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Chat: Paul Sporer

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday June 20, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Paul Sporer.


Paul talks fantasy, pitching, and probably beagles.

Paul Sporer: Good afternoon, welcome to my BP Chat!

Spirou (Montreal): Hisashi Iwakuma.is he for real ?

Paul Sporer: So real! That doesn't mean he'll maintain a filthy 2.06 ERA, but I think he will remain a very strong fantasy asset. I'd bet on a 3.00 ERA the rest of the way and take anything better as a bonus.

jrcolwell (Minneapolis): Gerrit Cole or Rick Porcello? 12 team mixed 5x5 league.

Paul Sporer: That's really tough, especially since we haven't seen the Ks from Cole yet. I'd lean Cole for the upside, park, and league. If he doesn't work out, there'll likely be a Porcello-esque asset available on the wire to replace him. I've always been a Porcello fan and remain a huge one, but Cole has legit #1 upside and while it's unlikely to come this year, it could.

ravenight (Boston): I'm in a points (basically R + H + TB + RBI + 2*SB - K) keeper league with salary appreciation. I've got Starlin Castro for a good price if he ever turns it back around, but I'm looking to compete this year. WW has Iglesias, Rutledge, Gregorius, Aybar, and Alcides Escobar. Should I try to trade for Reyes or Zobrist, pick up one of the WW guys (which one?), or just stick with Castro and find a different position to worry about?

Paul Sporer: None of the waiver guys jump out as musts. If it's your weakest position, then I don't mind the idea of looking into trades, but don't get too narrowly focused on fixing SS and end up hurting other positions.

Kevin (St. Louis): Any chance you're coming to the St. Louis event??

Paul Sporer: Unfortunately not. I really wanted to, but Collette's out and we've decided to regroup and aim for KC on August 24th.

John (CT): Think Mike Carp has figured it out and raised his level of performance permanently?

Paul Sporer: Definitely raised it some and that ballpark has treated him well, but he's not a 1000+ OPS guy.

Jason Cole (The Good Part of Austin): Best of luck in your chat today, Paul.

Paul Sporer: Thanks, bud! Damn you with your South Austin love!!!

xavier (Texas): Any idea why Wilhelmsen is suddenly unraveling after being so solid in 2012 and in April of this year?

Paul Sporer: Ah the life of relievers. The problem is that it could be SO many things: small sample, injury, loss of effectiveness. This is why RPs are fungible and the overwhelming majority don't deserved long-term deals. All hail Mariano Rivera.

Koala (Rome): Puig looks like an excited puppy, doesn't he? What do you see as his ceiling?

Paul Sporer: He sure does! LOL. I had him pegged wrong, I thought his holes would be exposed sooner. Glad to be wrong though because it's been fun. I keep coming back to Alfonso Soriano for a ceiling as he can do everything, but his free-swinging ways will give him fits at times.

Tuffy Rhodes (Not On A Diamond): Is my boy Domonic Brown legit going forward as a Keeper or should I sell him pronto? He can't debut like I did. 3 Dingers. Thanks Spo!

Paul Sporer: It really depends what you can get. I wouldn't sell just to sell. Remember, he was an elite prospect and so his panning out is more delayed than unexpected and after all the bugging out on his BBs in May, he's got an 8/16 K/BB in June (11% BB rate)

tarcoal (Rome): Out of Corbin, Cole and Cashner, who'd you pick long term?

Paul Sporer: Cole long-term.

Randall Simon (Sausage Race): Hi Paul, I'm in a 20-team dynasty points league. Jason Castro or Yasmani Grandal long term? Scoring is essentially total bases + runs + rbis. (To give you an idea, Castro is currently 6th in catcher scoring for the year.) I'm looking to keep one and trade one for pitching help. Thoughts? Thanks for answering.

Paul Sporer: I like Castro

Jim (Detroit): Please tell me the Tigers aren't going to trade Nick Castellanos for a closer.

Paul Sporer: If they do, he'll probably flop, LOL. #Maybin #Miller

Val Lowe (The City): Concerned about Matt Moore's velocity?

Paul Sporer: As much as I've loved him, I wasn't really confident in the filthy start since he was still walking far too many with a 90000% LOB rate. The velocity isn't my biggest concern though as it can be overcome. He's still developing so I've toned down my immediate expectations. Still *love* him long-term.

RotoLando (Cloud City): What's your take on Corey Kluber's success so far? Is it sustainable?

Paul Sporer: Got several Kluber questions... I'm buying. I've watched each of his last 3 outings and been impressed with his command and control of the secondary stuff. In fact, even his fastball velo has surprised me. I didn't realize he had 95-96 MPH in his back pocket.

Jimmy (Vancouver): Paul, what's your take on Klubler? Real or mirage?

Paul Sporer: Just pulling this out of the queue since I answered Kluber.

P from the D (Atl): ROS who you like? A. Cabrera, Franklin, Escobar, Ruthledge.

Paul Sporer: You've ranked them as I see it, good sir.

Scarlett Johansson (On Set): Hi Paul.

Paul Sporer: :dies:

Ed (Cranford, NJ): Hi Paul In a NL only league, would you trade Hamels for Grilli? My other starters are Chacin, Locke, Samaardzija, Cahill and Corbin and my only closer is Soriano. Thanks

Paul Sporer: No way. You need something more with Grilli. I totally buy Grilli as a stud RP, but Hamels is worth more.

Alex (Anaheim): How much value does Profar offer the rest of the way? I was surprised to see him dropped and claimed him off of waivers.

Paul Sporer: Very little in most formats for non-keeper leagues. He's not an everyday player. Needs an injury or trade to regain big fantasy value.

Seth (SF): What are you seeing from Zack Greinke? Should he return to the form that the Dodgers expected when he was signed?

Paul Sporer: He's gotta stop starting fights!!! This might be a nice buying opportunity.

navarra (Ukraine): Should I trade Gerrit Cole or Zack Wheeler for Cole Hamels in keeper points league, where I have no chance to compete this season? And if I should, who I better keep (trade partner agrees for anyone) in the team - Cole or Wheeler?

Paul Sporer: Not if you're out of it. I love Hamels, but keep the upside of your young studs instead. I might trade Cole or Wheeler for a hot hitter since hitters are a bit more certain.

Cory (Canada): Paul, we all know the love you and Jason have for the Eraser but in a keeper league, how would you rank him in relation to these pitchers on the wire, Cashner, Santana, Eraser, Klubler, Liriano?

Paul Sporer: He's gotta be last right now because he hasn't even pitched in the majors yet and those are some solid names. I'll go: Kluber, Liriano, Erv, Cash, Eraser ... but there isn't a ton of space between them. Solid, similarly-valued group there!

jon (east coast): Parker, Colon, Garza, Porcello - any of them back-end options in 10-team with IP, K/9 and QS instead of Wins? Or all streamers?

Paul Sporer: Parker, Colon, Porcello, Garza is how I'd rate them (I love Garza, but you need guys performing NOW in a 10-teamer as opposed to projection of how they should be pitching when they're on & healthy). Parker should be owned full-time in a 10-teamer IMO, the rest are rotating based on matchups.

Billy (Beantown): Rank for ROS: Tillman, Hughes, Kluber, Gee, Lyles

Paul Sporer: Kluber, Gee, Tillman, Lyles, Blank Roster Spot, Chris Davis as a pitcher, Phil Hughes (tired of his crap)

wappingliars (NoHo): Do you see Dan Haren turning things around this year?

Paul Sporer: :sweats: *gulp* :singletear: No. :( :bawls:

Frank (Boston): It sounds like the Red Sox will turn to Allen Webster again soon. Any chance he'll stick in the majors this time?

Paul Sporer: He'd have to really wow to steal Doubront's spot. I'm a big fan long-term, but might just wear a path out between Boston & Pawtucket until September for this year.

Brian (Worcester): Would you trade Jose Fernandez in a dynasty league for any of the following? Puig, Taveras, Buxton If looking to move him for a young MLB hitter, who would you target?

Paul Sporer: I'd prefer to go for a young stud already performing at the MLB level. Focus on getting guys like Stanton, Machado, Goldy (obviously Trout & Harper, too, but that'd take a mint). Stanton & Machado might cost too much, but Goldy might only cost Fernandez plus a little something else. If that's not possible, then I might consider going for Taveras or B-Bux.

Chris Perez (Off the reservation): I need your address. I want to send some stuff to your dog. From my dog. It's dog stuff.

Paul Sporer: My dog texted it to your dog. We look forward to getting it.

Chris Perez (Off the reservation): Hi Paul Sporer, When Beachy comes back, which Atlanta rotation member will lose the most fantasy value? Does Beachy have the best hair of all players currently on the DL? Thank you so much.

Paul Sporer: Medlen is the most likely to go back to the bullpen simply because he's been there. He's been perfectly fine this year, but far from special whereas BB has a chance to be special. Send me a pic of his hair.

Frank (Florida): How do you rank for ROS: Tillman, Hughes, Kluber, Gee, Lyles

Paul Sporer: I think I already did this.

Max (Toronto): Justin Upton for Zack Wheeler and Puig. Dynasty.

Paul Sporer: That's a nice trade. I think I'd want the J-Up side, but both are completely fair.

tarcoal (Rome): Paul, love the podcasts, keep m coming. Are Moustakas and Hosmer droppable in a keeper league?

Paul Sporer: Thanks! Recording TINSTAAPP tonight & Towers of Power is up today! Still depends how many teams, but I'd hold onto Hosmer before Mous.

captnamerca (The Outernet): You do podcasts? Which ones?

Paul Sporer: Towers of Power, TINSTAAPP ... sometimes I record both in the same night (5-6 hours of talking about baseball) #nerd #awesome

Pete (Punxatawny): Revere or Pierre ROS?

Paul Sporer: Pierre

Pat (Atl): Is Lucroy a better option than Rosario ROS or am I crazy?

Paul Sporer: Not crazy. Not sure what Rosario's deal is, but I love LuCroy.

Tony (Work): Erasmo have the ability to be a top 40 SP once he's up?

Paul Sporer: At his BEST, sure. But I wouldn't bet on that right away. Gio Gonzalez is 40th on ESPN's player rater right now.

Tom (Texas): Thoughts on Buster Posey? Not that he has underwhelmed but he certainly hasn't overwhelmed. Is a big second half coming or was last year an outlier?

Paul Sporer: Last year's second half was a huge outlier (and would be for almost anyone), but he's still pretty easily the best catcher around.

Pete (Pittsburgh): Do any of these WW OF options stand out? Parra, Cain, Melky, De Aza, Carp.

Paul Sporer: They're all solid and similar, but if they're all available it means it's a shallower league and thus none of them are MUST adds.

Point of Order (Point of Interest): Just a technicality, and forgive my ignorance, but at what point does a keeper league become a dynasty league? (Don't tell me they're synonymous:).

Paul Sporer: Keeper usually implies a smaller number of guys are kept, usually with round or price restrictions. Dynasty you keep most or all of your squad without cost concerns.

Yadier Molina (Top of MVP Ballots): Say what about Buster Posey?

Paul Sporer: I didn't stutter, Yadi. You're awesome, but I'm still taking Posey as the #1 C.

wappingliars (NoHo): ROS...who do you like out of Gausman and Bauer?

Paul Sporer: Bauer.

Jeff (Johnsonville): Rank for ROS: Tillman, Hughes, Kluber, Gee, Lyles

Paul Sporer: Scroll down... or up... wherever the previous answers are on your screen. Or Ctrl-F & then type "Lyles". I've answered this exact question.

John (Johnsonville): 12 team mixed league - You want Ellsbury or Cliff Lee ROS?

Paul Sporer: Vastly different, but in a vacuum I'll take the hitter.

MerleDixon (GA): Keeper league 6x6: I'm in 4th place and in striking distance: Trade, Howard, Middlebrooks, B.Upton, G.Cole, Hultzen and 1st/2nd round picks for Scherzer, M.Holliday, Rizzo and Balfour. Howard and Middlebrooks were floundering and were going to be off my lineup at the end of the year, Cole and Hultzen have a small or no sample size, B.Upton and giving up the picks were tough as I think Upton is starting to come around. With the addition of Scherzer, I now have a rotation of Wainwright, Harvey, Fernandez, Liriano and then Burnett on DL. Rizzo gives me an everyday 1B and I've got Singleton in waiting. Also needed a closer(Balfour)How does this trade look to you?

Paul Sporer: Yes, if you're in striking distance, go for the gold. Good move.

Donald (South Chicago): Speaking of Iwakuma, if I am rebuilding and can get a great prospect haul, this is the time to sell high, no?

Paul Sporer: Yes. We're still in the peak. As much as I love him, I'd definitely deal him for a haul if I'm toast this year because it's not like he's young.

Deech (NY): Why haven't the daily minor league posts by Zach been happening recently?

Paul Sporer: Fair question, give him a buzz on Twitter? https://twitter.com/ZachMort

Frank (Frederick): Are you buying any of Tillman, Lyles, or Gee? How do they compare with your boy Kluber?

Paul Sporer: I hate you.

Carmen San Diego (????): Where in the world is Jesus Montero?

Paul Sporer: Tacoma?

Shawnykid23 (CT): Would you hold onto Wacha in a dynasty league? Is his ceiling higher than originally thought? That change is pretty filthy

Paul Sporer: Yes, I would. Maybe among some, but Parks had him as a #3 in the preseason and I think that remains his ceiling.

Al (NC): In a 20 team dynasty league, would you drop Jacob Turner, Esmil Rogers, or Nate Eovaldi when Erasmo becomes active?

Paul Sporer: Esmil.

Shawn (CT): Is Oswaldo Arcia worth stashing on a 10 team dynasty?

Paul Sporer: Maybe with really big rosters, otherwise that's a little small for him.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Was Hellickson's start last night encouraging enough to hang onto him?

Paul Sporer: Ehhh, I'm off him. Never really LOVED him anyway

Matt (Tulsa): Any closers in waiting that I can go out and acquire on the cheap?

Paul Sporer: You'd have to look for the guys behind the guys who look rock solid. Melancon behind Grilli, D-Rob behind Mo, etc...

Hector (Detroit): How far appart are you on Wil Myers and Nick Castellanos? I don't feel the gap is all that great and Castellanos is a year younger raking at AAA!

Paul Sporer: I'm not sure there is a gap. I find Myers somewhat overrated to be honest. I see him as a Nick Swisher (which is very good and if he meets that ceiling, it's a tremendous success), but the perception seems to be far higher.

Pete (Pittsburgh): I need some SP help. Which of these WW options do you believe in: Kluber, Lyles, Tillman, Gee, Griffin?

Paul Sporer: I prefer Verlander.

captnamerca (Dunedin): Hi Paul. Can you think of any SP to stash in hopes of a callup in the next month or so? Along the lines of Erasmo, I guess.

Paul Sporer: Kluber, Gee, Tillman, Lyles

Tim (Philly): When do you see Wilmer Flores and Brad Miller getting called up? Also, Stetson Allie is absolutely crushing the ball. Do you think he is in the top 100 by the end of the year and what would you grade his power? 70/80?

Paul Sporer: I honestly have no idea. I could see him coming into the top 100 and his power is filthy. I'd want to see him before dropping 70/80 or at least read reports from people I respect, neither of which have happened yet.

Corey, Dillon, Jordan (MLB): Hey, Paul, we need a 4th guy for our laser tag team. Can you think of anyone?

Paul Sporer: Not Phil Hughes, he sucks at it. My friend Chris from Baltimore is available.

Dan (Maryland): At this ridiculous pace what on earth would you expect for in return for Chris Davis in a Dynasty Format where you can keep him forever? I mean there have to be only a handful of players you would accept right?

Paul Sporer: Yes, I'd ask for the moon and not really accept anything less. Worst case is I just keep him and enjoy this great year.

Shawn (My Cubicle): Who are some good SPs to target in a trade or on the wire right now?

Paul Sporer: Kluber, Gee, Tillman, Lyles

Dr. Mike (Milwaukee): Dynasty: Kemp + E. Cabrera + M. Cain for Tulo + Moore. Which side do you want? Team trading Kemp has Rasmus (and Buxton) as replacement for CF), Team trading Tulo has Span/Jay in CF currently).

Paul Sporer: I'd prefer side B if I wasn't contending

smitty99 (Federal Way WA): Montero is actually on the DL with a hurt knee. Tough year for him.

Paul Sporer: But with Tacoma, no?

The Dude (Office): Eovaldi a candidate to breakout? He has a big time fastball, but that slow loopy curve seems to hang a little.

Paul Sporer: Yes, I'm a huge fan. Invested everywhere before the season started and I was bummed by his injury. Already using him in NL-onlys & will be keeping a very close eye in mixers.

Frank (Galviston): Is Melky droppable in a 12-team mixed lg? Guys like Cain and De Aza are on the wire.

Paul Sporer: Yeah, I mean he's been OK of late, but with guys like that, you should play the hot hand.

jwfisher (Fly over states): What has changed about the way you watch baseball since the start of TINSTAAPP?

Paul Sporer: The small things: where an SP is standing, where his hands are, how he finishes, how he adjusts with runners on, etc... still a loooooooong way to go, but it's been a great journey so far

Brian (Worcester): Need to clear up some roster space. Drop G. Cole or Porcello?

Paul Sporer: Without knowing league size, I'd say hold Cole for the pure upside (though I'm not off of Porcello even after the Balt. outing)

jro (MI-Detroit): Who to roll with over next few weeks/ROS Straily, Milone, Erasmo, Lyles Wandy Gee

Paul Sporer: Gee, Lyles, Erasmo, Staily, Milone, Wandy ... Erasmo could escalate to the top as he gets some MLB time

Jeff (Toronto): Hey Paul, in a 10 team mixed keeper league, I've offered a trade where I give David Robertson and a mid round pick in next year's draft for Gallardo. He's replied with Pettitte so I'm removing the draft pick. I'm not using Robertson at all and I'm dying for starting pitching. Is Pettitte a worthwhile risk over my duds like Estrada and Haren for the balance of the year?

Paul Sporer: Is there much difference between Pettitte & Gallardo?

Joe (Boston): Paul Maholm or Matt Garza? 12 team mixed

Paul Sporer: Maholm and I'm a Garza backer, but he's not right at this pt and no sense waiting in a 12-team mixer

Tony (Work): Pedro Alvaraz has 13 errors and is batting .216 with a .285 OBP... has power always been this valuable?

Paul Sporer: Power is super valuable. Jason and I discussed this with Dunn on the latest pod. The errors don't matter to me. The AVG/OBP is the just the cost of admission.

The Dude (Office): Dickey is on the waiver wire- take the plunge?

Paul Sporer: Probably have to in most leagues if you have a spot

Pat (the D): Best keeper option of these SP; Strasburg, Harvey, Scherzer, J. Zimmerman. Obvious answer would seem like Stras but injuries scare me. Plus Harvey and Scherzer have seemed completely unhittable at times.

Paul Sporer: I think you've ranked them in the right order here, but I wouldn't question anyone for shying away from Stras to go with Harvey or Scherzer

Jeff (Toronto): Gallardo v Pettitte, so you don't see them as that different ROS?

Paul Sporer: Not vastly from a composite value standpoint

Tony (Work): Sorry I'm late, Paul. My apologies. I had the choice between Butler and Pujols in a trade in my 7x7 roto. (10 keepers) I chose Butler. I'm thinking I chose wrong. Thoughts?

Paul Sporer: Welcome! I think you might've too, but it's not an egregious mistake. We all make mistakes. I kept Brett Lawrie in a 2-keeper AL-only. Thankfully it was with Mike Trout.

AJ (Phoenix): I traded Michael Pineda, Erasmo Ramirez, my first rounder (the 1-15 at new owners best, 1-20 if I finish in first) in a prospect draft, and all my FAAB all for Zack Wheeler. This is a 20-team dynasty. I know it was a steep price, but if I am making a run for it this year, worth it, right?

Paul Sporer: That's REALLY steep. You need Wheeler to perform pretty well this year. I probably wouldn't have done that. You might not be happy with it until next year.

John (Toronto): Are you worried about Bailey? he looks like he's lost a few miles off his fastball.

Paul Sporer: Homer? Not really, he's a good-not-great SP and that brings some duds, but more good than bad

Pete (Pitt): Darvish or C-Lee ROS?

Paul Sporer: Darvish

Tony (Work): Think a Andrus for Allen Craig deal is crazy talk for TX & STL? How about for Taveras?

Paul Sporer: They'd have to give Profar for Taveras and while it's a completely fair deal, I don't think we'll ever see it. It's just so hard to give up your future stud that you nurtured all the way up. I think Andrus is worth more in real baseball than just Craig. Overall, these two teams do seem like they are a fit for a trade to plug each other's holes.

Giles (PA): No hype for Mookie Betts? That walk to strikeout ratio is insane. A.J. Cole seems to be turning it back around. Any shot both players get in the top 100 by the end of the year?

Paul Sporer: 100% honesty: I know nothing of Betts. Very awesome K/BB ratio for a hitter (29 K, 46 BB). Cole, meanwhile, is one of my favorite prospects. I was thrilled when Washington reacquired him. I think he's still a ways out, but he looks sharp.

jrbdmb (New Jersey): I've been offered straight up Stephen Strasberg for my Matt Harvey. 8 teams keeper league, keepers for up to three years (no cost). Pull the trigger on this?

Paul Sporer: This reminds me a little bit of the Profar/Taveras where you're just better off keeping and living or dying with your guy instead of making the move and then regretting it if it doesn't work out. That's another reason Profar/Tav will never happen.

Jason Pennini (Denver): In your opinion, who is the best positional player riding the pine this year? How many teams would he start on?

Paul Sporer: That's a great question that's worthy of a deeper look. I'll say Profar for right now.

John (Toronto): Sorry I didn't clarify...Andrew Bailey

Paul Sporer: Oh, well ya he's a walking injury. I'm definitely concerned.

nictaclacta (Glendale): Hey Paul, any thoughts on Dodgers kid pitcher Julio Urias? Thanks.

Paul Sporer: VERY impressive stuff for the 16 year old. I haven't seen him or read any thorough reports, but I'm heavily intrigued.

ben (Mich): Looking to trade JUp and G. Cole for C. Gomez and Cingrani in 10 team mixed 5x5 redraft that uses obp. What do you think?

Paul Sporer: I like that. Gomez has been damn near Troutian this year. Just insane.

The Dude (Office): Is Jean Segura a top 5 SS next year?

Paul Sporer: I think so. Unless he just CRATERS, then yeah I could definitely see that.

Yadier Molina (Looking for Paul): OK, but on the field, not in fantasy, I'm the most valuable player in at least the National League, right?

Paul Sporer: The CarGos, "mez" and "nzalez" have a case for sure. You're up there, but definitely not an unquestioned leader.

jeremydneezy (Brooklyn, NY): 12 team H2H pts mixed - do I bench Upton for Puig at this point? Have Jones and Bautista in my OF, and my Util spot is covered by Posey (with Mauer at C). Puig does play more games next week - is this an automatic move?

Paul Sporer: Move one of those Cs. Should never have 2 Cs. But yeah, ride Puig for now.

Bill (Nebraska): Is Chris Davis a first round pick in 2014 and if so how high?

Paul Sporer: I'll be writing about this very soon. I can't yes for certain because I haven't done all of my work, but it's not entirely ludicrous at first blush.

captnamerca (Dunedin): I'll have to check out the podcasts. thanks. So, Byron Balthazar Buxton. I can get him, but how early can I realistically expect to see him? 2016 is too long. 2015, maybe. late 2014, ok, now I'm getting interested.

Paul Sporer: 2015 is the safe bet and if he happens to go bananas and make an appearance next year then consider yourself lucky.

Franky (Frederick): Thoughts on Garza ROS? He's been quite inconsistent.

Paul Sporer: Reserve where you can and just be patient.

Tony (Work): I've heard in various places that Taveras could be the best hitter in the Cardinals lineup right now if he was up. So he should be up soon, right? Jay isn't really lighting up box scores right now.

Paul Sporer: I don't agree with that. I guess he COULD, but that'd be a big upset. They have some insane hitters in their lineup. I think that's just hyperbole. Whether it's true or not, he should get a shot at some point if Jay flounders and they truly trust him in center. The latter is really the key though.

Brian (Worcester): ROS, can you rank Lackey, Porcello, J. De La Rosa, Doubront, Hellickson, Tim Hudson, EJax, Gerritt Cole.

Paul Sporer: Lackey, Cole, Porc, DLR, EJax, Doub, THud, Helly ... I rank Cole so high because if these are the kinds of guys on the wire, you can afford to bet on Cole's upside. If he fails, you just move on.

Shawn (My Cubicle): On Aug 1st Giancarlo Stanton is wearing a ???? jersey?

Paul Sporer: Marlins

Shawn (My Cubicle): In a dynasty league would you rather have Cespedes/Segura or a stud OF like Giancarlo, JUpton or Cutch?

Paul Sporer: In this instance, I'd take the two because they can be quite studly. If this is a trade situation, I think the pair can draw a Trout, Harper, Machado-type return. Whereas I see the three OFs you listed as a step down from those guys.

Dave (Detroit): Given A-Bailey's injury concern, would you rather have Tazawa or Rosenthal at this point?

Paul Sporer: If you're speculating for saves, Tazawa.

John (Toronto): Hi Paul, I'm in a 16-team H2H keeper league and have Strasburg, Lee, Garza, Porcello, Turner and Beachy...do you think I should hold with what I've got or try to make a deal for another starter? WW is quite thin and I haven't been winning in the pitching categories.

Paul Sporer: Maybe flip Beachy for someone already performing? His latest news wasn't good so it might cut his value, but I know he's well thought of in general so you can probably pull a pretty good arm who will be better than a TJ returner is likely to be in his first year back.

jeremydneezy (Brooklyn, NY): Have been looking to trade Mauer (and keep Posey)! But what's a fair SP or 3B to ask for in return? I should be asking top-tier talent (top 30 SP or top 7 3B), right?

Paul Sporer: Yes, start high and work down. If you want the studliest SP, offer up Posey. I'd prefer to keep him, too, but he'll bring back a ton.

Jason Pennini (Denver): Thoughts on Jose Alvarez? Can he stick in the biggs?

Paul Sporer: I didn't get a chance to really analyze his first start. I'll be watching tonight, so I'll copout with a TBD right now.

Shawn (My Cubicle): Odds Castellanos for Papelbon actually happens?

Paul Sporer: 0%. Maybe that's just wishful thinking

Scout (the Diamond): Drop Hellickson for R.A. Dickey or Jordan Lyles?

Paul Sporer: Sure. I'd try Dickey first, despite his annoying inconsistency.

Shawnykid23 (CT): By the way, I believe last time you promised a marathon chat with a lot of #want. At least stay until 4:30 when I get out of work...

Paul Sporer: LOL, I'm not sure we're gonna make it!

jeremydneezy (Brooklyn, NY): Not a question - but thanks for answering my other two. HUGE fan of your work, so please do keep it up. Podcast with Collette is awesome stuff as well.

Paul Sporer: Thank you so much!!

jeff (nyc): How would you rank Parker, Colon, Griffin, Garza, Porcello, Kluber in a 10-team league with K/9, IP and QS instead of Wins? All streamers or roster some?

Paul Sporer: on (east coast): Parker, Colon, Garza, Porcello - any of them back-end options in 10-team with IP, K/9 and QS instead of Wins? Or all streamers?

Paul Sporer: Parker, Colon, Porcello, Garza is how I'd rate them (I love Garza, but you need guys performing NOW in a 10-teamer as opposed to projection of how they should be pitching when they're on & healthy). Parker should be owned full-time in a 10-teamer IMO, the rest are rotating based on matchups.

jon (nyc): Hey Paul - Would you roster Kluber over Parker and Garza? 10-team with IP, K/9 and QS instead of Wins.

Paul Sporer: Parker, Kluber... no Garza in a 10 teamer right now

John (Toronto): Who's the better keeper? Yelich or Singleton? and who makes the bigs first?

Paul Sporer: Yelich. Singleton.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Rubby De La Rosa- SP or RP?

Paul Sporer: SP!!!!!! #love

The Dude (Office): Is Ian Kennedy anyhitng more than just an 4-5 average starter in a 10 tm dynasty?

Paul Sporer: Nope, not right. Needs to regain his command in the zone. Too many HRs.

Tony (Work): Paul, a marathon chat doesn't count if you take long extended breaks!

Paul Sporer: LOL, there weren't any questions!

AJ (Phoenix): When do we see Giancarlo in a non-Marlins jersey? What jersey is it? Who's involved in the deal?

Paul Sporer: Offseason, but NO IDEA. Speculation is fun, but generally fruitless.

Shawnykid23 (CT): We made it! Thanks for the chat Paul. Appreciate it and love your work. Keep doing what you do.

Paul Sporer: You're welcome and thank you for joining us (and the remarkably kind words!)

Keown (Amsterdam): This is great, I had dinner and you're still chatting. What should a package of Corbin/Cashner bring back in a keeper league?

Paul Sporer: Maybe Anibal Sanchez or my boy Allen Craig on the offensive end.

captnamerca (Dunedin): Maikel Franco, PHI 3B of the future?

Paul Sporer: I like him. Now I've only read reports & seen YouTube videos, but I'm a fan. High risk, but legitimate upside.

stefan (not in nyc): Glad someone asked about Garza - are you at least okay with streaming him against the hapless Astros Friday?

Paul Sporer: They aren't completely hapless. The one thing they can do is hit a bit, though the Ks are huge so when they're off, they're WAY off. I don't mind using him for that outing, but I don't think it's a guaranteed success. Basically if we aren't using him v. HOU, we're never using him. We'll learn something from the start.

hdub (the stadium): Hi Paul, which of the single A pitchers do you like best for fantasy purposes? Crick, Syndergaard, Sanchez, Stephenson. Im have an NL bias but want your take. Thanks!

Paul Sporer: Stephenson and Sanchez are my favorites personally.

SJLedet (Alexandria): 16 team keeper. 5x5 roto. Have Zimmer, Stephenson, Gray, Webster, Eovaldi all $3 or less. Can probably keep 3 next year. Rank?

Paul Sporer: Eovaldi, Webster, Stephenson, Zimm, and Gray

That Guy (Aw Shucks): So Kluber, Gee, Lyles and Tillman in a four-way death match, no weapons allowed. Who wins, and will that man ever be over Macho Grande?

Paul Sporer: Don't count out Porcello.

Cal Guy (Cali): How seriously should we take Doc's claims that he can return to the mound by August? I mean he is an intense guy and a determined worker... but he is old for a pitcher too...

Paul Sporer: Grain of salt until late July when it's closer.

Francis (Utah): Haven't heard much about Danny Hultzen lately. Is he getting close to returning to game action, or is his injury more serious than first thought?

Paul Sporer: I haven't heard much, either, to be honest. Maybe check one of our prospect guys (Jason Park, Mark Anderson, Zach Mortimer, Jason Cole, etc...) on twitter to see if they've got a beat on that?

LoyalRoyal (KS): Rest of year: Edwin Jackson, David Phelps, Erasmo Ramirez, Kevin Gausman, Dan Haren.

Paul Sporer: EJax, Eraser, Phelps, Haren, and Gausman. So sad about Haren's demise.

Lbsbigbro22 (CA): I am going to trade one of these players.... Hunter or Marte? I am leaning towards keeping Marte right now.

Paul Sporer: Yes, definitely keep him over Torii. You'll get less but he's markedly more valuable.

captnamerca (Dunedin): I've run out of questions. You win the marathon. You are a God amongst chatters. I'll leave you with these final words: Erasmo better be a stud, because I've bet the farm on him, Sporer.

Paul Sporer: LOL! Me too. I've held him in several league. C'mon Erasmo!!!!!!!!!!

Tony (Work): Pitching Prophet Paul, who are your top 5 starting pitchers in 2014? 2015?

Paul Sporer: I'll take a stab at next year's top 5 with no research: Darvish, Kershaw, Strasburg, Felix, and Verlander ... too early to crown Harvey or Miller.

Jake (Cape Cod): Have you noticed anything specifically causing Dominic Brown's recent slump?

Paul Sporer: Only that he's not slumping. .269/.342/.507 in June with 4 HR and 13 RBIs. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you're slicing thinner to like 7 or 10 days then I'd say that's simply the ebb and flow of a season.

Eric (Iowa): I just sold Michael Bourn for Ben Revere, Roberto Osuna, and Jonathan Pettibone in my 16 team mixed dynasty h2h league. Did I yield enough? We can keep all our players and have 40 man rosters that include 20 minors slots. I'm loaded with bats, and have iffy pitching with Homer Baily as my ace. Thoughts?

Paul Sporer: That's a pretty good return right there. I think Pettibone can develop into a useful piece, especially in your deep league.

James (WV): Thoughts on Gregory Polancos future? He made easy work of the pitcher friendly FSL and is on to AA having early success. What type of player do you think he will be? Does he have any fantasy impact for next season? Among minor league position players how many people can you put ahead of him? Thanks!

Paul Sporer: Very excited for him. Outside shot at 2014 impact, safe bet says 2015. I think he can be a solid power-speed combo excelling in speed with a modicum of power instead of splitting more evenly like some guys do. Think: 2009 BJ Upton.

Dr. Mike (Milwaukee): I need SP depth for my playoff run in my 20-team dynasty. Rotation: Strasburg, M.Moore, Cain, Wheeler... spot starts down the road from Gausman, C. Martinez, Taillon (longshot), and Collmenter. Would you just tough it out, or trade someone (Cain) for depth? When going into a 1:2, quality and quantity both matter. 1 of Cain = 2 of _____?

Paul Sporer: Hold Cain. He's coming around to the stud we're used to. At the very least if you're going to trade him wait until the stock peaks again.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Obviously not this year, but does Danny Duffy have the ceiling of a #2? Pre-TJ I think he had one of the fastest avg fastballs in MLB.

Paul Sporer: Yes, though the ceiling is faint. I'd bet more on a #3

Al O. (PA): If you were starting to design a game outcome analysis where would you start?/

Paul Sporer: I don't know what that means. You probably want Russell Carleton's chat as he's actually smart.

navarra (Ukraine): Should I hope for Moustakas resurrection or say "f**k it" and take Buxton? Mixed dynasty points league.

Paul Sporer: F it!

Cory (Canada): Erv or Liriano?

Paul Sporer: Flip a coin? I guess Liriano bc of the NL being easier and his park being super-friendly, but I don't have a strong opinion between those two. See them similarly.

Fat (Stacksville): Who will help me earn fatter stacks tonight in daily fantasy, Adrian Gonazalez against the magical Jason Marquis, or Victor Martinez against John Lackey?

Paul Sporer: AGonz, gotta go with the power upside in daily.

John Doe (Purgatory): Keeper League, I was offered Kluber, Gee, Tillman and Lyles for my soul. Do I pull the trigger ?

Paul Sporer: Pull the trigger on yourself.

Tony (Work): Is Fernandez a top 15 pitcher next year?

Paul Sporer: Ooh, that's tough. Because in fantasy we HAVE to consider wins, I'll say not yet and blame it on wins, but in honesty it's probably too much even if we just look at the non-win stuff.

Graham (KY): What do you do when you're hopelessly out of it in a roto redraft league at this point?

Paul Sporer: Try to f with the contenders. Put your best lineup out there and go for the miracle. Make some trades you wouldn't normally make. Buy the guys sucking who have proven track records and/or buy high on the guys who people think can't continue (Brown, Puig, Segura, etc...) In that latter situation, you'd trade your Cargo or someone else awesome for one of those hot out-of-nowhere guys AND other stuff to plug the holes that have put you in this position.

Peter (Omaha): Anyway I can nab Tulo for Josh Hamilton, Josh Rutledge, and Justin Grimm in a dynasty league? or is my offer insulting?

Paul Sporer: It's only not insulting because he's hurt, but it's not a good offer, either. I'd want more. Make that real arm and you might have something.

Mike (Kansas City): Moustakas has multi-hit games in both of his last two. And George Brett. Don't forget about George Brett. Just saying...

Paul Sporer: Shut up.

Tony (Work): Is Marte a top 20 OF next season? Dude's only 24...

Paul Sporer: That's a little high, but I'm ABSOLUTELY a fan. Might not be a firm top 15-20 until 2015

tbwhite (San Diego): Is Kyle Kendrick actually a good pitcher ? He's been keeping this up for a year now. 1.16 WHIP, 3.28 ERA, 15 wins. If he is, how, why ?

Paul Sporer: Yes he is, with command & control mostly. It feels shocking or more surprising because he doesn't have overwhelming stuff. That's a fantasy bias. When guys don't have 95 MPH with a devastating second pitch, we don't give them much attention. And sometimes it takes those grinders a little longer to find their groove. Kendrick started out nicely results-wise, but the skills were lame so we knew he'd regress some. Then he learned how to make his stuff work and post a legitimate K rate (still below avg, but not embarrassing).

Jake (CC): With Dexter Fowler recently hit on the hand by a pitch, is it fair to assume he will have a temporary slip in power similar to Brandon Phillips? Also will this have a long-term effects on his already high ISO level. Thanks, looking forward to the next TINSTAPP!

Paul Sporer: I think that's fair to plan for and go from there. Impossible to know because there isn't a one-size-fits-all HBP meter, but ya I'd plan for a little regression based on playing through pain just to be safe.

Brian (Worcester): What is going on with JUp lately? He is giving me nothing except 1 BB per game, if I'm lucky.

Paul Sporer: It's kinda bananas. I honestly don't know the WHY, but it's something worth diving into for sure.

LoyalRoyal (KS): And the closer in Seattle in Aug-Sept is: ???? Please give your odds for Wilhelmson, Pryor, Capps, Perez, Medina.

Paul Sporer: I'll still give Wilhelmsen the edge at 55% because he's done it and if he gets himself back together, he'll be back in. From there, I'd go 20% Capps, 15% Perez, 8% Medina, 2% Pryor

Jim (Cleveland): Who will be the top-3 prospects entering the 2014 season?

Paul Sporer: Buxton, Lindor, and Archie Bradley. Taveras if he doesn't expire his eligibility will of course be there, too, but I suspect he'll expire it. My guy who wasn't in the top 10-15 of top 100s would be George Springer, but he also has the "if he doesn't use his eligibility" as he's raking Double-A and could get a call in August some time.

ravenight (Boston): Got Kershaw, Stras, Latos, Hamels, CC, Cueto, Teheran & Wheeler. Which one do I leave on the bench? Do I put that guy in for someone on 2-start weeks?

Paul Sporer: Wheeler stays out. If he's ever a two-start, then it's Teheran to the bench.

Xander's dad (Aruba): You're leaving my son out cuz you assume he'll be up, right?

Paul Sporer: I'd be surprised if he didn't expire his elig.

Eric (Atlanta): No one is giving Yordano ventura much cred cause he's 5ft 9, but so is kimbrel. Does size matter?

Paul Sporer: Size absolutely matters, there's a reason these guys stand out so much. Of course, you also hit on something else here. you're already putting him in the pen and the size mattering thing is related mostly to his future as a starter.

ravenight (Boston): How much should Stras bring in a keeper league? Would Santana + Reyes be enough? Who would you give up for Mujica? Is it a solid keeper or just doing well for the year?

Paul Sporer: Santana/Reyes is plenty for Strasburg, IMO. If you can get that, I'd take it for sure. Don't buy Mujica to keep. Enjoy his 2013 and move on.

Cliff (New Hampshire): Prediction for Tiger's closer in 2 weeks and after 7/31. Feel free to complain about Valverde!

Paul Sporer: Oy, it's really tough because the market is thin. San Diego's run takes Huston Street out of the equation, at least for now. I'll take a stab and say K-Rod. Speaking of stabbing, where's Valverde?

Tony (Work): Where does Donaldson rank going forward? ROS? and dynasty?

Paul Sporer: Hard to do that on the fly, at least for me. But I'm buying in him. Jason was in on him from the jump this year and I'm now bought in. He's only 27 and I think he can be a strong 3B option. I wouldn't go CRAZY and overrate him, but he's definitely dynasty worthy in that he can be sought after to keep.

Hector (Santa Ana): Are any of these arm prospects going to make an impact in 2 years for fantasy owners?: Roberto Osuna, Lucas Giolito, Heath Hembree, Matt Wisler, or Blake Snell?

Paul Sporer: I'd bet on Wisler of that group. Hembree should be a major leaguer, but we'll see if he's doing anything of fantasy import.

Yancy (Bakersfield): Does Shaun Marcum have any fantasy value going forward? He's having a fairly decent season for being 0-9. He's going to probably lose his rotation spot, but he isn't terrible yet is he?

Paul Sporer: Yeah, I don't mind speculating on him in deeper leagues. He might not lose his spot, but rather get traded first.

George (Danbury, CT): Verlander: start of a downward trend or bump in the road?

Paul Sporer: Bump. We discuss him on the latest pod. I'm not at all worried.

Brent (Laguna Beach): What can I get for Josh Hamilton? As soon as he gets a little bit hotter, I'm going to attempt to sell high immediately. How good of an arm could I yield? Any possibility of grabbing a young stud bat? I'm in a deeeeeeep dynasty league.

Paul Sporer: He needs to get WAY hot before you're going to get any kind of stud prospect. Arm-wise, maybe try something like Trevor Cahill, but you might have to go down a few rungs from that.

ravenight (Boston): What's your feeling on Seager?

Paul Sporer: I love him.

Eric (Detroit): Benoit the closer going forward? Looking that way, eh? Just picked him up in my 16 team mixed h2h. He a better option than Gregg, or Frieri?

Paul Sporer: It seems that way for at least now. Not a better option than Frieri and close to Gregg, but until he's fully named, I'll be a little skeptical.

Logan (Long Island): Are Reese Havens' days as a potential fantasy prospect long gone? Crazy to think that he's fallen off this far since injuring his back...

Paul Sporer: I was never a fan fantasy-wise.

ravenight (Boston): 5 hours! Thanks for all the chat, awesome stuff. Does Nolan Arenado make a top-10 3B next year? Is he basically valuable only because of Coors?

Paul Sporer: You're welcome! I don't think he's quite top 10, but his value is boosted by Coors for sure. I like him more for 2015.

Jeff (Toronto): Just a gripe, Rickie Weeks has been hitting lately, why is Gennett playing? I'm speculating on Weeks for the balance of the year...

Paul Sporer: I think they're just protecting him and limiting his exposure every once in a while. I kinda like the idea of buying in on him in deeper leagues. He's known for big runs later in the season.

Tony (Work): Speaking of Gregg - what are you thinking about him? He's done it before, but this run is a little surprising isn't it?

Paul Sporer: It's definitely surprising because who even thought he'd have any juice left, but it's less surprising than if an SP or hitter were zombie-ing out of nowhere like this. Relievers are like this which is why I worry least when a team's biggest flaw is the pen (i.e. my Tigers).

Jon Lester (Boston): What should I do about my cutter it's not working very well lately? Plus I can't locate my fastball at all. Am I suffering poor mechanics or is my only hope to ask Rick Vaughn to borrow his glasses that can make me throw faster and only strikes?

Paul Sporer: The command of both has been horrid hence the barrage of HRs. Ideally you're with the guy who can best fix you, John Farrell. I'm bummed, but not worried.

James (San Jose): I'm a big Addison Russell guy. Where do you see him starting 2014 and where will he rank among prospects?

Paul Sporer: Probably Double-A, either for the first time or to get some more experience there if he gets a promotion there later this summer for a handful of games. He should definitely be a top 100 guy barring something crazy.

Tony (Work): What should we make of Daniel Murphy (yes, Daniel)? I keep waiting for him to hit .220 and do nothing at all...

Paul Sporer: He makes tons of contact and enough of it is decent to be a solid batting average guy, but it's a pretty empty batting average. Not a fan, but there is some value.

Tony (Work): I have a feeling a lot of these questions are from the same person. There's an unreal amount of people asking questions that have the same first letter of their name as the first letter of the city they're from....

Paul Sporer: This Anthony guy who is at his place of business is asking TONS of questions. :)

phin (mke): profar, lowrie or franklin ROS in 7x7 with OPS & NSB

Paul Sporer: For ROS flip your order.

Yatchisin (Spitball City): Would offering Victor Martinez and Julio Teheran for Yadier Molina in an 11-team points league where pretty much everything counts and there are 7 freezers per year be an insult?

Paul Sporer: No, you're trying to cash in on Teheran's hotness. I don't think it'll get accepted, but it's not a ludicrous initial salvo to test the waters. I hate when people offer AJ Ellis & Jason Marquis for Yadi Molina and act like that's a reasonable way to test the waters.

John (CT): What's the story with Zach Britton. He was never considered to be an overwhelming talent but it seemed he would be a solid ground ball pitcher who could win at the major league level.

Paul Sporer: I actually REALLY like him, but he's taking a while to put it together (as lefties are wont to do). I love him most in dynasty leagues where you can afford to stash & wait. Or just any league that has a reserve roster deep enough where you can wait without it costing you the chance at more helpful options for right now.

Mayor (Awesometown): (Quality starts league) This could just be my imagination, but it seems like managers will send a starter out for another inning if they're at a 91-94 pitch count but not higher. I don't understand why managers don't send more starters back out for potential partial innings, since a large % of the time that starter is better at 95+ pitches than the reliever is fresh. Is there any data on this?

Paul Sporer: No data that I'm aware of, but there aren't many guys who get sent back out at >100 unless they're twirling an absolute gem or perfecto/no-no. I'm not sure a guy at 90-100 pitches is better than a fresh RP, but of course it matters the players you're dealing with here.

LoyalRoyal (KS): Henry Urrutia: ?? There seems to be a dearth of information on him, especially considering he may be up in 2nd half. Do you believe he'll be up and any guess on what kinds of numbers he's capable of ROS and in 2014?

Paul Sporer: I honestly don't know much either. They have an excellent OF right now so they don't really need him right now.

phin (mke): was offered his sale for my gordon in a 6x6 w hits and holds. have j up, holliday and puig in the OF w myers on the bench so i'd be fine there. think sale stays healthy the rest of the season?

Paul Sporer: I like that deal. I'm a big fan of both, but with your situation, Sale is more valuable.

George (Danbury, CT): At what pitch count do the Marlins shut down JoFer? 180ish?

Paul Sporer: Yes, it will be about 170-180 innings max ... we discuss him and how to value him in redraft leagues on this week's podcast.

Jake (CC): What do you make of the myth about the HR Derby and it affecting 2nd half numbers?

Paul Sporer: For everyone it has hurt, there are two who have been just fine.

gbrown (river north): have we seen the worse of smart? anything you see in specific that he changed to make his second half better?

Paul Sporer: Who?

moratis the greek (wada): what round would you draft bryce harper if drafting today, given injury? non keeper

Paul Sporer: No later than the second.

ravenight (Boston): Is a 1/3 shot of being hurt worth it for a 1-shot entertainment event?

Paul Sporer: Is this in reference to the CWS?

Doug Thorburn (The precipice of a Podcast): Holy Cow this chat is a marathon! My question is: will you have enough left in the tank to 'cast for 3+ hours of TINSTAAPP? I believe in ya, Iron Man (and no, I don't mean Cal Ripken or Jason Stark).

Paul Sporer: Hell yes, I do. I'm not having to use my voice here!

haren (washington): should people just give up on me and my meatballs i throw?

Paul Sporer: #hurtheart

jwo better then ger (chi): can you give a percent chance wheeler pulls a 2012 harvey?

Paul Sporer: 57% ... I don't think it's unreasonable that he posts those skills, but I'd say they'd come with the mid-3.00s ERA that they usually portend. Harvey's 81% LOB rate helped him to a 2.73 ERA

ravenight (Boston): Sorry, I should have given context: is a 1-in-3 shot of having a worse 2nd half worth it for people to participate in the HR derby?

Paul Sporer: The problem is suggesting that the HRD CAUSED the down second half when it's more likely that if they are having a good enough season to be invited into the HRD, they're likely in for a lesser second half just by virtue of regression.

brian roberts (old town): am i old and way past my prime or worth a stash on my bomb ass team?

Paul Sporer: Pass. Sorry bud.

erasmo (seattle): what skills do i have that make me legit and not just a spot starter?

Paul Sporer: Good command, great ballpark, solid stuff (93-94 MPH heater, helluva slider)

phin (mke): thanks for the advice paul. good chat. take er easy.

Paul Sporer: No problem. Thanks for coming!

Tony (Home): Just trying to help the Marathon continue. YOU'RE WELCOME

Paul Sporer: Thank you sir!!!

chris carter (houston): i am a beast and barley swing to hit it upper deck. can i be the next chris davis?

Paul Sporer: Ooh, you've got some work to do there, but I do love you.

colby lewis (texas): do you like my skills? what makes me a good stash?

Paul Sporer: I do long term, but not sure there's much value this season. I don't usually mess with the midseason injury returners on the mound

Dave (NY): Any thoughts on Paulino or CLewis for 2013?

Paul Sporer: Prefer Paulino, but either lighting it up would be an upset. These are just lottery tickets for 2013.

phin (mke): actually. now that i think of it. do you think i'd be better off keeping gordon in that format (6x6 w hits) and trading j up for kershaw? my SP would be silly good. have harvey, scherzer, corbin, wheeler, cole and teheran.

Paul Sporer: If you can trade J Up for Kershaw, then yes.

moratis the greek (chicago): can you name one thing i look for when my pitcher is on tv to help me see if he is legit? something the normal dude wouldnt look at.... thanks

Paul Sporer: Doug Thorburn would be better for that and we discussed in our latest TINSTAAPP. http://tinstaapp.libsyn.com/episode-6-anibal-sanchez-v-a-j-burnett

gerrrrrrrr (cboe): can you please rank michael young, cozart, and alcides for a middle infield spot, obp?

Paul Sporer: You've listed the order, unless you need speed then flip two and three.

phin (mke): what about beachy? thoughts on him this year? i have multiple shares stashed. last question i swear.

Paul Sporer: Same thing. We've already seen a setback. These are just lottery tickets for 2013. It's rare that someone just dominates after coming back mid-season from an injury.

JSD (Anytown): Bourne, move him while his name still means something, or will he log 20SB and 50R ROS?

Paul Sporer: I'd move him if you have bigger needs, but otherwise I think those numbers are plenty doable.

cooch smarter then teacher (chicago): whats the chance moss pulls a 2012 c.davis? chance c.carter does? thanks

Paul Sporer: Neither is doing it this year, but Carter COULD next year. Moss can't hit lefties. Davis never really had that problem save 2009.

tbwhite (San Diego): Thoughts on some guys coming back from TJ surgery: Joe Wieland, Drew Hutchison. Do you like them for 2013, 2014 ?

Paul Sporer: I prefer Wieland, though we gotta wait on both. I really think Wieland can be a solid fantasy asset thanks to half of his games being in Petco (in addition to some real talent).

phin (mke): thanks again paul. hopefully this chat is still going tomorrow.

Paul Sporer: No prob!!

tbwhite (San Diego): Please say something nice about Joe Wieland and/or Drew Hutchison, I'm trying to move them....

Paul Sporer: #1 and #2 on the top 100 next year FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ravenight (Boston): If Archie Bradley gets added to your (salary appreciation keeper) league, do you spend the #1 waiver priority on him, or hope for Buxton?

Paul Sporer: How do they get added? I like him, but I'd probably wait for something a bit surer. What kind of league format?

jwo smarter then ger (chi): can you name a dude that could be this years 2012 carlos gomez? someone getting no love, striking out a ton, batting 7th, not playing everday, but still ends up being a beast?

Paul Sporer: That's remarkably specific.

Ron (Fairport NY): Does John Danks have any value? Picked him up as part of trade (he was a throw in). In a H2H league and lack pitching (poor drafting).

Paul Sporer: I was bummed by today's crapfest, but I do like him a little as the season wears on.

Max (Portland): I have four fantasy aces/near aces as my only SP in 14 team mixed keeper and need to trade for offense to get from 2nd to first. Which one of these guys will hurt the least to give up: Darvish, Zimmerman, Harvey, Lee.

Paul Sporer: Zimm

Peter (St. Louis): Andrus/Gregorious/Hardy ROS?

Paul Sporer: Hardy, Andrus, Didi

maxjusttyped (chicago): I think it's really cool that you're chatting for 7 hours. Any idea when the next episode of TINSTAAPP will be out?

Paul Sporer: Tomorrow. We record tonight.

FantasyPlayer (Illinois): Traded Chris Davis for Iwakuma three weeks ago. Did I drop the soap?

Paul Sporer: You should've gotten more even at the time, but it's not the end of the world.

R.A. Wagman (Thonrhill): Paul - do we see a rebound this year from Konerko. I am in a deep league and have depth at 1B/CIF/DH, but could use an extra bench pitcher. Thoughts?

Paul Sporer: Maybe a bit, but he's 37 and he has a 717 OPS in the last calendar year so this extends to last year.

andtinez (Houston): Paul, please list a few pitchers that could have that Kris Medlen like run in the 2nd half. And maybe some bullpen arms that if they move into a starting role, could have real value in mixed leagues. Oh and hello Curtis!

Paul Sporer: Franklin Morales (Rubby or Webster, too, but neither is currently in their pen) and Tony Cingrani (obv, but he fits the model now) are currently in pens. Guys who could just make a big run who aren't currently in a rotation: Erasmo Ramirez, Trevor Rosenthal (prob more 2014 if he's gonna be an SP again), Alex Colome, and Tim Stauffer. http://pauls.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/hiandrew.jpg

Tony (Home): You'll be up late with TINSTAAPP on deck.

Paul Sporer: I always am. We never even start recording until midnight my time!

Mork (Nano nano ): Love TINSTAPP. 1. Is mad max the best in he league this year and what is fueling his success? 2. Strategy question: if you have 10s in ERA and whip but are chasing the guy in first place has 12s in those categories, drop or bench Heath bell and Tom wilhelmsen? Guy is first is just a few saves behind me. Thx!

Paul Sporer: Thanks! He's absolutely one of the best, if I had to give a Pitcher of the MLB Award so far this year, it'd be Wainwright. His key is a huge, huge, HUGE improvement against lefties. Bench Wilhelmsen for now because he's definitely getting a breather as closer.

Tony (Home): Isn't Erasmo's killer pitch a change-up?

Paul Sporer: Yeah, it's insane. I guess I shouldn't have assumed it was known, but I was trying to intone that he's not a one-trick pony with just the change. He's got the solid velo & slider to go with it.

madden 2013 champ (chi): can you name one more dude i can follow on twitter that is as knowledgeable as you on baseball?

Paul Sporer: Besides my Baseball Prospectus colleagues? @andtinez @lana @BlakeMurphyODC

Ron (Fairport NY): 7 hours this is nuts and on the first time I have been here!! Thoughts on LaRouche? Drop-able or does he come alive?

Paul Sporer: LOL thanks!! Just set it and forget with him. He gets there with highs and lows, but he almost always ends up with a very solid line. Sucked in Apr, killed in May, weak in Jun so far

Tony (Home): Is Parks doing anything to try and sabotage your chat streak?

Paul Sporer: Punching me in the face repeatedly

Tony (Home): Speaking of Mad Max. A dude in my keeper league always made fun of me for "always trying to trade him nobodies" after I offered him CarGo and Scherzer in 2008 (for Soto?!!? WTF!) - granted neither had arrived yet. Dude never does very well so I guess it all makes sense.

Paul Sporer: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Some guys don't know prospects well so anyone not dominating on their screens currently is a nobody.

BStephen (Boytown): You never responded to my emails and tweets? I cut dickey for Parker? Ok ?

Paul Sporer: Yes that is. I never saw an email for it (or tweet, but sometimes I miss tweets).

lower case b (tigers): can you rank wheeler, garza, erasmo second half of season?

Paul Sporer: Hmm, that's tough, but I'll roll with my guy Erasmo there and then go Wheeler and Garza, but VERY little difference betwixt 'em.

BrokenArrow (Texas): Nate Eovaldi? What do you see for the rest of 2013?

Paul Sporer: EXCELLENCE!!!! OK, that's overstating it, but this guy was one of my favorite sleepers coming into the season so I've eagerly awaited his return. I really think we'll see some impressive work. Bet on something in the high-3.00s, but some good K potential and a great spot starter in your shallower mixed leagues.

GC (90210): What are your top LOOGYs that I should target to snipe me some holds?

Paul Sporer: Cingrani still available? Alex Torres, Brett Cecil, Justin Wilson, Charlie Furbush (Ollie Perez temporarily closing gives him more opps), Sean Doolittle, Robbie Ross, and Tim Collins

Tony (Home): Is Michael Pineda going to return to his old form at some point after his return? That would be neat.

Paul Sporer: Safe bet says no, but he's a worthy lottery ticket.

Tony (Home): Paul, What is your perfect adult beverage? Perfect adult female? And perfect adult baseball player?

Paul Sporer: Probably some wine, I don't drink much anymore & I wouldn't know a good beer if it bit me in the face; Scarlett Johannson still holding my top spot though it's contentious; and Justin Verlander with Allen Craig being my favorite non-Tiger

Scrapper (Chicago): Is strand rate a skill, above and beyond whatever a pitcher's natural baseline?

Paul Sporer: Sure, but not that 80+ level

Tony (Home): Matt Moore - 48 pitches through FOUR innings! SO HAPPY!

Paul Sporer: Yeah I figured with everyone jumping off of him on the Towers of Power FB group, he'd definitely man up. I couldn't pull the trigger in daily fantasy even though he was costing NOTHING.

JWR (Chicago): Gray or Appel? Why?

Paul Sporer: Appel, more polished while still having legit top of the rotation upside.

Alex (Ottawa): What are your thoughts on Verlander ROS? Should I try to shop him if he has a good start on the weekend?

Paul Sporer: Discussed on the Towers of Power podcast this week, not even 1% worried. You can try to shop him, but don't take a discounted return.

Scrapperl (Chicago): How important (on scale of 1-10) is a pitcher's height?

Paul Sporer: 6.5ish. Size deficiency can be overcome and exceptional height doesn't always mean success.

JWR (USA): If you were a GM putting together a pitching staff, what do you expect the staff would end up looking like?

Paul Sporer: Can I just pick the best five, or should I pick a couple studs, some mid-tier guys, and then some backend guys?

Tony (Home): Are you eating?! Food is for quitters!

Paul Sporer: LOL, yeah I went and got my dinner.

Bob (Seattle): Taillon or Cole?

Paul Sporer: Cole!!!

Bob (Seattle): Why are beagles so "fond" of poo?

Paul Sporer: LOL Curtis just sniffs it sometimes, but I don't believe he's been an eater. Not in my presence at least.

R.A. Wagman (Thornhill): Paul - How far can you take this? Can you explain succinctly your love for Erasmo Ramirez?

Paul Sporer: I've been asked that question approximately 700 different ways today.

Tony (Home): Wright would be such a monster on a really good team. Can you imagine what he'd do in Detroit or St. Louis or Baltimore's lineup??

Paul Sporer: :drools:

Tony (Home): Love to see the passion from the two BP chatters.

Paul Sporer: He's still punching me.

Tony (Home): Re: Best staff. You should pick your 5 based on their scouted roles (i.e. a 1 for the 1, 2 for the 2, etc).

Paul Sporer: Verlander, Zimmermann, Iwakuma, Corbin, Porcello (he's been a 4-5 for his career, though there is definitely upside for much more so I'm kinda cheating there)

T Soprano (Bada Bing): You are still chatting...and tweeting on occasion while chatting. What else have you been doing while this marathon chat has been going on?

Paul Sporer: Writing, watching two day games, and currently three night games, a phone convo with my mom earlier, now currently talking to my sister, preparing for TINSTAAPP, picked up sushi, flirted with the supercute girl at the register whilst picking up aforementioned sushi. Etc...

Frank (Chicago): Jose Lobaton or Chris Iannetta ROS?

Paul Sporer: If these guys and ones like them are on the wire, go with Lobaton as the hot hand right now (he crushes lefties, but only OK v. righties)

Tony (Work): I take full blame for Moore. Unraveling. Ugh.

Paul Sporer: LOL, way to go!!

Jason (Waiting for NBA finals): What reliever would you most like to see become a starter?

Paul Sporer: Scroll up. Answered that a bit ago. Ctrl+F and type Cingrani to find it.

JWR (Illinois): When is a pitcher's career peak?

Paul Sporer: It really varies. Impossible to answer, but I like guys in their mid-to-late 20s. If they make it that far, they're usually awesome at that point.

Dave (NY): Will Aramis pick things up soon?

Paul Sporer: Yes, stick tight!

Milhouse (PA): can Pedro Alvarez keep up this recent pace?

Paul Sporer: He is what is - a series of very high-highs and very low-lows evening out to a great power source with horrific batting average.

Matt10 (England): This is still going?! I was here for the start, had a nap before getting up for Game 7 and still trooping through. I'm impressed.

Paul Sporer: Thanks, I've been promising a marathon for a while, but timing would always work against me.

Ferris Bueller (Chicago, IL): You're still here? The chat's over. Go home. Go.

Paul Sporer: HA!

RLewis (Home): hey is Logan Forsythe worth the add. I am looking to have a versatile bench in case of injuries or slumps.

Paul Sporer: It really depends on league, but he is a guy that both Collette and I like.

brokenarrow (Texas): Do you think Aroyds Vizcaino is a good bet to contribute in 2014? What about Padres pitching prospects Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland? Any chance any are rotation bound next year? I've got them all as minor leaguers in a deep NL-only 12 team keeper league, hoping at least one pans out as a middle of the rotation arm.

Paul Sporer: I'm done on Vizcaino, never really loved him. He's gotta prove something to me. LOVE Erlin and like Wieland as well. I think both can contribute, maybe even later this year if needs arise for SD, but definitely next year.

JWR (USA): My question was vague, I suppose. What I was trying to ask was whether your staff would favor RH or LH, GB or FB, power pitchers or control specialists, that sort of thing?

Paul Sporer: Oh! Well I'd want to have a mix of R/L. I love Ks so I'd want power guys, but I also covet GBs. That's kind of the holy grail though. So I'd take a mix there. JV is really my only big K guy in that hypothetical staff, but Zimm, Iwakuma, and Corbin either have the capability or have shown flashes of K dominance before. Porcello some this year, too, along with his elite GB ability.

RLewis (Still home): Does Adeiny Hechavarria offer any value ROS.

Paul Sporer: Depends on league, but not really.

Pete (Who Cares?): Just got involved in a 12 team H2H league for the first time. I have 7 reserve spots. Where is the best place to use the bulk of them (Pitching or bats)

Paul Sporer: I'd prefer some hitters with 2-3 positions, but then streaming options otherwise.

Tony (Home): There's several fantasy guys who still think Andrus is going to blossom into a very good offensive threat (power, average, etc). I've had him for a few years in my keeper league and he still has GREAT name value - at this point do you think I should try to move him for someone who's more quietly effective? Like a .270 20/15 guy?

Paul Sporer: I'd move him if you could. I'm not entirely out on him as a hitter, but he's overrated right now so you can probably get something quite nice.

Ed (Lexington): Please rank for 2014: T Skaggs, Teheran, Wheeler, Cashner, C Martinez, L Lynn. Thanks

Paul Sporer: Lynn, Wheeler, Teheran, Cashner, (very close between these 2-4, I rewrote the order about 14 times) Skaggs, and Martinez

Elmo (Hartford): Is this thing still on? What are your thoughts on Stryker Trahan?

Paul Sporer: It's still on. I'm admittedly under-informed on him. I love the name though #nothelpful

Tony (Home): Is location all of Moore's problem? Or does he just struggle to get that strikeout pitch more than most pitchers with his pedigree?

Paul Sporer: I don't think it's one singular problem. He's just struggling with being in the best league in the world. That's why Miller and Harvey are all the more impressive. And someone like Corbin EVEN more so given that he's not nearly as talented.

EL OSO BLANCO (Atlanta): Am I the catcher of the future in Atlanta? Or does Atlanta re-sign McCann and I get traded/stay PT/moved to OF

Paul Sporer: I'm not sure they'll re-sign him, but I don't think that automatically makes you the full-time catcher. I think a lot depends on how you finish so maybe focus on not losing to the Mets instead of hanging with some baseball nerd in a chat!!!!

Matt (UK): Adam Eaton still worth holding onto in a 15 team mix? Get enough AB this year to be relevant?

Paul Sporer: I think you're in the right league to hold him. If you're low on reserve or DL spots, then he'd be your first cut once you're in a pinch because even when he returns that OF is crowded with goodness.

Broken Arrow (Texas): Best to worst short term NL only keeper (2014-15)... Todd Frazier, Marcell Ozuna, Jedd Gyorko?

Paul Sporer: I think I'd flip the order. Jerk & Ozuna have the upside. Frazier is a WYSIWYG which is fine, but I'd rather gamble on the bigger payoff.

Tony (Home): Dickey and Wang pitch on the same team. That is all. Yes I've had a drink.

Paul Sporer:

JWR (Illinois): Name one or two pitchers that you really missed the boat on this year.

Paul Sporer: Buchholz. I don't miss twice!!!!!!!!

Brian (Boston): For rest of season bench spot (2b/3b/ss) in AL Only, Maicer Izturis or Mike Aviles?

Paul Sporer: I'll take Aviles. Nothing special, but offers a bit of everything.

Jason (Home): More entertaining finals--Heat/Spurs or Bruins/Blackhawks

Paul Sporer: Bs/Bs ... hockey is just light years more entertaining. This has got to be one of the best Stanley Cup finals ever. 3 OT games, one a 3OT game, and then a 2-1 game. Now it's 2-2 series. Just bananas.

Grab Tazawa now!!!!!

Adam (Rochester, NY): I can't wait to read the transcript! Just jumping in now, so I apologize if I'm repeating questions. Please rank these SP's ROS: Nova, Vogelsong, M. Perez, Wacha and Lyles. Thanks.

Paul Sporer: Enjoy it, it's a long one!!! Lyles, Nova, Wacha, Perez, Vogey

Brian (Boston): Andrew Bailey just blew a save. Is he in trouble? Who do the Red Sox go to now? Back to Tazawa?

Paul Sporer: He's terrible. Absolutely spec on Taz.


PRE-BLOWN SAVE (probably like 5 hours ago):

John (Toronto): Sorry I didn't clarify...Andrew Bailey
Paul Sporer: Oh, well ya he's a walking injury. I'm definitely concerned.

Jason (Home): Would you guess that some pitchers will be able to throw 103-110 mph in 10 or 20 years or do you think that 100 mph iis about as good as we will see in our lifetimes?

Paul Sporer: I think we might see some >100s here and there, but fleeting and I'm not sure they'd even be anything more than a hot gun. Seems like we're maxxed there as a human race.

Adam (Rochester): Should I wait on Cobb's return, or try to move him for something in a keeper league?

Paul Sporer: It depends what you can get. You're obviously selling suuuuuper low if you go now.

turbo7773 (DC): Do you see Martin Prado turning it around this season?

Paul Sporer: I wanna believe so, yes. He started coming around in May before June Swooning. if you're in a mixer with a deep waiver wire, I can understand rotating him out, but otherwise I'd hang tight.

Adam (Rochester, NY): Do you think Medina will emerge as the closer in Seattle this year? Best guess - Benoit closes ROS or they trade for a veteran?

Paul Sporer: Maybe. I put him low. Ctrl-F then "Medina" to find my odds from earlier

RLewis (Fairport NY): You just saw/heard that Puig HR. Do you buy the sell high now theory with him or ride the wave and enjoy?

Paul Sporer: If you can legitimately sell high, then yes. Are you in our facebook group for the Towers of Power podcast? We discussed some Puig returns. I'd start really high, basically anything below the Trout-Harper level and go from there.

Matt (London): Where would you rank Zack Wheeler among starters for the rest of the season?

Paul Sporer: No idea. Not ALL that high. I'm terrible with just eyeballing these things, but maybe in the 80-100 range? I usually play it safe with rooks bc the safe bet is failure or at least not overwhelming success initially.

Matt (London): PUIGMANIA. Seriously, how long can this last?!

Paul Sporer: LOL, I don't know. I was dead wrong, but I'm loving every millisecond of it!!!! My guess is another 10-14 days before he starts to cool down. He obviously can't stay at this level, but I'm thinking his cool off will be more of a 10-15 game stretch of: .100/.115/.250 but that's OK, it happens.

Julio Teheran (Atlanta): Do I still have a spot in the rotation after Brandon Beachy returns?

Paul Sporer: Absolutely. You've been too good. Medlen to bullpen would be my guess, if not Beachy himself.

Jon KK (Elkhart, IN): Mulling a trade that would feature sending a cheap Stanton and other cheap pieces for more expensive but better pieces including J.Upton. Having a hard time with it, now that Stanton is back and raking while Upton has been hitting below .200 the past month. Do you see J-Up closer to April than May in the second half?

Paul Sporer: Stanton was like 1A to my favorites this year next to Craig as far as hitters go, so I'd stick with Stanton.

Tony (Home): Science says your physical peak is age 27. Obviously in any sport, the amount of experience you have can push your peak for that sport back a bit.

Paul Sporer: Absolutely, that's more of a target than any sort of certainty.

Tony (Home): In the facebook group someone offered Adam Jones and got shot down, which is crazy on both sides.

Paul Sporer: Insanity.

Adam (Rochester, NY): I can't believe I'm not the only person from Fairport, NY sending in questions to this chat! You guys need a BP event in Rochester.

Paul Sporer: LOL!!

Jason (USA): How important is a third pitch for starters? A friend of mine suggests Chapman wouldn't be a good starter w/o a third pitch. Agree or disagree?

Paul Sporer: Remarkably so. It's why I worry about Miller and Cingrani long-term. It's why I was concerned with Aroldis, though we were led to believe his third pitch was progressing nicely coming into 2013.

stewbies (my couch): Any hope for Hammel turning it around?

Paul Sporer: I expected a lot more. He's just nowhere near as sharp.

Jason (Home): What is the BP record for chats anyway? I would assume that you've already broken the record or must be closing in on the record.

Paul Sporer: I think I've beaten the time record, but I've only answered 270 questions and Parks got 400 answered in his 11:00am-7:30pm epic. He said he'd never do it again as it was just bananas.

DanDaMan (SeaCliff): Just getting home from work. Wow! Did you really start this chat @1! Thanks for all the great material to read tomorrow.

Paul Sporer: Sure did!

aschauer (LA): Hey Paul, love the new show with Doug it's incredibly informative. One thing I've been wondering: Velo loss is almost always interpreted as blaring warning sirens that a guy is about to drop off a cliff. There are only two guys people don't freak out over; Verlander I get because he has always dialed it up and down, but why aren't more people worried about King Felix? I've heard you guys mention offhand that he's a pitcher not a thrower, but that's almost as boring an answer as "His BABIP is high so he's been lucky." I guess basically my question is what's keeping Felix from turning into Lincecum? Thanks for the marathon chat man it's excellent reading!

Paul Sporer: He's just better. He has incredible secondary stuff and he gets better every year. I think automatically equating velo loss to injury or injury concerns isn't much better than equating xFIPs to good or bad luck. Velocity deteriorates with age, but Felix hasn't been overly reliant which has allowed him to remain remarkably successful.

Scrapper (Still here): Tom Seaver or Bob Gibson?

Paul Sporer: Seaver for the rest of 2013; Gibson for 2014 and beyond

RLewis (Fairport NY): No where like Fairport! Own it Adam! Grabbed Westbrook of the waiver wire. Decent add? (H2H 12 teamer)

Paul Sporer: I'm not a fan. Who else is out there? Tyler Chatwood seems to be lingering on wires everywhere and I like him a bit.

RLewis (Fairport NY): Chatwood is free. So is Kluber and Marquis. Which one?

Paul Sporer: Kluber just over Chat

Dave (NY): Thoughts on Willingham ROS?

Paul Sporer: I think he'll be fine. It'a really only the average that is REALLY awful, but if you can take that hit then he'll deliver the power. I think he'l hit high-20s.

Jason (Home): Ok, we all know Travis Wood isn't this good...but what would you expect that he will be like in 2014 & 2015? Can he be a 3rd starter?

Paul Sporer: He *can*, but I'm betting more of 4 with a 3.5ish ceiling. I've been impressed, but I'm not sure it's going to last.

Tony (Home): Adam you were supposed to ask - Rank for ROS: Tillman, Hughes, Kluber, Gee, Lyles

Paul Sporer: Definitely Hughes first. :)

Brian (Boston): Paul, Please remind Tony that Wang used to pitch on the same team with The Big Unit.

Paul Sporer: Children!

Adam (Rochester, NY): Let me know if i should stop asking questions. Thoughts on Carp and Duda ROS?

Paul Sporer: You're fine. Carp is squeezed out of regular PT with Victorino back so I'd favor Duda until a spot opens up.

Vandelay (Art): Contemplating making a dump deal in my NL roto... Offense is in first but pitching ERA is dead last. Can you suggest any top 30 S

Paul Sporer: top 30 S? How far are you from at least cashing? I might not mail it in just yet.

Adam (Fairport, NY): Moose or Walker? Would you cut Moose for Ransom?

Paul Sporer: Walker if that's Neil. Ransom only useful v. lefties so if your league is deep enough to use a guy on the short side of a platoon.

RLewis (Fairport NY): Thanks for the info Paul. Glad I found this! Hope you make sure to get the word out for the other chats, would hate to miss one.

Paul Sporer: No problem, I try to go at least once a month!

Jason (Not leaving yet): Can you name a non-ace or two in the NL whom you expect to be better in the second half?

Paul Sporer: Better meaning they've pitched and failed. Lance Lynn, Jeff Samardzija, Homer Bailey, Edwin Jackson, Dillon Gee (already surging), Brandon McCarthy & Ryan Vogelsong when healthy, and keep an eye on Tom Koehler who is throwing tonight.

Adam (Fairport, NY): Expectations for T. Walker next year?

Paul Sporer: Most of the year in AAA, some work in the majors which I would hope/expect to be solid.

DJ (Iowa): Since this chat started, I've mowed the lawn, had a dentist appt and nearly watched the entire Cubs/Cards game. Mammoth! S Castro 0-4, now hitting .232. Would you acquire him in a 10-team?

Paul Sporer: LOL! Nah, probably not. Unless he was just a bargain basement price or a keeper league where you keep SEVERAL.

Alias (Can't say): What question were you hoping to be asked that no one thought to ask?

Paul Sporer: Just wish Kluber, Tillman, Gee, and Lyles would've been mentioned in some form or fashion.

Adam (Fairport, NY): Yes Neil. ROS - Dubront, Ejax, Arroyo? Ibanez or Dirks?

Paul Sporer: EJax. Dirks has more upside, but Ibanez just keeps slugging.

stewbies (with Adam): Dirks sucks, right?

Paul Sporer: Not sure he sucks, but his value was inflated by last year. I thought he was better, too.

DanDaMan (SeaCliff): 12 team 5x5 keeper league- how worthy do you think Profar will be to keep in a league where we can keep any 4 players on our rosters? Seems like he might not be worth keeping in this kind of format for another year or 2.

Paul Sporer: The only issue is getting through this year without hurting yourself by keeping him since his value is scant, but I do think he is probably worth that 4th spot depending on your ballclub.

OK guys, we're done!

Paul Sporer: Holy smokes, y'all! Thank you SO much for hanging out with me in this chat marathon session. We went 10 hours and 12 minutes!! I'll see y'all soon. As always, you can reach me at psporer@baseballprospectus.com or on Twitter @sporer if you have questions!!

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