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Chat: Ben Carsley

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday May 29, 2014 7:30 PM ET chat session with Ben Carsley.


Talk fantasy baseball with Ben.

Ben Carsley: I have about 90 minutes before TINO, a beer in my hand and Xander on my TV and in my heart. Let's do this.

Carlos Santana (Cleveland): What's wrong with me? And how do you predict the rest of my season will go?

Ben Carsley: Well, you have a concussion, so that's what's wrong with you right now. But in terms of your ugly 2014 stat line ... I know BABIP answers are sort of an Internet cop-out at this point, but your BABIP is .177. That's not going to last, and your walking in nearly 1/5th of your PA. If you're healthy soon, I think you're a nice buy-low candidate.

New River Wizard (Hunter Harvey's Moustache): I've been patient with Jason Castro, and have missed out on Norris, Mesoraco, etc. Is he finally putting it together, or should I move on?

Ben Carsley: I don't think Castro will be as good as he was last year, but he's better than he's been so far in 2014, too. There normally aren't a lot of good C options on waivers, so you might be stuck. No reason to cut bait now if you've already missed on the replacements.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Hey Ben, what would your order be of these prospects you would want in a Dynasty League? Alexander Reyes, Hunter Harvey,Francisco Mejia, Franchy Cordero, Ryan McMahon?

Ben Carsley: Hmm, let's go Harvey, McMahon, Reyes, Cordero, Mejia. Is this Craig? These are all guys who Craig loves.

MN Joe (Brooklyn, NY): Jason Giambi just hit a HR for Cleveland. Which active player will be the oldest when he eventually retires?

Ben Carsley: Whoever was born first probably

SK (Boston): Stanek future ace!!

Ben Carsley: I .... what? No.

50 Cent (40 yards south of home plate): Rest of Season: Seth Smith or Charlie Blackmon?

Ben Carsley: Blackmon based on park and playing time alone. He'll slow down, but he's a legit MLB starter. Nice throw btw.

Chris (Columbia, MO): Is now the time to consider dealing CarGo or is it a bad time? I'm tired of watching him get a booboo on his finger or foul a ball off of his leg or something silly and miss 3 games. What if he actually has something serious happen? I know dealing him hurt is not a good idea but are you still a believer? I just can't call him elite when he can't stay in the lineup. Would you deal him for Bryce Harper while he's out?

Ben Carsley: You're tired of an elite talent who gets hurt, and your solution is to trade for Bryce Harper? Also, last year was the first time CarGo failed to reach 500 PA since 2010. Don't let narrative sink your team.

John Niggli (Lagos, Nigeria): If baseball seasons ended today, who would be your MVPs in each league?

Ben Carsley: Brock Holt/Jeff BIanchi prob

SK (Boston): Is Vaughn Bryan a serious helium guy in 2014?

Ben Carsley: Absolutely. He's eons away and not as good as his stats suggest, but he's A Guy.

Scott (az): Are Dalton Pompey and Manual Margot top 101 prospects yet? And you has the higher upside?

Ben Carsley: I don't know if they're Top 100 for me yet, but both are certainly on my radar and are probably Top 150, yeah. I'll say Pompey is the better bet right now because he's already in High-A and he has impact speed. I think Margot will have a more well-rounded skill set, but he's a level behind and is a better real prospect than a fantasy one.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Ben, Do you see Mejia as the Mets' closer in 2015?

Ben Carsley: Parnell will be back, and they could always, you know, sign someone compet ... just kidding. It will be between Mejia and Parnell, probably, so there's a good chance he ends up with it, yes. Familia could factor in, too.

Leeann (Boston): What do you know about Bitcoins?

Ben Carsley: That if you find yourself writing about them it's probably time for a new job.

steve harwell (sunny california): Will we ever know what the coconut crab thing is all about? Do we really want to know?

Ben Carsley: When they come for you, you'll be happy we made you aware. This isn't a joke, man. Crustaceans shouldn't be 40 pounds. Need a halberd.

Alex (Anaheim): Would you hang onto Solarte in a 12-team mixed?

Ben Carsley: Nah. He's better than I thought but the hype is out of control. Definitely a sell-high guy.

Ben (kalamazoo): I am in a keeper league in which the 1st and 2nd round picks cannot be kept...I am eliminated but have Carlos Gonzalez as a trade chip (1st round), would him for Javier Baez and Archie Bradley be enough of a return?

Ben Carsley: Would someone give you that for 4 months of an injured CarGo? If so, hell yes, that's a great deal.

Jake (Kalamazoo): And what kind of an offer do you make for Verlander right now? I'm in a dynasty and can't imagine keeping him but as a contender this year I might be able to ply him away for prospects.

Ben Carsley: It's hard to answer questions like this in the abstract. I'd deal up to three top-100 prospects for him, but not one of the elite five (I've added Polanco). Now is a good time to try and get him, though.

Ashley (Ft. Lauderdale): Is Craig single?

Ben Carsley: Nope. Craig has done well for himself. Sneaky rig, most like.

Chris (Baltimore): I want to acquire Homer Bailey. I think Heyward is too much to offer. Am I wrong? Also is Wil Myers a better offer? Is Adam Eaton too low for Homer?

Ben Carsley: I wouldn't trade Myers or Heyward for Bailey. Eaton is probably too low, but you can try. You're missing a tier in between these options that would be more fair.

cdgoldstein (DC): Marty Cordova

Ben Carsley: Still not as good as Ambiriox Burgos

justarobert (Santa Clara): What's the last year Kris Bryant gets more than a handful of starts at 3B?

Ben Carsley: 2015

MRubio52 (Chicago): Adrian Cardenas

Ben Carsley: Already said him

DCFG (Quadrant 42): Better shortstop long term, Brad Miller or Jesus Aguilar?

Ben Carsley: This is very fresh. Aguilar.

PirateCaptain (Pittsburgh): Between Josh Bell, Jacoby Jones, and Austin Meadows, who becomes the best major league regular? And what do the Pirates do with them with the outfield being pretty much set for the next 5-6 years?

Ben Carsley: Josh Bell > Austin Meadows >>> Jacoby Jones for me. I think Bell could end up at 1B for them and Meadows is way too far away to worry about right now. By the time he's ready in, like, 2017, who knows how McCutchen/Marte/Polanco will be performing? Jones isn't in the same tier as these guys. Hope you're enjoying the chat more than Twilight!

JW (The Beach): Please define the concept of the "sandwich"

Ben Carsley: Let's get this out of the way: this all-inclusive sandwich bullshit is absurd and I don't need to defend real, hard-working, god-fearing Americans who know what a sandwich is and what a sandwich isn't. Pizza is not a god damn sandwich. Pie is not a sandwich. A jacket is most certainly not a sandwich. I will not get dragged into the reducto ad absurdum of what is and isn't a sandwich. You know a sandwich when you see one. The only borderline case is a burger.

Marco Scutaro (the DL): Tommy LaStella is my illegitimate son, right?

Ben Carsley: LaStella should consider himself very, very lucky to have a career like Scutaro's. If you'll excuse me, I need to go hide from Braves Twitter now.

Andy (Not Troy's Bucket): Should we be concerned with JJ Hardy's lack of power?

Ben Carsley: It's a bit mysterious, but he's been banging up and there's no reason to think his days of hitting for power are completely behind him, especially if he stays in that ballpark beyond this year. Hardy is one of my favorite bargain players, though, and I share in your frustration with his performance this year.

k (Frisco, TX): what about sandwiches

Ben Carsley: Sandwiches are sandwiches, yes.

cdgoldstein (DC): so is a burger a sandwich or not

Ben Carsley: Much like a rectangle is also a square, burgers are burgers -- a separate classification unto itself -- and also sandwiches. I'll accept it, but if you ever ask for a "hamburger sandwich" I hope someone gives you overcooked ground horse between two slices of WonderBread.

Gotribe31 (DC): I have both Tanaka and Abreu in a dynasty league thanks to some shrewd (pats self on back) trading prior to this season. Do you think they'll both keep up their torrid production over the long-term, or is it time to sell high on one/both? Also, #Craij is awful.

Ben Carsley: I think both are indeed quite talented and I would hang onto both. Maybe they're not quite THIS (chat doesn't have italics) good, but well above-average. If I had to pick one I'm more impressed with so far, I'd say Abreu since I had more questions about him coming in. Nice job nabbing both. Craig's ok, sandwiches aside.

Dan Brummitt (Illinois): When can we expect to see Mat Latos back? What kind of injury is he rehabbing from?

Ben Carsley: Dude. Google.

Captain Ron (The Carribbean): Is Tommy LaStella interesting in an OBP 12 team league?

Ben Carsley: No dear god stop with the LaStella questions! Does Scooter Gennett thrill you? Do you go crazy for DJ LeMahiue? The best thing LaStella has going for him is that he's not Dan Uggla.

MN Joe (Brooklyn, NY): More HRs over the next five years: Chris Davis or Khris Davis?

Ben Carsley: Chris. Tell Will I say hey.

Silverback38 (VA): Has Joey Gallo performed the best he possibly can to increase his prospects to the highest they can be..or is there an ounce of increased prospectus left?

Ben Carsley: Gallo can keep doing this at higher levels to raise his prospect status. But he's a no-doubt Top 50 guy for me now, and I've always been high on him. No one's going to care if he racks up 200 strikeouts if he also hits 35 bombs and reaches base at a .350 clip.

Justin Verlander (Rock City): Would you trade Alex Reyes, Stephen Piscotty, and Reese McGuire for me in a dynasty?

Ben Carsley: Yes, I would. Reyes is years away, Piscotty is nice but replaceable and McGuire is a better MLB prospect than a fantasy one. If I'm giving up Verlander, I actually want more than this.

toot toot (beep beep): how long would you have to podcast in 84 degree weather in order to lose 7 pounds while doing it

Ben Carsley: The issue is that I always drink when I podcast so I'd be undoing my work via the consumption of empty calories. So let's say three days?

Joe (Chucktown): PUIG!!! What are you thoughts on him? Had an offer of him and Kinsler for Trout in the preseason of a 12 team root dynasty. Declined it. Should I approach the owner again? With Trout not running as much, is Puig a better fantasy player?

Ben Carsley: Trout is still the better player, but I think Puig is awesome and he'll also be a first-round pick next year if he keeps this up. Puig and Kinsler is entering the stratosphere of a fair offer for Trout, though crazy as it sounds, I'd still want more before I give up MT.

Cookie (N.O.): Just traded Goldy for CarGo, MadBum, and Matt Adams in a 10-team re-draft. Did I get enough in return?

Ben Carsley: God yes. I'd rather have CarGo and MadBum than Goldy, and Adams is a nice throw-in. Well done.

Matt (Cambridge): You discussed hypothetical trades with big impact on TINO, but all I was thinking about was a hypothetical trade sending Stanton to Colorado for a package of Gray,Dahl,McMahon,Herrera, and Story going to Miami. The Rockies have Tulo and Cargo locked up to team friendly deals and Arenado is under control for a while creating a logjam. Plus the world has a responsibility to put Stanton in Coors,right?

Ben Carsley: I would love to see Stanton in Coors, but this isn't enough to land Stanton. I'm not sure the Rockies have the pieces to do it - maybe Arenado, Gray, Butler and Story-plus? And at a certain point, it doesn't make sense for them to give that much up.

CD, as it cetacean dissection (MD): Hello, 12 team 5x5 keeper league. My pitching staff in "anchored" by Yordano, Cliff Lee, and Cashner.I also have Minor, Iwakuma and Eovaldi. My talented lineup has been underwhelming this year. Should I start selling off parts this year, or should i continue to compete, while starting Edwin Jackson and Ryan Vogelsong?

Ben Carsley: Oof, that's a tough break. I'd hang on for a little longer because your pitching studs could theoretically be back soon. But if they're still sitting on the DL in 3-4 weeks, you should sell, yeah.

MN Joe (Brooklyn, NY): MFK: George Springer, Jose Abreu, Xander Bogaerts

Ben Carsley: M: Xander, F: Xander, then Abreu, K: Springer. No shots to George, just came up against stiff competition.

username49 (Ohio): What happened to SORBOR? Have not seen him in the box scores lately.

Ben Carsley: This abbreviation took me a minute. I think he's out with back trouble, right?. Probably from the weight of the expectations that Parks placed on his shoulders.

Guy Fieri (FlavorTown): What's the best way to cook coconut crab?

Ben Carsley: By launching it directly into the center of the sun.

NightmareRec0n (Boston): I enjoyed your #hotsportstake on Stanton/Harper. But assume Harper dissapoints when coming back, going into 2015, would you consider flopping them? Stanton is doing right now what we'd expect Harper can do. We speculate Harper could have a 50/20 season(I don't think we'll see 30SB as he ages), but Stanton is on pace to hit 45 HR and steal 12 bases THIS year.

Ben Carsley: They're really close as it is right now, yeah. If Harper tanks when he heads back and Stanton keeps doing this, you can make a very fair argument for putting Stanton above him. When you're arguing about talent of this level, there really is no wrong answer.

Mike (Newtown): 10-team re-draft: GIVE Jose Reyes and Jason Heyward to GET Starlin Castro and Nelson Cruz?

Ben Carsley: I PREFER Castro and Cruz in a redraft, as much as I loveeee Heyward.

Thaddeusiii (Anchorage): Which side in a dynasty league trade proposal - Wil Myers/Chris Davis/Taijaun Walker for Darvish and Correa?

Ben Carsley: This is pretty fair, but give me the side with the two hitters.

SK (Boston): Word is the Yankees are interested in Kendrys Morales. This is an ideal landing spot for him, no?

Ben Carsley: From a fantasy POV, Yankees and Rangers would both be great. Keep him away from Seattle.

fredmu (where ever ppl are really nice to eachother): What's the over/under on all the Cubs prospects coming to the MLB with dreadlocks and really baggy pants?

Ben Carsley: You've never seen Kris Bryant, have you? Tell me about Cincy later.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Worried at all about Jordan Zimmermann? I know the high BABIP, but at what point is that him being too hittable in the zone or sequencing poorly?

Ben Carsley: I'm not super worried, no. I still think Zimmermann is a safe No. 3/potential No. 2 fantasy starter.

unlikelyfanatic (Frisco, TX): Are pita pockets sandwiches?

Ben Carsley: Nope. It's its own thing. We don't need to box all of these different foods into this obnoxious, all-encompassing sandwich ideology.

SK (Boston): Is Jesse Chavez turning into a pumpkin?

Ben Carsley: Pumpkin is strong, but he's do for some regression, yeah. The A's work magic with pitchers, but there wasn't a ton of underlying skill there to begin with. No. 4 starter for me.

Chris Capuano (Atlanta): Why does Ben Cherington not want me to start? I'm 19th in SwgStk% and Contact since 2007(next to Kershaw) and pound the strikezone like Dan Haren. Does he not care how weird that is?

Ben Carsley: You were mediocre as a starter in the NL West last year and you're about to turn 36. Stay in the pen and prolong your career.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Keuchel for Verlander would be a great sell high buy low right?

Ben Carsley: Dear lord yes. I can't believe anyone would actually take that deal, but hey, why not try.

Hugh Jass (Butte): About two weeks I traded Starlin Castro straight up for Homer Bailey in a keeper league, r8

Ben Carsley: I think you lost that trade. Sorry Mr. Jass.

Scott (London): Hi Ben, thanks for the chat!! Who has the better year, and better career: Kolten Wong, or Roughned Odor?

Ben Carsley: You're welcome! Odor has the better career, Wong has the better year.

Myrick (Charleston, SC): Abreu and Desmond for Bogaerts, Fielder, Syndergaard and a top 15 pick in a deep league draft. Who wins?

Ben Carsley: Wow this is tough given the injury news re: Fielder and Thor. More upside with the second set, more safety with the first. I love Bogaerts more than I love myself, but I think I have to go with door No. 1.

MN Joe (Brooklyn, NY): How many feet out of 90 would you need as a head start to beat Billy Hamilton to 2nd base if he were starting with no lead?

Ben Carsley: 85

Matt (Cambridge): Shawnykid23,If you worry about Jordan Zimmermann, go find Doug Thornburg. His love for Zimmermann is borderline disturbing.

Ben Carsley: Everyone should read Thorburn. He's amazing and you'll genuinely learn a ton about pitching.

Mauricio Rubio (Chicago): Hi Ben: A ha ha ha ha ha. A ha ha ha ha ha. A ha ha - that's the funniest thing I ever heard. You and Craig are so funny.

Ben Carsley: Are you drunk for TINO?

grounded (basemant not tarmac): two boats are sinking..you can save one. Boat 1- Goldstein and Xander Bogarts Boat 2- Rubio and Brock Holt GO!

Ben Carsley: Sorry Mau. This is about Xander.

utdavidson (Austin): Crazy to keep Bryant over Baez?

Ben Carsley: Crazy is strong ... let's just go with "wrong." I think Bryant is Jay Bruce. Baez could be legendary.

Shawn (Couch): Lavarnway's lady tickler is 80 grade

Ben Carsley: You've never made love to a woman, have you, Shawn?

Chris (Baltimore): Why were so many pundits terribly wrong about Nelson Cruz's continued production?

Ben Carsley: Because he's bad at defense, people overrate the impact of steroids and it's easy to make fun of him. That being said, I don't think a ton of people are super surprised that he's raking in Baltimore. I'm not sure the average is completely real, but he'll hit for power until the day he retires.

tylersnotes (Philly): Alexei Ramirez in pts leagues better worse or same as Zobrist ROS?

Ben Carsley: I'll go Alexei. I have zero confidence in this. I am an Online Fantasy Baseball Expert.

Jake (Kalamazoo): What do you think about Matt Cain as a buy low in a 14 team mixed? I feel like he's almost a forgotten man.

Ben Carsley: If you can buy very low, yes, but Cain isn't filling me with confidence this year. Which sucks, because I grabbed him in a ton of drafts this preseason.

AJ (Phoenix): I've been offered Carlos Gomez for my Byron Buxton ins a 20-team dynasty league (keep forever). 7x7 (5x5 + OBP & XBH). Not that it matters since they both play CF, but we use LF/CF/RF, not OF. I'm in the playoff mix. Would you do it?

Ben Carsley: Isn't modern day Carlos Gomez basically the dream for Buxton? Unless you're nowhere near competing, I wouldn't make that deal, no. And if you do make it, I'd ask for Buxton+

maxpowers (chicago): What is Prince Fielder's value going forward? I own him in a dynasty league where we use actual player salaries as cap hit, so he is one of the most expensive players in the league. I have Belt as another option, but I am so up against the cap, Fielder's salary is preventing me from really having a strong bench.

Ben Carsley: I'd keep him in a standard dynasty, but if his salary is attached and you don't end up penalized for dropping him, it's time to say goodbye.

Heyward (Believer): I see a lot of people still love Heyward including you. What do you expect out him ROS and career? Seems like a better real life player than fantasy so far, or you think he is starting to perform?

Ben Carsley: I think he's both a better real player (OBP, defense) than a fantasy player and still a promising fantasy player. I think he can finish the year as a Top 30 outfielder and be a No. 2/3 outfielder for a long time. Especially when the Red Sox sign him for 2016-beyond.

Ryan (Cincy): Public service announcement...Baez currently airing on CBS Sports Network. Iowa Cubs vs Memphis Cardinals. You're all welcome.

Ben Carsley: Thank you, Ryan. Get on it, folks.

Dylan (MA): The Red Sox still technically have Ryan Dempster under contract, right? The rotation is going to be PawSox rotation soon. I mean Peavy is balking.

Ben Carsley: No, Dempster is semi-retired. I don't know exactly how it works off the top of my head, but he's not in the Sox organization anymore. Workman is already up and I believe Webster or RDLR is starting tomorrow. Peavy doesn't look great, but he'll get more time to figure it out.

jgorosh (Your heart): Is a xander/Bauer/Shelby group hug a sandwich?

Ben Carsley: I can't print what I think that is.

Trevor Bauer (NY): Is @duyarvish a must follow on twitter and are you holding Alex Wood for when he goes back to the rotation

Ben Carsley: yarvish is a horrible follow and should shut it down. I like Wood a lot, and while bouncing him between the rotation and the bullpen doesn't thrill me, we already know he can be a No. 3 starter. If holding on to him doesn't put a huge strain on your roster, then yes, do it.

justarobert (Santa Clara): What's the best question you've answered for the Bat Signal?

Ben Carsley: Someone asked me a weirdly personal question about TINO and Arizona and I lol'd. Don't remember it exactly, but weird questions are the best.

Frank (West Orange): Can deGrom stick in the rotation or does he project to be a reliever? I'm not sure he has a legit swing and miss pitch, or am I mistaken?

Ben Carsley: Placeholder for Thor/Harvey. He'll be in the bullpen next year.

SK (Boston): Does Francellis Montas end up a SP or RP?

Ben Carsley: I think he ends up a RP, yeah, but I haven't seen him in person. Better question for our talented prospect team.

Myrick (Charleston, SC.): Can you give me some thoughts on the best way to re establish parity in a deep dynasty league? Always seems 4 or 5 teams really become terrible with lack of hope for the future. Expansion draft?

Ben Carsley: Great question. An expansion draft would further dilute talent, so no. This is a lot to answer in a chat, but it would make for a great TINO topic. Submit this to us at TINOPodcast@gmail.com!

Charles (NYC): Putting Miller over Wacha was a bit of a shock. I know Miller has better Pedigree, but Wacha a has nearly a full season under his belt and is looking amazing,while Miller disappeared and reappeared as a mediocre pitcher.

Ben Carsley: People really hate Miller ever since FanGraphs killed him. I've been the world's biggest Miller supporter forever and mild struggles -- still backed by pretty good performance, mind you-- in the majors don't change that for me. Wacha is very good and I get having him over Shelby, but a) the gap wasn't that big on our list and b) I still think Miller has the better career.

Dynasty Trade (Tradeville USA): Who wins this trade in a dynasty: Jason Heyward & Tyson Ross OR Cole Hamels, Starling Marte, Nick Williams, and Nick Kingham?

Ben Carsley: I think Ross is poop so give me the second side. Nick Williams might not know left from right field but he can hit.

Chris (Toronto): More likely to be the Blue Jays' number 1 prospect by the end of the year Aaron Sanchez or Dan Norris?

Ben Carsley: Sanchez. Norris is a mid-rotation starter for me.

seane987 (IL): Who at the end of their career has a better one? Puig or Buxton

Ben Carsley: Puig. When the talent is that high, take the proven commodity.

MRubio52 (Chicago): FMK Dom Smith, Pitcher UCL's, Coconut Crabs.

Ben Carsley: M: Smith F: UCL (fate already doing that, no?) K: CCC

DanDaMan (Sea Cliff): Alright last time I asked this question I got Price Fielder, but maybe I'll have better luck this time- your favorite buy-low candidates at this point? Thanks

Ben Carsley: Sorry about that :( - let's go with Jay Bruce this time

Edwin's (On Fire): In a 12 team roto dynasty, would you trade Shields for Dee Gordon? I have 1.5pts in SBs and doing very well in pitching. Projected 16 over my starts and Im sitting in 4th. About 10 points out. Should I see if hell throw in Kaz or Wheeler or just do the deal to fill the need? Thanks.

Ben Carsley: If you can get Wheeler back, definitely. If you can get Kaz back, probably. If it's straight up, I'd look for cheaper speed elsewhere.

Allan (Toronto): Twenty team keeper league. Ian Desmond for Stephen Drew and milb picks 21 and 29 in the upcoming draft? Who wins?

Ben Carsley: Desmond, easy.

cdgoldstein (DC): Mike Mordecai

Ben Carsley: Donnie Saddler

scott (az): Who is a not so well known prospect who is turning peoples heads?

Ben Carsley: I guess I'm unsure as to the exact method he used but perhaps Angel Villalona?

utdavidson (Austin): Thor or Gray as better stash for the next few years?

Ben Carsley: I really love Gray. They're quite close though.

utdavidson (Austin): Going into 2015, do you think Buxton, Sano and Bryant will be top fantasy prospects? Worried about Baez strikeout issues?

Ben Carsley: They will all still be Top 10 prospects if eligible. Baez is going to strike out plenty, but you won't care if he's hitting 30 bombs as a shortstop.

Shawn (Couch): If Sox make a big move this summer (I think they will) what do you think it is?

Ben Carsley: They need some 40-man space, so it will probably be a fair number of fringy prospects for a decent, non-elite OF or SP.

Jonah (Redwood): Dynasty league...Villian wants my Votto (he's a Reds fan), doesn't know what to ask for. I trade Votto and I'll have a sizable 1B hole. He has Goldschmidt, but not much else on either side of the fantasy ball. How much more do you add on to a Votto package to get Goldy?

Ben Carsley: Not a ton. Maybe a No. 3/4 fantasy starteror a No. 3 fantasy outfielder? Votto is pretty damn good in his own right.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): Rymer Liriano seems to be doing good things again, are the reports as positive as the stats? What are the chances he reaches the bigs this year?

Ben Carsley: I love Liriano and I'm glad to see him doing well. There's not a ton blocking him in the OF and I'd be the Padres are sellers, so he could see the majors but I don't think he makes a fantasy impact until 2015.

hamsterjockey (DC): If you could have kept one of these three, who would it have been? Noah Lowry, Cla Meredith or Ambiorix Burgos?

Ben Carsley: Rhadhames Liz, prob

AY (DC): You recently ranked Carlos Martinez 70th in the U25 dynasty rankings. Curious about your logic, confidence in that rank, and maybe expected trend? He seems stuck (destined to stay?) in setup purgatory. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? If you could acquire him sorta cheaply, would you be excited about owning him in 2015, 2016, beyond?

Ben Carsley: I don't think he stays in the bullpen forever, he's just too talented. Maybe the Cards use him as the centerpiece in a deal to land an elite bat. Maybe they make room for him in the rotation. But you just can't leave that arm in the 'pen, especially if you've already forced Trevor Rosenthal to share that same fate.

SK (Boston): Free Corey Dickerson!!

Ben Carsley: Why?

navarra (Ukraine): Hello, Ben! What about mine Felix for Ortiz+Rios+Paps/Reed in 17-team mixed dynasty roto with 40-man rosters? Have Yu, Fister, Lynn, Lackey, Milone, Miley, Workman as SP, need HRs and SVs (have only Soria & Melancon, who isn't closer for now). And if I should accept it, whom you like better - Paps or Reed? Thanks, appreciate your work.

Ben Carsley: If you're going for it this year, that's a good deal. I'd prefer Papelbon, oddly enough, because you're trying to win ASAP and he's a safer bet to keep his job.

MFK? (MFK?): What does MFK mean?

Ben Carsley: LMGTFY

NightmareRec0n (Boston): In my 20 team dyntasy league, I am in 2nd place. I'm first in R/HR/Ks, 3rd in RBI/BA and middle of the pack in everything else. I'm in a good position,especially with some pitchers hopefully coming back in a month. But I'm trying to figure out whether I need go all out and try to upgrade or if I should continue to wait it out and save the farm. Flag Fly Forever, but nothing is worse than coming in 2nd and having a barren farm, especially because a solid starting roster allowed me to take the high risk high upside prospect approach.

Ben Carsley: You're in second place in a 20 team league. Hit the gas pedal. Win the damn thing.

New Hampshire Epidermis (Portland Maine): Can you rank the top 10 u25 Prospects in the AL East again so I can disagree with your list?

Ben Carsley: Best. Name. Ever. Feel free to drop by the comments section to tell me I'm an idiot anytime.

John Niggli (Lagos, Nigeria): I'm contacting you because my erection has lasted longer than 8 hrs. Will Peter O'Brien break my heart?

Ben Carsley: It's FOUR hours, you fool. Seek help immediately.

SK (Boston): Is Luke Jackson underrated by the prospect community? His stats have been absurd.

Ben Carsley: I think he's rated just fine. Not as good as the stats indicate, but A Guy.

Sara (Tacoma): I own Harper in multiple dynasty leagues. This isn't exactly the marriage I had planned when I drafted him. His value is still sky-high, but it's no longer a given that other league mates are drooling over the prospect of trading their top player for him. Is it time to cut bait and deal, and take someone older (albeit healthier), or hold on and suffer the injuries as they happen?

Ben Carsley: You need to be getting many elite players back for him in a dynasty league to consider dealing him. I know it's tough, but be patient here. He's still younger than most Top 100 prospects right now, and he's crazy good.

Ben Carsley: Alright, that does it for me tonight. 100 questions answered in 75 minutes -- not too shabby. Going to grab some non-sandwich grub before TINO, but thanks as always and I'll see you guys next month!

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