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Chat: Jordan Gorosh

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday March 25, 2015 7:00 PM ET chat session with Jordan Gorosh.


Jordan Gorosh just got back from Arizona. Ask him anything!

Jordan Gorosh: I'm back from Arizona, where they don't have a sewer system. Let's do this.

John (CT): Since you were there, what did you make of the Will Farrell tour? Was it a distraction, entertainment or both? Good for the game?

Jordan Gorosh: Will Ferrell is way past his prime. He's made one good movie since 2008 (the other guys). Everything else has been terrible. 2001-2008 Will Ferrell is HOF quality in my eyes, but it's been sad to see what's happened since then.

As far as the tour goes, I wasn't there, but I don't really have a problem with it. Good publicity for the game, nobody got hurt, and it's always fun to see mortals play a game with the best athletes in the world.

padremurph (Los Angeles): See any of Austin Hedges in Arizona? Thoughts?

Jordan Gorosh: Hedges is somehow becoming a divisive prospect. All the sudden, people are souring on him because he didn't hit well in 2014. The glove is clearly far in front of the bat, but I just don't understand the rush here. Catchers take longer to develop in general, and his defense is good enough where you can plug the guy in for ten years and not have to worry about the position.

Or Moyal (Dallas): Did you get a look at Joey Gallo and/or Jorge Alfaro? Any thoughts?

Jordan Gorosh: Gallo is an absolute animal. The strides he's made in the last 18 months are extremely impressive. He's got a plan at the plate, and if you make a mistake, it's going to hit someone in another county. His contact to damage ratio may be unparalleled to anyone in the game right now.

Alfaro is still very aggressive at the plate, but again, people are starting to get prospect fatigue with him. Parks has been talking about him since he came out of the womb it seems like, but it's easy to forget that he's old enough to have been a draft-eligible junior last year. The tools are off the charts, and although the ceiling is somewhat lowered, he still could be a 6 behind the plate.

Jon (Madison): What's with the Brewers young guys like Ty Taylor and Monte Harrison using so little of their lower half? Doesn't seem to be a total org thing, but these two guys are wide and using very little lower half.

Jordan Gorosh: Actually, Clint Coulter does the same thing. Harrison swung similarly in high school, but I agree, none of those three guys use their lower half. Monte in particular could really benefit from a more aggressive load.

ganderson1 (Chicago): Kris Bryant. That is all

Jordan Gorosh: I ranked him #2 in my personal top 100 to Buxton, and am slightly regretting it. This has made Cubs twitter unbearable, though. Ugh.

Mikeked (Chicago ): Were you able to see any of the Cubs bonus baby arms from last years draft? (Steele,Cease, Sands, Stinett)

Jordan Gorosh: Unfortunately, no. I see the Cubs low A team very often, so I tried to lay eyes on a bunch of guys who I wouldn't see throughout the course of the year in AZ.

Eddie (Chicago): Would you start Javy Baez in AAA? Do you think the Cubs will?

Jordan Gorosh: I would. I don't think they will. Javy has a lot on his plate right now-- he needs to slow the game down, relax, and focus on hitting the ball hard back through the middle. He knows that, the org knows that, but he's clearly frustrated right now. I don't think there's a case for him to play every day with how the current team is constructed, which is unhelpful because he needs all of the PAs that he can get.

The Dude (Office): Steven Moya figures it out enough to be a starting OF for a number of years- yes or no?

Jordan Gorosh: Nope. Trigger is long, swing is long, pitch recognition is bad, barrel awareness is poor, approach is poor, and he'll get eaten up against lefties. Other than that, I love him.

Kenley (Jansentucky): What type of prospect package would Kenley Jansen fetch?

Jordan Gorosh: I dunno man, why would you want to trade a guy when his value is the lowest and the rest of the pen is made up of belly button lint?

JoJo (SD): What are the chances that Zeus Mazara gets a September call to Arlington and is up for good Memorial Day '16? 25%? I mean Roogie got the call at 20.

Jordan Gorosh: The makeup is off the charts, so I do think Maz can handle it from that standpoint. No challenge is too big for him. I think the swing is conducive for both average and power at the big league level. It all depends on how competitive Texas is in the AL, and what their FA plans for next year look like. They have a relative dearth of OF talent, so after Super 2 next year wouldn't be a big surprise at all.

El Ashaban (Queens): Dynasty rotisserie: which side do you like? Xander Bogaerts and Wilson Ramos or Carlos Gonzalez, Clint Frazier, and Rick Porcello?

Jordan Gorosh: I'll take side two, but I don't want to set a precedent for answering fantasy questions. We have an awesome staff who is more than happy to take those. Use the bat signal. A lot. Seriously, send them 10 questions a day, they'll love it.

nalfmot (Chicago): Who was the least impressive player you saw at Cubs camp that you had high hopes for? Except for Javy Baez. Thanks!

Jordan Gorosh: I was really excited for J. Parks #wet hair, but was very disappointed to see that he cut it short.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Hey Jordan, who do you have as some of your favorite Low Minor, high ceiling prospects to keep an eye on for 2015, and are looking to jump on before their stock gains recognition this season, ex. Tapia last pre-season or Devers by its conclusion?

Jordan Gorosh: Amed Rosario, Leonardo Molina, Jorge Mateo, Francisco Mejia, Lewis Brinson, Javier Guerra, and Monte Harrison are some names that jump out.

cracker73 (Ohio): Courtney Hawkins has looked good this spring, but all the top prospect lists seem to have written him off. Do you have any thoughts on him? Like his upside and chances of reaching it.

Jordan Gorosh: Bad ball hitters crush it in the spring all the time. Pitchers are working on certain things and don't really care about getting you out. He's a strong kid with raw pop, but is a mistake-hitter through and through. The body concerns me too. I don't like his chances of becoming a regular.

Ryan (Chicago-ish): Any surprises in Cubs camp getting underplayed? Not necessarily guys that have a chance to make the big league roster, but minor leaguers that look ready to breakout?

Jordan Gorosh: Gleybar Torres and Eloy Jimenez each looked good, but they're lightyears away. Torres has fluid actions at short with a knack for the barrel at the plate. Excited to watch both guys in the coming years.

jonraypyle (tx): Can you gush some more on Jose Leclerc. I cant stop watching that change. But really the question, his two scouting reports from last year have him in middle releif but that was when he was all FB and curve. Where can this third pitch move his cieling?

Jordan Gorosh: Tune into our notes piece for tomorrow, I'll have a full write up on him.

Aceathon (Elsewhere): You're a right handed hitter and someone has kidnapped the president and says he'll only let him go if you get a base hit off Jose Leclerc's cutting changeup. If this happens, should I move to Canada?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm naming the pitch The Deathball.

rookie319s (Saint Louis MO): Is this the year Lewis Brinson figures it out? I read he has issues with breaking stuff. Can this be learned? Thanks in advance... Scott

Jordan Gorosh: If it's not this year, it'll be 2016. I was very impressed with Brinson in camp this year. His timing looked good, he was getting his foot down in time, and was letting his hands work. The player dev staff with the Rangers has been doing an awesome job with this group of young guys. Almost all of them are taking considerable steps in the right direction.

Drunk Uncle (Duke's bar): What young whipper-snappers impressed you the most in-person this spring compared to expectations or reports?

Jordan Gorosh: I wasn't expecting Francisco Mejia to be so little. He's probably 5'8, 5'9. His tools are loud, but they come in a small package.

Chipshot212 (MA): What is your view of Hunter Renfroe's discipline/hit tool? Is he another Francoeur?

Jordan Gorosh: Renfroe has an approach: it's called hit anything in the strike zone really, really hard. He walked 9% of the time last year, too. I'm not sure how these two guys are comparable outside of playing the outfield and being white.

Jake (ARI): Prospecting Trifecta... 1) Odds that Russell is called up by June due to injury (Castro) or ineffectiveness (Baez)? 2) Odds that Johnson hits near the top of the order for the White Sox if he wins the 2B job due to a strong showing out of the gate or another injury (Eaton)? 3) Odds that Pederson does not tank average and has a strong mini Trout esque rookie season (poor cup of coffee followed by breakout year)?

Jordan Gorosh: 1) 56% 2) he might, but I don't think he sticks there. 3) please don't compare anyone to trout

NatsGM (THE NatsGM Studios): Jordan, To further build this feud between yourself and Ryan Parker - How would you attack him on the mound and what percentage of pitches would he whiff on from you?

Jordan Gorosh: Ryan clearly has a legkick, so he's looking to get in sync with me. It's my job to disrupt his timing. With that in mind, I'd just throw two behind him and then three straight sliders away for the whiff.

Chipshot212 (MA): What do you see as Clint Coulter's ultimate ceiling?

Jordan Gorosh: Platoon bat with bad outfield defense who can occasionally play first against LHP.

Clark (Dallas): How early is Chi Chi up in the Rangers rotation this year, and what's the best case scenario of his output at the major leagues?

Jordan Gorosh: I think it depends on health, but he's pretty close to ready. I was thoroughly impressed with his polish in my viewing. I know I'm praising the Rangers a lot, but again, his improvement since being drafted is easy to see. I can see him being a #4 out of the gate, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him as a really strong #3 in his prime.

Sam (Indiana): what are your thoughts on Jose Valdez? will he be up with Detroit this year? and OFP?

Jordan Gorosh: Fast, straight, meh. 40. Middle relief ceiling.

Mario (Anaheim): Can Heaney be a solid #5 for Angels?

Jordan Gorosh: I think he can be more. I actually like Heaney quite a bit. I know the league is a bit down on him, considering his relative value in trade, but he has some of the best combination of stuff/polish for a LH who was in the minors in 2014. He has feel, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him figure it out and become considerably more than a #5.

Jose (new york): Franchy Cordero will start the year as a short stop?

Jordan Gorosh: I mean I guess he could be standing where the shortstop stands but..

Silverback38 (VA): Who do you rank higher amongst these near MLB ready arms: Jameson Taillon, Archie Bradley, Daniel Norris, or Chi Chi?

Jordan Gorosh: Norris, Bradley, Chi-Chi are all very close for me-- probably within 8-10 spots total. Taillon lags behind those three in my view.

Walker (Houston): Can Pineda be an ace if he stays healthy? Top 15 SP.

Jordan Gorosh: He's spent 7 years stateside and made 85 starts, so the "if he stays healthy" is paramount.

Ryan (AZ): I would take you yard. That is all.

Jordan Gorosh: I can't throw strikes so good luck with that

Philips (Chicago): Paxton or Walker? Which is better this year or are both going to be good?

Jordan Gorosh: I've always been the high guy on Walker. He was my favorite arm in the minors going into the 2014 season, and I still think he could be a TOTR guy. I'll go with him.

Bobby (Houston): How has Carlos Correa looked this spring and when can we expect to see him in Houston? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jordan Gorosh: He's a freak. Awesome makeup, too. Whether it's short, third, left field, catcher, doesn't matter. He could probably go out and play. At the plate, plus hit/power potential is certainly feasible, and I wouldn't put it past him.

Zack (Windsor): James McCann has been pretty impressive so far this spring (at least from a numbers standpoint, and I've seen a few darts down to second base). I feel he should be a platoon with Avila this year and I'm hoping the Tigers feel the same way. What is his ceiling in the future, and what is a realistic expectation?

Jordan Gorosh: Feel the same way, and have been shouting this from the mountain tops. He and Avila If He Can Stay Healthy are a really good platoon. I see him as more of a high 4 type catcher, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had a long career and started for a majority of it.

Andrew (St. Louis): Of course I don't expect you to offer thoughts on all of these guys, but since I don't know who you got a look at, I hope you'll excuse me listing several you might have info on: Greg Bird, Michael Gettys, Magneuris Sierra, Gilbert Lara. Thanks!

Jordan Gorosh: Bird- keeps hitting, but I'm still not sold. Passive approach, no real defensive value, swing can get long
Gettys- phew, tools, man. Guy has a legit 8 arm, 7 speed, plus raw pop. But, I'm not sold he can hit with that swing. His bat is not in the zone for very long.
Lara- kind of a weird, choppy swing. First movement is down toward his back hip, but he makes it work. Unbelievably strong, but he won't be able to hit anything above the belt, so the plate disc will have to be an asset.

I haven't seen Sierra yet, but should get plenty of looks at him in the MWL this year.

DJ (Dallas): Thanks for the chat, Jordan!! What is your opinion of Rougned Odor, both for this year and longer term??

Jordan Gorosh: I swear I'm really not trying to say only positive things about the Rangers. They just have really good young players. Rougie is all that's right with baseball, and I think he's going to be a stud keystone guy for a long time. I love his approach, I love the way he plays the game, I love his swing... I could write a haiku.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Thoughts on Taylor Guerrieri? TOR upside or more of a mid-rotation arm?

Jordan Gorosh: The talent clearly isn't the problem here. It's injuries and off the field issues. If he can put it together, sure. I'm not betting on it, though.

Chris (Baltimore): Who are some $1 relievers to target in an NL only.....like Neil Ramirez types?

Jordan Gorosh: Jose Valverde for sure.

Bob (Dallas): Did you get a look at Prince Fielder? What should Rangers fans expect over the next few years?

Jordan Gorosh: I did see Prince and he was moving really well. He looked healthy. If Prince is engaged, which it seemed like he was, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't put up the type of numbers that he did in Detroit going forward.

yancyeaton (Fort Myers): How jet-lagged are you right now?

Jordan Gorosh: I feel pretty awesome. I actually used to go to LA for just the day for work once in awhile. Don't do that though, really stupid idea. Western time zone>>> though

Kyled95 (New York): hi Jordan, thanks for chatting. A lot of focus is on the Rangers big three SP prospects, Thompson, Chi Chi, and Jackson, but what about guys like Alec Asher and Jared Eickoff? Do they have a future in a rotation as well? If so, where do they fit?

Jordan Gorosh: Of the lower tier of guys, I like Faulker the best. 93-95 with funk from the left side is always fun.

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): The Rockies are moving their Double-A team to town this year, which is, sadly, the last year of MiLB in New Britain. It looks like all the Rockies prospects are going to be one year away in Modesto. The cupboard really looks bare for the Rock Cats with Trevor Story the only top 30 prospect in the organization scheduled to be here and he hit .200 at Tulsa last year. Should I burn my season ticket book now or hope Dahl, Tapia, McMahon and Freeland get here in July?

Jordan Gorosh: I think you could view a bit of all four guys. I'd imagine you'll see the most of Dahl.

Dave (Modesto): Tell me more about Javier Guerra please.

Jordan Gorosh: Chops to stick at short with feel for the barrel

Jeff (Today): Hi Jordan, thanks for knowing how to operate the coffee machine.

Jordan Gorosh: I have dunkin donuts bias though

Zack (Detroit): Buck Farmer. Do you think that he will remain a starter long term? I've watched him this spring and the fastball has been consistently around 95+, however, I've read a few reports saying the he lacks a true out pitch. Im no scout but the command also seems a little fringy. Is he better off in short stints from the bullpen where he stuff might perhaps play up a tick?

Jordan Gorosh: I think he can be a swing man or 7th inning bullpen guy depending on the team's needs. He has good enough stuff to get people out second and time through the order, but the FB is somewhat flat. I think the CH is a 5+ pitch, so it could get guys out, but it's probably a role 4-4.5 type guy either way.

Jordan Gorosh: All right guys, sorry for ducking out early but I've got to go grab dinner this evening. I'll be back next month, and you can find me on twitter @jgorosh. Thanks!

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