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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday January 17, 2014 10:00 AM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Talk prospects and Top 10 lists with the Professor.

Jason Parks: Patrick Wayne Swayze (/ˈsweɪziː/; August 18, 1952 September 14, 2009) was an American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter. He was best known for his tough-guy roles, as romantic leading men in the hit films Dirty Dancing and Ghost, and as Orry Main in the North and South television miniseries. He was named by People magazine as its "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1991. His film and TV career spanned 30 years. Here we go.

100 Wheels (on the road): Can you provide an appetizer on Kris Bryant before the main course is served on Wednesday?

Jason Parks: The playable power is obviously legit; could play to plus-plus, which means he could hit 35 bombs. But I think the swing and miss will be a bigger issue than some are suggesting, and that could limit some of the power. At the end of the day, I think he's a first-division right fielder with several all-star level seasons on the resume. I expect a lot of power but not a high average.

Levy (14k): Has Manaea's recent prowess assuaged your opinion of his past injury?

Jason Parks: We ranked Manaea high on the Royals list and on the BP 101, so my opinion of the player is reflected in that. But I'm also aware of his injury history, which raises his risk factor.

Tim (Wrigleyville): Will Kyle Hendricks be a GUY for the Cubs in the future?

Jason Parks: Not really. He will contribute, which is a developmental win. But he's not a top ten talent in their system and his long term future is more of a back-end type at best.

Louie (Cincy): We are on one of the first few dates, and the ambiance needs a boost. Go with the soul of Daryl Hall or the sparkle/shine of Richard Gere?

Jason Parks: Gere presented more masculine energy, but at times it was misguided and fraudulent. Hall has a deep trench of soul to offer, in addition to fantastic hair that is both wispy and serious. When the mood needs a charge, always go with soul over shine. Its more legitimate.

sprite (Golden Triangle): Higher upside, Jose Martinez or Alex Reyes?

Jason Parks: Jose Martinez has the higher ceiling. Less pitchability at present, but could end up with two knockout pitches.

Kevin (Florida): How good can Javier Baez be in his prime and do you think he gets called up at some point this year?

Jason Parks: One front office source told me that thinks Baez has hall of fame potential. No don't go crazy with one projection, but if you really believe in the bat--meaning you think he will reach his offensive projections--35+ home runs is possible, all from a left-side of the diamond home. This is an extreme opinion, but not all that crazy when it comes to potential. Javier Baez could have a very special bat; the hand/eye, the bat speed, the raw strength are elite. If he puts it all together, he could be one of the best players in the game. If he stays healthy and consistent once he achieves that level, the hyperbole and hype of the present won't seem so crazy.

gotwins0912 (Taichung city): If you pick one between Alex Meyer and Aaron Sanchez, who is your pick?

Jason Parks: Meyer. Higher floor; comparable ceiling in a rotation. Sanchez has big upside, but I've never been all the way in with him. Something about the approach really bothers me.

Robocles (Allston, MA): Pain don't hurt.

Jason Parks: Road House is a 1989 action film directed by Rowdy Herrington and starring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer at a newly refurbished roadside bar who protects a small town in Missouri from a corrupt businessman.[3] Sam Elliott also plays a bouncer, the mentor, friend and foil of Swayze's character. The cast also includes Kelly Lynch as Swayze's love interest, and Ben Gazzara as the main antagonist.

Chris Sale (Chiraq): Would you give up Martin Perez and Jurickson for me?

Jason Parks: No chance.

vegetto712 (Florida): Name game time! Outside of the top 50 prospects, give me 2 pitchers and 2 hitters you think are going to be well within the top 50 by this time next year!

Jason Parks: David Dahl and Josh Bell with the stick; Alex Reyes and Braden Shipley with the arm

Joel (Ohio): What would Yu Darvish bring back in a trade for the rangers? More specifically from the mariners or the diamondbacks.

Jason Parks: Anything they ask for

Froglegs Jackson (Earth): Which system has improved the most over the past year?

Jason Parks: The Astros system really improved; having the most money to spend and picking first in the draft helps that cause. But they have also seen several key prospects take steps forward, like Springer, Velasquez, Foltynewicz, Feliz.

Cubs also have a case to make, with the additions from the rule 4 and the LA markets, clever trades and developmental progress from some big names. Cubs are a top tier farm in baseball now.

MoenPDC (Boston MA): Which 1B prospects do you like more and why out of CJ Cron, Dominic Smith and Matt Olson. Personally I like Cron for his power potential and low K%, I like his chances to find better pitches to swing at.

Jason Parks: I think Dom Smith has the best chance to hit, but I'm not really a fan of 1B prospects, especially ones that are on dimensional power bats with suspect hit tools. Dom Smith is more hard contact than power. I'd take that over Cron all day long.

Loria (Milwaukee): My team is ready to compete to win this year in a dynasty league, but I have the 1.3 pick in the prospect draft. This would likely be Baez. However, I have an offer to trade Pence, Bautista & the 1.3 (Baez) in exchange for G. Stanton, A Jones, and Wong. What say u? I think they fit my timeline better & allow me to get younger..

Jason Parks: James Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is a professional "cooler" (i.e. specialized doorman, or bouncer) with a mysterious past who is enticed from his current job in New York by club owner Frank Tilghman (Kevin Tighe) to take over security at his club/bar, the Double Deuce, in Jasper, Missouri. Tilghman plans to invest substantial money into the club, to enhance its image, and needs a first-rate cooler to maintain stability.

steve g (CA): Will Arismendy Alcantara crack your top 101? Is the power he showed last year real or more a product of the league he played in?

Jason Parks: Alcantara was ranked 83 on the BP 101 ( I think). I don't think he's going to be a big power bat at the major league level, but you can't sleep on his pop. Getting to watch his BP behind the cage really turned me on to his raw pop; quick path to the ball but excellent extension through it, which created loud contact. I was impressed with the player. It's been said before, but he really does remind me (and others) of Jose Reyes-light.

tjco1006 (Up n In Rehab Center): Who are a couple pitchers set to explode onto the prospect scene this season? Tirado and Edwin Diaz seem to be close, any others you are banking on?

Jason Parks: Jose Martinez for the DBacks; Alex Reyes for the Cards; Paul Blackburn with the Cubs is ready to take a big step forward; Lucas Sims is still highly underrated as a prospect; Tyler Danish is an out-of-the-box candidate. Its unorthodox but don't write him off.

John (Boston): Hey Jason,dynasty league,first pick overall,do u feel Tanaka is worthy????? Thanks....

Jason Parks: Arriving in Jasper, and searching for a place to stay, Dalton eventually takes lodging at a local farm. He attracts attention driving his Mercedes Benz SEC560 and having a quiet demeanor-contrasting with the tough locals. Dalton is soon introduced to local business magnate (and next door neighbor) Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Wesley appears to have a stranglehold on the town; and little happens without his knowledge and approval. In the course of cleaning up the violent nightclub, Dalton dismisses several unruly and corrupt employees, some of whom are connected with Wesley. After one particularly violent night where Dalton is forced to physically remove Wesley's henchmen from the club, he suffers a knife wound. Upon going to the hospital for stitches, he strikes up a friendship with Dr. Elizabeth "Doc" Clay (Kelly Lynch) which leads into a romantic relationship.

Dan (Waukegan): Dave Cameron says he's never said the f-word in his entire life. Do you have any favorite swear words?

Jason Parks: I like to say fuck. Horseshit is a personal favorite, though.

LanceArmstrongsMissingTestacle (France): Hey sexy, thanks for doing these chats that get me #wet. My question is about Soler. There have been some people question his #want and aren't very high on him overall. What do you think about him? Oh and do you like Kyle Hendricks?

Jason Parks: Elite raw power, but the utility is unlikely to play that high. Soler struggles with the adjustment game, both during at-bats and during games. Not that he's an easy out; he's not. But he has more tools than skills, and pitchers with a plan of attack can exploit his weaknesses. His slow to adjust approach makes the exploitation that much easier, as the recipe will continue to be effective. I don't question his #want as much as I question his feel for the game.

tr (Mattress factory by the Goldsteins): In a couple years, which 2013 draftee are teams gonna be sick they didn't draft earlier?

Jason Parks: From the first round, McGuire, Shipley, Marco Gonzalez, and Hunter Harvey come to mind as guys that will be viewed as draft steals.

Chris (Baltimore): Will Jorge Alfaro's hit tool develop enough for him to become a star? He has the power, arm, and defense profile, but are you worried about his ability to hit? Does he have the skills to develop into a .280+ hitter if everything goes right?

Jason Parks: I'm not sold about the hit tool or I would be inclined to rank him in the top ten in baseball. The raw tools point to a superstar; 8 arm, 5 glove, 7 raw power, 6 run. But the hit tool and plan at the plate are question marks for me. I think he's a star even if he hits .260 (fringe-5 tool) because the power should flow enough and the defensive profile would make him a weapon behind the plate. A .260 hitter with 25+ bombs and excellent catch/throw skills behind the plate is a first-division/all-star level profile. If the bat plays above that, holy shit. #TheLegend

Eugene (Klamath Falls): After watching Danny Salazar mow people down this past season, I've been wondering: why don't more pitchers throw a splitter?

Jason Parks: Because not every arm has the necessary characteristics to pull it off, not to mention some of the concerns (legitimate or not) that throwing the splitter puts more stress on the arm and on the ligaments in the pitching hand.

David (Montreal): What factors in to your organizational rankings?

Jason Parks: Impact talent and depth are the two big boys.

David (Montreal): What prospect stuff will be featured in the BP Annual?

Jason Parks: BP 101 with 75-100 word capsules for each prospect on the list; player comments for key minor leaguer players for each team. The BP Futures Guide will be specific to prospects, both on the scouting side and the fantasy side. That book will be available before spring training.

dbrosene (San Mateo, CA): Will you be coming to San Francisco this season? A BP event at AT&T would be B.D. Wongesque.

Jason Parks: I think we are doing an event in Oakland that I will be attending.

Ceilings (At the Top (duh)): Who has the highest in the minors?

Jason Parks: Buxton and Baez/Giolito and Gray

TyTam94 (Dallas): If I am a left-handed person looking for long term work, should I focus on hitting Home Runs or Throwing strikes? Which is more secure?

Jason Parks: Learn to pitch.

Max (St. Louis): How much do you travel from spring until fall? Have to imagine it gets #dark on the road

Jason Parks: I usually spend four to five weeks in camp during spring training; I attend 5-7 BP events throughout the season in various cities; I trey to make road trips to watch Sally, Carolina, Eastern. AZL and International league series during the season; fall instructional league in the fall; various amateur events during the year (DR, Perfect Game). From March to October I'm on the road at least two weeks out of every month (if not more).

Mike (Utica, NY): Can J.P. Crawford become a star and does he have a chance to become a top 25-50 prospect after this year?

Jason Parks: I don't think he becomes a star. Good prospect that can stick up the middle, so that's going to push his value, especially if he can swing it. But I don't see a top tier type. Maybe I'm low on him.

Chet (Montana): I've enjoyed your recent excursions into literary fiction. You seem to have a unique voice as a writer, especially as a baseball writer, and I was just curious who/what are some of your more literary inspirations?

Jason Parks: I appreciate the compliment. I'm a big fan of DeLillo, Gordon Lish, DFW, Thomas Bernhard. Too many to name, but I tend to like wordy absurdist fiction with a special place in my heart for repetition and non sequiturs.

Todd (Livingroom): How much have you seen Touki Toussaint pitch? How good do you think he could be? Will he learn to control his pitches?

Jason Parks: Several times, dating back to his junior year in high school. I really like him; the arm speed is exceptional and the curveball can blow you away. At present, his delivery is noisy and he struggles to stay over his stuff, which hurts his command. But when he stays in his delivery and stays over the ball and finishes his pitches, he can really bring it. It's an easy plus FB with a plus potential CB. Its electric. He's still my favorite HS arm in the class.

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): What's with the early start? Gonna aim for the record?

Jason Parks: Busy schedule; need to make scout calls this afternoon for Dodgers, Cubs, and Brewers systems.

Zack1995 (Ottawa): SRV or Jimi?

Jason Parks: SRV. Not close for me.

Robocles (Allston, MA): How do you take your coffee?

Jason Parks: I like it with a little cream.

Or (Denton, TX): Jairo Beras was drawing some pretty crazy reports when he first burst onto the scene. Opinions seem to have cooled since then. Is this a result of Beras' age questions or is his skillset less special than it initially seemed? Damn it, scouting 16-year olds can't be easy (not that I'm writing him off).

Jason Parks: As an amateur, you had to be impressed with his raw power. At that point, you are scouting potential. After watching him against professional arms, you can start to see some of the swing dysfunction and it will sour the opinion. People should still be excited about his potential, but aware of his limitations. That's just the reality of scouting. Everybody looks good in the right lighting. It's when the fluorescent lights expose the complexion that we realize what we woke up next to.

Zack1995 (Ottawa): SRV or John Frusciante?

Jason Parks: As much as I love SRV--and I do love him. Frusciante's songwriting chops, production chops, and compositional heroics push him ahead. He's one of the most underrated musicians in the game, and his solo work is absolutely amazing. I have everything he has recorded and released, and I think he's a genius. I don't throw that around very often.

Craij (Goldstein): Why don't people realize you don't care about their fantasy teams? Tell them to send those questions to me, Rubio, Sayre et al

Jason Parks: Wesley summons Dalton to his home in a seemingly innocent attempt to make peace, but has an ulterior motive: Wesley would like Dalton to work for him once he extorts Tilghman's club. When Dalton declines, Wesley begins an assault on Dalton's friends, including interfering with liquor deliveries to the Double Deuce. Dalton's mentor, legendary but aging cooler Wade Garrett (Sam Elliott), arrives in town after a disconcerting phone call from Dalton and helps him defend a liquor shipment from Wesley's thugs.

Steve A (Detroit): You started this chat pretty early. No #BathNight hangover?

Jason Parks: I'm hungover. No doubt. I'm just really busy this off-season, so I have to budget my time.

MaineSkin (The North): I'm very insecure, so which pitchers rig do I have to make sure my wife never sees? Archie The Texan Bradley or J.Gray ("J"-dot-Gray-MFers)

Jason Parks: Bradley is from Oklahoma. Based on the stuff and the confidence involved, I'd suggest Yordano Ventura. That guy has very long fingers. Just making a scouting observation.

LanceR (Dallas, TX): Alright Jason. You're at a scientific lab (a cloning facility) and you're given the opportunity to splice DNA together of two different ball players to make the perfect player. Which two players' DNA do you choose?

Jason Parks: Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez. It would create a highly instinctual shortstop with a plus-plus arm, plus-plus glove, elite power potential in combination with a mature approach from both sides of the plate. JF Lindor-Baez

Mike (Utica, NY): Why do people still think Jameson Taillon is highly regarded, is it because he was the 2nd pick of a draft in between two perennial All Stars? Looking back do the Pirates have to be kicking themselves for not taking Machado at 2?

Jason Parks: The same people down on Taillon are most likely the same people that were down on Cole. They focus too much on the minor league numbers and lose the developmental context involved with the process. Taillon might not be the ace some thought when he was drafted, but I guarantee he makes some of doubters look short-sighted and foolish in the coming years. He's still a top 20 prospect in baseball and the top prospect in the Pirates system. Don't overthink things.

summerdays (Boston): Lightning round question: Marcus Stroman or Jonathan Gray?

Jason Parks: Gray

Jim (Santa Cruz): any "new" bands you currently dig or just the old favorites?

Jason Parks: I'm on an early Smashing Pumpkins kick at present. Speaking of plus-plus musicians, Corgan is a freak. I don't always love the artistic direction, and his voice doesn't always play in game action. But there is something beautiful at the core of his songwriting.

Scott (Lincolnshire): Cubs minor league system or Twins?

Jason Parks: Twins are the best system in baseball for me, with the Cubs coming in right behind them.

Tony (Work): If Tanaka was a minor-league prospect, how would you rank him in your top 101?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't rank him. It doesn't make sense to me.

mdthomp (pooptown): Oklahoma and Texas are the same thing

Jason Parks: Only to geographically challenged people like Kendal Rogers, and apparently yourself.

Matt Trueblood (F**k Minnesota): Taillon over Polanco surprises me. What's your stance on GP these days?

Jason Parks: I like him. He's a legit high-end prospect, but he isn't without warts. I just like Taillon more. Higher ceiling for me.

Mark (Nashville): If you did not assess position scarcity, base-running or defense, and were ranking prospect purely on their bat, would Dan Vogelbach be a top 10?

Jason Parks: Above Soler. Vogelbach can fucking hit.

dianagram (VORGville): Good morning Jason. Where would Jose Abreu rank if you redid your White Sox Top 10 Prospects today?

Jason Parks: He wouldn't. I have no interest in ranking professional players in their mid-20s that don't require or won't participate in the minor league developmental system. He's a player, not a prospect. Including him on prospect lists is confusing and unnecessary.

Tythelip (Spectre Headquarters): Joey Gallo - legit or just another kid who will get eaten alive by advanced pitchers who can throw strikes with breaking and offspeed pitches?

Jason Parks: Both, actually. He's going to strike out in graphic clumps, but he has 80 raw power and will run into bombs despite the swing and miss.

Steve (Vermont): What kind of career do you think Tanaka will have??? Thanks

Jason Parks: Probably not nearly as good as people assume.

Shah of Queens (Sunnyside): Any chance of moving to Queens? The zombies have taken over williamsburg for years now and have encroached Bushwick. As someone who has gone post-Brooklyn after 10 years, I am really feeling Queens. Leave before its too late!

Jason Parks: I live deep in Bushwick; no encroachment as of yet. Been in Brooklyn for over a decade. I'm a loyalist.

Martin Dihigo (Cuba): We've heard that "makeup" is an essential part of grading prospects. Is assessing makeup more of a "feel" assessment, where you have talk to lots of people who know the guy and make a judgement? When you're assessing makeup, especially for a pitching prospect (since the scouting book lists plus makeup as a requisite for a #1 starter), what are the top things you look for to confirm whether said prospect has it or not?

Jason Parks: I look for the ability to fail and recover from failure. Failure and response is such a major part of the process. In a pitcher, I look for physical characteristics and emotional ones; the overall approach, the alpha nature, the ballsack. In a top of the rotation type, I don't want to see a nibbler, a pitcher afraid to trust his stuff and work inside. These are both physical and emotional traits. I want to see confidence and fortitude in addition to the raw stuff and ability to execute that stuff.

OJ (Utah): Do you value defense over offense at SS? (meaning Didi or Owings)

Jason Parks: I tend to prefer defense to offense at that position, but in the case of those two players, I'd rather have Owings on the field. He can make plays (not like Didi) but is a more rounded player with a better offensive profile without giving up too much on the defensive side. I'm very high on Owings. Top 30 prospect on the 101.

JoJo (SD): What lefty do you prefer and why, Eduardo Rodriguez or Marco Gonzales?

Jason Parks: Rodriguez. He doesn't have Marco's sexual changeup, but he has a solid-average to plus mix and the ability to locate and sequence. He's going to pitch in a major league rotation for a very long time.

dmairs (Calgary): In your opinion, how much of an effect have PED's contributed to Yasmani Grandal's earlier (excellent) performance and will he become a top tier catcher without the juice.

Jason Parks: I assume it helped him a great deal. I don't think he's a top tier catcher regardless of the juice.

Tony (Work): Which teams have the worst farm systems in baseball, and of that group who's the most likely to change that sooner rather than later?

Jason Parks: Angels might have the worst; its pretty rough. Brewers and Tigers in that discussion, but can boast better top tens. I can see the Brewers improving, as well as the Tigers; both have some young talent that could blossom and elevate the farms as a result. But the Angels system is just bad right now. They didn't place a prospect in the BP 101, and I ended up putting a recent J2 arm in the top ten based on his ceiling, despite no professional record. The good news is that I really like some of their scouts, especially in the Latin American market, and they should be able to pull out of this hole in the next 3-5 years.

Paul (Chicago): You're an admitted "ceiling" #slut, so does that mean Baez is the #2 prospect in the game right now?

Jason Parks: He's number four on my list, behind Buxton, Bogaerts, and Taveras.

Alex (Chicago): Do you know how crazy you are making Cubs fans? Between twitter/chats you have pretty much set the expectation that they will have a 20 year old HOF player starting SS/3rd by the end of the year with a pipeline of others coming for the next 5. Odds are...a lot of them will fail.

Jason Parks: It's my job to provide information, not emotional stability or lessons in reading comprehension.

Ian (MPLS): Hi Jason, How would you deal with a prospect whose parents, you learn, are in the Aryan nations? A team would want to know that before drafting him, I'd imagine. How would a team approach something like that? I ask because I heard someone once say that happened but they never said how it was dealt with.

Jason Parks: This is a very interesting question. The process of player procurement often puts teams in the unfortunate position of dealing with familial ignorance or intolerance in order to form a relationship with the child. It would be foolish to judge the child based on the ignorant beliefs of the parents, but it would be equally foolish to pretend like those beliefs didn't exist or didn't have some form of influence on the player in question. I would want to know if those persona beliefs existed in the player. I would do my homework by talking to high school coaches, friends, etc. If I discovered that the ignorant and often destructive beliefs of the parents were passed down to the player, I would consider that a makeup red flag and evaluate accordingly.

Wrigleyvillenat (Chicago): What do you project for C.J. Edwards? Can he overcome "frame" and become top-of-rotation starter?

Jason Parks: I don't see a top-of-the-rotation starter, and that would be true even if he weighed more than 160 pounds. I like the arm; I really do. I know the kid. I've been around him since he signed, and I've seen him pitch countless times. I get it. I do. Its very loose and easy, and the fastball has serious pop to it. I like the CB, but its a better minor league pitch than it projects to be at the major league level, and I think his CH will be his best weapon to play off the fastball. He pitches with length and can maintain the stuff pretty well, but I don't see the type of physicality necessary for a heavy major league workload. That's the rub. He could be a very good late-innings reliever with a deep arsenal, and perhaps even a mid-rotation arm that just makes it work despite the physical concerns. But the top of the rotation talk is a dream that is based more on the stats than the scouting.

Chad R. (Elgin): Seeing your feelings on Vogelbach got me wondering. Does the fact that he's a prospect for a NL team hurt his ranking because he can't be a DH?

Jason Parks: I think he ends up in the AL as a DH. He gives the Cubs a nice chip to include in a deal when they make their move in the next few seasons. Its all currency.

Dan (Boston): BP recently published two scouting reports for Kershaw - one put a 7 grade on his fastball, the other a 6; one put an 8 grade on his slider, the other a 65. These seem like massive differences. Any thoughts?

Jason Parks: We all see the game through a different lens and we compartmentalize and grade based on subjective reasoning. I loved both reports. It shows that scouting consensus doesn't exist, even when we are looking at proven superstars.

ray6072 (Louisiana): What does it mean when people say oscar taveras has a violent swing? Wouldn't all swings be described as a violent act?

Jason Parks: There is a difference. Taveras swings like he's defending his family from a home invasion or something of equal desperation. It looks all the more extreme because of his elite bat speed.

Harry (New York): Hey Jason,please rank,Tanaka,Salazer,Gray,Peterson,

Jason Parks: That evening, local business owner Red Webster's (Red West) auto parts store is destroyed by a fire after he refuses to give ground to Wesley's persistent extortion demands. Dalton, not wanting to exacerbate matters, allows Wesley and his men entrance to the club that night. The next day, car dealership owner Pete Stroudenmire becomes Wesley's next victim when he also rebuffs Wesley. As a result, Wesley has one of his thugs, Gary Ketchum, demolish the structure with his monster truck (BIGFOOT #7) as Dalton and his friends look on with contempt.

Gotribe31 (DC): What does your spring training schedule look like? Any chance of catching you during a game in the backfields of the Cactus League?

Jason Parks: That's where I spend most of my time, so yes. I'll be in camp for the entire month of March.

sprite (Golden Triangle): Would you rather have Shipley or Manaea? Shipley's health swing it?

Jason Parks: Shipley

Justin (Chicago, IL): I have always been partial of your pronunciation of the word 'horseshit" on the podcasts.

Jason Parks: I speak from the heart when I say that word

Bob (PA): You did your first top 100 last year (I think). In how many years would it be fair to judge it? How would you like it to be judged?

Jason Parks: I think it can be judged now. It's a snapshot assignment, and without taking into account the context of that moment, judgment could come off as superficial. I'd rather evaluate the decision making process involved over the binary right/wrong that too many people seem to engage in.

Kevin (Houston): In your opinion, who has OFP 8 in th minors? Baez and Giolito?

Jason Parks: Buxton and Giolito. Baez in that mix as well because of the ridiculous projections on the bat.

Kaz (Tokyo ): How would Drew Robinson look like behind the plate? I think moving him there isn't a bad idea.

Jason Parks: I think its a very good fit.

Dusty (Chesapeake): With due respect to Goldstein (#RIP) it is insane how good the prospect coverage has become on this site. And it's nice to see some quality draft coverage too. Great job Prof!

Jason Parks: I appreciate this. I'm proud of the team assembled and the work produced. I just wish teams would leave our guys alone for a while. Testament to their industry-level skills, but damn bruh

Grizzly (Chicago): Julie Michaels really is something huh? Swayze wanted to #hangbeef in front of everyone in that bar when she does that strip tease, you can just tell. But like the man he is, he rather rip the throat out of another man. That's a fucking legend. Harness the beef.

Jason Parks: Well said.

Ziggy (Top): Raimel Tapia. Oscar Taveras. Are these two names that belong in name association due to their violent swings and uncanny ability to translate that into bat to ball skills? Im probably getting too excited arent I...

Jason Parks: Tapia isn't on that level yet. It's similar in terms of controlled violence, but Taveras has a proven track record (in the minors) of making it work against quality pitching. Tapia has a short-season resume at present. Let's see how it translates against full-season arms.

bloodmoney (detroit): taijuan walker will be...?

Jason Parks: A frontline starter at the major league level.

Joe (Beyond the Sun): In three years who will be the better MLB pitcher? Archie Bradley or Julio Teheran?

Jason Parks: Archie Bradley

bryan (Brooksville): Denver or NE/ 49s or Seahawks?

Jason Parks: Denver and 49ers. Throwback Super Bowl.

kylanj (Florida): Delino Deshields Jr. pro expectations?

Jason Parks: Bench player. Not a fan.

Colin (La La Land): Say MLB goes crazy and decides to add two more teams to balance out the league. Where would you put the new clubs?

Jason Parks: Brooklyn and Mexico City

Patrick (Florida): New to the chat, what's up with the Patrick Swayze comments? Does that go whenever someone asks you about Dynasty leagues?

Jason Parks: I'm just a fan of Swayze.

That night, Doc visits Dalton and attempts to persuade him to leave. However, their conversation is interrupted by a powerful explosion. Dalton rescues Emmett from the blaze before the house is completely destroyed. He then witnesses one of Wesley's henchmen, Jimmy (Marshall Teague), fleeing the scene, and manages to intercept him. After a vicious fight, Dalton kills Jimmy by ripping out his throat with his bare hand. The next morning, Dalton receives an ominous phone call from Wesley, who vows to have either Wade or Doc killed. At that moment, Wade staggers into the Double Deuce, badly beaten but alive. Believing Doc to be in danger, Dalton races to the hospital, but she refuses to leave with him, repulsed by his increasingly violent nature. Upon returning to the Double Deuce, Dalton finds Wade sprawled out on the bar with a knife lodged in his chest. Fighting back tears, an enraged Dalton pulls the knife free and jumps into his car, determined to settle the score with Wesley.

Sagar (Chicago): Are you as high on Lucas Giolito as others?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure.

CJ (Land of Goldstein): A duder on ESPN recently put Eloy Jimenez at 10 on a Cubs prospect list. 10! So does that mean people have got to see him more since he signed? What do you know about him?

Jason Parks: I know a lot about him; I've seen him in workouts and game action. I wouldn't rank him in the Cubs top ten right now, though. That ranking has to be based on his signing bonus and pre-J2 hype, which is mostly the result of his power potential. He could/should get to that level, but he doesn't belong on that list now.

jaymoff (Salem): Do you ever get tired or bored with the unique banter and jargon you've created with the #want, #wet, #sparkle, etc.? I don't necessarily have an opinion on liking it or not it but I'm continuously surprised that it's lasted this long.

Jason Parks: I'm more focused on the latest jargon I'm exploring: #tesh. When something is long yet diverse and smooth, its Teshian.

Aaron (WI): Just what we need...ANOTHER team in NY.

Jason Parks: Brooklyn needs a team.

Wrigleyvillenat (Chicago): Have you seen Eloy Jimenez? Has anybody seen Eloy Jimenez? He is a tantalizing 17-year-old propsect at 6'4" 200 lbs. What is the word on EJ?

Jason Parks: yes; I've seen him. Big power; right field profile; strong arm; I think he sells out for power, so I question the hit tool and it could limit his playable power. I'm hesitant about the bat right now.

Aaron (WI): Safe to say that you would disagree with the the Kris Bryant and Ryan Braun comps?

Jason Parks: I do. I don't see the same hit tool for Bryant.

SCSC84 (PA): George Springer or Khris Davis will make a bigger splash in 2014?

Jason Parks: Springer

Tony (KC): Hey, Fantasy quandary - 1)(Keep Manny Machado) 2)(Trade Manny for Brett Lawrie and Sonny Gray, who I am really high on) 3)(Trade Manny for Matt Garza and Zach Wheeler, who I am equally high on). Thanks

Jason Parks: Dalton's Mercedes speeds recklessly toward Wesley's estate, drawing gunfire from Wesley's henchmen, but they discover the car empty, and the knife that was used to kill Wade stuck in the accelerator. One by one, Dalton dispatches each of Wesley's thugs, and eventually comes face-to-face with Wesley. Dalton gains the upper hand in their fight and prepares to finish Wesley in the same brutal manner as Jimmy, but decides against it. When Dalton releases him, Wesley seizes the opportunity to reach for a gun, but is promptly shot to death by Red, Emmett, Stroudenmire, and Tilghman. They stash the weapons away prior to the arrival of law enforcement and proceed to corroborate each other's innocence, with the implication that what happened in Wesley's house will remain a secret.

petelunchbox (Handsome City): It is obviously an inexact science, but if there is one thing that you think the baseball world could do better in evaluating prospects, what would it be? Focus less on results? Lessen the shiny toy syndrome with new draft picks?

Jason Parks: Thinking outside the box. Physical stereotyping exists for a reason, but not every specimen can play baseball and not every peck has to use magic to find his way in the world.

Brad (Work): Do you live in Colorado? You seem...different....

Jason Parks: I don't.

Prich (Hawkville): Chris Taylor- Is there a regular there? Is .275/.333/.400 with solid D for the better part of a decade too much to realistically hope for?

Jason Parks: I like him. It's not a special profile, but maybe a Ryan Theriot type.

Ethan Spalding (Chicago): What would it take for Micker Zapata to crack the White Sox top 10 next year? Can you put an OFP on him now, or is it too early?

Jason Parks: I'd put a 6 on his future now. I liked him more than Eloy Jimenez in the pre-J2 DR showcase. If he hits in pro ball, he's an easy top ten player on that farm.

Bucsin07 (Pittsburgh): Do you think the Pirates will be able to maintain a highly-ranked farm system without the ability to spend big on the draft, as in past years? (And do you know when their top 10 is out?)

Jason Parks: I think they have good scouts, especially in the Latin American market. Rene Gayo is one of the best in the business.

rentz (parentsbasement): Some have put a Wacha type comp on Marco Gonzalez, is this accurate?

Jason Parks: They both have highly provocative changeups. That's about it for me.

Scott (CT): What's your take on Julio Arias? Why isn't he getting more hype for someone who was fantastic at low-A at 16?

Jason Parks: He's getting hype. We are ranking him #1 in the Dodgers system and in the #35 range on the BP 101. He could reach Double-A in 2014, and pitch his way to the majors in 2015 before turning 19.

Marco (Malawi): Which prospect could be #tesh?

Jason Parks: Alex Meyer. Deep arsenal with impressive length.

Daddyboy (Mpls): Would you trade Profar for Cole, based on need?

Jason Parks: Gerrit Cole? Hell yes. No question or hesitation. Cole has the stuff to develop into a legit number one starter. Give me that all day long.

Justin (Arlington): What do you think of the Rangers re-arrangement in the front office?

Jason Parks: I think the media assigns it more significance than necessary.

Jake (Lake Forest): Forgive my frankness, but how #big are you?

Jason Parks: 6'1'' 180. Size 12 shoe.

Tony (Toronto): Percentage chance Barreto can make SS work. 20%? 10%? 5%?

Jason Parks: 5% sounds about right.

bryce (cambridge): Have you seen Chi Chi Gonzalez or Marcos Diplan at all? The reports are few and far between and both are at different developmental stages, but I just wanted to hear what you've heard on those two.

Jason Parks: I've seen Diplan. Impressive stuff. Really liked the delivery. It's more short-burst right now, but with added strength he should be able to hold velocity in a rotation. He has a solid arsenal. He's going to jump in 2014. I bet the Rangers push him.

Gotribe31 (DC): Defensively, can Lindor play in the major leagues right now? What about Roberto Perez?

Jason Parks: Absolutely. Lindor could have played defense in the majors when he was 17. It's a plus-plus defensive profile.

tonynelson19 (MN): Have you seen Ballplayer: Pelotero, the movie featuring Miguel Sano? If so, what did you think and did it change your opinion of Rene Gayo at all?

Jason Parks: I've seen it. It was shaped to make Gayo the antagonist. That market isn;t black and white/good and bad. It was a much more complicated situation than the movie suggested, and Gayo was merely doing his job, which is to acquire the player for a price he can afford. You will be opening a very poisonous box if you start playing the "ethical" card in that market.

Bunkie (New Orleans): Does Heaney crack the top 30 in the upcoming Top 101 list?

Jason Parks: He does. #30

Mark (DC): When was the last time you masturbated in a Cadillac sitting in the Target parking lot?

Jason Parks: It's been a while and it wasn't a Cadillac. It was a used Honda Civic and it was in a Winn-Dixie parking lot.

Dallas (Texas): Would it be too dreamy to call Syndergaard a role 8 player?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't go that high.

msloftus (bath tub): Can you believe they are remaking Road House!? Hollywood FUCK YOU!

Jason Parks: The final scene finds Dalton and Doc together enjoying each other's company swimming in a swimming hole with the implied thought that they do get together-and Dalton remains in town for good.

chopper (indy): Approximate ETA for Alfaro in Arlington? Will Buxton get a cup of coffee in 2014?

Jason Parks: 2015 for Alfaro. Buxton could be drinking major league coffee at some point in 2014.

Andy5Schwall ((MKE)): Have you heard any health updates on J.R. Graham?

Jason Parks: I was told he is healthy and ready to go. I guess we shall see if that is accurate come camp.

jaymoff (Salem): Thoughts on Chi Chi Gonzalez? Even if you don't answer this I wanted to ask because I love writing "Chi Chi".

Jason Parks: Everything moves. The fastball is incredibly lively, with plus velocity and natural cutting action. It's a 7 pitch. Good secondary stuff as well. Solid #3 type that can move fast.

Liam (Dallas): You mentioned Franchy Cordero as a guy you really liked and you had him as an On-The-Rise guy in the Padres system. How does he profile defensively? Is he going to outgrow SS or does he have the tools to stay there?

Jason Parks: Likely to outgrow shortstop, but the bat profiles well at third. He could really develop legit game power down the line.

Gavin (Forth Worth): Do you believe that Lisalverto Bonilla has the stuff to contribute to the Rangers bullpen this year?

Jason Parks: I absolutely do.

xxx (c-town): Want to get nipple to nipple?

Jason Parks: I would consider it.

dcapofari (nyc): better song "she's like the wind" Pat S or "Party all the time"- eddie Murphy?

Jason Parks: She;s Like the Wind

AP (Somewhere): Looking back at last year's Top 10 list, you rated Jose Fernandez 7/No 2 starter. This year you gave Bradley a 7/No 1 starter. Were you low on Fernandez? Do you like Bradley better than Fernandez? Or has Fernandez's emergence made you more likely to consider putting No 1 upside on an elite prospect?

Jason Parks: I didn't give Fernandez's breaking ball or changeup enough credit. Should have assumed his makeup would push him above the paper grades.

gotwins0912 (Taichung city): Do you think you are overrated Kevin Gausman? MLB.com don't think he is Top 10 RH pitchers in the minors.

Jason Parks: He's clearly one of the top right-handers in the minors. I will assume they didn't rank him because of major league service time or something in that realm because you absolutely can't justify excluding him based on the scouting.

Josh (Forney): If Joey Gallo hit .200, but had 40 bombs and 85 rbi, wouldn't any team in MLB take that?

Jason Parks: Most likely.

tonynelson19 (MN): Of all the international guys expected to make their stateside debuts this year, who are you most excited to see?

Jason Parks: Rafael Devers and Ricardo Sanchez

Adam (Anaheim): A player has an 8 breaking ball, but below average everything else (5 FB, 4 CH) could he succeed in the majors?

Jason Parks: Depends on the FB command. If he can spot the FB, even if the velo is average, you can get bats moving and make the breaking ball even more effective. I think the profile would probably be more reliever than starter, but it would depend on the FB command.

Chris (New York): You mentioned teams not leaving your guys alone. What percentage of your staff do you think could work for a pro team right now?

Jason Parks: More than half. I target evaluators that have industry-level present or projected scouting skills.

Bodi (The Beach): I hate violence Johnny, I really do...

Jason Parks: Proper way to end.

Jason Parks: Only three hours today, but in that short amount of time, you guys broke a personal record for questions asked. It would take 24 hours to answer them all. As always, I really appreciate the effort. Fantastic display of #tesh today. Thanks again. Lo mejor

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