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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday February 05, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


The Professor talks prospects.

Jason Parks: "Summon the queen Spoke the child of eye It's time to fly Turning fire to steam On Buckingham Green" -Ween

Joe (Seattle): I've seen people heralding David Dahl as the second coming of Mike Trout. Obviously, this is hyperbole. However, do these reports hold any merit to them? Thoughts on Dahl?

Jason Parks: I think he's a very good prospect, but he's not the second coming of Mike Trout. Everybody knows that I'm the second coming of Mike Trout.

grandslam28 (Chicago): Who would you rather have for next season: Jesus Montero or Manny Machado

Jason Parks: Manny Machado and I'm not losing sleep over it. He's a future superstar.

Shelby Miller (Under the Arch): Am I a top 10 prospect overall again?

Jason Parks: No. I like you. You are a Texan. You have a very high-ceiling. Top 20 for me, bruh

jsdspud (my desk): Anyone in the Pirate organization able to make a leap this year similar to Polanco and Hanson in 2012?

Jason Parks: Maybe a guy like Dilson Herrera. From BP write-up: " You can make a case that Herrera already belongs in the Top 10, after an impressive stateside debut in the Gulf Coast League. The 18-year-old Colombian has a very impressive hit tool and more power potential than people realize (plus), and despite his right-side-of-the-infield profile, some scouts are high enough on the offensive potential to suggest he has a first-division future if everything clicks."

Trevor24 (Motown): Tigers Top 10 is gold. On Castallanos, obviously he's blocked at 3B, but his bat is more valuable there than as an OF corner (depending on his power). Long-term, what do you think the Tigers do with him?

Jason Parks: I think Castellanos is a corner outfielder now, but will continue to keep a toe in the infield waters just in case. Long-term, he's in left field.

jsdspud (my desk): Thanks for the chat professor. How many Pirates are in the BP Top 101?

Jason Parks: Five players from the Pirates system are in the BP 101.

dangor (New York): What do you think of Bruce Rondon's chances of succeeding at closer the entire year? Is this a wise move by the Tigers?

Jason Parks: I don't think he has the command profile to have sustainable success as a closer at the major league level.

Justin (OK): What are your thoughts on Jorge Alfaro?

Jason Parks: I've been waxing poetic about Jorge Alfaro since he was 16-years-old. I'm a huge fan and I think he could develop into a superstar. Will he? No idea. He has the tools to make the dream a possibility, though. 6 runner; 7+ raw power; 8 arm; near elite bat speed. We shall see if it translates to the field.

Schackmj (Newark): How badly do the Met's need that #11 pick?

Jason Parks: Every team badly needs high draft picks, but the Mets' system is actually quite good right now. Borderline top 10 in baseball. Much needed talent injection thanks to the Dickey trade. Also, Wheeler is a dude.

Jason S (Omaha): Did the Indians get a steal in trading for Trevor Bauer? Does he in your mind still have top or near the top of the rotation potential?

Jason Parks: I never thought he had top of the rotation potential to begin with. I think he develops into a highly functional and highly erratic major league starter, one who flashes brillance in one outing and follows it up with a flameout. His production will ultimately decide his distinction, but calling him a future number three starter works for me.

Alex (LA): I know it's not your list, but Keith Law put Addison Russell at 10 in baseball. Can you see it?

Jason Parks: He's top 20 for us, so yes, I can see it. If you think he sticks at SS (which I do), he might end up a 6/6 offensive talent. That's a monster talent.

Justin (OK): Do you think Cody Buckel can break camp with the big league club?

Jason Parks: I highly doubt it.

temple (madison): You have austin hedges as a possible 7. Will he push grandal off catcher. Also people are raving about zunino, in a year will they be raving about hedges even more than they are now about zunino

Jason Parks: Hedges is a better defensive catcher than Zunino, but he comes with a higher risk. Hedges has the potential to be a very special player. I'm a sucker for an elite catcher, and Hedges has that potential.

liam (dallas): Is Corey Seager a top 50 caliber prospect in your eyes?

Jason Parks: I can see the case for the that. He wasn't on our list, but that has more to do with the talent in the minors than with Seager. You could easily convince me that he belongs in the top 101.

Josh (Dallas): How would you rank a guy like Giolito, who has a #1 ceiling but is recovering from a major injury?

Jason Parks: Easy top 101 talent; if healthy, would be among top HS arms in minors. It's legit.

Steve (Toronto): I can't recall ever seeing you comment about your own personal all-time favorite hitter and pitcher. Guessing they'll both be Texans.

Jason Parks: Bo Jackson is my favorite everything in everything

Asking For A Friend (Chicago): I'm surprised nobody has asked this: when will your Top 101 be coming out?

Jason Parks: It was submitted for the BP annual around Jan 1; will show up in BP 2013 and on site in the next few weeks.

DF (Wilmington, N.C.): Jason, you've been a big fan of Christian Bethancourt's potential. Is he looking more and more like a defense-only catcher in the Bigs? I know he's been young for his levels, but there doesn't seem to be much progress with the bat.

Jason Parks: Defensive profile is very exciting, but the bat has been a disappointment. I'm not optimistic.

ttt (Manhattan): How do you value a guy like Nick Castellanos, who can play all over the diamond? Do you knock him because he isn't a SS or a CF, or do you give him a bonus due to versatility (like Ben Zobrist)?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure Castellanos can play all over the diamond. He could probably stick around at third if he focuses on it, and either corner will be options, but he's not a middle-of-the-diamond defender. I knock every player if they can't play up-the-middle.

Tomcat (Planet X): Do you miss Kevin's music?

Jason Parks: No.

Gerald (Wherabouts Unknown): Do you want to come to my birthday party?

Jason Parks: Yes.

alexdcub (Cubs): Do you see Almora kicking Castro out of shortstop when he arrives?

Jason Parks: Highly unlikely considering Almora plays CF. If you mean Baez, which I will assume you do, I don't think he ends up playing shortstop long-term. Perhaps initially, but I think he ends up at 3B.

liam (dallas): Following up on Hedges, how legit is the bat? Most prospectors have talked about how there's power there, but how does the hit grade out in your eyes?

Jason Parks: He's a tough out. The hit tool might only be average, and the power might only play as average, but if the bat is close to average he has the defensive skill-set to be an all-star. If he can manage to hit .270 with 10+ HR with a grade 8 profile behind the plate, he's special.

Justin (Chicago, IL): I don't have a question - just want to say how much I have enjoyed and looked forward to the top 10's. The information has been great and I love the format as well. Tons of #want has gone into each write up.

Jason Parks: I appreciate that. The feedback has been a big motivator, and others have set the bar very high, so it gives us something to work towards.

RogerHorfford (Topeka, KS): Just evaluating, hit/power/speed tools, who's the better prospect for you between Jorge Soler and Yasiel Puig?

Jason Parks: The sample on Puig is extremely small, and the opinions are very mixed. I'd take Soler but both have more unknowns than knowns.

Justin (OK): More likely a superstar. Jairo beras or Lewis Brinson?

Jason Parks: Brinson. Plays a premium position and has more secondary potential on offense.

Justin (OK): Would you rather have Profar or Andrus?

Jason Parks: This is a very difficult question. The financial component simplifies it, as Profar is the much cheaper option going forward. Remove them money from the equation and ask me which player I think has the better all-around ml career and which player I would build a team around? For me, its Elvis. I think the bat keeps improving and he's a better defensive player than Profar. But.....Profar has more overall offensive potential and his glove is good enough to stay at shortstop for a long time. Despite being a Beatles man, I'm also an Elvis man.

Free_AEC (New Jersey): Kevin Brown Jon Garland Roy Halladay Derek Lowe Josh Johnson Jonathan Pettibone Which one does not belong and why?

Jason Parks: I just wanted to post this question. I don't have an answer.

dan11995 (Atlanta): Do you still see Julio Teheran's upside as another Pedro Martinez or should Braves fans temper their expectations for any immediate success?

Jason Parks: I never saw his upside as another Pedro Martinez. I think he carves out a major league career, and could be a very valuable starter if the breaking ball finds its life, but he has already fallen short of immediate success.

Justin (OK): Are you a Martin Perez guy?

Jason Parks: Sure. He's an attractive guy. Did he mention me? Did he ask you to talk to me? Don't hold anything back. What did he say?

Zak (Champaign): Any recent news on your new podcast?

Jason Parks: Nope. Still working out the details.

Short Shorts (By the water): On Addison Russell, I'm vary wary of athletic high school shortstops after watching what's become of Tim Beckham. What separates Russell for you?

Jason Parks: Every player is different so every player needs to be evaluated as an individual. Beckham is Beckham and Russell is Russell. At this point, Russell is new to professional baseball, and its imposible to say with any certainty that he is anything more than a very talented shortstop prospect that has a chance to develop into a very good major league player. I like the tools and the #want. The developmental road is long and dangerous.

Dennis (WI): Any predictions about which outside-the-top-50-or-so prospects might be top-10 prospects in 2014? In other words, who should I draft this year who will make me look really smart next year?

Jason Parks: Adalberto Mondesi has a chance to take another big prospect step forward; Kyle Crick could take a step and become a serious dude.

batts40 (IL): When will people realize that throwing a #2 upside on a starter is a huge compliment and not an insult?

Jason Parks: When they detach themselves from labels and start focusing more on the specifics of the player and the process of establishing such scouting distinctions in the first place. The meat of the reports are more important than the number assigned at the end.

Shawn (CT): What are a few of the biggest x-factors that scouts miss when profiling prospects (make-up, environment, lack of quality competition, etc)?

Jason Parks: All of those are important, but for me, makeup is just as important as any of the individual tools. It starts with talent, but the ability to turn that talent into sustainable production through the process of failure and recovery/adjustment is heavily dependent on makeup.

wcgopher (DC): Who would you rather have in your system? Byron Buxton or Bubba Starling?

Jason Parks: Buxton. Top Ten talent in baseball for me.

JohnRonB (Chicago): Gotta sleep with one, marry one, get rid of one.. Oscar Taveras Tom Verducci Carlos Puyol Go!

Jason Parks: Another fantastic question. The answer is Tom Verducci

Paul (Bored at Work): For you, who is the better prospect between Kyle Zimmer and Kevin Gausman and what for you separates them?

Jason Parks: Give me Gausman. I think the stuff is a little better.

Tony (Still here): Who's your top prospect based solely on makeup?

Jason Parks: That's extremely subjective, of course; I haven't been around every prospect on a level thorough enough to form a conclusion about the makeup. I've been around Profar a ton and his makeup is beyond words. For me, makeup is a combination of work ethic and baseball focus. Profar has something special going on in his head. I'm not sure how to describe, but you know it when you see it over a period of time. The way he approaches the game is on another level. That's makeup for me. I'm sure other prospects have these characteristics as well, but because of my experience with the player, its easy for me to say Profar.

Asking For A Friend (Chicago): Rosenthal, Archer and Peralta. Who is most likely to remain a starter?

Jason Parks: Great question. I really like Archer, and I might be int he minority that believe he can develop into a very good major league starter. Rosenthal would probably be next, as he can hold velocity very well and has multiple secondary offerings that he can work with.

sreczek (Peoria, IL): I'm a Newcastle fan and really I don't care about Spurs at all so I really haven't noticed, but it appears that the bandwagon USMNT fans have not really flocked to Dempsey like I had thought. Any idea why?

Jason Parks: I think casual USMNT fans are just that, casual fans. Casual fans are unlikely to invest the time and energy it takes to understand and appreciate the beauty of EPL soccer. They support the U.S. team with blind patriotism and ignorance to the sport. Good thing they only show up every few years and then disappear back into their casual fan caves.

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): Jason - since taking over the lead prospect role at BP, where would you say the steepest learning curves have been? Anything you didn't expect?

Jason Parks: I don't have the luxury of wasting time anymore. I'm on the hunt for information seven days a week, and I don't have the luxury of a casual approach anymore. I want BP to be the prospect standard going forward, and it's not going to happen if I sit around writing articles about Verducci. Guys like KG, Callis, and Keith set the bar incredibly high, and I started late so I have to grind twice as hard if I want to belong on that list.

Gooner (North London): Jason, please tell me you aren't a Spurs fan...

Jason Parks: I'm a big Tottenham supporter, have been since I used them as my FIFA team back in '07. Not a long haul, but enough to encourage true fan reactions and emotions. Arsenal is #dry and you won't catch Spurs this year.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): What does Verducci's hair smell like? Mint? Jasmine? The sighs of 1,000 vestigial virgins in white linen robes?

Jason Parks: It smells like pure passion

Leonys Martin (Texas): Is Michael Bourn an upgrade over me?

Jason Parks: I'm a Martin fan. Give him a chance in CF and see what happens. You have the pieces to make a deal over the summer if the experiment is a total failure. That's the beauty of a deep farm system.

wcgopher (VA): Who do you like as a breakout guy in the Twins system?

Jason Parks: Pay attention to Romy Jimenez and Jose Berrios

grandslam28 (Chicago): Thoughts on Brett Jackson, with his swing being totally changed by Sveum in the offseason?

Jason Parks: Haven't seen the new swing, so I can't comment. I'll catch it this ST

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Better post-Beatles band: Wings or The Travelling Wilburys?

Jason Parks: Wings had more material to select from, but I'm a sucker for Roy Orbison.

Tom (Williamsburg (the southern one)): How is your mental state and what are you drinking?

Jason Parks: Mental state is solid; baseball season is upon us. I'm drinking coffee with a kiss of half/half and 10 ice cubs.

T.J. Broomlett (DC): Do you like Otis Redding? Very underrated and almost at Kove level for me. You guys were on Karns before everybody. Think he can make a splash in AA this year?

Jason Parks: Of course. Redding was special. I celebrate his entire catalog.

Joe Don Luna (North Texas): Could Tanner Scheppers start? What are your expectations for Buckel? Does Texas keep Olt or trade him? Do you think Grimm can figure it out?

Jason Parks: Scheppers shouldn't start; Buckel could develop into a solid #4 starter type; not sure about Olt; Grimm is a better prospect than Buckel, and I think could develop into a very good starting pitcher at the major league level. This is a guy that could have three plus pitches and a body to log innings. I really like Grimm.

JDub (Feeding Seagulls): What are your thoughts on Mike Zunino, do you think he should be given time in AAA this year, or think he's ready for MLB? What's his power/avg. upside for you?

Jason Parks: I think he needs more MiLB seasoning, especially when it comes to his receiving quality. Developing into a quality catcher takes time.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): How much does living in Brooklyn resemble an episode of "Girls"?

Jason Parks: My specific neighborhood doesn't resemble Girls at all, but I'm in a heavy PR/DR area. The loft kids are off the Morgan L stop, which is about 3 train stops from me. Less than two miles away, but a different world.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): I miss the new music as much as the baseball content from Up&In. Do you have a new music suggestion for me?

Jason Parks: Check out Foxygen. Eccentric pop music with interesting production and songwriting.

James (Houston): What are the odds that McCullers Jr can stick as a starter? If he does, how does his ceiling compare to some of the other HS arms from last year's draft?

Jason Parks: Opinions are mixed and the journey just started, but the majority of my sources put a reliever profile on him, where he could develop into a very dangerous late-inning arm.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Could a prospect have work ethic and baseball focus AND be an alcoholic womanizer (like, say, Mantle) and still have good makeup?

Jason Parks: Baseball makeup is not the same thing as being a good person (whatever that means). I don't care if a player is a douche bag or a jerk. In fact, I assume most players will struggle with social interaction on some level. Look at it this way: the best players in the world reached that level because of an incredible focus on the developmental process. Because of this intense focus, they were forced to remove themselves from standard social development. It's not a license to be a jerk, and its not a universal truth or outcome, but on a reductive level, players aren't normal people. I don't care if I can carry on a conversation with a player or if the player likes to have a few drinks or likes to write love poems to Hitler. I only care if those outside pursuits and interests have negative consequence on the field or on the ability to reach their baseball potential. Bonds and Clemens are great examples of players with tremendous baseball makeup that also happen to be highly unlikable human beings.

wcgopher (VA): What's on Jason Park's reading list?

Jason Parks: At present, I'm reading "The Beautiful and the Damned" by Fitzgerald and re-reading "Lives of the Artists Volume 1" by Giorgio Vasari

Moon Doggie (SF): For you, better hit/power/avg. between Carlos Correa and Addison Russell and which do you prefer long-term?

Jason Parks: Correa has the higher ceiling in my opinion, and I would take him over Russell. But its very close.

andwoo (DC): Prospect in the Mets system who could take the biggest leap forward this year?

Jason Parks: Domingo Tapia

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Jairo Beras higher ceiling than Ronald Guzman?

Jason Parks: He has crazy power, and if you value the promise of power Beras's ceiling is higher than Guzman. I'd still tak Guzman. Yes, he's a 1B prospect and the power can't stand next to the raw coming out of Beras. But I'll take the better hitter every time.

Lew (Chicago): Rank these Cubs in terms of hit tool & bat speed: Castro, Baez, Almora.

Jason Parks: Baez's bat speed isn't normal. Baez, Castro, Almora

Paul (San Jose): More Addison Russell talk please. ETA - July 2014? Unreasonably optimistic?

Jason Parks: That's aggressive, man. Remember the advice delivered by the Wolf in Pulp Fiction, when the guys start to get ahead of themselves? It's good advice. Let's not start doing that quite yet.

liam (dallas): How much more likely is it now (compared to a year ago) that Gary Sanchez will stick at C? If he does stick there, is he a 7 type player?

Jason Parks: With his bat, he doesn't even have to be a league average catcher to make the overall package work. I think he can develop into a passable catcher, but it will take focus on the position and the progress of the bat might help to retard that.

Twinkies (MN): Does Miguel Sano have Giancarlo-like power as his ceiling?

Jason Parks: It's not a knock on Sano, but I don't think anybody really has the same power ceiling as Stanton.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Rank these ss prospects in order. Baez, Bogaerts, Correa, Russell, Hanson?

Jason Parks: At present, Bogaerts, Baez, Correa, Russell, Hanson (but I can see any combination of Baez, Correa, Russell).

Dan W. (Brooklyn): Not to focus too much on KLaw's Top 100, but the absence of Nolan Arenado was surprising to me. Has his stock fallen that far in your estimation, too?

Jason Parks: It's fallen, yes. We still put him in the 101. I think he's going to hit, but he might not be a monster.

Bobby (bigd): I assume Brinson and Gallo make the Ranger's top 10. Please give me your opinion on which will rank higher.

Jason Parks: Brinson. Again, not close for me. I understand the sweet allure of power potential, but give me the guy who could play a premium position at a high level.

danmshaw (Britain): Outlook for De La Rosa?

Jason Parks: I think the name will continue to exist for a long time. Plus name. I would need a first name in order to offer more.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Let's be honest, lots of Profar nerds reading this. Does he belong in the Heyward, Trout, Harper, Stanton, Bundy, Machado crowd, as truly superstar talents? Or is he a step below.

Jason Parks: I don't think anybody really belongs in the Trout/Harper category. Let's just avoid doing that. Profar is a very, very good prospect that should develop into a very good major league player. We can evaluate him against other major league players when that eventuality takes place. Until then, all we can do is evaluate him against his minor league peers, and I think the majority of sources have suggested he [Profar] is the top player in the minors.

SC (Humboldt County): If Gareth Bale had Carlos Puyol's hair would the universe explode or implode?

Jason Parks: I would go to prison

danmshaw (Britain): What does this season bring for RUBY De La Rosa? Does he stay in the rotation?

Jason Parks: Good question, and I'm not sure I have an answer. Actually, I do, My answer is that I don't know. I think he ends up in the bullpen, but he's not without the skill-set to start. The injury concern is a concern, of course, so a season of health will tell us a lot about his future role.

Name (Place): Imagine your memory of every player is erased...which player would you most like to see play for the first time. I'd choose a young Julio Franco, the bat speed plus the arm and the crazy stance.

Jason Parks: Bo Jackson.

Matt (NJ): Rank the bat speed: Gary Sheffield, Rickie Weeks, Javier Baez?

Jason Parks: That order looks good to me, but elite bat speed is elite bat speed.

MBruner (North Texas): Should Tarantino make a movie about the life of Winston Wolf up until the time he leaves a party in full tux, at 7:30 in the morning?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'm going to keep answering questions. You guys are showing crazy #want. Over 250 questions sitting in the queue.

Moose (saranac lake, ny): Jose Fernandez is to Martin Cove as Zack Wheeler is to ______.

Jason Parks: Tom Selleck

Klochner (MN): Alex Meyer end up in the rotation or the pen?

Jason Parks: I'll guess the bullpen, but he does have a chance to start. He's not a 'pen or bust type.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): If you could pick one NL prospect from this list - which one is most likely to hit his ceiling: Almora, Puig, Dahl, Roache or Polanco?

Jason Parks: Almora

Ben (NE, England): Ever watched a Sunderland 'soccer' game? We aren't that great play wise but show passion and have some of the best fans around

Jason Parks: Of course. I have friends who proudly support Sunderland. I respect fans of other teams. Except Arsenal. They have webbed feet and #slack.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): #want seems to be quantifiable. What about #sparkle? I'd say, just guessing, that Albert Belle had 20 grade #sparkle.

Jason Parks: I love the idea of #sparkle. I'm sad that it didn't originate in my head.

Name (Place): Does batting stance matter in scouting? If you saw three players at age 18 with the same hit tool/bat speed, one with Julio Franco's stance, one with Trout's neutral stance and one with Edwin Encarnacion's open stance would you prefer one over the other. I would imagine that Franco's natural complexity would make him more adaptable to a learned adjustment if he struggled during development.

Jason Parks: I used to worry about it more than I do now. As long as it works, let it rip. Every player has a unique relationship with the bat and the process of putting that bat to the ball. Are there things I want to see mechanically over others? Hell yes. But as long as the bat ends up in the right place in the right time, I don't care how a player makes it happen.

wcgopher (VA): Would you rather have Javier Baez's bat speed or Carlos Puyol's hair?

Jason Parks: Please. Puyol's hair is almost #wet enough to turn faith into science.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): What type of ceiling are we talking about for adalberto mondesi?

Jason Parks: Cathedral ceiling, but the risk involved also belongs in a very large building of baroque origin.

Name (Place): Does Trout belong in the Bo Jackson/Greg Maddux Garden of Forbidden Comps?

Jason Parks: It's getting to that point, yes.

Zammis (Fryine IV): Rank these classic Lou Gossett, Jr. characaters - Chappy from Iron Eagle, "Jerry" from Enemy Mine, The guy from The Principal, Roy from Diggstown.

Jason Parks: My favorite question so far. This is fantastic, and utterly fascinating. I'm an Iron Eagle loyalist and purist, so give me Chappy. I'll follow that up with an off-the-grid role, when he played a man of questionable moral fiber on the Jeffersons; he put the moves of Weezie Jefferson right under the nose of George. It was a classic role. I'm also partial to his performance in "An Officer and a Gentleman."

Alex (Anaheim): Do you think Heathcott will have a strong year?

Jason Parks: If he can stay healthy, sure. I'm not as high on him as some, but I can see the potential.

Matt (CHC): How has the grading scale for fastball velocity changed over the last 10 years?

Jason Parks: Kids are throwing harder than ever, but that's why movement and command need to receive wight in the overall FB grade. Velocity is very nice, but there is more to a person than a pretty face.

russel58 (PA): Any chance BP has an event in NY before the All Star game

Jason Parks: I'm pretty sure BP will be having an event during the all-star game week of festivities.

Asking For A Friend (Chicago): You and Klaw are going to join forces for a new podcast...aren't you?!

Jason Parks: Nope. Keith values his career more than that.

Matt (NJ): Does Carlos Tocci offer a similar upside/risk to mondesi or should i not even hold out hope for power there?

Jason Parks: He's not in the same ballpark as Mondesi, but he could develop into a very good prospect. I'm also in love with Mondesi and I gave him a prospect promise ring.

Matt (Seattle): Christopher Hitchens- was there a better/equal (non-fiction) writer close to him in recent memory, one that you can see coming close in the future?

Jason Parks: On that specific subject, Sam Harris brings it just as hard.

Pat G (Long Island): who's your favorite high upside player not yet in full season ball?

Jason Parks: I'm quite high on Alberto Tirado and Miguel Almonte on the pitching front.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Does Archie Bradley make the jump to the top tier pitching prospect status? I think I like his stuff better than a Jose Fernandez. It appears command is the only missing link.

Jason Parks: I don't think his stuff is as good as Jose Fernandez, but that doesn't mean he's a slouch. I think he has the potential to jump up a tier, but it's not going to be an overnight thing for Bradley.

dantroy (east nowhere): What kind of song would you write for Scott Walker to sing for Verducci?

Jason Parks: I'd let Scott Walker handle the songwriting. I'm sure it would freak Verducci out.

Chris Carpenter (Sadville): Just announced: my career is done. Sucks. Who's my likely replacement between Miller & Rosenthal (and, I suppose, Joe Kelly)?

Jason Parks: I'd go with Shelby Miller

DeathSpeculum (flavor country): who's the best bonus baby this year (not counting beras, if you're going to say beras) gohara? baretto? gustavo? obviously we don't know a ton about them, but just curious whom the best reports coming back are on.

Jason Parks: Man, Gustavo has the tools to be an impact player. Raw, but not getting enough love for the potential. On the mound, I think Gohara has a chance to be special, but he's a long way off.

LowDraw67 (Moncton): KLaw ranked Aaron Sanchez pretty high on his top 100. Agree with the high praise reserved for Sanchez?

Jason Parks: Sure. He's a really high-end pitching prospect. At present, I prefer Syndergaard, but its hard to argue with Sanchez receiving high praise. It's a very easy release and potential for two 7 pitches.

steve (lincoln): Do you see Miguel Almonte really moving up the rankings this year? Possibly into the top 30?

Jason Parks: That's a pretty extreme jump, but I think more people will be aware of his existence next season and he should be a top 100 guy if his full-season debut is a success. Talent and production don't always enjoy a happy marriage in the low minors.

Jimmy (CO): Who is the best prospect you ever saw who completely face-planted in the bigs?

Jason Parks: This is a great question. Let me ponder it. Hopefully other people will share their opinions as well. Its a great question. What do you guys think? Brandon Wood comes to mind, but the signs were present in the minors that exploitation was possible, even likely at the highest level.

wcgopher (VA): Will we see The Professor on the road at all this summer? BP events? PG showcases?

Jason Parks: Yes and Yes. At the very least, I'll be at BP stadium events in Arlington, Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Diego.

Steve (Canada): More likely to improve, Aaron Sanchez' command or Noah Syndergaard's secondary stuff?

Jason Parks: I like Syndergaard's secondary profile more than Sanchez's command profile.

lpunkari (Fort Frances, Ontario): To Answer Jimmy's question, Travis Snider is the first name that comes to mind. I wasn't as intense into the prospect world that I am now, but the hype and hope from the Jays fans I hang out with was massive on him.

Jason Parks: That's a good one, but I still have some hope for him.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Are you an Anthony Rendon guy? Does he have a good chance to hit right away in the majors?

Jason Parks: I like Rendon's bat quite a bit; great hands. He isn't going to be a big power guy, but I think he has a chance to be a high-average, high OBP type.

Kim (NYC): Is it a mistake to move Machado to 3B?

Jason Parks: No. He can play SS as well, but the bat is what will define him as a star. He's super young, so I don't see why he can't move back to SS next season.

mikemcd (ottawa): Is prospect speed more in 'fashion' these days? Do some organizations prize it more than others--the way Minnesota prized control and strike throwing over velocity in their pitching prospects?

Jason Parks: Speed is often overrated; its a catalytic tool that can enhance value, but baseball is a simple game and if you can't hit, you can be Usian Bolt and it won't matter. Sure, speed is fun and its easy for people to see. But its down the list for me.

Name (Place): What do you call a sandwich with many types of cold cuts, L, T, Oil and Vinegar? It's a sub, right? Not a hoagie. Nor a wedge. Should have bought a striker. Gerrit Cole is to Jeff Karstens as Shiner Bock is to Bud?

Jason Parks: Sure, call it a sub or just a sammich. Im not a big fan of Shiner, despite my Texas roots. It doesn't hold a good chill and it gives me a headache if I consume more than three beers, which is often the case.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): re: face planting - Van Poppel

Jason Parks: I think most prospects would kill to have Van Poppel's major league career. It wasn't great, and it most certainly underwhelmed based on amateur expectations, but he made over 350 career appearances That's not insignificant.

MBruner (DFW): Prospects that bombed in the majors? As a Rangers fan, there have been plenty. Injuries had a lot to do with it, but give me the DVD trio (Danks, Volquez, Diamond).

Jason Parks: I would argue that Danks and Volquez are success stories, not failures.

Nate (Fort Worth): Justin Smoak face-planted. Still hope for him?

Jason Parks: Good call. I'm not sure. I thought he would be a first-division player. Not sure he carves out a career as a regular.

Sandwich Stylist (Westchester, NY): I grew up with a wedge. My momma called 'em wedges, Imma call 'em wedges.

Jason Parks: A wedge is a shoe

T.J. Broomlett (DC): Ruben Rivera as a bust? The next Mick.

Jason Parks: That's the problem with hyperbolic comps.

Name (Place): Does Delmon Young count as a face-plant? I know he's had a long career, but dude was the TOP PROSPECT in baseball for a couple of years and now he's a punch-line.

Jason Parks: No. He didn't live up to the hype, but he's played in 880 major league games and he's only a 27-years-old. That's pretty impressive, regardless of the production.

AndrewBokermann (IL): Fall of his face: Vitters, consensus best HS positional talent in 2007 draft

Jason Parks: He started to fall in his face before he reached the highest level, and hasn't been considered a top prospect in several years.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Which system came closest to a State of the Farm of "Lay down all thought; Surrender to the Void"?

Jason Parks: It's a great line, and one that could have been used for several teams. Good call.

stewbies (Rochester, NY): How would you rank Bruce, Pedroia and Machado over the next 3 years? next 5 years?

Jason Parks: 3 years: Bruce, Pedroia, Machado; 5 years: Machado, Bruce, Pedroia

Jack (Toronto): Lewis Holtby...that guy can ball...have you seen him play?

Jason Parks: Sure. It was a very nice pickup. He's not the biggest/strongest/fastest player on the field, but he can make plays and he has a ton of #want. Loved the transfer.

Damon ((KY)): Dorssys Paulino doesn't seem to get mentioned in the same class as fellow SS Russell, Correa, or other young talents Dahl, Buxton, Almora etc. Yet, his numbers last year were on par with those guys. Was it a fluke or should we expect big things from young Dorssys?

Jason Parks: He's probably a right-side of the infield player, which explains why he isn't viewed on the same level as the other prospects.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Crystal Ball: In 3 years Harper's season is: 35 hrs, 100 RBI, 25 SB, .600 Slg, .365 OBP, 100 Runs?

Jason Parks: Sure, that's possible, which is scary.

Justin (Czech Republic): What is the difference between Brandon Wood and Mike Olt?

Jason Parks: Pitch recognition skills and bat control.

Mark Lutz (Henderson): Wondering about the Pirates' Luis Heredia. Is he impressive simply because he did good things at a very young age? or did he good things at a young age because he has great talent that could make him a front end starter?

Jason Parks: Good players do good things at a young age. I'm not sold that he is a front-end starter, but he can flat-out pitch and he will only get better. It might not always look pretty, but he can get outs, which is the main goal of a pitcher.

Bucky (Houston): Of Rangers LA bonus babies (Sardinas, Alfaro, Mazara, Guzman, Beras) which is most likely to be top-50 next year?

Jason Parks: Alfaro and Sardinas. Middle of the diamond talent. Theme emerging, que no?

Name (Place): What do you think of the Astros' moves this offseason/late last season? Not to smooch too much culo, but I think they've done a great job in their rebuild.

Jason Parks: They have made several smart moves and they are building a very thick and luscious farm system. Eventually they will have to win at the major league level. That's what it all comes down to. Just ask Royals fans. You can play the farm system card for a while, but you eventually have to put talent on the major league field and get results. I think they have a chance to do that in a few years, but its easier said than done, even with a very good farm. Just ask the Royals.

Hightower (Texas): Is pro baseball, as JD has suggested, "talent starved"?

Jason Parks: Yes/No. It's talent rich. But talent is something you can always have/want more of.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Do you ever wonder if Selleck would have kept his mustache if CBS allowed him to take the Indiana Jones part?

Jason Parks: That would have changed my life had he taken the part.

[redacted] (redacted): In regards to what you just said about the Royals, how do you feel about the way the Blue Jays have used their farm system?

Jason Parks: I respect it. It's extreme, but that's why you build a farm in the first place. It's just currency and eventually you have to spend it.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): At what point in a players development do you start to really pay attention? For example,Oscar Taveras had a really violent swing and was dominating A ball. Then AA ball and the swing was still violent. When he got to AAA- at that point he had the uncanny ability to square up the baseball.

Jason Parks: You have to pay attention to all of it, but context is important. What works in Low-A doesn't always work in the high minors. Depends on the player.

MetsFaithful5 (Upstate New York): Realistic chance that Zack Wheeler becomes an ace ? And can you see Travis D being a top 5 catcher in baseball?

Jason Parks: Ace? Unlikely. Front-end starter type? Quite possible.

I can see d'Arnaud becoming a very good major leaguer and possible all-star

Asking For A Friend (Chicago): Who would you rather have in your theoretical farm system. Luis Heredia or Kyle Crick?

Jason Parks: Heredia

Eddie (KC): Eric Hosmer. Think he rebounds and is he more '11 or '12 when all is said and done?

Jason Parks: I'm still a big believer in Hosmer. Could be ready for a breakout in '13 or '14. It's going to happen.

wcgopher (VA): Thanks for the time Professor. You are a machine. Interesting and informative as always. All the best for you this season.

Jason Parks: The people posting great questions are the real machines. Now I have over 300 questions in the queue. I might have to turn this into a 10-hour chat

Justin (Chicago): Any plans for a BP event at US Cellular in Chicago? All 5 of us White Sox fans would attend, I promise.

Jason Parks: I'd be down for that.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): Do you take bribes? If BP does an event in DC, I can make sure there's some homebrew beer in it for you... Whatever happened to the guy who was going to brew a batch for Up&In?

Jason Parks: I do take bribes.

Casey (Memphis): Is a batter's ability to select pitches really accounted for in the five tools? Should there be a sixth tool for knowing how to take a BB?

Jason Parks: No; that's a skill, not a tool. Approach plays a role in the utility of a hit tool, and I think pitch recognition skills are vital to that. But anybody can draw a walk if they keep their bat on their shoulders and step into the box against a pitcher that doesn't throw strikes. But in the pursuit of bat-to-ball contact, a hitter that can avoid bad pitches, be they unhittable strikes or balls out of the zone, will put themselves in better offensive positions and will obtain more favorable outcomes as a result. This is the reward of a good approach, which is multi-faceted and goes beyond just talking a walk.

Jivas (formerly Chicago): Jason - the computer projections I'm seeing for Adam Eaton's 2013 performance far outpace his prospect rankings. Is there a reason why the computers are overoptimistic?

Jason Parks: Some players make better players than prospects. Nature of the beast. We often have evaluation bias when it comes to players like Eaton.

Ders (Undetermined ): I don't want to talk about prospects, I just want to #buck

Jason Parks: Fantastic

Nils (CT): Who would you take for the rest of their respective careers, Mike Olt or Pedro Alvarez?

Jason Parks: Olt

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): Face Plant: Sean Burroughs?

Jason Parks: Not bad, not bad

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Your a big texas guy. Cj edwards is another prospect who receives little attention. Could he make the jump to being a top pitching prospect?

Jason Parks: If you read Jason Cole's work at LoneStarDugout.com, he's been all over Edwards since he signed. I've seen him pitch several times and its promising. I'm not get crazy about it yet and I don't see him becoming a top pitching prospect, but I really like the stuff and its most certainly a draft success.

Governator (Phila): Face plant: Dom Brown (a.k.a Bomb Drown)?

Jason Parks: Too early to say. I think he could still develop into a good player.

Username (Location): What is your take on Salvador Perez and why did seemingly the entire scouting community miss on him?

Jason Parks: People missed on him; no doubt. But some hit on him, like BP's own Joe Hamrahi, who scouted him at the complex level after he signed. I'm a big fan of the player, and I hope he can stay healthy because he could be a very important player for the Royals in their pursuit of major league success.

VeganRyan (Oakland, Ca): Will the Top 101 in the annual be the same as the list published to the site? Made any adjustments since early January?

Jason Parks: I'd love to make adjustments, but that would be true at any point in the process. The lists will be the same. I'm sure people will both like it and hate it, and I didn't like constructing it and I think it only reflects a very brief snapshot in time, and one I will disagree with.....now.

Short Shorts (By the water): Best chat ever! Gut feel, does Rymer Liriano breakout in 2013?

Jason Parks: He might be a prospect that belongs in a crockpot and not in a microwave. He is loaded with tools, but still trying to put those tools into a productie baseball form. It might not explode in '13, but when the dish is done, it should be tasty just the same.

mavery (work): How about Andy Marte for the Faceplant award? No career to speak of, and he was rated tops in MLB by everyone besides the Braves (and I guess the Red Sox?) the year prior to his first call-up.

Jason Parks: It's a very good answer.

Francois (Toronto): Taijuan Walker v. Jose Fernandez... tale of the tape: Higher ceiling, more likely to reach it, better stuff, more #rig, etc.?

Jason Parks: For me, I think Fernandez has better raw stuff, more #rig, more #swagger, and slightly more #sparkle. Both are top ten prospects in the game. I think they both find a way to get close to their ceiling.

ethan (belfast): KLaw dropped Arenado from #26 to out of the Top 110 - is he being judged based primarily on a single bad month last year? After he realized he wasnít being called up in June, Nolan went into a tailspin and put up a .524 OPS in July. Iím sure he was probably pouting and upset, but he followed it up with a Aug/Sep where he posted a .366/.385/.569 with 13 doubles. Where does he fall in your Top 101 if at all?

Jason Parks: He's in the top 70 on BP's list, but his stock took a hit for a number of reasons, not just on-the-field production.

Justin (Chicago): Fette Sau- in terms of bbq where does it rate on the 2-8 scale?

Jason Parks: It's too expensive, but the food is good, Good BBQ doesn't have to be pricey, even in Brooklyn. Give me a no-frills hole in the wall that knows how to slow-cook their food and I'm going to enjoy it. I don't need the Williamsburg theatrics to enjoy a plate of meat. I'm from Texas. I'll fight a man over the quality of smoked meat.

Pitmaster (The South): BBQ Sauce- Ketchup or vinegar based?

Jason Parks: Neither. Give me smoked brisket. No sauce required, bruh.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Why does delino deshields get no love? Great numbers that improve with experience yet never rated very high. Is there a gap in his game holding writers back?

Jason Parks: He gets a lot of love; we ranked him high in the 'Stros system and on the BP 101. That's plenty of love for a player with only one year of real success.

Matt (NJ): do you have a personal favorite for the #1 prospect in the 2013 draft?

Jason Parks: I don't. Most likely a college arm

The Dude (CT): If a prospect could only throw one type of pitch to have sustained major league success- what should it be?

Jason Parks: Heavy sinker

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Is Profar's power upside that of a Chase Utley?

Jason Parks: I don't think Profar will hit 30+ home runs at the major league level, but he should develop game power as he continues to physically mature and could end up hitting 20+ at some point.

Hightower (Texas): Can you suggest some good reading on PEDs? I find myself wondering where exactly the line is drawn. No one cares whether some athletes eat better than others (eg, Bruce Allen vs. Will Clark) though it surely impacts performance. On the other hand, there's elective surgery (eg. removing bone spurs for a pitcher, whatever the hell Kobe did in Germany) that seems to fall close to Lance Armstrong territory. And then everything in between, whether it's caffeine - but not greenies - before games, stuff from Vitamin Shop that might set off a urinalysis, or black market sketchiness. Where exactly would you draw the line?

Jason Parks: This is great question, and I hope everybody reads it and forms their own conclusions. My honest answer is that I don't know how to describe my line, but I think it exists. I'm not against athletes that have used or use PED for the simple fact that I don't know who hasn't or who isn't using them.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Prospect Smackdown: Rate Each on Tools(in their Pre Draft days) Josh Hamilton Vs Bo Jackson

Jason Parks: Bo Jackson for every tool except maybe the hit tool.

Klochner (MN): Pros of living in NYC outweigh the cons?

Jason Parks: Of course. Its the best city in the world.

SC (Humboldt County): Is talent evaluation more difficult in baseball or football (soccer)? Does the fact that footballers start the professional (as opposed to amateur) development process much earlier make it easier/harder/incomparable?

Jason Parks: Apples to oranges to onions.

Saintly Steven (Puerto Rico): What do you see this season for Robert Stephenson?

Jason Parks: I think he could take a very big step forward. The stuff is very good, and the makeup is very, very good. I really like the profile. They could have something with this kid

Mike (Utica, NY): Could this be Trout's line in his prime: .330 .450 .650 with 40 HR's 115 RBI's 130 Runs 90 Walks, 45 SB?

Jason Parks: I think that's a little extreme, but the scary part is that its not impossible.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): I read that due to tyler austin's cancer treatment he has to take a medication that is on the banned substance list. But is ok with proper paperwork and documentation. Gotta be nice to cheat legally.

Jason Parks: Sure, but it must suck to have to undergo treatment for cancer. Which is worse: the disease or "legal cheating" ?

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): What's the difference between your projection for Profar's career and Derek Jeter's actual career?

Jason Parks: I never said that Profar was going to play at a high level for 20 years; rather, I said he could be a very good first-division/all-star caliber player. What separates the two is consistency. If Profar hits his ceiling and maintains that ceiling for more than a decade, then we can compare the two. Also, gift baskets.

Mike (Utica, NY): Ultimate face palm Billy Beane baseball career.

Jason Parks: I'm going to send this to him and he's going to attack you with a handsome smile and a baseball bat.

Moose (Saranac Lake, MY): WOW!! Still here?! What can you tell us about Wilmer Becerra, the OF from the Dickey trade? Does he have a shot at making the Mets Top 10 next year?

Jason Parks: It's not going to happen fast, but it has a chance to happen. High upside player, but very, very new to professional baseball.

Mike (Utica, NY): You forgot the signed ball.

Jason Parks: Nope. It's in the gift basket.

RTG (Grey Cubicle, DC): Thesis: Adjustment-making is the most underrated skill in baseball. Would you say that an inability to make adjustments was the chief unifying factor in explaining the biggest prospect busts of our time?

Jason Parks: I think the ability to make adjustments could fall under the nebulous makeup cloud, but in a smaller picture, yes, the inability to adjust to the level of competition is one of the main reasons players fail. You see it all the time in the majors. The talent is so extreme at the highest level that if you can't stay ahead of the adjustment curve, you will get swallowed up.

Mike (Utica, NY): How much future pop do you see in Francico Lindor's bat. I've heard 15-20 possibly, is that possible?

Jason Parks: I'm not that high on the power tool, but he could probably hit over 10. He's more of a hard contact, line-drive type.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Speaking of gift baskets. Have u ever received one of the famous derek jeter gift baskets? ;)

Jason Parks: Are you asking me if I've had sex with Derek Jeter? I haven't. But he's one of my all-time favorite players. I absolutely adore his approach to the game.

MattWinks (Madison): On a typical Top 101 list where does the biggest gap exist in talent level, is it early in the list or is there a drop off later?

Jason Parks: The last half of the 101 was a crapshoot. You could make a case for 100 guys for the final 50 spots.

Aceathon (Texas): Would you say Keith Law's rating of Olt (71) is a tad low or did he take a hit with his MLB debut this year?

Jason Parks: We have him ranked higher, but again, you can make a case for him being high or low on a list. Scouting is an art not a science. We all see the game differently.

Not Hightower (Not Texas): From the SI vault: "Baseballís first written drug policy was issued by commissioner Bowie Kuhn at the start of the í71 season. The policy did not explicitly address anabolic steroids, but it did say that baseball personnel must 'comply with federal and state drug laws.' Federal law at the time mandated that an appropriate prescription be obtained for the use of anabolic steroids." Nothing about elective surgery or eating fruits and veggies.

Jason Parks: Good info

Mike (Utica, NY): Did Brinson make your top 101?

Jason Parks: Yes he did. He was #99 (I think)

me (here): Faceplant Award = Hank Blalock

Jason Parks: Didn't live up to early expectations, but let's not ignore his performance in his first two full seasons at the major league level. How many prospect busts become all-stars in their first two seasons? He couldn't sustain the success, and I assume he was a juicer, but he wasn't a prospect that couldn't cut in the majors. He cut it just fine early on.

Alex Meyer (Minnesota): Do I still have the potential to be ace starter?

Jason Parks: You never did, homey.

Kick (LA): Do you see billy hamilton having a Juan Pierre like career?

Jason Parks: I know Pierre is often viewed as a poor player, but if Billy Hamilton can carve out a Juan Pierre-esque career, is that really a bad thing? I think Hamilton has a chance to eclipse Pierre, but its a success if he gets close.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): How much does a hitter's hands have to do with his athleticism?

Jason Parks: Nothing. I've seen several really poor athletes (compared to their peers) show fantastic hands at the plate. Frank Thomas wasn't going to win any races, but his hands and his overall bat-to-ball coordination were incredible.

Marty McFly (Hill Valley, CA): Since I never knew my mom was such a fox in high school because I never saw any pictures of her when she was young, she's a different person and I can turn the juice loose with her back here in 1955, right?

Jason Parks: Yes.

Kevin Goldstein (Dekalb): Your doing a great job taking over for a legend. Just saying. #weirdbaseball ice cream for all

Jason Parks: KG was a legend. This isn't from KG, but the fact remains that he elevated this position to a point where general competency and even moderate success isn't close to good enough. The bar is high.

SC (Humboldt County): Fox is grooming Gus Johnson to be the voice of football (soccer) in the US. Discuss.

Jason Parks: I love Johnson, but give me Ray Hudson any day of the week

Tex2044 (Kuwait): How big of a success would it be if Joey Gallo turns into Chris Davis? Only problem is, numbers make it look like Gallo's bat has a long way to go to get to Chris Davis. I think fans(rangers especially) forget how good Chris Davis was in the minors. It also shows how hard that jump to the majors is, especially mentally.

Jason Parks: If Gallo becomes Chris Davis, its a major scouting and player development success story. I think people often forget the value of even reaching and contributing at the highest level. It's a huge win.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Faceplant= Jeff Clement

Jason Parks: This is the tenth vote for Clement.

blues (rock): which version of stop breaking down do you prefer: Robert Johnson, Rolling Stones, White Stripes, Other?

Jason Parks: Stones

Mike (Utica, NY): I saw a list where Mason Williams is a top 35 prospect, is he that high on your list?

Jason Parks: He's not

Martin Kove Trivia (Hollywood, CA): I just read that while filming Karate Kid II, Martin Kove broke one of his hands while shooting the fight scene in the parking lot with Pat Morita. The director wanted to get him medical attention. He insisted they finish shooting the scene. Impressive!

Jason Parks: That's just a day in the life

Ryan (LA): Rank for the long haul: Dan Straily, AJ Griffin, Tom Milone.

Jason Parks: Sorry, I feel asleep thinking about it.

Don Henley (The end of the innocence (Duh)): What's stronger? Yasiel Puig or a grizzly bear?

Jason Parks: Id pay to watch Puig wrestle a bear. I'd also pay to see Puig actually play in a minor league game. Wrestling a bear might happen first.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Buxton vs Brinson What are the differences, how big is the gap?

Jason Parks: Buxton's tools are even louder and he has more now skills. Buxton is a top ten talent for me.

Jason Pennini (Denver, CO): What do you expect Trevor Rosenthal's role to be for the Cardinals this year?

Jason Parks: I think he will pitch in a late-inning capacity and I think he will be awesome.

Bubba Stutes (Bama): How would you comp the cast of Red Dawn to the BP prospect team? #want

Jason Parks: Another strong question. I think the staff has several Charlie Sheens and several C. Thomas Howells. I'm not going to put the burden of Powers Boothe on anyone. I'd love to claim Swayze, but that's just pure arrogance.

dantroy (billings): Who do you believe will have the better career, Harvey or Wheeler?

Jason Parks: Wheeler. I think he's the better arm. Also a fan of Harvey, but doesn't have the same ceiling.

garett68 (ohio): Funny quip about an 80's movie. <-- i think that is how i get a question answered. Pleas rank these pitchers, G. Cole, Walker, Fernandez, bundy, wheeler, aaron sanchez, archie bradley, shelby miller.

Jason Parks: You didn't make the quip, so I can't answer the question.

andwoo (DC): Wow, had a meeting, ran some errands, come back, and you're still going. You're a beast!

Jason Parks: 187 answered/300 left on the page. I'm going to keep going.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Give us 1 hitter and 1 pitcher in the majors who break out this year

Jason Parks: Brett Lawrie/Rick Porcello

Wolverines! (Red America): I assume Ben Lindberg = The Deer

Jason Parks: No way. Ben is a vital part of the BP team. He keeps our work looking good on top of writing really smart articles himself. He's Jennifer Grey.

Saintly Steven (Puerto Rico): Ceiling for Robert Stephenson? Top50 now?

Jason Parks: Top 101 guy now; most likely a top 50 next year.

Rob (Alaska): Not a prospect any more (barely) but what do you see for Jean Segura this year and long term?

Jason Parks: I've always enjoyed watching him play. He's a solid-avg player that is going to have major league success. I dig it. It's not going to be incredible, but its going to be, if that makes any sense.

Brian Hennessy (MA): Xander Bogaerts peak stat line?

Jason Parks: .315/.385/.570 with 30 bombs

Governator (Philly): Where's your faith in Porcello come from? Guessing slow/steady improvement and age.

Jason Parks: I think the stuff is slowly getting better, and he shows good pitchability. When it all clicks, I think he really steps forward. Could be this season.

The Fonz (Milwaukee): Brewers system - Who's your guy?

Jason Parks: Jorge Lopez

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Is there more power and upside to Kyle Parker then he has shown so far?

Jason Parks: I don't think he has a ton of upside, but could develop into a second-division type at the highest level.

Ian (CA): Hey fall asleep all you want thinking about Griffin and Milone, but those guys were nearly good enough to get to the WS last season.

Jason Parks: I was nearly interested in this comment. From a scouting perspective, they don't interest me a great deal. Yes; success at the major leagues is important, but I question the sustainability and I doubt high impact potential.

Steve Guttenberg (Underwater): Best movie set in Astoria, Oregon: Kindergarten Cop, Short Circuit or Goonies?

Jason Parks: Goonies.

rangerfans2 (Fort Worth): Do you have a Ranger bias?

Jason Parks: In some form, sure. They are the team I grew up cheering for, and I spend a lot of time watching their farm system. I can evaluate without a Rangers bias, but I'm not going to pretend that my experiences with the team, both emotionally and professionally, have no impact or influence. I'm not a Rangers apologist or fan boy, but watching the team has helped shape my scouting experiences into scouting skills, and that is something I can't change.

Shawnykid23 (CT): In/Out on Sixpoint Brewing??

Jason Parks: I like their beers. Although, the Sweet Action can trigger a sinus infection, as I have an allergy to the specific type of beer

Saintly Steven (Puerto Rico): What is your view on Arodys Vizcaino? Can he be a top of the rotation arm assuming he returns to health? Thanks!

Jason Parks: I don't think so. I think he ends up in the bullpen and becomes a very good late-inning arm

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Forget the Dahl/trout comps, but is it possible with dahl we are looking at a possible non injured Grady Sizemore comp?

Jason Parks: I don't think he;s on that level, personally. Sizemore was a serious stud. Dahl is good player with a high ceiling and excellent baseball skills, but Sizemore was closer to Trout in terms of raw talent. Not that extreme, but close enough to make the case

Emilio (PA): Also, re: Perez' attractiveness, would you watch him have sex? Someone told me the answer to man's existential dilemma lies therein

Jason Parks: Just thought people would like to read this. I need to step out and grab my laundry and some beverages for the evening. I'll be back in 20 minutes. I'm not done with this chat.

Or (Denton): What's your favorite city in Texas?

Jason Parks: Not to sell out the city of upbringing, but I think Ft. Worth is my favorite city in Texas.

Mike (Utica, NY): I've always heard Steve Finley comps on Dahl. Is it insane to hear a baseball prospect writer say Courtney Hawkins perfect world comp is Jim Rice?

Jason Parks: Comps can be ridiculous. I get it, Courtney Hawkins is black so let's make sure to offer up another black player as a comp. It can be very lazy, but then again, most online scouting is lazy.

cal guy (cal): Sounds like you are pretty high on Buxton. Of all the players in the minors does he have the best chance to be a five tool superstar? Anyone else equal or better?

Jason Parks: In my opinion, yes. He has the loudest tool package.

Kyle (SD): Is Brandon Moss the second coming of Jose Bautista?

Jason Parks: No

Ed (Chicago): Does Chapman have the best fastball you've ever seen?

Jason Parks: Yes. I thought watching a young Neftali Feliz on the backfields would be tough to beat. Chapman crushes it.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Does Trevor May have a chance to be a #3 starter?

Jason Parks: It's possible; that's the ceiling.

Klochner (MN): Over/Under 1.5 Twins in your top 15? Over/Under 6.5 in your top 101?

Jason Parks: Only one Twins player in top 15; I think we have seven in the Top 101

Ray (Minneapolis): Are the improvments Slade Heathcott has made a mirage? Or does he continue to get better?

Jason Parks: Not sure. I might be slow to the dance with Heathcott. I'm not a huge believer right now. I'll gladly admit I was slow to get it, but I don't see a star like some people do. I can't see it at all, actually.

Your (Mom): CJ Cron appears to be a guy who can hit, and can hit for average. I thought that if a guy can hit teams will find a spot for him, but then I read that Cron's defense is so scary that he'll struggle to reach higher levels. what gives?

Jason Parks: I don't think he has an impact bat

Mike (CA): Any sleepers in the Giants system?

Jason Parks: Gustavo Cabrera is a serious dude

cal guy (cal): Who would you rather have for 2013, Jennings or Hosmer? And after this coming year? Thanks for the loooong chat!

Jason Parks: I've never been that high on Jennings. But he's made me look foolish before, and probably will again. I'd go with Hosmer. I believe in the promise of the bat.

Jonnie (Snatch City): Was Roberto Osuna a top 101 prospect in BP's estimation?

Jason Parks: I don't think he made it, but like I mentioned earlier, you could name 100 players with a legit case for the final 50 spots. He is one of them.

Kelly (Leak): Is the real blake swihart the guy we saw in the first half of 2012, or the second half?

Jason Parks: With most young players, you are going to get periods of suck mixed in with periods of sex. It's just part of the developmental process. The start to legitimize when they can find consistency in their performance.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Here could be a fun prediction for you. Peak stat line for Billy Hamilton?

Jason Parks: .295/.360/.440, w/ 90 stolen bases and 20 triples. Just a wild guess

Matt (Chicago): What is your take on Michael Choice's roller coaster season last year? Is ready for a MLB role?

Jason Parks: Not ready yet; has major league potential

Joey (Beyond the Sun): Who would you rather for the next ten years? Buxton or Correa?

Jason Parks: Buxton

Marlow Green (Yellow Submarine): Best Texas band that I've probably never heard of?

Jason Parks: Slobberbone or Centro-Matic

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Is it possible that you fall hopelessly, guilelessly in love with J.O. Berrios over the next couple of seasons?

Jason Parks: We ranked him very high in the Twins system, so its possible.

SC (Humboldt County): What's the best tool you've seen live on a guy who never became a big leaguer?

Jason Parks: Every tool that Jordan Akins has

George Brett (Outside the Bellagio): Last meal you had that forced a double-tapered shit out of you?

Jason Parks: It never gets old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6hu4aLXv7U

George Brett (Outside the Bellagio): Last meal you had that forced a double-tapered shit out of you?

Jason Parks: It never gets old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6hu4aLXv7U

JoeTetreault (Carrollton, TX): Angelo Gumbs. Is my excessive adoration of his ability founded on solid ground? Does the injury prevent him from moving to HiA?

Jason Parks: No; I'm really high on the kid. Incredible bat speed. You can't teach it.

Ray (Minneapolis): If Hanser Alberto was in another organization, like the White Sox, would he be a more attractive prospect?

Jason Parks: Yes. But then again, I might be considered a good prospect in the White Sox org

stewbies (Rochester, NY): why not chat all night? take as many breaks as you want. surely you won't stop with questions in the queue, right?

Jason Parks: I'm going to keep going

flyingdutchman (Oakland, CA): Sure, his K rate is rising slightly, but it was still only 5.5/9 in 2012, and he posted a 1.53 WHIP, same number of walks, etc. So what does it mean to say that Porcello shows "good pitchability"?

Jason Parks: Pitchability means he knows how to pitch; sequence/feel, changing speeds, changing sight lines, etc. His raw stuff is getting better. He's ticking up across the board. The K's will come. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes another step forward in '13.

Emilio (PA): Of the 2012 pitchers the Jays drafted (Smoral, Gonzalez, De Jong, Stroman) who do you like the most or find the most intriguing?

Jason Parks: I really like Smoral.

Loop (New York City): I missed the meetup in NYC at Foley's this past week, but what are the chances of sitting in the stands with you this summer and BS'ing about prospects? #want

Jason Parks: Sure. I'm down for that.

Marlow Green (Yellow Submarine): Can I safely google Slobberbone at work without being fired?

Jason Parks: It's the name of band, not a sex act. You should be fine.

Ray (Minneapolis): WHo has a longer major league career Jose Iglesias or Christian Colon?

Jason Parks: Iglesias can play in the majors for 10 years on the back of his glove alone.

cal guy (cal): Please rank for a dynasty league: Cole, Fernandez, and Walker

Jason Parks: Cole, Fernandez, Walker.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): A buddy who is in this chat right now traded me Adalberto Mondesi for Grady Sizemore in a keeper of all keeper leagues. Please help me in pitying the fool.

Jason Parks: Mondesi is 17, so you will need to keep him for a long time before he reaches the majors.

Jason Cole (Austin): Who's the favorite going into this spring's FIFA cup? It's me, right?

Jason Parks: No. I question your #want and your #grace. Of course, I will never question your #sparkle.

Joey (Beyond the Sun): It's obvious. You're riding the white horse.

Jason Parks: Only if the white horse is really a broken social life

lpunkari (Fort Frances, Ontario): How does the 2013 draft class, as a whole, look when compared to the last couple of years?

Jason Parks: Too early to tell, but I like some of the HS talent in this tear's crop. I wouldn't call it as good as '11, but most likely better than '12

Steve (Yellowstone): For the next five years, you have the option of Mitch Moreland or Justin Smoak at first base. Probably not ideal either way, but go with me here. Which do you take? Do you believe in Smoak at all at this point?

Jason Parks: Moreland. He can actually make contact.

David (San Francisco): San Francisco > New York.

Jason Parks: Keep telling yourself that

Mike (Utica, NY): Can Lucas Sims zoom up the list like a Jose Fernandez?

Jason Parks: I just want to make fun of you for using the word "zoom"

jfribley (couch): Can a scout see prospects making adjustments? If so, how about if you follow an intriguing prospect this next year watching for adjustments. Say, someone you see in ST and then again a couple of times during the season. I actually thought of this idea for KG on Sano this past season but was too lazy to send it to him.

Jason Parks: Of course. It's one of the reasons I love watching ST, then regular season ball, and then FIL. You get to see progression or regression.

tigerw701 (mpls, mn): Does Jose Vinicio have a chance to make it in boston? Seems like a solid player buried in a system.

Jason Parks: He has tools, but its a high risk situation and those type of players rarely develop to potential.

Hoot Stromboli (north of the Great Lakes): Why won't Boston let Mauro Gomez play with the big boys?

Jason Parks: Because he's not good enough is probably the most logical answer

Nate (minneapolis): Is cameron gallagher a serious catching prospect to watch? Im feeling a breakout

Jason Parks: Absolutely. Good sleeper prospect

flyingdutchman (Oakland, CA): Sorry to bug you, but hey, you've been here all day so it's your fault! Still skeptical on this nebulous "pitchability". If he is getting better at sequencing, getting a better feel, changing speeds, and changing sight lines, why isn't it showing up in his numbers? As for the raw stuff (which it seems the Tigers initially suppressed, frankly), has this improvement been documented in any way, avg MPH, break, etc?

Jason Parks: Because he just hasn't put it all together yet. I think a pitcher has to learn how to miss bats. They can have the pitchablity and they can have the stuff, but they have to learn how to up the intensity and go for the throat. Strikeout pitchers are blood-thirsty sharks. Porcello can get passive and pitch to weak contact, which is fine. But I think he has a chance to go for the throat more in '13. If he can find that missing ingredient, he has the physical ability to make it happen.

TexasSummerHeat (TX): How would you describe Robbie Erlin's game on the mound?

Jason Parks: Dude's just a pitcher.

tigerw701 (minneapolis): Are either Jacob j.t. Realmuto or Andrew Susac viable prospects or just plain organizational depth?

Jason Parks: Realmuto is a very legit prospect. We aren't talking superstars here, but major league level projection, regardless of the risk.

Dave (Houston): What do you think of the haul (Chris Carter, Brad Peacock, and Max Stassi) the Astros got for Jed Lowrie?

Jason Parks: Impressed with the return. I've been impressed with the 'Stros ability to acquire talent.

Tony (Wow, STILL here): Kenley Jansen going to turn into a top 3 MLB closer soon? Ever?

Jason Parks: Probably not.

David (San Francisco, CA): Danny Glover was born in San Francisco.

Jason Parks: But I bet he lives in NYC

hotstatrat (at home avoiding work): How do you know whether Robbie Erlin is going to be a Tom Milone or Sam Militello?

Jason Parks: He's most likely going to be a back-end starter with a small margin for error because of the average stuff. But his feel for pitching and cerebral approach could push him beyond physical ceiling.

Eddie (Jacksonville, FL): Wow, still going? Podcast withdrawal?

Jason Parks: No. More like sad personal life

Mike (Utica, NY): Jameson Taillon origins are from Canada, he's not a true Texan.

Jason Parks: He's a Texan, and you don't get any more questions answered.

David (San Francisco, CA): Just checked. Danny Glover lives in Sonoma, CA.

Jason Parks: I bet he also lives in NYC. Why wouldn't he? Its the greatest city in the world.

Name (Place): Follow up question...I went to Pittsburgh for a weekend and loved it. Fell in love with PNC Park and the Pirates fans. Can I leave the Yanks and love the Bucs or are they just a rebound? MLB.tv makes it possible for a long-distance relationship.

Jason Parks: Great park, great fans, great farm system

David (San Francisco, CA): Kove was born in New York. I lose, right?

Jason Parks: Yes. Kove was also born in a manger to a virgin.

Yefrem (Saskatoon): Is Daniel Fields a lost cause at this point?

Jason Parks: Yeah, I think so

Arenada (CS): Back to the Arenado stuff -- how consistent are tools supposed to be? If they vary enough over a course of a year for a guy like Keith to drop a top-30 guy like Arenado out his top 100, I almost feel like I may as well scout the numbers. You and Keith Law and others are understandably insistent that scouting the numbers doesn't really work. But ultimately a prospect's movement in top-X lists from year-to-year seems very very highly correlated with the difference in numbers from year-to-year. I understand part of that is the inherent variability involved in being a human. I think you did a good job with the Arenado write-up by mentioning that "the swing doesnít pack the type of middle-of-the-order punch his profile originally suggested." But I am curious to hear a little more about what caused the change in perception about his original profile, besides simply stating that his production went down.

Jason Parks: As the talent level around him improved, I felt that he continued with the same approach expecting the same results. That kind of stuff can be a warning flag. I guess I'm just not overly optimistic that he is the type of hitter that can figure it all out at the major league level.

Greg (LA): What's your opinion of Straily? KG had him in his midseason top 50, and was big on him last year. Top 101? What's the scouting report?

Jason Parks: I think he was in the 90-101 range. Meh. He's not an impact arm, but its low risk.

Name (Place): If you could give one player a do-over in his career, who would it be? Injuries and...you know...death don't count.

Jason Parks: I'd love to see what Josh Hamilton could have been had he stayed the course at the beginning of his career. It's a hall of fame profile.

Name (Place): Besides me and David from Sonoma, have you noticed a precipitous drop in Qs since the EST/CST work day ended? Are we all a bunch of slackers with #want that are risking our careers by chatting from our cubes?

Jason Parks: 360 questions in the queue. Some are getting sillier and more graphic, so its becoming harder to find things I can actually post to the site.

Austin (Amherst MA): I just want to thank you for taking this much time out of your day, to answer everyones questions your showing #80want

Jason Parks: Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm not done yet. I want to answer 39 more to get to en even 300.

Greg (LA): Meh is fine, I guess. Not a bad return for a 24th round senior sign.

Jason Parks: Hell no, Its a fantastic return. It's a huge scouting win, but as a prospect writer, his profile doesn't get the pants simmering

Username (Location): What in your mind was John Lamb's ceiling pre-TJ surgery? He's still plenty young and seems to have been totally forgotten since a foot injury further delayed his return.

Jason Parks: Good question. Not sure. I'm not the biggest Lamb fan, and I wasn't before the injury. I think he's injury prone, and I don't think he will live up to the potential.

greg b (brooklyn): Is the mets pitching depth in the farm for real or not

Jason Parks: Yes. They have several talented arms, including a top ten prospect in baseball with Wheeler

David (San Francisco, CA): Honest question - going to spring training for the first time w/two roommates. All in our late 20's. Any advice? Best place to drink? Will you attend? Can we buy you a drink?

Jason Parks: I'll be in Arizona for five weeks. Depends on where you are staying, but there aren't many "cool" places to drink or eat or gather. It's a cultural wasteland for the most part. You can always buy me a drink. We will probably be having a BP party at our house in Peoria.

Name (Place): Thanks for answering so many, going to re-up my subscription tonight.

Jason Parks: Thanks. I didn't submit this question. Seriously, Joe. It wasn't me.

Brendan (Chicago): Perfect world projection on Brandon Nimmo? Did last year's smallish sample notably change your opinion on him?

Jason Parks: I like the kid, but its not a star package. I can see a major leaguer, but based on what I saw and what I've been able to learn from other sources and scouts, Nimmo might be a tweener type at the end of the day. I wouldn't put him in that box yet, though. He's still raw and has room to improve and refine.

jalonzo (NYC): Best BBQ in NYC? Are you a Hill Country guy?

Jason Parks: Yes. It's expensive as well, but its legit and its from Texas.

tony (ny): Is wilmer flores still going to be a good major leaguer and what position do u see him playing

Jason Parks: I doubt it. Maybe a second-division type at his peak. He might end up at 1B eventually

Ann Nonymous (San Diego): Do you love Wilmer Font as much as I do, cause I'm head over heels ? Seriously, what's his ceiling ?

Jason Parks: Back of the bullpen type. Maybe a closer, but most likely a setup guy. I'm a big fan of Wilmer as well. I've known him since he was 17. He was one of the largest 17-year-olds I've ever seen, and he was already throwing near-elite gas.

Bill (NJ): What do you mean when you say a player's tools are loud?

Jason Parks: plus or higher

Ian (Easton, PA): Do you have any faith in Tyler Matzek continuing to rebound and end up a major leaguer?

Jason Parks: Yes. The arm is special, and if he finds mechanical rhythm, sheeeeeet. Look out.

Name (Place): Want to play desert island discs? You get five. How about desert island prospects? You get five...purely on who you enjoy watching the most.

Jason Parks: 1. Oscar Taveras 2. Javier Baez 3. Francisco Lindor 4. Jose Fernandez 5. Rougned Odor

tigerw701 (minneapolis): Do u attend UA showcases? For second straight year this summer we get a showcase in minneapolis. See ya there?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'll be there.

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): Jason - your staying power puts every single other writer on the planet to shame. Bravo. Bravo

Jason Parks: Viagra

SteveWhite (Pittsburgh): Love your humor. I laughed regularly at you even when I first started reading your stuff and didn't understand the context. Thanks for making baseball so much fun and I know I'm not speaking for just myself when I say that. You're my (our) own personal Verducci.

Jason Parks: Thanks, I appreciate that. The readers are the ones with the #want.

Austin (Amherst MA): Whats the book on Orioles MILB P Eduardo Rodriguez?

Jason Parks: Really crisp FB and the potential for two above-average secondary pitches. Its a nice package, but I'm not crazy high on him yet. I want to see what he brings to the table in '13.

AJ (Phoenix): I live right off the I-17 in Phoenix, so getting to a ballpark should be easy for me. What stadium is a good place to start, where around the complex can I find the backfields?

Jason Parks: I prefer the west valley complexes, like Surprise, Peoria, Goodyear, and Glendale.

Damon (KY): Bogaerts v Baez. Bogaerts, according to the majority, appears a somewhat safer bet to have a successful career while Baez seems to be more of a wildcard with crazy-fly bat speed. In your opinion, how great is the disparity in Baez and Bogaerts floor?

Jason Parks: Bogaerts has a much higher floor, and his ceiling is in the same ballpark as Baez. For me, he's the superior prospect, all things considered.

andwoo (DC): What team treats its scouts the best?

Jason Parks: Any team that encourages their scouts talk to me about baseball without feeding me bullshit.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Do you like IPAs? If so, when in Minneapolis, grab a Surly Furious: it will knock your socks off.

Jason Parks: I'm not the biggest IPA fan, oddly enough.

tigerw701 (minneapolis): Tommy la Stella seemed to get a little attention last year. Had a good but not great 2012 yet has fallen out of all rankings. Not even top 30 in baseball america . What happened?

Jason Parks: He was 23-years-old and playing in the Carolina League on the right side of the infield. Tough profile to champion.

andwoo (DC): How did you get started in the prospecting business?

Jason Parks: Kneepads and grain alcohol

John Carter (Toronto): How badly were you affected by Hurricane Sandy - and how is the city getting prepared for more where that came from?

Jason Parks: I was stuck in Florida at a Perfect Game tournament when it hit, so I had to watch it happen on television. That might have been the hardest part. Knowing that my cats were all alone, power out, windows rattling, etc. I hate the fact that people lost lives, possessions, power, etc, but from a selfish point of view, I was upset that I couldn't be there for the things I'm responsible for when it went down.

Moe (Whippleville, NY): Is Roughned Odor a major-league starter?

Jason Parks: He could be. He projects to that level.

Doug Flud (NYC): Fatty Cue is the best smoked meat in NYC. The duck is phenemonal, so is the brisket. Whose ceiling is higher- Russell or Bogarts? Also, early favorite for next years top 3(ill settle for 1) prospect if Profar, Myers, Tavares and Bundy graduate?

Jason Parks: Bogaerts has the higher ceiling for me; could be a 7/7 bat. Next year's top three: Buxton, Fernandez, Bogaerts

Navin (Pasadena, CA): Who is the most interesting Cub prospect besides Baez, Almora, Soler and Vizcaino?

Jason Parks: Duane Underwood or Dillon Maples.

riviera (ny): Do the ny mets have the best group of pitching prospects in baseball.

Jason Parks: No. They are in the discussion, but I think the Pirates or the Cardinals are more impressive

Bucky (Houston): ZOOM IT IN THERE, HENRY!

Jason Parks: 11 more questions until we reach 300 answered; 367 in the queue. We all need lives.

Sara (Tacoma): Who are the 5 highest ceiling SP in the minors right now?

Jason Parks: Cole, Bundy, Fernandez, Wheeler, and Walker

xavier (texas): Banuelos will still have youth on his side when he returns from TJ surgery in 2014. How do you view his ceiling now?

Jason Parks: Not nearly as high (for me) and with more risk.

xavier (texas): Banuelos will still have youth on his side when he returns from TJ surgery in 2014. How do you view his ceiling now?

Jason Parks: Not nearly as high (for me) and with more risk.

xavier (texas): Is this the year Gose turns tools into prodcuction and forces Rasmus out of CF?

Jason Parks: I hope so. I love watching him play. He has loud tools.

dantroy (west nowhere): In your experience, is it harder for a young pitcher to develop a good change or a good breaking pitch?

Jason Parks: I'm of the belief that a breaking ball is either in the wrist or it isn't, so I think its harder to develop a good breaking ball. I think changeups are feel pitches, which can be just as hard to develop if the pitcher lacks pitchability of any kind.

Brian Hennessy (MA): Breaking News: Ryan Braun's name is in the Biogenesis records. MLB is investigating. Thoughts?

Jason Parks: Not shocked. He' clearly is (or has been) a PED user. I still love his bat and I would still pay to watch him play.

Nate (minneapolis): Are you glad the "is so and so faster then Billy Hamilton?" Questions are over?

Jason Parks: They still roll in via Twitter

delatopia (the 415): What's up with the pace on the Top 11 prospects lists? Seems to have slowed down lately. My draft is on Friday! Seriously, thanks for all the hard work on these lists this year, lots of good information. Have they been more work than you expected?

Jason Parks: They have been arriving on the pace of two a week since we started. The holiday altered that slightly, as did the week when the site was experiencing tech issues, but the general pace has been two a week. They are a ton of work. I think I spend anywhere from 25-40 hours on each team.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Would you consider Messi the best active athlete?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't. He might be the most coordinated, but I don't think his athleticism can match up with like RG3. I also think its a very broad question, and its very difficult to compare specialized athletes with other specialized athletes.

Roach (Dead in Mexico): Which currently ballplayer would you most like to party with? Why?

Jason Parks: Probably Bernie Williams.

Jason Parks: 300 questions answered; 6 hours and 30 minutes on the clock, 400 questions left in the queue, #want levels beyond belief. I can't thank you guys enough. Simply put, you guys crushed it today. Let's do this again when the BP 101 comes out. You can tell me which players I was wrong about. #sparkle

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