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Chat: Jordan Gorosh

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday September 03, 2014 2:00 PM ET chat session with Jordan Gorosh.


Ask Jordan about prospects from his region (the Midwest) or any other region (the whole friggin' world!).

Jordan Gorosh: Let's do this.

B (Milwaukee): Hi Jordan, do you think Clint Coulter sticks as a catcher? Regardless how good is the bat - what's his ceiling and floor?

Jordan Gorosh: It's going to be difficult. The bat is far ahead of the glove right now. His actions behind the plate are relatively stiff, and he's a fringy thrower. He can hit and the power could be a legit 6. He may be able to stick back there in a reserve role, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him move away from behind the dish.

Eric (Houston): Brett Phillips is having a good season. How high does he rise?

Jordan Gorosh: Brett Phillips can flat out hit the baseball. He should get some consideration in the top 100, but I think he ultimately falls a bit short. It's an intriguing profile, kind of like a poor man's David Dahl.

barton (Vinklesville): What's the right order in terms of offensive upside: Rusney Castillo, Yorman Rodriguez, Dalton Pompey, Steven Moya?

Jordan Gorosh: Castillo, Moya, Rodriguez, Pompey. But, Pompey's floor is higher than the two preceding him. I'm not sold Moya ever hits, although his pure upside is obviously immense.

mdotmorris22 (Minnesota): Aaron Nola seems to be pretty much a Mike Leake style pitcher solid but never will be great. Agree or disagree?

Jordan Gorosh: Nola could miss more bats than Leake, and I believe his ceiling is a bit higher. He's got plenty of pitchability, funk, and gall. I'm a big fan, and he should be in the Phillies rotation in '15.

Cal Guy (Cal): Jordan, Who turns out to be the better offensive player, Machado or OT?

Jordan Gorosh: This is a really difficult question. I really like both of them. It's hard for me to shy away from Machado, as he's already had a bunch of success at the big league level. Each has the upside of perennial all star, and are on the top of my list for big 2015 seasons.

Mike (Grand Rapids): Did you by chance happen to see Miguel Castro when he was with Lansing? If so wanted to hear your thoughts

Jordan Gorosh: I didn't, but am familiar with the profile. Advanced teenage arm, worked 96-98 at the beginning of his last start, before settling in at 92-93 for the middle innings. Ch at 82-84, shows some promise. SL is 80-81, relatively slurvy at times, but effective. He should tighten up the secondary offerings, and has the promise of a middle of the rotation starter.

Mort's sister (Dirty Jerzzzz): If Chipotle began serving vanilla ice cream, would you eat it?

Jordan Gorosh: Missy, why would you ask me a question such as this? Anywho, of course I would eat it, because anything Chipotle serves turns to gold. Yet, a burrito bowl is unfortunately not a sandwich.

Billy (Beantown ): Nice write up on Rafael Devers on Tuesday!! Where do you think he will play in 2015?? Thanks for the great chats!!

Jordan Gorosh: I didn't write up Rafael Devers, that was Jeff Moore, I believe. I think he'll be at Low-A; he can handle it. Should be a top 100 prospect. I really like the profile.

MRubio52 (Cubs Twitter): Did you ever replace your jeggings?

Jordan Gorosh: It's hard to replace a hole in your heart

maxpowers (Chicago): Robert Stephenson going to get the control under control?

Jordan Gorosh: I believe so. I wrote up Stephenson for last year's futures guide. I love him, and he's still a top 5 pitching prospect in the game for me. The fastball is big time, and although I may have overstated it (I gave it an 8, he was 96-100 in my viewing), the overall profile is still that of a #2 starter. He's still young, and he'll iron out the delivery. Should play a role in the latter half of 2015 with the big club.

Sall Manella (Georgia): Does JR Graham have a chance to be more than a reliever or have the injuries taken too much of a toll?

Jordan Gorosh: The injuries have sapped some of his velo. He's down at least two ticks. Shoulders are scary, and with his size and injury profile, the pen is imminent.

Frank the Tank (Streaking through the quad): Best starting rotation in the Midwest League this year?

Jordan Gorosh: Would have to be the Whitecaps. They had a bunch of college arms who were too good for the MWL.

Mike (NJ): Yoan Moncada - Should I be picking him up ASAP in my Dynasty League? What's his potential?

Jordan Gorosh: He is one of the most handsome prospects in the minors. Plus plus #chisel. He looks like Benny the Jet Rodriguez.

Chris (Phoenix): Where do you stand in the Matt Olson camp? Believe in the power and patience or K's too much and Cal League Mirage?

Jordan Gorosh: I stand in the Cal League helps hitters who hit the ball high and somewhat far camp. He has the potential to be a second division 1B masher, but it's a long and leveraged swing. He'll put up some good numbers again in the PCL soon enough, but I'm not particularly in love with the profile. Of course, Oakland will somehow turn him into the next middle of the order monster.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Do you have a good Jason Parks story (that you can share on the web-site)?

Jordan Gorosh: Jason, Ferrin, Sahadev and I did the kick line at Safe House in Milwaukee. The video has been burned.

Hot Rod (Illinois): Looking at Willy Adames' stats, post-trade, it seems that he improved as a hitter a bit. Does pairing him up with Wong at the top of the order and down the middle defensively settle the young speedster down and allow for him to see and wait for better, more hittable pitches?

Jordan Gorosh: It's A Ball. So, no. He's just good.

mdotmorris22 (Minnesota): Do you think Trey Turner's bat will play at higher levels? MLB Regular?

Jordan Gorosh: The swing can get a bit long, and he was beat by 93-94 in my viewing. But, I think he's going to improve, and will turn singles into doubles. I think the hit tool settles in around a 50, and the legs will do the rest of the work.

Rick (Colorado): How good is Corey Seager? Stays at SS? Top 10 prospect next season?

Jordan Gorosh: He's an extremely impressive physical specimen. Doesn't look like a SS, but moves very well. I don't see any reason to move him off the position for now. Usually with bigger guys, I'd worry about being able to bend over, when you're 6'4-6'5. Yet, he's fluid. The side to side range isn't great, but if he's mashing and playing 45-50 D, that's a really impressive player.

I don't think he's a top 10 prospect, but he's in the top 20 for sure.

Sall Manella (Georgia): Steven Moya or Willy Garcia ... which hacker has a better chance at a successful big league career?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't particularly love either profile. But, Moya is closer and has had success in high minors, so I'll say him, and not feel great about it.

baseballjunkie (SF Bay Area): Hi Jordan, He's not a prospect anymore, but he is from your region: What do you think OT will produce in 2015 and in a typical year in his peak?

Jordan Gorosh: His peak could be a .300 hitter with 30 bombs. He's had some trouble this year, and there have been questions about 'work ethic' and the like-- especially with his major league struggles this season. But, the bat speed is supreme, and he has a knack for hard contact. When he figures it out, it's going to be loud.

baseballjunkie (SF Bay Area): Hi Jordan, He's not a prospect anymore, but he is from your region: What do you think OT will produce in 2015 and in a typical year in his peak?

Jordan Gorosh: His peak could be a .300 hitter with 30 bombs. He's had some trouble this year, and there have been questions about 'work ethic' and the like-- especially with his major league struggles this season. But, the bat speed is supreme, and he has a knack for hard contact. When he figures it out, it's going to be loud.

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse): Was this a lost year for Noah Syndergaard? What is Steven Matz's ceiling? A lefty with improving control and a big fastball.

Jordan Gorosh: I wouldn't say it's a lost year at all. The PCL is a wasteland for any young pitcher, and in fact, pitching prospects often do better in the big leagues than in that league. I know the stuff has taken a small step back, and he's made a couple of mechanical adjustments. But, the profile is still that of a top of the rotation starter and an impact arm with a plus, plus fastball, plus to plus, plus breaker, and solid avg CH. He'll be fine.

Matz was touched upon by our dearly beloved Jason Parks in his 'what did I miss' series. Definitely an intriguing profile, and could be a middle of the rotation starter.

Jimmy (Arlington): Jordan, thanks for all the insights!! These chats are a lot of fun. What's your take on Rougned Odor?? Most kids his age are on their way back to the minors after a couple hundred MLB at bats, having had their weaknesses exposed and exploited by the cruel MLB pitchers. He seems to be at least holding his own. Any meaningful upside??

Jordan Gorosh: Hell yes there is meaningful upside. Odor is one of my favorites. Plays the game with his hair on fire, can pick it, and the hit tool has 7 upside. The Rangers may not have expected it, but they've got a legit competition on their hands for 2B in 2015, assuming Andrus isn't moved.

Matt (Cambridge): If you are the Royals, what do you do with Bubba Starling? Hold the course? Try him on the mound? Agree to release him in exchange for a cut of his NFL earnings?

Jordan Gorosh: See if you can trade him to the Chiefs for a first rounder.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Did you get much chance to see Kennys Vargas before he was promoted? Is his current production a surprise? What's a realistic expectation for 2015? And beyond?

Jordan Gorosh: I saw him at the futures game. The average is a surprise, but the power is real. He's a large, large man, and could be a first division 1B, with a second division 1B as realistic floor.

TGisriel (Baltimore): What did you think of Bundy's first year post Tommy John surgery?

Jordan Gorosh: I'd throw it out the window. Would guess the command will take a step forward next year in addition to a small velocity jump. Those typically come in the second year back. He's still got #2 upside for me. Extreme polish, and if they let him throw the cutter, he's got four legit major league offerings.

Holy Dipo (IU): Jordan, loaded question. Who are 2 or 3 prospects that you jumped up your rankings? What Midwest minor league ballparks are must sees, outside of Indy Indians?

Jordan Gorosh: Nice name. Victor Oladipo is one of my favorite athletes. Indy isn't in the MWL, by the way, that's the international league. South bend has a nice park, and Fort Wayne's is absolutely immaculate.

Manuel Margot and Jorge Mateo are two guys that are going to get some hype this offseason.

RJ Harrison (St. Petersburg, FL): If it wasn't for Kevin Kiermaier and a few other bit players, would I already have been fired from the Rays for missing completely on just about every 1st round pick by the Rays since Price?

Jordan Gorosh: Luckily there are 39 rounds after the first one.

bloodmoney (detroit): $ano - in my book, as legit a top 10 as there is in prospectville. if you disagree, lets hear why ..

Jordan Gorosh: No arguments from me. I'm not going to downgrade him for the TJ injury. It's a missed year of development, but changes absolutely nothing for me in terms of his prospect status.

Sall Manella (Georgia): What do you think about the Rays pitching logjam? Colome, Romero, Andriese, Montgomery, Karns?

Jordan Gorosh: Only one or two of those guys are going to end up as major league starters, so I don't think there's much of a problem. Guys get hurt all the time, so the Rays are going to continue to fill their rotation internally. It's never a problem.

Chris (Michigan): Give us some prospects you're higher on than anyone else, so later we can mock/applaud you. Thanks!

Jordan Gorosh: Still a believer in Clint Frazier. I was on the Jake Thompson/Willy Adames bandwagon pre season. I also like David Dahl a lot. Some other names I like more than others: Leonardo Molina, Rafael Devers, Cameron Varga, Brett Phillips, Kohl Stewart.

Doug (Cincinnati): Reds manager Bryan Price doesn't seem to think that his team is out of it (apparently he struggles with math) and doesn't seem to want to give the call ups any real playing time for a while, "There may be — hopefully not — but there may be more opportunity for them to play at the end of the month." Thoughts on that kind of thought process for a team that is 9 games out of the division and 7 out in the wild card?

Jordan Gorosh: Math is hard. I guess they can afford to wait a week, but let the kids play.

TGisriel (Baltimore): What are your thoughts on Baltimore's two Cuban prospects, Dariel Alvarez and Henry Urrutia?

Jordan Gorosh: Each are tool only, and likely bench bats.

earpbartman (Philly): Bryant vs Gallo vs Sano -- near term and long term, positions and upside?

Jordan Gorosh: Bryant, Sano, Gallo. Sano's being overlooked due to the injury. Gallo is the shiny new toy. Let's not forget that Sano is still a stud. Bryant has the highest floor of the three, and has similar upside.

Bryant/Gallo- RF. Sano could stick at 3B for the time being, but may end up at 1B.

Brent Honeywell (Instructional League): While I had a few late-season bouts with giving up Homeruns, I struck out hitters in the Appy Lg at a nice clip and guys didn't really know what to expect with the occasional screwball that I threw. Should I expect to be in full-season ball in 2015 or should I expect to be in XST and pitch in the NYPL?

Jordan Gorosh: Rays move their pitchers slowly, level by level. The stuff is ready for full season ball, but I'm not privy to their development plan for him.

tomshipley75 (Chicago): Do you have any thoughts on Kyle Hendricks and Tsuyoshi Wada? Scouts and prognosticators seem to mostly tab them as back-end-of-the-rotation pitchers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Based off what you've seen from them this year, do you think the Cubs are considering them as rotation options in the mid-to-long term?

Jordan Gorosh: They're both cheap, so I don't see why not. It isn't like they have a bevy of options as the roster is currently constructed. I'm sure they'll sign one, if not two pitchers this offseason. I like Hendricks more, but it's still a back end profile.

kiloman (Rockville, MD): Hey Jordan, do you think Bradley Zimmer will develop the requisite power to project as a serviceable corner outfielder?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't think he needs to hit for big time power. The hit tool could be solid average, and he helps his team win in other ways. It's not an impact profile, but he should be a major league contributor

TGisriel (Baltimore): Do you think the second knee surgery will correct Manny Machado's knee issues, or will this be a long term problem?

Jordan Gorosh: It's on the other knee, and I'm not a doctor. I hope he stays healthy, because he could be one of the ten best players in the game.

Gila Monster (Boston): Could Gary Brown still be a role 5 guy after a not awful season at AAA? Also as a person currently in law school, how do I become Nick Faleris and be a full-time big shot lawyer and a lead prospect writer? I know cocaine and Provigil have been suggested

Jordan Gorosh: He can't hit, so that's a stretch. And, try growing your hair out; see what happens.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): How often do you guys have to check in on lower level guys to ensure that your reports are still accurate? Kids in low A can change quite a bit in a month as they make adjustments. What's the shelf life of a scouting trip?

Jordan Gorosh: I wish I could see every team every day, but unfortunately, I can't. Of course, guys are often changing at the levels, but the shelf life is certainly a couple of months, if you get a 3 game look. You'd like to see some improvement in the middle and end of the season, especially if guys struggled at the beginning. I try to maintain close contact via milb.tv if I have to, in addition to reaching out to scouting contacts.

Joe (New York): Any thoughts on Luis Severino?

Jordan Gorosh: 8th inning reliever. Big time FB, but don't think he works out as a SP.

AB (North Side): Of the Cubs big four of Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Addison Russel, and Jorge Soler, who is the safest bet to be successful and who is most likely of being a bust?

Jordan Gorosh: Bryant is the safest bet. He's going to hit for power, and although strikeouts will be a part of his game for sure, the average should settle in around .270. It was actually a toss up between he and Russell due to positional value. On the other hand, I believed Soler was the most likely to be a bust before the 2014 campaign started. He's had some attitude issues in the past 12 months, but is (small, small sample alert) outperforming Baez. Yet, I'm still going to stick with Soler as the most likely bust, even with Baez' down year.

CyMature (Cooperstown Retirement Home): Hey, Jordan. Thanks for answering our questions. Lewis Thorpe, what is his ceiling and how likely is he to reach it?

Jordan Gorosh: His ceiling is that of a #2/#3 starter. The velocity is easy and the arm is loose. He's got good feel for secondaries, but the command is still a long ways away. He's still ridiculously young, but has all of the ingredients to be a successful big league starter.

Dan (Bloomington): Hey Jordan, talk around the scouting world seems pretty split about Kyle Schwarber sticking at catcher. Theo is insistent that they want to give him a chance. Where do you think his spot on the field will be, assuming he cracks the Majors?

Jordan Gorosh: Of course, the Cubs want to give him every shot to stick there. It's why they drafted him in the top 5. Yet, the absolute ceiling is a 45 defender, and I'm not sure he gets there. Not very fluid, and the throwing is average at best. The bat is so far ahead of the defense at this point, that I'm not sure he gets the developmental time to perfect catching. In fact, he may be ready to hit in the majors as early as July of next season. He should get some backup reps, but I think that ultimately, in order to save his knees and get the bat in the lineup, he plays a lot of LF.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Highest ceiling arm in Red Sox system not named Henry Ownes?

Jordan Gorosh: Eduardo Rodriguez, especially if he can get his groove back.

Zack (Windsor): Thoughts on Kevin Ziomek? Future and grade the stuff.

Jordan Gorosh: Back end starter. 45 FB, 55 slurve, 50 CH. If he can refine the command/control, he may be a big league starter. If not, probably a swingman or LOOGY.

nick (work): If a top 10 or so pitching prospect ends up in the bullpen in the majors, would you still consider this a successful outcome?

Jordan Gorosh: Kind of a vague question, but I'd consider Betances a success. It depends how much impact they ultimately have.

Mike (Dayton): The Dayton team ran out Nick Travieso, Sal Romano, Amir Garrett and Nick Howard as starters for the last month of the season. Rank those guys as prospects.

Jordan Gorosh: Howard, Garrett, Travieso, Romano.

mdotmorris22 (Minesota): Who would you say is the early steal from the 2014 draft as of right now?

Jordan Gorosh: Would have to be Finnegan, right? He's already in the big leagues, and has been dominant in the minors. Not sold he'll open in the 2015 rotation for KC, but should see some starts next season.

Billy Beane (O.co Stadium): Am I ahead of everyone else again when I decided that trading all my top prospects was worth it, as long as I give my organization a very good chance of making it deep into the playoffs?

Jordan Gorosh: The idea is to win rings, no? Dombrowski had the same idea. I'd hate to let go of Russell in particular, because I think he's going to be an absolute stud, but I understand the logic behind it. Oakland's system wasn't very deep anyhow.

Mario66 (Pittsburgh): What think you of Pirate outfielders Austin Meadows and Harold Ramirez, other than that it would be great if they could stay on the field a little longer?

Jordan Gorosh: Meadows has opened some eyes this year. He's showing five big league quality tools in the middle of the diamond. It's a big time profile, but yes, he needs ABs. Ramirez still has first division upside. He can hit, and the power could play as average.

Zack (Windsor): Right at the end of the season Devon Travis saw some time in CF. Do you think he can handle that position going forward? And do you think his bat plays in the big leagues?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't know of any 40 runners that play CF, so I'm skeptical at best. It's nice for his value, but I don't think it necessarily means anything long term. He's not the Tigers CF of the future or anything, and the arm is below average out there. This isn't a Mookie Betts situation, Mookie is a far superior athlete. Travis' bat plays, but he's got second division upside for me at best.

Mario66 (Pittsburgh): Post mortem on Francisco Mejia's first year of full season ball?

Jordan Gorosh: I am very excite to see him next season. Candidate for top 100 prospect.

Charles (Portland): Provided there aren't any major setbacks, what's a reasonable ETA for Raimel Tapia? What does a typical season from him look like?

Jordan Gorosh: Late 2016 cup and 2017 full time ETA sound reasonable to me. He'll be at High A next year. Has the chops to be a .300 hitter with moderate power, and can impact the game with his legs. It's a very nice profile, even if he isn't a CF.

Steve (Winnipeg): Have you heard anything about how Sean Reid-Foley has looked in his first pro-season?

Jordan Gorosh: The stuff is good, but his delivery is really concerning. He's got a really high back elbow, and plenty of arm drag. It's a max effort reliever profile for me.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Do you think Josh Bell is a future middle of the order bat?

Jordan Gorosh: He's well ahead from the left side as opposed to the right. It's much cleaner. There's definitely the possibility for some pop, as his raw power is 60/65 grade, but the potential move to 1B hampers his profile considerably. It may take him a few years, but I think he'll be a quality big league contributor.

Scott (Boston): Whatever happened to Eddie Butler? I've been in love since he K'd Bogaerts at the Futures Game last year, but he seems to have vanished after his 1 MLB start this year...

Jordan Gorosh: As long as the Rockies allow him to miss bats, he'll be fine. Low #2 starter upside, but could settle in as a mid rotation guy.

Sandwich (Not a Hot Dog): Please compare each member of TINO to a current prospect, with a very brief explanation for each.

Jordan Gorosh: Bret- Addison Russell- all around tools, high floor, stud.
Mau- Jorge Soler- this needs no explaining
Carsley- Jon Gray- big time stuff, underrated, has to deal with outside circumstances like pitching in Coors
Craig- any 23 year old in the GCL

Dan (Boston): Thoughts on Blake Swihart?

Jordan Gorosh: So underrated that he was really overrated? I didn't have him as a top 25 type prospect. It's a first division profile, but I'd rather take a chance on Hedges/Alfaro. Vasquez has been really good, and I didn't really understand why the perceived gap was so large between those two.

Sven (Ft. Lauderdale): What is Tyler Kolek? I know he throws hard, but what is he supposed to be, Chapman? Verlander? A burn out?

Jordan Gorosh: He is not a sandwich. Glad we got that out of the way. He's supposed to be Tyler Kolek. A giant #texan top of the rotation starter who chew through 200+ innings at a high level, with a high 90s FB.

Tom (Nevada): How is Austin Hedges rated so highly when the bat is so bad? I know the defense is legit, but so was Bethancourt's and he was never rated as highly. Seems like far too much pass is given for him.

Jordan Gorosh: He's a better defender than Bethancourt, don't let the snap throws fool you. Hedges has had a down year, but still possesses the upside of a top 3 defensive catcher in the game, and anything he gives you with the bat is a bonus. He still could hit an empty 260-270 and be a ridiculously valuable player.

The Dude (Office): Speaking of Raimel Tapia, now that Parks is gone, who is in charge of sitting outside his window at night?

Jordan Gorosh: Ryan Parker has been throwing rocks at his window for months, often writing 80's power ballads and love poems.

Mario66 (Pittsburgh): So, what do we make of Stryker Trahan's demotion and reversion to being a catcher? Will he need to stick at catcher to play in MLB, or was he just rushed?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't really care what he does defensively, the bat isn't going to play. He's overmatched by low minors pitching right now. The swing is really long, and he doesn't have much of a discernible approach. Sure, he's got plenty of raw power, but he's going to need to make a whole lot of swing adjustments in order to succeed even in the high minors.

Zack (Windsor): Realistic projection for James McCann? Id be happy with .270 and strong defence.

Jordan Gorosh: Yeah, thats about what his upside is, but the defense is probably more solid average than plus. It's somewhere around a .725 OPS and solid avg D, but he hits LHP better than RHP. I see him as a nice platoon for Avila for next season, and then go from there.

RJ (Chicago): I was very excited to see the Sox land Rodon. When is he likely to debut? I know it's foolish to ask if he can be Chris Sale good, but he's gonna miss bats, right?

Jordan Gorosh: Chris Sale is one of the 5 best pitchers in the MLB, so it's hard to compare anyone to him. He's also not exactly a normal profile. Rodon still has a plus, plus slider, and his ultimate upside is a #2 starter.

JD (New York): I'm not at all worried about Touki Toussaint's numbers since signing, but when I've watching him pitch the stuff (both fastball and curve) seems less explosive than pre-draft reports indicated. Are my eyes deceiving me, or has anyone else come to a similar conclusion?

Jordan Gorosh: Guys are often tired from the showcase circuit the year before and their HS season. The stuff is electric, and he should get back to that in 2015. The command, of course, is the main concern here.

Brian (FL): What is a fair MLB comparison for Clint Frazier?

Jordan Gorosh: I hate making comps. Weirdly enough, Rusney Castillo isn't a terrible one.

Mario66 (Pittsburgh): Do you see Sean Coyle having a few years as a first division regular, though perhaps not in crimson stockings?

Jordan Gorosh: More of a second division profile at best. No real big time tools. Going to have to hit a lot, and swings out of his shoes for a little guy. It's an intriguing grinder type, but I don't think he has much positional versatility to be a utility guy either.

Shawnykid23 (CT ): Thoughts on Miguel Almonte? Is he underrated bc he is a FB/CH guy?

Jordan Gorosh: Almonte was receiving plenty of hype this offseason, but the command hasn't taken a step forward, and the breaking ball is still fringy at best. FB/CH is fine, in fact, I don't really mind it, but he's not throwing many quality strikes at this time. He's also had some trouble later in games. I still like the profile, and he may be a major league starter, but it's an uphill battle due to size.

Lewis (Connecticut): How good do you think Aaron Judge will be?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm starting to come around. The reports about the hit tool are extremely encouraging, which surprised me. Yet, he's going to have to adjust in AA/AAA, and again in the majors. He's a good athlete for his size, but I always worry about mammoth position players as every day guys. It's very hard to control the zone at 6'7, and even though the hit tool has improved, it's still got a decent ways to go in order to work at the major league level.

Zack (Windsor): Domingo Leyba absolutely tore it up in about 30 games at West Michigan as an 18 year old. Whats his ceiling? and future position?

Jordan Gorosh: Grinder-type 2B, second division upside. Small guy, not much power projection, can run a little bit, and the fielding is improving. Only playing SS because Betancourt can't handle it. He's a fun player to watch; plays hard, can hit, and shows some IQ. I like the profile, but it's not impact.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): The Twins are saying they see Danny Santana as a long-term SS. What does that do for Jorge Polonco? Can he play SS or will he need to move over to 2b or 3b? (And a big bummer about Nick Gordon's finger last night, since we're talking MN middle infield.)

Jordan Gorosh: I don't think it does anything for Polanco, as he's not knocking at the door quite yet. Santana has been a nice surprise. Polanco is probably better suited at 2B anyhow.

Shawn (Cubicle): Your starting a team and can pick 1 catching propsect- Austin Hedges, Jorge Alfaro, or Blake Swihart- who you taking?

Jordan Gorosh: Going to go with Alfaro just because of sheer upside. Hedges is right behind, but Alfaro does some stuff on a baseball field that humans just should not be able.

Red Sox Nation (Boston): Jordan, thanks for the chat. What is your take on Ty Buttrey? What is his ceiling/floor? Thanks!!

Jordan Gorosh: The size is nice, but he's got a lot of things working against him. Floor of a back end starter, probably ends up as a reliever.

Mario66 (Pittsburgh): Has there been any reason to hope that Colin Moran may develop enough power to be a role 55 or 60 guy at third?

Jordan Gorosh: He can hit a bit, but doesn't do much else on the diamond. Definitely some attitude concerns here, and the ceiling is probably Lonnie Chisenhall-esque. It's an empty 55-60 hit tool, and likely a second division regular.

All right, let's squeeze a few more questions in before I take off.

Scott (Pa): Do you see Peraza taking over for LaStella sometime in 2015. Peraza is the better prospect no? And a leadoff hitter the Braves sorely need.

Jordan Gorosh: Peraza is a bit more versatile, and could play a few other positions besides 2B. His upside is higher than La Stella, but it's a good problem to have. I think the Braves like Peraza a bit more. Obviously, they have the SS position covered.

tjco1006 (Up n In Rehab Center): Jorge Mateo or Amed Rosario on ceiling?

Jordan Gorosh: Mateo is still very raw. Rosario could play full season ball right now, no problem. I'm going to go with him, although Mateo has game changing speed and is one of the Yankees top 5 prospects.

Jordan Gorosh: Thanks for the questions everyone. I'll see ya'll next month.

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