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Chat: Jeff Moore

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday June 25, 2014 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jeff Moore.


Talk prospects with Minor League Update man Jeff Moore.

Jeff Moore: We've got a queue full of great questions lined up for today's chat, the #BPTop50 coming out soon and afternoon baseball on the television. Let's get this thing fired up!

Jeb (Iowa): How good can Tyler Glasnow be? He has been unreal the last couple of weeks.

Jeff Moore: The sky is the limit for Glasnow. His height helps him attack hitters with a potent combination of velocity, downward plane, and a release point that is about halfway to the plate. As I mentioned in today's MLU, he simply doesn't get hit hard. His potential plus curveball is no slouch of a pitch either. He needs to throw more strikes, but being tall is a legitimate excuse for those struggles and we've seen tall pitchers struggle longer to correct fastball command than other guys. He'll never be a control artist, but even if he's not, he avoids good contact enough to be a mid-rotation starter. If he throws more strikes, he'll slot right behind Gerrit Cole and ahead of Jameson Taillon in future Pittsburgh rotations.

Pete (Staten Island): What do you think Brandon Nimmo has to work on the lost in AA?

Jeff Moore: Learning to drive the ball. Nimmo is going to continue to get underrated because he's built like a middle-of-the-order hitter but doesn't play like one, but that's ok. He's a table-setter, not a run producer. He's going to bat first or second in some good lineups and get on base about 36-37 percent of the time. He's never going to hit a ton of home runs - I'd bet he ends up settling in the 10-15 range per season, but I'd like to see more doubles. It'll come. Remember, he's from freaking Wyoming. He hasn't exactly played a lot of baseball.

dantroy (davis): Has Joey Gallo surpassed Miguel Sano at this point?

Jeff Moore: For me he has, though it's close because Sano has done it at a higher level (though Gallo is now doing it at that level - Double-A). The tie breaker has to be Gallo's ability to stay at third base.

jclarkin316 (Columbia): Since he's about the same age as a high school draftee, I'm curious where you think Julio Urias would have gone in this year's draft? 1:1?

Jeff Moore: He would have been in the discussion for 1:1 for sure. I saw something comparing Urias to Aiken and that particular scout preferred Aiken, though it was close. Both are extremely polished for their age. The Marlins wanted the velo in Kolek, so I don't know if he would've gone there either but he would have been in the discussion among the first few picks and would probably have gone top 5.

Frank (Pitt): Do you think Gregory Polanco hitting in the lead off spot will impact his power production in the short terms? Or perhaps even his overall power development? It seems that hitting lead off could potentially change his in game approach and subsequently impact his power.

Jeff Moore: I doubt it, and I wouldn't worry. Polanco's power hasn't fully developed yet, so leadoff is where he fits best right now, and the Pirates lack a true leadoff hitter, so it's a good pairing. I doubt Polanco is doing anything different in his approach to at-bats right now, however, so I don't think there's any long-term effects. Far too much is made about where hitters hit in the lineup and the way it affects their approach. Just go up there and do what you do best, which I'm sure is what Clint Hurdle told him, and it seems to be working pretty well so far.

LoyalRoyal (Poolside): After his recent hot streak, can we start to say Arismendy Alcantara has proven himself ready for a callup? What kind of OBP do you think we can expect ROS?

Jeff Moore: In a vacuum, I'd like to see Alcantara spend the entire year at Triple-A. He's only 22 and his plate discipline was getting exposed early in Triple-A. He's never going to be a huge on-base guy, but you can't mistake the power production at second base. Plus, Darwin Barney is so terrible that it's going to be an upgrade no matter what. I'd see a .270/.320/.450 kind of guy, which is a nice offensive piece at second base.

Jim (Oakland): It seems to me that Oakland would be better off with Addison Russell at short than the Lowrie/Punto combination they're running out there now. Any chance Russell is called up for the playoff run?

Jeff Moore: That may have been a possibility had Russell not lost a few months due to injury. That would have been aggressive, but had he been playing the whole time at the level he has the past few years, he might have been able to handle it. Russell is that good. As it is, he only has six Double-A games under his belt. With the missed time, he needs to stay in the minors and finish his development. The A's operate within the framework of their long-term future as well as any organization, so I'd be shocked to see him rushed up this season.

Derek (MO): What's your full assessment on Fredires Parra? Anyone else on that GCL Cardinal roster especially positional pplayers worth paying attention besides the two you have wrote up in the daily milb updates?

Jeff Moore: Ahh, someone reads the updates! I saw Parra the other day and was throughly impressed. I've only been in Florida for two years, so this is only my second year watching GCL games, but that was the best GCL pitcher (excluding guys on rehab assignments) that I've seen. He has no business being in that league and wouldn't be if it wasn't his first time playing stateside. I'll write up a full report on him sometime this week - I don't want to spoil that here. But he's definitely a dude to watch. Let's put it this way - he was better on Monday than about half the guys who have made starts for the Palm Beach Cardinals this season.

Alex (Anaheim): Can you give me one thing to be happy about in the Yankee system?

Jeff Moore: The Yankees spend so much money on old veterans that it doesn't really matter?

No, I'm just being a jerk. Judge is an interesting guy who has some major league tools. His overall skill set has some holes, but he'll find a role. Last year's multiple first round picks was a nice start on rebuilding a pretty pathetic system and they have a chance to get something out of all three guys. That's something.

Justin (WI): Do the Brewers still have the worst fan in all of Baseball?

Jeff Moore: No, the Angels do. The Brewers actually have a few interesting guys, most of them are just very far away. They have little in the way of major league ready talent.

edwar288 (Minneapolis): I think Jose Berrios would rank much higher as a prospect if he went by JO. But as it stands who ranks higher Berrios or Hunter Harvey?

Jeff Moore: Harvey is going to be higher in the rankings, but as soon as Berrios finishes this year without losing his velocity, he's going to close the gap.

And given the choice, all prospects should go by initials. I'm with you.

howling wolf (Bethesda MD): Hello Jeff: What do you think about Domingo Santana? Is there a good chance he gets called up after the all-star break, and can he contribute decent hitting numbers for the Astros? Long term, high ceiling type or more of a high floor type?

Jeff Moore: Yeah, I'd bet he sees the majors this seasons. He's going to hit for power and strike out a lot, which should make him feel right at home in the Astros lineup. He's not going to be a middle-of-the-order hitter, but bat him sixth, let him hit .250 with 25 home runs and call it a day. The Phillies sure would take that right now from their right fielder.

Rick (Boston): Who is starting for the Red Sox at 3B and SS on Opening Day 2015? What about September 2015?

Jeff Moore: Bogaerts and Cecchini

Jim (NYC): USA or Germany??

Jeff Moore: There's only one right answer to this question right?

Frank (Lincoln il): Based on potential and ability to stick at 3rd, would you take Bryant or Gallo?

Jeff Moore: My goodness, I'm glad I don't have to actually make such a decision in an actual draft or something. Gallo is the better defensive player and offers a little more power, but Bryant is the overall better hitter. He's had success at a higher level, but not by that much. And he should be able to stick at 3B - if he moves, it's more because of the Cubs logjam of hitters than his abilities. Bryant is the better prospect right now, but Gallo is coming on strong, is younger, and has more room to grow. I'll say Bryant by a few hairs, but ask me again in six months and the answer may be different.

jeff (Houston): What does a lost half season mean to Carlos Correa?

Jeff Moore: I actually wrote about this very topic on my site this morning. Essentially all it means is that the Astros won't be able to fast-track him and get him to the majors by next June as a post-super-two call up. They wanted to get him to Double-A soon, but if he misses more than about a month, he won't have enough time there to really rush him along, start him in Triple-A next season and get him in Houston by next June. Long-term though, it doesn't make much difference. He's a stud.

Warren Sprain (Western Mass): Kohl Stewart versus Arturo Reyes tonight in Peoria. Just sayin'.

Jeff Moore: I'd like to see that. Tough commute from south Florida though.

Horace (Brooklyn): What can you tell us about the Mets converted catcher Brandon Brosher. Dude already has 4 bombs in 4 gms for Kingsport. Is he legit?

Jeff Moore: I haven't seen him and honestly don't know that much about him, but hopefully one of our guys will get eyes on him soon. It would help if the Mets would send him to Brooklyn instead. We have lots of guys who are all over the NYPL.

ylin42 (Chicago, IL): Any updated scouting report about Joey Gallo's AA games? It seems that he strikes out a lot again and recently and the timing seems a lot off. Any concern there from the scouts?

Jeff Moore: No, the breaking balls get a lot tougher in Double-A. That's the biggest difference between the levels - the off-speed stuff. That's going to lead to swings and misses until Gallo adjusts and learns to lay off of it. Plus, he's still slugging .660, so I think it'll be ok.

Norris (Chicago): What are your thoughts on Michael Lorenzen? Is he going to stay a starter? One "scouts are saying" said that he could even be better than Stephenson. Is this just hyperbole or is that even 1% possible?

Jeff Moore: That was a real quote from a real scout, so at least someone thinks that that's true, though most of our guys who have seen both seemed to think that it was a little extreme. Still, he's made a complete turnaround this season as far as when it comes to staying as a starter, which has changed his entire profile as a prospect.

Tim (Madtown): You have not been especially positive in your write ups of Orlando Arcia in your Minor League updates. Considering his age and the FSL isn't he having a pretty impressive season or do you see no projectability in his swing and overall offensive game?

Jeff Moore: I wouldn't say it's impressive. It's acceptable. He's just not an impact hitter. He may hit .270-.280 in the majors like he is this year int he FSL, but it will be relatively empty. He doesn't drive the ball at all, and that's in his approach more so than his ability. I actually think he has strong wrists and could have more gap power, but he doesn't approach his at-bats in that way. That said, he's still a nice prospect because of the defensive profile.

michaeltorin (San Diago): 2 parter - don't run away. Do Dalton Pompey or Gabby Guerrero come close to making to mid top 50? Which one will ultimately have more impact at MLB level?

Jeff Moore: Neither was in the discussion for the 50, but that's not a knock on either one of them. The 50 is for the elite of the elite. I haven't seen Guerrero in person, so I won't guess on trying to comparing them, but Pompey is going to be a regular major leaguer. I think in the last chat I said he could put up some Shane Victorino-like stat lines in the big leagues, and I think that's still a decent comp, at least from a numbers standpoint.

Jeremy (Iowa): Should we be concerned about Kris Bryant's .000 BABIP in Iowa?

Jeff Moore: Yes, you should panic. He'll probably never get another hit again.

Mike (Milwaukee wi): The overall thinking of cubs fan is the farm system has taken a step back this year. Do you agree?

Jeff Moore: I don't think Cubs fans could relax if they had ten beers, popped a Xanax then got laid. No, the farm system is fine.

Steve (Atlanta): What are some bats that may surprise some as to their inclusion in the #BPTop50? Thanks!

Jeff Moore: I don't think there will be too many surprises on guys included, though the order of things may take some people off-guard. I anticipate a lot more of "why didn't he make it" sort of reactions, to which the most common answer will be "because there are only 50 spots."

Peter (LA): The Joc Pederson injury is disappointing. Any news on the severity? How do you see LA handling their outfield log jam?

Jeff Moore: I haven't heard anything other than what was generally reported, which is that he left the game but didn't have to go to the hospital. I don't know how Pederson is going to fit in yet and (injury not withstanding), it still wouldn't shock me to see him in another uniform, though I don't THINK the Dodgers should move him. They're going to need young, cheap talent and he's a good one. That said, you'd think they'd have to make a trade at some point right? Someone will take Matt Kemp off of their hands, but that still doesn't leave room for Pederson if everyone's healthy.

Jimbailey82 (Florida): Michael Taylor seems to be really breaking out in AA. yes the K's are high but so is the average, homers, and steals. The dude also plays elite defense in CF. He doesn't seem to be getting much love though. Am I missing something?

Jeff Moore: No, you're not. The game is changing and Taylor fits part of the new mold of players who don't worry about striking out and still manage to be productive. It's the George Springer mold. Everyone was worried about his strike out totals. Well, he's certainly not perfect, and he's striking out a ton, but he's been darn productive in the majors. Taylor could be a Springer-lite.

Donkey (Ottawa): Jeff - With the feature on the main page in mind, I was wondering if you or the staff had any thoughts on Daniel Norris' start last night? Second start in AA against a good line up and struck out 10 while "allowing" 1 run after he was out of the game.

Jeff Moore: I don't think we had anyone in attendance to see Norris' game last night, but none of this is shocking. This is what Norris can do. He's very good, and arguing against him in today's feature was no small task. This was more of the same and I imagine he was only removed as early as he was because striking out that many batters runs up a pitch count.

Ace (PA): Does Breyvil Valera stand a chance?

Jeff Moore: Breyvic Valera has a chance at something, but it won't be regular at-bats. He has a plus hit tool and a decent approach at the plate that leads to a lot of times on base, but it's a pretty empty .300. There's no power in his game at all. He's played all over the diamond, but it's really just a second base profile defensively, which limits things.

Gavin (The Hills): Thanks for the chat. What are your thoughts on Trevor Story? His average is back up, but still striking out a lot.

Jeff Moore: You hit it right on the head, Gavin. The strike outs are going to be an issue, so he'll have to rack up the home run production in order to make it work. Strike outs are acceptable these days if they come with enough production.

NYCRuss (New York): How does Dash Winningham's name rate on the scouting scale?

Jeff Moore: I'd like him better if his name was Dash FIPingham.

Chris (New York): Thru 2017, do you prefer Shipley or Harvey to produce at the MLB level?

Jeff Moore: Harvey has a little more upside, but both are a ways away and are both very good, so you can't go wrong either way.

aso5018 (Philly): Where could Josh Bell fit into the top 50? What is his ceiling?

Jeff Moore: He's going to be in there, probably on the back end somewhere, but he's a guy who continues to rise. He's just a good hitter and you can see the at-bats getting better over time. He's still an adventure in the outfield, so that could be an issue, but he's going to hit and the power is coming.

Derek (MO): Do you believe Marco Gonzales can be a ToR pitcher?

Jeff Moore: No, he's a mid-rotation guy.

NYCRuss (New York): About Josh Bell, has his defense improved during his time in the minors?

Jeff Moore: Improved? Perhaps, but only because it was really bad to start with. It's strange, I've seen him look athletic and make a really good play on a ball in the gap over his head that he had to drop and go after, but then he looks like he's on ice skates on a routine fly ball. It's not pretty. It's not bad enough to the point that he CAN'T stay out there, but if the situation does arise in Pittsburgh where they still have McCutchen, Marte and Polanco, Bell will be the one finding a new home at first base. The gap between him and those three defensively is huge.

LoyalRoyal (Kansas): Follow-up on the Garin Cecchini question. Heard he was a test drive in the OF. Do you see him in Boston sooner than opening day 2015 manning the green monster?

Jeff Moore: It's a possibility if Middlebrooks comes around and warrants everyday at bats. The thing about the Red Sox is that they have shown a willingness to work guys out at various positions just to open up their options. It should be applauded. Some organizations are hesitant to do this, but I like it. No one knows how it is going to play out, including the Red Sox, but it allows them to work the best best bats into their lineup more often, which is the whole point.

Cheeks (Maryland): Baseball prospectus is giving up on Jorge Soler, should everyone else too?

Jeff Moore: We are? I hadn't gotten the memo.

Ace (PA): Could you please describe your scouting process for minor league games?

Jeff Moore: I go to as many as I can and just look for talent. Unlike affiliated scouts who have to cover a particular team and make sure they see every player on that roster, we have the luxury of doing a little "big-game hunting" for the best prospects because that's who you want to read about. It's so much more than that though, and I try to see as many games as possible because I come across guys all the time who I'm not familiar with who end up impressing me. That's actually my favorite part.

As for my process, for me it's about jotting down as many notes and data as I can because otherwise it all runs together. I have my own forms to stay organized because otherwise I end up with legal pads of chicken scratch that I can't read. Then I come home and look over my notes, make additional comments and piece it together into something legible that you can actually read.

The most important part though is that the more you see the better. There is no replacement for seeing players in person.

raymond (queens): What would you say is Kevin Plawecki's upside? Does he have the potential to be better than what scouts thought (well, and still think) d'Arnaud can be?

Jeff Moore: Most scouts are pretty surprised at the extent of d'Arnaud's struggles in the majors, both in their severity and duration, so who knows what his upside is at this point. Plawecki's is certainly comparable, however, and it's a nice luxury that the Mets have another strong catching prospect waiting in the wings in case their first one doesn't pan out. I haven't seen Plawecki in person because I didn't see St. Lucie last year, but if you've read my work you know I'm a sucker for prospects with a good K:BB ratio.

Chris (LA): So is Mookie Betts just a mediocre prospect on an early season hot streak?

Jeff Moore: He's somewhere in between that and what most Red Sox fans and his fantasy owners will have you believe. Look, Mookie can hit. He controls the strike zone great and has a plus hit tool. That's a legit prospect and every player would like to start out with that skill set. He can also play a good second base, so he's going to be an everyday player in the big leagues, though it won't be at second base in Boston. He has some power, especially for the position, but it's not enough to make him a middle of the order hitter, so that limits his ceiling, but it's not a knock on him. That's just not his game. His game his hitting over .300, which he's going to do.

Derek (MO): What do you look for pitchers and position players at level like the GCL?

Jeff Moore: Raw tools. You're not going to find a lot of polish in the GCL, which is what made Frederis Parra stand out so much. For pitchers I look for a good frame (body) and an arm action that I like. Velocity is good, command is a plus. Throwing a secondary pitch for strikes is a really big plus. For hitters, I look at the swing, the actions at the plate and the pitch recognition.

Steven (New York): Gabriel Ynoa didn't get promoted along with other top names from St. Lucie - do you expect that he's not far behind?

Jeff Moore: He may get a call later this season, but despite having a great arm, he still has some work to do. Just having success at a level isn't enough to warrant a promotion. Scouts and scouting directors want to see certain things and they want to see them consistently. That's what Ynoa has to work on is the consistency. He just turned 21. Not everyone jumps from level to level mid year. Some guys stay in one spot the whole year and do just fine. It's not an issue for Ynoa, and frankly I'm glad he's still there so I can get another look at him.

Eric (Atlanta): Will the Braves finally have a legit leadoff man in Jose Peraza?

Jeff Moore: No, I don't think he's going to be a top of the order hitter, at least not one that belongs at the top of a playoff lineup. He could be their second baseman of the future, however, if La Stella can't handle the job.

Colin (Chicago): Not sure if this is in your realm, but from what you've seen out of Arrieta, is there reason to believe he's turned a corner?

Jeff Moore: I've only seen bits and pieces of Arrieta this season, but I'm quite familiar with what he can do from his time as a prospect and from living in Baltimore during his entire time with the Orioles. Unless he's developed a new pitch I haven't seen, I imagine it's about him just doing what he does significantly better than he ever has. Arrieta was always a guy who made you scratch your head and wonder why he wasn't better. The stuff has always been there, but the success has not. He should have been better than he was for a while now. No one is this good long-term, but this is the Arrieta we've been waiting to see and the Orioles thought they were getting.

Rickey (Florida): Which Mets prospect aside from Nimmo has impressed you the most this year?

Jeff Moore: Matz. He good.

Jeff (Texas): At college did you coach pitchers or hitters? What did you emphasize when looking at potential players for your program?

Jeff Moore: I coached hitters. When recruiting, especially at the mid-major D-I level where I was where you're not getting the upper-echelon/elite talent, I looked for bat speed and athleticism. You have no way of knowing if a guy is going to hit or not. You think he is, but you see these guys against terrible high school and summer league pitching that everyone should hit, so it's hard to tell. But if he's got bat speed, there's a good chance, and if he's a good athlete, at least you'll be sure he can do something in the field and on the bases, if nothing else.

Scott (CT): In regards to Matz, I've heard positive things about him just about everywhere, but the vast majority of people I've seen have him slated to be in the 'pen. What are your long term thoughts on him?

Jeff Moore: I saw those same concerns entering this year, and they were mostly due to some concerns about his delivery and his injury history. I hadn't seen him before this season so I had no basis for comparison, but I had no concerns about the delivery or about him remaining a starter. The injury history is always there, but as we've seen this year, that's a concern for every pitcher so I'm not losing any sleep over that. I think he remains a starter, and a pretty good one.

Darren (Dallas): Which current minor leaguer has the best hit tool in your opinion?

Jeff Moore: Taveras

Andrew (Boston): Oscar Tavares has not been hitting much since he was sent down. Is this boredom or he really not major league ready?

Jeff Moore: I would imagine he's just bored. I've heard scouts talk about him having focus issues, especially once he thought he should be promoted. Some guys just don't turn it on in the minors because they're so good that they don't really have to. Gerrit Cole looked pretty bored in the minor leagues too. There's no question about Taveras' ability to hit a baseball, and he's not going to be much more major league ready than he already is.

LoyalRoyal (Kansas): Folow-up to the Michael Lorenzen question... I have heard some people even prefer Ben Lively to Lorenzen. What futures do you see these two?

Jeff Moore: Those people aren't watching Lively or Lorenzen in person. I haven't seen either one either, but our guys have and I trust their reports. Lively got off to a great start this year but the stuff isn't dominant. He's a back-end guy. Lorenzen has a number two starter ceiling or could be an impact reliever. Lorenzen is closer to Stephenson than he is to Lively.

Matt (NJ): Kyle Zimmer going to miss the top 50 cut because of the injury?

Jeff Moore: I don't know if that's the only reason why, but he's not in there.

natedogg34 (TX): Jesus Aguilar -- can he be an MLB-regular given the chance?

Jeff Moore: It's a stretch. He'd be a second division regular that pops a decent amount of home runs but the rest of it is pretty empty. Probably a platoon bat on a good team, but not too many good teams have right-handed, first-base only platoon guys.

Yohan Pino (In rotation): How long is my cup of coffee before Alex Meyer and/or Trevor May take my spot and Correia's? What can we expect from Meyer and May when called upon?

Jeff Moore: Rent, don't buy.

Peter (Vegas ): Player Dev Q- Would you rather send a player who is raw to the Cal League (even if he is right for the league) or skip it and send him to a more advanced league so that he doesn't get killed in that environment?

Jeff Moore: I've got no issue sending hitters there. Let them have some success, just understand what's happening and don't get over-excited. If a pitcher could handle it, though, I'd skip it if I could. It's not always feasible, and rushing a player to Double-A just to be overmatched isn't any better, but as soon as a pitching prospect had some success in the California League, I'd get him the hell out of there.

Larry (St.Paul): Is there a tangible benefit to having your top affiliates (AA and AAA) close to the MLB club?

Jeff Moore: Yeah, there's something to be said for having that setup. It's not a necessity, but it's a nice luxury to have, from a logistics sake when calling up players. It can also help the fan experience, following the team, etc. If it's feasible then teams have tried to do it, but those with long-standing player development agreements with minor league teams aren't breaking their tradition in order to do it.

Tammy (Toronto): Have you taken a look at the AAA Bisons roster? Most of them are washed up former ML players or minor league lifers. What is AA doing?

Jeff Moore: It's not just them. Lots of AAA rosters are like that. Triple-A is full of major league veterans who are either trying to get back to the majors or are serving as depth to the major league roster. That's why some prospects make the jump right from Double-A. Triple-A isn't a real prospect-laden level.

BL (Bozeman): Is there a way for college-aged hitters to improve bat speed?

Jeff Moore: Strength training. The college age range is the best time to add strength, as the body is still developing.

Bill (Bozeman): Hi Jeff, thanks a bunch for these chats. I feel that Cheslor Cuthbert's offensive work this year is a little under-appreciated, based on decent power numbers and control of the strike zone for a 21-year old at AA, but I'm worried that Dozier may move him to 1B and he doesn't fit the offensive profile there. Thoughts on Cuthbert, and is he close to a move to Omaha?

Jeff Moore: Cuthbert is improving in his ability to drive the ball, but he still makes a ton of outs because of his approach and free-swinging ways. If he has to move to first base, it's not going to work. I've had some commenters mention that there's a move to second base in the works, which I haven't seen anywhere else, but that would give his bat a chance to play. Theres absolutely no reason to promote him given that he's young and hasn't mastered a level yet. He should be in NWA all year.

James (San Diego): Why are the Orioles jerking Gausman around? He's been one of their best starters. Play those games with Gonzales!

Jeff Moore: It sure feels like they are. I've seen no empirical evidence that suggests that sending players back and forth to the minors is bad for their development, but I personally hate it, especially with the upper echelon prospects. Don't call them up until they are ready then leave them alone. The Pirates do this better than anyone, and they've had pretty good success with their young players.

Number27 (Millioke): Thanks for the Chat, Jeff! Can you give me the most recent comparable minor league season to what Kris Bryant is doing in 2014?

Jeff Moore: How soon we forget. Javier Baez hit 37 home runs last year. That was pretty impressive.

KCHomer (KCK): Is Hunter Dozier our savior at the black hole known as 3B in KC? When and what can we expect from him? Thanks...

Jeff Moore: Our mid-atlantic guys who have seen Dozier a bunch this year really like him. He just got promoted to Double-A so that puts him on the doorstep, though he won't be up this year. Next summer could be possible though.

Hank (St. Louis ): What do you think the benefits of placing mint leaguers on a nutrition plan would be? Would the players even be receptive to it?

Jeff Moore: Think about what you ate when you were 19? Now think about what you would eat if you were 19 and got plopped down in another country and didn't have much money (most minor leaguers didn't receive big bonuses)? Don't you think you'd be better off as a healthy person if you had the knowledge of what was good and what was your bad for your body, and easy access to the first option? Teams have gotten better at this, but I think it's still one of the most under-utilized uses of financial assets in minor league baseball.

wade1018 (st. louis): Which Asheville outfielder do you like best: Dahl or Tapia?

Jeff Moore: Haven't made a trek to Asheville to see either in person, but let's put it this way, both are on the 50 and Dahl is higher.

Gary (Kane county): Kyle schwarber has a couple more hits today including a monster home run at what point do we become impressed with him being it's only A ball?

Jeff Moore: In about a month, once there's a book on him and he goes through the same league a second time. Still, great start.

MP (Bluegrass State): Jeff, how big is Gausman's upside. Are we talking top 5-7 arm in the game? I've read some crazy stuff. Apparently, he impressed the A's a few weeks ago when he pitched against them.

Jeff Moore: Maybe not quite that high, but he does have ace potential, so perhaps. I see him as a borderline 1/2, so it's big upside.

Gary (Kane County): What do you make of Albert Almora's season? Safe to assume he will spend the entire year in Daytona?

Jeff Moore: Don't know if he will, but he should. The tools and ability are there but the approach is not. He's going to need his at-bats.

Jeff Moore: Great chat today everyone. There were some really good questions. Big upside on this chat group. Thanks!

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