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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday May 16, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Parks on prospects.

Jason Parks: "Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight. I'm gonna open up your gate. And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra And how she gave me life And how she made it end. Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight." I have two hours of #want. Let's get started.

Henry (Chicago): Thanks for the chat! What's your take on Avisail Garcia? Does he have legitimate upside with the bat?

Jason Parks: He does. But to be honest, I'm not really sure what he is going to be. Clearly he has offensive tools; good bat control and a quick, efficient trigger. Despite the size/strength and fluidity of the swing [itself], I'm not sure how much over-the-fence power he will develop. I've asked around about him quite a bit and opinions are very mixed on the ceiling of the bat.

Liam (TX): Archie Bradley: Top pitching prospect in baseball?

Jason Parks: We are quick to discount/promote players based on small samples. Here's the truth: Bradley should have been ranked higher coming into this season, and he's certainly making a very good case for the top spot at his position, but its not like Taijuan Walker or Zack Wheeler or even Gerrit Cole have fallen on their faces or regressed. I'll explore this in more detail when we produce the mid-season Top 50, but its hard to say right now. Bradley will be in the Top 10; I guarantee that. Will he be the top arm? Not sure yet.

Nick (Alabama): Who do you like more as a higher ceiling and probability of actually reaching that potential: Gustavo Cabrera or Jairo Beras? Thoughts? Thanks!

Jason Parks: This is a very good question. Cabrera has more tools, which isn't a knock on Beras. I'm not sold that either player can actually play, but they are just starting the professional journey and it will take years to play out. Cabrera has impact speed and power potential. Beras has near elite raw, a strong arm, and is a better athlete than people realize, but I'm not convinced he will hit. I think they are both very high risk/high reward prospects and both have major "can they actually play baseball" question marks. I'll say their ceilings have similar dimensions.

Bobby (Texas): What's your take on Gabriel Guerrero? Could he possibly reach his Uncle's upside?

Jason Parks: I love Gabriel Guerrero. He was one of my favorite players to watch this spring, and I ended up changing my plans several times to watch him during drills and game action. I think its a bit irresponsible to put a HOF ceiling on a young player, so I'll refrain from suggesting he has a similar upside to his uncle. But there are a lot of similarities in their games, and if Gabby can put it all together someday, he won't be a normal player. He has star potential, but its not going to be an overnight sensation.

Travis (Minnesota): Eddie Rosario a solid MLB 2nd basemen in a few years?

Jason Parks: Yes. He can do what major leaguers do: hit. I say this a lot and I'm going to keep saying it until they run my out of this position at BP: Do you know what good hitters do? They f*cking hit. Rosario can hit. It's the most important carrying tool, and he possesses it. Discount him for other reasons, be it his power ceiling or defensive skill-set, but he can put his bat on a baseball, and that's the game.

Kirk (San Francisco, CA): I often read in your reports that a pitchers stuff "plays up in bursts". My question is, how do you know? Do teams sometimes have starters pitch relief work? Do you glean this from bullpen sessions? When do you get a chance to see a starters arsenal in bursts? Thanks for answering and keep on showing big time #want.

Jason Parks: Experience seeing it. During camp and instructs, I often see pitchers (starters) working in bursts, so over the years I've come to appreciate the fact that most of those arms can tick up when pace and effort aren't as important as letting it rip. Not every arm is going to play up in max-effort situations, but most of the arms I have seen will experience more intense velocity when pitching in a short burst than in a longer outing.

brad ( phoenix): I've been offered Cain, Street, Hudson & Holliday for Tavares, very deep keeper league. I do need starting pitching. Good deal for me? Thanks.

Jason Parks: I don't play fantasy baseball, but I'd trade all my friends and family to make Taveras a keeper. A deep keeper.

Ron Burgandy (Mississippi): Is Wil Myers batting average against right handers (.204!) a reason to hit the panic button?

Jason Parks: No. But I wasn't as high on Myers as some coming into the year. I like the bat; I like the player. I just don't think he's a game-changer at the highest level. I think major league arms can exploit some of the holes in his swing and approach. I see a future ~.275 hitter with 20+ bomb potential, which isn't anything to discount. But I don't see a future role 7 (all-star type).

padremurph (San Diego): How close is Taijuan Walker? September call up possible? He seems to be putting up solid numbers in AA.

Jason Parks: I don't think he is as close as the numbers might suggest. September call-up is entirely possible, but I think more time in the upper minors could benefit him. He still needs to refine his curveball and turn his changeup into a functional offering. The FB/CT combo is very dangerous and sexual, but he isn't without flaws and I don't think he's ready for the majors right now.

Brian (LA): What is Prince's best tool? Not Prince Fielder. Prince.

Jason Parks: He's a remarkable musician, but his best tool is his sexual affect. He has a sexual presence that can't be measured. He's like 4'11'' and he dresses like a costume pirate at a NAMBLA convention, but he drives both men and women crazy. It's a gift. Also, check out the YouTube video of Prince playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at the Rock n Roll HOF. I've never heard anything quite like it. It's the best guitar performance I've ever heard.

El Bobbo (Canton, Mi): Are Cleveland's Danny Salazar and Philly's Aaron Altherr the legitimate break-out players that they have suggested with their performances so far this season?

Jason Parks: I really like Salazar and think he has a chance to be legit. Ive never been high on Altherr and I'm just not buying it yet. I'll probably be late to the dance and forced to snuggle alone, but I've just never found Altherr to be the toolsy demon that some do. I don't see it even though I probably should. I guess he's just not my type.

Asking For a Friend (Chicago): When all is said and done, will Max Fried end up the better pitcher than Lucas Giolito?

Jason Parks: Probably not. Giolito could be a dangerous individual.

Tony (Bronx): Jason, what are you seeing in Albert Pujols? Is he in a steep decline, or is he just playing injured and will be fine once he gets healthy?

Jason Parks: I haven't been paying much attention to him this year. Injury is the most likely villan, as is his age (how old is he?) and the difficulties surrounding recovery at that age.

Jim (Buffalo): Care to give a brief scouting report on Rafael De Paula?

Jason Parks: Powerful build; arm speed is near elite; fastball can work 91-95l touch even higher; huge life; misses barrels; shows plus potential with both hard, power curve and changeup; command profile could push him to the 'pen down the line, as could secondary development. He's a big time arm. He's also too good for his level and putting up video game strikeout numbers. I really like him, though. Glad BP put him in the Yankees Top Ten coming into the season despite no stateside experience.

Jon (Minneapolis): I've been saying for years that Prince is one of the most underrated guitar players in the world. He doesn't get enough credit.

Jason Parks: This.

Kevin Goldstein (dekalb): Jason, what are you drinking?

Jason Parks: The milk from our friendship. Also a glass of water, slightly chilled, with a lime wedge and a hint of cherry emulsion.

nbrett (Dallas): Will you be watching Yu vs Verlander tonight? If so could you detail how your night will progress, please be specific. Thanks.

Jason Parks: I don't have a bathtub because I live in Brooklyn and I'm lucky to have running water at all--but I'm going to check into a hotel just for the amenities. Around game time, I'm going to cover myself in crisco and arm wrestle the hotel staff to make some extra spending money and to properly boost my testosterone. As the game progresses and becomes a festival of emotion, I'll dip my oiled up and successful body into a warm bubble bath, where I will proceed to drink myself into a euphoric state as a listen to the sounds of magic coming from the other room. I'll then call a friend to bail me out of jail. Probably Joe Hamrahi.

Greg31 (St. Paul): Jason - You were bullish on Buxton coming into the year, and although it's a small sample size, has he even exceeded your expectations so far?

Jason Parks: He's a stud and he's been performing like a stud. He is a prime example of what loud tools look like on a field. He's not just a physical dream; rather, he can actually play the game and his physical gifts can already be seen in game action. He's a top 5 player in the minors for me right now.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): It's been a terrible spring for baseball with cold, snow and rain lingering much later than usual. Is the compressed make-up schedule affecting the development of younger players? How about the scouting?

Jason Parks: It can heavily affect the process. I mentioned this in a recent Ten Pack, but I'll do so again here. Take a player like Gabby Guerrero. He's young and he's raw and he's going to struggle, but you take a kid whose only professional experience comes in the environments of Arizona and the Dominican Republic and you stick him in night games in the Midwest League, where temps can end in the 40s....that's a tough environmental challenge for a young player to adjust to. Yes; it can definitely affect scouting and development. Context is always important in the minors.

Kris (PEI): Marcus Stroman's ceiling as a starter? Reliever?

Jason Parks: I don't see him as a starter. I think he can be closer, and a good one.

Bronxliaison (Swamps of Jersey powerplant marsh): Jose Ramirez: IF he stays healthy and IF his slider becomes consistent to compliment his already +FB/CU combo, I say he could be a #2 starter based on stuff and guts. What say you good man?

Jason Parks: I think he ends up in the 'pen, but I say that a lot and I'm not always right. It's easy for me to put him in that box, but I think his profile makes more sense in that role.

Parker (British Columbia): If you could predict the future, where would Alberto Tirado rank in next years top 100? ~75 range?

Jason Parks: 75

Aaron Sanchez (Dunedin): How good could I be?

Jason Parks: With your easy delivery/release and plus-plus raw stuff, I think you can be an impact rotation arm. Maybe a frontline starter if the command and secondary utility come together. You can make it look easy. That's not easy.

Mike (Utica, NY): Is Javier Baez looking closer to being the next Josh Vitter with the bat with every passing day?

Jason Parks: No.

JusitnG (Pittsburgh): Stetson Allie: legitimate hitting prospect?

Jason Parks: Sure, in the lower minors. I dont think he is likely to hit against better pitching.

Sexy Rexy (New York): Ronald Guzman had some work on his meniscus, but any report if he's close to returning?

Jason Parks: He's playing in extended spring training, and should get the promotion to Hickory once its all good to go. Very natural hitter despite having the body of a young power forward.

Moose (Whippleville, NY): If you were the Mets at #11 next month, and DJ Peterson, Hunter Renfroe and Austin Meadows were there, who would you pick?

Jason Parks: Meadows, but I don't really like Meadows like others seem to. That said, I'd still take him at #11.

Parker (Texas ): Do you prefer Nick Kingham or Tyler Galsnow?

Jason Parks: Do I have to pick? Glasnow

Ben (PA): Gregory Polanco - more a dynamic table setter or #3 hitter?

Jason Parks: He's going to be better than people realize. The power is going to develop. He could be a middle-of-the-order talent. He's a big time prospect.

Jack (Tex): Alfaro is up over 400 ABs in lo-A. Are we getting close to seeing what he can do in Hi-A?

Jason Parks: We haven't even scratched the surface of what Alfaro can do. I like leaving him in Low-A right now. It doesn't hurt him. Dual threat catchers take a long time to develop. It's worth it. The payoff is a superstar.

Shawnykid23 (CT): What does Rizzo's extension mean for Dan Vogelbach? Is he only trade bait now as he most likely has to play 1B (if not DH)? Depending on where he ends up, will he be in the MLB at any point next year in your opinion?

Jason Parks: Nothing right now. He's in Low-A. It won't be a problem until its a problem. Having too many good hitters is a first-world problem. Vogelbach will not be in the majors next season.

Jeff (San Juan): Where does Max Fried end the year? Start next year?

Jason Parks: They don't need to rush him. He could stay in Low-A all season and start next year in Double-A.

Tony (Bronx): Who has the better offensive career: Harper or Oscar Taveras? Is it close or no?

Jason Parks: Harper. He's not just a superstar. He's mythical.

dbrosene (San Mateo, CA): Could you please post more articles like the one you did last year on that Chris Archer game versus Texas. I believe you were laid up following surgery...

Jason Parks: I will absolutely produce more of those articles. I love sitting on my couch, drinking and watching MLB.tv and "scouting" as I go along. Those are a lot of fun.

Matt (Freeport, ME): Are you excited for the new Star Wars films?

Jason Parks: No.

Tony (Work): Oscar's ankle all good? Just a minor tweak right? Did you know he was human?

Jason Parks: He's fine. He's not human.

Peter (Georgia): Back on Buxton, if all things come to fruition, what kind of power/speed numbers are we talking about here? Could he reach Mike Trout levels?

Jason Parks: Mike Trout is a freak and I'm hesitant to put other players in his universe, but Buxton has a crazy ceiling and I think the speed numbers could be there. I think the power will develop, but I don't see him as a 30+ HR type.

Paul Vilma (Oakland): Obviously it's hindsight now, but if you were the A's would you have put Addison Russell in High A? He's struggled so far, especially with K's, but what have you seen/heard about progress (or lack there of)?

Jason Parks: I like the fact that they challenged a gifted young player. He's going to struggle, but failure can be a good thing. Russell might not be putting up the stats, but he isn't overwhelmed, and that's the most important thing here.

Matt (Fargo, ND): Will you talk dirty to me about Miguel Sano?

Jason Parks: I would, but I have a girlfriend now and I don't want to cheat.

Jethro Tull (Living in the Past): Better 80's robot: Paulie's Robot from Rocky 4, R.O.B. from the NES, V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder, or the robot from Riptide?

Jason Parks: I'm a Small Wonder fanatic. Easy answer.

Keyless Chuck (New Hampshire): Yordano Ventura is performing well in Double A. Is there real progression here? How close do you think he is to the Majors at this point?

Jason Parks: I think he could have immediate impact in the back of a major league bullpen. I love the arm and I love the stuff, but I don't love the body when durability and workload are concerned. I might be wrong, but I just don't see that body holding 200+ innings a year.

LoyalRoyal (Kansas): I've been hearing renewed buzz about Chris Dwyer as well as Miguel Almonte. Is there legit help for the Royals pitching staff in the system past Kyle Zimmer? BTW, just read Eyewitness Accounts = GREAT STUFF. THANKS!

Jason Parks: I might like Almonte more than any other arm in the Royals system, and I've been beating that drum since last fall when he stole my soul during instructs. Its a very easy, simple delivery; the arm works very well; the fastball pops in the 92-95 range with comfort; can touch higher; the CH is a major league quality pitch; could end up a 7 on the 2/8; great arm speed on the pitch; good deception and late action; curveball is okay; can show depth at 75-78; slider might make a case; good command profile. I like him. I think he has a shot at developing into a 2/3 type like Zimmer.

Peter (Georgia): In fairness not many ppl threw 30Hr projections on Trout either, so Buxton is wait and see, but would you call the power average to plus now?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't. I'd say plus potential [key word] is possible, and maybe more as he finds his body and his swing.

Jason's Girlfriend (Parts Unknown): Jason - Do you think that after tasting big league success that it's boredom that might account for some of Profar's struggles?

Jason Parks: I think that's part of it, yes. I really think Profar is a player (at this point) that will do his best work at the highest level against the best competition. He's a highly competitive personality and he wants to take on the best in the game. I'm sure he's just waiting for his time to shine.

nubber (tx): Do you think the Cardinals leave both Carlos Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal in the bullpen next season or do they find a way to start them?

Jason Parks: If you put both of those guys in the 'pen, you shrink the game. That's just nasty. Those guys are nasty.

btownsley36 (Crisco Bathtub): Jameson Taillon appears to be having a better year, numbers wise, than Gerrit Cole. I realize this is a superficial statement/comparison on which to base this question, but possible to think Taillon ends up as the better MLB player? Likelihood if yes?

Jason Parks: It's possible to think that, yes. Taillon wasn't a late-round pick or anything. He was arguably the best arm in his class, and held frontline projections. He has the stuff to reach those heights.

Shawn (My Office): If Price is out for a while, who do you see taking his spot- Archer, Odorizzi, Colome? Does Odorizzi have legitimate upside, or is he just an MLB-average 3/4 starter (which is not a diss)

Jason Parks: I'm going to start getting #violent if Archer doesn't get his day in the sun.

Rockford (The A): Does the recently announced torn hamstring of David Dahl slow down his development time (besides the obvious recovery period)?

Jason Parks: Absolutely. Any time you aren't on the field, getting reps, you are falling behind. He will be fine, but it might speak to a larger issue if poor conditioning was involved.

Josh (Dallas): You should leave Brooklyn and move to Hickory. That Crawdads team is the future of baseball; well worth relocating.

Jason Parks: Good idea. I love power bats and obnoxious strikeout totals.

Aldaberto Mondesi (KC): Jason, would you marry me?

Jason Parks: Really? This is going to complicate things. Oh, you. Always complicating things. This is so us.

Ken (Riverside): Joc Pederson has done nothing but rake but never shows up on top prospect lists... is he considered not toolsy enough to succeed in MLB?

Jason Parks: He has tools. My biggest issue with him is the profile. I don't see him as an up-the-middle talent, and I'm not sold the bat is of first-division quality in a corner. He plays the game with skill and intensity, and I really like the player. I think he could end up a second division regular or perhaps a 4th outfielder, but he's going to bring it every chance he gets and he might exceed his ceiling and make me look foolish for doubting it.

Chris Mellen (Boston): Clint Frazier or Buxton, who has higher ceiling?

Jason Parks: Buxton. I'm not even sure he has a ceiling. It's more of an open-air tent.

Shawn (My Office): Do Appel and/or Gray automatically become top-tier minor league arms when they are drafted? Are they similar in talent level to Gausman/Zimmer?

Jason Parks: I like Gausman/Zimmer more. Obviously, they will become big prospects and rank high accordingly, but I wouldn't put them in the same category (yet) as Gausman.

Kai (SLO): How much could it benefit Taijuan Walker to bring him up in September in a bullpen role, simply to allow him time to get tutelage from the King on how to improve that changeup?

Jason Parks: I love September call-ups. Walker has been around major league camp before, but traveling with the major league team at the major league level is a valuable experience for a young arm, especially when you get to watch the day-to-day prep of a guy like Felix. I think it could benefit him immensely.

nubber (tx): Is Christian Yelich the real deal Holyfield?

Jason Parks: Yes. He can absolutely rake. Remember: good hitters f*cking hit. He hits. He's going to hit. Good times.

JW (Texas): Who would you rather have going forward - M. Moreland or B. Harper?

Jason Parks: I love this question. Let me ponder it for a spell.

JD (Texas): Who has the higher upside of the under-the-radar Ranger prospects - Sardinas or Odor?

Jason Parks: Sardinas. He is a legit role 6 shortstop prospect; Odor can hit and has some secondary skills, but his value is tied to his bat whereas Sardinas can offer a lot more with the leather. Excellent trade chip for the Rangers. This summer could be interesting on that front.

Hoot Stromboli (Toronto): Derek Trucks or Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Jason Parks: SRV

Asking For a Friend (Chicago): Are you nervous that Dylan Bundy will have lunch with Dr. James Andrews?

Jason Parks: Baseball should be nervous.

John (Texas): Who has a better MLB career, Wheeler or Harvey?

Jason Parks: Well, I've been saying Wheeler because his stuff is just filthy, but then Harvey became one of the best young arms in the game and I don't think its going to slow down. I'll take the guy that is already shoving it at the highest level. His performance has forced me to change my mind.

Kurt O. (Tacoma, WA): I'm seeing Michael Wacha pitch for the first time tonight. What, exactly, am I going to see?

Jason Parks: A guy with a good overall feel for pitching; can work the FB in the 91-95 range; can sit mid-90s in bursts; very good CH; better than you think CB; can change speeds; can work east/west/north/south with FB; good pace and good overall composure on the mound. Solid #3 starter in the making. It's going to happen.

Frank (Detroit): Do you see Nick Castellanos becoming an impact bat in the outfield? I assume he should drop in prospect rankings a bit now that he's been moved off 3B permanently.

Jason Parks: I still like the bat. I see a lot of natural feel for hitting in his swing, and I think that will eventually play at the highest level. I think the power is there. I think its going to take time for everything to come together, but he has impact potential.

Bucky (Texas): So, Rougned Odor has a .195 ISO in A+ at age 19. How soon until he jumps the high-ceiling guys on the Rangers prospect sheet?

Jason Parks: I like the guy; I've seen him play since he signed. I don't think he will be jumping the high ceiling guys, but he is making a very strong case to be in their loaded Top 10. He won't jump Alfaro. I'm not sure anybody can at this point.

Mack (CA): Who is the 2b of the future for the Mariners? Will they try to play Miller and Franklin together in the MIF? I assume Ackley ends up in the OF?

Jason Parks: I like Miller more than Franklin. I really like Miller. I didn't give him enough credit coming into the year. I was able to sit on several Mariners games this ST and I started to really appreciate what he brings to the table. He's a baseball player. He has game skills and feel, and I think he could develop into a very solid middle infielder at the highest level. He's a better fit at 2B, but I like the bat a lot.

Jorge (Mah Bed.): DylanHernandez.jpeg

Jason Parks: RT

Shawnykid23 (CT): Thoughts on J.R. Graham? Jason Cole seems to like him more than most? Do you prefer him or Alex Wood (ignoring Graham's potential injury)?

Jason Parks: I think Cole has him pegged and I'm onboard with his report/projection. Graham is a dude. He's smaller, but he's not without strength, especially in the core/legs. He has crazy raw stuff, intensity and some feel, and I think he can start. He's legit.

Paul (DC): Does Travis D'Arnaud lack the 6th tool, staying healthy?

Jason Parks: It's a physically demanding position and he's been unlucky on that front.

James (Morgantown): Marte, McCutchen and Polanco - Is that going to be the best outfield in baseball in 3 years?

Jason Parks: I think it has a chance to be, honestly.

sprite (Wantsville, Idaho): I know you've always liked Jean Segura, but did you envision him taking off this fast? Lots of #want in that kid, it appears.

Jason Parks: I didn't think he would hit for this kind of over-the-fence power. I really like him, but I'm surprised by it. Good for him. He's a lot of fun to watch.

Michael (St. Louis): Any favorite minor league names? I yearn for the day we see another Stubby Clapp.

Jason Parks: The best minor league name of all-time belongs to Dominican born OF Burt Reynolds. http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?sid=milb&t=p_pbp&pid=502679

Gooner (Not London): Aaron Lennon or the Ox?

Jason Parks: I hate Arsenal and I'm sad

Adalberto Mondesi (Short): People need to start spelling my name right.

Jason Parks: Raul Adalberto, son of Raul brother of Raul.

Juan Deli (Brooklyn): Does Gary Sanchez excite you?

Jason Parks: Sure. Impact potential with the bat. Not a great catcher, but if he can make it work he has a chance to be a first-division/all-star talent.

Tex2045 (Kuwait): Don't have a question, but the eyewitness accounts just set BP apart. This is pure gold and you should be proud of the product you and your team are building there.

Jason Parks: Many thanks. I'm really proud of the new series, which wouldn't be possible without an excellent team of evaluators and support staff in place. This is what we wanted to build at Baseball Prospectus. The MiLB staff aren't journalists, and we don't want to be journalists. We are talent evaluators and we want to write reports on players we see in person. This is how we are going to roll.

benharris (Denver): Really impressed with this year's draft coverage. Will there be anything similar for the July 2 IFA class? Would love to see it.

Jason Parks: We hope to provide comprehensive coverage in all phases of the game. The J2 market is tough because its mostly fueled by speculation at this point, but as the players sign, we will make a point to offer opinions on those signings. I've been in the DR and I've seen some of the talent in person, so I can offer up whatever I can whenever it is possible.

Guancous (Washington DC): Who wins in a fight: Billy Mitchell Jr. or Jorge Soler?

Jason Parks: Billy Mitchell doesn't lose fights.

Howie (SF): What's wrong with Gary Brown? Is there any hope his approach will improve?

Jason Parks: He struggles to make secondary and tertiary adjustments, and his game in the present is oddly similar to his game as an amateur. Very good athlete but not sure he hits.

Dennis (Chicago): Would you rather have Gausman Appel or Gray?

Jason Parks: Gausman

Sid (Chicago): If Buxton was in the 2013 draft would you pick him 1. Is there anyone from the 2012 or 13 draft you would pick ahead of him?

Jason Parks: Yes. No question. Buxton would be my 1:1

Tomcat (Outside your building (I kid)): Does it weird you out that when I used to type in "Jason Parks" on the google search bar, "Jason Parks Divorce" would come up? Do you have stalkers?

Jason Parks: This isn't creepy in any way.

Rob (ND): Alex Meyer's ceiling?

Jason Parks: My honest opinion is that he ends up as a very good late-inning arm, possibly a closer.

kcshankd (Maple Valley, WA): Hosmer slugging .322. Is the chill gone?

Jason Parks: Nope. I've decided to handcuff myself to the brass on the ship. I'm going to sink with Hosmer. I'm a romantic.

dianagram (VORGville): Hi Jason ... thanks for the chat. Which position will Manny Machado be playing in 2014? 2016? The majority of his career?

Jason Parks: He could move back to SS for a few years, but I think he ends up at 3B for the majority of his career. Wherever he plays, the bat will be special. He's a special player.

Justin (Chicago, IL): Have your thoughts on Chris Sale changed? Do you think he can stay healthy? True #1 potential?

Jason Parks: My thoughts haven't actually changed. I just admitted I was wrong. I still question his long-term durability based on his physical and mechanical profiles. I'll probably end up being wrong again.

Aaron (LB): What do you make of Anthony Ranaudo's recent run of form? Back from the dead?

Jason Parks: It seems that way, but I'm hesitant to go all in on him yet. Let's see if he can stay healthy.

Aaron (LB): What do you make of Anthony Ranaudo's recent run of form? Back from the dead?

Jason Parks: It seems that way, but I'm hesitant to go all in on him yet. Let's see if he can stay healthy.

CyMature (western Mass): Bubba Starling question: were his contact (?) problems all swing-related or could some of them have been caused by vision problems? What about Hosmer: did the surgery help him?

Jason Parks: Swing problems can often be corrected, but neurological issues aren't a more difficult obstacle to overcome. If its just vision and not a deeper neurological deficiency (like I''ve been suggesting), then its entirely possible that he will pick up the ball better (sooner) out of the hand and be able to react accordingly. We shall see. There are vision issues and then there are read/reaction issues. It will be interesting to see what is what.

Onwalkabout (Here and There): I've read about some "people" comparing Gausman to Bundy. Is that unreasonable (unless it is in terms of them both being male, rugged, pitchers by profession)?

Jason Parks: They both pitch for the Orioles, they both hold frontline projections, and they are both white. But that's about it.

Onwalkabout (Around): Michael Wacha walks through my dreams. Tell me that I'm not getting excited over a future #4/5 starter?

Jason Parks: He will be a #3

Fred (Madison): Miguel Almonte or Rafael DePaula? Adam Brett Walker or Nick Williams? Thanks

Jason Parks: Almonte and WIlliams.

Josh G (Stockton, CA): Random Q: I have ideas and want to write (fiction/short stories/screen plays etc) but I have trouble making time-do you have any advice on how you start your creative process?

Jason Parks: I like to wake up really early in the morning and write before the world starts moving. It's just me and my words, free from the oncoming distractions of the day.

Mark (Bethesda): What's going on with Mike Olt?

Jason Parks: He's too handsome and it causes his read/reaction skills to suffer, which is made even more complicated by his complicated swing and propensity to struggle against quality breaking stuff.

James (Morgantown): The Pirates had a pre-draft deal with David Dahl last year before Appel fell to them. Would you rather have Dahl or the #9 pick in this draft?

Jason Parks: Dahl. No question.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Gregory Polanco have 25 HR potential?

Jason Parks: I think he might.

Jim (Portland): How much does being a left-hander help a pitching prospect's stock? If Tyler Skaggs were right handed but with the same stuff, how much would his stock decline?

Jason Parks: Significantly. Good pitchers are good pitchers, but good left-handed pitchers get the love.

Justin (Chicago, IL): Do you think Robert Stephenson has a chance to be the best pitching prospect in baseball?

Jason Parks: I don't, but that's not a knock on him. He has the FB to put himself in the conversation, but I don't see the kind of secondary stuff (right now) to put him in the same category as guys like Bradley and Walker.

Justin (Chicago, IL): Do you think Robert Stephenson has a chance to be the best pitching prospect in baseball?

Jason Parks: I don't, but that's not a knock on him. He has the FB to put himself in the conversation, but I don't see the kind of secondary stuff (right now) to put him in the same category as guys like Bradley and Walker.

Shawn (My Office): If you could have a beer with just 1 prospect- what's the beer and who's the propsect (ignore drinking age as my guess is it's a certain 17 y/o SS you are getting drunk...)

Jason Parks: Banquet old-school Coors in the can with Francisco Lindor just because it would be such a strange experience.

James (Morgantown): I constantly bombard Keith Laws chats with Polanco questions so this is awesome for me to see all the attention on here. He says he doesn't think Polanco is a top 10 prospect after this season. I (while admittedly biased) disagree. I am unusually optimistic about him, and you obviously like him too. Do you think he is a top 10 prospect going into next season?

Jason Parks: I really like Polanco, but I doubt he pushes his way into that crowded field. He's not going to jump the likes of Buxton or Lindor or Bradley or Walker or Sano.

James (Morgantown): On the topic of Pirates draft mistakes, do you think it is too early to call picking Taillon over Machado a mistake? Taillon is obviously no slouch, but do you think that there is much of a chance he ends up the more valuable player than Machado?

Jason Parks: It's too early to say, but most likely. Machado is a future superstar. You can't pass that up.

Jason Parks: I apologize for the short chat; I have assignments backing up that I need to tackle. I also need to go get a mani-pedi before the Darvish start, and perhaps a full Brazilian wax. You can never be too smooth. Thanks for all the great questions. We will do a marathon chat very soon. I appreciate the responses, as always.

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