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Chat: R.J. Anderson

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday April 30, 2013 12:00 PM ET chat session with R.J. Anderson.


R.J. answers all.

R.J. Anderson: Hey folks, Parks had something come up and had to reschedule so I'm filling in for today. Let's make the best of it.

Annoyned Fan (TPA): Who gets the call up first? Wil Myers or Chris Archer?

R.J. Anderson: I'd say Myers because it's easier to see his path. The Super Two deadline is about five weeks away, which seems like the big thing holding him back. With Archer the Rays need to suffer an injury or send a pitcher packing.

padremurph (San Diego): When is Manny Banuelos slated to return?

R.J. Anderson: Banuelos underwent Tommy John surgery last October and the rule of thumb is usually a year. My guess is he probably won't return during the regular season. If he does it'll be near the end.

BobcatBaseball (Athens, OH): Since both leagues are now playing each other in interleague constantly, do you see MLB making a decision on DH or pitcher hitting in the near future?

R.J. Anderson: Probably. I'd be surprised if the NL doesn't adopt the DH sometime over the next decade.

Aceathon (If you think about it, this question is trapped in): I'm watching this LA/Oakland game. The ride never ends.

R.J. Anderson: That game is still ongoing.

Dave (Chicago): I know Oakland's Josh Donaldson isn't going to keep hitting .319/.394/.516, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. What do you think his line will be at the end of the season?

R.J. Anderson: PECOTA says .239/.302/.416, which isn't too far off the .241/.289/.398 he posted last season. I don't have a strong feeling either way so I'd guess he'll finish closer to PECOTA than his current line.

adrian (washington dc): What do you think of a Felix hernandez/wil myers/Oscar taveras for Bryce Harper trade?

R.J. Anderson: That's a lot of talent changing hands. It depends on your team but while the best player is Harper (especially in a keeper league) it's not like you can really lose either way.

Apats (Parts Unknown): Why is Chris Archer getting so much more love than his teammate Jake Odorizzi? Odorizzi is younger and pitching better at the same level. Sure, Archer has that slider, but when it comes to getting that next rotation spot, shouldn't results matter? And age vs level? It's not like Odorizzi is a scrub.

R.J. Anderson: Odorizzi is a solid prospect as well, no doubt. We're not talking about polished versus raw here, though, since Odorizzi needs to work on his command as well. It's hard to draw conclusions based solely on minor-league stats, especially with pitchers. If Archer is working on his changeup and command and pitching worse than he would otherwise how much do you hold that against him? I don't know the answer, just throwing it out there. (That Durham rotation also features a resurgent Alex Torres and a reworked Alex Colome.)

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): R.J. - Can you explain Adam Lind? No power, all patience. Both are unprecedented. Can it last and can it be valuable? Thanks

R.J. Anderson: Lind does have a weird stat line: 21 percent walks, nine percent strikeouts, and a .068 ISO. We all know the walk rate s going to deflate as the year goes on. Frankly I don't buy into high-walk, low-everything else guys until they prove they can do it multiple times. It's hard to take a lot of walks without burning pitchers now and again.

Yatchisin (a rock and a hard place): So, I picked up Evan Gattis on the wire, and now an impatient owner dumped Sal Perez. Going forward in a points league where pretty much everything counts, I want Perez, yes? Especially with McCann on his way back soon?

R.J. Anderson: I would lean toward Perez, if only because his playing time feels more secure. I think the Braves will be creative in getting Gattis into the lineup but 1) I don't think he's going to play everyday and 2) I don't know that he'll continue to hit this well.

jquinton82 (ny): Who's a decent bet at 1b/3b for power and avg? I like cj cron at 1b but he's blocked 6 ways from Sunday and like joey gallo but contact seems to be an issue. Help a brother out lol

R.J. Anderson: Depends on who's available in your league. Vogelbach? Matt Adams? If you need a deep sleeper how about Matt Olson?

Josh (Seattle): Who makes a better addition to the Mariners' infield: Nick Franklin or Brad Miller? Is Jack Z at risk to be fired?

R.J. Anderson: I can't think of an argument for Miller so let's go with Franklin.

My guess-and that's all it is-is that Zduriencik's seat is warm if not outright hot. He's had a few seasons now and the on-field product is still lacking. Yes, the farm system has improved but the Mariners, for whatever reasons, have had issues developing players once they reach the majors. They've changed managers once already during his tenure, it's hard to see Zduriencik getting the chance to hire another one.

jeffreyarkin (Bay Area): Burch Smith - more likely a reliever or starter and what is his ceiling in either role?

R.J. Anderson: I haven't seen Smith for myself but the profile (college arm, big fastball, lacking secondaries) screams middle relief to me unless he starts rounding out his arsenal in a hurry. Related: Jason Cole wrote about Smith yesterday: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=20395

Jaime (Orlando): Other than Myers and Hak-Ju Lee, the Rays system seems to be quite barren offensively, even with the huge 2011 draft where they had 10 or so first round picks. Any break out position-player prospects ready to make "the jump" in the Rays system this year?

R.J. Anderson: I'm not sure if we're talking about making the jump to elite prospectdom or anything like that, but Andrew Toles had some helium around him this spring and it's carried over to a strong start.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): In my dynasty league, I feel like dropping A-Rod. Am I smart, or the smartest?

R.J. Anderson: I don't think you're going to get burned by dropping a soon-to-be 38-year-old with a bum hip.

Steve (Tampa, FL): I know this has been the question with the rays for the past 4 years, but why does the offense always seem to non-existent? I get annoyed at these small moves that don't do much (Luke Scott, Kelly Johnson, Cliff Floyd, Shelley Duncan, etc.) but are the only moves the team makes.

R.J. Anderson: Park factors play a role.

The free-agent hitters available in their price range tend to be either: old, hurt, coming off a bad season, or all of the above. I believe that offense has still ranked within the top five or six in the AL over the past four seasons by park-adjusted numbers, too. Solid given the circumstances.

Dave (Boston): Thanks for taking the questions. What are your thoughts on the Twins' Arcia? Will he stick in the majors? Thanks.

R.J. Anderson: He could be a nice hitter long-term. I don't know if he'll stick all season. They've given Aaron Hicks a longer leash than I would have, however, so it's possible they do the same with Arcia.

Alex (Anaheim): My dad picked up Nolan Arenado before I was able to. Do you think he will hit right away?

R.J. Anderson: He gets to play his home games at Coors Field so I wouldn't rule it out. Gotta tip your cap to pops for being quick with the add.

KL (MN): Any word on how Rosario looks at 2B this season? Are you familiar with other OF/IF conversions? Seems like it's usually the other way around.

R.J. Anderson: I don't know how Rosario's transition is going but you're right that moving to the left of the defensive spectrum is rarer than moving to the right. Jason Kipnis is one big leaguer who moved from the outfield to the infield. Obviously that worked out.

Sandwiches (Sandwiches): Sandwiches!

R.J. Anderson: Sandwiches?

Shawnykid23 (CT): Top buy-low candidates right now?

R.J. Anderson: Desmond Jennings? I think he's played better than his numbers suggest for most of the month.

Wes (Toronto): Marcus Stroman has been touted as possibly the first Jays prospect to debut in the MLB, but does his upside touch either of Sanchez or Osuna?

R.J. Anderson: Stroman might reach the majors first because of his college pedigree and expected role-which is to say he may wind up in the bullpen. The other two need more polish before being able to take on big-league hitters. If he does move to the bullpen then I'd say he has the lowest upside of the three. Nothing against a quality reliever, I'm just going to take a number-three starter over a set-up guy most of the time.

pbsenerchia (DC): Just snagged Marcell Ozuna in my NL only keeper league - what do you expect from him for now, and down the road?

R.J. Anderson: Mark Anderson and Brey Sayre just published a piece that should help you out: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=20419

padremurph (San Diego): Can Mat Latos keep up the stellar start?

R.J. Anderson: Probably not to this extent. I wouldn't rule out him having a career year, however.

Jim (Minneapolis): Speaking of Aaron Hicks, he seems to be improving a bit lately at the plate. What are your thoughts on his long-term MLB potential?

R.J. Anderson: Hicks is a frustrating talent. The physical tools are there for him to become a very good player but what I saw during the early going was a mess. If I went karma-defunct and woke up after six years to learn that Hicks was bouncing around the minors still it wouldn't surprise, nor would him making an All-Star game or two. Maybe he'll split the uprights and become a functional big-league player who frustrates fans with his inability to put it all together for good.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): Aside from the 80-grade name, what distinguishes Rock Shoulders from Dan Vogelbach?

R.J. Anderson: Vogelbach owns the better hit tool.

Scott (LA): Do you see the Dodgers bringing up Dee Gordon again soon and living with his defensive growing pains to try and ignite the offense?

R.J. Anderson: Here's a scary thought: Justin Sellers has a 57 OPS+ this season in 71 plate appearances. Last season Dee Gordon had a 56 OPS+ in 330 plate appearances.

Bill (New Mexico): By the end of last season, the St. Louis bullpen had become a strength; now it's looking like a disaster, with practically the same cast of characters (plus Randy Choate, who's not the problem). Random SSS glitch, or evidence that the new bullpen coach (Blaise Ilsley) is having issues, or something else? What do you do about it?

R.J. Anderson: It could be sample-size issues, it could be talent issues, or it could be a combination thereof. Without knowing what Ilsley's responsibilities are and how he goes about his business I'm not comfortable putting the issues on his back. There's only so much a big-league coach can do anyway.

Adrian (Washington D.C.): What do you make of Stephen Strasburg's early season "struggles"? Maybe I'm expecting to much, but ignoring his first start, his control has diminished, his velocity is down, could this all be related to the forearm tightness or is it his desire to pitch to contact.

R.J. Anderson: I saw that he was all over the place last night. The characteristics mention seem to go better with a physical issue than anything. I guess it's possible he's overthinking on the mound and that's causing issues but that seems less likely to me. The pitch to contact mentality is less about avoiding strikeouts and more about avoiding walks. You want to challenge hitters and avoid nibbling in fear of someone hitting the ball. It comes down to trusting yourself. Besides, Strasburg has enormous raw stuff that's going to miss bats and rack up Ks regardless of whether he's trying to induce early contact or not.

Johan S. (Doctors Office): Any chance I will pitch again?

R.J. Anderson: I hope so, Johan, but I'm not qualified to say.

Ashitaka1110 (Houston, TX): Nick Tropeano and Nolan Fontana both could have the "advanced/polished college player" label attached to them, and both are tearing up their level (AA and A+, respectively). How soon do we see them at the MLB level?

R.J. Anderson: It comes down to how aggressive Houston wants to be. I would say 2014 but perhaps Houston decides to give them a glimpse of big-league life in September.

Milhouse (PA): Do you tend to prefer hit-tool guys who may develop power like Castellanos or power guys with shaky hit tools like Sano?

R.J. Anderson: The former. Parks has given the best explanation for this so I'm going to paraphrase him. If you have two hitters: One is a 8 hit/2 power, the other is a 2 hit/8 power the former is going to be the better hitter. That's because you need the skills that encompass the hit tool in order for the power to play in the majors.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Thank you for your reply, but still, it saddened me greatly to hear A-Rod described thusly. Also, drop Gattis to the floor, too? I want to.

R.J. Anderson: I feel you.

With Gattis it depends on your team. Again, I think the Braves will work him into the lineup once McCann is back but I doubt he plays everyday or keeps up this level of hitting all season.

Mike (NYC): I need pitching. How much would you pay from a $250 FAP budget for John Lackey or Justin Grimm? Thanks!

R.J. Anderson: Oh, I'm awful with bidding prices. I tend to bid low because there's always another, similar option available. Don't break the bank on either would be my (likely unhelpful) advice.

mblthd (Columbia, SC): RIP Brad Lesley

R.J. Anderson: Former big-league pitcher/actor.

Bill (New Mexico): So to continue Milhouse's question, is a guy with an 8 hit tool and 2 power a prospect? I ask because that's not a bad description of the improbable Mike O'Neill, currently sporting an OBP near .500 at AA, with a SLG 100 points below his OBP. What do you make of a guy like that?

R.J. Anderson: I'm not overly familiar with O'Neill but if he really is a 2/8 guy then I wouldn't consider him a prospect. In giving him that 2 grade we're saying his hitting tools-his bat control, his hands, his balance, etc.-are well below-average. You have to have at least some of that stuff for the power to work against big-league stuff.

Billy (Olympia): Would you sell high on Kyle Seager? What kind of final season line do you see him with?

R.J. Anderson: It comes down to whether someone else is willing to buy high and what that entails. My friend Jackie Moore pointed out Seager had changed his approach recently. Without seeing the at-bats for myself I don't feel comfortable saying the tweaks will help him produce more power than expected.

If someone values Seager like he's prime A-Rod or anything of the sort then pull the trigger. My guess is nobody will overvalue him to that degree.

Bill (New Mexico): I agree that a 2/8 guy isn't a prospect, but O'Neill is sorta 8/2, not 2/8. The question is: how much of a prospect can a guy be if he's inexplicably good at reaching base, (i.e., has the bat control, hands, etc.) but has zero power? That's O'Neill, to an extent that I've never seen in AA before.

R.J. Anderson: Sorry, I misread the earlier question. Those guys are prospects for me.

Brian (Worcester): Long-term from offensive standpoint, REndon or Arenado?

R.J. Anderson: Rendon in a vacuum.

Brian (Worcester): How many of the following have a chance to be 1s or 2s at their peak? J. Fernandez, Teheran, Harvey, Gausman, Zimmer, Guerrieri, T. Walker.

R.J. Anderson: All of them have a chance to be at least a No. 2. Not all of them will reach that level though.

Bob (Kansas City): Mike Moustakas. Ugh. Time to cut bait if there are other options?

R.J. Anderson: It depends on the other options. I watched a lot of Moustakas during the first week and he looked miserable. At the same time we all know he's better than what he's played so far.

I guess it comes down to this: Do you need him to break out this season in order to feel satisfied with his production?

mmcd (ottawa): For developmental purposes shouldn't the D'backs get Archie Bradley out of the Cal. league asap?

R.J. Anderson: This and a question about Wheeler/Las Vegas are interesting developmental/psyche inquiries that I wish I had a good answer for.

Shawn (My Cubicle): Chances Bruce Rondon takes over as closer this year?

R.J. Anderson: Permanently? Less than 50 percent. For a few weeks? Better than 50 percent. The stuff is exciting but the command issues are legit.

Chris (LA): Speaking of Outfield to Infield convert Jason Kipnis, what do you make of his start to the season and what will his end of year stat line look like?

R.J. Anderson: I haven't seen him but the uptick in strikeouts is concerning. For now I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he'll post numbers comparable to last season in the end.

Bob (Kansas City): To follow up on your Moustakas comment, I guess I'd be satisfied with his production as long as his numbers don't regress and he matches last year's numbers (.242, 20 homers, 72 RBI). But from what I've seen so far, he has no chance to reach those mediocre numbers without something changing soon.

R.J. Anderson: Then I'd probably hold onto him for just a little longer unless there's a no-brainer available. Remember: We're still at the point in the season where Yuniesky Betancourt, bless his heart, is among the leaders in runs batted in.

JT (Michigan): Thoughts on Logan Morrison's #nohomojustlomo hash tag? Sure, he probably means no harm, but it sure makes him sound ignorant, and more than a little prejudiced. On the day of Collins, he was tweating that a gay teammate could help him with fashion and that people are too intolerant of intolerance. /facepalm.

R.J. Anderson: No thoughts on Morrison-I don't follow him and haven't seen the comments in question-but in general I'd rather admire Jason Collins' courage than acknowledge attempts to leech off it.

Pat (Bronx): Ultra-deep mixed league with heavy emphasis on pitching, Wade Davis blew up last night for the second time in a row - with Cap coming off the DL next week, do you drop Davis for him? Can Davis's turn this weekend - if good - change your mind?

R.J. Anderson: I'm very familiar with Davis-I think he could be a number four starter-so one start won't change anything for me. Capuano is safer, albeit with a lower ceiling. It comes down to what you want. If you have a team with a few solid, safe options already you may wanna gamble. Or vice versa.

gary (Indiana): What is Starlin Castro's ceiling? MVP candidate or solid regular? 20 HRs? or Elvis Andrus with less range?

R.J. Anderson: Probably around MVP candidate. You look at the history of guys who were able to hit as well as he did at such a young age and many of them went on to Hall of Fame or otherwise great careers. I know last year felt like a step back and this year hasn't included a great leap, but he's still insanely talented and young.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Thoughts on Robert Stephenson- potential frontline starter, or dominant bullpen arm?

R.J. Anderson: Haven't seen Stephenson for myself but he does have frontline starter potential. He'll have to sharpen his secondaries and his command and control in order to get there though, and the odds are that he'll fall short. Not to sound like a cop out but it really comes down to how much ground he covers over the next few years. He could wind up in the bullpen, yes, or he could be a number four starter. It's too early to call it.

LoyalRoyal (KC Area): With current players struggling in left field for Detroit, do you see them giving a chance to Avasail Garcia or Castellanos soon? Who's closer and who has higher ceiling? Thanks...

R.J. Anderson: It seems like a matter of time doesn't it? I'd guess that Garcia would get the call first, since they also promoted him last year, but that's just a guess. Both are potential first-division players with good arms and bats. Can't go wrong either way.

Wilmer Font (Beast Mode): When do I get some love and recognition ?

R.J. Anderson: Aw, Wilmer. This is how your BP Annual comment ends: "[His] lively plus-plus fastball could make him a powerful force in the late innings."

Tony (Work): Can Elvis Andrus take the next step that so many scouts think is there?

R.J. Anderson: Sure can. He's not even 25 years old yet.

Goose (Chicago): Is Rafael Montero a future #3 and do you think he will be in NY before the end of the summer?

R.J. Anderson: I haven't seen Montero for myself but the scouting reports suggest he can possibly be a No. 3 starter. The Mets have plenty of reason to take things slow with their young arms so I'd guess fall or 2014 is a more likely ETA.

Andrew (CA): How worried should I be about Josh Reddick? The K and BB numbers aren't awful, but he's losing playing time and that average is hideous.

R.J. Anderson: If you're expecting the guy from the first half (or thereabout) last season then very worried. Otherwise he should still be a platoon outfielder type when it's all said and done.

Shawnykid23 (CT): I can't quit they guy and need someone else's rational guidance on him- what an we expect from Liriano when he comes back?

R.J. Anderson: I'm not sold on the Pirates fixing him. Nothing against Ray Searage or their coaching stuff, but neither Cooper nor Anderson could straighten him out in recent times so what chance does anyone else stand? I'm expecting more of the same from him.

Sam (New Jersey): Is this what we can expect out of Pedro Alvarez?: 10 games of nothing but strikeouts and then a few consecutive games with homers?

R.J. Anderson: Something like that. He's a three-true outcomes type. Those guys are, rightly or wrongly, thought of as streaky hitters. Remember how he started last season miserably then wound up with 30 homers?

Sean (NY): Do you think that Luis Mateo has the ceiling of a No.2 starter? He seems to have the stuff. Also, do you think that the slight inverted W in Zack Wheeler's delivery should be a cause for concern?

R.J. Anderson: Ceiling? Sure. He's got two premium offerings. Whether he reaches that ceiling depends on how his changeup and command/control develop. Doug Thorburn can answer the second question better than I.

Andy (Chicago): Who is more likely to turn it around in: Ryan Vogelsong or Jarrod Parker?

R.J. Anderson: I'm a big fan of Vogelsong. I haven't heard/seen any reason to think both can't turn it around.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): I just dropped A-Rod for...............Travis Hafner. All winning, all day.

R.J. Anderson: Glad to see Brian Cashman still uses his BP account.

padremurph (San Diego): What do you make of Austin Headges season thus far?

R.J. Anderson: This was obviously meant for Parks but I'll just say I'm not too concerned. First few weeks at a new level, etc.

Stan (Milwaukee): What kind of career path do you envision for Matt Wieters from here on out?

R.J. Anderson: More of the same probably. Wieters isn't a switch-hitting Joe Mauer but he is a quality backstop.

JoshuaGB (Chicago): Over/under: Michael Choice makes two All-Star games?

R.J. Anderson: I was thisclose to saying over then I started flipping around B-Ref pages and noticed that Carlos Pena made one AS team, Adam Dunn made two, and Pat Burrell made zero. Do three-true outcome guys get underrated in AS voting? Is it the streaky thing? These are unanswered questions that force me into saying under.

Harrison (Arizona): Have you ever spent the entire month in Arizona or Florida for Spring Training? If I have the chance to do so, I was wondering what's the best way to maximize value for watching games/practices? Do I just pick the most intriguing game each day to go to? Or stick more in depth with one or two teams that I like?

R.J. Anderson: Yes, but only because I spend the entire year in Florida.

I haven't talked with others but Arizona is a popular destination because there are clusters of complexes within a small drive of each other. Thus you can travel and see 2-3 teams a day if you wanted. That's not really the case in Florida where teams are more spread out. So where you go helps develop what your gameplan is, etc. Plus that stuff is really up to you to decide anyway. There's no wrong answer.

Shawn (My Cubicle): Could the St. Louis rotation be comprised of Miller, Rosenthal, and C. Martinez in 2014 and beyond? Or is it more likely one of the last 2 end up in the pen?

R.J. Anderson: It's possible, yeah. Being realistic: One of those two probably winds up in the pen.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Any idea when Erasmo Ramirez will join Sea rotation?

R.J. Anderson: Larry Stone tweeted last night that Ramirez has started throwing. That's all the insight I have on his condition. Given the quietness about his status I'd guess he's at least a month away.

Chesty (New Bern ,NC): Will Adam Eaton be an everyday player when he returns ?Thanks

R.J. Anderson: He should be.

geneclaude (KC): Has anyone done a deep dive into Cole Hamels pitch f/x info to see if there is something wrong/different? 6 walks is very not Hamelsey.

R.J. Anderson: Not that I've seen.

Barely related plug: Grant Brisbee and Chris Quick, of McCovey Chronicles and Bay City Ball, did nice breakdowns of Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum's command woes last week.

LoyalRoyal (Kansas): With Bundy being injured, do you see the Orioles pulling Kevin Gausman up to put an end to the rotating 5th starter issue by end of May or June? Thanks...

R.J. Anderson: I don't know if Baltimore will be that aggressive with Gausman but it wouldn't surprise me if he's up later in the year.

JoshuaGB (Chicago): Any idea what is going on with Lewis Brinson? Should we worry or are we excited about the new swing?

R.J. Anderson: By all indications the Rangers have a strong developmental staff so he's in good hands. [Insert your own joke about Brinson's spider-like limbs here.]

boneil33 (Boston): Much has been made of the opinion that Tony Cingrani really only has one pitch, although it seems that some scouts believe he has a plus change-up. What is your opinion? Also, if it is true that he only has one plus pitch, how long can he stick in the rotation? Have there ever been any [good] MLB starting pitchers with one plus pitch [not including knuckleballers]?

R.J. Anderson: Cingrani has a plus changeup by most accounts, giving him two plus offerings from the left side.

The Dude (Work): Jesse Biddle has had some tremendous outings this year. Is he a top tier arm, or does he seem to just know how to pitch against lesser competition, and thus nothing to be too excited about?

R.J. Anderson: He's not a future ace or anything, no. He could be a middle-of-the-rotation starter though, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Scott (Scottsdale): Does Tim Lincecum ever turn it around, adapt to reduced velocity, etc., to become a front-line starter? Or are the Giants better-served moving him to the pen? What's the bigger issue now? Velocity loss? or command? Or are those related?

R.J. Anderson: They could be related. I don't think Lincecum will regain his front-line status. I would be curious to see him in the bullpen, however. Here's the aforementioned Lincecum piece: http://www.baycityball.com/2013/04/27/lincecums-trouble-with-the-fastball/

And here's the Cain: http://www.baseballnation.com/2013/4/24/4261800/matt-cain-struggles-mechanics-xfip

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Is Phil Hughes a no-doubt asset in a 12-team mixed league? Where would be rank with Doubront and Corbin, for instance?

R.J. Anderson: Corbin is the safest of the three for me. Doubront's probably the biggest upside play. I guess that would put Hughes somewhere in the middle. He seems like he's better than he's pitched so far but the home-run bug is something to be leery of.

Tony (Work): 7x7 15 team roto. What do you think of Greinke & J. Jay for Ellsbury & Vogelsong?

R.J. Anderson: Depends on your team needs. You're either getting the best P or the best OF in the deal. Given Ellsbury's health record it's not like you're trading injured for guaranteed health, either.

John (CT): Seems to be a lot of non-specific news reagrding Dylan Bundy's injury. Think he's headed for surgery?

R.J. Anderson: I'll be honest with you: I have no idea. I hope not. But I have no idea.

William (Pensacola, FL): Besides decapitation, what injury worries you the most wheh it comes to young shortstops ?

R.J. Anderson: Lower-half expansion, otherwise known as Uribe Disease.

Carl (MD): 14 team dynasty league. Who wins long term? Wieters and Starlin Castro for Yadier Molina and Andrus?

R.J. Anderson: I'm not sure either side loses. Both sides get a lot of talent.

R.J. Anderson: Okay folks, hopefully I did an okay job pinch-hitting for Parks. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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