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2019 Projections (Rest of Season Projections - seasonal age 26)
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Birth Date8-10-1992
Height6' 4"
Weight225 lbs
Age27 years, 1 months, 10 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

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2015 ARI MLB 8 8 35.7 2 3 0 36 22 23 3 94 9.1 5.6 0.8 5.8 0% .297 1.63 4.98 5.80 111 5.66 132.2 -0.2
2016 ARI MLB 26 26 141.7 8 9 0 154 67 143 16 106 9.8 4.3 1.0 9.1 47% .338 1.56 4.13 5.02 102 5.68 125.7 -0.5
2017 ARI MLB 63 0 73.0 3 3 1 55 21 79 4 6.8 2.6 0.5 9.7 49% .276 1.04 2.63 1.73 88 3.88 82.5 1.1
2018 ARI MLB 76 0 71.7 4 5 3 62 20 75 9 98 7.8 2.5 1.1 9.4 50% .282 1.14 3.66 3.64 96 4.48 100.2 0.4
2019 ARI MLB 62 1 67.7 4 5 15 64 35 81 5 100 8.5 4.7 0.7 10.8 46% .335 1.46 3.47 3.72 91 4.72 96.7 0.5

Statistics for All Levels

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2011 MSO Rk PIO 2 1 2.0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 111 4.5 0.0 0.0 18.0 0% .333 0.50 0.26 0.00 56 2.05 41.9
2012 SBN A MID 27 27 136.0 12 6 0 87 84 152 6 97 5.8 5.6 0.4 10.1 0% .249 1.26 3.86 3.84 97 3.59 74.8
2013 VIS A+ CAL 5 5 28.7 2 0 0 22 10 43 1 100 6.9 3.1 0.3 13.5 0% .356 1.12 2.47 1.26 61 2.33 50.5
2013 MOB AA SOU 21 21 123.3 12 5 0 93 59 119 5 99 6.8 4.3 0.4 8.7 0% .276 1.23 3.03 1.97 96 4.25 92.3
2014 MOB AA SOU 12 12 54.7 2 3 0 45 36 46 2 98 7.4 5.9 0.3 7.6 0% .285 1.48 4.22 4.12 111 4.56 96.4
2014 RNO AAA PCL 5 5 24.3 1 4 0 26 12 23 0 110 9.6 4.4 0.0 8.5 0% .351 1.56 3.77 5.18 85 5.05 106.9
2014 DIA Rk AZL 1 1 4.0 0 0 0 5 1 6 0 11.3 2.3 0.0 13.5 0% .417 1.50 1.76 4.50 0 0.00 0.0
2015 ARI MLB NL 8 8 35.7 2 3 0 36 22 23 3 94 9.1 5.6 0.8 5.8 0% .297 1.63 4.98 5.80 111 5.66 132.2
2015 VIS A+ CAL 1 1 4.0 0 0 0 3 2 6 2 105 6.8 4.5 4.5 13.5 0% .143 1.25 8.78 4.50 94 2.60 56.9
2015 RNO AAA PCL 4 4 21.3 1 0 0 26 5 20 3 106 11.0 2.1 1.3 8.4 0% .359 1.45 4.25 2.95 96 4.86 106.6
2015 DIA Rk AZL 1 1 4.0 0 0 0 2 3 6 0 93 4.5 6.8 0.0 13.5 0% .250 1.25 3.80 0.00 85 1.59 34.9
2016 ARI MLB NL 26 26 141.7 8 9 0 154 67 143 16 106 9.8 4.3 1.0 9.1 47% .338 1.56 4.13 5.02 102 5.68 125.7
2016 RNO AAA PCL 7 7 40.7 5 1 0 26 18 47 0 108 5.8 4.0 0.0 10.4 64% .289 1.08 2.88 1.99 70 1.88 41.6
2017 ARI MLB NL 63 0 73.0 3 3 1 55 21 79 4 6.8 2.6 0.5 9.7 49% .276 1.04 2.63 1.73 88 3.88 82.5
2018 ARI MLB NL 76 0 71.7 4 5 3 62 20 75 9 98 7.8 2.5 1.1 9.4 50% .282 1.14 3.66 3.64 96 4.48 100.2
2019 ARI MLB NL 62 1 67.7 4 5 15 64 35 81 5 100 8.5 4.7 0.7 10.8 46% .335 1.46 3.47 3.72 91 4.72 96.7

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr%
2015 637 0.4882 0.3846 0.8122 0.5691 0.2086 0.8531 0.7059 0.1878
2016 2530 0.4862 0.4285 0.7878 0.6000 0.2662 0.8550 0.6445 0.2122
2017 1151 0.5456 0.4674 0.7677 0.6322 0.2696 0.8287 0.5957 0.2323
2018 1226 0.5465 0.4829 0.7939 0.6582 0.2716 0.8435 0.6490 0.2061
2019 1214 0.4778 0.4506 0.7587 0.6190 0.2965 0.8412 0.6011 0.2413

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-04-27 - Minors - - Right Elbow Strain Flexors - -


Year Team Salary
2019 ARI $1,830,000
2018 ARI $581,900
2017 ARI $544,100
2016 ARI $
2015 ARI $507,500
3 yrPrevious$1,633,500
4 yrPvs + Cur$3,463,500
4 yrTotal$3,463,500


Service TimeAgentContract Status
3 y 112 dBBI Sports Group1 year/$1.83M (2019)

  • 1 year/$1.83M (2019). Re-signed by Arizona 1/11/19 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year/$0.5819M (2018). Re-signed by Arizona 3/18.
  • 1 year (2017). Re-signed by Arizona 3/17.
  • 1 year (2016). Re-signed by Arizona 3/16.
  • 1 year/$0.5075M (2015). Contract selected by Arizona 4/4/15.
  • Drafted by Arizona 2011 (1-7) (Broken Arrow HS, Okla.). $5M signing bonus.

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 16.8 11 5 18 1 .251 1.00 2.15 2.56 0.7 0.1
80o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 11.9 9 4 13 1 .265 1.08 2.46 2.92 0.5 0.1
70o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 8.5 7 3 9 1 .275 1.13 2.68 3.18 0.4 0.0
60o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 5.7 5 2 6 0 .283 1.18 2.86 3.41 0.4 0.0
50o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 3.1 3 1 3 0 .291 1.23 3.05 3.63 0.3 0.0
40o 0.2 0.1 1 3 0 0.6 0 0 1 0 .299 1.28 3.24 3.85 0.2 0.0
Weighted Mean0.20.11302.42130.2891.

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BP Chats

2019-08-06 12:00:00 (link to chat)Is it safe to assume that Archie Bradley will be the DBacks' closer moving forward? He has pitched very well recently and has recorded the team's last two saves.
(Chris from DC)
Sure. And getting him some saves down the stretch might pump his value a little in the "proven veteran closer" sense this offseason if they really are selling. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-09-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any case for either Arizona or Colorado to possibly win the NL, or even, the World Series this year?
(Radioactive man from Springfield)
Sure. I actually really like the Diamondbacks. They don't quite have the bullpen you'd like to see for a deep playoff run since Archie Bradley can't pitch every single inning, but that's mitigated in part by a strong rotation. Greinke is exactly the kind of dude you want on the hill in a WCG, and Ray/Godley/Walker is more than enough for the rest. And, as you know, they can hit the snot out of the ball.
The Rockies are also good but they're in a weird place with their pitching that I don't love. You know that [Insert Wild Card Game Starter Here] probably won't out-pitch Greinke in a vacuum so they'll need to bludgeon the DBacks to death to advance. They can do that for sure. I just like Arizona better to make a deep run. They can beat the Dodgers in a series. (Nicolas Stellini)
2017-08-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who's winning the waiver claim on Juan Nicasio?
(Colin Anderle from San Diego)
No serious contender can afford to let him pass. He's been about as good as Archie Bradley and David Phelps this year. His whole career, he couldn't get lefties out, but this year, he's even doing that. So who's first in line among the legit contenders? The Rockies? The Brewers?

I want to note, though: it's so weird that the Pirates did this that you have to wonder if the guy is somehow radioactive. Smart teams do their homework even in the heat of a race, so if he's an asshole, he might end up on the Astros or the Mariners. (Matthew Trueblood)
2017-05-03 20:00:00 (link to chat)Does Koda Glover lead the Nats in saves, or will it be Kelvin Herrera?
(Gregg from Cali)
Let me continue here. This SEEMS like a natural landing spot for Herrera. Pair him with Lorenzo Cain (I stole this idea from a twitter follower) and can the Royals get Robles back? He's heretofore been untouchable, but for that package, perhaps a deal could be swung. So, that gives Soria a chance for saves. Who else... Nate Jones on the White Sox (unless they trade him AND Robertson, which might leave... Tommy Kahnle?! Who else... I have this feeling about Archie Bradley, who also could go into the rotation. (David Brown)
2017-05-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any inside scoop on Archie Bradley for saves in Arizona? Or do you think he will be headed to the starting rotation? Thanks!
(Ombudsman from NY)
Why would the D-backs mess with him? They're either keeping him in the multi-inning #DevenskiRole or giving him another shot at the rotation. (George Bissell)
2017-04-28 13:30:00 (link to chat)i love Archie Bradley the reliever...does he have the 3 pitch mix/command to be 200 IP starter?
(Baeball Bunch from Brooklyn)
He's fun as hell isn't he? I don't think he's incapable of starting but he's not going to look like this as a starter either. I'd be concerned about the command and the number of mistakes we'd see from him over six+ innings rather than the two we see right now. (Craig Goldstein)
2017-03-29 14:00:00 (link to chat)In a league that does not value strikeouts, who are the best bets to close most of the season in Miami, Arizona and Milwaukee?
(Chopper from Indy)
I'm most confident here in Milwaukee, because I actually believe in the strides Neftali Feliz has made (or at least has been reported to have made) in his velocity. I have some shares of AJ Ramos so it pains me to admit that it's likely Kyle Barraclough overcomes him if he even has half of his last year's season, but I think they split the share of saves pretty evenly.

I completely hate the bullpen situation in Arizona and would not want any part of it, so I'll make a bold prediction here. I think Fernando Rodney doesn't really latch on in any real way and that Jake Barrett (while the natural choice to take over as closer) is passed over in favor of Archie Bradley, who becomes a bullpen ace and a top 5 NL closer. (Trevor Strunk)
2017-03-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Lucas Giolito didn't get a swinging strike and his fastball was sitting 92 in his most recent outing. What in the world is going on?
(Bob G. from D.C. )
I briefly considered just reprinting my Giolito spiel in front of the White Sox list as well, but that might have been a bit too lazy even for me. Beats me, but this happens sometime even outside an obvious injury. Pitchers, man. And really Giolito wasn't THAT much better a prospect as an amateur or minor leaguer than Archie Bradley, just played in affiliates closer to the critical mass of public evaluators. Pitchers, man.

(It's also March 17th and he could show up fine in Charlotte in three weeks) (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-02-13 20:00:00 (link to chat)A penny for your thoughts on 2 Arizona pitchers with high K rates. In terms of Robbie Ray and Archie Bradley, who will have the better year in 2017 and which pitcher will have the better career?
(Cream from Madison, WI)
I like Ray more for 2017 because of the Ks, but you'd have to have a pitching staff structured to handle the hit in WHIP from all the walks. Not for everyone.

Long term, Bradley's the play. He didn't really deliver the Ks last year, barely striking out a batter per inning, but he's definitely more likely to still be a major league starter 4-5 years down the road. (Scooter Hotz)
2017-02-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)In a 16 team dynasty, if you could only have 1 player who would you rather have? Troy Tulowitzki, Archie Bradley, Cal Quantrill, AJ Puk or Youlieski Gurriel? I won't be in contention this year.
(fightingmoose from Manitoba, Canada)
Well, probably not Tulo, unless you can have him for a reasonable price and think someone will trade you for him mid-season. I'm not a big believer in Bradley either. Young pitching scares me, but Quantrill has the profile I like to invest in in dynasty. That said, my answer would be Gurriel, who may just be a nothing-bench-bat. But he could also very well be a starting middle infielder you can have for a song -- that kind of reward is worth the risk I think. (Trevor Strunk)
2016-06-21 20:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Archie Bradley can be a top of the rotation arm?
(Kevin from New York )
No. I think he tops out as a 2 due to his control and the fact that his strikeout rate has never seemed to catch up to his stuff. A more realistic outcome is a good 3. If they switch him to the bullpen, though, pay extra attention. He could be a lights-out closer. That's a disappointing outcome for a guy who used to be the best pitching prospect in baseball, but it's still plenty useful in fantasy. (Scooter Hotz)
2016-03-14 14:30:00 (link to chat)Have you heard any reports on how Archie Bradley's stuff looks in spring training? Do you think he still has top of the rotation potential? The injuries are a concern but he's still only 23. Thanks!
(Chris from DC)
Nothing out of the ordinary yet. Hoping I can put eyes on him when I'm in Arizona next week. (Brendan Gawlowski)
2016-03-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Wheeler is drastically better than Archie Bradley?
(Nick from Wilmington)
No, not drastically. Wheeler is -- and this is weird to say -- probably the safer prospect, but Bradley has plenty of upside and looked good in instructs. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-01-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think is the reason so many impact pitching prospects have seen significant reductions on their stuff at such an early age without suffering an injury? I'm thinking Mark Appel, Archie Bradley, Jon Gray, even Julio Teheran.
(Duffman from Cali)
Some if it adapting to throwing every fifth day rather than once a week (for the college guys). Some of it is just that some guys are at their best when they're younger and have a faster rate of attrition. Sometimes it's developmental tweaks that don't work out. Not sure there's any specific cause there. (Top 101 Chat with Craig Goldstein)
2016-01-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)Some in the fantasy community are a bit down on Archie Bradley from this time last year even though the same size last year was quite small. Despite his starting pitcher frame, i've heard speculation that he may profile better as a reliever which obviously lowers his fantasy appeal. Can Archie be a #1 or #2 on an MLB team or is that being generous?
(fightingmoose from Manitoba, Canada)
I like him as a starter. I don't know that everything will click in 2016, but I do think he puts it all together in the next couple seasons, and could profile as a no. 2 at some point. (Top 101 Chat with Craig Goldstein)
2016-02-03 20:00:00 (link to chat)Can a healthy Archie Bradley be a solid (better than league average) contributor to the D-Backs?
(DavidMGibson from Home of the BC Manatees)
In the bullpen? Sure. (Greg Wellemeyer)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Could you rank these 5 in future value: Heston, Joe Ross, Wisler, Velasquez, Archie Bradley? How much does Bradley's shoulder woes affect his future career?
(ColeWhittier from Pasadena)
For future value, I guess I'd go Velasquez, Wisler, Heston, Bradley and Ross. Heston is the guy I could really be wrong on; he has already looked much better than the scouting reports were in the minors and his ceiling could be higher than I think. Bradley is also tough. He could be at the top of this list, but you hit the nail on the head. The injury history worries me - and unlike elbow injuries, shoulder injuries sometimes just kill a career. I could see Bradley being 2nd on this list, but I'm dropping him for now. I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. (Mike Gianella)
2015-04-13 15:00:00 (link to chat)Outpitching Clayton Kershaw in certainly a nice accomplishment, but it's only one game. What can we expect to see from Archie Bradley long-term through the rest of 2015?
(wauzer from Right Here)
I'd like to see him command his pitches and continue to develop into a solid top of the rotation arm. I'm not sure what to expect, but that's what I'll be watching for. (Sahadev Sharma)
2015-04-07 14:00:00 (link to chat)What does your no-Tommy John draftboard say about Archie Bradley this year?
(Pooshka from O. )
In the no TJS draft on Effectively Wild last week, I tried to avoid pitchers who were overly young or who threw especially hard. Bradley falls short on both counts, and has not established himself yet to ease the concern over the first two issues. He has been very inconsistent with his mechanics over the past couple seasons, and I see that inconsistency as a potential complicating factor for injury. (Doug Thorburn)
2015-03-25 19:00:00 (link to chat)Who do you rank higher amongst these near MLB ready arms: Jameson Taillon, Archie Bradley, Daniel Norris, or Chi Chi?
(Silverback38 from VA)
Norris, Bradley, Chi-Chi are all very close for me-- probably within 8-10 spots total. Taillon lags behind those three in my view. (Jordan Gorosh)
2015-02-26 20:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon or Archie Bradley for 2016 and beyond or are the pretty similar?
(Daniel Beach from Jupiter)
They're pretty similar, but I still prefer Bradley by a nudge. Giving him a bit of a mulligan for his 2014 season. (Bret Sayre)
2015-02-04 19:00:00 (link to chat)Generally speaking who would have more value between a highly rated prospect who struggles (Archie Bradley ) and a guy that came out of nowhere to post good numbers (degromm)?
(John from Chicago )
I think you have to aggregate a bit both ways. deGrom is not as good as he was last year, and Bradley has nowhere to go but up. With the advent of his cutter (that he calls a slider, but dammit it's a cutter), and his overall ceiling, I'm going to take the pure upside in this situation with Bradley. (Jordan Gorosh)
2015-02-04 19:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the awesome chat. What do you eventually foresee Archie Bradley and Robert Stephenson becoming? Aces? Strong #2-3? Closers?
(Dennis from LA)
Thanks, Dennis! I think they're each strong #2s. I wouldn't relegate either guy to the bullpen. Each has the body, fastball, and secondary arsenal to throw 200 IP consistently at the big league level. I wouldn't get too wrapped up in some of Bradley's failure to this point, not everyone is Jose Fernandez. (Jordan Gorosh)
2015-02-13 19:00:00 (link to chat)Hi, Mike! Thanks for your work. 16 team points league with 18 keepers (25 man-roster + 3 minor slots). I'm keeping Pujols, Beltre, Xander, Stanton, Ellsbury, Wright, Russell, Greinke, Gerrit Cole, Waino and Stroman. But I'm struggling with other 7 slots, so I decided to ask for help. Pretendents: McCann, Odor, Profar, Choo, Duda, Gausman, Phil Hughes, Holland, Doolittle, Wade Davis, Archie Bradley, Giolito, Stephenson. Thanks!
(navarra from Ukraine)
Ukraine! Wow! Thanks for reading.

A lot of this obviously depends on whether you're looking at this year or the future. McCann, Profar, Duda, Gausman, Hughes, Davis, and Giolito are the seven I think I'd keep, but that's a nice list with a nice set of problems to have. Stephenson and Bradley are tough to drop, but I don't like going with too much rookie pitching in a format like this. (Mike Gianella)
2015-02-13 19:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on Archie Bradley and Jon Gray, will they make any meaningful impact this year? It shocks me how no one mentions them anymore after 1 blah year. Everyone was raving about them and their talents and I've now heard some say a bullpen gig may be in their future?
(Zwibi from Somewhere Under The Snow)
Bradley's probably going to get a shot at some point this year if he does anything at all in the minors to start. I think Bradley's stock dropped for some not just due to bad numbers but due to concerns that his stuff won't play that well in the majors. I do agree that the concerns are overblown and that he could still be a mid-tier guy at worst, so he's worth an investment if you can stash. I love Jon Gray's stuff, but the Colorado effect kills a lot of his fantasy value for me "but Mike he's SPECIAL and GROUND BALLS and HOW could you SAY that and STOP doing this thing with CAPS it's ANNOYING." Gray could produce plenty of value for the Rockies, but in fantasy we don't factor in the park adjusted WAR/FIP, so I can't see him doing more than providing back-end NL-only or 20-team mixed league value. (Mike Gianella)
2014-11-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)Dodgers clear out enough outfield space for his Jocness to have a fairly full season tio produce to his ceiling suggested by his minor league track record, what do you see from him in 2015? Archie Bradley boom or bust? Great job on this chat so far and all chats in genreral...
(Dragonbreath from Gurnee, IL.)
Thanks, Dragonbreath. This isn't always the case, but because Pederson's strikeout rate is fairly high, I'd expect his average to come in around .250 in his first try at the big-league level, with the sort of HR and SB numbers that make him an excellent fantasy asset nonetheless.

As for Archie Bradley, I think he comes together as a mid-rotation starter, which might not be the frontline outcome some previously forecasted, but also far from the worst-case scenario. The prospect team should have a more educated guess, so keep an eye out for the D'backs top 10 list; it's due up third, after the Pirates and Cards. (Daniel Rathman)
2015-01-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Nick,when will Archie Bradley and Jon Gray make there debuts????And can Eddie Bulter rebound??? Thanks John
(John from Boston)
2015 for all three. I think Butler can rebound, certainly, but he looks much more the part of a late-inning arm to me. I'm not alone in that view, but there was also no shortage of opinions that he was still starter material. Though both he and Gray had less than flashy production in 2014, Gray was a clear step or two ahead of Butler for me, from an evaluative standpoint. (NL West Top 10s With Nick Faleris)
2015-01-09 13:00:00 (link to chat)Can Archie Bradley put it all together and be the star we all thought he could be?
(Gravybill1 from Central )
Yup -- he's one loud April away from making everyone forget 2014. (NL West Top 10s With Nick Faleris)
2014-10-23 14:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Doug, can you explain why Archie Bradley is having command issues? Is it mechanical or a lack of feel? Does it come around or, dare I say, does he end up in relief?
(jwise224 from DTLA)
Bradley has always struggled to repeat his delivery, which has the undesirable ripple effect of poor command. The expectation was that the FB command would come around along with improvements to his mechanical stability and physical strength, but so far that has not been the case. It certainly extends his timetable, and a lack of command will eventually punch his ticket to the bullpen, but Bradley is still young and has time on his side.

On the jukebox: Nirvana, "Polly" (Doug Thorburn)
2014-10-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think any of the following will become first-division or elite MLBers? Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, Oscar Taveras, Manuel Margot, Jose Peraza. Thanks!
(Chopper from Indy)
I think all are at least first division. I think Margot is going to be an absolute stud, by the way. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-09-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)My league is cutting our farm system down from 5 to 2 (don't ask...) Addison Russell is 1 keeper for sure, would you keep Lucas Giolito or Archie Bradley in the other spot?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I'd find a new league. Who has TWO spots. That seems cruel. Honestly I'm generally in favor of taking the closer to the majors prospects but the recent reports on Bradley haven't been overwhelmingly positive. I don't always worry about negative reactions (see: Syndergaard this year) but I am a bit concerned about Bradley. I think it's him by a hair, right now, but by mid-season next year I probably have a different answer. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-09-15 19:30:00 (link to chat)Next year I am closing for ___(insert team here)___.
(Greg Holland from KC)
You seem gritty. The Diamondbacks will probably trade Archie Bradley and Chris Owings for you in December. (Ben Carsley)
2014-08-29 12:00:00 (link to chat)Which top 25 prospects have a better than 50-50 shot at getting called up to the Bigs come September?
(Paul from DC)
I'd say Archie Bradley and Alex Meyer are the obvious ones. Maybe Noah Syndergaard and/or Francisco Lindor. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-08-06 16:30:00 (link to chat)12 team roto dynasty league. Standard 5x5 keep whole roster. Guy wants give me Bogaerts and Archie Bradley for Baez. Do I have to do this? Fluctuating between 1st and 2nd right now. Already have D. Gordon, Dozier, and Utley. Only Hanley at SS. Would probably drop Calhoun, J.D. Martinez, Duda, or C.J. Wilson.
(Scott from SC)
Pull the trigger. Baez won't have a good WHIP for the rest of the year. (Cespedes Family BBQ)
2014-08-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Has Daniel Norris passed some of the other more notable pitching prospects, i.e. Crick, Owens, Stephenson and yes even Archie Bradley?
(Peter from Toronto)
Norris destroyed High-A, but that was expected. He struggled some at AA initially, but he's just fine. Mellen has a great report on him here:

Crick is a reliever. Every scout and industry guy I have ever talked to has said that.

Crick (Tucker Blair)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Sorry if this is a repeat. What are you doing with Baez in dynasty leagues where you can keep forever? Holding or selling. Have an offer of Bogaerts, Archie Bradley and Casey Jannsen for my Baez and Betances. Moving back and forth between 1st and 3rd right now. Could possibly use saves, this doesn't do a whole lot for my team this year.
(Joe from SC)
I'm generally holding on him, but Bogaerts/Bradley/Janssen is a nice haul for him/Betances. I don't think you regret doing this if it helps you this year. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)One waiver transaction left in a keep-forever, 16-keeper league and looking to acquire one more SP/SP prospect: Lucas Giolito, Archie Bradley, Dylan Bundy, or deGrom.
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
Giolito (Craig Goldstein)
2014-07-22 15:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Jordan, Do you think Archie Bradley gets the call soon or more of a September call up type?
(John from Toronto)
Bradley needs to refine his fastball command. That's the last piece of the puzzle for him. Once he does that, he has all of the tools to be a front of the rotation beast. With what's going on in Arizona, your guess is as good as mine. I wouldn't mind seeing him take the ball a few times in Sept, though. He's only thrown 53 innings, and isn't going to come close to his limit. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-06-26 14:00:00 (link to chat)Who are your personal top 5 prospects, based on potential production in 2015-17?
(Graham from Richmond, VA)
Great question. It's really difficult to question what Kris Bryant could bring to the table next year. He's been mashing and has overwhelmed the opposition. I'd probably go Baez, Bryant, Buxton, Correa, and Syndergaard. It's a very flexible list, obviously. I'm also not sure we should be ignoring what Archie Bradley and Dylan Bundy are capable of, though. (J.P. Breen)
2014-06-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)When do you think Archie Bradley gets the call and what do you project he will become?
(John from Toronto)
It's all about fastball command for Bradley, as it usually is for guys with big, power stuff, but he has all of the ingredients to become a top of the rotation arm. The CH needs to take a step forward as well, but the velocity is easy, and he has a big time hammer. I like the profile, and see him as a good number 2 starter for quite some time. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)I feel like I'm looking at a rerun of Zach Wheeler while I watch Archie Bradley progress. Do you see Archies' MLB early career mirroring Wheelers'? Will Julio Urias be up any sooner than 2017? How about jos Pederson, does LA make any space for him by 2016? Thanks for the Chat! Always appreciate your insights!
(Dragonbreath from Gurnee, IL)
That's not a bad comparison in that they are both blue-chippers (similarly sized, too) with control issues as they come up. I don't think Bradley will be instantly good upon arrival because of his control, but he'll have flashes of brilliance. Urias will take a while for sure, but Pederson can't waste away in AAA that long. If they can't really find room at any pt this year, then they have to look to trade him to fill other holes. It'd just be a massive waste for him to sit two more seasons in AAA (Paul Sporer)
2014-05-29 19:30:00 (link to chat)I am in a keeper league in which the 1st and 2nd round picks cannot be kept...I am eliminated but have Carlos Gonzalez as a trade chip (1st round), would him for Javier Baez and Archie Bradley be enough of a return?
(Ben from kalamazoo)
Would someone give you that for 4 months of an injured CarGo? If so, hell yes, that's a great deal. (Ben Carsley)
2014-05-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)Wins, I know, but who gets more of them from this point until the end of time: CC Sabathia, Zack Wheeler, Archie Bradley, Ryan Vogelsong?
(Wandy from Wandyland)
Bradley, Wheeler, Sabathia, Vogelsong.

146, 139, 34, 19 (Zachary Levine)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)Jeff Samardzija, Javier Baez, and Archie Bradley for Jose an 18 team keeper league...who says no?
(msimotes from Kalamazoo)
Seems like a trade where I'd want to try and hold onto Baez or Bradley and move them in another dump deal, but that's how my leagues roll for dump deals. Every league is different. (Mike Gianella)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)Give up on any notion of Archie Bradley in thre bigs this season?
(Dragonbreath from Gurnee, IL)
Drop in 10-team mixed, consider dropping in 12-team, hold onto him everywhere else for now. My uneducated guess is a 20% chance he's up this year. Even if he' s healthy, the timetable has been pushed back for certain. (Mike Gianella)
2014-05-02 14:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Doug, If it's a worst case scenario and Archie Bradley requires TJ surgery, who do you think goes on to have the better career, Bundy or Bradley, based on mechanics, rebound of stuff, and any historical comps with similar TJ survivors?
(Cal Guy from Cal)
The Worst Case Scenario game is a bit of a downer, but give me Bundy in that case. I like Bundy's delivery and repertoire better than that of Bradley.

On the jukebox: Red Hot Chili Peppers, "My Lovely Man" (Doug Thorburn)
2014-04-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)Need help! I got offered Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, and Jeff Samardzija for Jose Fernandez...This is in a 20 team keeper league in which I am in first and the winner gets $2K...What do I do?
(msimotes from Kalamazoo)
If you want to win this year then don't give away the best player. I'd ask the Bat Signal guys, though, just to be sure. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-04-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)I received this trade offer in a dynasty league: Give Archie Bradley and Gyorko, receive Anibal Sanchez. I just lost Matt Moore so I'm kind of itching to get another SP, but this doesn't seem like nearly enough, right?
(SBP from Indiana)
No, I don't make that deal. Bradley could be better than Sanchez by 2016, and Gyorko is a good MI option with starting 2B upside. Even if you think Gyorko moves to 3B next year, your package is better. (Ben Carsley)
2014-04-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)I know that there isn't an exact date, but when is Prospect Christmas, the Super 2 Deadline? Who shall we see in the bigs soon after?
(Chris from MA)
Late May/Early June usually, I believe. I bet you see Gregory Polanco up right around then. Perhaps Archie Bradley too. I would've said Taillon and Sano, but sadface. (Ben Carsley)
2014-04-17 12:00:00 (link to chat)In light of Arizona's starting pitching woes, when do you expect a Archie Bradley callup?
(dmaybee from Lynchburg)
Yesterday? I mean, six walks in 16 innings isn't ideal, but it won't kill you either, and right now, according to MLB Depth Charts, the D-backs 'ace' is Brandon McCarthy. McCarthy is a nice pitcher, and he's killer on twitter, but he's not who I want at the front of the rotation, and I'm not saying that just because he doesn't follow me on twitter (seriously, Brandon, what that..?) It's early in the year so maybe AZ is trying to ride through the injury storm without throwing their top prospect into the middle of it, and that's reasonable. But if they're trying to win now, and their moves say they are, Bradley would seem like the best possible solution. (Matthew Kory)
2014-04-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)How come Archie Bradley is not on your list of who might be called up next?
(Norwun from NYC)
I didn't think of him. He's certainly a candidate, although the D-Backs have said that he's not ready yet. Of course, that could be a ploy so it doesn't look like they're holding him off for financial reasons. He's not exactly dominating in Triple-A right now either, so he's not forcing the Diamondbacks hand, though injuries are. He still has command issues and gets away with his plus stuff too often. That's a nice problem to have sometimes, but one that he'll have to correct. (Jeff Moore)
2014-04-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)I know it's only been 2 starts but has Archie Bradley made any noticeable command improvements? How many AAA starts do you think he needs before he is ready to go?
(Frank from BK)
I can't speak to how many starts he will need before he is ready. I'm not in the dugout/clubhouse day in and day out to discuss those type of developmental specifics. I do think he could succeed in the big leagues in short order based solely on his raw stuff. (Mark Anderson)
2014-03-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)which minor league pitcher has the most upside? follow up question: which minor league pitcher has the best shot at reaching his ceiling?
(Bob from Lombard)
Archie Bradley possesses the most upside. Mark Appel for your follow up question. (Ronit Shah)
2014-03-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Where does Archie Bradley make the D-Backs rotation, or does Delgado have the inside track for the 5th rotation spot?
(Mustard from Kingston, Ontario)
With every pitcher that gets hurt, Bradley's chances of making the rotation out of spring increase. Delgado probably gets the spot, however, because he's out of options and their bullpen is pretty well set. Bradley won't be down for long, though. (Jeff Moore)
2014-02-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Does the Jimenez signing cripple Gausman's 2014 fantasy value? Who gets more MLB innings this season, Gausman or Archie Bradley?
(cowboytrout from Kentucky)
Not necessarily. I still think Gausman is better than Norris and probably better than Miguel Gonzalez. It's a loooong season. I'd probably still be Gausman because of who is ahead of him. Although McCarthy likely opens up at least a 1-month stint in Ari for Archie to try and wedge himself into (Paul Sporer)
2014-02-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)So basically I'm in a conundrum. My fantasy league allows you to hold 5 minor leaguers. Background info is that I have one of the strongest teams in the league, with exceptional hitting and very good pitching. The minor leaguers I own so far are Javier Baez, Miguel Sano, and Addison Russell. However I'm unsure of what to do with my last 2 spots. Based on how I know the draft will play out I can go a couple different directions... -Draft Gregory Polanco and Archie Bradley -Draft 2 longer ETA prospects (Frazier, Giolito, Dahl) so I don't have potentially 5 minor leaguers coming up this summer and forcing me to cut 5 guys from my competitive 28 man roster - Draft 2 SPs to balance out my team (Bradley, Giolito, Gray, Syndergaard)
(CharlieWerner from Manayunk PA)
I'd go with Polanco and Bradley followed by Synder, Gio, Gray, Dahl, and Frazier (Paul Sporer)
2014-02-28 14:00:00 (link to chat)Very deep 20-team dynasty league: I need MLB-ready pitching. I was offered Felix Hernandez and two bench bats (Likely Ackley and R Weeks) for Archie Bradley, Matt Harvey, and Marcus Stroman. I know you're not Sayre, Sporer, etc. But from the pitching expert side, do Harvey's TJ recovery, Bradley's control, and Stroman's size give you reason to part for the King?
(Jonah from Redwood)
It really depends on your team makeup and whether you have a good shot at 2014 contention or built for the long haul. I am optimistic about Harvey's return from injury, and he can be the King's equal if he comes all the way back. Interestingly, though, they are only about 3 yrs apart in age (Felix is just 27). Bradley and Stroman add considerable upside to the deal, and I would probably hold on to the young arms in a dynasty league - esp one with 20 teams, given that you need to have some extremes in order to prevail. But if you have a very strong team for 2014 that could age its way out of contention, then you may have to pull the trigger. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-02-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Despite the inherent costs of starting the arbitration clock earlier, shouldn't the immediate success of top NL fireballing pitching prospects last year like Gerrit Cole, Jose Fernandez, Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha and even lower ceiling guys like Tony Cingrani and Alex Wood made it more likely that Archie Bradley, Noah Syndergaard and maybe even guys like Matt Wisler and James Taillon come up to help their clubs as early as possible?
(Scott from LA)
Maybe, but remember everyone's developmental cycles are different. Kevin Gausman seemed like a good bet to succeed right out of the gates, instead he allowed more hits than innings pitched. So it's really a case-by-case thing.

Plus, with the exception of Jose Fernandez, all those pitchers were on quality teams. If I'm the Mets I'm not eager to cost myself more money later on for two months of a guy who, let's face it, isn't the difference between the postseason and the golf course. (R.J. Anderson)
2014-01-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)Welcome Ben, I'll start you off with a curveball: Let's say every draft eligible prospect from 2010 to 2014 was eligible for this year's draft. Just based on pre-draft scouting reports and without the benefit of hindsight, how would the first 10 picks of the draft unfold?
(baseballjunkie from cali, where it's already Spring)
This is an amazingly difficult question to answer, and also quite fun. It's probably better suited for an article than for a fantasy chat answer, but since I was able to access this question ahead of time, here's what I came up with after about 30 min of research. I'll note that since I'm not familiar enough with 2014 prospects yet, I've restricted your search to 2010-2013 draftees. I'll go with:

1. Bryce Harper 2. Manny Machado 3. Gerrit Cole 4. Dylan Bundy 5. Anthony Rendon 6. Jameson Taillon 7. Bubba Starling
8. Byron Buxton 9. Carlos Correa 10. Archie Bradley

Toughest omissions for me were Francisco Lindor, Trevor Bauer, Kevin Gausman, Kris Bryant and Mark Appel. If Luc Giolito had been healthy for his senior year, he'd probably have made it on this list. Obviously that's not how we'd rank them now, and it's funny that guys like Chris Sale, Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey and Javier Baez are left in the dust. Bubba Starling sticks out like a sore thumb, and Buxton was underrated. This exercise also reinforces how loaded the 2011 draft was. Last year's pales in comparison. (Ben Carsley)
2014-01-21 18:00:00 (link to chat)Belt or A Bradley , who do you keep in a dynasty league?
(Justinpain from Chicago)
Probably Archie Bradley, but it's close for me given pitcher volatility. (Mike Gianella)
2014-01-17 10:00:00 (link to chat)In three years who will be the better MLB pitcher? Archie Bradley or Julio Teheran?
(Joe from Beyond the Sun)
Archie Bradley (Jason Parks)
2014-01-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)With my first round pick in our prospect draft, I'm eying a pitcher. Archie Bradley, Masahiro Tanaka, Jonathan Gray, Mark Appel, Noah Syndergaard, Lucas Giolito, and Robert Stephenson are all still on the board. Which 2 or 3 are on your shortlist, and who do you pick & why? Thanks for the chat!
(Sara from Tacoma)
Oh man that's fun agonizing at the same time. Bradley/Giolito are my top two. Tanaka is probably my third because he'll pitch in the majors so soon. It depends on your team's timetable. If you're contending sooner, Bradley. If you can wait (because of depth or because you're bad) go with Giolito. (Craig Goldstein)
2013-12-10 18:00:00 (link to chat)So I'm walking around the hotel in my Birkenstocks, thinking about taking a bath, when I hear about todays three-team trade. Who are the trades fantasy winners/losers?
(Jeff Passan from #BathEvening)
Hi Jeff:

I already answered the three-way-trade question a couple of questions ago, but looked at it more from an MLB perspective. From a fantasy standpoint, Adam Eaton probably figures to gain more playing time, while Alejandro de Aza could lose time or get traded. Mark Trumbo should see a home run boost moving from Anaheim to Arizona. Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago both benefit moving to pitchers' parks. Archie Bradley is the sneaky winner; he might have seen his timetable moved forward with the trade of Skaggs out of the organization. (Mike Gianella)
2013-12-10 18:00:00 (link to chat)Between Archie Bradley, Noah Syndergaard, and Jonathan Gray, how would you rank their ceilings/fantasy upside? ETAs? Bonus: For how long will we have to deal with 50 shades puns based on Gray's name (Sonny's as well... who also gets the "It's always sunny" puns).
(Jonah from Redwood)
Hi Jonah:

I would probably rank them in the order that you have them ranked, with Bradley and Syndergaard very close and Gray a little bit behind. Both Bradley and Syndergaard have ace potential, with Bradley a tick more likely to be that ace with Synergaard falling in as a #2. Gray looks more like a #2 to me, which certainly isn't shabby; I just don't see him as that #1 stud.

The puns are up to the masses. I didn't even think of the 50 shades of Gray thing, and as far as Sonny Gray goes I didn't see the It's Always Sunny comparison either. If anything saves us here from the puns, it's that the A's aren't high profile. (Mike Gianella)
2013-12-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Archie Bradley or Jonathan Gray, and why?
(Jonah from Redwood)
For fantasy purposes? Gray will be in the majors sooner, albeit in a worse park for pitchers. Can't go wrong either way. (R.J. Anderson)
2013-12-20 14:00:00 (link to chat)In a dynasty draft, trying to decide who to take with my pick. Provided both are still there, how would you compare/contrast Archie Bradley and Jonathan Gray? Ceilings, mechanics, floor, arsenal, risk, etc? Who would you want, why?
(Francois from Toronto)
Bradley and Gray make for a very interesting comparison. They both have plus-plus fastballs and excellent breaking pitches, while the change-up is still a work in progress for both pitchers. They both carry the rare combination of great posture paired with a high arm slot due to naturally-elevated levels of shoulder abduction, traits that make coaches and scouts happy. Bradley has had some issues with controlling the strike zone, but such is to be expected from high school arms. Gray might be behind on the minor league ladder yet ahead on the development curve due to his college pedigree and having been recently drafted. This is a really tough call, and they might reach the majors around the same time. Give me Bradley for now, since he is more of a known commodity at the pro level, but I could change my mind within the next 6 months. (Doug Thorburn)
2013-11-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Are Archie Bradley and Lucas Giolito two of the top minor league pitchers from a potential standpoint?
(Chopper from Indy)
Both have tremendous ceilings. Giolito is a ways off and Bradley did well for a 20 year old in AA but needs to take a step forward to stay on the fast track. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-11-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Per the mid-season Top 50, the top 10 Starting Pitching propects in baseball (that are still prospect eligible) were: Archie Bradley, Kevin Gausman, Taijuan Walker, Jameson Taillon, Dylan Bundy, Mark Appel, Robert Stephenson, Carlos Martinez, Noah Syndergaard, and Aaron Sanchez. What would an updated list look like? I assume Jonathan Gray would be somewhere in the middle of the pack, no?
(Jonah from Redwood)
I think there are some slight differences that you'd see here. Globally speaking, I think everyone recognizes that Noah Syndergaard has vaulted himself higher up a list of this nature. Speaking personally, I have always been on the lower end with my Dylan Bundy projections and I would push him down the list some. Gray would be in the mix toward the back of this pack for me, and that's not a slight against him, I just don't believe he is quite on par with some of the other names in this group. (Mark Anderson)
2013-11-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which current SP prospects have a reasonable chance to become a legit #1 in your opinion?
(Hal from Spartanburg)
These are dangerous questions and the answer is going to vary from person to person. I tend to be very stingy with my #1 projections, and the only guy I'm sold has a decent chance to get there is Archie Bradley. There are a host of other guys -- Walker, Gausman, Appel, Taillon, etc. -- that have the raw ingredients but there are enough questions with each that I think they come up short. With Bradley, while he still has developmental hurdles, I think the overall package has a very good chance to get to that level. (Mark Anderson)
2013-11-08 14:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Ben, Anyone in the minors with #1 starter potential?
(Cal Guy from Cali)
Archie Bradley would be the best bet. (Ben Lindbergh)
2013-10-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you consider Archie Bradley to be a significantly better prospect than Jameson Taillon, or is it a 1 and 1a type of thing? Is Jorge Alfaro the real deal? Thank you.
(Chopper from Indy)
I would take Bradley over Taillon. I'm not sure I would say he's a significantly better prospect, but I think he develops into the the better ML starter. (Jason Parks)
2013-09-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)20 team dynasty, h2h. I've got an elite offense say for my dh (Victor Martinez). My bullpen consists of Red Dragon and many one day/would be closers. My rotation is from heavy (Strasburg, Cain, Moore, Wheeler, Gausman, Taillon, Carlos Martinez, J. Mejia, Collmenter(???)). Pitching is king in this league, regardless of offense. I have, through various trades, the 1-1 pick next year in a 2-round, 40 pick draft. Would you a) draft Buxton; b) draft Archie Bradley, N. Syndergaard, or Robert Stephenson; c) draft Jose Dariel Abreu (will know where he signs by then); or d) trade the pick for something immediate?
(AJ from Phoenix)
Even with pitching being king, I'd still lean Buxton or trade it for a now piece. Could you get like a Hisashi Iwakuma or is that too high? Test the market for a big arm or just go Buxton if the offers are uninspiring. (Paul Sporer)
2013-09-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)Could you talk about about your favorite secondary pitch or pitches and maybe a few guys in the minors that best represent those pitches?
(steve from Santa Fe )
I have always been partial to the slider just because that was always the secondary pitch I had the most success with, but I have come to love the true hammer curveball even more in my scouting days. Between Jameson Taillon and Archie Bradley, I don't think you can really go wrong with their curveballs. (Mark Anderson)
2013-09-27 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who do you like better long-term, Walker or Bradley?
(baseballjunkie from SF Bay Area)
Archie Bradley. His command profile is a little better for me and I think he comes closer to actualizing his raw potential. He could sit atop a Major League rotation and that's pretty hard to beat. (Mark Anderson)
2013-09-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Where in 100 ranking for Archie Bradley? Tyler Glasnow? Hunter Harvey? CJ Edwards? Thanks!
(Joe Bob from TX)
Ask Parks, that's his area. (Harry Pavlidis)
2013-09-11 13:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think Arizona will do with Skaggs with their mega crowded rotation? Also, what do you think of Braden Shipley's potential?
(nubber from tx)
Didn't get any reports on Shipley from this summer (didn't ask around the NWL much) but he's a guy I really want to see at instructs. With the DBacks rotation: things have a way of working themselves out via injuries, but the rotation isn't *that* crowded with Kennedy gone. Corbin, Miley, Delgado, Cahill, McCarthy. They're all under contract for 2014 but I think you can put together a good competition in spring training next year for the final spot and give Archie Bradley some time in Triple-A as well. As we learned with the Rangers this year, though, injuries can make a crowded rotation very barren in a hurry. (Jason Cole)
2013-08-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)So you have touched on one of your top 5 pitching prospects (Syndergard)....Who else do you have?
(Shawn from Philly)
Top of my head, only guys who haven't pitched in the big leagues: Archie Bradley, Taijuan Walker, Syndergaard, Jameson Taillon, aaaaand...let's go Robert Stephenson. Disclaimer: not much thought went into that. (Jason Cole)
2013-08-08 17:30:00 (link to chat)Rank these SP please: keeper lge: Henry Owens, Archie Bradley, Michael Wacha and ranaudo? T. Walker is OVERRATED
(Minor league guy from Lake villa IL)
In a keeper, I'd go Bradley, Owens, Wacha, Walker, and Ranuado. I think Walker might be "overrated", but he could still be a solid #3 with a ceiling as a #2. (Mike Gianella)
2013-08-08 17:30:00 (link to chat)What do you see T. Walker and A. Bradley developing into, #1, 2, 3 or bullpen arms?
(Cal Guy from Cal)
Archie Bradley has an ace ceiling but could wind up as a #2. Taijuan Walker seems like a #3 to me with a #2 ceiling but could wind up in the pen. Predicting what "slot" a pitcher is going to land in is a fool's errand...and now I feel like a fool. (Mike Gianella)
2013-07-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thank for the chat! Do you think Taijuan Walker and Archie Bradley have the highest ceilings out of any pitchers in the minors?
(Jacob from St. Louis)
Yeah, they might. I'd put Syndergaard in that discussion as well. (Jason Parks)
2013-07-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)I own a fairly veteran powerhouse in deep dynasty league. My CF (Granderson) has been a let down this season, and his backup (Aoki) has been solid but unspectacular. CF is my biggest need right now, and one team (out of contention) has both A. Jones and McCutchen. He's got great young pillars in Machado, Fernandez, and Teheran, but much of his roster is much older. He is essentially unable to compete, halfway stuck between a rebuild and a playoff run. By the time His young guys are perennial AS, his older guys will be retiring. I offered Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley for one of his CF. I figure it gives him a great young core to build his rotation around (his desire). His counter: CF for Granderson, Darvish, and Bradley. This guy has a history of lowballing everyone, and asking for ridiculous returns for his mediocre players. Any chance I can make this guy see the light, or should I move on?
(Dr. Mike from Milwaukee)
You can try with another counter, but if that's what he thinks is legit, then just move on. (Paul Sporer)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which five players currently in the minors have the highest ceiling?
(Mario66 from Pittsburgh)
Byron Buxton, Oscar Taveras, Javier Baez, Archie Bradley, Jorge Alfaro (hard to name five) (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Complete this SAT-type analogy: Archie Bradley is to Corey Feldman as Kyle Zimmer is to...?
(richardkr34 from Saint Paul, MN)
A kid that was once thought to be Corey Haim that turned out to be a sibling of Nick Lachey. (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)You get to pick one pitcher and one batter from this top-50 to build your franchise around. Who are they?
(The Ghost of Kevin Goldstein from Floating around DeKalb)
Byron Buxton and Archie Bradley. Didn't even have to think about it. (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Archie Bradley will be called up this year before September?
(Mike from USA)
I can see a call-up but not before September. (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Are you at all concerned with Bradley's somewhat doughy build?
(Marvin from Chi-town)
Archie Bradley? Um, he doesn't have a doughy build at all. That dude is chiseled. (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who will be the top-3 prospects entering the 2014 season?
(Jim from Cleveland)
Buxton, Lindor, and Archie Bradley. Taveras if he doesn't expire his eligibility will of course be there, too, but I suspect he'll expire it. My guy who wasn't in the top 10-15 of top 100s would be George Springer, but he also has the "if he doesn't use his eligibility" as he's raking Double-A and could get a call in August some time. (Paul Sporer)
2013-06-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)If Archie Bradley gets added to your (salary appreciation keeper) league, do you spend the #1 waiver priority on him, or hope for Buxton?
(ravenight from Boston)
How do they get added? I like him, but I'd probably wait for something a bit surer. What kind of league format? (Paul Sporer)
2013-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Archie Bradley: Currently the best pitching prospect in the minors?
(Lamp from Dallas)
Yup. (Jason Cole)
2013-06-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which prospects have really broken out so far this year? Tyler Glasnow has to be one of them right?
(Shawn from Office)
Yep. And Archie Bradley is one of the bigger ones. After showing good stuff but walking a ton of hitters last year, he has really refined everything and looks like the best pitching prospect in the minors right now. He's the big breakout guy for me. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-30 13:30:00 (link to chat)Higher ceiling: Taijuan Walker or Archie Bradley? Thanks Mark!
(Henry from San Francisco)
That's almost a toss-up. Both players are exceptionally talented. I would give a slight edge to Walker but it just boils down to personal preference when you are trying to differentiate between these two pitchers. (Mark Anderson)
2013-05-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Archie Bradley: Top pitching prospect in baseball?
(Liam from TX)
We are quick to discount/promote players based on small samples. Here's the truth: Bradley should have been ranked higher coming into this season, and he's certainly making a very good case for the top spot at his position, but its not like Taijuan Walker or Zack Wheeler or even Gerrit Cole have fallen on their faces or regressed. I'll explore this in more detail when we produce the mid-season Top 50, but its hard to say right now. Bradley will be in the Top 10; I guarantee that. Will he be the top arm? Not sure yet. (Jason Parks)
2013-05-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Assuming the usual suspects graduate this year (Bundy, Cole, Wheeler, even throw in Walker and Taillon though they may not be called up), who are the the next 4-5 top SP arms in the minors?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
I would even throw J.R. Graham into that list you're working with there. I'm a big, big fan. Appel and Gray will obviously have a chance to be in that discussion as we enter next season. For me, Archie Bradley might very well be the #1 pitching prospect in baseball to open next season. I'd need a little more time to think up an actual top 4-5 (I'll do that prior to the next chat and answer it then!), but Bradley would be my call as #1 if all of those guys happen to graduate. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)At this point, would you rather have Archie Bradley or Dylan Bundy? How worried are you about Bundy's forearm tightness? Thanks!
(DS from LA)
I don't know enough about Bundy's exact situation with the forearm/elbow to know how concerned I should be. I'm not sure if really anybody knows at this point. I'd still take Bundy for now. (Jason Cole)
2013-05-10 14:00:00 (link to chat)With their depth, how quickly do you see Archie Bradley moving up towards Arizona? From what you have seen does he have a lot more work to do in in the minors?
(Scott from LA)
Bradley is tearing through the minors, but with only 8 innings above A-ball and a stacked Arizona rotation in of him, I think that the D-Backs can afford to be patient. I haven't watched him yet this year, but Jason Parks was raving about Bradley at the BP event at Dodgers Stadium, and when in doubt always trust the professor. (Doug Thorburn)
2013-04-30 12:00:00 (link to chat)For developmental purposes shouldn't the D'backs get Archie Bradley out of the Cal. league asap?
(mmcd from ottawa)
This and a question about Wheeler/Las Vegas are interesting developmental/psyche inquiries that I wish I had a good answer for. (R.J. Anderson)
2013-04-16 20:00:00 (link to chat)where do you see Archie Bradley ranking amongst prospects in 2014? Is it crazy to think that he will be the TOP pitching prospect? Command was an issue last season, in a small sample, he has seemed to improve that aspect.
(Patty from NJ)
Not crazy, but not likely. I still like Taijuan Walker to be the #1 pitching prospect in the game in 2014. (Bret Sayre)
2013-04-16 20:00:00 (link to chat)took over a clunker in a dynasty league and decent SP is non-existant on the wire. was able to trade for and pick up some SP prospects (archer, gausman, taillon and cingrani). any other young guys i should target? just missed out on wheeler. my trade chips are ellsbury, morse and papelbon.
(phin from Milwaukee)
Target the next wave of potential studs. Max Fried, Aaron Sanchez, Archie Bradley and Taylor Guerrieri are all potential top-25 prospects next year. (Bret Sayre)
2013-04-16 20:00:00 (link to chat)Should i be considered a criminal just got Archie Bradley for the Cingrani hypester
(Abnergreen from Puerto Rico )
#criminal (Bret Sayre)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)Care to find the nearest crystal ball in your apt. and provide an early look at the top 10 next year?
(bmmolter from Mass.)
I can:
1. Addison Russell
2. Javier Baez
3. Taijuan Walker
4. Archie Bradley
5. Aaron Sanchez
6. Byron Buxton
7. Jameson Taillon
8. Robert Stephenson
9. Francisco Lindor
10. Austin Hedges (Jason Parks)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)Can you name the pitchers with a real chance at being a 1P, and who are outside of the BP top 20 at the current moment?
(Brian from Boston)
Aaron Sanchez, Archie Bradley, Lucas Giolito (Jason Parks)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Jason, just wanted to say that your writing (and a few others) helped me get through a dark winter and fall, holed -up in my house a lot with health issues. Getting better though. Thank-you brother. I enjoyed your recent backfierld notes from rthe Cactus League. So, that Archie Bradley cat was pretty impressive eh?
(casejud from Bothell, Wa)
Thanks. Glad you are feeling better. Yeah, Bradley's very legit. From his pitching to the way he carries himself. Jason Cole did a video interview with him after his final backfield start. That will be up at BP next week. (Jason Parks)
2013-02-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thanks for the chat, Ian! A. Hill just signed an extension, and I wondered what you thought his productivity would resemble this year. Also, what typoe of pitcher do you think Archie Bradley will be in the majors?
(Chopper from Indy)
My pleasure, Chopper. Aaron Hill is one of those guys who absolutely fascinates me. His career WAP(P) numbers are crazy: he's put up 4.5, 5.2, and 5.9 WARP in various seasons, but he's also posted -2.0 WARP. So I would expect some pretty dramatic regression this year, and the BP computer seems to agree with me: we've got him at .262 TAv and 2.7 WARP for 2013.

I'm a HUGE Archie Bradley fan. I've yet to see him in person, but I hope that changes this season -- I assume he'll be assigned to Visalia. (Ian Miller)
2013-02-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Does Archie Bradley make the jump to the top tier pitching prospect status? I think I like his stuff better than a Jose Fernandez. It appears command is the only missing link.
(rangerfans2 from Fort Worth)
I don't think his stuff is as good as Jose Fernandez, but that doesn't mean he's a slouch. I think he has the potential to jump up a tier, but it's not going to be an overnight thing for Bradley. (Jason Parks)
2013-01-16 13:30:00 (link to chat)I know it's a short list but no Archie Bradley in the top ten? I had the impression from the superlatives heaped on him numerous times by BP that he was right there. Top twenty then?
(mikemcd from ottawa)
He needs to make some pretty big developmental steps to reach his ceiling. If I were offering a list of pitchers with the highest ceilings, he'd be right there. Personally, he'll be right around that 20 mark, possibly just outside. (Mark Anderson)
2012-12-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Keeper League question: I was offered Yoenis Cespedes for Matt Harvey, Archie Bradley and George Springer. Should I pull the trigger?
(Brett from Toronto)
I'm the wrong person to ask on account of my undying affection for Cespedes. I'd probably do it. Harvey and Bradley could be awfully good, but Cespedes is already there. (Geoff Young)
2012-12-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)What is a good way to explain player development (and how statistical failure can be a good thing) to a novice? Specifically I need to explain to a buddy of mine why people can be so bullish on Bubba Starling or a Archie Bradley when they are so raw and far away from being in a major league uniform,
(AJ from Phoenix)
Player development is specific to the player in question, so the journey will be unique to the individual. Some players benefit from setback more than others, but failure and the response to failure is a vital part of the developmental process. Baseball is a game of failure and adjustment.

As for Starling and Bradley, I think their ultimate ceilings are what people assign the most weight to. Obviously they are far away, but the promise they provide is more intoxicating than the realities of the developmental process, which will most likely diminish that promise as they mature in the game. It's very rare for a high-ceiling teenager to arrive at the major league level carrying the same promise they had when they first entered the game.

The development process is a journey from a dark club where everybody looks handsome/pretty to the unforgiving natural light of a hungover morning. (Jason Parks)
2012-12-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Completely Gratuitous 4-Team Blockbuster Trade Proposal: -Mets send R.A. Dickey to Red Sox, send Lucas Duda + Domingo Tapia to Indians & send Wilmer Flores to Diamondbacks -Red Sox send Archie Bradley + Anthony Ranaudo to Indians -Indians send Asdrubal Cabrera to Diamondbacks & send Shin-Soo Choo + Vinnie Pestano to Mets -Diamondbacks send Justin Upton to Mets Care to offer gratuitous thoughts?
(mattstupp from NYC)
Math makes my head hurt (Ian Miller)
2012-10-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)ETA on Archie Bradley reaching Big Leagues?
(JT from New Jersey)
He could move quickly once he irons out his command, but I wouldn't expect to see him in Arizona before 2015. (Bradley Ankrom)
2012-08-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)Taijuan Walker made your top 10 prospects in the minors list a few weeks ago, as did Dylan Bundy and Gerrit Cole. Where do hurlers Jose Fernandez, Archie Bradley, and Matt Barnes factor in to your pitching prospect rankings?
(Francois from Toronto)
I would have Fernandez, Bradley, and Barnes in my top 25. Those are legit arms. I really, really like them. Barnes is the big sleeper there, He doesn't have the same extreme ceiling, but he can bring it and he's going to sneak up on people and develop into a quality major league starter. (Jason Parks)
2012-06-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Archie Bradley was all the rave coming out of Spring Training. Bundy has obviously became the flavor of the month lately, but are you still hearing good things about Archie?
(Twenty Grade Tony from Albuquerque)
I'm still hearing good things about both arms. Bradley has had some command/control issues, but the stuff is still turning heads. (Jason Parks)
2012-06-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Obviously their stocks have gone in different directions, but if you're the GM and a challenge trade is on the table, who are you taking: Archie Bradley or Jose Fernandez?
(Alan from T.O.)
I'm back. Apologies for the delay. Recorded a podcast segment with a scouting director. Tons of great info.

I'd take Bradley. (Jason Parks)
2012-06-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is there any concern about Archie Bradley's control--30 walks and ten wild pitches--or is this routine, just part of the deal with a young pitcher learning to harness remarkable stuff?
(michaelmcduffe from ottawa)
Part of the deal. He was a top-shelf quarterback recruit in high school, so he's still a little raw. I was happy to see Arizona assign him to a full-season club this year, and I'm more encouraged that he's held his own than discouraged by his command/control issues. (Bradley Ankrom)
2012-03-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)I keep reading little snippets about how Archie Bradley is really impressing scouts thus far. Could you give a little more information on that? Better command? Better breaking stuff?
(ttt from Manhattan)
and outstanding velocity. He's been crazy good. Like how did he drop that low in the draft good. (Kevin Goldstein)
2012-03-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)What games are you enjoying when not tempting me to trade away Ryan Braun for Archie Bradley? I still need to tackle Dark Souls and Mass Effect 2, much less ME3.
(Knights of from Amular)
Still on Skyrim, which it seems you can just play forever. I haven't had much time for anything lately, so I'm in on that and level 32 or so while trying to focus on more of the main stuff as opposed to the distractions. Play Dark Souls. It's remarkable. (Kevin Goldstein)
2012-04-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you had to choose for a trade-preference list, would you prefer Tyler Skaggs, Archie Bradley, or Trevor Bauer?
(sportspopery from cubicle hell)
Bradley. He could be very special. He has the highest ceiling on that list. (Jason Parks)
2012-04-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)While your man-crush on Bubba Starling has been obvious, what are the odds on the Royals regretting Bundy (who I felt was #1 on their draft board) not falling one more spot as most draftniks thought?
(LoyalRoyal from LV, KS)
Well, they needed arms, so I think they are always going to dream of Bundy falling to #5. But the player that is really going to hurt is Archie Bradley, who the Royals let slide to #7. Bradley is going to pitch atop a major league rotation someday, and the Royals don't have an arm in the system that can boast of that future. I understand going for Starling; he could be an elite player. That said, for a team that needs arms, Bradley might have been too good to pass up. (Jason Parks)
2012-04-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Archie Bradley v Taijuan Walker... who you got?
(Francois from Toronto)
Walker. (Jason Parks)
2012-03-23 12:00:00 (link to chat)Looking forward to my prospect draft next season. Taijuan Walker v. Archie Bradley. Xander Bogaerts v. Javier Baez, Michael Choice v. Rymer Liriano. Who'd you take in those matchups?
(Joe from Bellvue)
Bradley, Bogaerts, Liriano. Walker is the wildcard for me because he could be the very good version of Edwin Jackson we saw a few years ago or the one that has been around most other seasons. (Jason Collette)

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