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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday December 13, 2012 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


With the first 10 Top 10 Prospect lists published, ask Jason about the series so far or quiz him on what's to come.

Jason Parks: Music for the Mood: "Veronica" by Elvis Costello. Great middle-8. Here we go.

Trevor (Kansas City): Jason, thanks for the chat. What are your thoughts on Kaleb Cowart in Anaheim? Does this guy have all-star potential? Does he stay at 3B?

Jason Parks: I have him pegged as a first-division player. Big fan. I think he can stay at 3B; good athlete.

Kevin (SF Bay Area): Is Edwin Escobar in the Giants system someone to get excited about?

Jason Parks: I saw him a lot at the complex level; been a while since I put eyes on him. I used to like him a bit. I wouldn't get super excited about him. Might pitch in the majors one day.

Amos (New York): I know it's not this simple, but if Arizona was soured on Bauer and just wanted a shortstop, and Texas thinks Andrus is too much for Upton, couldn't Arizona have likely packaged Upton and Bauer for Andrus?

Jason Parks: Perhaps. I can't speak to specific discussions, but I would imagine that the Dbacks explored numerous options before making the Didi deal. Can't say I'm a big fan of that return. I really like the glove, but I have a lot of questions about the bat. I guess I just assumed Bauer could fetch a better return.

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): Thanks for the chitchat. It's such a ridiculous sample, but can I be encouraged with Julio Teheran's performance in the DR? Should I be unencouraged by his performance this season in AAA? Do I need to remember he's a kid with skills adjusting to a new country? What do I do?

Jason Parks: It's good to be encouraged by Teheran's work in the DR. It doesn't change what happened in the upper minors the last two seasons, but its something positive to build on.

Yes; the kid has skills, but his biggest issue has been the development and utility of a quality breaking ball and overall command. That's not an acclimation issue. That's a pitching issue. Without a better breaking ball, Teheran won't live up to the hype.

mike254598 (Miami ): Hey professor, who do you think will have more homeruns in the 2015 season. Stanton or Harper?

Jason Parks: Stanton. He could hit 60. But for which team.....

Todd (Hoboken): If Jorge Alfaro was made available in Dickey trade talks, would an Alfaro/Olt package be more valuable than an Olt/Leonys Martin package?

Jason Parks: Alfaro won't be made available. I'd be hesitant to trade Olt straight-up for Dickey, much less a package of Olt and Martin. Olt is a top ~30 prospect in the game. That's a handsome return. #CaptainAmerica

Matt (Chicago): Who wins in a John Amos v John Turturro Cage match?

Jason Parks: Not even close. John Amos would slaughter Turturro.

Ian (Easton, PA): What are the chances that the trade to Tampa Bay was exactly what the doctor ordered for Mike Montgomery?

Jason Parks: It can't hurt, I guess. But I think Montgomery's problems exist within Montgomery. Perhaps a new approach in a new environment will help.

Bill L (Bozeman): Hey Jason, now that Frenchy's 600 ABs in 2012 are a future sunk cost, how long until we can reasonably hope for Bonifacio to take over there?

Jason Parks: Bonifacio isn't going to be helping the major league team any time soon. Maybe 2015?

Please Dont Put Me On Deadspin (Ft Lauderdale): Hello, I was wondering if you could go into detail about something for me. There was a rumor that had all of the Nashville Opreyland Ballroom buzzing, that there is potentially going to be a series of unsent letters to someone mysteriously named "The Condor" soon to run here on BP at some point. I still say fan fiction tops all but I would greatly enjoy a series of unsent letters to "The Condor". Regards Good seeing you Dont Put Me On Deadspin

Jason Parks: The letters to #TheCondor will remain in my possession until the proper time. "Dear Condor, I saw you earlier on the set. You were eating small insects and rodents, but doing so like a Sun God. I respect your passion and your posture. Don't call the police on my eyes. They mean no harm. They are just attracted to sunlight and special things."

Russ Schiefer (York, Pa): Be honest with yourself, Taveras is your #1 hitting prospect

Jason Parks: Sure. But he's not the top position prospect. I love his bat like I love my own face.

Francois (Toronto): What are the chances Jameson Taillon logs 150 MLB innings in 2014? Too optimistic? Safe to assume Cole will though?

Jason Parks: That's optimistic for 2014. Cole should hit that mark by '14; Taillon soon after.

Jackson (Charming, CA): Back in August you wrote about the top 10 prospects in the minors (http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=17780). You ranked Taijuan Walker 7th. 2012 was by no means a breeze for Walker, but with his athleticism, there is less to worry about than say someone with Dellin Betances' athleticism. What adjustments does Walker need to make this season and how soon before we see him in Seattle?

Jason Parks: He needs to continue to refine his FB command and the utility of his secondary arsenal, especially his change-up. He's a top ten prospect in the game, and I think he gets a cup in 2013; could be in the rotation in '14.

Kelvin (Brooklyn): Suggested advice column question: Is it wise to ask out and/or date a co-worker? How soon in the relationship is it okay to ask her opinion on the 2012 AL MVP voting?

Jason Parks: Ask her opinion of the AL MVP before asking her out on a date. If she has a pompous overreaction to the vote, walk away as fast as possible. Is she says that both players were awesome and that consternation over such subjective discussions turn her off, ask her out as fast as humanly possible. In fact, if she says that, pass along my info.

Klochner (MN): Would you rather have Alex Meyer or Vance Worley and Trevor May?

Jason Parks: I'd rather have Meyer than May

Angelo Pappas (Undercover): Patrick Swayze saving Keanu from a drug addled Anthony Kiedis. Great fight scene, or greatest fight scene? Also, when is it appropriate to wear flip flops.

Jason Parks: Great fight scene. Great movie. One of my all-time favorites.

Don't wear flip-flops. They look like laziness come to life.

JT (Houston): What was the name of the excellent BBQ place in Houston you said you ate at? Gatlin's?

Jason Parks: Gatlin's is legit. Get the brisket and sausage sammich

Ian (Tampa Bay, FL): Also, there's no DVR, you've got the time, and Con Air is on one station, The Rock is on the other. You can only pick one.

Jason Parks: I'm going to watch Con Air. Cage's strange Southern twang and Army Ranger background push the needle. Also, Danny Trejo. I dislike John Cusack, but I can ignore him.

Kevin (SD): Do you think Max Stassi could make a jump into the top 100 for next year? Like what D'Arnaud did when he hit AAA?

Jason Parks: I don't. I like the defensive profile, but I don't have the same passion for his bat.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Better Xmas viewing: Django or Les Miz?

Jason Parks: Django.

Steve (Texas): If the Rangers miss out on Hamilton, do you think they should offer Profar for Giancarlo?

Jason Parks: Stanton would be a great target for any team, but that would be the case regardless of Josh Hamilton.

Angelo again (Shhhhh): Follow up: Let's say you have to choose between a jail cell and surfing the biggest wave ever (and almost certain death.) What do you pick?

Jason Parks: I'd probably pick jail. Going out on a wave is a little too dramatic and romantic for my tastes

Bill (New Mexico): Proposition: Trevor Rosenthal has passed Shelby Miller as the top pitching prospect in the ridiculously pitching-rich Cardinals farm system. Completely crazy, arguable but probably not, or likely to be true?

Jason Parks: It's not completely crazy, but I disagree with the statement. I still prefer Miller because I think he's a safer bet to be a major league starter.

Fred Exley (Giant's Stadium above Hoffa's body): A scout told a Fangraphs gentleman this year that he preferred Trevor Rosenthal to all the pitching prospects he'd seen in 2012, including Terrific Taijuan. Is Rosie's velocity and makeup so surpassing, or am I underestimating his secondary and tertiary offerings? Thanks, Perfesser!

Jason Parks: No idea. I guess its just preference. Lots to like with Rosenthal, but he can't share that type of company in my opinion.

Liam (Dallas): Who would you rather have? Gausman or Zimmer?

Jason Parks: Gausman. He could be a monster.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): In a movie like "No Country For Old Men", when Tommy Lee Jones is supposed to be a grizzled Texas sheriff, does it bother you if the accent isn't right?

Jason Parks: Tommy Lee Jones is a grizzled Texas sheriff. You won't find me questioning Tommy Lee Jones.

Greg (San Jose): So evidently the Angels are in "serious" negotiations for Hamilton (Heyman). Wat?

Jason Parks: Makes sense. They either sign him or perhaps drive up the price and force their biggest division rival to dig deeper into their pockets. I like it. It's smart.

DanMShaw (UK): Aside from the obvious top 4-5 who are you most excited to see in the Red Sox system next year. Margot?

Jason Parks: Yep. Margot and Vinicio.

AJ (Phoenix): What is a good way to explain player development (and how statistical failure can be a good thing) to a novice? Specifically I need to explain to a buddy of mine why people can be so bullish on Bubba Starling or a Archie Bradley when they are so raw and far away from being in a major league uniform,

Jason Parks: Player development is specific to the player in question, so the journey will be unique to the individual. Some players benefit from setback more than others, but failure and the response to failure is a vital part of the developmental process. Baseball is a game of failure and adjustment.

As for Starling and Bradley, I think their ultimate ceilings are what people assign the most weight to. Obviously they are far away, but the promise they provide is more intoxicating than the realities of the developmental process, which will most likely diminish that promise as they mature in the game. It's very rare for a high-ceiling teenager to arrive at the major league level carrying the same promise they had when they first entered the game.

The development process is a journey from a dark club where everybody looks handsome/pretty to the unforgiving natural light of a hungover morning.

Steve (NY): Who puts up better numbers in 2013 Profar or Machado?

Jason Parks: Machado.

Ashitaka1110 (Houston, TX): Given what Michael Zunino did during his pro debut, should the Astros have taken him 1-1? I've been hearing some complaints from some people I know that, given how thin the organization is and our bad history of draft busts, that we should have gone with a high-floor guy instead of risky upside like with Correa.

Jason Parks: I like what the 'Stros did in the draft; getting a high-ceiling talent at a premium position while also freeing up funds to add a guy like Ruiz later on. Correa is far from a sure thing, and he has a long way to go, the payoff could be extreme. Zunino is a very good prospect, and his offensive outburst after signing certainly makes him look even more attractive. But if given the choice, I'd still go with Correa because of the potential payoff.

Jake (Springfield): Thoughts on Michael Wacha? Seems there are incredibly rave reviews out there, but due to the sample size, and style (bullpen vs starting) should the results be taken with a grain of salt?

Jason Parks: You can discount the stats because of a small sample, but you can't discount the scouting. Wacha arrived at the pro level with even better stuff than he showed in college, with the CB really stepping up and looking like a very legit plus offering. The velocity reports are from short-bursts, so I doubt he becomes a steady 93-96 mph starter, but the pitch should be an easy plus offering, working in the low-90s with good movement and command. I really like Wacha.

casejud (Bothell, Wa.): Not a question but, I just wanted to say that on behalf of myself and many other on minorleagueball.com that, I do NOT think you are a clown :) I appologize for that fellas remark. I'd love see your voice around there for discussion or a vote or two on the annual "Community Prospect" list I am leading currently. I enjoy your voice and, I hope you have a happy hollidays Brotha :) Take care, Casey Judson Siller

Jason Parks: I'm afraid of clowns. Seriously, they terrify me. I'd rather go to church than to a circus.

BenC22 (Boston): Seems like the interweb rumor that Yelich may be a longterm 1B won't go away, yet plenty of other interweb sources think he'll be good in CF. Can you explain where the 1B take comes from?

Jason Parks: Yelich doesn't have the strongest arm in the world, but he has more than enough athleticism to handle a corner spot in the outfield. I'm not sold that he is a CF at the major league level, but he wouldn't embarrass himself.

JimmyJack (Issaquah, WA): I really miss the podcast. Any chance you will be doing a different version? Maybe with Steven Goldman or Juan(Deli)?

Jason Parks: I've thought about it. It would have to be a good fit. Up and In worked because Kevin is one of my best friends and he did most of the work. I just showed up and ran my mouth. If I can find a situation where that is the plan, I'd be more inclined to explore it.

Hightower (Dallas): Who is the best pitcher in the Majors who is not a pitcher? I wonder this whenever I hear a position player has a ++ arm.

Jason Parks: Eric Hosmer could be a beast on the mound, as could Anthony Gose.

Alex (Anaheim): Big league ETA on Mason Wiliams?

Jason Parks: Maybe a cameo at the end of the '14 season and a shot at the 25 in '15? Not sure. Depends on health and progression.

Hightower (Dallas): How many WAR can Profar add if he gets a full year at 2B?

Jason Parks: I doubt Profar becomes an offensive monster in his first few seasons. He will be able to make contact and hit for some average. But it might be a bit empty until he adds more strength and adjusts to the level. Give him a few years and the bat will stand alongside the glove.

CubbieBear (NYC): Does Vogelbach ever make the Bigs as a regular? Or is his bad body and zero defensive too much for his bat to overcome?

Jason Parks: I don't care about his body. He's a 1B/DH not a shortstop. If the bat plays, the bat plays. I think it will. He can really hit.

Theo Retishun (Rodin's Garage): Hey, Jason! How's this sound: an "Ace" is any pitcher who puts up 6-WAR season (He pitched like an ace this year!) or 15-WAR over a three-year stretch? A #1 starter = a 5-WAR season, or 12-WAR over 3, and so on. That'd mean there are roughly 6-8 "aces" at any given time, and perhaps another 8-10 "number ones".

Jason Parks: You can use whatever metric you want, but I like the idea of the three-year measure. Aces are the product of performance and consistency. If a pitcher can perform at a high level for three straight years, give him the crown

ryan (asheville, nc): where you at one time a stoner? because you got stoner taste's..

Jason Parks: No comment.

AdamWells (Indiana): Professor, if you were to do the Indians' Top 10 again, would it still be Lindor at the top followed by Bauer, or does Bauer become the No. 1 guy in the system?

Jason Parks: Lindor is and will always be the number one prospect in the Indians system

Klochner (mn): Does Cole have the best stuff in the minors?

Jason Parks: I think so

Hank Aaron's Subconscious (Carl Jung's Place): Screw Barry Bonds, and everyone who votes to put him in Cooperstown. Q: Do you scout more players via videotape, or in person? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Barry Bonds is a no shit HOF. One of the best players to ever wear a uniform. I don't care about the PEDs.

I prefer to scout in person. I don't scout any player from video, but I'm not against it. Do whatever works.

bumphadley (Plainfield, NJ): Mike Axisa thought up this deal on River Ave. Blues: Cano for Taveras, Miller, and Carpenter In your opinion, is that close to being fair?

Jason Parks: Why would the Cardinals trade their future for a 2B who wants a $200M contract? I love Cano, but I'd much rather have Taveras and Miller under team control for the next six seasons over Cano. Its not really close for me.

Rick (L.A.): Hobbit in 2D? 3D 24FPS? 3D 48FPS?

Jason Parks: If I want dwarf fantasy, I can find it on the internet in the privacy of my own home.

Hightower (Dallas): How does Martin Kove react, learning there's only foam soap in the bathroom?

Jason Parks: He probably travels with a hunk of manly bar soap in his front pocket. Working man's soap.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): If you had to guess, how would each of Bo Jackson's tools rate on the scouting scale?

Jason Parks: I've spoken to several industry sources about Bo Jackson's tools. Consensus on his power/arm/run, but grades on his hit tool and glove varied. Bo Jackson's tools: Hit (5+); Power (8); Run (8); Arm (8); Glove (6+)

R. A. Wagman (Android): Jason, what is the most important lesson you have learned through writing for BP? Baseball and non-baseball divisions. Thank you

Jason Parks: I've learned to be more careful with my thoughts because the platform has a memory. I've also learned to respect the inside of the industry and those that spend their lives covering that industry. It's a tough field.

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): Where does Miguel Sano end up defensively?

Jason Parks: Right field

Kevin (SF Bay Area): Do you ever go scout games blind? "Blind" meaning no background or knowledge of any of the players in the game.

Jason Parks: Sure. Two thoughts on that: 1) If I'm going to write about a prospect, I want to know everything there is to know about that player. I want to see what his parents look like; I want to see him in game action; simulated action, etc. 2) If I want to test my scouting chops, especially at the lowest levels of the minors, I'll save the research and see if I can identify the best players on the field without any preconceived sketches. I love backfield games when the players don't have names on the jerseys. That's a test.

Klochner (MN): What did you do professionally (or just to support yourself) before you joined BP?

Jason Parks: I worked the Port Authority bus terminal bathrooms. I was the best.

John (Dallas): Josh Hamilton is now an Angel. How much trouble are the Rangers in (for the next couple of years, at least).

Jason Parks: Not just the Rangers, but the rest of baseball. Of course, it depends on Hamilton's health and focus, but he makes their lineup even scarier and leaves the Rangers with a void in the middle of the order. It might look completely different in a few years, but right now it looks like a big win for the Angels.

Hoot Stromboli (home as work): Do the writers at BP discuss any of their readers/commenters among each other?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure. When I hang out with BP writers, I prefer not to talk about BP stuff.

Mrs. Kove (Teeveeland): Manly, yes. But I like it, too! Is Alen Hanson maybe a .280/.350/.470 shortstop long term? More bat... but at second base? Thanks!

Jason Parks: I don't think he sticks at SS, but it depends on his focus and dedication to the position. The bat will play at 2B.

Chris (KC): Is Jon Daniels just sitting on his hands this winter? What do you think they should do now?

Jason Parks: They didn't sit on their hands; involved in many deals. They just didn't work out. I think one of the things this front office has leaned is not to make panic moves just to make them. The off-season isn't over and I think the Rangers crew always has something brewing to help better the team.

Matt (Canada): Has there ever been a more naturally gifted outfield than Trout and Hamilton?

Jason Parks: It's a talented outfield, no question.

Snausages (IA): Is it even possible to trade Stanton? Could a team ever give up what it should take to get him?

Jason Parks: I assume it would be a very painful prospect package

cult (twitter): McCutchen for Profar. Which team says no first?

Jason Parks: Maybe both?

Not Ernest Borgnine (Not Hollywood): No matter how great the secondary pitches, how superior the pitchability, in your mind what is the absolute minimum velocity required for a future #1/2 starter? (Not including southernpaws, because they're weird.) Thanks, JP!

Jason Parks: Plus FB (92-94 mph)

johnorpheus (st. louis): After Kolten Wong's performance this past season, his overall ceiling has come into question for me. Is his ceiling first division or merely average regular?

Jason Parks: If Wong develops into a merely average regular, he will still have a lot of value to the team. I think solid-avg regular is a safe outcome for him. I'd take it.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): What's more "tragic": that Barry Bonds was a sure-fire HOFer without the PEDs but did them anyway because he's a sociopath, or that Shoeless Joe isn't in the HOF?

Jason Parks: I don't think he used PEDs because he was a sociopath.

I really don;t care about Shoeless Joe Jackson.

bmwilliams84 (Dallas): Is it possible for a major/significant move to happen in MLB without the national media absolutely freaking-the-fuck-out? I understand this is a significant move, but Jesus Christ. How did those assured Philadelphia, Boston, and LAA World Series titles work out?

Jason Parks: Unfortunately, the public landscape demands and then rewards immediate and extreme reaction. Opinion and criticism have become so narrow and thoughtless that we no longer demand depth. That's the sad part. We could always demand more, but we willingly open our mouths and accept substandard judgment from people who benefit from more sensational takes.

Mike (Cincinnati): Robert Stephenson: Top 50 prospect despite limited time in full season ball or Top 100 prospect because of his limited time in full season ball?

Jason Parks: Top 100 for me. The Top 50 is absolutely stacked

Jay (Baltimore): Jon Schoop -- can he stick at 2b? Will he be ready in 2013? What are reasonable expectations?

Jason Parks: I don't think so and I don't think so. More of a LF for me, and I think 2014 is a safer window.

Barry Bonds (Not in jail): I am TOO a sociopath! Whenever a reporter asked if I did PED's, I accused him of being a racist, and attacking my *children* along with myself. I'm pathologically self-absorbed and dishonest, like Pete Rose. You underestimate what a rotten person I am. Q: Could Gregory Polanco be Trout-lite (i.e. .290 with 20-25 HR, 35 SB's, and average CF defense)?

Jason Parks: I like Barry Bonds. I'd gladly put him on my team. He's an asshole. I get it. He's also one of the greatest baseball players in history. You have to be somewhat pathologically self-absorbed to reach that level.

Polanco will not be Trout-lite. He could develop into a first-division talent, but that's a long way away.

JJ (Tampa): Chris Archer a top 100 guy in your opinion?

Jason Parks: Easily. Top 50 guy for me.

sportspopery (bx): What are you currently reading? Do you have any reading recommendations?

Jason Parks: I'm currently reading Gary Lutz's latest. It's incredible. One of the finest writers of out time.

Gene (LA): How does Adalberto Mondesi compare with Profar and Lindor when they were 17-year-olds?

Jason Parks: Very similar when it comes to baseball instincts and feel for playing the position. Mondesi doesn't have Profar's bat or offensive upside; closer to Lindor in that regard. He has a chance to be special.

MattWinks (Philly): Any Phillies other than Biddle top 100 guys or is it just a system of guys who are rather ordinary or of extreme risk?

Jason Parks: Biddle is on the list. You nailed the rest of the system.

cult (twitter): What are the chances that Luis Heredia is the best prospect in baseball two years from now?

Jason Parks: Highly unlikely. I think he will make a better big leaguer than a prospect, if that makes any sense.

myshkin (Santa Clara, CA): How far above average is "solid-average?" 55?

Jason Parks: Yes. High 5 or 55

DanMShaw (UK): Who will be more effective out of Barnes, Webster and De La Rosa? The three have similar ceilings don't they?

Jason Parks: I'd take Barnes. I think he could develop into a 2/3 starter. Webster a step below (but not much). Not sure what to think of De La Rosa right now.

Ian (Tampa Bay): If you had one name to give about a guy who's unknown right now but could be a huge name come midseason, who would that be and why?

Jason Parks: I'm on the Miguel Almonte bandwagon. I think others will soon jump on.

AndrewBokermann (broken hand at work): Where do Rangers put their money now? They are a very smart org and don't expect a reactionary signing, but what kind of move would you expect them to pursue when all is said and done?

Jason Parks: The trade market is still open to them. They have a deep farm system, so they can get creative and explore trades that other teams can't make, like for arms like David Price (one example).

Jay (Baltimore): Can you elaborate on your "Gausman is a beast" comment. I've heard some reports that he's more ready for MLB than Bundy (not that he's a better prospect). Do you agree? What is his floor?

Jason Parks: I guess it doesn't really matter if he is more MLB ready than Bundy. He's not in competition with Bundy. He's a guy with a mature arsenal that won't need a lot of minor league time before he can step up and perform at the MLB level. I think the same can be said for Bundy. Both should be rotation fixtures by 2014, and perhaps sooner if they step up to that level and perform.

Gene (LA): Has Rymer Liriano surpassed Jake Marisnick as a prospect or is Marisnick the better prospect because of his CF defense and speed? Could you see Marisnick developing into a 5+ hitter?

Jason Parks: I prefer Liriano to Marisnick because of the bat. I think Liriano's stick has more impact potential and I'm not sold that Marisnick's bat will play 5+

Justin (Chicago): Professor, who is the Cardinals shortstop next year? Andrus? Not much on the free agent market. Please don't say Pete Kozma.

Jason Parks: Peter Kozma

Peter (Dallas): oh god. My Rangers have quite an offensive void now. I'd do Profar for Stanton. Would MIA make that deal? Would Jon Daniels?

Jason Parks: The Rangers don't have to make a move. With guys like Martin, Olt, and Profar, the team can go younger in 2013 and build for the future while remaining competitive in the present. They don't have to acquire a name to stay in the hunt.

Tim (Kentucky): The position with the least amount of depth in the minors right now is ______

Jason Parks: Catchers that project to stay at the position with good offensive skills.

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): Why didn't you show up for the podcast "reunion" of sorts?

Jason Parks: Because I really don't care. I remember the podcast. I had fun doing it with KG. That's where I leave it.

Gene (LA): You would be a flawless 5-tool talent if you weren't a Tottenham supporter. Is Jorge to blame for this? Also, how large is the gap between Carlos Correa and Addison Russell in terms of ceiling?

Jason Parks: Jorge is to blame for a lot of things, but my support of Spurs is not one of them. I think Correa's ceiling is higher than Russell, but I really like Russell, especially after receiving good reports on his ability to stick at SS

Matt (Syracuse, NY): How much of a role do scouts play in off-season deals? Do GM's have them on speed dial or do GM just consult scouting reports?

Jason Parks: Both.

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): Why the strange C -> 3B -> CF path for Wil Myers? Not that I don't think it's a correct path to be testing where your prospect can stick, all those positions add value to his bat

Jason Parks: His bat was more advanced than his glove, and it takes a lot of developmental time, focus, and energy to stick behind the plate. It's quite common to see young players start up the middle ad fan out as they mature.

Peter (Dallas): they don't HAVE to make a move, but Stanton's plenty young himself, and has 4 years of control and has already reached superstar status. I'd trade 6 future years of superstardom from Profar for 4 years of superstardom from Stanton right now. Plus the Rangers already have a great SS.

Jason Parks: Trades don't just happen because one team wants it happen or because one team has a hole to fill. The Marlins don't have to give up Stanton. It takes two.

Optimus Primo Levi (Alternative Reality TV): Thanks for the chat, JP! I know you really like Michael Wacha, but is he close to the Miller/Rosie/Martinez triumvirate? Are there four musketeers, or only three?

Jason Parks: Oh yes. He's in that group. He might not be shoulder to shoulder with Miller (yet), but he belongs in the discussion with the rest of those arms.

Ian (Tampa Bay, FL): This is my first year buying a BPro subscription. The #want was too much to deny. How hard is it to rank arms vs. bats? What would prompt you to put one higher than the other if upside, floor, age, Texanness etc. were all relatively equal?

Jason Parks: Welcome to BP! It's extremely difficult to rank arms vs bats. I try to look at impact potential when comparing the two. Being from Texas always helps.

Asking For A Friend (Chicago): Will A. Simmons follow a similar career arc to Elvis Andrus?

Jason Parks: You mean leaving for the Yankees as a free agent and becoming the next Derek Jeter and giving out quality gift baskets? Highly unlikely.

Nils (Stamford): With regards to the earlier question about best pitching position player, have any NL teams ever discussed developing one of the two way players (for instance a Hosmer or Gose) as a two way player? Wouldnt a #5 SP who can also slot in as the #5 hitter be quite valuable? Or would the off days regimen for a SP prevent him from playing at another position when he isnt pitching?

Jason Parks: It takes an incredible amount of focus and dedication to reach the major league level in one role. You can't focus on hitting and fielding while also focusing on pitching. They are two separate developmental journeys that require intense focus to navigate. I don't see it happening.

Andy (Chicago): Great chat, Professor. I had a question regarding Leonys Martin and his projection in the majors. How do his tools grade out and where do you see his ML potential at?

Jason Parks: I think he can develop into a starting CF at the major league level. He has explosive bat speed (people seem to ignore this or forget it). He will be able to hit for batting average with good secondary skills (some on-base ability, speed, and pop). He's not a monster; rather, he's more of a 5 role player that can bring all five tools into the game. I'm a big fan. I hope he gets a long look in Texas.

mbrophy (NJ): Jason, Do you think Tommy Joseph can stick behind the plate? is he #2 in the phillies system for you?

Jason Parks: I don't think he can stick behind the plate. I havent started the Phillies list, but he will be in consideration.

Keith (Atlanta): you think the Marlins would prefer 4 years of Giancarlo Stanton to 6 years of Profar? They very clearly don't care about 2013.

Jason Parks: Depends on their scouting and the direction of the team. Stanton will likely provide more value over 4 years than Profar will over 6. Stanton could hit 50+ bombs a season. He's a monster. Profar is the top prospect in baseball, but he's not going to perform like Trout right out of the gate.

Alex (SF): Does Grant Green have starting 2B potential? Does he comp at all with Michael Young?

Jason Parks: They are both white.

Joey (Tampa): Bourjos/Wells on the block now with Hamilton (assumingly) signed?

Jason Parks: I assume Wells is always on the block.

Hightower (Dallas): Olt to the OF...does it harm his development, help it? My inability to answer this question makes him seem like nothing but a good trade chip.

Jason Parks: I don't think it harms his developmental as much as it limits his overall value. Olt is a very good 3B, and I think you lose that aspect of his game if you throw him at 1B or in a corner. That said, Olt is a very good athlete and a gamer, so he brings that versatility to the table. Ultimately, the bat is what will define him, but if the Rangers get him ABs at 3B, LF, RF, 1B, and DH, I think he can help the team. He just has to play.

Jivas (formerly Chicago): Thoughts on Kyle Crick? Is he a top-100 guy?

Jason Parks: Yes. I really like the arm. Nice projection and improving now stuff.

Steve (Austin): What are scouts saying about A.J. Cole? He bounced back in a big way after being sent to low-A. Were his struggles mechanical/mental/both? Thanks for the chat today.

Jason Parks: When it comes to young pitchers (young players in general), I always assume there is more to their story than just mechanical issues. So many things on their plate. The reports on Cole were promising in Low-A.

Chris (KC): I said something to somebody about Jake Odorizzi maybe getting kind of buried in Tampa due to their SP depth. The response from my listener was that in his mind Odorizzi is on par with Archer and behind only Price, Hellickson, and Moore in quality. "No way," sez I, "I would take Archer 50 times over Odorizzi, and also prefer Niemann, Cobb, Guerrieri, and perhaps Colome as well." Am I nuts?

Jason Parks: Nope. I'd take Archer over most back-end arms. Odorizzi is a quality arm with a high floor, but Archer has the potential to be an impact player, perhaps develop into a #2 starter with a late-inning arm as the backup plan.

Alex (SF): Young in the minors, .296/.367/.450 Green in the minors, .302/.348/.461 Similar ages, both college drafted out of SoCal, "hitter-ish" profile. I know comps are always problematic, but these two seem pretty similar to me.

Jason Parks: They aren't similar. Hitting in the minors and hitting in the majors are two different animals. Young has been an exceptional major league hitter. Green isn't in the same ballpark. That's a major difference.

john (Chicago): How can Anthony Rendon see the light of day?

Jason Parks: Bionic ankles

Jason Parks: I was only able to get to 100 of these questions; left over 150 sitting in the queue. As usual, you guys crushed it with the questions. Next time, let's go for the record. Let's chat for 12 straight hours and get wildly drunk and #violent. Back to work on the BP 101 Prospect List. Stay in touch.

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