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Chat: Jordan Gorosh

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday July 22, 2014 3:00 PM ET chat session with Jordan Gorosh.


Jordan covers the Midwest League, where he has a first-hand look all the up-and-coming TinCaps, Lugnuts, Hot Rods, Loons, Cuttlefish, WindChimes, Marmadukes, WhisperLillies, and FrenchKisses. (A few of these mascots might be made up.)

Jordan Gorosh: Howdy, it's a gorgeous day in Chicago. Let's begin!

College Student (College): Is Will Remillard's bat real or just too advanced for the MWL? He should be solid enough receiving-wise anyways and the bat would just be a plus, no? Or am I turning an org guy into a prospect? I like Remillard.

Jordan Gorosh: I've seen him quite a few times, and every time I like it a bit more. However, he's a Role 3.5 to 4 type for me. Will probably reach upper minors, not sold he's a big leaguer.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Jason, Should we be worried about Gallo now?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm not as devilishly handsome as Mr. Parks, so I don't know to whom this question was addressed.

Also, no.

John (CT): Jesus Montero is killing the ball in the minors. How long can the Mariners ignore his potential contribution? They don't have to like him as a person. Or will they trade him to another AL team who could use his bat?

Jordan Gorosh: He's in the PCL. Terribly out of shape, awful attitude, no position. He's a platoon DH. Does that really have value? Sure, I agree he may be in a bad organization for him, but Seattle would kill for someone to hit the ball consistently, and he's not in the every day lineup. What's that tell you?

nottes (work): How much of a problem would it be if Dylan Bundy's post-surgery velocity only settles into the 91-94 range?

Jordan Gorosh: Not really a problem for me. He has a nice command profile, and the cutter, if they let him throw it, is wipeout. Outstanding competitor, big time secondaries. Plenty of really successful big leaguers average around 92 on the fastball. Not a deterrent for me in the least. I really like Bundy.

MKPJ (chicago): True or False: Over the next few years Jake Arrieta is a #1 or #2 SP in the big leagues. Thanks

Jordan Gorosh: There really aren't that many of those. Sure, Arietta has absolutely nasty stuff-- however, it's been 85 innings. He's never even thrown 120 innings in a season at the big league level before. #1 or #2 starters take the ball every 5th day, and most of them throw 200 innings year in and year out. It's one thing to 'project' someone to do that, but they actually have to go out and do it at the big league level before that distinction can be given.

Short answer, I think he's probably a #3 starter enjoying a very good run. It was a great find by the Cubs.

Random Smoke (High 'n' Outside): Jordan, thanks. Hunter Harvey on TV: young, inconsistent. FB moves hard when down; CB: tight. Scouts agree? What about a change?

Jordan Gorosh: That pretty much sums it up. Reports on Harvey are outstanding, and I had the chance to see him in person at the futures game. I was actually sitting on the first base line, so I got to see his mechanics from the closed side. He's definitely got some arm lag. This is something that can probably be cleaned up over time, but it was easily apparent, even in warm ups.

The arm is live, and I see the big time upside. The CB is a MF pitch. CH is coming along, but he's still really young. It's a feel pitch, but he has the arm speed to create separation with the FB. I see a starter in there for sure, but I'm more content with my stance that Kohl Stewart is the better prospect (see debate with #diesel Mellen)

Ace (PA): How will the Pirates find playing time for Josh Bell in what's already being considered the best outfield trio of the future?

Jordan Gorosh: How will the Rangers find playing time for Roogie Odor and Jurickson Profar?

Things work out.

Jacob (Twin Cities): Kohl Stewart is really performing nicely even though the K's are not where I would hope they would be for a frontline starter, while his other peripherals are all looking very good. To me, as a "frontline" starter, you have to be able to strike guys out. What are your thoughts on that?

Jordan Gorosh: My thoughts are that I don't really care if he's striking guys out at Low-A as a teenager.

Check out this debate piece, I go much more in depth: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=24045

Jacob (Twin Cities): Kohl Stewart is really performing nicely even though the K's are not where I would hope they would be for a frontline starter, while his other peripherals are all looking very good. To me, as a "frontline" starter, you have to be able to strike guys out. What are your thoughts on that?

Jordan Gorosh: My thoughts are that I don't really care if he's striking guys out at Low-A as a teenager.

Check out this debate piece, I go much more in depth: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=24045

Chris (Phoenix): What can you tell me about Andrew Velasquez of South Bend? Does he have anything that you can get excited about?

Jordan Gorosh: Sure. He's annoying as hell. I mean that in a good way. Another guy who I gave that distinction to is Eugenio Suarez. Pesky, aggravating, whatever. Velasquez works hard at the plate to get himself into good counts to hit the ball hard. He has a plan of attack, and doesn't give in. His physical gifts limit him to be sure, but I could see him developing into a nice utility player at the big league level. He's small, but quick and decent in the field. Tries to get the good hop. Arm is average.

Navin (Pasadena, CA): I've seen you talk quite a bit about Jen-Ho Tseng. Could you talk about the rest of Kane County's intriguing rotation, including the recently promoted Juan Paniagua?

Jordan Gorosh: Juan Paniagua was about 5 years too old for the MWL. He's got a fringy (at best) SL, and potentially an avg CH. Saw him up to 97. It's a lot of effort, and a reliever profile, but there was no reason for a mid 20s guy to be in Kane when he's throwing like that.

Blackburn- back of rotation command and control guy
Skulina- velo dip. non prospect. a lot of arm lag

Have seen KC about 12x, and keep missing Torrez. Hope to see him soon.

QueenB (Ottawa): Hey Jordan - Any thoughts on Dawel Lugo's D? Do you think that there's an impending need to move to 2B/3B? Thanks!

Jordan Gorosh: It's not SS quality. I've seen CF thrown around, but that's probably a stretch, considering he runs like he's trying to stomp a moth in his bathroom.

2B seems more likely. Has really warmed up as the weather has done the same.

Joe Random (San Jose): What kind of offensive upside do you see with Willy Adames? How would you rate his future bat and power? Can he stay at SS?

Jordan Gorosh: It's funny, I've been stuffing Adames since the spring. It's gone from "who the F is this guy" to "is he the best Tigers prospect??" (he's not, by the way).

In fact, a guy who I trust within the Tigers org told me this spring "you may not know who this guy is, but he's got the highest upside of any of the Tigers MIFs." Turns out, that is probably correct. I'm not 100% Adames can stick at SS, because he's got thick legs already at 18. He makes the routine plays there now, and the range is average, but he's going to continue to get stronger, and the upper body should fill out some. It's not a Juan Uribe build, but he's not a small dude.

At the plate, he's got plus bat speed, and a really good approach for an 18 YO. The MWL is tough to hit, especially for power (not like his next level, FSL will be any better). There are a lot of moving parts here, but I could see him being a solid average hitter with solid average power. Maybe even a half tick more on each. It's exciting, and he's in the Tigers' top 5 prospects.

Derek (Ohio): What do you think of Clint Frazier as the year has gone on? He seems to have finally gotten comfortable and finally started to show the promise we were all hoping for.

Jordan Gorosh: I understand that he's made some changes in his swing, and that's not surprising. There have been some knocks on Frazier's makeup, which I've never seen on the field, to be fair. He's a red-ass player.

At the plate, he's going to need to lay off spin, especially low and away. He was getting carved up. I don't think it's a recognition issue, but instead, he knows he can drive balls out, and was too aggressive at first. All prospects have to go through an adjustment phase at some point, and you were seeing that in Low-A for Clint. He's since gone on a tear, and all the sudden, has an OPS about 75 points above league average-- the MWL is not friendly to hitters, especially in the early months.

Taco (Taco): Why isnt Jen-ho Tseng getting more love? he is putting together a great year and when I went to go see him he dominated

Jordan Gorosh: Apparently you don't follow me on twitter.

maxthom91 (New York): Have you had a chance to see Aaron Slegers (MIN) and what are your thoughts?

Jordan Gorosh: Haven't seen him as a pro, but did in college. Was a preferred walk on at IU (oh, hey, me too). Threw high 70's. They worked with him, and well, the rest is history.

He's a REALLY big dude. Command/control is his game, and that's tough when you're almost 7 feet tall. A lot of moving parts. He doesn't have swing and miss stuff, and it's a project that's going to take time, but he's got ingredients to be a back of the rotation innings eater; but it may take awhile.

Howie (NYC): Have you gotten to see Mitch Nay and/or Stryker Trahan lately? How are their developments going?

Jordan Gorosh: Nay has had to adjust/readjust a few times already this year. Has had some pitch rec issues, and the defense is suspect. I think he's a tweener/platoon masher at the end of the day. Dude can hit, but I don't think it's an every day profile.

Trahan looked abysmal when I saw him. Long, slow, out of whack. Going to need to make some big overhauls to make it above AA.

Max (Preps): The internet says you only threw a fastball in the high 80s and a slider. There had to be a third pitch, right?

Jordan Gorosh: I threw a change up, too. Mid 70s, flat. SL was slurvy and could get loose. 20 command. Reliever profile. Competed like hell, and would have knocked my grandma over if she was too close to the plate.

Shawn (Cubicle): Obligatory Cubs prospect question- Javier Baez has been heating up recently. He seems to struggle when he gets to a new level, then adjusts and starts to rake. I know he's always going to have some valleys due to his approach, but were the concerns earlier this year a bit overstated?

Jordan Gorosh: The big league level is obviously the largest jump. He's going to probably struggle a lot when he gets there. The approach really needs work. It could take him 500 PA, 1000 PA, even 1500 PA. I'm not really sure. However, the power is legit, the bat speed is outstanding, and when he makes contact, especially to LF, it's going to fly out of the park.

I don't think the concerns are overstated. AAA is a league with a bunch of journeyman throwing junk. They can throw CB/CH etc for strikes, whereas most other levels, they frankly can't. Baez' approach may hinder him from being a franchise altering beast, but if he turns out to be Nelson Cruz, or even Alfonso Soriano, that's pretty awesome, too.

Cole (Wisconsin): Clint Coulter looks pretty good, and could be the person to take over after Lucroy in Milwaukee. What are your thoughts on Coulter as a hitter and defensively (game calling and such)?

Jordan Gorosh: It's really far away. Lucroy is going to be the catcher there for the forseeable future. He's one of the best in the game.

As far as Coulter goes, the bat is real. Potential 50 hit 55/60 power guy. As far as his defense goes... he's got plus power potential! It's not Schwarber rough behind the dish, but it's Evan Gattis quality. He's going to have to really work at it in order to be a big league catcher, even in a platoon role. Regardless, the bat is legit, and frankly, that's going to be his carrying tool to the majors.

Terms of Service (Privacy Policy): MWL did their mascots right. Best of all leagues, are you with me? I'm partial to the Snappers. Beloit=Turtle Town.

Jordan Gorosh: I agree. If I never had to go back to Beloit and sit on those bleachers though, it'd be too soon.

Tommy (Chicago): Have you seen Alex Reyes yet and what are your thoughts on him? (sorry if I missed a report on him). I saw him once and even though he walked 7 he looked absolutely insane out there, 95-96 with really nice CB and an unfair CH

Jordan Gorosh: I have seen Reyes. The mechanical profile is really rough. A lot of spine tilt, no consistency or rhythm, struggles to repeat. But man, the stuff is downright filthy. Was 93-96 T 97 in my viewing, and the CB flashed no-nonsense 6+ (even though it'll probably end up around a 6). CH is starting to come along, and he's developing feel.

I really liked the arm, but it's going to be a slow burn. Going to need to refine the mechanical profile, and probably needs to lose 10-15 pounds. Sir (who knighted him) Mix a lot would be jealous of what he's got going on back there.

He's in a great org for a project, and the Cardinals may make an impact starter out of him.

Fart Garfunkel (Poopsylvania): Who threw the best breaking ball you've seen all year?

Jordan Gorosh: I was sitting on the side for the futures game, but this guy Lucas Giolito has a pretty good one. Hunter Harvey's had big time depth.

Full game observance: Jake Thompson's SL is really nasty. Alex Reyes' flashed 6+.

Steve (Oakland): Is Bobby Wahl going to stay in the bullpen longterm? Or do you think the A's organization brings him into Spring Training as a starter next year?

Jordan Gorosh: He sure looked like a reliever to me. Came out there to rage against the machine (personal favorite) and was rearing back and throwing as hard as he could. 95-97 with life. Plenty of effort in the delivery. I think he succeeds in the pen, and the arm could be impact, especially with the big time breaking ball. Just let him focus on getting three outs-- could be really good at it.

Matt (KY): Jordan, gun to your head (pretend, of course), which of these bats has the best chance to win an MVP in 5-7 years: Raimel Tapia, Dalton Pompey, Austin Meadows, Aaron Judge, or Rio Ruiz.

Jordan Gorosh: None of them have an MVP ceiling. But, Tapia could mash his way to one, I guess.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Is Polanco and Springer overmatched or just have not caught up to the pitching in the bigs?Thanks

Jordan Gorosh: Springer is what he is. A LOT of swing and miss, but he has an .804 OPS and .351 wOBA. That's damn good.

Polanco is going to have to continue to make adjustments. That's what the game is about at the highest level. He's getting a bit long, and arm side pitching is destroying him (.414 OPS). But, he's still really young, and has all of the ingredients to be an all star corner OF who hits for average and power.

BSakowski (Emerson, GA): Hi Jordon. Is cereal a salad?

Jordan Gorosh: Almost as much as it's a sandwich.

Jimmy (Grand Rapids): Could you rank these Tigers prospects in order of most to least you would be ok with getting traded for relief help at the deadline. Javier Bentancourt, Willy Adames, Johnathan Crawford

Jordan Gorosh: I'd prefer they held onto Adames. Crawford, then Betancourt. Betancourt is a hit tool first 2B without any big time athletic skills. Just a personal favorite of mine because he's got a nice approach and high ceiling. Crawford looks more and more like a reliever every time I see him.

joe (navy): Dahl ? Future? Also does giolito deserve to be best pitching prospect?

Jordan Gorosh: Dahl could be a five tool contributor at the big league level. Really good head on his shoulders. Eager to learn. No makeup concerns whatsoever. He's a guy who can impact the game in a lot of ways, and should be a first division big leaguer.

Giolito has the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the minor leagues. I'm cool with him as the best P prospect, but I'd actually argue it's Julio Urias.

TheBox (wisconsin): What are your thoughts on IU's own Dustin Demuth?

Jordan Gorosh: Bat first tweener type. Bench bat, probably.

wade1018 (TN): Is Oscar Taveras overhyped?

Jordan Gorosh: It's been less than 100 PA. The guy can flat out hit the baseball, and he's going to do so with authority. So, no, I don't think he's overhyped.

Nate (Indy): Do you think Jorge Soler can handle AAA pitching right now? AA doesn't seem to be stopping him. I realize it's a small sample size but he is taking walks, not striking out, and hitting the ball with authority. I think Iowa would be fun to watch with Soler, Bryant, Baez,and possibly Russell and Alcantara (if he gets demoted).

Jordan Gorosh: I'm the low man on Soler. I think he's the most likely not to pan out of any of the big time Cubs prospects. I have injury concerns, attitude concerns, and plate disc. concerns. He's got to stay on the field. I don't care if it's at AA, AAA, in a complex league, wherever. The guy needs at bats, plain and simple. He's got less than 500 PA total stateside, and is 22 years old.

Steve (Philly): If Craig Goldstein had ever asked Jason Parks to do a prospect write-up from a fantasy angle in a "Call Up" feature, do you think he'd respond with the plot summary to the Fugitive? We know Sam Miller won't ask anything because he's a teddybear.

Jordan Gorosh: What's a Craig Goldstein?

Scott (Lincolnshire): I know Kyle Schwarber was only in Kane County for a minute, but did you get a chance to see him live? If so, whatcha think?

Jordan Gorosh: Limited look, but I saw him in college a bit as well. Dude can hit. Not a catcher. They can try, but I don't think it works out. Can fake it in LF, I mean, Mark Trumbo is playing LF.

Cubs got an impact bat and quite a few million dollar arms. Impressive draft.

gilpdawg (OH): Thoughts on Phil Ervin? He had a horrible first half but apparently he had a wrist problem at some point.

Jordan Gorosh: I can buy the wrist stuff. He didn't have much bat speed when I saw him, and didn't really jump off the field at me. Frankly, I came away unimpressed. Can run a bit, decent athlete. Just didn't 'wow' me, as I expected a 22 year old in the MWL to do. Not an overly physical guy, either.

I'm willing to give it another shot, but he's not a top 100 prospect, as far as I'm concerned.

Brandon (Canada): Can you give me the run down on Eloy Jimenez? Ceiling/floor?

Jordan Gorosh: Ceiling: Dude Status corner OF with plus hit/power
Floor: Never gets out of Low A.

Steve (Philly): You said you were at the Futures game. Please come up with an adult film title that appropriately describes Joey Gallo's batting practice.

Jordan Gorosh: The opposite of "failure to launch"

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Taijuan Walker will he be up and useful this year?Thanks

Jordan Gorosh: Of anyone who started in the minor leagues this year, Walker was my favorite pitcher. So, I do believe he'll be useful this year and going forward. Top of the rotation potential.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Does your fellow Hoosier Sam Travis have a shot at becoming an MLB regular 1B for the Sox?

Jordan Gorosh: The rule of 1B prospects applies here. He's going to have to hit and hit and hit and hit. I'd bet against it.

Matt (MN): Who do you think has the best potential in terms of Offense production/best fantasy potential in the SS prospect class? e.g. Addison Russell, Correa, Lindor Etc.

Jordan Gorosh: Baez, but he comes with a high degree of risk. Correa has a better shot of staying at SS for longer, so you're likely better off sticking with a guy who retains eligibility.

LouBro (N.B Canada): Who are the top performers for the lugnuts this year? And what is your take on DJ Davis? He was expected to be a project, but the bat is scary light so far. Thanks!

Jordan Gorosh: DJ Davis was even more unimpressive than the numbers suggest. Quite lost at the plate. No plan of attack. Long. Plate disc issues, approach issues, doesn't barrel much. Definitely can run, but no baserunning instincts to speak of. Glides in CF, and should remain there. He's a long shot to become Anthony Gose, so that about sums it up.

JB (CT): Is Franklin Barreto starting to climb up the prospect rankings, any chance he is a top 101 guy at the end of the year?

Jordan Gorosh: Barreto has been in the discussion for the 101, and I'm sure he'll be in the discussion again this year. Will be a stretch to stick at SS, but even in CF, has some tools to impact the game.

wade1018 (TN): What has happened to Mark Appel? At this point he's looking like a bust, no?

Jordan Gorosh: Has struggled to retain the velocity that he had in college. He's had a myriad of injuries, and hasn't settled into the every 5 days schedule. The FB has been flat. Appel is probably tipping his pitches some. Chris Rodriguez and Ron Shah have seen him recently (I saw him in the spring), but their reports are much more pessimistic than mine. I saw him at 94-96 with a tight CB and CH that showed promise. They've mostly seen 90-93, a CB without snap, and a flatter CH.

It's probably too early to call him a bust, but we may have to lower the ceiling from #2 starter to a mid to back of the rotation type.

Rockford Bulldog (Illinois): Which Cubs prospect is Michael Westen and which one is Nate?

Jordan Gorosh: Kris Bryant is Michael. Jacob Hannemann is definitely Nate

RatedRookie (Atlanta): What is Carlos Rodon's realistic role in MLB in 2015? In seasons beyond that?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't know if he's thrust into a big league role to start 2015, but he could see some innings with the big club. He'll be a fast mover.

I really like Rodon, and I didn't waiver on him being the second best arm in the class. The SL has wipeout potential, and even if he's 91-95, the command should come around enough for him to miss bats with the FB, too. Of course, the CH is the laggard, but if that comes around as an average pitch, he could have some of the best LH stuff in the game.

Norwun (NYC): Any chance Joc Pederson comes up this year? He has nothing left to prove.

Jordan Gorosh: The Dodgers are going to have to create room. They have about 14 OFs. I'd love to see how he does at the big league level, because he's got some impact tools. I'm not sold he sticks in CF for the long term, but he's athletic enough to play it now, and frankly, is the best CF option in the Dodgers org. However, they're paying other guys a lot of money, and not getting much production.

Short answer: he may get a cup in Sept, but they're going to have to figure that entire situation out this offseason, and it's probably going to involve eating salary.

JB (CT): What do you hear about Tigers 2B prospect Devon Travis? He's coming through in AA as he did over lower levels last year and continues to hit for average with some power and speed. What's his future?

Jordan Gorosh: I've seen quite a bit of Travis. Here's what I wrote about him this offseason: http://www.blessyouboys.com/2014/3/3/5464756/tigers-top-30-prospects-15-devon-travis

TL;DR hit first profile, well below average speed, steady glove, fringy arm, grinder, good teammate.

Leg (Kick): What is the number one way to make me into a better hitter?

Jordan Gorosh: The higher the leg kick, the better the hitter. It's science, Parker.

johnwood427 (Chicago): Who is the best player you have seen this year? One more... Any player blow you away when you were expecting not so much?

Jordan Gorosh: Carlos Correa blows me away with his physicality and approach. Only seen a few ABs, but he's a stud. Corey Seager was really impressive. Everything just comes so easy to him. Was fine at SS. Could move to 3B long term, but the issue with big guys at SS is bending over. He had no issues doing so.

justarobert (Santa Clara): From the Peoria rotation, would you rather have Rob Kaminsky or Alex Reyes?

Jordan Gorosh: It's funny you ask. These two guys were probably the most overrated pitchers I've seen this season. I was going in expecting two impact arms, but didn't see it. Reyes has command issues, and there's certainly a chance he ends up in the pen.

Kaminsky, I actually saw earlier this week. He was mostly high 80's. Could reach back for a bit more when he needed it and could certainly pitch, but the FB was flatter than I thought. The CB was good, not great. Didn't get many swings and misses. I was shocked to see his numbers, because the stuff doesn't fit the results. He's a #4 type.

I'd rather have Kaminsky because there's a better chance he's a big league starter, but they're in fairly close proximity.

Shawn (Couch): What were your thoughts on Brady Aiken situation?

Jordan Gorosh: Don't know enough about the medicals to comment, but I don't believe it was handled very well from a PR angle. Overall, it was really, really bad for baseball.

Phil (Chicago): Will we see Kris Bryant in Sept?

Jordan Gorosh: It doesn't seem that way, unfortunately, but I certainly hope so.

C. Brown (Brighton, MI): Thanks for the chat! I think a regular, one-grain cereal like Cheerios or Corn Flakes can't be a salad. But granola? Brother, that seems like a dry salad to me. Also, is there anything to Wynton Bernard? Obviously way too old for the Midwest League, but it seems like he might have some tools.

Jordan Gorosh: #saladchat

Bernard is a good org guy. He's 24 years old crushing in the MWL and hasn't been moved up yet, even though Lakeland doesn't have really anyone blocking him. Average speed, but good instincts=high stolen base numbers. Mostly 4.3's out of the box. Plus, low level catching is terrible.

Mark (Michigan): What do the Tigers do in centerfield once they finally move on from Jackson

Jordan Gorosh: The Tigers OF situation is very, very grim in the coming years. Question marks at all spots. I really don't know what they're going to do. For that reason, they may try to bring back Jackson after his contract expires, because I don't think he gets a huge deal. He's basically a major league average CF; they can afford the going rate for that, even with Boras.

Greg (Lansing, MI): What are your thoughts on Grayson Greiner?

Jordan Gorosh: Likely a back up C at the big league level. Flashes plus power, some swing and miss. Good D for a giant human. I'm actually going to see him for three games this weekend. Will report back.

Pat (FL): Michael Choice had a pretty horrendous year in the majors and now is hitting again in AAA (PCL). Was he just rushed because of the cacophony of Rangers injuries or has he taken a step back in scouts' eyes?

Jordan Gorosh: A bit of both? Choice definitely has some holes in his game, his swing specifically, but could be a second division OF, and contribute to a good team. He's gotten really long, and gave away a lot of ABs.

John (Toronto): Hi Jordan, Do you think Archie Bradley gets the call soon or more of a September call up type?

Jordan Gorosh: Bradley needs to refine his fastball command. That's the last piece of the puzzle for him. Once he does that, he has all of the tools to be a front of the rotation beast. With what's going on in Arizona, your guess is as good as mine. I wouldn't mind seeing him take the ball a few times in Sept, though. He's only thrown 53 innings, and isn't going to come close to his limit.

Steve (Philly): Which one player from a lower affiliation do you hope to see promoted into the Midwest league by the end of the year? Who would you like to get some eyes on, if possible?

Jordan Gorosh: Rowan Wick.

maybeyourfather (Birmingham): Most marketable Tiger prospect..In person who was the hardest thrower at the futures game..I saw your change up..had potential to be your best pitch..had decent fade and arm side run..

Jordan Gorosh: You're biased. Regardless, it was Stephenson. Heard he was up to 102 at the AA ASG. He's electric, and my love for him hasn't faded.

Alex (CA): Aaron Sanchez is joining the Blue Jays rotation. Does this mean he will get the Carlos Martinez treatment of spot starting?

Jordan Gorosh: I really have no idea what Toronto is going to do with Sanchez. He's never thrown over 100 innings or turned a lineup over, so it'd probably be throwing him to the wolves asking him to take the ball every 5th day.

Tommy (Chicago): What were the hit/power/run/glove/arm tools you've seen this year in the MWL?

Jordan Gorosh: Hit: Brett Phillips? Not many good options, here
Power: Schwarber/Frazier
Run: Mallex Smith
Glove: Penalver
Arm: not yasiel balaguert

Brian (Florida ): Why is Albert Almora so highly regarded as a prospect?

Jordan Gorosh: Outstanding fielder. Good bat to ball. Some bat speed. Can hit for power. Really good makeup/clubhouse guy. He's a CF all the way with the ability to hit .280 with some power; what's not to like?

Billy (Boston): Thanks for the chat!! What do you hear (if anything!) about Rafael Devers??

Jordan Gorosh: Chris Mellen is probably better suited to answer this question, but dude can flat out hit.

Mike (Atlanta): Kyle Kubitza has put up some good stats in AA Mississippi, albeit with too many Ks - does he have enough tools to hold a big league 3B job?

Jordan Gorosh: More of a second division guy. Has some length in the swing, and average power projection. Should be adequate as a fielder. If he can get to a 50 hit tool, it might work. Struggle will be getting there.

Colin (Chicago): Shouldn't Schwarber be a candidate for best Hit in the MWL? According to Sahadev Sharma's article, scouts seem to think since he has such a good hit tool his power actually plays up. Sounds like his Hit/Power are both future 6+. And not to split hairs, just curious on your opinion if you don't feel strongly on Phillips tool being the best.

Jordan Gorosh: He's the easy answer, and I wouldn't dispute it. Phillips can hit, though. Most of my time is spent trying to rile up Cubs twitter, anyway.

Tigersfan (MI): In five years, who is the best player: Willy Adames, Derek Hill, Jake Thompson, Robbie Ray, Nick Castellanos?

Jordan Gorosh: Hill has the highest ceiling, but I'll go Castellanos.

Jeff (Decatur): MLB comp for Jose Peraza? All he does is hit and run, but few walks and minimal power. Can he be an impact player?

Jordan Gorosh: More of a first division regular than impact, but what's wrong with just hitting and running? Both of those things are good. Similar skillset to Jose Altuve.

All right guys, a few more questions, and I'm going to shut it down for today.

Bank (Michigan ): How bad is eastern Michigan?

Jordan Gorosh: Was sorry to see Jay Alexander go. Played for him when I was younger. Taught me a lot about the game.

$ (Atlanta): Do you ever travel out enough for some Appy league games? Because I'd love to get a report from BP on Ozhaino Albies on Danvielle.

Jordan Gorosh: I don't, but between Tucker Blair, CJ Witt, Mark Anderson et all, should have it covered.

Nick (Illinois): Better hit tools and plate approach: Junior Lake or Steven Moya?

Jordan Gorosh: This is actually a pretty apt comparison. I'll take Lake, though.

BYoung (FL): What are the ceilings for Yankees minor league players Mason Williams and Dante Bichette Jr?

Jordan Gorosh: Each are likely 4th OFs, for different reasons.

Adrian (LA): If Matt Kemp does get moved by the trade deadline, is Joc Pederson an immediate call up?

Jordan Gorosh: Dodgers would have to pick up a lot of money, and I don't see that happening. Would love to see Joc, though.

Pelecos (Switzerland): What's the must see team in the Chicagoland area? With a radius of 5 hours any direction

Jordan Gorosh: The Tigers.

Jordan Gorosh: Thanks again for an awesome chat! See ya'll again next month.

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