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Chat: Mauricio Rubio

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 24, 2014 7:00 PM ET chat session with Mauricio Rubio.


Mauricio writes pleasant words and makes pretty pictures for BP. It's safe to ask him about prospects, about fantasy, or about anything else.

Mauricio Rubio: Writers, you know, are the beggars of Western society. -Paz Let's get this going

Shoeless Joe (Wisconsin): As you probably know Corey Knebel just got traded to the Texas Rangers. Is he still worth stashing on my dynasty team in the hopes he becomes a closer? Detroit drafted him with the idea that he could close eventually or at least that the word they were putting out there. He had an excellent reputation as a college closer. Who is going to get saves now in Texas? Neil Cotts? Neftali Feliz? Will the Rangers seek a 'name' closer in the off season?

Mauricio Rubio: I think he's worth the long play given Feliz's health track record and Knebel's ability (that's a real damn hammer) but I would be quick on the trigger to cut him if you need a piece. Closers are the most fungible fantasy asset.

Drew (Rockford, IL): Is there a page that lists what questions/subjects each writer specializes in for their chats? And should I be looking to drop Eddie Butler or Danny Salazar in my Dynasty league?

Mauricio Rubio: Unfortunately not. Usually it's more straightforward but with the TINO crew we tend to dip into a few different realms. Everyone at BP wears all sorts of hats (#HatChat) but I can tell you that I tend to lean more on dynasty, prospects, and Chicago Baseball.

justarobert (Santa Clara): Help me feel less angst about trading away Kris Bryant for Javier Baez a month ago. (I knew Bryant would pass Baez on all the midseason prospect lists, and figured Bryant is more likely to become an impact player. I need more help in the infield than in the outfield, though, and maybe Baez still has a bit more ceiling than Bryant. Still, all the homers.)

Mauricio Rubio: I cannot assuage your pain. Your only hope is that Bryant ends up in the outfield and Baez sticks at short or second because the 3B pool of talent is hyper thin for the short term. Baez is still a freak so it's not exactly a loss per se, but I think Bryant will be the better player in both real life and fantasy.

Robert (Kentucky): Am I going to regret trading Baez for Rendon a couple weeks ago?

Mauricio Rubio: I like this question. It depends on why you traded Rendon. He can hit and is flashing some nice power. The injury concerns are still there with him but he's a good player who has eligibility at two spots (2b and 3b) that are thin. Baez can be a unicorn in the long term but I think it'll take a while for him to realize his potential. If this was done for the short term I think it's fine. Long term though, I would prefer Baez.

MKPJ (chicago): Are jacob hanneman and Duane Underwood legit prospects?

Mauricio Rubio: I saw Duane Underwood last night, he's legit. Works in the mid 90s and flashes solid secondary offerings. I'll be writing him up in the near future.

Hannemann I am not sold on at all. Only saw the speed in game, everything else was lacking.

David (Malibu): Obviously you've seen Kane County a bunch this year. Is Underwood's stock close to Tseng's? Or is it much closer to Blackburn and Torrez at this stage?

Mauricio Rubio: Let's talk pitching a bit.

Underwood has a higher ceiling than Tseng, the curveball has better snap and has potential to be special, but Tseng has a more polished profile and a higher ceiling. Underwood belongs in the C.J. Edwards, Jen-Ho Tseng, Pierce Johnson level, Blackburn and Torrez are in the tier below for me.

Andre 3000 (Compton): Who has better pure stuff, Tyler Glasnow or Giolito?. Or other

Mauricio Rubio: Of the two, Giolito from what I've heard. It's rare to see anyone get ballsy and throw a 7 on a curve. That said, Glasnow has some nasty stuff.

Darth Stout (Chicago): Do you prefer FIP WAR or RA/9 WAR?

Mauricio Rubio: Much prefer FIP of the two stats.

Matt (Cambridge): It has been reported they are not negotiating during the season, the Red Sox decide to trade Jon Lester, what kind of return could they get? Considering the Shark return and Price might not be traded. Will Lester be the latest piece that heads to the Cubs in Theo's master plan to acquire all former Red Sox players?

Mauricio Rubio: It wouldn't be an Addison Russell Billy McKinney return for just Lester but it'd be a pretty nice return. I don't think the Cubs would make a trade for Lester and give up one of their bats at the deadline. I think they might rather gamble and see if they can bring him in via free agency.

Ron (Texarkana): Does Lucas Giolito already having gone through TJS scare you a bit? Can he still be a top of the rotation guy in say, 6-7 years, or does the surgery limit his MLB potential?

Mauricio Rubio: Oh he's scary as hell. The lofty heights his stock has reached stand atop a precipitous pedestal that can be toppled at any time. There's a lot of questions he has to answer in the coming years and he is very, very far away. I think 6-7 years is a responsible time frame, and I think the surgery doesn't quite limit his potential, but there's risk.

Drew (Rockford, IL): Do you ever go to any minors games outside of the Chicagoland area, like Beloit, WI or anywhere else?

Mauricio Rubio: Been to Beloit, South Bend, have plans to hit up Peoria and hopefully Iowa in August because good lord that line up is insane. I'm looking to increase my coverage a lot more next year.

Navin (Pasadena, CA): How would you rank the current and former KC Cougar starting pitchers - Jen-Ho Tseng, Paul Blackburn, Daury Torrez, Duane Underwood and Juan Paniagua (no need to ask about Tyler Skulina as I know he'd be at the bottom of your list)?

Mauricio Rubio: Tseng, Underwood, Blackburn, Torrez, Paniagua, Skulina (yeah I don't like Tyler much)

Shawn (Ballpark): I am under 50 ft away from Henry Owens...he has 80 grade #flow for sure

Mauricio Rubio: Can you give us a report on his hands? I've heard...things about the size.

dtothew (Atlanta): BOOM!!!!!!

Mauricio Rubio: shakalaka

John (Missurah): Is Kyle Hendricks worth owning in the deepest of leagues? What about Shane Greene? Also whose future do you like better in rate leagues with K/9 Steven Matz or Jake Thompson

Mauricio Rubio: Oh yes. In deep leagues you need innings and he will give innings as the Cubs have no SPs. Same with Greene. I prefer Thompson.

Chris (Siem Reap): Please rank for MLB value/opporunity from 2015-2017. Harvey, Urias, Shipley, Velasquez.

Mauricio Rubio: Urias, Harvey, Shipley, Velasquez

AJ (Phoenix): Is Justin Upton, Lance Lynn, and Derek Holland a reasonable price for Chris Sale, Joey Gallo, Kenley Jansen, and a top 5-10 prospect pick (assume 2014 draftees)?

Mauricio Rubio: I value Sale over Upton by enough to want more in this deal if I'm the Sale side.

Pete (Chicago): How do you expect Soler and Almora to do at AAA and AA respectively?

Mauricio Rubio: Honestly, if Soler stays on the field he's going to turn in a series of loud performances that will be turning some heads. He has the tools, it's been about health and staying on the field for him in the recent past. Almora is a bit tougher to figure. He really likes swinging the bat and he can make contact but a lot of it has been bad contact this year. He's going to be challenged by AA pitching, wouldn't surprise me if he struggles a bit.

Charles Manx (Shorter Way Bridge): Hi Mauricio, thanks for taking our questions. Dynasty league question for you. In a vacuum what do you think of a trade of Jon Lester for Devin Mesoraco? Is it fair value? If not which side has to add and by how much?

Mauricio Rubio: 1v1 in a vacuum it's about equal with me giving the slight nod to Mesoraco.

Kevin Brown (NY): Who is the "Benghazi" of closers

Mauricio Rubio: Whoever the White Sox are using

Thomas (New York): Do you believe that Alcantara will be a better offensive player than Baez?

Mauricio Rubio: This is an interesting question. I do think Baez approaches what he can become, and even if we're talking about getting Baez being a 30-35 HR guy with a .260 average I would take that over Alcantara's package which seems like it'll be Jose Reyes light.

Greg (Cleveland): dynasty, 12 team, h2h, 25 MLB, 20 MiLB. What should I be willing to pay for Joc Pederson? The current owner is in contention, while I am not. He inquires on Joey Votto although I am hesitant to move him with his stock so low. He's also offered Pederson in a package for Carlos Gonzalez. What type of impact do you see for Joc when he finally comes up? Is his 20/20 upside real? Should I make a play to get him with my current assets? Thanks!

Mauricio Rubio: I gave up Andrew Heaney for Joc in a prospect swap. I've heard that Joc is a hard worker with the tools to succeed. In my mind that gives him a good chance of hitting his upside.

All that said there's no way I'm giving Votto or CarGo for Joc

Steve (Los Angeles): 10 team dynasty, redraft every 3 years, weekly lineup changes. Which 7 would you keep: Mccutchen, Votto, Rizzo, Billy Hamilton, Altuve, Rendon, Strasburg, Darvish, Teheran? Thanks!

Mauricio Rubio: McCutchen Votto Rizzo Hamilton Rendon Darvish Strasburg

Chris (Siem Reap): What do you think about Ken Giles and Vic Black? Saves opp in August and Sept?

Mauricio Rubio: Both situations are fluid, I think Giles takes over if Jonathan Papelbon gets moved, and Vic Black might just take that job in Queens. I would put more stock in Giles but both could see saves. I like both guys.

GilaMonster (Boston): Hey Mau, I am contending in my dynasty league and just traded A.J Cole and Jose Peraza for Josh Donaldson. I have Brett Lawrie coming back soon. Should I try to deal Lawrie for a bat that is helping me now,even though I am selling low? Maybin and Quentin have been utterly awful.

Mauricio Rubio: In a vacuum I think the stock is too low. I would dangle him out there and see if anyone bites with a decent bat but I think it's unlikely.

Norris (Chicago): There has been a lot of hype surrounding Reimel Tapia.....I normally like to trade prospects at their highest point possible; but I might just hold onto this prospect because of the 7 hit tool in Coors. (16 team 40 man rosters). What say you?

Mauricio Rubio: My twitter bio says Raimel Tapia enthusiast and I may or may not have penned some love poetry dedicated to his bat control so I'm a bit biased here. I acquired him in a trade and I plan on holding. The hit tool is what gets you to the majors and he has a really good one.

Kris Bryant's Eyes (His face): *Sparkle* *Sparkle* *Sparkle*

Mauricio Rubio: Between you and Addison Russell I have no idea how I'm going to deal with the eyes on this team in the near future.

Jim (Earth): He's a long way away no doubt, but what is Matt Smoral's upside? If he puts it together can he be a number 2 starter?

Mauricio Rubio: Jason Parks would be a really good guy to ask about this one as I haven't seen or read too much on him. In a preseason chat Jason said a 2/3 outcome was more likely but it depended on how he looked in extended ST. Jury is still out, it would seem.

Jim (Earth): He's a long way away no doubt, but what is Matt Smoral's upside? If he puts it together can he be a number 2 starter?

Mauricio Rubio: Jason Parks would be a really good guy to ask about this one as I haven't seen or read too much on him. In a preseason chat Jason said a 2/3 outcome was more likely but it depended on how he looked in extended ST. Jury is still out, it would seem.

Pete (Chicago): If you're Theo, do you trade for your SP or wait to sign in the future?

Mauricio Rubio: I think if I'm Theo I weigh my options and figure out a course of action from there. I personally wouldn't trade a bat for an arm at this point and I would go after someone in free agency but that's a tricky game with the available talent thinning out.

Dan (Toronto): What do you think about Aaron Sanchez's call-up to the pros? I know critics aren't too favourable on Sanchez but he looked good yesterday, albeit in just 2 innings. Also, how good has Stroman looked so far huh!?

Mauricio Rubio: I thought it was interesting and warranted. It's time to figure out what you have here with Sanchez. I'm much higher on Stroman (like everyone else) and I'm so, so happy this is working out right now.

Corey (Carlyle): 8-team H2H. Has Stroman become a must-start regardless of matchup?

Mauricio Rubio: Oh I'm riding that sucker out until it won't go no more.

Damon (Louisville): Long term do you prefer Odor or Alcantara? Who do you think develops more power?

Mauricio Rubio: IRL I prefer Odor because the hit tool is better and he's got enough pop and baseball IQ to make it all play up. I think Alcántara can develop more power as well, but Rougned has been so, so very good.

Still at work (Random cubicle): Have you watched Battered Bastards of Baseball yet?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes and it was amazing. Watched it with a friend this past weekend and it was an incredible experience. Really enjoyed that movie on a lot of levels. So glad we did that.

The Dude (Couch): You're rolling with Max Scherzer tonight right? It's @LAA and I've been hearing things about his neck...am I just overthinki it?

Mauricio Rubio: I haven't, but yeah I'm still rolling with Max tonight.

Greg (Hawaii): Dynasty wives draft? Number 1 pick Kate Upton, Kate Beckinsale or other?

Mauricio Rubio: 'Love is an attempt to penetrate another being, but it can only be realized if the surrender is mutual.'

Cameron (Seattle): Hypothetical fantasy question. If you have a chance to pick up a guy off the wire to help you win for the week, but you have to drop a guy who's been struggling this year, but is a "name" guy and is likely to be picked up, would you? (Assuming you can't trade him for anything of substance.

Mauricio Rubio: Redraft, and if it's to this point, yeah I pull the trigger because Flags Fly Forever.

Tim Couch (Cleveland): I know Jonathan Gray is a monster with 2 + pitches, but what grade would his change need to be considered to have ace stuff? What is it currently?

Mauricio Rubio: It'd have to be elite, and it's average/fringe average right now from what I've heard. It's ok, the Rockies have him working on stuff it sounds like. I think he's going to be just fine.

Norris (Chicago): How should I view Derek Norris moving forward in a dynasty league? Will he have a full time gig next year? Do I want him to have a full time gig when he comes back due to his splits?

Mauricio Rubio: Hey if you know what the A's are going to do lineup wise next year you have me beat. Bret Sayre and Craig Goldstein share a mutual love for the man and I've grown to appreciate his aesthetic, I WANT him to have a full time gig next year, but regardless he's worth owning.

Norris (Chicago): How should I view Derek Norris moving forward in a dynasty league? Will he have a full time gig next year? Do I want him to have a full time gig when he comes back due to his splits?

Mauricio Rubio: Hey if you know what the A's are going to do lineup wise next year you have me beat. Bret Sayre and Craig Goldstein share a mutual love for the man and I've grown to appreciate his aesthetic, I WANT him to have a full time gig next year, but regardless he's worth owning.

AC (Earth): Curious as to how long you think Kimbrel can sustain dominance. It seems closers dont last as long at the top these days. Are we looking at a guy who will be there for the next 5-6 seasons?

Mauricio Rubio: Closers with his profile, hard fastball, power slider, don't tend to last long. I don't really need him to be Mariano Rivera to validate his career in my mind. It's likely that he flames out quickly like so many before him, but I'm still going to enjoy this while it lasts. I think 5-6 seasons is a bit too long as a reasonable expectation.

Cal Guy (Cal): Mauricio, If you were the Rangers which scenario would you prefer: A) Odor at 2B, trade Profar or B) Odor at 2B, Profar at SS, trade Andrus

Mauricio Rubio: Of these scenarios, I would prefer A, but I think a case can be made for just about any scenario. The Rangers are going to be an obvious bounce back candidate next year given all the injuries they sustained this year.

Chris (Siem Reap): I can keep Appel for 2015 and 2016 in the 25th and 21st round of a 15 team 35 round league. Any reason to?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, the pedigree is still there. I think he's worth keeping in 2015, but he has to really show up next year to warrant a keep in 2016.

msquared (usa): Paul Blackburn, Jen-Ho Tseng, Duane Underwood: Which intriguing Cubs low-A pitcher do you prefer?

Mauricio Rubio: Tseng right now, but I can see Underwood growing up and taking over that spot in my heart.

Shawnykid23 (CT): With all the hype around Byron Buxton, what are the chances he actually reaches his ceiling? We are still waiting for guys like Jason Heyward and Justin Upton to reach theirs (I know they're still young).

Mauricio Rubio: extraordinarily low because his ceiling is extraordinarily high. I was talking about this with J.P. Breen last night on the way home from Kane County, just because a player doesn't reach lofty heights doesn't make him worthless or a bust. His ceiling allows for a lot of value even if he falls short. If he's 80% of Willie Mays that's still incredibly valuable.

Shawn (Ballpark): In a dynasty league would you give up any of Yoenis Cespedes, Jason Heyward, or Evan Longoria for Oscar Taveras?

Mauricio Rubio: I would consider Longoria and Cespedes. I'm waiting out Heyward's long term prospects as I think he can be more valuable than Taveras over his career.

Cd coldstien (tino podcast studios): Who has the best change in the minors? Shipley?

Mauricio Rubio: Might be Henry Owens, but I really like Shipley's.

Jake (Chicago): Can you grade Jen-Ho Tseng's pitches and command/control profile for the present and future?

Mauricio Rubio: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/prospects/eyewitness_pit.php?reportid=81

The Dude (Couch): If TINO is a boyband- who's the teenage heartthrob, who's the one with the successful solo career, who drops out and ends up on D-list reality shows, and who turns to drugs and becomes the reason the band breaks up?

Mauricio Rubio: Ben is the teenage hearththrob, Bret is the one with the successful solo career, Craig drops out and is on D List reality shows and I turn to drugs and break apart TINO

Guy with ALL the Cubs (First Place): How do you feel about Jason Hammel's prospects RoS? Who do you prefer most out of Gee, Hammel and McCarthy?

Mauricio Rubio: I think he's going to turn in solid performances ROS, I prefer McCarthy honestly if they're letting him use his cutter. He's learned how to pitch.

Jake (State Farm): You like Tapia better then Dahl? If so, why?

Mauricio Rubio: I'm a sucker for the hit tool and I like Tapia's better.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Mauricio, Is Mesoraco playing over his head now, or is this close to what we can expect in future seasons? On the other hand, this has to be Frazier's career year, right?

Mauricio Rubio: He's a bit over his head, I don't think it's fair to expect the power spike he's enjoyed this year to continue.

Pete (Chicago): Rank these under the radar cubs prospects: McKinney Vogelbach Tseng Underwood Eloy Jimenez Gleyber Torres

Mauricio Rubio: Tseng, Vogelbach, McKinney, Underwood, Gleyber, Eloy. Snapshot caveats implied because Gleyber and Eloy have some loudness in their games.

Shawnykid23 (CT): What current non-closing RP gets the most saves ROS?

Mauricio Rubio: Joakim Soria, Ken Giles, Vic Black, a random White Sox reliever.

Drew (Rockford, IL): I recently traded Wilin Rosario and Starlin Castro for Christian Yelich and a future draft pick. Good move? And in how many years does Ryan McMahon take over the catching duties in Colorado? P.S. Thank you for the chat.

Mauricio Rubio: I'm the president of the Starlin Castro fan club, but objectively I don't like this deal too much. I think Castro has more value than Yelich short and long term. Don't think McMahon catches in Colorado, really like his profile however.

Luke S. (Tattooine): Hello. Thanks for the chat. 4x4 NL only league. Better bet ROS: AJ Burnett or Jimmy Nelson? Thanks.

Mauricio Rubio: Peer out into the double sunset and go with AJ Burnett

Jeff (Pittsburgh): Who is the better fantasy player: Yelich or Polanco? Do both become top 15 OFers?

Mauricio Rubio: I like Polanco's broad skillset better for fantasy and I absolutely believe both are top 15 OFers in the making.

Mike (Metra): Do you think the Cubs should get Cuddyer in the offseason?

Mauricio Rubio: No, and next time stop chewing with your mouth open.

Frank (brooklyn): thoughts on these relievers rest of season: Fields, Tolleson, Boxberger, Aaron Sanchez.

Mauricio Rubio: Fields has a better chance to get saves than any of these guys, Tolleson is likely blocked by Feliz for awhile and Knebel is coming. I like Aaron Sanchez more for the future. I think Jake McGee has that stuff locked down in Tampa, poor Boxberger.

Elvis (Texas): Some of you BPers predicted big things for me this year, but I've been a little underwhelming. What do you think my 2nd half looks like?

Mauricio Rubio: For whatever reason you are a little bit better in the second half of the season over your career, I'm not expecting an MVP like performance but I think you'll do alright in the second half. Which will lead to a disappointing final stat line.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Has your opinion of Manny Machado long-term changed at all based on this season?

Mauricio Rubio: From a pure baseball standpoint, no. Development is rarely linear and while he's taken an obvious step back here it hasn't changed my long term views on him.

Bob (IL): Will Michael Taylor be able to make it in the bigs?

Mauricio Rubio: Yeah but it'll likely be as something a lot less than we thought it would be. He's pretty blocked in Washington, it might take a trade.

Jim (New York): Mauricio, Thanks for the great chats - they are the best!! What's the story with Rougned Odor?? Just saw him play three games against NY and he looked good. Solid defense, good offense and he's only 20 years old!! What am I missing?? I thought most kids his age are in low A ball. Does he have a chance to be really good??

Mauricio Rubio: Thanks for the kind words!

Odor is holding his own at the major league level which is great to see considering his age. Most kids his age are in low a and yeah he has a chance to be really special

otirol (Southern Ontario): Who has your favourite name to say? Who has your favourite other people say? Past present or future!

Mauricio Rubio: Currently it's Arismendy Alcántara, all time is a toughie, but:
Eugenio Velez
Placido Polanco
Vladimir Guerrero
Raimel Tapia
Runelvys Hernandez

are a few of my all time favorites.

Francois (Toronto): Keeper/Dynasty question: 20-teams with LF/CF/RF instead of OF. I have Harper and Upton for LF, my team is fairly young and is set offensively, I'm playing a bit of catchup with pitching but still have a top 5 staff. Potential trade of J-Up and Longoria for Stanton and Darvish, perhaps with some smaller parts here and there. If I can pull off a deal where I get Arenado (or suitable 3B), I'd be in the clear to make this deal. It fills needs for both of us. Fair deal?

Mauricio Rubio: You're winning the hell out of that deal if you're giving Upton and Longoria for Stanton and Darvish.

Sara (Tacoma): Dynasty: With Joey Votto on the DL, I'm looking to fill some holes. My current DH is Hunter Pence. Is Pence + Boxberger + A. Torres a good deal for V-Mart + Betances + K. Giles? Neil Walker would move into my DH spot in such a move.

Mauricio Rubio: Yeah I love this deal for you. You gain V Mart, potential saves in Giles and great rate stats with a SP4 worth of strikeouts in Betances.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Hey Mauricio, what would your order be of these prospects you would want in a Dynasty League? Ryan McMahon, Touki Toussaint, Alexander Reyes, Rafael Devers?

Mauricio Rubio: McMahon, Reyes, Devers, Touki

That's a lot of raw right there.

Kyle (Tuscon): What do you think of Kennys Vargas from a fantasy baseball standpoint? Do you think he can be a .275 average, .350 on-base, 20 homerun guy?

Mauricio Rubio: I think that's very heavy on average, I think of him as more of a .250 guy with 25 HR potential. He's a roto play in my mind if he can realize some of his potential, but I'm generally not to excited about 1B prospects.

vegetto712 (Orlando): I wanna know more about Ryan Brett, can you help me? I hear he's a high hit tool/speed guy, but he's got a respectable .ISO this year. What's the deal yo?

Mauricio Rubio: I can't too much, I don't think he has a high power potential but he can hit enough to utilize his speed. He's an interesting guy

Thomas (New York): I'm keeping Rizzo, Rendon, Longoria, Gray, Richards, and Scherzer. Would you keep Stroman, Myers, or Alcantara? It's a 12 tm league with qs and tb as the extra cats.

Mauricio Rubio: I'm assuming Sonny Gray, I would push for Stroman over Richards but that's about it. If you can keep some of the three I would rank them

NorDub (Seattle): Seems like Michael Taylor isn't getting much attention from prospect evaluators. How do you view him for fantasy? Someone that could go 20/20+ could be really valuable for fantasy teams, and he could probably be added without much cost right now.

Mauricio Rubio: I think playing time and hit tool will be a hindering factor. He'll get time at some point and if you are in need of some free talent I would gamble on him but I don't know if he'll be an everyday guy consistently.

Cal Guy (Cal): Mauricio, Do you see Bradley as a #1, #2 or something else in the future?

Mauricio Rubio: He can be a 2 with fastball command. It always comes back to fastball command.

James (Texas): Fantasy baseball question. Dynasty league. Both teams competing. Guy is offering me Victor Martinez for Cliff Lee. Assuming needs, fair value?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes this is a good trade in my mind.

Love INF (NJ): For a Fantasy Team rebuilding this year and looking towards 2015 2016 (R,HR,RBI,SB, AVG, OPS, 20 teams) to contend would you trade Anthony Rendon for Brett Lawrie and Clint Frasier? The logic from both sides is Rendon is a more complete INF and hitter than Lawrie, with a better OPS, Avg, SB, Runs but Lawrie is the same age and only a tier below Rendon. Both have 2b,3b eligibility this year and next but long term Rendon will be 3b and Lawrie might keep 2b longer? Is it worth the hitting down grade and a chance on frasier hitting his ceiling? Or stick with Rendon who will be a top 5 INF regardless of position for the next 5 years?

Mauricio Rubio: I would try to trade other pieces for Frazier and Lawrie. I really like Rendon long term.

Thomas (New York): Who do you prefer going forward? Rizzo or Goldschmidt?

Mauricio Rubio: I lean Goldschmidt but Rizzo is really working to tilt my opinion.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Do you think that Javier Baez spending time at 2B in AAA is a sign that a call-up could be coming soon? Arismendy Alcantara is playing pretty well- would he move to the OF to make room?

Mauricio Rubio: I think it can happen in September which is a really far cry from where he was early in the year. I think Alcántara moves to CF for Baez. He can handle it.

Justin (WI): Outside of the Angels,which teams have the 5 worst farm systems?

Mauricio Rubio: Brewers, Tigers, A's, Phillies, Yankees in my mind.

Wealin' Will (Deadline): Looking to possibly trade for a First Baseman. Can you help me rank the following ROS and do you see much of a gap between them?- Morneau (assuming he comes back soon), Adrian Gonzalez, Hosmer, Moss. Thanks

Mauricio Rubio: ROS I like Morneau, Gonzalez, Moss, Hosmer.

Mike (Pittsburgh): What grade do you give to Josh Bell's hit tool?

Mauricio Rubio: Haven't seen it, but from what I've read it has 50 potential. Chris King has seen him a bit.

ssauve25 (San Francisco): Who has the better career for fantasy production (OBP/SLG/R/HR/RBI's/Steals?: Pompey, Marisnick, or Brinson? Thanks!

Mauricio Rubio: I like Lewis Brinson the best of this bunch

Drew (Rockford, IL): Does Oswaldo Arcia worth holding onto long term in my dynasty league? Have Stephen Piscotty, Nick Williams, Raimel Tapia and Yasmani Tomas waiting in the wings.

Mauricio Rubio: I would have Arcia over Yasmani, but the OFers you have coming through are all making a big push this year. He's on the fringe for me.

Pete (Chicago): Is Billy McKinney in the conversation for top 100? Only 19 and holding his own at high A

Mauricio Rubio: If he is it's in the backend.

Alphonse (Cleveland): Should I be excited about Francisco Mejia?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, let your heart play a dangerous game.

Alphonse (Cleveland): Should I be excited about Francisco Mejia?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, let your heart play a dangerous game, and to expand on this, he's got a lot of tools and a ton of potential and a rocket arm. I'm a fan.

The Pope Of Chili Town (Chili Town): 20 Team Dynasty - Ian Kennedy for Avisail Garcia. Who wins?

Mauricio Rubio: Kennedy ROS, Avisail Garcia forever more. Garcia really needed some ABs this year but I still believe.

Frank (Florida): What is your take on Nathan Eovaldi? I thought he was going to make big strides this year, and I have not seen it at all.

Mauricio Rubio: Craig Goldstein wrote a really good article on him earlier in the year, you can read it here: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=23568

Ultimately the adjustments that he made were adjusted to in my mind and I don't think he has the ability to make a huge leap forward.

bigwhitesled (Seattle): What is your feel for Rymer Liriano today? I just picked him up in one of my shallow dynasty leagues and dropped Gabby Guerrero. He had a pretty strong AA season and just got promoted to AAA yesterday. Padres are so bare, seems like he could be impactful for Friars? His risk is high, but signs seem to point to Power and speed with some batting average missing? I dropped Gabby as he is so far away and carries more risk

Mauricio Rubio: There's short term risk with the hit tool I think he's talented enough to make the adjustments long term to be an impact guy eventually but he has to hit first. I think he's a worthy pick up, but it seems like you understand the risk he carries.

Drew (Rockford, IL): Any catching prospects that you think get promoted in the next two years and aren't a black hole fantasy wise?

Mauricio Rubio: A lot of it depends on guys sticking at the position. Gary Sanchez maybe, I don't think Schwarber sticks at catcher, I think Alfarao might get the call soon if all goes well and if he does that's the dude you want.

Thorny (Car RamRod): What kind of K% numbers do you expect to see from Kyle Hendricks going forward?

Mauricio Rubio: low 20's. He's fastball change primarily. I actually like him in deep leagues.

Drew (Rockford, IL): Is Marcell Ozuna here to stay fantasy wise or flash in the pan?

Mauricio Rubio: I think he's here to stay, but I've been a sucker for his type in the past.

Mauricio Rubio: Thank you for all the questions, sorry if I didn't answer yours, feel free to email me and I'll get to them. "Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone."

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