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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 25, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Join Jason and Little Jeremy Irons for an afternoon prospect chat.

Jason Parks: "Yes, they're stereotypes, there must be more to life. All your life you are dreaming and then you stop dreaming. From time to time you know you should be going on another bender" Here we go

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Professor Parks, who would you rather have in your system, Tyler Glasnow or Luiz Gohara?

Jason Parks: Glasnow. Safer. Good ceiling.

xavier (texas): It seems clear that the White Sox were overly aggressive assigning C. Hawkins to Hi-A. But does this make him any less of a prospect than he was before the season?

Jason Parks: His failures in 2013 have hurt his stock, but its the scouting that I worry about more than the aggressive assignment. Hawkins has very legit raw power, but the swing has a lot of miss and the pitch recognition might be an issue. He has been exposed by the level of competition, but its far too early to throw him away. I don't see an impact talent, but I do see enough raw power and athleticism to keep him on the radar for a while, and if he can shorten up the swing and make some adjustments, he can return to his major league projections. He's not a prospect I believe in, but he's also not a prospect I am willing to complete abandon because of a poor showing at an advanced level at a young age.

Hoot John Carter (Toronto): Jean Segura is slumping relative to our new expectations. This is due to A) Major League pitchers found a flaw that will be very difficult for Segura to recover from; B) It's a flaw that he will solve sooner than later; C) He is hiding an injury; D) His slump is an illusion based on random chance; E) He really just wasn't that good; F) _________ [fill in the blank]

Jason Parks: A and possibly B. Baseball is a game of adjustments, and the best players are the ones that can figure out the secondary adjustments without losing consistency. The league is adjusting to Segura. It's his turn to make an adjustment.

biscuits (Sesame Street): Is Matthew Wisler one of the best young pitchers that no ones talking about? 2/3 ceiling?

Jason Parks: He's a very promising arm, with excellent arm strength, two highly projectable pitches and feel for the craft. I don't love his delivery, and he could end up in the 'pen. He was electric in camp and has carried that over to the season, and he could make an impact at the highest level as soon as next season. I don't see a #2 starter, though.

Biscuits (Rack City): If 3B prospect Josh Bell stuck to his word and went to the University of Texas, how high could you see him being drafted? Has his ceiling changed?

Jason Parks: In all fairness, would you turn down $5M in order to attend UT? Cmon. I think he would have crushed in college and been drafted very high, but he already received high-first round money and he's already in the pro system, so its win-win for him.

Biscuits (Wonderland): Has Rosell Herrera fulfilled all of your wildest fantasies since you wrote about him in 2011?

Jason Parks: I felt good about the projection in '11, and I'm glad to see he is producing at the full season level as a 20-year-old.

ddivi23 (Bartlett): Jason, You rock! When I hear about CJ Edwards I hear that he has the potential for 3 average to above average pitches and holds his low to mid 90's velocity late into games. Yet he profiles as a 4th starter? Sound like a 2/3 to me, what am I missing?

Jason Parks: You are missing the projection and distinction of a 2/3. Edwards lacks an ideal body for workload, which doesn't mean its impossible, but its difficult to project his frame holding 200+ innings a year, season after season. I like his fastball a lot, but I don't see a standout secondary offering, although the curve can flash it. Without a wipeout secondary offering, I don't see the upside. I see a guy with feel for pitching, a very good fastball, and a solid-average secondary arsenal. I put a back-end label on that profile. I think Edwards ends up in the 'pen, where he could develop into a power arm. I don't see a frontline starter projection.

hotstatrat ("working" from home): Long term: Luis Sardinas or Raul Mondesi, Jr.?

Jason Parks: Mondesi.

hknova (Hong Kong): If you are trading major league talent for prospects do you want bulk or elite. As example (from A's): Addison Russell or Sonny Gray, Michael Choice, Grant Green and Jemile Weeks.

Jason Parks: I wouldn't trade for Grant Green. Give me the high ceiling guys; players with impact potential. You don't fly flags because of fringy talent. Impact players make impact teams.

Shawn (CT): I got my 1st live look at the man of my dreams, Miguel Sano, on Tuesday night in New Britain. He hit an absolute bomb into the trees in LF (and that's under-stating it). My question is, can I have the name/number of the guy who painted your Francisco Lindor mural? I want one of Miguel Sano right above my bed so I can stare at him every night before bed.

Jason Parks: Gilbert and George painted the mural of Lindor. They seemed like the appropriate choice.

Paul (DC): With Marisnick joining Yelich in a dual callup to the Marlins, will Yelich be given any chance to prove he has the legs for handling Center? Or is it fait accompli he sits in Left for his career?

Jason Parks: I think he ends up in LF or 1B. I'd rather roll with Marisnick in CF than Yelich.

Shawn (CT): In their primes, who is the best Pirates OF- Polanco, or Marte? I know the easy answer is Marte based on the fact he's already in the MLB, but if Polanco can add some mass w/o losing too much speed, seems like be could be an absolute monster- annual 25/25 type?

Jason Parks: I like Marte. It's not a knock on Polanco; I really like him as well. I just prefer Marte's all-around skill set.

AJ (Phoenix): Odd that Bradley and/or Syndergaard are called up this season by the D-Backs or Mets, respectively, this season?

Jason Parks: I don't think the Mets need to call up Syndergaard. I can see the DBacks bringing up Bradley, possibly to work in bursts out of the 'pen. It could be beneficial in a number of ways, from impact, to experience, to innings management. I think he's earned a September cup of coffee at the very least. I can't wait to see it.

stlgreg (St. Louis): Just looking at the young third baseman and I was thinking it looks like Moustakas has hit a hot streak...do you think Lawrie will find a streak at any point this season? is he hurting at all?

Jason Parks: He will get hot, and has the ability to stay hot. I hope he explodes before he implodes.

pietraynor21 (pgh): Is Gregory Polonco's upside higher or lower than Marte and McCutchen?

Jason Parks: Give me McCuthchen and Marte. Not discounting Polanco; rather, I just really, really like those two outfielders and what they can bring to all facets of the game. Polcano can join the discussion someday, but I'm not sold he can approach the heights of Cutch

pmuehlenkamp (Cincinnati): What Reds minor leaguers do you think it would take to pry Stanton from the Marlins? How about if the Reds included a poorly used Chapman in the deal?

Jason Parks: They would have to part with a ton of talent to land Stanton, including cost-controlled major leaguers in addition to impact minor leaguers like Robert Stephenson. I don't see them as a good fit.

padremurph (San Diego): Is Austin Hedges the best defensive catching prospect of all time?

Jason Parks: No. He's the best defensive prospect I have ever seen, but my experience is limited to the last ~8 years.

padremurph (San Diego): What do you make of Kris Bryant's 0-5, 5k debut in Boise?

Jason Parks: Nothing

gphelp77 (Chicago): I know that when looking at these three players right now they are incomparable, however it looks like Bogaerts, Russell, and Correa are the top SS prospects in the minors. Who has the higher ceiling, floor, and risk between them? And what is your gut feeling about how you'd rank them 5 years from now?

Jason Parks: Higher Ceiling: Bogaerts, Correa, Russell
Higher Floor: Bogaerts, Russell, Correa
Biggest Risk: Correa, Russell, Bogaerts
Five Years From Now: Bogaerts, Correa, Russell

Theo Epstein (Chicago): Thanks for stopping by Jason! Just how good could my future outfield be headlined by Albert Almora and Jorge Soler?

Jason Parks: This good (points to naked, oiled up physique)

Chris (Minnesota): Hey Jason! Eddie Rosario has been shadowed big time by Buxton and Sano but is he the best 2B prospect in baseball?

Jason Parks: He's not. I don't really like him as a 2B; he doesn't field the ball very well and I don't see a lot of feel at the position. I like his bat, but I don't love his approach (he thinks he's a power hitter and drops his back shoulder to launch balls that travel around 375 ft instead of 400 ft.). Give me Kolten Wong every day of the week over Rosario. Every day.

Fred (Houston): Thanks for the chat Jason! I'm very excited about prospect Nick Williams. Could you give a brief scouting report about him?

Jason Parks: Natural bat-to-ball ability; fast hands; cab square velocity and generates good bat speed without selling out the swing control; speed is inconsistent but shows 7 run; more of a left-field profile on defense; has raw power; feel for hitting stands above other skills; very unrefined in other aspects of the game; might be my favorite of the HIckory mashers, but has a long way to go before he's a fundamental baseball player.

Jed (Chicago): Can you free verse about Jorge Soler?

Jason Parks: My Cuban hero
Take me away
To a land of power and production
In Soler's significant name, we pray

James (STL): Could Kolten Wong play SS at the major league level?

Jason Parks: He could play any position if asked to, but he wouldn't make an ideal SS at the highest level. That said, don't tell him he can't do it. He'll go out and prove you wrong.

Bisquick (CA): Jim Callis has been quoted as saying 1B Dominic Smith has one, if not the "best, high-school bats in the draft." Your thoughts, and player comp?

Jason Parks: I agree. He has a very good hit tool and the power could develop. The defensive profile is problematic because of the limitations, but if he can hit .300 at the highest level, even without prototypical 1B power, he's a stud.

Brett (Pennsylvania): Alen Hanson had a breakout year last year and is holding his own in high-A as a 20-year-old kid. Could he be a legitimate starting shortstop at the MLB level and just how high is his ceiling? Thanks!

Jason Parks: I like the bat; don't love the overall profile at SS. I think he can make it work, but would be a better fit at 2B, where the bat will play. I think quality defense at 2B gets overlooked because of the prestige associated with the double-play mate on the left-side. 2B is still an up-the-middle position, and the physical demands are legit. Even if Hanson becomes a 2B, it shouldn't knock him as much as some people like to believe. It's a difficult position to play at a high level, and when you factor in the stick, Hanson could be a very valuable major league player.

GrinnellSteve (Iowa): While I'm trying to get a handle on Rick Hahn as a trader, I was wondering what you thought of the respective hauls for Matt Thornton and Francisco Rodriguez. Given Thornton's declining ability, I was pleased to see the Sox get some salary relief and a prospect, but that haul needs to be contextualized in this particular market for relievers. Did Hahn do me proud in his first deadline deal? Thanks.

Jason Parks: I wish I had a stronger opinion on the deals, but I really don't. They aren't that significant, and I don;t see enough to really evaluate Hahn as a deadline trader.

Alec (Scottsdale, Az): Im in a 20 team dynasty league with a 5 man prospect roster. Staring me in the face on the waiver wire are Puello, Berrios, Stratton, and Eddie Butler. Would you add any of these guys over current guys on my roster Wilmer Flores, Chris Owings, Alen Hanson?

Jason Parks: I really like Butler and Berrios, but I dont know anything about fantasy baseball so I'm not much help. If you want any advice about my fantasies for Tom Verducci, please re-submit.

Jeff (Miami): I know comps are dangerous, but can you compare Yelich to a guy like Markakis? Is that the ceiling we should expect?

Jason Parks: It's not terrible. Yelich could hit .300 at the highest level with a ton of doubles

Miss Muffet (VA): We know Machado is a defensive wizard and Bogaerts may or may not stay at SS, but when all said and done, who has the better offensive career?

Jason Parks: Machado.

cracker73 (Florida): Twins prospect Adam Brett Walker is having a monster year, but I don't see him on any prospect lists. What is his upside?

Jason Parks: I like his power a lot. I don't know if he can hang with quality pitching, which will be the big test as he climbs. He could prove to be legit or a minor league masher. It's too early for me to say.

Myrick (Charleston, SC): Jesus Montero-Sea.. What does he need to do to turn around his career and get a full time job in the pro's?

Jason Parks: He needs to stay healthy and find consistency in his approach and mechanics. Hard to do from the shelf.

Jimmy (St Louis): Recently read that Gregory Polanco could develop more power than Oscar Taveras. How do they compare?

Jason Parks: No. I don't think Polanco is in that league. Taveras has crazy raw power and the type of hit tool to let it all come to play.

CyMature (Western Mass): Joey Gallo has: a hole in his swing? a niche waiting in Cooperstown? something boring in between?

Jason Parks: He has more swing and miss than you want to see, despite owning 80 raw power. I really worry that he won't make enough contact to let the power out. He has a pocket in the zone where he can absolutely demolish a ball, but the torque heavy swing doesn't afford him much bat control, so when he is forced to adjust his plane or keep his hands back on secondary stuff, he is unable to execute.

Too Many Questions (The Wind): Garza trade: 1-2 PTBN from the Rangers. Will they be in the Brinson/Alfaro range? 'garza' means 'heron' in Spanish. How does this affect the pennant race?

Jason Parks: It won't be Brinson or Alfaro. It will most likely be a Neil Ramirez type or a low-level arm. I don't see the Rangers parting with either Brinson or Alfaro in the deal, but could see their names attached (as rumors) to a possible deal for Pence or Rios.

Joe (Dallas): Hey Jason, who do you like more as a prospect? Nick Williams or Ronald Guzman? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Guzman has a tough profile, as he is already limited to 1B. But I really love his approach to hitting and the ease in which he does it. I've already spoken about my love for Williams as well, especially the bat-to-ball skills. But his overall game is very rudimentary, and he could flame out before bringing it all together. THe more I watch Guzman, the more Freddie Freeman I see in the swing.

Nathan (Oakland): Hey Jason! What kind of pitcher do you see Max Fried being in the majors? Does he have the ceiling to become a monster front line starter? Thanks!

Jason Parks: I don't see a frontline starter, but I do like the arm and the ceiling is high. He has a very good fastball from the left side, and big curveball with a lot of depth. He needs to have sharp command to get swings on a pitch like that or he will be in trouble. I've seen the CH flash as well, and I think a mid-rotation (or better) ceiling is very possible.

Justin (Cali): Kyle Crick. Is he a beast in the making? Does he have ace stuff?

Jason Parks: No such thing as an ace in the minors. Aces are created at the major league level through production and consistency. Crick has very good stuff, the kind of stuff you can dream frontline dreams about, but until he produces at the highest level, that distinction will escape him. I see a possible #2 or elite closer. The stuff is legit.

Jacob (St. Louis): Thank for the chat! Do you think Taijuan Walker and Archie Bradley have the highest ceilings out of any pitchers in the minors?

Jason Parks: Yeah, they might. I'd put Syndergaard in that discussion as well.

Mike (Colorado): Jason, I'm very excited about Eddie Butler but do you think he will be able to overcome the tragedy of pitching in Coors Field? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Probably not. I love the arm, but that's a tough environment.

Joseph (Houston): What kind of upside does Max Stassi have and how is his defense?

Jason Parks: Always liked his receiving skills. Never saw much potential with the stick until now. Been impressive.

Mike (Chicago ): You're going to hate this question but what do you make of Junior Lakes terrific major league start?

Jason Parks: It's a positive thing, even if I don't think its sustainable or a good indication of future production. He's playing well, playing hard, and contributing. That's always a good thing.

jmaas14 (Sycamore,IL): The Cubs minor league system is obviously stacked offensively, but there doesn't appear to be much impact talent on the pitching side. I saw PIerce Johnson throw at Kane County a couple of times and I really liked what I saw. Are there any pitching prospects in the system that you are high on?

Jason Parks: JOhnson is a quality arm; like him a lot. Adding Edwards to the mix certainly helps, as does getting Juan Paniagua back into the states and on a field.

Cal Guy (Cali): Hey Prof. Parks, do you see Myers becoming equal, worse or better than Bruce?

Jason Parks: I like Myers, but I don't see a Bruce-like ceiling. I think he can hit, but I think he has more weaknesses in his offensive game than Bruce.

Bubba (STL): Are the cardinals using witch magic to find all these unheard of players?

Jason Parks: It's a form of magic. This should probably stay off the record but I'll drop it here. Before the BP event in St. Louis, I accidentally stumbled through an unmarked door and witnessed a very elaborate and extreme Santeria ritual, and I'm pretty sure I saw some of the player developmental staff in there. Just saying.

Alex (Toronto): Does a pitcher with a delivery like Esmil Rogers who seems to put a lot of strain on his arm cause a lot of concern about his durability? How would you try to prevent an injury for a pitcher like Rogers if your a manager or in the front office?

Jason Parks: Yes, he scares the crap out of me. I don't think you can prevent it. I think you let him rip it until it rips off.

pmuehlenkamp (Cincinnati): What is the wrong with the Reds hitting in the Minors? There is such a disparity between the development of the pitchers and the hitters. Is there some strange hitting philosophy or is it just a lack of talent?

Jason Parks: Talent is usually the culprit

Matt (Madison): Thoughts on Tocci from you brief stop in Lakewood? Also how does Severino Gonzalez look?

Jason Parks: I liked Tocci. Physically underdeveloped and the lack of strength limits him at the plate. But I saw an approach to hitting, and a good swing. Loved the way he looked in CF; moved well and showed a strong arm. Just playing at the full-season level at his age is a monster accomplishment and speaks to his makeup. I was impressed.

Jason (Grand Haven, MI): StL has some high end pitching talent...do you think they are the deepest in starting pitching talent too?

Jason Parks: I really like the arms the Padres are developing, especially guys on the Ft. Wayne staff. Lots of potential there. The Cards are loaded as well, and when you look at Wacha and Jenkins and the recent additions via the draft, that system continues to be one of the premier talent factories in the game.

Bob (DC): Is there anything to be learned this year about Giolito from a scouting perspective or is it just about maintaining health and preparing for a full year next year?

Jason Parks: Sure. Showing stuff (which he has been doing) is never a bad thing. Obviously, you want to see him stay healthy and consistent, but given his injury and timetable, any step forward is positive.

Jack (Chicago): I was surprised to see Zach mention questions about Baez's #want. Have you heard similar things and is that a red flag for putting in the effort to improve his weaknesses?

Jason Parks: For me, it's not about his #want but his command over his #want. He plays the game with a lot of intensity, but sometimes that intensity can force sloppy mistakes and a one-speed fits all approach to all sides of the ball. The majority of his mistakes come because he is playing too fast or too aggressive, not because he doesn't give a shit.

Alex (Boston ): What conclusions can you draw from Jarrod Saltalamacchia hitting .259 with a BAPIP of .387?

Jason Parks: He has a perm.

Troy (arlington): how long till I can expect to see Japhet Amador playing in the bigs? He's the hero we need right now!

Jason Parks: No. He's very fat.

liltroy17 (arlington): baseball reference lists Japhet Amador at 6'4'' 215 lbs. Accurate?

Jason Parks: No. He's very fat.

mbarr4 (Flower Mound, TX): I've heard rumors that Christian Colon is still alive. Can you confirm this?

Jason Parks: No; he's very fat. (not really; just not very good).

izzy2112 (New York): You said on the podcast that a Role 8 player is a HOF caliber player, but don't most role 7 guys end up in the Hall of Fame? Guys like Bagwell, Jeter, and Wright are Role 7 guys, while Pujols and A-Rod are Role 8 types, right?

Jason Parks: Jeter in his prime was a role 8 player for me; a .300+ hitter at a premium position on a World Series caliber team. That's elite. What makes people hall of famers is consistency. I'd have to consult Jaffe, but I assume the HOF is full of role 6 types that maintained the appropriate level of production for long periods of time giving them the statistical bounty worthy of induction.

Jonah (Brooklyn): Welcome Back. Is Terrance Gore a lock to be on KC's 2014 Top 10? Guy to watch? How close is the speed to Hamilton's?

Jason Parks: He's an 8 runner; no doubt. Not sure if he's a top ten guy, as that system is still really, really good. Definitely a fun player to watch; future bench OF with catalytic speed.

Josh (Seattle): Most impressive bulge you've seen emanating from a pair of baseball pants?

Jason Parks: Probably not Jeff Passan

Frank (Arlington): What doez the futur hold for Martin Perez? He seems good.

Jason Parks: He's good. COuld be a solid number three type that flashes more promise but fails to achieve the consistency of a frontline arm.

jkantarski (Chicago): Biggest #rig among contemporary American authors?

Jason Parks: Gary Lutz

Byron (Taiwan): In Fringe Average Podcast, you say Twins have the best farm system in baseball. Are you sure Twins is better than Astros, Cubs or Red Sox? Especially Cubs and Red Sox both have excellent depth and impact talent.

Jason Parks: Yes; I'm sure. That's why I said it. The Twins have impact talent and depth as well. Just at a glance, they have two of the top ~five prospects in the game, including the number one overall player in Byron Buxton. They have depth at every level, and just brought in Kohl Stewart, who has frontline potential and could move very fast for a HS arm. They are loaded.

Mike (Normal): If Mike Olt were brought to Chicago today and were allowed to play every day at 3B for the rest of the year, what's your best guess on what his slash line would look like?

Jason Parks: .220/.300/.325

Alex (Anaheim): Can the Dodgers do playoff damage if they keep rolling like this?

Jason Parks: They clearly have the talent, especially in a short-series to do serious damage. Not my pick for the post-season, but you can't beat that 1:2 punch

Michael (San Francisco): JP, do you think that if Jorge Soler is able to get back on the field in August, then make up some at bats in the AFL, that the Cubs start him at AA to begin next season?

Jason Parks: Yes; that sounds reasonable.

Kevin (Dekalb): Jason, what are you drinking?

Jason Parks: Water, in my coffee cup from earlier this morning. #slack

Alex (Anaheim): Will we see Mason Williams with the big club next year?

Jason Parks: Only if we are calling the Double-A club the Big Club

Kevin (Houston): Who has more impact potential between Rio Ruiz and Domingo Santana? What will each contribute at the major league level if the tools/skills turn into production?

Jason Parks: Santana. Not sure Ruiz can hit.

Thomas D. (N.C.): Hi Jason, glad to see you doing a chat. About a month ago you said on Twitter that Manny Machado might be the best young star in the game and that over the next decade you would rather have him than even Mike Trout. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that a bit if you could. Thanks a lot!

Jason Parks: I think he has such tremendous feel for the game that he is likely to improve as he matures. His doubles will start to turn into over the fence power, and he is more than capable of sliding over to man SS in the future. He's a premium talent and I would build any franchise in baseball around him. My only concern with Machado are his ties (and hero-worship) to ARod and some of the training facilities in Miami. I'm not suggesting he will appear on any list, as I don't think he will. I just find the connections and associations to be something worth keeping an eye on.

Jose Ole (Johnson City, TN): I hear Vogelbach's defense is starting to look like he may be serviceable at 1B. What are your thoughts about him overall?

Jason Parks: Big raw and good hit; don't see a 1B, but that doesn't mean he can't make it work. If the bat plays, you can figure out the glove.

sitrick2 (Minneapolis): Is there anything meaningful to be gleaned from VSL/DSL performances? How well does a prospect typically have to perform to make the jump stateside? Does performance even have much to do with it, or is it more about getting older/physical maturity/tool development?

Jason Parks: It has a lot to do with maturity, both on the field and off. I tend to ignore production at that level, but again, hitting well or pitching well aren't bad things. Context is important, though. Those complexes are full of players that will never sniff stateside ball, so you have to keep that in mind when looking at stats.

Matt (KC): You must drag Jeff Passan back to his hometown for the KC BP event..

Jason Parks: Passan will always have an invite to any BP event. He will probably have to go to bed early or take his evening bubble bath, so I doubt he can make the KC event. That said, I'd love him to be there. Fantastic guy.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): RE: Machado-ARod connections Isn't the real worry he'll commission a painting of himself as a saytr, playing a lute while frolicking among gleeful lake nymphs a la Arod and his centaur painting?

Jason Parks: I'd save up for a decade to buy that piece of work.

Jetes (NYC): Jeter PLAYED a premium position, but he wasn't good at it. Does that really make him elite?

Jason Parks: You are wrong. Glove was always special.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): What's the deal with Bubba Starling? Pitch recognition? Long swing?

Jason Parks: Yes.

mbarr4 (Flower Mound, TX): Royals still a top 10 system for you?

Jason Parks: I think so. Haven't broken every system down yet, but I can see the case.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Better middle-brow literature: Eggers or Franzen?

Jason Parks: I can't stand Eggers.He has a lot of talent, but he can go f*ck himself. Franzen is a more controlled burn, creating imagery straight out of the naturalism playbook. He's not my favorite, but I truly respect his talent.

nubber (tx): Do you think Oscar Taveras is the starting right fielder for the Cardinals opening day next season?

Jason Parks: I think he's starting in the outfield. Not sure where.

Tyler (ATL): How impressed are you daily by Andrelton Simmons and his defense?

Jason Parks: One of the top defensive talents in the game right now.

Josh (Seattle): Any particular Gary Lutz work stand out?

Jason Parks: "Stories in the Worst Way" is fantastic, but I prefer "Divorcer"

sitrick2 (Minneapolis): You have your choice of an 80 power/35 bat guy or an 80 hit/35 power guy. Which do you take? Assuming it's the 8 hit guy, how low would the power grade have to fall before you'd rather have the bruiser with a big hole in his swing?

Jason Parks: Give me the 40+ bombs, assuming the hit tool lets it play

mikeyjay7 (NJ): What's your favorite brewery & beer? Best beer at a ballgame?

Jason Parks: I rarely drink at games because I'm usually working, but I really enjoyed the beer selection at Safeco and eagerly await returning just because of the tasty beer. My favorite Brewery is Brooklyn, as I love every single one of their labels, especially Pennant Ale.

nubber (tx): Hosmer is finally showing some #want. At what point will it become #rig?

Jason Parks: I told people to stay on the bandwagon all these years. I can't wait for the born-again Hosmerians to emerge, touting his holy #rig and healing prowess.

Bernie the Brewer (Miller Town): Can Wily Peralta keep pitching like he is?

Jason Parks: I don't think so.

Joel (Washington, DC): What do you make off Gerrit Cole's initial outings in the majors? It seems to me he's improving start to start though still not dominating at the level of his stuff.

Jason Parks: I've been very impressed. As I said before,, Cole will be a better major league pitcher than he was a minor league prospect, and he was a damn good minor league prospect. He is just scratching the surface of his promise.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): RE: Brooklyn Brewery Have you tried Brooklyn Blast?

Jason Parks: I actually haven't. Now I'm intrigued.

Shawnykid23 (Ct): Fave OF not named Buxton?

Jason Parks: Taveras

nubber (tx): What do you think the Rangers plan to do with Profar? 2B next season or trade?

Jason Parks: Off-season trade for a player like Price or he's the starting 2B

R.A. Wagman (Markham): Jason - what confluence of events would convince you that something is rotten within a given organization? Obviously, prospects fail to make it all the time, but what level of failure is too much to mark up to crap luck? Thanks.

Jason Parks: Broken philosophies or rouge developmental strategies at different levels, either resulting from poor communication or poor trickle-down leadership. That would be a major concern for me. When the top can't lead and the soldiers are running around in confusion without direction.

Sammy (Balt): How do you evaluate raw power? Is this done by the sheer length a player is able to hit a ball. Is this done in BP or in-game?

Jason Parks: Raw power from distance and game power based on the projection of power utility/production against live pitching over the course of a season.

nubber (tx): I am a born again Hosmerian. I saw his image in a piece of toast a bit earlier before I ate it. Naturally, it was delicious.

Jason Parks: Even tastier with a quality fruit spread

sitrick2 (Minneapolis): I want to get season Twins tickets before Buxton and Sano show up and prices get out of control. My idiot friends say no dice on going in on them together. Any advice on how to pitch it to change their mind, or, barring that, places to find better friends?

Jason Parks: They will regret the decision, while you will become a key player in the community, having dangerous sex and wild adventures because you have tickets to the best show in town. Good on you.

Junkee (Wrigley): realistic 2015 Cubs starters? 1b Rizzo 2b Alcantara SS Castro 3b Baez LF Bryant CF Almora RF Soler? whos catching?

Jason Parks: I'd put Olt at 3B and Baez on another team's roster, with Bryant in RF and Soler in LF. If that's the lineup, I could be catching and it wouldn't matter much.

temple (madison): who is the better pitcher for the long term. sonny gray, rubby de LA Rosa, butler? are they all going to be releivers?

Jason Parks: I'd take Butler because of the body/arsenal. I think there is a good chance they all end up as relievers. I'm getting pretty crazy with the everybody is a reliever thing, but I really think most minor league arms will turn into relievers.

Steve (Brooklyn): I read recently that Tyler Glasnow's been throwing 'unprotected sex'. Does this report jive with what you've seen/heard?

Jason Parks: That's a good way of putting it.

ddivi23 (Bartlett, IL): If you have to rank the top 5 minor league systems today, who would they be and in what order?

Jason Parks: I reserve the right to change my mind, but off-the-top of my head:

1. Twins
2. Cubs
3. Pirates
4. Cardinals
5. Astros
6. *Your favorite team

SC (Humboldt): It sounds like Luis Suarez is going to take a bite out of Arsenal's transfer budget. Should Gunner fans be satiated?

Jason Parks: I hope Arsenal fans live unhappy and unfulfilled lives.

Oscar Taveras (Memphis): Why didn't you tell me you were cheating on me with Byron Buxton?

Jason Parks: I'm sorry, baby. I just can't be true. It's genetically impossible for me to be with just one prospect, especially when I start drinking.

Stephen Malkmus (Shady Lane): Kris Bryant or Miguel Sano?

Jason Parks: Sano

nubber (tx): What movie sequel was better: Cannonball Run 2 or Smokey and the Bandit 2?

Jason Parks: Smokey.

Jim (Portland): What kind of ceiling do you think Andrew Heaney has?

Jason Parks: Number three is possible. Love the profile.

Cal Guy (Cal): If you can only keep 2 out of Cole, Walker and Bradley, who would they be?

Jason Parks: Cole and Bradley

Paul (Rigadelphia): Will Christian Bethancourt hit enough to be an everday big league catcher? I assume you believe that Hedges will?

Jason Parks: He won't hit enough

Ghost of Kevin Goldstein (Dekalb, IL): Clint Frazier ceiling: _______?

Jason Parks: Having second thoughts already, Sarge? He has legit 5-tool potential, and the bat will play even if he moves to LF down the line. Some of the most impressive exit velo in the draft.

Marco (Texas): Who has the better career between Profar and Machado? Do you see both moving back to SS?

Jason Parks: Machado

Tim (Austin): Favorite player to watch growing up?

Jason Parks: Cal Ripken Jr. I wore #8 because of him. I played SS because of him. I changed my batting stance every hour because of him.

Jake (Libertyville): Think the Cubs' PTBNL could be Yohander Mendez, Matt West, or Will Lamb?

Jason Parks: I don't think the Rangers would part with Mendez. The other arms could be in play, although I wouldn't give up on West after they spent the last year fixing his arm and rehabbing him.

justiniodiddly (Chicago): Brinson has 150 K's in 350 at bats. Clearly that is who the White Sox are targeting.

Jason Parks: This is quite funny. Kudos.

Ernie (Glendale): True or False: Nor enough media coverage on the death of Dennis Farina?

Jason Parks: Man, it hurt. I didn't see any media coverage, which was horseshit. That man was a legend.

Jon Heyman (Florida): I like prospects but explain me this: Nick Punto, career 16 HR and .646 OPS in MLB, Miguel Sano, 0 HR and .000 OPS in MLB. What am I missing? #hugetits

Jason Parks: Another winner

Steve (STL): Most disappointing prospect in the Royals system?

Jason Parks: Bubba Starling

tommybones (brooklyn): You see Bogaerts getting the call anytime soon? Could he play 3rd right now?

Jason Parks: I think he could help, yes. He is really ready? I can't speak to that. You can't simulate the quality of talent in the majors at the minor league level. If you think he can handle it emotionally, I'd give him a shot. It's not easy for a 20-year-old to jump to that level, in the current conditions, under the current pressures, and not be overwhelmed by success or failure.

Paul (Rigadelphia): I saw Carlos Rodon pitch on Tuesday night, so yeah - it moved. Personally, he looks farther along at this point than Prior, Price, or even Strasburg. Agreed? What are your general thoughts on him?

Jason Parks: He's a monster.

Ted (Texas): Could Joey Gallo end up being like Frank Thomas?

Jason Parks: No.

Kevin (NY): Since his callup me and my friend have been conducting Hoswatch, a series of Hosmer photoshops with his head in baywatch photos. Could this be in his church?

Jason Parks: We should probably hang out

Marx (NJ): Javier Baez as Cubs 2B of the futcha?

Jason Parks: My money is on Alcantara.

Jason Parks: I only have 2 hours today because I need to write a few scouting reports for the Eyewitness series. As usual, you guys crushed it, putting far more questions in the queue than I could get to even if I had ten hours. Serious #want. Let's do this again soon. I want to start chatting at least twice a month if not more. Lo mejor -JP

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