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Chat: Geoff Young

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday December 28, 2012 1:00 PM ET chat session with Geoff Young.


Geoff Young takes your baseball questions in the last BP chat of 2012.

Geoff Young: Okay, let's get this party started.

Nick Robertson (Chicago, Il): When do you think Baez will be brought up to the majors?

Geoff Young: Hi Nick, thanks for the question. I assume from your location that you're asking about Javier Baez. He's 19 years old and talented but raw, which means not soon. In his article on the Cubs Top 10 prospects, Jason Parks put Baez's ETA at 2015: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=18849

Alex (Anaheim): My two favorite sports are baseball and hockey, so I'm definitely feeling a void these days. How do you make the offseason more tolerable?

Geoff Young: Hi Alex, good to hear from you and thanks for the great question. The truth is that the offseason doesn't exist in my world. Within a day or two after the regular season ended, work began on the BP Annual. I start every day reading, researching teams and players, talking to industry folks, etc. I miss the actual games, of course, but my head is filled with baseball all winter, so there isn't much time to feel a void. You could say that I make the offseason more tolerable by refusing to acknowledge its existence. Being stubborn and delusional helps. Also, December and January are when I reconnect with all that I've neglected over the previous 10 months: books, movies, family members.

LaMarBrown (San Diego): Geoff, what's your prediction for the Padres this year and is Nick Hundley coming up on Comeback Player of the Year?

Geoff Young: Hey LaMar, how's it going? The Padres look to me like a .500 team. I like the offensive core, especially once Yasmani Grandal returns from his suspension, but the pitching concerns me. I'm intrigued to see how the new outfield dimensions affect guys at the back end of the rotation. As for Hundley, he wasn't healthy last year and the numbers reflect that. He won't hit like he did in 2011, but he should return to 2009-2010 levels, which could make him an enticing trade target later in the season.

Don (Missouri): Cardinals still need a shortstop and have tons of young starting pitching. Rangers still need starting pitching and have an abundance of young shortstops. Shelby Miller, Matt Adams & Tyrell Jenkins for Jurickson Profar. Why wouldn't John Mozeliak and Jon Daniels be talking?

Geoff Young: Hi Don, thanks for the question. My personal opinion is that it's impossible to "have an abundance of shortstops," but such a trade would be fun. I'm not even sure how I'd evaluate it other than to note that I'd hate to give up Profar. Then again, Mozeliak probably feels the same way about his guys. Hmmm... now I totally want this to happen.

Shawny (Rocky Hill, CT): Any chance the Sox go after J. Upton now that AZ has inexplicable added another OF??

Geoff Young: Shawny, good to hear from you. If there's one thing I've learned from watching Kevin Towers operate over the years, it's that anything can happen. Jason Kubel didn't seem necessary last off-season, ditto Cody Ross this winter. Upton seems to be available, but I don't know what he would fetch; given his uneven and perplexing development trajectory, I'm not even sure what he's worth. Still, a change of scenery might do him good.

AJ (Phoenix): With Neftali Feliz going under the knife for TJS, what is his likelihood of continuing as a starter? It seems like he's destined for the 9th inning again, no?

Geoff Young: Thanks for the question, AJ. It's hard to say what the future holds for Feliz, although he does seem better suited to the bullpen. I understand why teams want to maximize innings out of a guy like Feliz (or Aroldis Chapman in Cincinnati), but there is a real risk. Maybe letting a guy continue to excel in a role that he's already mastered isn't the worst idea.

Donald (Chicago): I own McCutchen and Adam Jones in a 20-team dynasty league that uses LF/CF/RF (and not OF), and I own Billy Hamilton for my farm system. My pitching is pretty shallow all the way around, and have an offer of T. Skaggs and R. Romero for B. Hamilton and A. Sanchez. Good deal or no deal?

Geoff Young: Hey Donald, I'm not the best person to answer this type of question, but assuming it's Roto with categories and not a sim-based league, I'd want to be the guy getting Hamilton, who has the potential to dominate steals.

Steve G. (STL): Hey Geoff, What is wrong with Mike Napoli? Does he not like Fenway Park as much as they like him?

Geoff Young: Hi Steve, thanks for the question. From what I understand, questions about Napoli's hip condition have kept things on hold. Those questions scared the Mariners away, clearing a path for the Red Sox, who understandably are being careful. Stay tuned.

jlarsen (chicago): What is your definition of a "supplemental" player on a team? I had an argument last night that a supplemental player is a non-core position player who, no matter their pay-rate, plays a specific role on the team and not always brought in to be a "key piece".

Geoff Young: Hey Jake, good to hear from you. I've never thought about that specific term, but your definition seems as good as any. When I hear "supplemental player," I think of a guy like Chris Denorfia or Scott Hairston, someone who supplements the stars.

jlarsen (chicago): What is it about Edwin "Transaction" Jackson that attracts GMs into wanting to acquire him? It seems that teams become fixated on his potential, then eventually get tired of his act and deal him to the next unlucky schlub. He's an innings-eater, has a pretty clean bill of health and has a nice FB/SL combo. However, he's a 3rd or 4th SP at best and his FB really has no movement or sink to it.

Geoff Young: Jackson is an interesting case. As you say, he never developed into an ace, but there's a lot to be said for a guy who is basically a lock for 30 starts. Of course, the minute he fails to do that, he loses all value. And of course, most pitchers - even the healthy ones - get hurt at some point.

Jeff (Seattle): Geoff, what is your assessment of James Paxton?

Geoff Young: Thanks for the question, Jeff. My assessment of Paxton? I like the strikeouts, don't like the walks, and want to see him pitch more than 100 innings in a season. The latter would seem a prerequisite for someone who is envisioned as a workhorse. Also, if you haven't done so already, be sure to read Jason Parks' thoughts on Paxton and other Mariners prospects. I have opinions, but Jason's are better: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=19227

Jim (Philly): It seemed like James McDonald put everything together before the All-star break last year, however, he slowly fell apart thereafter. What do you expect from McDonald next year? Thanks for the chat, Geoff.

Geoff Young: Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by to chat. I'm going to get crazy and predict an ERA between 4.00 and 4.21 for McDonald this year, same as every year. But yikes, that second half is scary. I don't know how you go from having opponents hit like Jeff Mathis to having them hit like Willie Mays in such a short span. The positive spin is that McDonald showed the ability to dominate over a decent stretch of games. The flip side is... yuck.

Nathan (LA): Do you think Dee Gordon wins the SS job in Spring Training and keeps it throughout the entire season?

Geoff Young: Hey Nathan, thanks for joining us. Gordon doesn't cost enough to start for the Dodgers. Less facetiously, he doesn't hit enough to start for anyone. I still can't believe he knocked a home run last year. The guy is a great athlete, but a team that has invested so heavily in the present doesn't figure to have much patience for youthful mistakes, such as the inability to handle big-league pitching on a consistent basis.

jlarsen (chicago): As a native chicagoan, It's almost embarassing what the White Sox have done(or not done) this offseason. Spent waaaay too much on a player coming off a surprising all-around year, but needs a platoon-mate to be successful and has little-to-no-power in his bat. Is this the dreaded "R-word"(rebuilding) that Kenny Williams hinted about but always managed to avoid?

Geoff Young: Williams could try to rebuild, but I'm not sure how. Off the top of my head, he's got Dayan Viciedo and Chris Sale as somewhat established players who theoretically haven't reached their prime. I'm not sure those are foundational guys, but they aren't bad. Then again, I don't ever dismiss Williams, who has enjoyed a great deal of success by doing things that baffle me. Someone should write a book and/or movie about him.

Nathan (LA): Given his lefty/righty splits in his career, should Ethier be a platoon player?

Geoff Young: That depends on whether you like a 649 OPS out of your right fielder. Even Jeff Francoeur is at 665 for his career. Seems to me it wouldn't be hard to find a random guy to take those 200 PA away from Ethier and turn them into something useful. Maybe the Dodgers will find some change under the cushions and make that happen.

Kai (Reno): Which player will have the bigger fantasy impact in 2013: Profar or Myers?

Geoff Young: Anything is possible in the short-term, but long-term you want the middle infielder who made his MLB debut as a teenager.

Kai (Reno): There are yet again more Justin upton rumors swirling... Could a package of Teheran gilmartin/graham and pastornicky/Ahmed be enough to tempt the dbacks into reuniting the upton brothers in Atlanta? If not, what else might it take, as the braves don't have much top position player farm depth?

Geoff Young: Well, Kai, that is an interesting question. I have such a bad feel for Upton's value right now based on what he did last year. On the one hand, not many hitters have knocked 100 homers before their age 25 season. On the other, he had a disappointing 2012 and has been rumored to be on the market for a while. Factor in what Towers got for Trevor Bauer and, frankly, it gives me a headache.

captnamerca (Dunedin): Hey Geoff, What do you think the Mariners' infield looks like for most of the season?

Geoff Young: Howdy Captain. I'm assuming it'll be similar to last year's, with Kendrys Morales displacing Justin Smoak at first base. Nick Franklin could make things interesting at second if Dustin Ackley doesn't get his act together.

Andrew (St. Paul): How much do you love Austin Hedges? His power numbers this past year were WAY over expectations, right? Eta 2015 as Padres starting C reasonable?

Geoff Young: Hi Andrew, thanks for the question. I adore Hedges, hopped on that bandwagon before it became cool ("their earlier stuff was awesome, then they went all corporate"). I think 2015 sounds reasonable, depending on what happens with Grandal and possibly even Hundley. Either way, the Padres are in an enviable position with so much talent behind the dish.

Jon KK (Elkhart, IN): Please describe Balboa Park. I've never been there.

Geoff Young: Hey Andrew, good to see I have at least one Twitter follower. Balboa Park (http://www.balboapark.org/) is a massive park near downtown San Diego that features a world-famous zoo, dozens of cool museums, a theater (as in Shakespeare), gardens, etc. It's great for taking a stroll and enjoying nice views of the city. I try to get down here as often as possible, at least once or twice a week.

Jon KK (Elkhart, IN): Lots of players going to the NL for 2013: BJUp, Crawford, Choo, Span, Revere, M.Young, Ryu, McCarthy, S.Baker, F.Liriano, Feldman, etc. Among the new NLers, who are your top five in Scoresheet?

Geoff Young: I haven't given this any thought whatsoever yet, but of the guys you mention, I like Upton's upside and Choo's OBP. Young and all of those pitchers scare the heck out of me.

jlarsen (chicago): Well, to continue with White Sox-themed questions, Hahn was left with questionable team when Williams accepted his Team President promotion. We all know Kenny avoided rebuilding like it was the plague, but so far it seems as if Hahn is mountain-climbing a glacier bare-handed and barefooted.

Geoff Young: I just wanted to mention that I'd forgotten about the Williams promotion. Also, I expect that he and Hahn will work in concert, much as the former Red Sox front-office folks do across town.

Andrew (St. Paul): How bad will the Phillies infield D be? And are they exactly at the point that teams don't want to be at- aging vets with huge deals and NO held from the farm on the way.

Geoff Young: Let's just say that it's a good thing Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee don't generate a ton of grounders. And yeah, for a team that finished .500 last year, there are too many old guys for my taste.

jlarsen (chicago): What do the Mariners do with Carp and Smoak with the additions of Morales, Bay and Ibanez? Hard to see the Mariners finding ABs for all those hitters that they have.

Geoff Young: This is my new favorite line about anything: "Hard to see the Mariners finding ABs for all those hitters that they have." I don't have an answer, but you almost made me spit coffee. Almost.

Chris (Denver): Do you think Josh Rutledge can carry over his success from last year over 162 games?

Geoff Young: Hi Chris, thanks for the question. My biggest concern about Rutledge is his complete absence of plate discipline at any level. Some guys can hack their way to success (at least in the short-term), but my guess is that unless/until he makes adjustments in his approach, his weaknesses will be exploited by big-league pitchers.

Ida (Pasadena, CA): How good is Max Fried? Saw him against my son's high school team this year and was easily the best HS pitcher I have ever seen in Southern California.

Geoff Young: Hi Ida, thanks for joining us today. I haven't seen Fried myself but I've heard great things. I think the Padres top 10 prospects list is coming soon.

Greg (San Diego): What can I expect from Matt Dominguez next year?

Geoff Young: Plenty of opportunity. I don't know if Dominguez is ever going to hit, but the Astros will give him every chance to prove that he can.

Chris (also Missouri): I can tell Don why Jon Daniels won't do that trade: Because Elvis Andrus will be a free agent in two years, is a Boras client, and ain't signin' an extension. When it comes down to it, I absolutely think the Rangers will trade Andrus before they trade Profar. And right now, it appears they won't trade either. Ask again next December.

Geoff Young: Well, there you go.

Mike (Tampa, FL): It's been in the news quite a bit- who should the Rockies trade? Tulo or CarGo? Tulo would get the bigger return, but CarGo might be the more consistent player. Heck, SHOULD the Rockies trade either/both?

Geoff Young: Hi Mike, excellent question. I don't see too many teams taking on Tulo's contract. And CarGo isn't the same player away from Coors Field. I guess I'd want to know what the Rockies are trying/hoping to get in return. My suspicion is that CarGo would be easier to move, but I don't know that there's any urgency in making it happen.

William (Pensacola, Fl): Worst farm system going into 2013 ?

Geoff Young: My laptop's battery was about to die, so now I'm plugged in near a tree by the fountain in front of the Reuben H. Fleet Space Science Center. The park is very crowded today. Also, I have no idea who has the worst farm system.

RMR (Chicago): What does the addition of Choo at the top of the Reds lineup mean for the value of Votto, Ludwick and Bruce?

Geoff Young: Hi RMR, thanks for the question. Those guys will all hit if healthy, so it mainly means that they'll have more RBI opportunities. On a team level, that translates into more runs, which in theory should help the Reds win more games.

jlarsen (chicago): Does Ugeth Urbina have any more bullets(for lack of a better term, no pun intended) left and do you see any teams holding tryouts for the old closer? Also, would he be able to get a work-visa now that he's released(being a convicted felon)?

Geoff Young: I have no idea about the work visa. How old is Urbina anyway? [checks] He's only 38? How is that even possible? He was darned good in 2003. Then again, so were Eric Gagne and Tim Worrell.

Dee Gordon (Bench): I'm not a great athlete; I just run fast. My question: With a flyball-heavy rotation (especially with Aroldis converting to starter), do you see Choo bumped from CF in favor of Hamilton by, say, June or so? Thanks!

Geoff Young: Well, you have a strong arm. As for Hamilton, I think he still needs reps in CF and from the left side of the plate. There is no rush with that guy.

John (Kansas City): When will Kelvin Herrera supplant Holland for closing duties in KC?

Geoff Young: Hi John. I'm guessing as soon as the Royals find a taker for Holland? It shouldn't be hard; he's a good pitcher.

Mr Indecisive (Parts Unknown): Fantasy Question, if you don't mind...who do you like better in a dynasty league: Eric Hosmer or Anthony Rizzo?

Geoff Young: I don't mind at all. Hosmer's 2012 still confounds me. Based on their previous track records, he should have a higher upside than Rizzo, but it's hard to argue with what the latter did for the Cubs last year. He's in a great park that should maximize his strengths. I'll go with Rizzo, but it's not a terribly strong feeling.

jlarsen (chicago): Which of these Scotts do you foresee being the most successful this season: Feldman, Baker, Kazmir, Luke(Luke Scott) or Hairston? Is Scott Moore still playing? Do you think the Cubs have room in AAA for him?

Geoff Young: I'm going to say not Kazmir.

Keith (Manchester, CT): Thanks Geoff, I was offered Gerrit Cole for Wil Myers in a keeper league. Your gut reaction: make the deal?

Geoff Young: Hi Keith, thanks for the question. These are fun deals and I could see this one from either side. Cole comes with greater risk because pitchers, but what a ceiling. I think I'd give Myers for him.

John Mozeliak (Sittin' on the Arch): Four straight years of 70+ run differentials (no other N.L. team has even two straight years of 50+) and no big player payroll bump, and maybe baseball's best current farm system. All after inheriting a team with a -100 differential and a mediocre farm five years ago. So, am I the Senior Circuit's best GM?

Geoff Young: Among the ones whose team hasn't won two World Series in three years? Quite possibly.

Francois (Toronto): Who has the high ceiling between Taijuan Walker and Jose Fernandez? Higher floor?

Geoff Young: Yes. Maybe. I don't know.

Sara (Tacoma): I'm hearing a lot of good things about Kevin Gausman, What's his ceiling?

Geoff Young: Hi Sara, good to hear from you. I'm afraid I don't know much about Gausman at this point. Doug Thorburn, BP's pitching mechanics expert, had nice things to say about him in June, concluding with "He has the potential for an incredible delivery, with a projectable frame and a mechanical history to fuel optimism that he can make the adjustments necessary to ascend to elite levels." I encourage you to read the entire article if you haven't already: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=17293

Kevin (Des Moines): Kelvin Herrera in KC, Arodys Vizcaino in North Chicago, and Carter Capps in Seattle. Who has the best chance to lead their team in saves in 2013?* In 2014? (*I know Vizcaino is coming back from TJS).

Geoff Young: Thanks for the question, Kevin. Trying to guess save opportunities is a fool's errand, but I'll go with Herrera on the basis that he has the most big-league experience.

J.A. (MN): What will the Padres do with Gyorko in 2013?

Geoff Young: Howdy J.A. They seem to be serious about giving him a shot at the staring second base gig. If he can handle it, he could be an impact bat at the position. Gyorko is one reason the Padres should be fun to watch this year if you are able to watch them.

Bryant (San Diego): Many Padres fans understandably feel the need to compare the work of Kevin Towers, Jed Hoyer, & Josh Byrnes. Of those three, which do you consider to be doing the best work? Also, what's your favorite museum/attraction of Balboa Park?

Geoff Young: Hey Bryant, I owe you some cold barley soup. I like what Towers did in San Diego, although his recent moves in Arizona have been curious. I thought Hoyer handled himself well during his brief tenure here, and I like a lot of what Byrnes has done so far. I thought the Latos/Grandal deal was a bold move that could set the team up for years. His inactivity this winter has been a little disappointing, and I wonder how much of that is due to changing owners. But then, in San Diego there is always something happening with the owners. As for Balboa Park, I dig the Fleet Space Center, Hall of Champions, and just walking along The Prado. You can't go wrong here.

sitdancer (DC): Does Devin Mesoraco still have a future as every-day C for the Reds? If so, when might that future be?

Geoff Young: Hi sitdancer, thanks for the question. Someone is blasting Men at Work's "Who Can It Be Now?" so forgive me if I'm distracted. I think Mesoraco can be an everyday catcher, but as numerous youngsters before him have shown, that is a very difficult position to master at the big-league level. The presence of Ryan Hanigan complicates matters. He is almost the ideal backup catcher, but at the same time, he's too good to be a backup.

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): Geoff - every year the Giants seem to be viewed as above-average but not near elite. Yet 2010/2012 happened. Do you think there might be something to the thought that a team built like theirs has less potential variance in their seasonal outcomes? Thanks.

Geoff Young: Hi R.A., this is a great question. I'm not sure what lessons we can learn from the Giants' success but I'm sure that someone should study it in great detail. My suspicion is that while some of the variance may be due to the luck inherent in outcomes of short series, there could be something more at work. But not having studied the issue myself, I have no idea what "something more" might be or how much of the equation it is.

Jason (Colorado): What are your thoughts on Chris Nelson? He seems eager to prove himself to be a solid regular. Thanks, Geoff.

Geoff Young: Hey Jason, good to hear from you. Nelson is a guy who took forever to reach the big leagues and seemed to take a step forward last year, especially once he came back from the irregular heartbeat that dogged him in July. It's a small sample, but he was a beast over the final 53 games. I'm cautiously optimistic about his future. If he can't make it as a regular, he should have value off the bench for a while.

Derek (New York): What can I expect from Matt Harvey next season? He really held his own during his rookie campaign.

Geoff Young: Howdy Derek. It's another small sample, but I like the fact that Harvey's K/9 increased on joining the big club. That being said, he's facing the best hitters in the world now, and they will adjust. My guess is that he may hit a bump or two in the road but that ultimately he has enough ability to miss bats that he'll be just fine. There's a lot to like.

J.A. (MN): Is the Padres magic in building pens of amazing potency likely to continue as they move the fences in? Could we see monsters out there like Cashner and eventually Quackenbush setting up STreet in 2013?

Geoff Young: This is a fascinating question and a real concern. The Padres have done well building cheap bullpens and filling in the back of their rotations with guys who might not have succeeded in other venues. Those days may be gone. Kevin Quackenbush and Matthew Stites are two guys who looked good in the AFL and could force their way into the picture before long. I have no idea what's up with Cashner other than the fact that he can't stay healthy. He could be a stud starter, a stud closer, or absolutely nothing.

MetsFaithful5 (Upstate New York): If Noah Syderngaard and Wheeler both reach their potentials, along with Harvey continuning to grow and Niese as a solid pitcher, do you think that the mets have a chance for a top 5 rotation in the near future ?

Geoff Young: A lot can go wrong with pitchers, but that is an impressive stable of young talent. I'd be happy about that if I were a Mets fan.

sitdancer (DC): RE Giants success: I was wondering recently if they just had the perfect strengths to succeed recently, playing in a weak division got them into the post season and then they succeeded in the playoffs thanks to very strong pitching. It seems like their lack of offensive power could lead to them missing the playoffs in a tougher division, maybe even in their own with what just happened in LA.

Geoff Young: The thing is, their lack of offensive power is always a problem. Then their strong pitching takes over and before you know it, they have more rings. Very annoying.

Chris (KC): Hi Geoff, Happy New Year! Do you know where I can find runner picked off stats? Or is that always lumped in with caught stealing? I'm talking about trying to figure out how many times a particular player was picked off.

Geoff Young: Hey Chris, Happy New Year! Baseball-Reference has this stuff. Here's last year's: http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2012-baserunning-batting.shtml

Josh (Seattle): Does Willin Rosario stick behind the plate, or is he destined for a Victor Martinez/Mike Napoli/Jesus Montero C/1B/DH sort of career?

Geoff Young: Hey Josh, thanks for the question. Rosario has mastered the art of the passed ball. My gut says he won't stay behind the plate. Fortunately, his bat is strong enough to survive a move if needed.

Bill (New Mexico): Latest guess on where Kyle Lohse winds up, and for how much and how long?

Geoff Young: Hi Bill, and thanks for joining us! I have no idea where he'll end up, but I'm guessing he'll get too much for too long. Someone will pay for his 2012 season and ignore his 2009-2011. Someone will be unable to resist that 16-3 record and sub-3.00 ERA. Pity them.

jlarsen (chicago): Are you a believer in the hype of R.A. Dickey? Will he continue success into his 40s like knuckleballers of the past did?

Geoff Young: As someone on the wrong side of 40, I always root for the old guy. That being said, I think the Mets did great with that trade.

Jon KK (Elkhart, IN): Any updates on James Darnell's recovery? If Gyorky is at 2B and Forsythe can work at SS, where does Darnell fit?

Geoff Young: I'm not sure when Darnell is due to return. As for where he fits in, he is a passable third baseman who can't play anywhere else on the infield. His best-case scenario is Michael Cuddyer's career, but there's a good chance he ends up being a right-handed bat off the bench (sort of like Jesus Guzman), or less.

captnamerca (fL): Did you ever used to think that Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" was also a Men At Work song? I know I did.

Geoff Young: No, but if you really want your mind blown, listen to some of Grant's work with The Equals from the late-1960s.

jlarsen (chicago): Is Tim Lincecum going to bounce back or will he be a mid-tier Free Agent SP that a team is going to have to rebuild him into the his old form?

Geoff Young: Your lottery numbers are 09-35-37-41-47 / 19; good luck!

MetsFaithful5 (Upstate New York): Another one if you have the chance. Travis D... You think he can be an All star Catcher all around at the big league level? He's shown in the minors he can hit and be Solid behind the plate. Right now, he is our best Catcher.. Still plenty of room for him to improve. Scary and exciting thought for us Mets fan. I hope he reaches his potential! Happy New Year Geoff.

Geoff Young: This is not my area of expertise, but people whose opinion I respect like d'Arnaud a lot. Sorry I can't give a better answer. Happy New Year to you, too!

Bill (Kansas City): Expecting a big bounce back year from Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer? Thanks for the chat!

Geoff Young: I remain hopeful that they are experiencing the usual growing pains. Both of those guys are incredibly young. Of course, I'm still waiting for Ruben Rivera and Sean Burroughs. Any moment now, I can feel it.

Greg (Chicago): Hi Geoff, with all of Toronto's moves this winter, how much (if any) what do you think 2013 holds in store for Anthony Gose? Thanks.

Geoff Young: Hi Greg, thanks for the question. The Blue Jays are going for it now. Gose can't hit. I'm not seeing an obvious role for him in Toronto.

Matt (Ray Brook, NY): What teams do you see as darkhorse playoff participants next year?

Geoff Young: The ones I'm not expecting. That's as specific as I can get in December.

Brett (Toronto): Keeper League question: I was offered Yoenis Cespedes for Matt Harvey, Archie Bradley and George Springer. Should I pull the trigger?

Geoff Young: I'm the wrong person to ask on account of my undying affection for Cespedes. I'd probably do it. Harvey and Bradley could be awfully good, but Cespedes is already there.

jlarsen (chicago): Please, please, please tell me that the Rays will remove Reid Brignac, Elliot Johnson and possibly Sean Rodriguez for better Utility IFers.

Geoff Young: Is Geoff Blum still available? And on that note, I must take my leave.

Geoff Young: Thanks, all, for spending the last 3+ hours talking baseball with me. Happy New Year, and we'll do it again in 2013!

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