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Chat: Mike Gianella

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday March 09, 2016 7:00 PM ET chat session with Mike Gianella.


Mike Gianella: chat chat chat chat chat chat Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH! LET'S DO THIS!

Chris (Baltimore): Who do you anticipate gets the lion's share of saves for the Padres this season? Quackenbush, Rodney, or someone else? Who?

Mike Gianella: If the adjustments Rodney made in Chicago in the second half held, Rodney. If not Quackenbush. My money is on Rodney but it is a soft bet.

DBrown (da Burgh): when do you anticipate updating your bid-limit pricing for things next? No hurry, but don't want to add those to my spreadsheets, then have you post more then next day.

Mike Gianella: The next bid limit update is planned for March 18, then will be weekly until the season starts.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Do you like Pineapple on pizza?

Mike Gianella: No.

Chris (Baltimore): How you would rank these players in a 5 x 5? Heyward, Hosmer, Yelich, Eaton, Kipnis.

Mike Gianella: That order but flip Eaton and Kipnis for positional reasons.

DBrown (da burgh): couple of NL only leagues I'm in [live, local drafts] unfortunately are going to have to draft with 11 instead of 12 teams this year. Does this push star prices up a buck or two; and push end-roster types down a buck or two??

Mike Gianella: Yup. Prices stay the same or go up a buck or two on the stars while prices drop on the middle guys and at the bottom. The guy you had for $3-4 on your sheet in a 12-team will go undrafted, so budgeting for players like that is a waste.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): What do you think of the Michael Jordan crying meme? What is your favorite meme?

Mike Gianella: It was funny for five minutes but just seems so old now. I don't know if I have a favorite. I like throwing out "And then there's Maude!" because of Family Guy, but that's not a big one.

Ron (Texarkana): Would you lean towards David Dahl or Ian Happ in a Dynasty League?

Mike Gianella: I'd go with Happ just because of the possible health concerns with Dahl but both are good and it's a close call.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Who is better in 2047, the Phillies or the Braves (asking this because prospects are pretty far away)?

Mike Gianella: I'm assuming you mean 2017. Probably the Phillies. They could make some noise next year if everything breaks right. The Braves probably have the better shot long term but on the developmental curve appear to be further away.

Chris (Baltimore): I have the option to pick up Austin Jackson or Pedro Alvarez with my top waiver claim in an AL only 5 x 5. Which one please?

Mike Gianella: I just put the same bid on both of them in my non-published update. Jackson is the steadier choice and Alvarez has more upside. Depends on your needs. I prefer Jackson but they're close.

rpol (LA): In a league with 8 hitting categories (standard 5 plus OBP, H and TB), how would you rank Arenado, Donaldson, Miggy, McCutchen?

Mike Gianella: Donaldson, Cutch, Miggy, Nolan.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Why do people pretend avocados taste good and aren't terrible?

Mike Gianella: I am shaking in anger.

Matt Yonkoski (Virginia Beach): I have been labeled the "League Salesmen" because of my career and my trading techniques. I view myself more as Jimmy McGill. How can I shake this? Please help me!

Mike Gianella: You probably need to sit back and lay low for awhile, and maybe even take a deal or two that are somewhat even/balanced and maybe slightly not in your favor. Eventually, people will see you as more fair minded and you'll shake it.

Clark (The 19th Hole): Which group sucks less? Anthony Alford, Rusney Castillo, Manuel Margot, Brett Phillips, Nick Williams,Spencer Adams, Mark Appel, Dylan Cease, Josh Hader, James Kapeielian, Triston McKenzie,Vince Velasquez or Blake Swihart, Jon Singleton, Dansby Swanson, Alex Jackson, Clayton Blackburn,Tyrell Jenkins, Rob Kaminsky, Zach Lee, Keuy Mella, Justin Nicolino, Aaron Nola, Tyler Jay. God these teams are awful.

Mike Gianella: The first group, but you're right, but they're both bad.

Truganini (CO): What players outside the top 200 are you targeting for a potential flyer?

Mike Gianella: To name a few: Will Myers, Josh Reddick, Aaron Nola, Rich Hill, Jayson Werth, Ben Paulsen, and Jerad Eickhoff.

Chris (Baltimore): It's a 12 team NL only 5 x 5 (2 catcher league) where you can keep 6 (2016 salaries) Please help: Schwarber 8 B Hamilton 13 M Franco 16 AJ Ramos 6 Baez 8 Mesorasco 10 And right now I would be throwing back: Inciarte 12 Quackenbush 6 Drury 2 Is it reasonable to keep those 6? I have a few more days to decide.

Mike Gianella: Yes, I think that's fine. I'm kind of iffy on Javier Baez depending upon the keeper rules, but he's better than all of those bubble guys with the possible exception of Ender Inciarte.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): Are burritos sandwiches?

Mike Gianella: Sure.

Allen (MSP): How do you view Ketel Marte in a dynasty league?

Mike Gianella: I'm not as high on him as a lot of people. I think he could be great, but I don't ever see him being a big power force and shortstops who steal 20-30 bases and don't hit for big power numbers are fairly common. Comps are bad, always, but from an anecdotal perspective the hype surrounding Marte reminds of Erick Aybar when he came up. Aybar has always been a solid citizen, but he's not a guy you're building around in any format.

Matt (DC): Standard 5x5, 12-team Roto league and we keep six each season. After keeping Trout, Donaldson, Rizzo, Scherzer and Arrieta, do I go with Lorenzo Cain, Troy Tulowitzki or Gerrit Cole as my last keeper?

Mike Gianella: I'd keep Cole in that format. I like Cain better in a deeper league, but even in today's speed starved context you can find steals on the waiver wire.

JG (MA): Highest you would pay for trout in AL only auction roto

Mike Gianella: Without inflation? $42.

Cubbie Bear (Chi-Town): After a rough start to his career (name issues and injuries) Aledmys Diaz seems to be establishing himself. Does he have the offensive and defensive chops to step in at SS for Jhonny Peralta?

Mike Gianella: He'll hold his own, but the upside is limited. I think he can step in and be reliable, but I don't see a big jump up for him as a hitter. Defensively he'll be fine.

markdavo4 (Australia): The following names aren't necessarily exciting....but in what order would you rank Trayce Thompson, Travis Shaw, Patrick Kivlehan and Tyler Goeddel for a dynasty league? Would there be a standout if just looking for potential current year impact? Cheers

Mike Gianella: In dynasty, Shaw, Kivlehan, Goeddel, and Thompson. For 2016 only Goeddel has an opportunity now that Aaron Altherr is out for most if not all of the season and could be the guy to take a big leap forward.

Matt (MN): Todd Frazier or Matt Carpenter - who do you see as a better value long term in a dynasty league with OPS as an offensive category?

Mike Gianella: In an OPS format, Carpenter.

markdavo4 (Australia): Thoughts on Matt Duffy vs Semien in both dynasty league and redraft formats?

Mike Gianella: I'm assuming you mean the Giants Matt Duffy and not the Astros one. Semien has the higher long term ceiling (althouggh I don't see him sticking at SS long term). Duffy strikes me as a solid, reliable player but the ceiling doesn't excite me. For this year, I lean Duffy because of the batting average and there's zero risk as with Semien that his defense will push him off the position or to the bench for a spell.

Ron (Texarkana): Hey Mike, just wanted to say thanks for all you guys do. It keeps my work day moving, and I feel smarter when I'm done reading. Keep working hard.

Mike Gianella: That's really great to hear. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to do so.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): Have you tried Peach/Kiwi pizza? Delicious

Mike Gianella: I have not.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Mike, Where would you rank the Gourriel brothers on a list of best prospects if they were eligible?

Mike Gianella: I'm terrible at this, but I'd have Lourdes around 15 and Yulieski 20th in terms of production right now. In dynasty, Yulieski would slip somewhat due to age.

Meh SPs (Chicago): Trying to slim down on my lower tier SP for dynasty, help me rank this group, please? Roenis Elias, Chi Chi Gonzalez, Matt Wisler, Alex Meyer, Ervin Santana & Alex Wood

Mike Gianella: I'd go Alex Wood, Santana, Wisler, Meyer, Chi Chi, and Elias. They're all pretty close to me with the exception of Elias.

Clark (Corn Maze): Mike, I need big time help here. I'm so lost on who to keep. I've made a couple bad moves that just seem to keep snowballing after drafting yoan last year and trying to send him down to my minor leagues (the guys with the top 2 waiver spots wouldn't budge and still won't). 12 team H2H points league... Which 8 do I keep??? Yoan, schwarber, Carlos Gomez, Franco, Carpenter, A Jones, Pujols, Quintana, Samardjzia, sonny Gray, Cueto, Shelby Miller, Teheran. Thank you sooo much!!!

Mike Gianella: Yoan Moncada, Kyle Schwarber, Gomez, Maikel Franco, Matt Carpenter, Sonny Cray, Johnny Cueto, and Adam Jones.

Mark (Indianapolis): How would your recommend setting up PFM in terms of pitching breakdown? My league uses standard roto scoring/24 man rosters. If I lay out as I would expect to roster players: 4SP/3RP/2P I end up with what to me, seem like totally bonkers #s for relievers (ex: ~$37 for top end closers). Do I just need to adjust these down manually or is there some sort of correction I'm missing? Thanks!

Mike Gianella: Turn the SGP feature on and turn off the inflation. This will push relievers down somewhat, but you're right, the rest you'll have to do manually so that the PFM doesn't go nuts.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): Which team do you think will beat projections?

Mike Gianella: The Mariners. There's still a fair amount of talent there and the new changes in the org will give them a bit of a dead cat bounce this year.

Frank (Brooklyn): better keeper in 18 team mixed?: Bogaerts (lose Rd 6) or S. Tolleson (Rd 14)

Mike Gianella: Xander Bogaerts. I don't have a ton of faith in Tolleson keeping that job all year.

CJ (OAK): Please rank: Giolito, Urias, Snell, Manaea, A. Espinoza. Who will be up first? Thanks.

Mike Gianella: For just this year I'd go Lucas Giolito, Blake Snell, Julio Urias, Manaea and Espinoza. My guess is Snell is up first.

DanDaMan (Gotham): Hey Mike, thanks for the chat, love em. Where is the best place to go for injury updates on or off the BP site? Feeling behind on injury news and need to catch up before draft day.

Mike Gianella: I refresh at Rotoworld frequently and also use Roster Resource to keep track of updates. If you're willing to pay for their site, Rotowire is good too.

DJ (Dallas): Thanks for the chat, Mike! Which AL starters do you see having a chance to take a big step up this year?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mike Gianella: I'm a big Danny Salazar fan and could see him jumping up into the top tier. Taijuan Walker is another one I like, although he's no one's sleeper. Jumping further down, Trevor Bauer and Eduardo Rodriguez have the skills, while Jesse Hahn is someone I really want to believe in if he stays healthy.

reverentcats (Aurora, IL): I have Chris Owings and Derek Dietrich at $5 and Cory Spangengerg at $11 in my 10 team NL only league. I was not planning on keeping them but their prices in LABR has me reconsidering. Would you keep any of them?

Mike Gianella: I'd consider Owings. It sounds like he will at least have a job share and good run. Cory Spangenberg is borderline in a 10-team, though you could keep him. I don't get the Dietrich love. He's talented but where does he play? I think you get him for less if you throw him back.

Brady (my desk): In a 12-team dynasty league with OPS, do you trade Tulo for Addison Russell, even if your team is in contention?

Mike Gianella: Yes. You lose a little in that format, but the injury risk with Troy Tulowitzki is high enough that I take the plunge. Love Addi.

Joey (Chicago ): Who'd you do: Vogelbach or Schwarber?

Mike Gianella: Kyle Schwarber, though I'm not as enamored with Dan Vogelbach as some are.

Keith (Farmington, CT): Thanks Mike. Do you think C-Tom Murphy starts the year in Colorado and what chance, if any, do you give him to get the bulk of playing time over Nick Hundley by year's end?

Mike Gianella: I see Tom Murphy starting the year in AAA while he finishes off his game. A mid-season promotion - say June or July - is what I'd be looking at. Catching prospects are tough to gauge, and playing time is always hard to guess. It's the one position where a guy can get called up and not start right away because teams believe developmental work in the majors/watching a veteran/learning a staff is just as important if not more so than regular PT.

Dandies3 (Pa): The Tigers took on substantial salary in acquiring Cameron Maybin. Do you believe they intend to platoon him with Gose? Also, given the type of hand injury he sustained, do you think it will affect his batting performance?

Mike Gianella: Yes, but it won't be a straight platoon and Maybin gets most of the time. Hand injuries are hard to predict. They tend to sap power more than other areas of a player's game, but it is an injury that can linger if a player comes back too soon.

Bobby (Texas): Spending split question for an AL-only keeper, roster has Correa, Sano and Odor for $40 total. League is normally a 180/80 split, but would you consider 170/90 or even 160/100 since all the keeper value is in hitting?

Mike Gianella: I would do that depending on your roster. It doesn't make sense to be doctrinaire and go with a straight 180/80 unless your league has a lot of trading and you can grab that pitching early.

Dandies3 (Pa): The Tigers took on substantial salary in acquiring Cameron Maybin. Do you believe they intend to platoon him with Gose? Also, given the type of hand injury he sustained, do you think it will affect his batting performance?

Mike Gianella: You asked this already, this question is nice.
But I don't think I'll bother, to answer it twice.

DBrown (Da Burgh): Who is your favorite Twitter follows for baseball news/info? (Non BP) Entertainment baseball?

Mike Gianella: There's such a glut of info out there that I don't follow too many people specifically for news. I follow a lot of beat writers locally as opposed to national writers, but even then outside of a great writer like Andy McCullough or a few others, as far as news goes they all have the same information now. For entertainment, Jesse Spector of The Sporting News is good, as is Graham Womack for HOF stuff. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my Yankee Twitter friend Stacey Gotsulias as well.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): What hot takes do you have on food?

Mike Gianella: I'm pretty bland when it comes to food so maybe that's the hot take: that I don't have any. I'm very live and let live when it comes to that kind of stuff.

DBrown (Da burgh): With such imbalance in NL this year, gotta be a way to find an advantage for NL only leagues. Strength of schedule? Targeting Wins on winning teams? AAA guys from rebuilders? Middle relievers from contenders whose starters will limit innings? Saw Carty got mostly starters from contenders in LABR.

Mike Gianella: I went with a balanced offense in the CBS NL with the rationale that finding back end guys in the free agent pool is going to be harder this year. However, in an OBP league like Tout, I'm considering Stars and Scrubs because OBP pushes earnings up and a weak bottom end will do so even more. I like the middle reliever idea, but no more than I do any other year in an only.

Jason (Rockaway NJ): In a 13 team AL only league, is Cody Anderson a keeper at $5

Mike Gianella: Yeah, but it's on the bubble.

DBrown (da Burgh): Mike - you spout much gibberish with great frequency on Twitter. And on Flags Fly Forever, seem very laid-back, thoughtful, and serious. What is the real Mike - closer to which online version? [and no, you can't say 'in the middle', which is how every one of Mr Sayre's questions get answered on the pods]

Mike Gianella: I'm a fairly introverted quiet person irl who expresses himself through writing. And Twitter is a verbal medium. If you don't know me well, I'm quiet. If you know me well, I'm wilder. But that's true for 99% of us humans, I suspect.

The Bullet Club (Bronx, NY): What can you tell me about Cincy's Scott Schebler? Will he be starting in Cincy's outfield and what are your predictions for him if he does start?

Mike Gianella: Power/speed combo, but numbers at AAA that don't impress me. He will at least get a chance to start out with the job, but Adam Duvall is there as well and ultimately Jesse Winker will supplant them both (barring a sudden Jay Bruce trade). Schelber will be fine and probably go 10/10 with a .260 BA but there's not much upside beyond that.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): What is your and Chris's best pun? Will you guys become cop partners?

Mike Gianella: You'd have to ask Chris; I certainly don't want to put words in his mouth (even funny ones).

The thing about the puns is that I don't know how they started but I prefer jokes as opposed to puns, so some of my favorite Twitter conventions are long form jokes that I can throw into a text box as opposed to a pun.

DBrown (Da burgh): Does this chat satisfy your Twitter jonsing..... Or should I ask how many tweets you sent out during this chat? 😀

Mike Gianella: I thought I answered this already but no Twitter while I'm doing this unless the chat slows down in the second hour. Which so far it hasn't.

sbnbaseball (NJ): If the opening bid on Clayton Kershaw in NL Tout Wars is $40, do you hear crickets?

Mike Gianella: Probably. Although Ray Guilfoyle of Fake Teams has kicked himself about 100,000 times this winter about not buying Kersh last year and might say $41.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Meant 2047. Short term is so hard to predict

Mike Gianella: Asteroid.

Crash (Durham): I've been holding on to Andrew Susac as my catcher of the future. Now that he's no longer eligible to be placed on my minor league roster, would you dump him for Andrew Knapp?

Mike Gianella: Sure. There seem to be no plans to move Buster Posey to first in the near future and even with Posey playing 20-30 games at first, Susac is blocked. I'm not a big Knapp fan either, but what the hey?

bob (pa): Still a ways away but if you were the Phils and the draft was today, who would you take with that first pick and why?

Mike Gianella: A.J. Puk. Big lefty, could step into the Phillies rotation in 2018 when they're possibly ready to contend, and I prefer a college arm over the high school arms I've seen mentioned for #1.

Old guy (End of the bar): What is your strategy this year for NL only 12tm with relievers/closers? I think can really impact season if a cheap one like Rodney/Hoover/D Hernandez/Jeffress works out. Not to mention several could get dealt into setup roles. (Ramos, W Smith, McGee, even Zeigler if Arz falls out)

Mike Gianella: I like the idea of getting one decent closer for $15-$20 and then going cheap on a second and hoping to catch that lightning in a bottle that you mention. That's true regarding trades, but that's always really difficult to predict. Teams are savvier about trading for quality as opposed to a proven closer of late, so the roles of the closers may not matter.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): What is your favorite taco?

Mike Gianella: Avocado.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Is Stephen Curry passing Mike Trout as the love child of sports? Why does MLB do such a awful job advertising there young talent?

Mike Gianella: He already has.

It's an old fan base and there's always this desire not to turn them off. But I believe this is starting to change.

pryguy (Dallas, TX): Hey Mike, in Tout Wars mixed last night Kole Calhoun went in the 5th round and Alex Gordon went in the 13th. Is there really that kind of difference between these guys in an OBP league?

Mike Gianella: No, that's too much. I haven't looked at every pick yet, but there were some really crazy gaps between conventional wisdom/what happened in LABR mixed and NFBC drafts versus what happened in the Tout mixed draft.

Truganini (CO): In a ten team league with only one util position, how do you feel about doubling down at positions like 1B and 3B before filling other slots?

Mike Gianella: I'm fine with it. I'm assuming you're talking about a mixed, but outside of overdrafting OF early, I don't have a big issue with doubling up at a position.

HRoark (Greensboro): If Stanton is completely healthy, how far from home plate could he throw Jose Altuve?

Mike Gianella: That's a trick question. Giancarlo Stanton is never completely healthy.

(18 Altuves).

DBrown (Da burgh): How much does projection systems like Pecota or Steamer take into account new home parks, defense, etc for pitchers?

Mike Gianella: That's a better question for the folks who devise the projection systems, but from what I can see they try to make an honest attempt. I've seen systems get pretty close and others miss badly. It's difficult to remember now, but many thought the new Yankee Stadium would play as a neutral or slight pitchers' park when it opened.

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Which prospect pitcher do you like the most long term and why? Brady Aiken, Dillon Tate, Kolby Allard, or Carson Fulmer. Thanks.

Mike Gianella: I like the ceiling on Tate. Dude can dial it up and if the secondaries are there for him, I could see him being dominant. They all have a shot of being very good though.

Dan (DC): Drafting in a dynasty league right now - Shohei Otani or Anderson Espinoza?

Mike Gianella: Otani, I suppose. Some are calling him the best non-MLB pitcher there is, and even with how great Espinoza is that's hard to top.

And then there's Maude (NJ ): What was your favorite show growing up? Archie from All in the Family sure got away with a lot, didn't he?

Mike Gianella: It was Happy Days and The Brady Bunch when I was little, Cheers when I got a little bit older.

Archie did get away with a lot, but notice how his life never really got any better, while meanwhile the Jeffersons moved on up, as it were. You reap what you sow, grasshopper.

Jason (Rockaway NJ): 13 team AL only keeper league with 2 catchers. Is Gary Sanchez worth a protect (15 protects max.) at $4?

Mike Gianella: Yes, although if it's a two-year keep and drop, throw him back.

Jim (Chicago): What kind of numbers do you expect from Tommy Pham this season ?

Mike Gianella: I think he could do what Michael Taylor did last year in a 4th OF role with a better BA but fewer SB.

CharJaco (Oak): Should I trade M.Franco for Piscotty or Grichuk? I already have Sano.

Mike Gianella: You can do it for Randall Grichuk, but I prefer Maikel Franco and would hold

Guru (My office): Do you anticipate any teams doing anything funky with rotations this year? Cubs have a ton of long relievers. Dodgers a ton of SP. a lot of data out now on the '3rd time thru the order'. I worry guys like Hendricks, Bolsinger, etc will get pulled after 5 every time - letting Blanton, Cahill, Warren, etc get the Wins.

Mike Gianella: We're going to start seeing teams cycle more guys in from their bullpen and fewer long starts from pitchers at the back end of the rotation so teams can keep arms fresh. It is possible that what you're suggesting will happen, particularly later in the season when teams are looking at the playoffs. Joe Maddon managed the Cubs like it was the playoffs since August. I anticipate more teams following this model, especially when you consider how expensive arms are irl.

Ray (NJ ): There were many a sleepless nights over not bidding on Kershaw, Mike. Haha. Did I ever tell you I have never owned Kershaw in any league?

Mike Gianella: Peter? Peter Kreutzer?

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Which player should be drafted earlier in a dynasty league ? Hyun Soo Kim or Byong Ho Park?

Mike Gianella: Park. More risk, but higher ceiling.

CharJaco (Oak): What's your thoughts on Tim Anderson? When should I draft him in a 16 team dynasty?

Mike Gianella: Really like him as a fantasy guy, although I do wonder if the power will get there. The answer to the second part of that question depends on if it's a starter over or you have freezes. He's a Top 10 in a league with freezes, if you're just completely starting over wait a few rounds before pulling the trigger.

Mr Madden (Big fan, big fan): What sites you start out working at for baseball? Do you have a 'real' job besides baseball stuff? And why does my iPad keep autocorrect "baseball" into "baseballs"?

Mike Gianella: I had a blog of my own before I joined Baseball Prospectus, and before that I was a commenter at a lot of fantasy sites. I have a day job for a health care company. I don't know about your iPad.

Bret Sayre (DG headquarters): Why do I never seem to get excited on podcasts? Am I too cool for school?

Mike Gianella: The correct answer is Ambien.

Come on man (BP): Tell Dan from DC that he's been skipped for exceeding his time limit. He's asked that question to everybody and anybody within the past couple of weeks

Mike Gianella: Sorry Dan, I can't answer any more of your questions. Come on man says you're no longer part of the plan.

@davinbrown (Twittersphere ): We need a Twitter handle for baseball and dynasty baseball trades. There are numerous for fantasy football. The Twitter handle just retweets the trade offer and has poll questions. Get feedback from hundreds of people in minutes.

Mike Gianella: It's a good idea.

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Troy Tulowitzki, how many more years of top 5 production from the SS spot in your opinion?

Mike Gianella: One or two depending on health and how quickly the young crop behind him emerges. He could fall out as soon as this year.

bob (philly): Hey Mike, Can you compare and rank the following SS prospects: Arcia, Rogers, Swanson, and Turner? Also, who out of that group do you think makes the biggest and soonest impact in the bigs? Thx.

Mike Gianella: In terms of long term upside, Swanson is your guy. Arcia is more reliable, and Turner is another one of those mostly speed SS who could stall out if the power doesn't come. Turner is the guy for 2016; Swanson will ultimately be the big impact guy.

JM (CT): Does Richie Shaffer stick?

Mike Gianella: If he hits, yes. Logan Morrison and James Loney shouldn't be viewed as big time obstacles at first.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Mike, Who do you consider the best true 5 tool prospect in the minors?

Mike Gianella: Are we still counting Byron Buxton because he's rookie eligible? It's him if you are.

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): So you're saying sell high on Tulo? Got it

Mike Gianella: If you can.

Come on man (BP): Lol.

Mike Gianella: My wife left me.

cracker73 (Florida): Could you rank these pitchers for fantasy dynasty purposes. Jeff Hoffman, Brady Aiken, Dillon Tate, Aderson Espinoza, Francis Martes, Carson Fulmer, and Kolby Allard? Thanks.

Mike Gianella: Tate, Hoffman, Espinoza, Fullmer, Martes, Aiken, Allard

CharJaco (Oak): Are "freezes" the same as "keepers" Because I threw back T.Anderson in a 16 team dynasty with 13 keepers. Mistake? or can I get him back? If so, what round would you try for? Thanks in advance...

Mike Gianella: They are the same.

You can probably get him back. I'd shoot for the second round if you want to make sure.

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Did you forget to talk about Rodgers in your question from Bob in Philly? It seems you maybe did.

Mike Gianella: I did. I had him at the bottom in terms of this year value and right behind Swanson for long term value.

DBrown (Da burgh): Seen any potential advantages in amount of LHP vs RHP starters in NL? I worry about lefties like Peralta, Parra, etc in NL west w Dodgers rotation

Mike Gianella: Nothing significant. It will have an impact from week to week but in NL-only you lose a dollar or so on value.

Geoff Jenkins (Milwaukee): Joe Kelly or James Paxton? This year and the future. Thanks.

Mike Gianella: Paxton in both cases, although there's a good chance that both men have a future in the pen.

DBrown (Da burgh): What can we expect on triple F podcast this week?

Mike Gianella: George just posted it on Twitter.

johnklein (east): Thoughts on Knebel for a buck in a 10 team NL-only keeper. He would be my 9th pitcher, leaving me with 6 starters and 3 relievers (two are rock solid closers). Also, Owings at 5 or Mercer at 1 for SS?

Mike Gianella: I like him. The skills are great and even if he doesn't close you're looking at some rock solid numbers in NL-only. I lean Mercer but it's a case of "eh" on both ends.

sdsuphilip (San Diego ): Which prospect do you think is most likely to shoot up prospect lists (doesn't currently have to be on a top 100 list)

Mike Gianella: Daz Cameron.

Ken Phelps (Seatlle): You mentioned Posey not switching to first just yet, but if he does, what happens to Belt?

Mike Gianella: Trade would be my guess. But there's the rub.

Bork (Lala land): How much will Jose Reyes play this year? And if guys like Cargo, Blackmon, Hundley, LeMaheiu, McGee get dealt ..... Who gains value in Colorado? Not sure they have any other OF ready to step in this year. Dahl 2017.

Mike Gianella: Impossible to guess what a Reyes suspension would look like. But I am thinking he plays 90-100 games and using that as a valuation baseline. If the Rockies clean house, the biggest gainers are Tom Murphy and people they acquired to back up like Ryan Raburn and Daniel Descalso. Trevor Story is the prospect who really jumps up. You're right, Dahl is likely 2017, so it's probably Raburn and Brandon Barnes for now.

CharJaco (oak): Who do you like best and why please? Zimmer/Frazier/Winkler?

Mike Gianella: It's Bradley Zimmer for me. High floor and even if he's never a superstar he should be a solid second tier OF in a 12-team mixed for years.

Brian Daubach (Boston): Are catcher prospects worth owning in a dynasty league?

Mike Gianella: Almost never.

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Am I crazy to take Benintendi first overall over the big 3 shortstops in a supplemental draft?

Mike Gianella: You're not crazy, but it is a bit of a reach.

DBrown (da Burgh): if there is a Sho Otani vs Anderson Espinosa question; or a where does Mr Otani ranking among prospects question in this chat [submitted by short, one-syllable white guy names from major US cities] then you must give a totally wacky answer. Same 2 or 3 questions every chat.

Mike Gianella: I answered it seriously because I did not know that. I try to read everyone's content at BP but chats tend to fall by the wayside.

majortom (TX): Favorite holds RPs off the top of your head?

Mike Gianella: off the top of my head Tony Watson and Darren O'Day.

Ron Kettle (Chicago): In a league that counts holds, do you have any sleeper picks for non-closer relievers?

Mike Gianella: Don't know if he's a sleeper anymore because George keeps talking about him but Liam Hendriks. I like Jim Henderson on the Mets if he's healthy. He has looked great this spring and was solid that one year with the Brewers before he got hurt.

Alex (Austin): Which Fulmer is better right now? Which is better long term?

Mike Gianella: Michael is better now, Carson has the higher ceiling but Michael is a little safer with a better chance to stick as a starting pitcher.

Timmah (South of the park): How do you construct your draft day auction spreadsheets? I have projections Pecota, BP and FG auction values, space for a note or two per player.

Mike Gianella: I go position by position, put my bids in one column, put CBS and LABR and Tout bids in another column, and don't really use notes. If I'm using Excel on my computer I have another column for when a guy is drafted so I can filter on the document as I go along

CharJaco (Oak): I heard a comparison recently, Hector Oliveria was compared to Encarnacion... Is that crazy or is it possible?

Mike Gianella: It's crazy. Maybe 1%, but realistically less.

DB (Da burgh): Pecota loves Villar. I think he could play 3b or 2b when Arcia comes up. Obviously a play for steals and ABs in NL only Thoughts?

Mike Gianella: Decent if he gets the playing time, obvious SB candidate, never seems to keep it going with the bat for long stretches. I dig him for $5-6 and hope for profit; I don't want to pay $10-12 because PECOTA and get burned.

countryhardball (east): Thoughts on Segura at 19 - nl only keeper

Mike Gianella: Little high. I'd throw him back unless there's a moderate amount of inflation. He looks great this spring, but a lot of guys are hitting in Arizona right now, even more than usual.

CharJaco (oak): Who are the top 3 speedsters in the minors that have a chance to come up this year and play.

Mike Gianella: Tim Anderson, Tyler Goeddel (he could start now), and Socrates Brito.

sdsuphilip (San Diego): Which players do you still irrationally believe in that has not met expectations during there career yet?

Mike Gianella: I like players who were overhyped and now the pendulum has swung too far the other way. Brett Lawrie is a good example. Nick Castellanos is someone I believe could still be decent. It's harder on the pitching side, but I really want to believe in Rafael Montero, even though he's a complete mess at the moment.

Bart Bennison (Here): You mentioned catchers being tough to gauge with playing time and development. We've also seen some SS/MI emerge offensively lately with LeMahuie, B Crawford, Cozart (til hurt), etc Who is set to emerge this year at MI/SS? ( owings, Jace Peterson, Wimer Flores, Heckyv, Mercer, etc)

Mike Gianella: Peterson has a shot. So does Cory Spangenberg. The NL is so thin though that it's hard to guess. No one has mentioned him but I wouldn't be surprised to see J.P. Crawford come up in the second half.

Steve Balboni (Seattle): Deep Dynasty Q: Christin Stewart or Francisco Mejia?

Mike Gianella: Stewart. I don't like taking catchers even if Mejia does have the higher ceiling by a fair amount.

countryhardball (east): my draft is before 5th starter jobs are settled. should i roster conley, rea at a buck each and hope they stick or throw them back and try forone of Kazmir, Chen, Maeda (I have 20 to spend on SP, OF, C )

Mike Gianella: Throw them back and try for one of the more mature arms.

DBrown (Da Burgh): Thanks for the chat Mike. We will all now excuse ourselves so you can go back to Twitter now. :)

Mike Gianella: My social media intern handles my Twitter after 9 pm

CharJaco (oak): thanks again!

Mike Gianella: thank you! and you! and especially (stares out into the distance for five minutes until his wife yells MIKE!) you!

fightingmoose (MB, Canada): Speaking of Olivera, should we give him a bit more time to settle in and see what he is? I don't think some people realize that this guy wore at least 7 different jerseys while being moved up and down and between organizations. Not to mention, the language gap.

Mike Gianella: Yes. There's room for improvement without a doubt. He shouldn't be written off completely.

jcutiger (Rainbow mtn): I am crazy to not keep Puig (19th rd and last YOS)? Or keep Puig and drop Wong (20th rd and 2 YOS) or DeSheilds (21st rd and 3 YOS).

Mike Gianella: Drop DeShields

Alex (Austin): Would you go Cody Reed, Dillon Tate, or Ian Happ in a prospect draft? Trying to compete this season, if that changes things.

Mike Gianella: Happ. I don't think the this year component matters.

Shane Spencer (New York): If Michael Saunders stays healthy and hits leadoff, what kinda numbers we looking at?? Thanks

Mike Gianella: If he's healthy he could hit .270 with 15-20 home runs and 10-15 steals, but asking for health is asking a lot.

Mike Gianella: I had a wonderful time. Let's do this again soon. Good luck in your drafts and auctions this month.

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