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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday April 01, 2014 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


With his Arizona odyssey over, Jason talks prospects he saw this spring.

Jason Parks: Big Trouble in Little China (also known as John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China) is a 1986 American fantasy martial arts comedy film directed by John Carpenter. It stars Kurt Russell as truck driver Jack Burton, who helps his friend Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) rescue Wang's green-eyed fiancee (Suzee Pai) from bandits in San Francisco's Chinatown. They go into the mysterious underworld beneath Chinatown, where they face an ancient sorcerer named David Lo Pan (James Hong).

Scott (Lincolnshire): Outside of the big 4 + Alcantara, who impressed you the most from the Cubs back field scouting?

Jason Parks: Jen-Ho Tseng. I really liked the profile. The FB showed plus velocity and life; the CB was tight and thrown for strikes. Advanced pitchability. Based on what I saw in camp, I would put him in the Cubs top ten.

googap (Boston): Why you not sold Michael Gettys? Many experts wrote scouts said he would be better Byron Buxton. He could be a 40/40 guy.

Jason Parks: Suggesting Gettys would be better than Buxton is absolutely ridiculous. He's a big-time athlete with a huge arm, but I've never seen him hit against quality arms, and based on my own conversations with scouts, the hit tool is likely to spoil the party with Gettys. Even suggesting he could be a 40/40 makes my balls hurt. I don't get that on any level.

Gravybill (New York, NY): Saw your glowing review of Franchy Cordero this morning. Do you have a guess on his big league ETA? Thanks!

Jason Parks: He's not close. Love the swing and the power potential, but he's still very raw in the field. Considering the fact that his professional experience is limited to the complex level, I think 2017 is a realistic ETA.

MonkeyEpoxy (Amarillo): Did any prospect come to camp who drastically improved/got worse to the point where it greatly changed your opinion of their ceilings?

Jason Parks: A few: Chris Bostick with the Rangers looked a lot better than I expected. It's a 2B profile, but I'm sold this kid can hit, which could make him more than just a utility option down the line. He really impressed me. I wasn't especially high on A's BJ Boyd coming in, but I dropped him a grade after seeing his spring physique and swing at the plate. I'm not a fan. I wanted to like Courtney Hawkins more but I just can't go high on the guy. It's not a role 3 or anything because of the power potential and athleticism, but I can't put a major league regular grade on him. He's a 4 for me.

Jimmy (Philly): I own Brad Miller and Chris Owings in a dynasty league, no MI spot. Which one would you keep and which would you trade?

Jason Parks: "Truck driver Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) and his friend, restaurant owner Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), go to the airport to pick up Wang's fiancee Miao Yin (Suzee Pai), who is arriving from China. A Chinese street gang, the Lords of Death, tries to kidnap another Chinese girl at the airport who is being met by her friend Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall), intending to sell her as a sex slave."

Latin Lover (To Be Named Later): Sing softly/sweetly to me about Marcos Molina, will he be a Top 101 guy in '15?

Jason Parks: I really like the upside and the athleticism on the mound, but he would need to start showing that promise on the mound before he would be in the running for the top 101. He has a long way to go. High ceiling but long developmental road ahead.

CyMature (Cooperstown Retirement Home): Hey Prof, if you would be so kind as to rank these three catchers for future impact as hitters only: Jorge Alfaro, Gary Sanchez, Blake Swihart. thank you.

Jason Parks: Alfaro, Sanchez, and Swihart. When it comes to all-around game, I'd go Alfaro, Swihart, and Sanchez

CyMature (Cabin (Fever)): This is a theological question. Do you believe in Trey Ball? Not Baal. Does this make the previous tall, skinny lefty savior, Henry Owens, into John The Baptist?

Jason Parks: I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me. Yoko and me.

Metsfan (NY): What are your thoughts on how the Mets front office is performing?

Jason Parks: I'm a very big fan of Paul DePodesta and the Mets scouting department. I've been critical of some of the recent drafts, but I like the high-ceiling approach in the LA market and their ability to recognize high-ceiling talent as trade targets.

steveg12 (CA): Whats your take on Mookie Betts?

Jason Parks: I'm a little lower on Betts than some, which means I don't see a potential all-star in the profile. That said, I do like the player; a rangy 2B with plenty of run and line-drive pop in the stick. He brings a plan to the plan which will keep him in good counts and allow him to rip fastballs, something he does quite well. When I first saw him in High-A, I put a utility grade on him. He is better than that, and could end up a major league regular if everything clicks. Unless its utility, I doubt his future home is in Boston.

Number27 (The Good Land): Who finishes with more MLB HRs? Javier Baez or Kris Bryant?

Jason Parks: Career? Baez.

SenatorsGuy (Minnesota): With the recent decision by the Cubs to try Javier Baez out at second base, does this open up third for Kris Bryant for the next few years?

Jason Parks: I think its about having options. You could try Baez out at third, but you already have Olt and Villanueva ahead in the queue--which should be considered a strength in the upper minors/majors, not to mention Bryant; although I think his long-term home will be in a corner OF spot. As an org, if you can fill a weakness from a position of strength, you explore those options. Baez needs more time in the minors, but there is going to come a time when he is ready to attack the major league level, and when that time comes, you have to play him somewhere. You might as well prepare for that outcome by getting him reps at a position of weakness in the short-term regardless of your long-term plans or projections for the player. It's smart baseball.

dixie_flyer (st. louis): True or False: David Dahl will be in your top 10 next year.

Jason Parks: False. But he could jump 50 spots by this time next year. We were too conservative with his ranking this season. He can really rip a baseball, and I love his overall approach to the game. No makeup concerns on any level. I'm a believer and I should have pushed him up the list coming into this season.

Kyle (Bloomington): How did Brinson look this spring? Should I still be terrified of the K rate?

Jason Parks: He looked better, which is to say he changed his swing again. I would still be terrified about the K rate. He brings a lot to the table, with speed, defense, and power. But if he can't improve the hit tool, the future is more 5th OF than a 1st-division impact type.

Elijah (Korea): Best catcher prospect - D'arnaud, Hedges, or Alfaro?

Jason Parks: Hedges is the best all-around catching prospect at present, mostly on the back of his near-elite profile behind the plate. Alfaro has the highest ceiling, a legit superstar type if everything clicks. d'Arnaud gets points deducted because he can't stay on a field, but if he can stay healthy, he's a 1st division talent.

Wesley (Toronto): hey Jason i love this years prospect book as always awesome man keep up the good work and my question whats your thoughts about Aaron Sanchez in spring command better? you think he can help the jays this year?

Jason Parks: THanks. My phone exploded all spring with scouting notes on Sanchez in camp. He not only looked the part but he pitched the part, and several scouts thought he was ready to pitch at the major league level right out of the gate. That's incredibly high praise. It won't take long before he forces the issue and arrives at the ML level. Incredibly easy release of the ball. It's like he's playing catch in the backyard except he's throwing 96 with late-life.

Zack (Tampa): Music for the mood?

Jason Parks: Liquid Swords.

birdzfan52 (Baltimore): I know you saw Padres camp, because I know you had the chance to drool over Franchy Cordero. Did you get to see Joe Ross? How did he look, and do you think he'll be better than his brother?

Jason Parks: Ross can be quite a tease, showing you easy plus (to plus-plus) velocity and a sharp slider that can miss bats. The problem is that I was drunk on the Kool-Aid last season and the pitcher I saw in camp didn't fully translate to the regular season, so I'm both optimistic based on his spring badassness yet skeptical because he likes to show a little leg in the club but it doesn't go beyond that.

BirdsofBABIP (Canada): Does Dalton Pompey have a realistic chance of being an MLB regular? #Jays

Jason Parks: Very strong reports on him. He has tools. If he puts it together, he could very easily be a ML regular.

Asking For a Friend (Chicago): Other than Manaea, do you see any other under the radar pitchers who look like they could make a big jump in the rankings next year?

Jason Parks: On the Royals? Pedro Fernandez. He will be one to watch in the next few years. Could be electric.

Learning to cook (Kitchen): Could you recommend any cooking websites/blogs?

Jason Parks: "After Jack intervenes, they take Miao Yin instead. In Jack's big-rig truck, he and Wang track the Lords of Death to the back alleys of Chinatown, where they find a funeral procession that quickly erupts into a street fight between the Chang Sing and Wing Kong, two ancient Chinese societies. When "The Three Storms" (Thunder, Rain, and Lightning) appear, slaughtering the Chang Sing, Jack tries to escape but runs over Lo Pan (James Hong), a powerful and legendary sorcerer, as well as the leader of the Wing Kong. Horrified, Jack exits his truck, only to find Lo Pan, who is merely annoyed. Wang hurriedly guides Jack through the alleys, escaping the carnage and mayhem, but Jack's truck is stolen."

brentdaily (boulder): Who most surprised you in Arizona? Anyone you're now Quixotically promoting?

Jason Parks: I really fell for Tim Anderson of the White Sox. Something about the way he hits grabbed me, much like an attractive face catches you from afar. After watching him in a lengthy backfield workout and then a AA game against the Dodgers, I was hooked. As I mentioned in the Ten Pack write-up, I'm not sold he is a SS long-term, as I would like to see him a 2B. Its the bat that really stands out, and I love his handsy swing with good balance and bat speed. Tempted to put a role 7 ceiling on him based on that profile, even though I don't like it at SS.

dtothew (atlanta): No question here - just wanted to express my appreciation for the work that you and your team do. Baseball is a better sport because of your hard work and dedication.

Jason Parks: This is a very kind thought and I (we) appreciate that. Thank you.

Oscar Gamble's afro (Earth): Where would Tim Anderson rank in an updated top 101?

Jason Parks: I've been smoking the Tim Anderson wax, so I should probably refrain from answering this question out of fear I say something like top 50.

ttt (Manhattan): Thoughts on Kyle Zimmer's shoulder issues? He hasn't started throwing yet. Are the Royals just saving him so he can pitch in KC?

Jason Parks: I didn't see him throw in camp, although I did see him in uniform. Shoulder injuries make me nervous, even when I'm told everything is okay.

Mick (Chicago): Is MLB wasting its time and money w/ Australia? The recent series looked underwhelming as to fan interest, and prospect production is down and weak.

Jason Parks: I thought it was a waste.

John (Boston): Hey Jason,how many of these guys will be up by June 1st...Lindor,Jon Gray,Eddie Butler,A.Bradley,Aaron Sanchez and Springer....Thanks!!!!

Jason Parks: Butler, Bradley, Springer--with Sanchez being a maybe.

Ace (PA): I'd love to get your thoughts on Bon Iver?

Jason Parks: "Wang takes Jack to his restaurant, where they meet up with Gracie, Wang's friend Eddie Lee (Donald Li), and magician Egg Shen (Victor Wong), a local authority on Lo Pan. They try to explain to an incredulous Jack some of the ancient knowledge and sorcery the Chinese brought with them to America, eventually devising a plan to infiltrate a brothel, where they think Miao Yin is being held. However, the Storms make off with Miao Yin, bringing her to a front owned by Lo Pan."

brentdaily (boulder): Any new thoughts on Vogelbach after catching him in Mesa? Enough stick to warrant owning a glove?

Jason Parks: Sure. Maybe. But the profile is still bat first, no matter how much better the body looks. He is going to have to hit a ton to have value, and even though I think he will hit, I doubt it achieves a Prince Fielder-level of production, so its hard to get too excited about it. Right or wrong, I find it difficult to get too excited about 1B/DH prospects until they crush in the upper minors and look projectable to do so against major league pitching.

Jack (DC): Bubba Starling. It's just not going to happen, is it?

Jason Parks: It's not, at least to the level his raw physical tools and draft distinction suggested possible. I don't think he will hit.

Roy Munson (1978 Iowa State bowling champ): If everything falls right, how soon could we see Giolito?

Jason Parks: 2016. I assume they go easy with Giolito in 2014, take the training wheels off in 2015, and he could arrive at the highest level in 2016.

Bill (Jacksonville): Is Trea Turner primarily a speed/glove prospect or do you see his bat developing down the road?

Jason Parks: Unusually toolsy for a collegiate player, but I've yet to talk to a scout that really loves the bat, or the glove (for that matter). I think speed guys are often overrated. Give me guys that can actually hit over guys that can actually run but only sort of hit.

SenatorsGuy (Minnesota): Does Eric Hosmer still make you happy?

Jason Parks: Absolutely. I never left his side.

Jack (San Francisco): Roundhouse or leg sweep?

Jason Parks: Throat rip.

johnorpheus (St. Louis): Marco Gonzales or Rob Kaminsky long term?

Jason Parks: I'll take the plus-plus CH every time. I'm a sucker for a high-end changeup. Give me Gonzales despite the weaker FB

Super Buff Guy (Super Buff Village): Over or under 700 career HRs for Baez and Bryant combined

Jason Parks: Over.

dixie_flyer (st. louis): Hi Jason. Do you see Oscar Mercado as a future SS for the Cardinals?

Jason Parks: I don't. I don't think he will hit enough to be a major league regular.

Tony (Work): Think Manaea can make a late-season impact this year?

Jason Parks: At the major league level? No. Take it easy. He looked healthy and hearty this spring, but let him log a season full of healthy innings before he gets pushed to the majors and is expected to contribute on a contending team.

Jackson (Ashland (OR)): Reading above, you mention the shoulder injuries scare you. It sounds like Taijuan Walker was just dealing with a little bit of inflammation, but does this also scare you?

Jason Parks: It does. But not every shoulder issue is the same, and his spring reports looked good. Like most injuries, its a concern until its not a concern, and if he looks the part in his minor league assignment, I expect him to be up and flamethrowing very soon.

Snake (LA): Can you elaborate on why you seem a bit lower on Austin Meadows than some of the other major publications?

Jason Parks: When I saw him as an amateur I wasn't blown away by his bat; loved the athleticism and tools, but when you watch a high 1st round talent get beat by fringe stuff, it sticks with you. Despite the numbers, I heard similar reports from his professional debut, and it makes me hesitant to go crazy on the kid, especially if you see the profile as a LF where the bat really has to play to have value. We still ranked him on the BP 101, so its not like we are calling him a scrub or anything. But we have a lot of looks at this kid and so far the scouting isn't as impressive as the stats.

Tony (Work): Out of curiosity, do you have any grades for Jameis Winston?

Jason Parks: I haven't seen him in person, but its not that crazy of a profile. I guess he could be a reliever but I think his status as a baseball prospect is exaggerated by his exploits on the football field. This isn't Bo Jackson.

Dan (MN): All else equal, would you prefer a SP with an 8 FB, 6 CB/SL , 5 CH or 6 FB, 7 CB/SL, 6 CH

Jason Parks: I'll take the pitcher with the elite fastball and plus breaker.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Is there really a chance Sano comes back soon enough to get a cup of coffee this September? Seems unnecessary.

Jason Parks: Seems very unnecessary

cracker73 (Florida ): Thanks for the chat. In your opinion, which hitter and pitcher, outside of the top 50, have the highest ceilings?

Jason Parks: Alex Reyes, Jose Martinez, Braden Shipley, and Hunter Harvey on the pitching side; Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia, and David Dahl on the positional side of the ball.

EricJ (SF): Who's been your biggest miss of the past few years?

Jason Parks: Even though I was still high on him, Wil Myers comes to mind. It could still prove to be true, but I saw more of a solid-average to first division type, not an all-star caliber talent. I thought his weaknesses would get exploited and he would struggle to adjust. So far, I've been wrong with that assessment. You learn from it.

John (CT): Chances we see Addison Russell and Buxton in the majors this year?

Jason Parks: Sure. It's possible. Both seem like better options for 2015, though.

Steve (Peoria, IL): Is C.J. Edwards still the Cubs best pitching prospect or is Jen-Ho Tseng higher now?

Jason Parks: Edwards is the better prospect

Tony (Work): Right now who's your favorite prospect to watch play baseball?

Jason Parks: My favorite prospect to watch his spring was Padres IF Josh Van Meter just because he got a hit in just about every AB I saw--and I saw a lot of his ABs. Jorge Alfaro has been my favorite prospect to watch for a long time be because he can show impact tools on all sides of the ball, and at some point in each game, will do something on the field that makes you say, "Holy shit!"

Tony (Work): I know it's far from prospect coverage, but what are your thoughts on Mike Trout's new contract? Win for the Angels, Trout, or both?

Jason Parks: Win for the Angels keeping Trout off the open market. Can you imagine what he would make if all 30 teams were bidding on his services?

Joseph (The Great Concavity): Does any essay or short story demonstrate a fiction author's ability more than the story of Gay Tony's death in Infinite Jest? Fuck man.

Jason Parks: It's elite and a perfect showcase for his ability to craft a story that affects the reader very deeply and personally. I think about it quite a bit. That's not my favorite overall work from DFW, but that particularly section affected me in a very lasting way.

Shawn (Cubicle): If you could give 1 tool to a prospect that could turn him into an absolute monster, what's the tool and who's the prospect?

Jason Parks: Hit tool to Joey Gallo. I don't think people realize how extreme this guy's raw power is. Its not a product of his home park. Its not a product of the pitching he is facing. This is Stanton-like raw power. A better hit tool and it plays with more consistency and then you have a 40+ home run player.

Johnny Utah (50 Year Storm): Are you still typing one-handed when you think of Dylan Bundy, or have you clicked to another video? Or, in non-porn terms, are you still as high on him as ever?

Jason Parks: Based on reports from last season and this spring, my hands are busy thinking about Bundy's organizational teammate Hunter Harvey. Get ready for this monster. Its coming.

Mike (Utica, NY): Can Ryan McMahon become better than Dahl or Tapia or no chance due to your love of Tapia?

Jason Parks: Better? I didn't see that type of upside. I liked it, but he doesn't have the same level of feel and I wasn't sold on his abilities at 3B. Good approach at the plate and I liked his swing, but I don't think he belongs in the same conversation with Dahl or Tapia.

JSappington (IL): I see a lot of people ask you about Eloy, what about Gleyber Torres?

Jason Parks: I liked him a lot more than Eloy. Moves very naturally on the field, and I liked how he put his bat to the ball. I would rank him higher than Jimenez.

racehorse1 (siesta key): Always enjoy your no bs style Jason. Kyle Hendricks been doing nothing but get guys out for 2 years. His velocity gonna play against the big kids? And call me crazy, to me Soler could be the best of the bunch in 5 years. Plate discipline, bat speed and 65 power is not a bad combo, no?

Jason Parks: Hendricks can pitch and keep hitters off-balance with his stuff, but I don't see a lot of sustainable success at the major league level. As for Soler, he's my least favorite of the CUbs thumpers. He has 80 grade raw power, but I dislike his approach and his ability (inability) to make adjustments could end up fucking him against better arms. I wouldn't be surprised if he is the one that fails to reach his potential.

SenatorsGuy (Minnesota): Did you see Robert Stephenson in the spring? It looks like may have struggled according to the results, but did the stuff say something encouraging?

Jason Parks: I did. His stuff is always good. But like most young arms pitching above their level, he pressed and turned into a thrower when he faced adversity instead of dialing it back and making his pitch. I'm not knocking him for this. It just goes to show that major league pitchers are very good, and you can take all the flame-throwing minor league arms and rave about their skill-sets, but at the end of the day, it comes down to slowing the game down and making the pitches you need to make, and most young arms can't pull that off. Stephenson will get there, but this spring was a good reminder that he isn't ready as a pitcher despite having major league caliber raw stuff.

Chad (OKC): With Nick Martinez set to make his debut in Texas later this week, will you provide a scouting report on him? He seems to have been flying under the radar a bit compared to some of the other Ranger pitching prospects.

Jason Parks: I've seen him a bunch since he signed, but I don't think he belongs in the discussion with other Rangers pitching prospects. He has pitchability and is a plus athlete, but I have him graded as a middle-reliever, with a good low-90s FB and a playable SL that he can manipulate. I don't think he's going to miss enough barrels or bats at the major league level, but I don't think he will run away from the challenge. He's a smart kid with balls. He should be around the game for a while.

Mill (Lodi): Frazier or Meadows long term? Urias or Manaea?

Jason Parks: Frazier. Not close for me. Urias. Not close for me.

Daff (Sheffield, UK): 12 team Dynasty, trying to get a sense for prospective value. Who would you expect to be able to get if you parted with Sano?

Jason Parks: "Trying to rescue her, Jack and Wang are quickly subdued by Rain and taken to see Lo Pan, now in the form of a crippled, old man. Wang tells Jack that Lo Pan needs a special green-eyed girl to break an ancient curse, and he intends to sacrifice Miao Yin. When Jack and Wang's friends attempt to save them, they are also captured, and Lo Pan notes that Gracie has green eyes, too. Lo Pan decides to sacrifice Gracie, while making Miao Yin his unwilling wife."

Mike (Utica, NY): Is the worst thing someone can do with prospects is scout by the stats?

Jason Parks: It's lazy and doesn't paint a complete picture, especially in the lower levels of the minors.

Daff (Sheffield, UK): What future do you see for Nomar Mazara?

Jason Parks: 1st-division RF at the major league level, with the ability to hit for both average and power with a plus arm.

Mike (Utica, NY): Who had the best pure tools of anyone you saw this spring?

Jason Parks: Alfaro. Breakdown of his tools: 8 arm. 6+ run; 7 raw; 5 glove (and improving). That's a catcher with an elite arm (it's an 80-grade tool. Too many people are afraid to use the scale. Call it what it is. Elite.), plus runner, and middle-of-the-order raw power. That's abnormal. You can't find many players at any level of the game that can stack up with that.

Dave (San Diego): I picked Kentucky to win it all over Florida - how do you like my bracket?

Jason Parks: "After getting the drop on Thunder, Jack and Wang escape, also freeing many women kept in holding cells. Wang and Jack go to see Egg Shen, and, with the help of the Chang Sing, they enter an underground cavern to return to Lo Pan's headquarters. Egg pours each of the group a potent potion that Jack says makes him feel "kind of invincible." During the wedding ceremony, a huge fight ensues, which Jack misses, due to accidentally knocking himself out. Wang kills Rain in a sword duel, while Jack and Gracie try to catch Lo Pan."

Taking a call. Be right back.

Joe (Minny): What hitter has the highest upside in the minors? Buxton? Sano?

Jason Parks: Baez

EricJ (SF): How about scouting stats at the upper minors while factoring in age and position?

Jason Parks: Starts to become more relevant in the upper minors

adragone (NJ): Alfaro has a low threshold to clear given all of those talents you mentioned and the anemic hitting at catching. How would you respond to the Miguel Olivo comp due to the lack of hit tool?

Jason Parks: Doesn't make any sense to me. He has a hit tool. Its not as loud as his other tools, but that comp sounds like its based on his A ball stats and not the scouting reports or any eyewitness observation. Alfaro has incredible bat speed and his balance has improved. Will he be a .300 hitter? No. But Miguel Olivo comp? Jesus that's rough.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Does Addison Russell stick at SS long-term?

Jason Parks: Yes.

Tony (Work): Can we all agree a 24-hour BP marathon chat is something that should happen? You could even rotate different BP guys during it if you needed to. Maybe raise a little money for a good cause. 1st Annual BP Chatathon, make it happen!

Jason Parks: My schedule is a little crazy today, so I have to cut this chat shorter than I wanted. But this is what I want to do (very soon): I want to start a BP prospect chat at 10am and answer every question in the queue no matter how long it takes. I have over 300 in the queue now. Let's plan that very soon.

Kevin (St Louis): Gregory Polanco - top 20 outfielder by the end of the season?

Jason Parks: At the major league level? That's a bit aggressive.

How Rude (Pyongyang): Get off the phone. PEOPLE ARE WAITING, professor.

Jason Parks: Busy day. Apologies.

Gregor (Cape Town): Tapia, Dahl, or Meadows?

Jason Parks: Tapia

Jamal (LA): What team are you picking to win the Stanley Cup?

Jason Parks: "Wang joins them, and, just when all seems lost, Jack kills Lo Pan, with a skillful knife throw. Thunder, enraged and dishonored at his failure to protect his master, starts to inflate to an enormous size, exploding and killing himself. Jack, Wang, Gracie, and Miao Yin are cornered by Lightning in a corridor, which he makes collapse. Egg rescues them with a rope and kills Lightning, when he tries to follow. After finding Jack's truck, they escape back to Wang's restaurant."

Kevin Goldstein (DeKalb): What happens first, my Astro's make the playoffs or you finally join a Major League Front Office?

Jason Parks: I would love to join a major league front office someday, but I love my job at Baseball Prospectus and I've yet to be offered such a lucrative job with a team.

AZ (NYC): Will Fringe Average be moving to a more regular schedule with the season beginning?

Jason Parks: Yes. More Fringe-Average during the season. Blame me. My schedule has been the problem.

Jason Parks: Apologies for the quick chat. As usual, I appreciate the great questions. Make sure to check out the 2014 Futures Guide, now available in all formats. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=23130

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