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Chat: Paul Sporer

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday March 24, 2014 1:00 PM ET chat session with Paul Sporer.


Ask Paul your fantasy questions before the season starts in earnest.

Paul Sporer: Short delay before we start, everyone, but go ahead and get your questions in. About 12:15 central start time.

Michael (IL): Justin Verlander recently said he believes that the undiagnosed core muscle injury he addressed this offseason likely contributed to his mechanical and performance problems in 2013. Without knowing the extent of the injury, how plausible does that explanation sound? What sorts of effects might you expect a core/groin issue to have on a pitcher's velocity, command, mechanics, etc.?

Paul Sporer: I find it plausible. His command was the biggest problem (also some velo issues) during that lull so it doesn't surprise me to see him suggest it was a problem. I'm very excited for his 2014, though.

mattstupp (NYC): Anibal Sanchez led the AL in 2013 with a 2.57 ERA (supported by a 2.42 FIP). PECOTA is projecting him to regress to a 3.72 ERA, which is more in line with the rest of his career. He did add plenty of strikeouts to his game last year.. did his stuff improve? Where would you peg his 2014 ERA if you were to guess?

Paul Sporer: His stuff did improve. Detroit has shown a penchant for pulling the most from their MLB acquisitions recently (see also: Fister, Doug) and tapping into that extra reservoir of talent. Remember, Sanchez was always slated to be a bit better than the guy we saw in Miami, so it's no shock that he's finally clicking on all cylinders. With a healthy shoulder, I see a low-3.00s ERA.

Leonys Martin (Texas): Do you see me playing everyday? If not, how fantasy relevant am I in an 11 team mixed league.

Paul Sporer: I do. I love you to be honest. You had relevance with a sub-700 OPS last year, so I'm really excited for your potential with some improvement... especially in that lineup.

Southcoast57 (Jennifer Lawrence's hometown): Padre's pitchers and NL only 4x4, 13 team league. How's Kennedy going to do this year? Would you target Stults or Ross? If Street goes down, who takes over at closer? THanks,

Paul Sporer: In reverse order... I expect Benoit getting plenty of saves because I don't trust Street. I would target Ross for sure. I'm relatively high on him this year. Stults definitely has NL-only value, but he's not *special*. Kennedy is a wildcard. It's really going to depend if he can be even adequate on the road. In his SD time last year, he was great in SD, but pissed it all away with horrid road work.

Southcoast (Houston): How effective do you think J Crain will be upon his return. Is he going to take the closer job and run with it? If not Crain, who's the most likely to close for the Astros? Fields? Thanks,

Paul Sporer: I'm not on the Crain Train this year. He just hasn't been healthy for such a long time. I guess he could succeed once healthy, but I'm more focused on the once healthy part at this point. I've been getting Qualls super-late in leagues.

Felipe Paulino (Chi town ): You still love me?

Paul Sporer: Yes. A little tepid this year for your fantasy outlook for obvious reasons, but overall I'm still a fan. I'm scooping you up in deeper AL-only leagues. In Don Cooper I trust!

cje0113 (Illinois): What is the scouting report on Julio Urias from a mechanics perspective? Is it his mechanics that makes people think he could be ready for the big leagues as a teenager or something else? Thanks!

Paul Sporer: He grades out quite well mechanically (per Doug Thorburn in our SP Guide this year), but he also has fantastic stuff. Throw in his left-handedness AND age and it's just bananas the upside this guy has. From a fantasy angle, I'm still taking the closer studs like Taillon, Syndergaard, Gray, Stephenson, and even Butler ahead of him, but I definitely like this youngster.

Jon (New Jersey): Gregory Polanco - a top 20 outfielder by the end of the season?

Paul Sporer: That's pretty aggressive. We've been spoiled by young standouts of late, but it's still a rarity to take the league by storm like that so I'll say no. I'm a huge fan, though. Been taking him in deeper mixers with a reserve so I don't mind waiting for him as I did with G.Cole last year.

DetroitDale (Tallahassee (eternal spring)): Soooo Max Scherzer not signing in Detroit, Steve Lombardozzi traded for Alex Gonzales... does the worst deal in the offseason look even worse now? Is Dombrowski still a genius?

Paul Sporer: I don't rule out Scherzer signing in Detroit at all. No, I don't think it looks any worse because of Lombo/Gonzalez deal. I think DD has proven himself enough to still be held in high esteem even with my dislike for the Fister deal.

Chesty (New Bern NC): Paul ,can you see Steve Lombardozzi being useful in Detroit .I punted at shotstop and was left with A.Ramierez.I have A. Rendon available?Need help.Thanks

Paul Sporer: No, sir. He was just traded to Baltimore. Ramirez is a fine SS for waiting. I love Rendon, but I don't believe he quals at SS.

Julio (San antonio): With the opportunity now in hand what do u project for Arizona SS Micha Owings? Top 15? 20? Thanks

Paul Sporer: I can see top 15 for sure. He can be like a 13 HR/13 SB kinda guy with a solid AVG and decent counting numbers in a solid lineup. I got him in my 11-tm NL only auction yesterday, too.

DanDaMan (Sea Cliff): Hey Paul, thanks for the chat. Drafting soon and need to catch up on injury news. Is there any place on BP where I can find out say how Machado's knee is doing or how Chapman is expected to do now? If not, what sites do you recommend? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: You can always search the player to see what we're saying about him by scrolling down to BP Articles. Additionally, I'd stay tuned to Twitter and the news update sites to see if news has changed.

AJ (Phoenix): I won a BP Contest some time last year. The prize was a $150 MLB.com certificate. I was going to use that on MLB.TV, but then I totally forgot about it and just purchased the package. So the certificate went towards some nice Jerseys & swag. The intent was to use the MLB.TV/MiLB.TV as a way of giving back, and blogging about something I could watch in either the majors or minors (as well as keeping track of my dynasty league prospects). This is just a long-form way of asking for a suggestion on what to blog about. Thanks as always.

Paul Sporer: A bit of a generic answer: but whatever you're passionate about re: baseball. If it isn't something you love, the blogging will become a chore or a hassle and tough to maintain. So whether it's a team, a particular area of focus, or something more wide-sweeping, make sure you love it. That's why I chose pitching!

Gravybill (New York, NY): With Profar out the first couple of months of the season, will Odor get a shot a second? If not him, who do you see playing second for the Rangers?

Paul Sporer: I do think Odor could get a shot sooner than later. Right now, Tanaka is slated (not that Tanaka) so it's not a situation you want in on just yet.

Alex (Chicago): Who do you like best as a 3rd OFer in 2014: Khris Davis, Oswaldo Arcia, Will Venable

Paul Sporer: Venable, Davis, Arcia for me

Vic (Baltimore): Who has more saves this year? Cody Allen or Vic Black? Thanks

Paul Sporer: Black, but I believe in Axford this year so that definitely influences this pick

The Dude (Office): I think I've heard you mention in podcasts before that you have MLB.TV. I used to have Extra Innings but have since switched cable providers and now am thinking of going with MLB.TV (especially with the BP discount-Thanks!) Can you give us a quick review of MLB.TV?

Paul Sporer: I absolutely love it. Since it's in HD and you can select whichever broadcast you want, I prefer it to EI. Especially since I can HDMI patch my iPad into the TV and watch on the big TV anyway. Add in the mobility of MLB.TV and it's a no-brainer for me. EI is far from BAD because it still gives gobs of baseball which is of course excellent, but in a battle between the two, it's .TV allll day

BStephen (The W ): Carlos Martinez....200 words or less...

Paul Sporer: He's great, his potential is high, but now he's back in the bullpen where I originally believed he'd be and that's why I didn't have him in the SPG. It's unfair how deep StL is!! Their 8th and 9th inning guys would be no worse than the 2-3 starters on SEVERAL teams.

Rick P (motor city): Who's my Ss ? Can this romaine guy play?

Paul Sporer: It'll be some glove-first guy, so it'll still be alright. None of them will be AS good as Iglesias, but defense will be their primary asset so it'll still help Porcello.

Danny duffy (Kc): Have I lost it? Or just tommy john rehab in progress!

Paul Sporer: I wouldn't get nuts about the ST numbers. Look at Jose Quintana's and he just got a hot new deal (which I really like, btw).

Ryan (Boston): Have to keep one for fantasy: Garin Cecchini or DJ Peterson? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: Cecchini. Really liked what I saw of his bat in AFL.

Julio (San antonio): Just sent ? About Micha Owings meant to send question on Chris owings. Sorry and thank you

Paul Sporer: No prob. They can both hit! :)

brentdaily (boulder): Latos, Cueto, and J. Johnson crushing my staff already. Filing in with Morton, Eovaldi, and Roark... Who else should get the nod (from the pool outside the top 100 SPs)?

Paul Sporer: Not bad fill-ins. Obviously prefer your studs, but I like all three replacements. In no particular order: Skaggs, Erlin, Pineda, Santiago, Doubront, Peacock, Oberholtzer, Danks, Delgado, and Paxton

LetsGOakland (mount shasta ca): More promising left hander prospect at this time? Manea or Fried?

Paul Sporer: I haven't gotten eyes on either, so I'm going off of reading and research only. I'm leaning toward Manaea a bit.

Travis Fryman's Mitt (Pontiac, MI): Which prospect delivers a Puig-like explosion this season? Willing to stash till mid June if there is some bang for my patience in the second half. Top targets are Baez Taveras Springer Polanco and perhaps Buxton but he seems a year away.

Paul Sporer: I really love Springer, but I think he could be up in May. Taveras has to get healthy first. However, Puig was 79th on the BP 101 last year, so if you're looking for someone deeper, lemme throw Wilmer Flores and Michael Choice out there as potential breakouts.

brentdaily (boulder): Josh Johnson already nicked up. What's the rest of the year look like for him?

Paul Sporer: We know the deal with him... he's gotta show he's healthy and then we can almost certainly expect worthwhile production, particularly in SD. He was bad last year, but I also don't believe he was 100% much of the year

boatman44 (Liverpool ): Hey Paul, thanks for the chat. Is the "Eraser" a post sleeper,sleeper this year ? Will Mat Latos win the N.L Cy Young this year, as he thoroughly deserves some recognition for being very good ?

Paul Sporer: Yes on Eraser. I'm still buying. I'd have actually picked Latos as my NL Cy this year had it not been for the nicked knee. It remains to be seen if the knee will really set him back, so I'll probably still down-ballot him. I LOVE Latos and he doesn't get the hype he deserves.

Greg (Texas): Avisail Garcia - for real?

Paul Sporer: Well he hasn't done anything yet that needs to be declared fake or real. He's mostly hype... reasonable hype, IMO, but fairly priced, too. I'm buying.

Brian (Cincinnati ): What sort of production do you expect from San Diego's main offensive players (Cabrera, Headley, Venable) this year fantasy-wise. All safe bets in a deep 14-team mixed league as starters at their positions?

Paul Sporer: Yes, definitely viable starters in that format. I really like Cabrera and Venable. Headley - I'm kinda meh on, but in a 14-teamer he's a fine late 3B starter.

Kevin (hiding in my office cube): When do you see Tavares finally joining the Cardinals, and will he make an immediate impact?

Paul Sporer: When he's healthy. The skills aren't really a question at this point. Plus, there needs to be a clear spot for him. Of course, if he KILLS Triple-A and shows full health, he'll force his way in. But for now, it's about getting his body right

Joe Sparma (Detroit ): Paul I trust your pitching instincts more than anyone else's in the industry. There are some attractive mid round starters with RP SP eligibility. Tyson Ross, Smyly, Alex Wood and Tanner Scheppers. In our points format dual eligibility is critically important. How do you rank these guys and which should I reach for and which mignt be less attractive this season?

Paul Sporer: Ah, the SP/RP guys... I'm aware of their potential improved value in some formats. I think you've actually ranked them as I would, though I might even gamble on Scheppers over Wood. Wood's going to get his shot because their rotation is decimated, but I'm not sure he's a full-time starter. Those mechanics are butt.

Eddie (California): How soon will Gregory Polanco be called up? Who would you compare his potential to?

Paul Sporer: Probably depends partly on Tabata's ability to hold the fort. If Polanco waxes AAA, Tabata is meh, and the Pirate offense isn't clicking, we could see GP by May 1st. I think he's going to be similar to Marte with the big speed and solid power. Overall, I like Polanco ahead of Marte in '15 and beyond, but initially they will look quite similar which is great for Pittsburgh!

rjlinden (STL): Need a new SP with J Johnson out. Who do you like out of Nava, Pineda, T. Ross, Porcello, Quintana? 12 team, 5x5.

Paul Sporer: Is that Nova? I'd probably go with him. That's a very similarly-valued group and one will likely emerge as the best of the group, but figuring out exactly who it will be is tough. If you want to take the biggest shot, gamble with Pineda. If he flames out, you'll find someone else.

dcapofari (ny): Jose Abreu worth 26$?

Paul Sporer: More context is definitely needed, but that's sapping the bulk of his value. He can earn that, but that'd be with a star turn.

Ryan (Connecticut): Breakout sleeper pitcher this year?

Paul Sporer: Andrew Cashner, Rick Porcello

JJ (MPLS): Rank for this year: Milone, Norris, Hec Santiago?

Paul Sporer: Santiago, Norris, Milone

Tommy (Chicago): Standard 5x5, who has the better year, Javier Baez or Mike Olt?

Paul Sporer: Baez, but I haven't buried Olt.

Paul (Florence): You taking Tanaka over any/all of the following young'ins? Wacha, Miller, Salazar, Teheran?

Paul Sporer: Teheran well ahead of that entire pack. Then Miller, Salazar, Tanaka, and Wacha similarly grouped

Chesty (New Bern NC): Thanks for the help today

Paul Sporer: No problem!

Craig (Buffalo): Corey Seager - Potential Stud or what are your thoughts? any chance he stays at ss?

Paul Sporer: I'm a fan. Long way out, though. I'd bet on 3B, but non-zero chance of sticking at SS.

Johnny (philly): What is Franklin's value if he starts the year on the Mariners' bench? Does it all come down to when and where he (inevitably) gets traded and not worry about his short term lack of playing time?

Paul Sporer: It's scant if he's just a super-utility guy for them because playing time is key. I love him and I've been speculating because I just can't see them holding him with Cano/Miller ahead of him at the two positions he can play. If he's moved, I'm a big fan and the discount is there to take the shot.

Vic (Baltimore): I picked up Julio Urias in the 35th round of a 15 team league. I'll be able to keep him at a 4 round penalty per year through 2017. Did I do the right thing? Was also considering Clint Frazier with that same pick.

Paul Sporer: Without knowing everyone that was available, it's OK. It's just a matter of when he can get there and start delivering. But a 31 and 27 as you wait isn't egregious

Javy (California): In a 20 team dynasty league would you give up Jedd Gyorko for Gausman or Zimmer and Alfaro? Seems like good value in return but we have seen what Gyorko has done vs the prospects uncertainty.

Paul Sporer: Yeah, that's fair either way. You're definitely taking the risk in either deal since it involves the pitching AND the unproven pieces, but if you can afford to lose the 2B, I'd go with Gausman

Nick (chicago): Thoughts on the potential of Adalberto Mondesi?

Paul Sporer: I defer to Parks & Co. there... I haven't seen him even on video, so it's all reading knowledge that I have - http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=22285

John (Toronto): Arenado and Moustakas are having very good springs so far. Do you think they can be top 10 at their position this year?

Paul Sporer: I don't really care about Spring performances for good or bad, to be 100% honest. I'd be more inclined to see Arenado sneak his way in there than Mous. Both have the capability (big power season could bring Mous in there), but I wouldn't bet on either. I've got Arenado in that 11-13 range.

Brian (Mass): Do you think Olt makes the Cubs as the regular 1B? If so, are you optimistic, pessimistic, or in the 'show me something' camp?

Paul Sporer: Rizzo has 1B locked down. I'm optimistic about Olt, but his best bet is unseating Valbuena.

ssiegel (socal): Somehow got Iwakuma for $2 in my 10 team 4x4 (no Ks) keeper league. Should I be ecstatic?

Paul Sporer: Yeah, that's a pretty sharp discount even if he misses all of April.

John (Johnsonville): Sporer - Help me with my late-secound round pick in a 6x6 with OBP and Ks: Wright, Longo, Kipnis, Baustista, Gomez

Paul Sporer: Wright or Bautista for me. Would depend on your top pick. I'd prefer to have at least one OF in this first two picks

Ryan (NY): Gregory Polanco - Worth picking up now? when is he called up?

Paul Sporer: Really depends on league format, of course. And impossible to know when he'll be called up. Even the prospectiest of prospect mavens don't know, so I don't stand a chance on knowing. :) It all depends on the team situation... performances, injuries. Do a Ctrl-F for Polanco as I discussed him a bit earlier in this chat, too. I'm a fan!

Phil (Punxatawny): This year only: Wacha, Teheran, Salazar, Tanaka, Miller. Rank 'em.

Paul Sporer: Already did within this chat

Rick (Chicago): Is Porcello ready to turn the corner this year or is a #4 type starter more likely?

Paul Sporer: I'm buying. I've been pretty high on him all offseason. Check out his BP annual comments and the articles he's been included in this offseason - http://www.baseballprospectus.com/card/card.php?id=57745

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Completely ignoring 2014 and assuming all three are starting pitchers, how would you rank these three for dynasty: Matt Moore, Carlos Martinez, Alex Meyer?

Paul Sporer: You just ranked 'em! :)

Hurl Monroe (DC): Paul if I miss on Bailey or Cobb- how would you rank the following fallback options - Latos Teheran Minor Fister Anibal Cain?

Paul Sporer: Latos, Cain, Teheran, Fister, Anibal, and Minor

James (Houston): Pomeranz, can he be a factor in the As rotation this year? Can their player development people and that park reverse the damage done to him in COL?

Paul Sporer: The can develop him, yes, but it looks like they are more confident in converted RP Jesse Chavez. He's not a bad spec pick late in AL-onlys, but I wouldn't get too nuts.

Steve (Edmonton): Who are your favourite relievers (either set-up men or otherwise) to sit on with closing potential, in both AL and NL? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: Benoit, Brothers, Santos, Melancon, and Farquhar

John (Toronto): Can you name 3 position players and 3 pitchers you see as breakout candidates?

Paul Sporer: L.Martin, W.Ramos, and B.Lawrie; C.Kluber, D.Fister, and L.Lynn

John (Jacksonville): Thoughts on Straily this season? Like him or Porcello more?

Paul Sporer: Prefer Porc, but like Straily a bit. He's a tinkerer so I think he improves on some of his issues from last year.

Joel (Austin): Glasnow or Kyle Zimmer for dynasty? Why?

Paul Sporer: Zimmer for me. Both have big upside, so I take the closer guy because I want contributions ASAP in fantasy.

boatman44 (Liverpool): Thanks for the chat Paul, always good to extract your knowledge . One last question. Is Eric Johnson in the best hands in baseball ?

Paul Sporer: Among them for sure. I trust Cooper as much as anyone and I think there is a REAL case for him as #1.

Tom (Chi Town): Rizzo a top 5 first baseman top 10 even? whats kind of numbers are you expecting?

Paul Sporer: I don't see either of those, to be honest. He needs to greatly improve v. lefties (and on the road). I see some improvements on last year, but nothing insane... .260 AVG, 25 HRs

Met Nation (NY): So referring to your previous post of Black having more saves than Allen - how soon do you think Black will get saves? Is Parnell healthy enough to begin the season? And it is Black, not Valverde, correct?

Paul Sporer: Well Parnell is healthy now, but he hasn't shown great health overall so I think Black squeezes at some point this year. I think Valverde is finally done

ravenight (boston): Who do you like better in 12 team 5x5 - Carlos Ruiz or Miguel Montero? Or Pierzynski, Doumit, Martin, Castillo?

Paul Sporer: Montero. I see a nice rebound from him

Brian (Wis.): David Hale, anything to see here or just warm body holding down rotation spot for minor?

Paul Sporer: Pretty much just a warm body. Has some deeeep mixer or NL-only value, but nothing crazy.

Justin (Chicago, IL): Do you think Anthony Gose gets regular playing time sometime this year?

Paul Sporer: Not unless Melky flops.

Justin (Chicago, IL): Also note about Extra Innings, I don't believe all games are broadcast in HD. This bothers some people (me included) while MLB.TV is pretty much HD quality while being cheaper!

Paul Sporer: Exactly, that was the big deal for me.

John (Toronto): Do you see Syndergaard as being a good stash? When do you think he gets called up and is it crazy to think he could be just as good as Harvey right away?

Paul Sporer: Yes, I'm stashing him in lgs with a reserve (mixed league has to be at least 14-teams). He won't get called up before Super-2 so late May, early June. Look at Harvey's first tour of duty, he wasn't "best pitcher in the league" kinda quality and I'd never project ANY pitcher to be Harvey 2013 upon arrival.

danrnelson (Mpls): Points league, Asdrubal just got dropped. I have Villar as my placeholder until Bogaerts gains SS eligibilty. I should grab him, right?

Paul Sporer: yeah I'd take Asdrubal ahead of Villar

Rick (chicago): Do you see #2 SP Upside for Butler and Stroman or are they more likely back of the bullpen arms?

Paul Sporer: I'm a big fan of both. There is a route to #2 level quality for both, but of course that's the perfect-case scenario outcome. I'd put Stroman in the pen before Butler, but I think both start

Chesty (New Bern NC): Paul,Catching between Wieters,d'Arnaud,Gattis?Another tough position for me.Thanks

Paul Sporer: Wiets, Gattis, TDA is the order I'd have em. Wiets and Gattis have shown it... TDA is more of a speculation to improve

John (Trenton): Any general thoughts on Charlie Morton? Any upside? Him or Carrasco?

Paul Sporer: I like him just fine, he's not special, but there is a tinge of upside. More of a stream option in smaller mixed leagues, but I like him as an NL-only option bc the price is dirt-cheap

Cory (Canada): Hey Paul, in my 10 team keeper, I'm going into the draft without a SS and most of the good ones have been kept... Any "sleepers" that you'd endorse? Owings, Didi? Or grab Jeter, Rollins or Alex Gonzalez and hope?

Paul Sporer: I'd go for Owings. Not a fan of the oldies.

balticwolf (Silver Spring): What are your thoughts about Brian Dozier's improvement last year? Do you think the gains are for real--can he be a 15-16 HR guy the next few years? I really like the potential lineup he might be a part of in 2015 (Arcia,Buxton,Sano).

Paul Sporer: I like BD. He seems to be selling out for power and I'd like to see the AVG improve some, but if he continues to sell out for power and you can take the AVG hit, he's a great option. Doesn't cost much, either

Spirou (Montreal): Got on the Alexander Reyes train while it's still time to get him on the cheap.I know this can be tricky but what would be a good major league or minor league comp.Past or present.

Paul Sporer: That's tough. I'd really wanna see more before that, but it's impossible not to be giddy about his potential especially with the organization he's in

Shawnykid23 (CT): Who do you like best as a potential late-rd lottery ticket- Martin Perez, Trevor Bauer, Brett Anderson, or Eraser (keeper lg)?

Paul Sporer: Perez or Eraser. Perez doesn't get much love, but I'm a fan!

BStephen (The W ): G soto out for 3 months....catcher sleepers for AL only league if you please

Paul Sporer: Pinto, Jaso, Conger

Sam (Arizona): Breakout year for Rizzo?

Paul Sporer: I don't see it. Big improvements v. lefties would fuel such a thing, but I'm not super-high on him

John (Trenton): Any general thoughts on Charlie Morton? Any upside? Him or Carrasco?

Paul Sporer: Ctrl-F Morton for earlier thoughts on him. I'd take him over CC

Scout (Minors): L.Giolito - will he be knocking on the door next year? Or is he still 2016 arrival time?

Paul Sporer: I'd still look at '16 as the arrival

MattN (DC): I drafted Chapman and Uehara as my closers in a deep head to head league that also counts innings pitched and losses. How desperate should I be to find someone to fill in for Chapman? Qualls just showed up on the waiver wire, but I'd have to drop either Eovaldi or Niese to grab him. Thoughts?

Paul Sporer: Ooh that's tough because I don't love Uehara this year, either (he just hasn't shown back to back healthy seasons). I hate to dump either of those starters, but you might need to so you can lock up Qualls. Maybe flip Uehara for a pair of lower-level closers?

Rob (PA): AJ Griffin worth a DL spot?

Paul Sporer: Definitely

Chip (Chi-town): Starting staff of Kershaw, Cashner, Cigrani, M.Perez, C.Martinez, Clippard, G.Richards, & Qualls - with Gausman & V.Black on my bench - decent starting point in 20-team league?

Paul Sporer: Filthy. I'm actually about to start drafting a 20-team league and I'd love such a staff.

Youth Served (Fantasyland): I'm counting on Bogaerts & Castellanos to at least be mild fantasy contributors - genius, or moron? I've surrounding them by Goldy, Harper, Cespedes, P.Alvarez, D.Jennings, Dozier - I can survive right?

Paul Sporer: You can survive. I'm usually reticent to bank too hard on youngsters, but it's a different game these days and the youth is coming to the league more ready than ever. I've invested in Bogy a good bit already this season, too. I like the core you have surrounding them.

Alex (Anaheim): I got Tanaka in the 9th round of my 12-team mixed. Decent value?

Paul Sporer: That's high for me. I wouldn't have taken him there. It's not devastating, but I think you probably passed on guys I'd have preferred

James (Wis.): Any thoughts on peacock? Seemed to make some strides at the end of last year and I seem to remember seeing he either tweaked his delivery or added a pitch.

Paul Sporer: I like him. Gave him a nice write-up in the SP Guide - http://paulsporer.com/2014-starting-pitching-guide/

Damon (Missour): Doing my first NL only league this year. Any general tips? Positions you see that are more scarce than others?

Paul Sporer: I consider 2B deep for mixed leagues, but it's not for NL-only. SP has dried up some with the rash of injuries, but the frontend is still loaded

Marcus (NY): Is Taijuan Walker going to be a legitimate fantasy contributor this year?

Paul Sporer: If he's healthy, I think so. I'm a huge fan, but I want to see him healthy first

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): Thanks for the chat. Who do you think will close for the Tigers with Rondon out for the year with TJS? Will the job be his when he returns next year?

Paul Sporer: I hate you

Joe (SC): You think Carlos Martinez gets 30+ Holds now that he is in the 8th inning role?

Paul Sporer: Only 3 guys had 30+ last year and he's on deck to start if they need someone, so I'd say no

Dennis (New York City): Marco Estrada has teased the last 2 second halves and is pitching well again this spring. Is he ready to give us 180-200 innings?

Paul Sporer: I think so. The injuries have been lower half which is encouraging as opposed to arm stuff which would be quite a bit more worrisome.

Paul Sporer: Thank y'all for the chat today. I know I didn't get to every question, but I'm always available via @sporer on Twitter to help out. Plus you can email me. I'm always willing to help out. Don't forget to get your SP Guide to help with your draft http://paulsporer.com/2014-starting-pitching-guide/

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