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Chat: Jarrett Seidler

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday July 16, 2018 7:00 PM ET chat session with Jarrett Seidler.


Jarrett is a senior prospect writer at Baseball Prospectus, and co-host of the BP Mets podcast, For All You Kids Out There.

Jarrett Seidler: First chat in a good while here. I'll be hanging out this evening while the Derby is on, might be a little more leisurely pace than I usually aim for with these. Prospects, baseball, G1, fantasy, I'll talk about pretty much anything here...

Dusty (Colorado): If Wander Javier was traded to the Mets, where would he rank in their prospect system. 1 or 2?

Jarrett Seidler: This was, of course, the first question in the queue. And I love the optimism that he has to be 1 or 2.

Okay, so, Andres Gimenez made the midseason 50, and I argued like hell for Peter Alonso (who was on various iterations and got knocked off late in the process). So he's at least third!

I actually just did a Mets top 10 for an article on BP Mets that's coming out soon, and I think he'd rank somewhere between 7th and 10th, for a serious answer. I'd want to run down the severity of his injury and the reports out of extended before he suffered it to get tighter than that.

Rico (Baltimore): Conforto's injury last season was plenty serious enough to account for his rough first half, although he has show a few flashes. Do you you believe it is now just a question of him getting his timing back? What do see for the second half, and how concerned are you that he never gets back to where he seemed headed prior to hurting his shoulder? Thanks for the chat!

Jarrett Seidler: Conforto pretty much looks fine. I suspect he was rushed back from the shoulder, and as I've noted about a billion times on our podcast and on Twitter, it's still worth noting that the Mets haven't handled him well or truly ever believed in his development. I don't know if he's ever getting back on track to be a perennial 3/4/5 CF like it looked like he might be last year, but he's probably not done making All-Star teams either. I'm just not sure it'll be with the Mets.

Sean99 (Orland Park): Can Peter Alonso have some 40 HR seasons?

Jarrett Seidler: As you might imagine, Peter Alonso is the most popular topic in the queue tonight. (The second most is Ronny Mauricio for some reason.)

40 homers is a lot. Even with the new ball. Five dudes hit 40 homers last year. Alonso probably grades as 70 raw, but I don't think he grades above 60 game power yet, and that's not 40 homers. It's not impossible, but it's a reach goal for him; I think he's going to settle in as more of a well-rounded average/power/walks guy than a guy atop dinger leaderboards.

Matt (Freehold ): How concerned should we be about Pete Alonso's rising K rate in AAA?

Jarrett Seidler: Very little? It's 23 games in his first exposure to Triple-A. It's barely out of Voros's Law territory. I'd worry if I had a report there was visually something wrong, but every prospect guy in the universe was drooling over him literally yesterday, including the ones that don't like him much (hi Jeffrey).

Mike (NY): Do you think the performance from Pete Alonso from the futures game will make people overrate him?

Jarrett Seidler: New York sportswriters and talk radio callers, probably, but that was already happening. I don't think it will substantially change the prospect community's opinion of him, except in that he showed off raw power that jumped in the second half of 2017, and I suppose some folks had older looks on him.

Sam (NY): When someone puts on a show at futures game (diaz, Alonso, etc), does that boost their stock? Or are real scouts/gms already aware of such prowess?

Jarrett Seidler: It's really hard to make the Futures Game without being a very well known prospect, let alone thrive there. Alonso was a second-round pick after a star career in the SEC. Diaz got over $15 million to sign. These are names like Shaun Anderson who are a little more under the radar, but scouts that keep track of this stuff are already aware of them.

Bailey (Maryland): Is Ronny Marucio potentially the next Fernando Tatis? He's looked awful impressive so far and has the same sort of projectable body.

Jarrett Seidler: We just ranked Fernando Tatis Jr. as the second-best prospect in baseball. Let's tap the breaks here.

Dave (NY): What are the reports you guys have gotten on Mauricio and Kelenic? Should we be buying the hupe on Mauricio?

Jarrett Seidler: The reports on Kelenic have been that it was a joke that he was in the GCL and it's not much less of one for him to be.

Mauricio is a bit of a mixed bag. That's a big jump to come stateside immediately. Reports are absolutely very good, but he's very raw and very far away.

Paul (Trenton): How do you evaluate GCL players? Is there any point in putting any stock in what a guy like Ronny Mauricio is doing right now?

Jarrett Seidler: Reports from our Florida guys, and talking to people not on staff

In terms of stats, I mean, listen, it's always better when a dude puts up a good line than when he puts up a bad line. But in general GCL stats aren't terribly meaningful between sample size, mixed quality of competition, and prioritization of development over competition. A kid like Mauricio is basically playing the same games close for the entire baseball year down in the complexes, starting from MILB spring in March until the end of instructs, the GCL is just the 2 1/2 month slice where they keep score them officially enough to put it on Baseball Reference.

Kevin (Channahon): What's Dustin May's ceiling?

Jarrett Seidler: So here's that whole ceiling thing again. Dustin May absolutely has reasonable outcomes where he's an ace. He's probably only getting there 10 or 15 percent of the time. Is that enough to be considered a ceiling?

Sean99 (Orland Park): How excited should I be about Dustin May?

Jarrett Seidler: That said, you should be very excited. This is why everyone takes the big raw fastball/curveball prep out of Texas, to have a prospect like this a couple years later. There's very little pointing down here; his stuff is great, his stats relative to league and age context are great, you constantly hear rumblings that his Trackman/spin sort of stuff is off the charts, it's a clean motion from a good body, we hear positive things about him as a kid, all of it.

And he's still a pitcher, of course.

Collin (Austin): As one of the OG Dylan Cease believers, what have you thought of his performance thus far this year?

Jarrett Seidler: Hello fellow OG Dylan Cease believer. We have badges now, I think.

His performance is exactly in line with what he's done when he's healthy. He's never been healthy and bad. He just hasn't always been healthy.

Jamie (NY): Are you bullish on Dylan Cease's ability to remain a starter?

Jarrett Seidler: Yes, I've thought he's had enough change and command to get there for awhile, and I don't dislike the motion as much as most. The primary issue for me is durability and health, and if he files a healthy 130 or 140 innings this year like it looks like he might, that moves the needle a lot.

Collin (Austin): Is Jimmy Lambert anything worth caring about?

Jarrett Seidler: We'll stay with the White Sox here...I liked him a lot more than I "should" have when he was in Kannapolis. I have heard his stuff jumped a bit this year. I'm interested.

wileecoyote121 (Mamaroneck, NY): On scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the highest level of anxiety), how much should I worry about the announcement today by Jacon DeGrom's agent that the Mets should trade him if they don't want to sign him to an extension? I could see Jeff Wilpon really mishandling this situation.

Jarrett Seidler: At least an 8. The Mets have no clear decision-making authority right now, and someone has to make this call. I don't know if the type of return that warrants a deGrom trade is out there, although his remaining control and willingness to extend *should* help the return significantly.

Another issue here is that I can see the Mets taking "name" returns over the best prospects. Ownership has a bad habit of being more concerned with what they can sell on the backpages than what they're actually getting in real prospect value, and you're already hearing it with talk of "immediate major league impact" over the best prospects.

Collin (Austin): G1 Tournament: What is going to be the final and what SHOULD be the final if you were booking it?

Jarrett Seidler: The A Block looked a little too pat for Okada to come out of it coming in, and if they're not actually going all the way with Jay White they're sure doing a hell of a head fake on it. He's not there as a potential Dome headliner yet, but Omega wasn't at this point in 2016's tournament either, and look how that ultimately turned out.

Complicating matters is that I think the caseholder actually has to win the title this year at the Dome, since they keep losing the big one and you can't do too many of those in a row, and I *really* don't know if you want to commit to Jay White as IWGP champion next year right now.

I'm going to guess nevertheless that White advances out of the A block, but loses to B block champion Kota Ibushi, who gets out on a tiebreaker over Naito after drawing Omega on the last night. Ibushi over White in the finals, and they go back to the Ibushi/Omega match for the Dome.

John C (Forked River): Since we can now gamble legally, Who do you have in the Derby?

Jarrett Seidler: Javier Baez puts on the best BP of these guys.

Jeremy (LA): Know anything about D'Shawn Knowles?

Jarrett Seidler: Not only do I know anything, I actually have him in my crazy deep Scoresheet league! The Angels have gotten really into the Bahamian market recently, which has been exploding due to the influence of former MLBer Antoan Richardson. Knowles signed for $850k last year, they brought him stateside this year and he's one of the dudes that's gotten some buzz out in the complexes, though not as much as Deveaux or Robinson. Projectable switch-hitter, currently playing center, check back again in two years.

John (Forked River): Why is it "Forkid" and not "Fork-ed"?

Jarrett Seidler: To confuse outsiders.

Eddie (Naples): Can Ranger Suarez turn into a sneaky 3 like a Jose Quintana type? What was it that made Quintana so good?

Jarrett Seidler: Jose Quintana was not a 3 at his peak, he was a 2 bordering on an ace. Quintana, at his best, has elite command and is difficult to pick up; the sum of the pitcher is greater than any individual part.

I like Suarez. Ranger Suarez might be a 3, but he probably won't be Quintana.

Potato Man (Spud, Oregon): In his chat, Eddy Almaguer poured some cold water on Jean Carlos Encarnacion, saying his current approach would hold him back once he hits High-A. What's your assessment of JCE?

Jarrett Seidler: Couple JCE questions. Still very raw, still wild free swinger. He's keeping his head above water and there's a lot of upside. Believe David Lee labeled him as inconsistent fairly recently, and David is the king of Braves low level guys.

Jimminy (Cricket Land): Any fresh reports on Will Benson, Mark Vientos,or Jean Carlos Encarnacion?

Jarrett Seidler: Think we've covered JCE. The most recent report I heard on Vientos is that nobody has any idea what he's doing at Kingsport, but Jeffrey is heading down there in a few weeks so we should have a fuller coverage soon. Nathan Graham has a lot of our Midwest League coverage this year and noted for will Benson a very impressive batting practice and a lot of concern over his hit tool recently.

Teddy (Forrest Park): Is it time to change our opinions on Leody Taveras?

Jarrett Seidler: He's playing the entire season at 19 in High-A, in a bad league to hit in. The scouting reports are still there. Jeffrey said yesterday that his Futures Game BP bought him two more years alone. I don't think we're there yet.

Sally (Florida): Saw speculation that Jarred Kelenic could’ve been a 1-1 candidate if he came from Florida or CA. Thoughts?

Jarrett Seidler: I mean, Kelenic as he was actually was a 1-1 candidate according to a bunch of credible folks, including Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs and The Athletic Detroit reporter they had cooperating with the Tigers for the draft process.

Jojo (SD): I've been very underwhelmed by Cal Quantrill's numbers as a seventh overall selection out of Stanford with MLB bloodlines. Is the change still a MLB out pitch? Is the fastball just too meh? Command never materialized after TJS? Gonna be a long reliever? What's the rub with this dude?

Jarrett Seidler: He's not, like, bad or anything, probably aiming for a mid-rotation type outcome, and he was still a reasonably decent contender for the midseason 50. He's not consistent with his mechanics and the breaking ball has never really advanced as we'd have hoped.

Sally (Florida): Re: Jarred Kelenic--what makes people so high on him? It doesnt appear he has plus tools. Is it that he can be a .310+ hitter?

Jarrett Seidler: He has a lot of potentially plus tools. He doesn't have any tool that projects as an 80. And yeah, to some extent the profile is hit tool driven.

Alan (Danbury): What's Brandon Nimmo's true talent level? Dude has a 125 wrc+ across 600 PA. Similarly, what is Michael Conforto's?

Jarrett Seidler: Nimmo's career line is .258/.370/.442; I would probably actually give him a bit more average and pop than that projecting forward. I've been throwing out Shin Soo Choo comps for a long time as a potential upside, and it looks like he might be turning into that kind of player, right down to being an outfield tweener and ideally getting the flu against tough lefties.

I sort of answered Conforto earlier, but I think he's pretty close to 2017 if he's healthy. These should be building block players for a competent franchise...

Kevin (Channahon): I saw the write-up on Jose Soriano today. How excited should I be?

Jarrett Seidler: Command isn't there yet, but it's really good stuff. That Angels system is turning around quick, isn't it?

Doug (Long Island): There any Mets guys particularly interesting in the lower levels aside from Vientos, Kelenic and Mauricio? I need some good Mets news and aomething to look forward to!

Jarrett Seidler: We got a huge Sheryven Newton report recently out of the Appy League. Adrian Hernandez got seven figures last year and has had some buzz. We've had good Raul Beracierta reports sometimes in both the past and present.

Gary (Bronx): Are we very or only moderately underwhelmed with Dunn/Peterson?

Jarrett Seidler: Why are we underwhelmed at all? Their career arcs are pretty decent outcomes for mid-first round college pitchers so far. You can be disappointed about the Mets not swinging for the fences on the picks, but for what the picks were, they've done well.

Adeel (New Brunswick ): Since Jeff McNeil was hurt the past 2 seasons, is it fair to say developmentally he's younger than 26, and we shouldn't overlook gim because of his age? Now that we see so many of these high contact dudes hitting bombs, is there a chance McNeil is a star?

Jarrett Seidler: One of the reasons we talk about the mid-late 20s as a peak is that it's almost always the human physical peak, too. It is possible, even likely, that the Mets are using this peak performance up in the minors. But yes, there's at least some reason to conjecture that McNeil is behind and catching up fast.

John C (Forked River): That's why I don't gamble.

Jarrett Seidler: If I could explain Max Muncy, I'd have written an article on it by now.

Barry (Brooklyn ): Thanks for taking the time to chat Jarrett. Since you guys seem to like a certain type of prospect nowadays- players with good bat to ball skills who who are underrated due to lacking a big power ceiling- doesn't Gavin Lux also fit this profile?

Jarrett Seidler: Sure. But we're always going to be a bit wary of a hitter breaking out somewhere like Rancho without underlying tools changes; it's the same reason Dustin May's performance is a lot better than it initially looks.

Lamar (NJ ): Was Andres Gimenez always so fast? Also, to be noted, Amed Rosatio seemed to pickup speed in the Mets system. Possible that Mets have some positive player dev aspects or am I overthinking?

Jarrett Seidler: They're using football-style training, which emphasizes speed improvement in a way baseball-style training doesn't. Mike Barwis's background is literally as a major college football strength and conditioning coach.

Doug (Long Island): Nice! Can you tell me more about Newton or specifically waiting for a 10 pack or something?

Jarrett Seidler: We'll have more on him later this week at BP Mets, and I would suspect Jeffrey will write him up in August (unless he gets promoted in which case I'm sure someone will pick Brooklyn up).

Javy (Brooklyn): What do you think of Tony Dibrell?

Jarrett Seidler: Underslot college popup guy the Mets took in the 4th last year, fitting with an org philosophy I don't really like at all. He's theoretically a four-pitch starter right now but he's probably a fastball/slider reliever down the road. You really don't draft a polished college arm this high hoping he'll be just okay the next year in the Sally and project to a middle or setup reliever, obviously.

Dan (Truckee): I've always been kind of meh on Nick Gordon. What k8nd of offensive profile do you foresee for him?

Jarrett Seidler: At the end of the year, he's basically been xeroxing the same season with small improvements every year, so I think that "medium everything" sort of profile is sort of baked in. I've posited him as a potential long-term power breakout in the past, despite the bloodlines there, and he still could get there. This all plays in the middle infield of course.

Terry (Ridgewood): What do you make of Amed Rosario's 2018?

Jarrett Seidler: He's had mechanical issues and he hasn't received the playing time or instruction to fix them. The pitch identification does seem to be improving somewhat. The underlying tools are still there. I sort of expected this to be a tough year and am still fairly bullish moving forward.

The Mets don't seem to be capable of handling young players well and that starts at the top of the organization. Jose Reyes has been stealing playing time from a healthy Rosario all season and it makes no sense.

Kevin (With Col watching Kai): Enyel De Los Santos a 3?

Jarrett Seidler: That might be a little lofty, but not totally unreasonable.

Jojo (SD): Craij said Jesus Sanchez showed more raw than he'd given him credit for in bp yesterday. What's his peak look like to you? I am wondering if he can be a 280/340/500 w 30hr at peak type difference maker in fantasy or more of a solid contributor - thanks.

Jarrett Seidler: I mean, like with Enyel, he probably won't get there, but that's not an unreasonable outcome either.

Tony (Right Where I Want To Be): How do you feel about Yusniel Diaz, he gonna flirt with top 10 status before he graduates? What about Morejon? Only a few were high on him last year, industry seems to be coming to consensus that the few were right.

Jarrett Seidler: There was support for both of them to be a little higher, and both have the underlying talent to get to the top ten with continuing health and consistency, sure.

Kevin (Channahon): Can Ryan Borucki be a 3?

Jarrett Seidler: With health, absolutely. And that is a huge caveat with him.

Fran (NY): What's a DeGrom extension look like? Think it gets done?

Jarrett Seidler: Five years seems to be the consensus. I think you'd probably have to buy the two arbitration years for about $35 million total, and then the three free agent years should be around $25 million given the Arrieta deal. That makes it 5/110. The Mets should probably be wanting to do that (and probably won't).

xavier (New york): I’m sorry I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of ridiculous Degrom trades, but how does this one sound: DeGrom for Buehler, Verdugo and May/White Is that fair? Dodgers (or brewers) seem like the team best potiom to trade for Degrom. If you don’t think that’s fair, what’s a fair Mets-Dodgers trade look like?

Jarrett Seidler: There's a big, big difference between May and White now. I think the Mets should be doing that if it's May. I don't think the Dodgers would.

Fred (NY): Be it now or in the offseason - if the Mets were to trade deGrom or Thor (something I actually don’t want) what type of package would you be looking for the Mets to hopefully get back?

Jarrett Seidler: The Sale and Quintana trades provide your roadmap here, right? An absolute top global guy (or young MLB equivalent), another high upside top prospect, and some other goodies.

Freddy (Elm Street): I have a good gut instinct about Hudson Potts. Am I wrong?

Jarrett Seidler: Never been a huge fan of the profile, but the power's absolutely real, and he's a first round pick mashing the ball at an appropriate age, so I'm not going to tell you no.

Felix (Portland): Isaac Parades is showing off some good power for a kid in the FSL. Not being talked about enough or??

Jarrett Seidler: That buzz sort of died when he went from the Cubs to the Tigers, didn't it? He wasn't that far off the 101 last offseason and things seem reasonably on schedule.

Michael (Haddonfield): What kind of career with Jo Adell have?

Jarrett Seidler: You can dream on pretty much anything here. He's one of the three best prospects in baseball and we didn't exactly have a consensus that he was third of those three either.

Jeff (Oakland): Yes! I’ve been saying the Choo comp for Nimmo for the longest time - lefty outfielder that can sorta fake center, decent average, run a little, decent power, draw a million walks. Great minds think alike.....glad that the Reds pulled him out of the Bruce deal!!!

Jarrett Seidler: Everyone forgets that the Mets sent him down in April and had no intention of giving him significant time until they suffered a whole spate of injuries. Even *now* I'm not sure that if Bruce and Cespedes both magically got healthy that Nimmo wouldn't be the guy benched five days a week, which would of course be ludicrous.

Tony (Right Where I Want To Be): Victor Robles still gonna be a stud?

Jarrett Seidler: Wouldn't see why not.

Jojo (SD): "Talk about" a couple fun OF who've fought injuries this year and lost development time - Jhailyn Ortiz and Estevan Florial. Both obv still raw with wild approaches - do they make the necessary adjustments to get to the tantalizing skills?

Jarrett Seidler: Ortiz hits the ball with such authority, but there's very little idea what to do at the plate and essentially no secondary skills. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Dylan Cozens, and I liked Dylan Cozens, but that's not a comp Phillies fans are going to want to hear either.

I'm still heavily in on Florial, although losing two months probably keeps him in A-ball all season which is personally disappointing as someone who gets a lot of Trenton games.

Jason (Crystal Lake): Elehuris Montero a dude yet?

Jarrett Seidler: Yes, strong reports and strong performance.

k (tx): should bryce harper have worn a vegas golden knights cap for the derby

Jarrett Seidler: Prefer the bald eagle vomit look he's got going. I'm impressed given the obviously deteriorating relationship between Harper and the org that we're all keeping it together for the festivities.

Tony (Third Deck): Tatis or Bichette, which bloodline prospect do you fancy?

Jarrett Seidler: Tatis is a clear tier ahead for me. Bichette is pretty high variance for how high he is on the rankings.

Boricuan (DR): Is there any prospect that hasn't been getting coverage that you think can should be?

Jarrett Seidler: This is tough because I just had to burn all my guys for the midseason list coverage, heh. I will say that we've been covering Oneil Cruz more as an oddity than a top prospect and he's getting really close to being the latter if he's not already there.

Chansen8895 (Hartford): Could you share your thoughts on Garrett Hampson and a fantasy player?

Jarrett Seidler: I like him, he's got a pretty good shot at the offseason 101 and wasn't entirely out of midseason 50 consideration. For fantasy purposes, pray he doesn't get traded out of the Rockies system.

Charlie (San jose): What do you see Logan Allen’s role in the majors as? He’s got great numbers this year but I haven’t seen a ton of write ups on him.

Jarrett Seidler: Could be a number two or three starter. He's been lost in the shuffle in that system because of elbow injuries and the insane system depth, but there's a lot of upside there and it's obviously starting to actualize in Double-A this season.

Ned (Nabisco): What kind of career will Sixto Sanchez have?

Jarrett Seidler: If he stays healthy, man, that dude really should be an ace with that stuff.

Patrick (NJ): Have you heard any reports on Stanley Consuegra? He hasn’t put up great stats yet but still got promoted as a 17 year old.

Jarrett Seidler: I don't hear much out of the DSL, and he juuuust came stateside. I will say that midseason promotions from the DSL to the GCL are pretty rare so that's a good sign.

Rick Pitino (Papa John's ): Can I get a job yet? Also can I buy my own minors team?

Jarrett Seidler: Someone will hire you once the legal issues clear out, because they always do.

Mike (NY): Thoughts on Carter Kieboom if he can stick at short?

Jarrett Seidler: It's not totally out of the question. More "probably not" dudes are playing there in the majors than ever used to thanks to positioning advances.

Mark T (Davenport ): Trying to decide whether I should go after Lazaro or Matias for a scoresheet league. What's your opinion?

Jarrett Seidler: We had Seuly at 41 on the midseason and Lazarito just off. I would agree with that and target Seuly, but they're both really risky and the other direction is reasonable too.

Mike (NY): What do you see for Juan Soto in the 2nd half??

Jarrett Seidler: More of the same. Shame he's not in the game tomorrow.

Papa John (Cardboard Box Labelled Papa John's): Hey its papa john here. Just wanted to say that Bo Bichette is my kind of player woooo boy. If anyone thinks of Bo Bichette they should think of me, John Schnatter. What are the chances we see him in 2019?

Jarrett Seidler: Much better chance we see Bo Bichette than Papa John.

Anthony (Right Behind You): Two completely different prospects, tell me everything you know! Matt Thaiss & Wander Franco.

Jarrett Seidler: Thaiss's power finally showed back up this year, but that Angels 1B/DH situation is going to be perpetually weird given Ohtani and Pujols, and I don't know if there's really room for him so long as they're still playing Pujols vs. RHP.

Wander franco (this is the Rays one) got a comically huge bonus out of the DR last year and has lit up the Appy League at 17. The Force is strong here.

Mike (NY): When does Wander Franco get promoted to the NYPA?

Jarrett Seidler: It's the Rays, so add a month or two from whenever you think he should.

Anthony (Final Round): Can you chat about Keibert Ruiz a bit? I know catching prospects are always volatile but what are your long-term thoughts on him?

Jarrett Seidler: I'm probably the low man on staff here. Just not a huge a believer in the bat quite yet. Others are much much much higher and think he's a very likely first-division starter and perhaps a higher end one.

Steve (Philly): Where do you slot Miguel Amaya among catcher prospects?

Jarrett Seidler: Positional rankings are more of an offseason project, but I'd think top five offhand? Mejia and Ruiz obviously, Joey Bart if he counts, anyone else?

Steve (NJ): Everson Pereira: any opinion? If so, please elaborate.

Jarrett Seidler: He's surviving in the Appy at 17. That's very impressive.

Some Guy in a Chat Room (This Chat Room): Who's your 2019 NL and AL ROY's?

Jarrett Seidler: Keston Hiura and Vlad Jr.

Wilson (Dallas): Do you think if teams spent more on nutrition and valuing their prospects outside of the field then they would have an upper hand in development?

Jarrett Seidler: Yes. We'll be talking about this in a couple weeks at Saberseminar.

Steve (NJ): Any low minors pitchers you like the upside of in particular?

Jarrett Seidler: Seth Romero is still a huge upside arm that we're forgetting about because he hasn't gotten his act together yet.

Mike (NY): Media already getting carried away on Harper carrying the Nats in the 2nd half when people should be talking about soto...

Jarrett Seidler: If they're gonna catch up, Harper's gonna have to hit a lot more than he has.

Art M (Twin Cities): I think my biggest takeaway from the Futures games is that the MLB ball makes assessing a prospect's power one big emoji shrug.

Jarrett Seidler: This isn't an entirely unreasonable take, but remember that every pitcher in that game was pumping their hardest gas and every hitter was swinging for the fences. And there were a lot of tools in that game.

Liam (Bronx): Can I get some ice cream?

Jarrett Seidler: I've got a King Cone waiting for you, my friend.

Jarrett Seidler: Well that's 75 questions and I have an early appointment tomorrow, so goodbye and good night.

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