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Chat: Mauricio Rubio

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday January 28, 2015 7:00 PM ET chat session with Mauricio Rubio.


Mau can talk about your fantasy team, your prospect fantasies, or about sailing in a Fanta sea.

Mauricio Rubio: I used to think about immature things Y'know like, do you love me? Do you want me? Are you gon' chat me like you said you would? Is this really your real username?

RotoLando (Cloud City): If you had to choose Marcus Semien or Jonathan School for your MI next year, who do you choose?

Mauricio Rubio: They're both not ideal options at the position. Full disclosure, I root for Semien real hard. He's a hard worker and consistently tries to improve. It's taken him from a middling prospect to potential utility guy and that's a pretty bi deal. Schoop has the power potential over Semien so I'll say this. Brain says Schoop, heart says Semien.

Will (St Paul): I need to make a decision soon about Masahiro Tanaka and his elbow. I have him in a 5x5 dynasty league for more than $30 ($300 cap), making him the most expensive player on my team. I need to cut salary to get under the cap, and I can drop Tanaka with no penalty. Would I regret it?

Mauricio Rubio: Depending on how much over you are there's probably going to be some regret when/if you cut him loose. I don't know how the inflation in your league works, but I'd try to hang on to Tanaka for at least a year if you can even if he's getting a big contract.

honkala8 (Chicago): Hey, hey! What do you think about Harper ($10) straight up for Hamels ($18) in a keeper league w/ 10 keeps (MLB or MiLB)? Either can be extended at $5 extra/year.

Mauricio Rubio: This is a really good question that I wish was on TINO. I like Harper more at 15 than I do Hamels at 23 in the next year. I'd probably keep Harper over Hamels in this situation. That said, you have 9 keepers better than either player? I'd love to see your team.

Pelecos (Granville): Hey Mau, As it kind of rhymes with your name, do you like Wow Bao? If so, which is your favorite? Alternatively, how do I use PECOTA's spreadsheet? as right now I just have an excel spread sheet staring me down. Thanks!

Mauricio Rubio: Love the Wonderful World of Oscar Wao. Download it and convert the csv into tables as quickly as you can. Parse the data out best you can. I generally make a tab per position as well.

kershawsleftarm (Cali): Where do you think Addison Russell will be in 2015? AAA/MLB or AA/AAA Is he a future 65 OFP

Mauricio Rubio: Russell has obvious talent but at this point we do have to say "pending health" when it comes to his projections. So, pending health I think he's at the MLB level at some point after June this year. The ceiling is high, 65 is about right. If you buy into the hit and power you're looking at a shortstop who can potentially hit 290+ with 25+ HR.

Ben (New York): Do you have a favorite prospect who's been under the radar (real life or fantasy)?

Mauricio Rubio: I have a few at varying levels. Gleyber Torres is starting to get some love around the industry and I think this year is going to be a big one for him. In terms of real life I have a big crush on Tyler Danish. Dude competes and has the type of fastball I'm a sucker for.

Sean Coyle isn't going to be a special player in all likelihood but I like the way he plays. It's easy to slap grinder on him because he's a short MIFer but well, he's a grinder. I dig it.

Tom (Philly): Who's your favorite fantasy prospect that didn't make his team's BP top ten?

Mauricio Rubio: Jen-Ho Tseng without a doubt. There's not much projection there as his body is pretty maxed out and the profile is that of a safe 4 starter but I love watching that guy pitch. Moves the mitt around has a nice change he's a solid dude.

The Dude (Living Room): Do you like anything as much as Ben likes lamb?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, this verse: "My dear, my dear, my dear you do not know me but I know you very well"

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse): What is Marcos Molinas future? Can he improve enough to have a ceiling of a number 2 starter?

Mauricio Rubio: There's a lot to like with Molina. He has a nice fastball and his secondaries (change/slider) flash plus every so often but when I'm looking at potential #2 pitchers I need a bigger secondary pitch than the one he has. There's growth potential here and I think he can be a good 3 starter but there's not enough for TOR here in my opinion.

G Money (Atlanta): Who do you like to become an ace, G Cole, A Wood, Carrasco, or deGromm?

Mauricio Rubio: Gerrit Cole, without a doubt. He has the pedigree and the potential to get there. He's going to have to log the innings to get there though. I'm a big deGrom fan as well but I go with Cole here.

Walker (Houston): Has Jake Arrieta become an ace? Top 15 pitcher this year?

Mauricio Rubio: Along the same vein as the Gerrit Cole question he's going to have to log 200 innings and keep the same production for him to be an ace in my mind. It wouldn't surprise me if he was top 15 but he has to go out there and prove it.

timothy (in my house): What is life?

Mauricio Rubio: A collection of events organized by star stuff so that it may feel important.

Kyle (MA): What are realistic expectations for Mookie Betts this season in Boston's crowded outfield and how much do you think it will take to land him in a fantasy auction?

Mauricio Rubio: "Realistic": .280~ with below average power and 15-20 SBs. It'll probably take 12-14 dollars to land him in an auction.

The Dude (Living Room): I don't want to give away any spoilers, but is the infographic for Javier Baez, just him on a unicorn? (Great job with those by the way!)

Mauricio Rubio: Thanks! And no, it's a bit more....dire.

dcapofari (nyc): would you draft Baez in the top 10 rds of a new dynasty lg draft

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, but it's entirely likely you're in a league where he won't survive past the 5th round. People are still buying the upside to an extreme level so it's made getting him at value a very unlikely scenario.

Jason (Florida): Thoughts on Javier Baez for 2015 and beyond? Still fantasy gold or should we approach with caution in Dynasty Leagues?

Mauricio Rubio: To round out the #BaezChat I think that my feeling on his 60th percentile production has changed slightly. I don't expect anything above a .260 average with Baez which is a far fall from the .300/40HR seasons we were dreaming on when he was in the lower minors. I still think he'll be a fun player but my expectations are fairly altered.

Sara (Tacoma): Can you say Raimel Tapia for me?

Mauricio Rubio: You can hear it every week on TINO, just for you.

Ted (Ohio): What's your ideal fantasy format? Cats, size, keeper/redraft, etc.

Mauricio Rubio: 14 tm 10 keeper 5x5 with QS in place of Ws.

I do enjoy dynasty's and redrafts are fun but 10 keepers is a nice round number. I'm into it.

Slevin (Brooklyn): This is going to be my first Spring Training in AZ. What's the best week to go if I want to see prospects get some playing time? Also, what is your favorite park for spring ball?

Mauricio Rubio: I'm pretty sure most minor league camps start after the 15th so anytime after that is a great time. They play on the backfields and it's a great way to just see players play. I'm a big fan.

Favorite park, Sloan.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Do you put ketchup on a hot dog?

Mauricio Rubio: No, but I have a friend who does and I say a silent prayer to Jobu for her every time.

Vic (Baltimore): Trying to decide between Abreu, Gomez, and Cano as my 1st pick in a 15 team 5 x 5 league. The big six will already be gone by then. Please rank. Should my choice really be between Abreu or Gomez? Or, is Cano in the conversation for 7th overall?

Mauricio Rubio: I slant Gomez here because he adds in the stolen base dimension.

When discussing Jose Abreu we start to talk about the two types of players he was in 2014. He hit for tremendous power in the first half and then he hit for high average in the second half. The season in Cuba is only 90 or so games long which coincides neatly with the break in Abreu's profile. I think he got tired at the tail end of the season.

Now normally this would be seen as a red flag but think about it this way. I think Abreu adjusted his approach and succeeded leading me to believe he can be most excellent in the years to come.

I think Abreu is a good hitter with power.

Vic (Baltimore): Trying to decide between Abreu, Gomez, and Cano as my 1st pick in a 15 team 5 x 5 league. The big six will already be gone by then. Please rank. Should my choice really be between Abreu or Gomez? Or, is Cano in the conversation for 7th overall?

Mauricio Rubio: I slant Gomez here because he adds in the stolen base dimension.

When discussing Jose Abreu we start to talk about the two types of players he was in 2014. He hit for tremendous power in the first half and then he hit for high average in the second half. The season in Cuba is only 90 or so games long which coincides neatly with the break in Abreu's profile. I think he got tired at the tail end of the season.

Now normally this would be seen as a red flag but think about it this way. I think Abreu adjusted his approach and succeeded leading me to believe he can be most excellent in the years to come.

I think Abreu is a good hitter with power.

Myrick (charleston): Percentage chance you give on Chris Sale pitching all 2015 without injury to his elbow?

Mauricio Rubio: I don't like this game. 70%.

Grizzly (Chicago): Would you trade Robert Stephenson for Jurickson Profar in dynasty?

Mauricio Rubio: Yes, I would. I like Stephenson but I'm firmly in the tank for Profar this year.

Matt (IL): In a 6x6 (QS and OPS are added but features SVHDs) 12-team league with 40 man rosters (keep 35) would you rather have Patrick Corbin coming back from Tommy John or Kyle Hendricks as the 35th keeper?

Mauricio Rubio: I like Corbin better than Hendricks. Corbin is slated to return in June but even so I would much rather roll dice with him moving forward over Hendricks.

Tanis (League City): Is Heyward a buy low target in dynasty leagues this year? Or have we seen who he is and his ceiling isn't as high as once thought?

Mauricio Rubio: I think both can be true. Heyward is probably going to settle into solid OF2 rather than superstar OF1 which is fine. I'd still buy on that future at his current stock.

RotoLando (Cloud City): 1st year player draft : do you like Carson Sands or Jake Stinnett, or leave them in the oven to bake longer?

Mauricio Rubio: Man, Sands isn't in the conversation yet for me. I'd roll with Stinnett and wait until Sands can legally drink.

Cliff (Denial ): Where the heck do I find the PECOTA projections?

Mauricio Rubio: Via Sam Miller "Can download the spreadsheet under the fantasy tab on our site. Standings under "depth charts"."

Ethan Spalding (Madison, Wi): what is your go-to order at Harold's

Mauricio Rubio: This might be boring but quarter white on some holsom bread and a ton of sauce on top, west side style.

Johnson (JC): Is Alexei Ramirez a keeper?

Mauricio Rubio: In the fantasy sense probably not, he's a fine shortstop one of the best in the American League but there's not enough oompf there to keep him over other guys at "fuller" positions.

In the real world sense I'm convinced that he plays with his Olympic Gold Medal around his neck. He also has the ability to bend his knees in unnatural ways and he's a pretty damn good shortstop. I love this man.

Mick (Chicago): I want to get in to fantasy baseball. Can you recommend a book or two to help me get started?

Mauricio Rubio: Winning Fantasy Baseball by Larry Schechter is a pretty solid read, lots of content there. All the BP material has useful information as well, I always use the annual to prep for drafts in some capacity.

Philips (Orlando): Who do you draft first, Yelich or Betts? They seem to have close similar comps.

Mauricio Rubio: I go for Yelich first. I feel safer knowing what I'm going to be getting out of him moving forward.

John (WI): Will you and Bret start a competing sandwich site to take on the mighty Sandwich Prospectus?

Mauricio Rubio: Probably not. That would mean I'd have to start caring about the inferior euro invention known as the sandwich. I can't say what Bret will do. There are a lot of options open for that man.

Alex (New York, New York): Hey Mau, hopefully I'll still be alive by the time you get to this-- where does Bryce Harper rank overall as a dynasty asset? Do you think the SB numbers come back this year? Thanks man

Mauricio Rubio: Hope you are indeed alive my man. I still think he's a top 5 dynasty asset. I don't count on the stolen bases to be there this year. He was never particularly good at stealing bases efficiently so I worry about him getting the stop sign more than any loss of athleticism.

He's still very good and very young.

DeLivster (The GREEN ROOM): What do I do with Boegarts in my league? We get to keep 8 + 1 guy we called up the previous season from our minors as our 12th round pick. X would be my 12th rounder if I keep him. No restrictions on how long we can keep our main 8 keepers. Do I hold X as my 12th or throw him back in??

Mauricio Rubio: I'd still hang on to Xander. I know the previous year was ugly from all sides but I still think he's worth a 12th rounder for sure.

JT Smooth (Other side of the pillow): Is Christian Yelich a top 30 dynasty asset?

Mauricio Rubio: Nice User Name, I think he's landing just outside of the top 30 for me. I still like what he brings to the table but it's not a top 30 profile in my mind.

Vic (Baltimore): In a deep 15 team league where you can keep players for 4 years with a round penalty, any reason to dream on C Frazier or R Mondesi? Can they contribute significantly by 2018?

Mauricio Rubio: Frazier has been a source of contention on TINO for a year now, but I'd still rather dream on him over Mondesi. The artist formerly known as Adalberto Mondesi has a nice real life profile but it lacks in fantasy. Frazier has more upside in the tools.

Brandon (Manitoba): Fantasy trade question. Adrian Beltre for Ryan Zimmerman in a 20 team dynasty league. Who wins?

Mauricio Rubio: Beltre side wins. I know Beltre is aging but Zimmerman is no spring chicken and he's moving to 1B and he's never healthy.

RatedRookie (Atlanta): If my OF (and DH) spots are already going to be filled with Trout, Harper, Polanco and Betts, does it make sense to draft Corey Dickerson anyway? Or do I address other areas of roster need?

Mauricio Rubio: NBDKBD

With that outfield you could probably do whatever you wanted to and still end up ok. I mean I'd try to address other areas of need, but damn son. How'd you get all that?

Neil (Cali): Where would you rank Yoan Moncada amongst your prospect rankings?

Mauricio Rubio: The grades I've read thrown around on him are insane, but I'd like to get some more recent reports before going all YOLO on his ranking. I'd have him above JP Crawford but outside the top 25.

Chris (Philly): JP Crawford - top 3 SS prospect next year?

Mauricio Rubio: Not quite but he's growing on me significantly. I still think he's behind (in no particular order) Correa Lindor Russell and Seager.

Tom (KC): Does Corey Seager stay at SS?

Mauricio Rubio: I think he starts his MLB career as a shortstop and I think he'll be fringey there. Ultimately I still lean 3B for him but I'm unwilling to close the possibility that he sticks at short.

SJLedet (Metry): Who is Ryan Rua? Worth having in a deep mixed league format? CBS gives him a good projection.

Mauricio Rubio: He's a fringey power hitter who might just hit enough to let the power play up. He's worth owning but beware of the CBS blurb; it caused our own Ben Carsley to draft Curtis Granderson in TDGX last year.

Derek (Minnesnowta): Mike Minor or Jarred Cosart, keep forever. Whom do you prefer?

Mauricio Rubio: I prefer Cosart here, Minor scares the hell out of me.

edgewatertim (Chicago): Mao, Taillon have a real shot to get to the Bigs this season?

Mauricio Rubio: There's a shot but he has to show that he's on track early in his rehab to get there. He had command issues before he went down and now he has to improve on those issues while rehabbing. It's going to be a test for him. His potential is still large.

kylanje (FLA): Arismendy Alcantara future 20-20 all star?

Mauricio Rubio: I want to say yes but I can also imagine a future where he consistently alternates between 15-30 and 20-15. He's very talented and he will be utilized all over the field in 2015.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Mau, come on man. Convince these white boys to come to Florida for Spring Training. Mojitos, Cuban sandwiches, Cuban people, Cigar City beer, uh…stifling humidity. Help me out, bro.

Mauricio Rubio: All of those sound amazing minus the humidity. You're also leaving the part about having to drive 3 hours from park to park because everything is so damn spread out. And one of those parks is in Port Charlotte man. I'm not allowed there.

RotoLando (Cloud City): I'm going to Chicago in July. My wife has never been there. So of course The Cubs are out of town. Talk me into seeing The White Sox vs. The Royals.

Mauricio Rubio: Hey man, see who you want but if you get the chance to watch Chris Sale do it, and buy tickets behind home plate. They're pretty cheap and you get a completely different understanding of his slider. It's terrifying.

Jacob S (AL): If you had to play a koala at a position, where would you play him?

Mauricio Rubio: Man, LF. And it'd probably get lost trying to find the position out there.

zmacattack (washington): when is pecota gonna go live on the site?

Mauricio Rubio: Today!

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Hey Mauricio, who do have as some of your favorite Low Minor, high ceiling prospects to keep an eye on for 2015, and are looking to acquire before their stock gains recognition this season, ex. Tapia last pre-season or Devers by its conclusion?

Mauricio Rubio: I mentioned him earlier but Gleyber Torres is up there. Forrest Wall is getting a lot of BP love as well that's a dude I'm keeping tabs on. It's a shame you missed the Reynaldo Lopez train but Tucker Blair just drove that one right into the mainstream.

Eric (Chicago): Miguel Sano or Joey Gallo?

Mauricio Rubio: I still lean Sano but it's a LOT closer than it was a year ago. Gallo has tremendous upside and the adjustments he made this year are very encouraging. Wouldn't be surprised if Gallo surpasses Sano this year.

Ben (NJ): Is Carlos Rodon a future top 10 pitcher?

Mauricio Rubio: I'm in love with the man's slider and if he can get the feel for the changeup that's a solid starter set for a top pitcher. When you think about the top pitchers going today they all generally have that wide array of stuff, big arsenals and they can log innings. So when we're talking about top ten guys and top ten pitchers I'm looking for big arsenals, four pitches and the body that can handle innings. I think Rodon is a three pitch guy which is fine, I want to see him pick up another pitch and start producing before I start talking about top 10 with him.

Dennis (LA): What do you see Jorge Soler doing this year and in the future? Who would be a good comp for him?

Mauricio Rubio: He's going to have to figure out how to adjust back to what pitchers did to him in the second half of his call up. I think he might start slow before making a few adjustments and settles into a good but not great year, .250~ with 20~ homeruns. The upside for more is obviously present but I do think there will be an adjustment period with him.

I'm not very good with comps, sorry.

Craij (Chapel Hill): Who wins a race from home to 1st: Dan Vogelbach or a Slow Loris?

Mauricio Rubio: Dan Vogelbach plays the game with heart and intensity, dude goes at it hard which can work against him from time to time. He gives maximum effort out there. I saw him steal two bases and score on a passed ball in an inning once.

That said the Loris is the clear favorite here. I love Vogelbach but the man tries real hard to be slow.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Have you seen this show called Big Giant Swords? Its about an Irish dude in Martha's Vineyard who makes big giant swords. That's it. That's the entire premise. And yet, I can't look away...

Mauricio Rubio: This is the most Metal show of all time.

dcapofari (nyc): 2015: better record, white sox or Cubs?

Mauricio Rubio: The White Sox. I do think both finish in the 78-85 win range but I think the White Sox have a better MLB roster right now.

Roger (Virginia): Which prospect fantasy are you more moved by: Nick Williams doused in vinegar or Raul Mondesi lightly glazed with honey?

Mauricio Rubio: If Mondesi figures it out he can be a solid hitter with good speed at the shortstop position. If WIlliams can figure it out he can be a great hitter with solid power in the OF. Mondesi has a much, much higher likelihood of figuring "it" out. Williams is a BP favorite and I want to love him but I cannot. I'll roll with Mondesi.

JP (Tx): How do you feel about keeping expensive players in Keeper leagues that see big inflation in the draft? for instance and this example is extreme but if you were given a choice between a $21 Alex gordon or a $30 Bautista vs. a $1 Gillaspie Or Vilar who dont provide much guaranteed value but give you more flexability in the draft.

Mauricio Rubio: I'd still roll with Bautista even if the price is inflated a bit. I'm a big proponent of Best Player Available and I think Bautista gives you a sizeable edge over Gordon. Gillaspie and Villar are non starters in this hypothetical in my mind.

Brandon (KC): Raul Mondesi or JP Crawford?

Mauricio Rubio: JP Crawford, more even profile, solid fielder. Higher likelihood of reaching potential.

sam (LA): Best prospects nobody has ever heard of

Mauricio Rubio: "Nobody has ever heard of" is tough.

My personal favorite guy is Jeferson Mejia who was traded by the Cubs to the DBacks for Montero. Mejia has a big frame that he's in good control of and he has a good fastball/curve combo working. Lotta growth potential there.

Tom (Minnesota ): Miguel Sano in the majors by the end of 2015?

Mauricio Rubio: At the very end, yeah I think so. It's unfortunate that he got injured just as he was starting to get tested in the upper minors.

Dennis (LA): In a keeper OBP league, how would you rank Addison Russell, Joey Gallo, and Jorge Soler?

Mauricio Rubio: Russell Gallo and then Soler with Gallo gaining quickly.

AJ (Phoenix): 20-team dynasty (SP stats: W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS). I need to choose one of these two guys in a trade: Carlos Carrasco (Cle- SP,RP), Mat Latos (Mia- SP). Which would you rather hold on to?

Mauricio Rubio: I'd rather hang onto Latos.

Grizzly (Chicago): My dynasty league catchers are Yan Gomes, Jason Castro, and Chance Sisco. Would you consider the catcher position to be a strength for my team into the future or would you be weary of a possible let-down from Gomes, Castro never getting close to his 2013 numbers, and Sisco moving positions?

Mauricio Rubio: I think Castro rebounds into form and I've come around on Gomes. I'd look to trade one of these guys and I'd see what you can get for Sisco.

Steve (LBC): I'm in a shallow keeper league with an unlimited farm roster, but only a 3 round prospect draft each year. As a result, guys like Alex Meyer, Tyler Kolek, Hunter Harvey, and Stephen Piscotty are still available. How would you rank them in with the obvious top new talent (e.g. Tomas, Castillo, Rodon, Schwarber)?

Mauricio Rubio: Meyer – Harvey – Piscotty – Kolek. I like Kolek the prospect but fantasy wise he's a ways away from contributing.

Dave (Sacramento): Does Joe Ross get bumped down a bit because he moves from what would have been a great pitchers park in San Diego?

Mauricio Rubio: He takes a small hit because it's just not likely he's going to crack the opening day roster for the Nats.

Mike (Holden, MA): Any reason at all to expect that John Lamb continues to bounce back a bit, or was last year just a dead cat bounce?

Mauricio Rubio: I'm not optimistic about him at all. Velo and command still missing ever since his surgery.

Greg (NY): Thoughts on the A's rotation for 2015? Specifically Pomeranz and any other sleeper SPs you see there... too many cooks in the kitchen to matter for fantasy?

Mauricio Rubio: There are some decent sleeper options and a prime bust out option in Scott Kazmir. Their rotation has a few glaring holes created by the Samardzija trade and two of their guys in Parker and Griffin being out with TJ. It's a mess rotation wise. I like Graveman, the cutter is a big addition and he has a wide velo band. He has command of all his pitches so there's a lot to like there, I think he works well in that park too. Keep an eye on him and see if you can scoop him up late as hell depending on what happens out of ST. Outside of that I do like Nolin but he's borderline useless in standard.

Erik (Los Angeles): Who would you rather have for the next four seasons in a 7x7 league with Hits and OPS: Freddie Freeman or Josh Donaldson?

Mauricio Rubio: Donaldson, really excited about him in that park. Freeman is a solid player but I think he takes a hit RE counting numbers in season one and season two.

Greg (Arizona): I have pick 1.12 in our dynasty's first year player draft. Players I'm targeting in that range who may be available are Bradley Zimmer, Michael Conforto, and Trea Turner. Who would you rather have on your dynasty team between those three players? Thanks!

Mauricio Rubio: Trea Turner is a lock to stick at short and he can provide elite speed. If he can cut down on his swing a bit he's going to be a very good player, I'd rather have him from this group.

dennis (la): Addison Russell or Corey Seager in an OBP league?

Mauricio Rubio: Russell by a hair.

Alex (Anaheim): How much chance does Refsnyder have to make the big club on Opening Day?

Mauricio Rubio: I think that ship sailed with the Stephen Drew signing. Refsnyder isn't overly compelling in my mind.

Shawn (Cubicle): Nick Williams is all kinds of interesting. Not only is he the rare prospect with a potential plus or better hit tool, but it's how he gets that hit tool- with this free swinging ways. Where do you see him ultimately settling in? I keep thinking Pablo Sandoval when I read about Williams- swings at everything, but makes contact and has respectable power.

Mauricio Rubio: "Lacks feel" is the common thread with Williams. He is tremendously talented but has yet to show an aptitude for the strike zone (among other areas of his game). I think he eventually ends up hitting .270 with 15 HRs but we'll always expect more from him. The lack of zone control is concerning.

The Dude (Living Room): Go to meal at these types of restaurants - Italian, Mexican, Chinese?

Mauricio Rubio: Ravioli - Tacos - Dim Sum

RotoLando (Cloud City): What's Bret's beef with Gandalf? Feel free to pause this chat and call him. I'll wait.

Mauricio Rubio: Let's be honest, Gandalf is kind of a dick.

RatedRookie (Atlanta): By projections Taijuan Walker is a late round flier. What is your projection for him this year?

Mauricio Rubio: The shoulder is still a big red flag for me so I agree with late round flier in redrafts.

Frodo (The Shire?): Why couldn't we have just taken the Eagles to Mt Doom?

Mauricio Rubio: Because Javier Baez wasn't listed at 2B

Squintz (Wendy P's Bed): 10 team H2H 6x6 with 15 keepers. Keep forever. OBP and OPS and K/9, K/BB, QS and SV+HD are the dif cats. Keeping Trout, C. Santana, Pedroia, Beltre, Betts, Marte, Felix, Bum, Bryant, VMart, and Kluber. Choose 4 more between Bogaerts, Baez, Wong, R. Zim, Mauer, Harvey, Aroldis, and Greinke. Thanks.

Mauricio Rubio: Xander, Harvey, Greinke, Baez.

Rob (Philadelphia): JP Crawford a top 10 prospect next year?

Mauricio Rubio: I don't think so, it's not that type of profile but he can still be very good.

Shawnykid23 (CT): One hitter and one pitcher you think will breakout this year?

Mauricio Rubio: Oswaldo Arcia and Carlos Martinez

DanDaMan (Sea Cliff): Mau, in your mind who are the top 5 or so picks after Trout for a new keeper league (standard 5x5)?

Mauricio Rubio: Trout Stanton McCutchen Goldschmidt Miggy

Mike (Milwaukee): Dynasty league: Dylan Bundy IP in the MLB this season? Would you not trade him for any of these names: D. Holland, H. Bailey, A. Cashner, N. Eovaldi, G. Gonzalez?

Mauricio Rubio: If you have an offer of Cashner for Bundy sitting out there go and accept it right now.

Carlos Rodon (Chicago Bound): Assuming I get called up June 9th (random, but bear with me): How close should I get to 3.50, 1.15, 8W, 150 K?

Mauricio Rubio: I think you'll be under on ERA, over on WHIP over on W and Under on K's.

AC (Dallas, America): In a very deep dynasty (about 800 minors are rostered), can you rank the following: Matt Smoral, Franmil Reyes, Tyler Anderson, Max Kepler, Micker Adolfo and Zach Borenstein. Sorry for the gross question and I'll be your best friend if you answer it.

Mauricio Rubio: We gotta stop doing this, America.

Anderson, Micker, Smoral, Reyes, Borenstein and then Kepler.

This was gross.

Rick (Reno): When is the earliest you could reasonably snatch Bogaerts up in a startup dynasty draft-- 16 team?

Mauricio Rubio: People will be taking him early, I wouldn't go after him before round 3 which means I won't be owning him.

Odna L Otor (Bartertown): I just got offered Carlos Carrasco for my Manny Machado. I've got a very deep offense, but weak pitching. Still, my dynasty leaguemates will pitch a fit. I need another argument in my favor. Help me out here, Solomon.

Mauricio Rubio: Look, I like Manny Machado and I don't think you should make this deal. I can't give you another argument my man.

Ziggy (LA): Hello Sir, have a brutal decision in my 16 tm dynasty points lg. We are built to win now, but have wheeled and dealed our way to own the #3 & #4 overall picks in the 1st year Rookie/Int'l draft. We have an offer of #1 Overall & Alex Meyer for said picks (fwiw, we would take either Castillo or Rodon 1st overall). Show us the way, King Rubio.

Mauricio Rubio: Ohhhh man this is a fun one. It's a good deal and I prefer Castillo/Rodon + Meyer over whoever you'd get at 3/4 if I'm being completely honest. I make this deal.

JP (tx): 5x5 AL only with OPS. keep 7 Major leaguers and 3 minors. can keep more minors in a Majors spot. Finished last season with Correa, Chi Chi Gonzalez, Tim Anderson, Brandon Finnegan, and Alfaro. Obvously keeping Correa, of the others who do you keep/drop/trade?

Mauricio Rubio: I keep Finnegan, and Anderson. I try to trade Alfaro and I'm ok with letting Chi Chi go.

AJ (Phoenix): How big a gap is there between Evan Longoria and Todd Frazier for dynasty purposes (5x5 + OBP & XBH)?

Mauricio Rubio: There isn't much of a gap in my mind, I view them similarly.

Jake (State Farm Office): Final keeper spot in OBP league: Bundy, Giolito or Gallo?

Mauricio Rubio: Gallo

tomhauck (Pecota): Mike Feirs? Ahead of Aroldis?

Mauricio Rubio: I'd still rather have Aroldis.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Manny Machado - future fantasy stud, or above average regular?

Mauricio Rubio: I'm still on the fantasy stud train but I'm one more derailment away from getting off.

Josh (Reno): More of a hypothetical: If a manager in a fantasy league is purposefully making his team worse (not for rebuilding purposes), is it not a commissioner's duty to replace him for a more competent manager?

Mauricio Rubio: I strongly advise drawing up a charter and figuring out how you want to handle these situations in the future. In the interim I would advise replacing the manager yes.

Shawn (Cubicle): Is Maikel Franco being underrated in fantasy circles? With his power, in that park, he seems like he could be very valuable. Maybe not elite, but someone you are definitely happy with as a starter, even in shallow leagues.

Mauricio Rubio: I think so, he's a solid fantasy option in the short term in my mind. He's fine in roto 5x5 leagues.

Dennis (LA): Hi Mau, thanks for the chat. Who do you prefer in a keeper league that uses OBP instead of BA (with R, HR, RBI, SB being the other cats), Jorge Soler or Addison Russell? What can we expect from these guys at their peak? Finally, do you like Soler and Russell over Joey Gallo and Miguel Sano?

Mauricio Rubio: 1. Russell
2. Russell: .280~ with potential for 20 HR, Soler .270~ with potential for 30 HR
3. I prefer Gallo and Sano here.

Slevin (Brooklyn): Pardon my naivety, but what do you mean by "backfields?"

Mauricio Rubio: The backfields are where dreams are sown and nurtured (their the backfield facilities that teams have near their spring training parks. It's where the MiLB guys go play)

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): My NL-only keeper league has only 2 bench/minor league spots. A player drafted at $1 this year has his salary escalate to $3, $7, $15, & $33 over the next 4 seasons. Does Seager, Bell, Renfroe, Peraza, Winker, or somebody else provide good value for the 2nd half this year &/or next year? (All the top prospects - Baez, Bryant, Russell, Joc, Thor - are already owned.)

Mauricio Rubio: I think Seager does for sure. I think he's up this year and provides solid value.

Billy (Rotoworld): Mauricio, who in the AL is this year's Corey Kluber?? Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate your opinion!!

Mauricio Rubio: Gavin Floyd.

Joking aside, wouldn't surprise me if Shelby Miller took all sorts of steps forward.

Mark (Cincinnati): Jesse Winker hit very well in the AFL. Does he profile as a .300 hitter in the majors?

Mauricio Rubio: He has the potential to crack .300. Pretty swing and solid zone command.

Mike (NY): Can you give me your opinion of the following fantasy baseball trade. (Context: 20 teams, one team is competing while the other rebuilding). Cliff Lee for Jimmy Nelson, Andrew Heaney, and John Holdzkom. Is that an overpay for the amount of risk or fair return for Lee? Thanks.

Mauricio Rubio: Lee's stock is pretty low, I'd probably take this deal if you're intent on trading him.

Jombo (Mi): Dynasty league rank em... Jose Altuve, Javier Baez, Wil Myerz, Arismendy Alcantara

Mauricio Rubio: Altuve Myers Baez Alcantara

rzt101 (NYC): What's your general thought on extensions when you have an option year for a player in auction leagues? I have Polanco in an 12 team NL-only standard 5x5 for 7. I can extend him for additional 5 bucks per year. So 12 this year and 17 next, etc. There is a drop penalty and bids are inflated for stars.

Mauricio Rubio: I mean, if they can help I extend them. I try to avoid drop penalties as much as I can, would rather trade out when I can.

Jason (NJ): I know you mentioned Jorge Bonifacio on a podcast earlier in the year. What do you think a realistic expectation (ceiling) is for him?

Mauricio Rubio: I think we're looking at a second division starter here. The lack of success at the upper minors is concerning.

Tim (Dallas): Given his injury, do you think Profar is done as a shortstop?

Mauricio Rubio: I think it makes it harder and with Andrus entrenched over there I just don't see shortstop happening again.

Mike (Holden, MA): Does Roman Quinn hold any intrigue as a CF, or is the bat in need of too much strengthening?

Mauricio Rubio: Some, Ben likes him much more than I do. I don't think there's enough hit there to become much more than a guy who steals bases and hits for an empty low average.

JB (Iowa): Keeper question in 10 team obp league...Harper for $35 or Cabrera for $60? thanks

Mauricio Rubio: Wow. Harper for 35 that is some crazy inflation.

oakiegu007 (Ny ): Is steven Souza a top 5 pick in an AL only slg/OBP rookie draft? (He's obviously available for this since he was an NL transfer. I was thinking rusney, Rodon, Heaney (nL), alex jackson. Now I'm wondering where Souza fits in there.

Mauricio Rubio: I would take him over Alex Jackson, so yeah I think he's in the top five.

JB (Iowa): Keeper question...Gyorko or Wheeler for $1?

Mauricio Rubio: Wheeler.

brico5 (CA): Do Moncada, Maeda, Olivera sign this year? Tomas, Maeda, Moncada, Olivera from a dynasty view..

Mauricio Rubio: Your guess is as good as mine, sorry

modofacid (philly): I'm the guy who asked on the tino pod about severino and refnsyder for profar. Forgot to include an important detail. It's a 28 team league. Still gimme, gimme, gimme?

Mauricio Rubio: 100%.

Rob (Dallas): Sleeper to be a top 10 prospect in 2016?

Mauricio Rubio: If it all clicks...Touki Toussaint

John (Wisconsin): Would you keep Arcia for $10?

Mauricio Rubio: I would, I think you know what he can provide and its ok for 10.

Randy Inchoate (Deep Inside Your Subconscious): What manner of sacrifice will propitiate the gods and hasten the arrival of baseball season?

Mauricio Rubio: The offering of rum and dead chickens shall appease the gods.

Mauricio Rubio: Thanks for all the questions guys!

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