Barnhart? How do you evaluate and predict a catchers defensive ability, game management, and all those other "intangibles" for a catcher. Maybe those skills don't directly relate to fantasy, but I think they indirectly affect your pitchers (especially the young ones---see Yadier Molina). I guess what I am asking is who is the next (either in the 2014 draft or in MiLB) Ron Karkovice, Gary Carter, Jim Sundberg, Roy Campanella and in my humble opinion, Yadier Molina?

Ben Carsley: This is probably a better question for Parks and the MiLB crew here. I'm not super familiar with Barnhart, as he's not a fantasy asset. I can tell you that the best defensive catching prospect right now is Austin Hedges, and Mr. Hedges is not a Top 100 fantasy name.

John Niggli (Lagos): Which position in baseball do you think is hardest to develop, and why?

Ben Carsley: Catcher. The need for focus on the defensive and strategy parts of the game detracts from time spent on hitting, which is why we so often see catchers not hit super well at first. It's something to consider in fantasy when you rush out to pick up a Mesoraco, like many did last year, or as many will this year for d'Arnaud. These guys will be good, but they need time.

Bob Hamelin (KC): I heard Chris Shelton was here and had to bigtime him. Contending dynasty team desperate for SP. Can only cut 1 of these losers: F. Garcia, S. Marcum, C. Richard, J. Niemann. Given that Garcia and Marcum at least have minor league deals and Niemann was once not terrible, is Richard my cut? Was planning on Garcia but he was quasi-useful for ATL last year and they have some question marks with Beachy's health and Wood's inexperience/September fade. Thanks.

Ben Carsley: I've heard bad things about Niemann's health on the Twitter and such. Richard is a FA right now, though, so unless he lands back in Petco or in a super favorable ballpark, you can cut him. Don't expect too much from Garcia again though.

hardball (Petco): Maikel Franco is just outside the top 50 despite having one of the better offensive years last season. Do you see him as having a 30-100 potential or or will his low walk rate kill his avg at the mlb level. Choosing between Franco and Frazier (5 tool ceiling but far away) in a prospect draft.

Ben Carsley: I like Franco, but I take Frazier and it's not a hard choice for me. If you're trying to win at all costs in 2015, my answer might change, but I think Franco ends up a top-20ish fantasy 1B whereas Frazier could be a top-20 fantasy name overall.

Mike (ITunes): Does Childish Gambino have plus plus flow?

Ben Carsley: Haven't listened to a ton of Gambino, but I like what I hear. I'm really into J Cole right now.

Big Bear (Allston): Does Matt Garza actually make the Brewers better or does a career even and marginally over valued pitcher keep them in mediocrity?

Ben Carsley: Sure, he makes them better. I don't think they'll challenge for the division now, but if - and that's a big if - he stays healthy, they're a more relevant Wild Card contender.

Nate (Minneapolis): Awesome to have a chat on klaws top 100 day. He was quoted saying that Austin Meadows has the best shot of anyone in 2013 class to explode into an 8 WAR player like Mike Trout did. Your thoughts? Seems extreme

Ben Carsley: Law is another very talented evaluator and someone who has a lot more experience than I do. But I disagree with that statement, especially from a fantasy POV where I'm not sure which one tool Meadows has that really stands out.

As for following Law and Parks ... yes. Someone set me up.

Tim (Polar Vortex): Thanks for the TINO podcast. It's cool to have a podcast out there that just focuses on keeper/dynasty leagues. In a minor league draft, do you think it's better to try to trade up and have just a couple of high picks to get "better" prospects, or trade down and try to go for quantity of farm players (assuming they would all still be Top 100-150 prospects).

Ben Carsley: Thanks! It depends on what type of league you're in. The shallower the league, the higher premium you should be willing to pay for upside. It also depends on when you plan on going for it all. Don't be afraid to trade prospects if a trophy is within your grasp.

Gotribe31 (DC): Dynasty league, 7x7; Jose Abreu or Jean Segura? I have Ian Desmond at SS already, and Belt/Dunn at 1B.

Ben Carsley: As someone who's a bit higher on Abreu and a bit lower on Segura than many ... the answer is still Segura, easy. Solve your log jam a different way. And don't rely on Dunn.

Xander (My room): Thoughts on Carlos Martinez in a dynasty? Think he ends up a dominant SP?

Ben Carsley: If Xander was in my room, my hands wouldn't be free for this chat. I like Martinez - his arm action is incredible - but it looks to me like he at least starts his career in the pen. If he moves to the rotation eventually, expect a high-strikeout No. 2/3 type.

Evan (California): Are you buying into Starling Marte in dynasty leagues? 20/40 potential?

Ben Carsley: I love Marte. 20/40 seems extreme, but it's not in the long run. I wouldn't expect Marte to hit for that type of power in 2014, though.

Jimbo (Motown): K.Law said .300 & 25-30 were possible for Castellanos - what say you?

Ben Carsley: I think that's high on power but I have no qualms with that average. He can roll out of bed and hit the ball. If you want to know more about Casty, @TigersProspects on Twitter is a great resource.

treynay3 (Indy): Who do you prefer in a dynasty league between George Springer and Yoenis Cespedes? I have Springer and have been offered Cespedes basically straight up for Springer. Can't decide whether or not to take it. Obviously Cespedes would be safer but Springer could be a monster even if he only hits .250. What do you think? Thanks!

Ben Carsley: This is erring on the side of safety, but give me Cespedes. I don't think everyone really understands just how often Springer is going to strike out.

brukru (Pittsford, MI): Did you see Michael Pineda pitch at all last year? What have you seen or heard about him and what do you think 2014 numbers look like. Could it be him, and not Tanaka that leads a resurgent Yankees rotation?

Ben Carsley: You have to take a wait-and-see approach with Pineda. There's no way to tell what to expect with him after so much downtime, and you certainly can't bank on him to lead a rotation. I absolutely loved Pineda when he came up and feel like I was one of the early internet prospect guys in on him (humblebrag), but I don't know what to think now. I'd avoid for 2014, there are better gambles.

Sam (NY): Name a handful of under the radar potential save stealers for 2014?

Ben Carsley: Cody Allen, Carter Capps, Edward Mujica, Tyler Clippard, Joe Smith

John Niggli (Lagos): I dislike Jackie Bradley Jr because he owns me 5 dollars. Will he ever hit more than 8 home runs in a season?

Ben Carsley: This is probably not true. Yes, he will routinely hit 12-15 homers in his prime. It's counterintuitive for a plus-defensive CF, but his power is better than his speed.

Eric R. (North Carolina): What do you see in prospects Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero of the Mets? How will they fair in an up and coming rotation that already has an ace in Matt Harvey and a young stud in Dan Wheeler? Will the Mets have the best starting rotation in the NL East in the next couple of years?

Ben Carsley: Matt Harvey > Zack Wheeler > Noah Syndergaard > Rafael Montero >>> Dan Wheeler

Mike (MA): If you had to start a franchise with one player, and you can't pick Trout, Kershaw, Cabrera, Chris Davis, Verlander or Scherzer, who would you pick and why?

Ben Carsley: Harper. People are tired of him, but he's going to explode soon and 50 homers will be a real possibility.

Shawnykid23 (CT): What SPs do you like to break-out in 2014?

Ben Carsley: Hmm. Just spit-balling, but I'll go with Corey Luebke, Felix Doubront, Martin Perez, Jacob Turner, Zach Lee and Ricky Nolasco as some guys who will outperform their draft slots.

Joe Mielenhausen (Minnesota): Is Ricky Nolasco third in the rotation on a top-15 team, or is that being generous?

Ben Carsley: Moar Nolasco! That's his ceiling. He's more durable and predictable than he is truly good. He's a maybe sort of No. 5 fantasy guy for next year in deeper mixed leagues.

Matt (The Internet): Which Triple-A pitcher for the Red Sox will have the biggest fantasy impact

Ben Carsley: I'll have to dive into my Red Sox_Thoughts for this one. Barnes is my answer. Ranaudo is severely overrated, IMO. I like Workman but think he ultimately ends up in the bullpen, unless dealt.

theshadowknows (Boston): What would be my best bet for an all knuckleballer staff. Dickey,Gamboa, Clark, Wright? Isn't this what fantasy is all about?

Ben Carsley: Get off the hassock. Dickey is your best bet right now, but predicting him is impossible. We should all long for the days of Wakefield.

Chip (Rocky Mountain High): Will D.Dahl rebound & get back in the mix of the top prospects after this season?

Ben Carsley: I think he's still a top fantasy prospect now. I recently took him in the fourth round of our BP Expert MiLB Mock, and I was quite happy to land him there. The character concerns are unfounded. He's a painful Twitter follow, though.

wfporter1972 (SF, CA): Is Erasmo Ramirez going to be mixed league relevant this year?

Ben Carsley: I know some people love him. I don't. I'll say no, unless we get into the 16-team territory.

JoJo (SD): Can you give me 5 SP prospects you are higher on than industry? I really like Sean Manaea.

Ben Carsley: Manaea is a good one to like. I think I'm higher, or at least more ready to gamble on, Fried, Zack Lee, A.J. Cole, Zach Eflin and Allen Webster than are some of my peers. I was very high on Giolito last season compared to most, but the industry seems to have caught up with me there. I'm lower on Biddle, Ranaudo, Taillon (slightly), and Lance McCullers than are some in the industry, it seems.

John Niggli (Lagos): Why is there such a paucity of first basemen on Top 100 lists? Is this just a trickle down of the decline of power in the majors?

Ben Carsley: It's because most future first baseman aren't playing first base as prospects. And we were recently spoiled by the Hosmer/Freeman/Smoak class, even if the latter looks to be a bust.

DServi4 (Maryland ): Better bet for 2014 and beyond. Wil Myers or Jason Heyward?

Ben Carsley: They're both excellent. Give me Heyward. I think he'll run more and I don't think we've seen the most of what he has to offer yet.

ClaytonThompson (Columbia, MO): Two part question: (1) Which SS would you draft for a long term dynasty option? - Baez - Lindor - Bogaerts - Correa - Russell (2) With the exception of Bogaerts, who else could possibly contribute this season?

Ben Carsley: Long-term ranking: Bogaerts, Baez, Russell, Correa, Lindor. All save for Correa could conceivably see MLB time in 2014.

Big Bear (Allston): Is the Reds' window for Postseason success closing or is it already shut?

Ben Carsley: Nah, they're good. Their pitching is underrated this year, and Votto/Bruce is a hell of a 1-2 punch. Don't worry Big Bear. Come visit soon.

Jonathan Schoop (Baltimore): Why do you hate me, Ben?

Ben Carsley: I don't hate you, you're just sensitive. I think you'll be a top-10 2B some day, I just don't think your modest ceiling is worth getting all worked up about. I still have you in my top-100 for fantasy purposes. Buck up.

Otto (GA): I can keep up to two of the following three in an AL only league (5x5): a $31 Pedroia, a $22 Altuve and a $1 Dozier. I donít anticipate a great group of free agents - especially at second - so there is a decent shot that they all go for more than I have them for. What do you think?

Ben Carsley: Keep Pedroia. Dozier is the best bang-for-your-buck, obviously, but the overall return could be uninspiring. I'd rather have Pedey at $31 than a two-dimensional player at $22.

cdgoldstein (dc): If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be and why? I'd be an ocelot.

Ben Carsley: This is really weird. Maybe we are meant for each other. We'll find out in Arizona. I'd be wolf.

Adam (Toronto ): Could you rank these pitchers in term of future fantasy value: C.J. Edwards, Miguel Almonte, Vincent Velasquez, Sean Manaea, and Alexander Reyes Thanks!

Ben Carsley: Manaea, Almonte, Edwards, Reyes, Velasquez.

John (Boston): Hey Ben,jumping two yeas from now,can you rank this group????Tanaka,Jon Gray,Danny Salazer,Patrick Corbin,D.J.Peterson,Alex Cobb,Matt Adams and Odor.. Thanks....

Ben Carsley: ALL of the ranking questions. In two years, let's go Gray, Tanaka, Salazar, Cobb, Corbin, Adams, Odor, Peterson

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse ): Keith Law just released his top 100 prospect list... He has Dominic Smith rated number (37!). Now you guys did not have him in the top 100, but what's your take on Law's ranking of Smith?

Ben Carsley: I think it's too high, but Law's list isn't for fantasy. I don't get the Smith appeal. If he still looks like he can hit ok with 25 bombs in a few years, I'll add him as a Top 50 guy then. Bret is going to fire me.

brukru (Pittsford, MI): Does the Twins signing Kubel drastically impact Oswaldo Arcia, or does Oswaldo still get the majority of RF at bats?

Ben Carsley: If it does, you have every right to march down to Target Field and storm the front office. Arcia could be their No. 5 hitter for a decade. Kubel is nearly done. I like his beard though.

Nat Man (DC): Predictions for the healthy, big as a house Bryce Harper in 2014?

Ben Carsley: I don't think he has his "omg" year yet, but I think he gets closer. Let's go .280/.370/.510 with 27 bombs and 15 steals. That, by the way, is a monster.

Jeff (LA): A.Hill or K.Johnson as a late round grab to fill my 2B spot?

Ben Carsley: Aaron Hill, not particularly close for me. I just picked him as my fantasy 2B to target. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=22667

Got Six? (Boston): How many times this season will I catch myself saying "I miss Ellsbury?"

Ben Carsley: Often. Until you fall in love with Xander, who will be wearing No. 2. Then all will be well.

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse ): Do you still believe that Zack Wheeler can be an ace?

Ben Carsley: No. Good No. 2 in his prime with a lot of strikeouts. Doesn't have the command to be a No.1

shakyhands (NJ): what #hashtag term can you coin to add to the BP store?

Ben Carsley: #interracialcomps

dastard (ON): do you see Wilmer Flores sticking at 2B?

Ben Carsley: I would like for that to happen, as he's an infinitely more interesting player at 2B than at 1B or in the outfield. But no, I don't past 2016 or so. They'll only live with that type of defense for so long.

John Niggli (Lagos): Who has the most absurd/epic name in the minors?

Ben Carsley: I like Arismendy Alcantara has the best name in the minors. Distinctive, alliterative, flashy. One-eyed dapper big cat Holly Holl has informed the world that there's an upcoming draft-eligible player named Handsome Monica, though.

James (Kansas): Who are some players you see making the jump that could be top 25 or even top 10 next season?

Ben Carsley: Giolito, Dahl, Urias, Fried, Nick Williams, Aaron Sanchez, Alfaro

Brandon (Florida): Do you think experts are trying to play it safe with Jose Abreu? I know Cuban pitchers aren't near the level of MLB pitchers, but Abreu put up absolutely insane numbers even when compared to Puig and Cespedes. I'd like to think his upside is massive.

Ben Carsley: I think they're playing it safe because 1B is such a deep position that there's no need to assume so much risk. I've read some pretty conservative expectations for Abreu, so I get where you're coming from, but are we THAT convinced he'll be measurably better than Brandon Moss or Mike Napoli next year? That would only make him a fringe top-20 at first base.

Brian Slocum (Dribble, Peniscola (Spain)): Who is Ronit Shah? How dare you cheat on me you courtesan of ill-repute.

Ben Carsley: I look forward to reading Ronit's work. I was not going to post this, but "courtesan of ill-repute" deserved a shout-out.

Connor (Dallas ): If you had to rank these OF for dynasty purposes: Phillip Ervin, Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia, Domingo Santana and Jorge Bonifacio.

Ben Carsley: Wow, you hit on a lot of semi-under the radar guys I love here. Tapia, Williams, Santana, Bonifacio, Ervin. But I think it's fairly close all the way around except for Ervin.

John (CT): Welcome Ben, Who do you think ends up at third this season for the ChiSox and how valuable will they be for fantasy play?

Ben Carsley: Davidson. Value him as you would Will Middlebrooks. WMB is the better MLB player thanks to defense, but I wouldn't be shocked of their offensive lines look similar at year's end.

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse): So I guess that means Thor won't be as good as Wheeler, even when he's is at his best?

Ben Carsley: I think the gap between Harvey and Wheeler is much wider than the gap between Wheeler and Syndergaard. I bet Thor is more consistent while Wheeler has better seasons in his prime.

@tylerjwarriner (Indiana): Do you see the Braves moving Jose Peraza from SS to 2B?

Ben Carsley: Yes, if they want him to stay in the organization. Unless Ozzie Smith walks through that door, Andrelton ain't moving #rig. And I love Peraza, by the way. I'm pissed Law blew him up before I did, though I did give him a shout-out on TINO the other day.

Ernie (LA): What are your thoughts on Tyler Skaggs in a dynasty league ?

Ben Carsley: I like. No. 3 fantasy starter potential, just don't expect a performance that good in 2014.

Scott (CA): General question on two young catchers: Reese McGuire (PIT) and Tom Murphy (COL). Please tell me what you know about them. Thanks!

Ben Carsley: Both are solid fantasy names. I discussed McGuire earlier, but I think he'll be universally considered a Top 100 guy next year. Murphy doesn't have a crazy ceiling, but catchers with power in Colorado grab my attention, and he could be ready soon. He might kill Rosario's value, though.

RatedRookie (Atlanta): I have Machado, Bogaerts, and Sano in a keep *forever* league where keepers are slotted in as a team's first draft choices (up to 16). The questions surrounding his elbow and inclination to swing and miss have me wondering would I be better off throwing him back and maybe drafting him later?

Ben Carsley: No. Keep Sano unless you're going to get a top-50 MLB player back for him in the draft. And if you drop Machado or Bogaerts, you won't go to heaven.

Baby Bear (Boston): I know nothing about sports. If I wanted to start-up a work conversation tomorrow about baseball, what topics would give me the best feedback to make friends in the office?

Ben Carsley: Since you're in Boston, talk about Xander. Everybody likes Xander. Congrats on the job.

John Niggli (Lagos): Who wins in a pie eating contest: Jonathan Broxton or Japhet Amador. I need a full breakdown, for research purposes obvi.

Ben Carsley: God damn it I said no pie. Broxton. He looks like a more fierce competitor.

Anton C. (North Carolina): Since your peak in college, how steep has your decline been?

Ben Carsley: Ah, the dangers of advertising your chat on your Facebook wall. Tis better to have peaked and declined than never to have peaked at all, TonTon.

Joe Mielenhausen (Minnesota): Rank your top catchers of all time named Josmil.

Ben Carsley: This made me laugh. Well done.

Johnno69 (Sydney, Australia ): Ben, Love your work mate, expat Yankee down under! Quick Sawx question, how do you see the younger arms in the organisation panning out, like McGrath, Stankiewicz, Littrell etc, and who stands to ' make the leap' this year?

Ben Carsley: Awesome question. I think Stankiewicz stands above the other two names you mentioned. Littrell will need to regain velocity before he's super interesting to me, and I have to profess to not being super familiar with McGrath yet. SoxProspects.com is a great source for this sort of information, as is BP's own Chris Mellen. Hopefully I'll get to see all of these guys this year.

BxSocks (Bx NY): Long term fantasy dynasty thoughts on Seagar -LA and Franco - Philly. Thanks

Ben Carsley: Seager will move to 3B and become a top-10 option there. Franco will move to 1B and become a top-20 option there. Seager is a bit overrated but I do like the hit tool. I think Franco is a bit underrated - we're talking 25-plus bombs in that park. You're welcome!

Tim (Boston): My 2014 BP is still in the mail, but what are your thoughts on Mauer improving over last two years, given less focus on catching and more on hitting.

Ben Carsley: His overall fantasy value declines beginning in 2015, as he loses C eligibility, but his overall offensive numbers should improve, as he'll see more playing time. That means 2014 very well could be the last super-valuable fantasy year of Mauer's career.

Guancous (Washington DC): Who would you rather have in a redraft league, all things being equal: Michael Cuddyer or Mike Napoli?

Ben Carsley: Napoli. Cuddyer ain't gonna hit for a .382 BABIP again, and I think Nap has another 30- homer campaign left in that bat.

rzt101 (Queens): Hi Ben, Loving the podcast. I took over a 12-team 2 catcher auction roto league. It is 5x5 standard scoring, only i has K/9 instead of K. 260 auction budget. I can keep up to 10 guys. Would love to get your expertise opinion Here are the 12 I am deciding between. All except Jones and Craig can be kept for an additional year at a price increase Gattis ($1) Rendon ($5) Tulo ($33) Adam Jones ($32) Allen Craig ($11) Frieri ($4) Carlos Martinez ($1) Matt Moore ($15) Tyson Ross ($7) Yordano V. ($1) Cingrani ($5) Alex Wood ($5) I really want to keep CMart cause of his immense talent and price. But have a feeling you will have as one of the drops thanks!

Ben Carsley: These are hard to answer on the fly, a they require a ton of thought, but off the top of my head I'll drop Ross and Wood.

Repperson29 (-20): Dynasty league drafting first, go for tanaka or gray?

Ben Carsley: Gray all the way #rhyme.

Mitch (Iowa): Thoughts on Chris Tillman in a QS league?

Ben Carsley: Tillman is underrated. I'm a fan. I actually prefer him to Tanaka in 2014.

dynastygod (seattle): In a dynasty league with 16 teams 65 players each. Draft is in a lil over a month and all the 2013 draft and international signers are in. I draft 6, 7 and 10. Consensus has bryant, tanaka, gray, abreu, frazier gone. Who do I take at 6 and 7? Who should I target at 10?

Ben Carsley: This piece by Bret Sayre is better than anything I can tell you. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=22538

Appel, Stewart and Smith are next on his list, though I disagree with Smith.

Al (Boston): X.Bogaerts, starts, stays, & is productive at SS all season long?

Ben Carsley: Yes. He will stay at SS for the next several seasons, and he'll be a borderline top-10 option in 2014.

brukru (Pittsford, MI): Does Gausman break camp in the O's rotation? Do you think it's prospects like him that got Duquette waiting to sign FA's, the GM not sure what he truly has??

Ben Carsley: I think Gausman will break camp in the rotation, and fantasy owners would be smart to remember it. I would assume Duquette knows a potential No. 2 starter when he sees one.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Dynasty points league: I give Profar, Homer Bailey, Wisler for Tulo. I'm the one offering it; is it fair and should I do it? I have no SS and Kipnis, Kinsler, Carpenter at 2B.

Ben Carsley: I would hang on to your package. Bailey is better then people give him credit for and Profar could be producing similarly to Tulo by 2016. Again, if you're really hell-bent on going for it all in 2014, my answer could change.

craneplace (The Present): What are your thoughts on Doubront for this year in an AL Only? If he keeps last post season's facial hair can we start referring to him as the faun (or you all can just join me)

Ben Carsley: I will absolutely join you. I think Doubront takes a modest step forward this year - not into elite territory, but good enough to start most games for fantasy purposes. His stuff is too good for him to be held down forever.

Tuco (NM): Love the TINO podcast. I listen to far too many fantasy/baseball pods and find it's very tough to blend content and entertainment and you do a great job of that. I'm coming off a 2nd place finish in a 16-team dynasty. 30 man rosters, must keep at least 24. I traded all of my prospects and some early draft picks to get there (flags fly forever, ahem). So I'm now faced with a competent though aging starting lineup, very little capable backups and no farm system. My long-awaited question is how do I approach this draft? If I go prospect-heavy and have injuries, I'm cooked. If I go the MLB backup route, my farm system is still barren and I sacrificed youth/upside for boring veterans who aren't guaranteed playing time anyway. What's a guy to do?

Ben Carsley: Thanks for the kind words! You said it yourself - your roster is somewhat competent, so you need to go all the way this year and try to make your flag fly forever. Focus on guys who can help you in 2014, and if your ship is sinking mid-year, start trading off short-term assets for long ones, and resign yourself to 2015 being a rebuilding year. I'd say to maybe put a special focus on SB/Saves guys, since those always fetch a ton in a trade if you do decide you need to restock mid-season.

mmelissa825 (AZ): Hello Ben, I'm in a 10-team mixed keeper league, start 4 outfielders, 6x6 with hitter K's and pitcher QS. We keep 8. I'm solid on 7 I think (Santana, Kipnis, Bogaerts, Kemp, Bautista, Choo, Kershaw), but trouble picking from Belt, Aramis, Granderson, Rosenthal, Shields and Taijuan. Appreciate any help.

Ben Carsley: I would keep Walker and I would understand keeping Rosenthal or Shields if you were going for it this year.

yancyeaton (Fort Myers): What's the earliest you'll be drafting Albert Pujols this year? And assuming health isn't an issue, should we expect a major bounce back?

Ben Carsley: Major bounce back is a bit much, but I think he can produce similarly to how he did in 2012, which is pretty good. He's likely to be undervalued and if you can stomach the risk, he could be a great bargain this year.

The Dude (Office): From a fantasy perspective, what is Byron Buxton's floor? Is it B.J. Upton with maybe a better avg? In general, people seem to be against giving up good MLB talent for him, but if that's his floor, and his ceiling is best in baseball, then why not? Smart baseball people are saying he's a generational talent and even if he only reaches 75% talent that's better than most players out there. If a whiff on him still produces pre-2013 B.J. Upton there's a ton of guys already in the MLB I'd be willing to trade for his upside.

Ben Carsley: I think his floor is higher than Upton - he has a much better hit tool, and he's faster. I'm beginning to wonder if his floor is Andrew McCutchen or 2011 Jacoby Ellsbury or something. He's absurd.

Xander (Locked in your basement): Do most of your BP colleagues have day jobs? What is yours?

Ben Carsley: My basement could not contain Xander. Yes we do. I use my mastery of the english language and my patient demeanor to create marketing writings on the interwebs. I also sit on Twitter a lot.

Bulls2327 (Burlington, on): In 5 years, Corbin or wheeler?

Ben Carsley: Wheeler, easy. No disrespect to Corbin, who's one of my great prospecting victories so far.

Chris (Wilmington, North Carolina): Where do Tyler Glasnow and Andrew Heaney fall in your projections for Starting Pitchers? Potential 1/2s? How far out?

Ben Carsley: No. 3 types with No. 2 seasons in their primes. They're both right around 40-50 on my top-100.

Repperson29 (-20): I forgot to mention my love for TINO, I listen to it while I put my puzzle together (no lie) I think that's why my wife says I don't have any friends.

Ben Carsley: If you listen to TINO, you have at least four friends.

Thruthefone (Still breathing ): Have you ever drank scotch out of a bowl before? Were there any resulting consequences?

Ben Carsley: I hope your arm is ok

Mitch (AZ): Can I win with Kershaw leading my pitching along with the likes of Y.Ventura, T.Walker, A.Bradley, one other proven starter & a few relievers mixed in? Or too much youth?

Ben Carsley: Kershaw covers up a lot of blemishes, but I think you need to add a No. 3 starter type who you know will be productive, a la James Shields or something. The odds of Ventura, Walker and Bradley all producing like you want them to in 2014 aren't good.

Xander Poster (Your Ceiling): In a 10 team 5x5 h2h with OPS instead of AVG and starting 5 OF, CI, MI, and 1 UTIL, plus 9 P (can be SP or RP). I am leaning toward the following 5 keepers at the cost of the round in (): Fielder (1), Votto (2), Craig (6), Choo (9), Uehara (23). My other options are Beltre (2), Stanton (2), Kinsler (4), Perkins (19) and Dunn (21). Did I choose the right 5? If you keep 2 players from the same round (e.g. Beltre and Votto), it costs that round and the preceding round (e.g. 1st and 2nd). So I couldn't keep 2 2nd's and a 1st. In other words, I can only choose 2 of the 4 from Fielder, Votto, Beltre and Stanton. Stanton's injuries and Beltre's age concern me. I hate to keep a closer but I don't think Dunn gets full-time at bats with Abreu and Konerko handling lefties. I'm not sure Craig can stay healthy in the OF so I'm considering swapping him for Perkins.

Ben Carsley: Dunn isn't really an option and I prefer Fielder, Votto and Stanton to Beltre, so that eliminates two options right there. I like the extra value you're getting from Koji, so drop Perkins from consideration, too. I would lock in Choo at 9 as well, so this really becomes a matter of Fielder, Votto, Stanton, Kinsler and Craig. What you have now is fine but I'd take Kinsler at 4 over Craig at 6 unless you are truly convinced the third-round pick will be a great player. You could also go with Kinsler and Craig instead of Uehara. It's also really hard for me to let Stanton go here. I might consider dropping one of Fielder or Votto -and that's a coin-toss, and going with Stanton. It's really just preference and risk-tolerance, though. No matter which combination of those three players you choose, you're not wrong.

John Niggli (Lagos): How is Javier Baez not in the top 3 this year? I can't remember another shortstop witch as much power potential at 21 years old.

Ben Carsley: I think he's the second-best fantasy prospect in the minors. Ergo, he is top three.

Tim Bennett (Elmira, N.Y.): So I am taking my father to Fenway this May for their weekend series vs the Tigers. Where is a great spot to grab a meal and a pint for a couple road team fans that won't harass Boston's faithful but wish to be amongst them?

Ben Carsley: Cask n Flagon if you want a rowdier (but non-violent), authentic Red Sox experience. Eastern Standard if you like nice things and have money. Yardhouse if you want noise but enough room to sit and eat. Popeyes if you're already drunk.

maxpowers (meh): Is trading J Upton for Buxton in a dynasty league insane?

Ben Carsley: No. I would hold on to Upton but it's close.

tonynelson19 (MN): I know the BP 101 isn't a fantasy list, but how does Phillip Ervin rank 63 on the BP 101 but doesn't crack the top 50 on the 2013 Draftees list?

Ben Carsley: Parks made the BP 101, Sayre made the top 50 Draftees list. And the difference between real life and fantasy can have a HUGE impact on valuations.

Aaron (I don't know at this point): Is Machado a top ten asset in a dynasty league? What do you see him doing at his best?

Ben Carsley: I don't know if he's top ten yet, but he could get to a point where he is. Very high on him, especially when those doubles start turning into homers in another 2-3 years.

Jack (Cali): I just dealt McCutchen for Bogaerts in an auction keeper league with prices of $30 & $5 respectively & $5 increments yearly. Good or bad trade?

Ben Carsley: Because of the price, I think that's a good deal. As much as I love Xander, I wouldn't trade McCutchen for him straight-up in leagues without salaries.

chopper (indy): Ben- Do you feel that Jason Grilli will come close to his save numbers fom last year? Do you think he'll have more saves than Casey Janssen? Thanks!

Ben Carsley: Grilli's career is so weird. It shouldn't make sense that he's this good now, but, well he is. I don't have a good enough reason to tell you no, so sure, he can get to 30 saves again. I'd keep Melancon around as a handcuff, though.

Big Bear (Allston): Simply, how will the Royals fair? Will their prospects and rising youth amount to anything or will their window for success be shut by the rest of the AL Central that's making moves and building around veterans?

Ben Carsley: They're ahead of the Twins and White Sox right now, and fairly close to the Indians. I don't like their pitching moves, but that's a good, young offense. They have a shot at a wild card spot in 2014.

MRubio52 (Chicago): How soon is too soon to draft guys like Buxton and Baez in a newly minted Dynasty league with no separate MiLB startup draft?

Ben Carsley: This is a really tough question. I think once you get past the Jay Bruce/Jose Reyes group of players who should be taken around 40, you can seriously consider taking Bogaerts, Baez, Buxton or Taveras. I think you need to wait another several rounds before you dive into the Hamilton/Russell/Sano tier, though.

maxpowers (meh ): What about A gordon and j pederson for buxton?

Ben Carsley: Give me Buxton.

CharlieWerner (Manayunk PA): What do you expect out of Gregory Polanco? Both this season and over the course of his career?

Ben Carsley: I like Polanco a lot. Potential five-category fantasy contributor who should see the majors in mid-late 2014 and will ascend from there. If we're talking about him as a top-50 fantasy player in his prime I won't be surprised in the least.

Russ (San Diego ): Ben thanks for the chat. Great questions here everyone. 14 team roto keeper with $260 auction and +$4 inflation per year no limit on number of years. $5 Shelby and $5 Wheeler for $5 G. Cole. Who wins?

Ben Carsley: I rank them Cole, Miller, Wheeler, but give me Miller and Wheeler over just Cole.

Matt (The Internet): Over/Under .370 OBP for Daniel Nava this year.

Ben Carsley: Over. The man was made to get on base.

Mike (Cubdom): Huge Cubs fan & I'm stoked about Theo's vision & all the prospects. That being said I avoid my beloved Cubs most fantasy draft days. I missed out on Baez, so which should I grab in my keeper league? Almora, Bryant, or Edwards?

Ben Carsley: Bryant, big gulf, Soler, Almora, Alcantara, medium gulf, Vogelbach, Edwards, small gulf, Olt

Mike (Utica, NY): Love this chat, why can't BP have more evening ones. Anyways having seen Giolito, Bundy, Wheeler, and Syndergaard in the last two years I pick Giolito. What do you grade Giolito's pitch potentials down the line.

Ben Carsley: You can always spend your nights with me. I haven't seen Giolito in person yet, but based on scouting reports, does an 80 fastball, 70-plus curve and 60 change sound right? Please excuse the #rig

hardball (Petco): What type of fantasy player do you see Yelich developing into? 5 tool or more of a SB bit of power guy?

Ben Carsley: Very good all around, not excellent in anything save AVG. Still a nice package, but a better MLB prospect than a fantasy one.

CharlieWerner (Manayunk PA): I traded Bryce Harper for Robinson Cano and Justin Upton in a dynasty league. I had a need at 2B, so this deal was a slam dunk right? Or at least until Harper hits 50 bombs

Ben Carsley: Probably a slam drunk for the next two or three years and the cause of much internal turmoil on your part from 2017 on. But that's fine.

Joe Mielenhausen (Minnesota): With a fairly robust minor league pipeline of hitters (Sano, Rosario, Buxton, Arcia) and maybe decent pitchers (May, Gibson, Meyer), what is the earliest I can expect the Twins to win the Central again?

Ben Carsley: It's going to be a while, bud, but you're certainly headed in the right direction. A return to relevancy in 2016 wouldn't surprise me.

brukru (Pittsford, MI): What does Phil Bickford plan on doing in 2014?

Ben Carsley: I mean let's not act like college isn't fun.

Gotribe31 (DC): I just gave TINO 5 stars. Great stuff, even if it does have me agreeing with #Craij more often than I'd like. I have picks 2 and 4 in our dynasty draft this year (it's been going for about 6 years). Will have some combination of Tanaka, Abreu, Jean Segura, Danny Salazar and Nate Jones. I need saves, but the thought of taking Jones over any of those guys creeps me out. What's your personal pref list on those 5?

Ben Carsley: Thank you for the rating, and it would be the cutest thing ever if everyone else could do the same! Segura, big gulf, Salazar, Tanaka, Abreu, big gulf, Jones.

mtgannon (Dublin, Ohio): What do you think of Parnell and Frieri this year? Either one worth keeping at $7? I am keeping Rosenthal at $5 or $8 depending on 1 or 2 yr contract.

Ben Carsley: I'd certainly rather Rosenthal than either of your options. Gun to my head, Frieri over Parnell. And I already regret typing that. It's a coin flip.

hardball (Petco): Have picks 4 and 7 in an established dynasty prospect draft. Im looking at Frazier and Gray...which has the best chance to slip to 7? Tanaka and Abreu are in the pool.

Ben Carsley: Ugh, that's tough. I'll guess Gray has the better chance to slip because Coors, but that he still won't slip to 7.

brukru (Pittsford, MI): Guy in my league traded Verlander for Danny Salazar and George Springer, is he crazy, #CAHONIES, or he know something the rest of us dont?

Ben Carsley: If he's rebuilding, that's somewhat understandable but still not a great haul. You should be able to do bette than Salazar for Verlander.

ravenight (Boston): Sorting out my roster for next year in a shallow, salary inflation keeper points league with an auction (we start 2 catchers, 12 other hitters, 7 SP, 3 RP on 8 teams). Average salary of a starting player is $18, inflation is $7/year. I have AJax at $14, CJ Wilson at $21, Cutch at $48, and Latos at $29. These all seem like reasonable prices, but not great ones - am I way off on that assessment for any of these guys? In a shallow league, would you err on the side of having few holes to fill in the draft, or hoping you can do better/get a guy cheaper?

Ben Carsley: Upside rules supreme in shallower leagues, because the players you get to "fill holes" are still going to be decent. None of those prices seems awful to me. I'd probably dump Wilson if I had to get rid of one.

Justin (Phoenix): 12 team deep keeper. Would you target Buxton/Baez as three year keepers in the teen rounds or as a four year in the 20s?

Ben Carsley: Four-year in the 20s. I love dynasty formats, but sometimes I wish every league didn't have different rules.

Jake (NY): Appel, Gray, or Bryant first pick in a '13 class fantasy prospect draft? Someone else?

Ben Carsley: Bryant. He's going to be all sorts of good, and soon.

CharlieWerner (Manayunk PA): I have 5 dynasty league minor league slots, the first 4 are filled by Javier Baez, Miguel Sano, Kris Bryant, and Gregory Polanco. Who should I choose for my last spot between Clint Frazier and Jorge Alfaro?

Ben Carsley: I have them ranked fairly closely to one another. I'll say Frazier, but barely.

pat (phx): I think the best song for this chat would be "Feel Me Flow" by Naughty By Nature. What primo prospect do you see that makes a quick rise to the majors a la Jose Fernandez?

Ben Carsley: I was thinking maybe some Enya. It's tough to project any prospect to do something like that, but if someone could I'd say it's Giolito. It's going to be tough to hold him back once he's healthy.

hardball (San Diego): Some of the most detailed chat responses I've seen...good stuff!

Ben Carsley: Amazing things happen when you give a man who likes his own voice a platform like this.

maxpowers (meh): You are way better at this than Goldstein and Sayre.

Ben Carsley: Aww, stop! (Don't stop)

Ben Carsley: And on that note, thank you very much for making my first chat at BP a ton of fun. We're well over 100 questions and most of them pertained to baseball, which is an upset. If you want to ask me anything else, I'm @BenCarsley on Twitter, or email TINOPodcast@gmail.com and we'll try to get your inquiry on the show. Have a great night!

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