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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday April 28, 2017 1:30 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


Craig Goldstein is Baseball Prospectus' Minor League Editor.

Craig Goldstein: Nothing like a late lunch and some baseball to tide us over when there are no afternoon games, right? Right.

Guancous (Silver Spring, MD): Greetings, Craig. I need Ks and wins so I traded Graveman for Samardzija. Wise or foolish?

Craig Goldstein: I mean straight on Ks that's probably fine, but I'm of the opinion that Samardzija just isn't very good. I'm not fully buying into Graveman yet either (the peripherals aren't much different from years past) but he's shown some flashes where Samardzija hasn't provided much value outside of Ks.

Ceej (Pittsburgh): Polanco's not hitting for any power and I assume it's lingering shoulder issues. Are you worried longterm?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not. Shoulder injuries can take a long time to recover from, but you can recover (ask Matt Kemp or Adrian Gonzalez, among others). If he continues to be hurt, that's a problem, if he's bad while regaining health...that's pittsburgh's problem in the short term, but I wouldn't sweat it long term. I still love him.

flashtheleather (TN): Is Luis Escobar a dude? He has all the k's

Craig Goldstein: He's interesting, that's for sure. The strikeouts are encouraging, but even more encouraging is the curtailed walk rate. We have an eyewitness report on him from August of last year, and I haven't had the chance to see him since then, so I'm not sure what's changed. Going off that report, though, I'd hazard he's a reliever in the long run.

Andrew (DC): Recent reports have Erick Fedde sitting 93-95 instead of the 91-94 he was at last year. If that's real, how much does it bump his stock up?

Craig Goldstein: That jibes with what I've heard from scouts (92-95, t96). A consistent extra tick is going to be useful for him, especially since the fastball is one of his two best offerings, but I don't know exactly how substantially it changes things. I would say raising the floor is more important that the smaller tick up on the ceiling. The bigger thing with Fedde is that he's introduced a curveball to the arsenal and while it's not special right now it's another offering for him to attack lefties with.

Rich (Toledo, OH): Thoughts on Bo Bichette and his start? Hit well last year and seems to have carried it over to A-ball.

Craig Goldstein: He's an exciting talent, and I'm interested in learning more. The good start at full-season ball is encouraging and the bat speed is real as hell. He's definitely one to keep an eye on.

Jared (Cali): They way he's raking, where do you think Juan Soto ranks entering next year?

Craig Goldstein: We have him 57th entering the year, so this doesn't exactly surprise us. If he keeps this up it wouldn't be a surprise to see him in the Acuna range (31 this year) if not a tad higher, since he'll likely get more at-bats for us to evaluate.

Jslip1 (Pennsylvania): Is Jason Heyward' performance to this point sustainable?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah, sure. It's not far off of his performance with the Cardinals minus some slugging. His exit velo seems to be on an upward trend, but he's not really elevating the ball, which is going to be an issue if he wants to hit for power.

treynay3 (Michigan): Any concerns with Bregman? I've read so stuff on the quality of his contact being not great. He seems to have the batted ball profile of a power hitter despite not being a power hitter. Thoughts?

Craig Goldstein: No real concerns with Bregman. He was great after the brutal start last year and I'm not reading too much into April stats at this point. I'm still on board.

PS - I'm being told by my staff that my estimate of where Soto will rank was conservative. Make of it what you will.

TH (Boston, MA): How much should we worry about JP Crawford?

Craig Goldstein: A bit. I'm not jumping ship exactly because I believe in the tools and the profile, but this is not an encouraging start, and last year wasn't exactly a banner year either. He's still walking a ton and I'm not concerned about the strikeouts, and he's still just 22 years old. There's plenty of rope left there, but less than there used to be.

Floyd ((Portland, Oregon)): Thoughts on Kevin Maitan or too soon to project?

Craig Goldstein: Everything I've heard on Maitan is that he's the really ****ing deal.

Matt (California): Which of the 3 dodger pitchers in A+ (Buehler, Alvarez, White) are you most excited to see in the big leagues, regardless of what team they make it with?

Craig Goldstein: Alvarez. I've watched Wilson Karaman's videos of Alvarez like 20+ times each as is. I'd rank em Alvarez, White, Buehler in order of excitement, too. I love White's profile and really enjoyed his brief stint in Spring Training. I'd expect the latter two to make considerable jumps up lists this year.

nschaef (NYC): What do you do with guys like Tommy Kahnle who have big raw stuff and excellent peripherals in tiny samples that are out of line with their prior track record?

Craig Goldstein: What's encouraging to me is that he's back to getting ~54% ground balls, which he did in Colorado. I'm not sure you *do* anything with those guys. They're going to regress or establish a new baseline, right? We'll find out in due time which one wins out, but if you're the white sox you ride em as long as they stay hot. Relievers are more likely to out/underperform their baseline talent level just because of sample size to begin with. The 2005 white sox basically rode a bunch of random relievers having career years to a title. It happens.

ryangong (Vancouver, canada): Thoughts on stashing Berrios/Honeywell/DeLeon in place of AmirGarrett/Gsellman?

Craig Goldstein: I mean we're talking about guys in the same tier of prospects and the latter two are in the majors now. I might gamble on Honeywell since I think he's got a bit of an extra gear, but otherwise give me the two guys in the bigs.

Colin (WI): Is Bubba Starling anything more than a late game defensive replacement at this point?

Craig Goldstein: He looks good in a uniform, if that helps?

Gotribe31 (DC): Dynasty League; Verlander or Dansby? I have Owings and Addison at SS in addition to Swanson.

Craig Goldstein: Depends on the league size/parameters and such, and how bad you need pitching but Dansby is the more valuable long-term asset imo

RAWagman (CST): Craig, What do you know about the health statuses of Dillon Tate, Thomas Szapucki and Tyler Jay? Thanks

Craig Goldstein: I don't have anything on Tate. Szapucki had a shoulder impingement and was supposedly throwing at the end of camp. Jay has a shoulder issue (along with Gonsalves). Not sure on when they'll throw again.

BUCCOFAN (London): Tyler Beede, do I make it to the show in the next month for the injured MadBum? and how successful will I be?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think "for" Bumgarner. Beede is probably close to earning a shot here, but Blach is fine back of the rotation material, and I'd expect Beede'd need a bad run from Cain or an injury to get a shot.

Gotribe31 (DC): It's 1:33 why hasn't the chat started yet

Craig Goldstein: Probably because your clock is wrong

Nick (Los Angeles): What are the five tools of a great mustard? My friend says texture, consistency, aroma, proper pungency, and ability to be flavorful but not overpower the vehicle in to which it is applied... I think aroma/pungency are superfluous... should we have color/aesthetic on there? Can you name an 80-grade mustard?

Craig Goldstein: I think aroma matters -- it is definitely part of taste...which was somehow left off here. The last tool is also overly wordy for it to be a core tool, in my opinion. Color isn't crucial to me. I've seen some mediocre looking mustards that have been absolutely terrific on a sandwich. I'm honestly not sure of the name, but there's a Mustard they sell at Morris' fruit stand on the drive down to the outer banks that is absolutely 80-grade. I buy a jar every year I go down.

Dusty (Colorado ): Do you think Wander Javier shoots up the lists this year?

Craig Goldstein: I think we're a year off from him making real waves

Mike (Milwaukee): Monte Harrison just hit his 6th dinger of the year last night, his raw power was never in question, but do you think he's going to be able to make enough contact to succeed?

Craig Goldstein: I do! I've been a Harrison fan for a long time and it's been tough watching him get injured so often, and perform poorly around the injuries. It's great to see him healthy and dominating, and he's not even aged out of the league exactly!

Patrick (Canada): I picked up Rhys Hoskins in my 20-team dynasty league. Smart move? Way premature? Bad move?

Craig Goldstein: I'm honestly shocked he wasn't taken before recently since he smashed 38 homers last year. Not premature, no, but I'm not going to go to the mat for Hoskins. First base profiles are tough and I'm not sure his tools make him anything more than a platoon type for it, which isn't an ideal use of a roster spot for most teams. Always possible he overshoots that and it's fine to gamble on those guys in deep leagues.

Ceej (Pittsburgh): What's most likely to happen in another month or so, Brinson replaces Broxton or Santana, Rosario comes up to play SS, both, or neither?

Craig Goldstein: Maaaaaan. Man. I'd usually bet on Brinson here but the Mets are *so* banged up, it's hard to believe they haven't done with Rosario what the Dodgers are doing with Bellinger and just have him up for a taste and a trial.

ssimon (Pelham, N.Y.): What would it take for minor leaguers to strike en masse over their below-minimum pay? Would high-bonus draft picks ever join in?

Craig Goldstein: It'd take a union, because otherwise there's no way to organize that many people who are in pursuit of a dream. I do think you could get the high-bonus guys in, in the scenario that a union exists, but I would expect that to take years of building up to the point where people were indoctrinated enough to get to the buy-in point.

This Guy (Seattle, WA): Will Smith and Edwin Rios are tearing up A+ and AA, respectively, for the Dodgers. Should we be viewing either one as a potential regular in the next couple of years?

Craig Goldstein: I think Smith could move pretty quick, and wouldn't be surprised to see him in Tulsa shortly given his college background and defensive chops. He's probably a starter in the second-division mold depending on what he can bring to the table in terms of framing -- a viable starter but someone you'd upgrade on given the opportunity. Rios is another Karaman-favorite, but similar to Hoskins it's an uphill battle given the defensive profile. The thunder is real though.

Jim (Chicago): What arms in the minors right now do you think have the best chance/upside to become top of the rotation pitchers in the majors?

Craig Goldstein: Honeywell, Alvarez, Keller, Espinoza (when healthy), Martes. I think Keller gets overlooked in this conversation.

Craij's brother from another mother (Sandwich, UK): Ok, so sorry about the quality of the players in this Q, but 15-team, 30 man roster... Thoughts on Nate Karns so far? Would you drop him for JC Ramirez, Miguel Gonzalez, Derek Holland, Matt Cain, Erasmo, Shields, Brett Anderson or Nolasco? What type of FAAB bid?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah I'd dump Karns pretty easily. I'd probably opt for either Gonzalez or Nolasco, as tepid as those waters are.

Rick (TN): When do the Nats promote Juan Soto a level? His BB:K is ridiculous

Craig Goldstein: I don't know how urgent the matter is, though at some point he isn't learning anything from what he's seeing in Hagerstown. If he continues at this pace, I'd guess around mid-season.

Pietro Crespi (Macondo): Texas' Josh Morgan us intriguing. Do you see them continuing to develop him as a C-IF?

Craig Goldstein: Morgan is intriguing, and they're doing the same thing with Isiah Kiner-Falefa, I believe. It seems like there's the potential to generate something useful out of a guy with those skills, but Austin Barnes is kinda the posterboy for that and so far we've seen him be used as a generic backup catcher...sooo...yeah

Ceej (Pittsburgh): Sounds like you took both for Brinson/Rosario and feel like at least 1 should already be up?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think Brinson needs to be up immediately. Milwaukee isn't going anywhere immediately and probably benefits more than most clubs from pushing back his super-2 status. The Mets could bring Rosario up right now and they shouldn't be in the situation to care *THAT* much about his super-2 situation, and they could really use a) an ambulatory body, and b) a guy who isn't Jose Reyes at third base.

Baeball Bunch (Brooklyn): i love Archie Bradley the reliever...does he have the 3 pitch mix/command to be 200 IP starter?

Craig Goldstein: He's fun as hell isn't he? I don't think he's incapable of starting but he's not going to look like this as a starter either. I'd be concerned about the command and the number of mistakes we'd see from him over six+ innings rather than the two we see right now.

ER (Ny): what's up with Justin Dunn? See any reports?

Craig Goldstein: 20 innings, is what I'd say. Ideally he'd look better but we had him 92-93 (t96) recently, so it doesn't seem like anything is significantly out of line there.

Alberto Tirado (Queens): Would you trade Otani for Eric Thames straight up in an OBP Dynatsy league/ Otani is clearly my best trade chip, so I want to get something good, but I'm nervous this is just a hot start. What do you think?

Craig Goldstein: I mean hell. Otani is doing nothing for you right now and we don't know when he's coming over. I'd still exercise caution and Thames is already over 30 so you better be competing on a championship level to consider this. I'd like to know more about Eric Thames when he isn't facing Cincinnati pitching (he's still been great, but 8 of 11 homers against Cincy)

Balzak (Hell): Thoughts on Jose Osuna? Potential everyday guy for Pitt...or a backup player?

Craig Goldstein: Backup guy

Eric (LA): 14 Team dynasty, 40 man roster. Someone dropped Trent Clark - should I drop any of the these dudes to get him: Luis Alexander Basabe, Anderson Tejeda, Lazarito, Bobby Dalbec? Really torn with Clark's slow start.

Craig Goldstein: I'd probably drop Dalbec for him but if you're into the boom/bust scenario I can see justifying it over a more moderate ceiling guy like Clark.

William (Pensacola, FL): Blake Trahan looks adequate at shortstop and the bat-to-ball skills are there. What are the chances that he provides some kind of value even if he never hits for power ?

Craig Goldstein: I think he could be a utility type, if that's what you mean. I don't think there's enough in the bat for much more than that though

Myles (TX): Would you survive Naked and Afraid?

Craig Goldstein: There's literally no way in hell I would survive. I complain about the temperature in my air conditioned/heated abode, and my best survival skill is sarcasm. And this is all if my partner didn't attempt to murder me for starting the 1200th story of the day with "okay, so this one time on twitter."


Ernie (San Diego): When is the earliest and at what position (2B or SS) do you see Luis Urias in SD ?

Craig Goldstein: I'll say 2019 and at 2B, but I've also been wrong on him so far.

Dom (Mass): What songs should we expect to hear you sing during karaoke in Baltimore after the BP Event?

Craig Goldstein: Man, idk. We'll see how much alcohol Paternostro has to pump into to me to get to that point. My range from my high school choir days is gone but I did rock a pretty decent version of Black Betty in my Guitar Hero days

Weston (NJ): Real Life: Rank Judge, Conforto, Schwarber--and why?

Craig Goldstein: Oh good, I get to rank someone from New York or the Cubs last. This'll go over well. I've never been the high man on Conforto, but he's obviously looked great when he hasn't been hurt/jerked around between the majors/minors. I have been pretty high on Judge because I always thought the swing was pretty short for a guy his size, and the power is...well, you've seen it. Schwarber is a tougher nut for me to crack -- the bat is legitimate but I wonder what the value ends up being given his corner outfield defense (though Wrigley's smaller outfield camouflages that a bit. I'd probably go Schwarber/Judge/Conforto, but if you asked me next week, I might answer differently.

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): Is it time for the Twins to find out if Jose Berrios is going to be the next Luis Severino and turn it around quickly?

Craig Goldstein: If I were the Twins I would have started Berrios in the majors, if that answers your question. I'm not particularly buying Dominant Starter Luis Severino, just yet though.

Kevin (Bridgeport): What's a fair offer for Thames in a dynasty league?

Craig Goldstein: Honestly you're going to have to pay through the nose to get him right now. Any reasonable offer is going to be rejected because of the hype and the hot start and the legitimate potential remaining there. Plus whoever snagged him is going to feel like they're genius so you're going to have to like him more than they like themselves to get anything done. Give it another month and let things solidify to determine whether it's worth mortgaging your team for, would be my advice.

AJ (Canada): Do you think there's a chance Cordell is the first minor leaguer to get a shot in MIL ahead of Brinson et al.?

Craig Goldstein: A chance? I guess so, but he's not a long-term guy either way. Probably a fourth-outfielder type.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Semper Fi Craig,Have an offer to trade which side .R.Zimmerman or K.Morales.

Craig Goldstein: I'm buying into Zimmerman and his work with Daniel Murphy to adjust the launch angle and provide more pop. He's always made solid contact, it's just about elevation leading to celebration, baby. I thought Zach Crizer did a fabulous job on this angle in his debut article for us. He's a must read.


BUCCOFAN (London): Moncada @ $12 for next 3 years in a 15 team Fantasy Points Auction Keeper League. Good target in a trade, or will he still experience growing pains @ the MLB level. In particular his Strikeout totals, which are a negative in a fantasy points league.

Craig Goldstein: There'll almost assuredly be growing pains but I think he has the tools to provide value around those growing pains. I would go after him

Breht (TTK): What can you share about ARI's Marcus Wilson? Learned about him recently, like what I see. One to scoop up in leagues or only worth watching for now?

Craig Goldstein: I've always liked the swing but the guy is stick-figure skinny, last I saw him. Good to see the power coming (more homers this year than in his career prior). It depends a bit on the depth of your leagues, but he's worth tabbing in 20-team leagues and deeper, if they have a minors system.

America (US): At peak, Amed Rosario should be a __WAR player

Craig Goldstein: shooooooooooootlet's say 5? I think there's a little wiggle room there (including a tad more ceiling) but let's go with 5.

Ted (Wilmington): Being offered Blake Rutherford for Rhys Hoskins. Crazy not to accept, right? Then why do I feel a little unsure, given that all Hoskins has done is hit the last two years? Essentially - who's gonna be the best bat? 17-team dynasty league, 340+ minor leaguers rostered. Thanks!

Craig Goldstein: I'd take Rutherford pretty quick

Jojo (Sd ): What tier is the lowest sp you'd trade Bum for today in a dynasty points with a win now team? I can't get degrom/carrasco range...hold and hope?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah at that point I'd hold and hope. I think you can attempt to backfill with volume of mid-tier SPs by trading from elsewhere. That said we talked about this on TINO last night specifically and I was the most in favor of dealing him among the three of us. I have Cueto above a guy like Carrasco but if you consider him below, I'd make a move for Cueto in a win-now.

Ceej (Pittsburgh): The other day you were tweeting about why you think Bellinger will get demoted for service time issues. What would he have to do to avoid that?

Craig Goldstein: I think he has to hit and hit a lot. The Dodgers are deep in outfield options and I don't think that Joc is going to take a long time on the DL. I'm just not sure what the benefit would be to installing him on a regular basis rather than say, wait for Toles' bat to come around.

Matt W (Boston): Own Marte in a 12 team dynasty H2H where I'm defending a title. Just lost Cespedes so I'm looking to move Marte now to shore up my HR/RBI. Have both Adam Jones and K Davis as offers on the table. I know Jones is always consistent but I can't shake the feeling he's going to fall off the table. Pick one or hold?

Craig Goldstein: re Marte: I'd hold at those prices, though if you're desperate for HRs, K Davis will obviously provide. It's just everything else that comes with it.

Jojo (Sd ): Talk about Dylan Bundy...5 straight quality starts but velo down and just 23k in 32.2ip...selling now before the injury ball drops again?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not selling. I'm not sure we can reliably trust the data in regards to velocity (link to Rob's article: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/baseballs-new-pitch-tracking-system-is-just-a-bit-outside/), and while most of those adjustments have seen higher velos, some are lower (Cubs, for example). I also think Bundy's cutter/slider/whatever you wanna call it is the real deal.

Chesty (New Bern,NC ): Brad Miller struggles.Toooo early to give up .I know it's April but need SP

Craig Goldstein: No, it's not too early. He's Brad Miller, he's just not that good. I know he was good last year but we have an entire career that says "meh"

Gotribe31 (DC): Can you confirm that your hangover-free streak persists into 2017?

Craig Goldstein: Yes, but I'm certain Paternostro will attempt to end that in Baltimore in June.

Yes (Yes): Will you answer literally every question asked?

Craig Goldstein: No, because sometimes there are repetitions (literally the same questions) or iterations of the same idea and I don't wanna waste people's time, but original questions? you bet.

The Rural Juror (Rural NJ): Why aren't you attending more BP events this year? The people demand more Craig!

Craig Goldstein: I might be going to PIT or NYM or maybe both, but life intervenes, and it depends how many weekends I can reasonably take to spend time with a bunch of ne'erdowell baseball dorks

Baeball Bunch (Brooklyn): need SP in 18 team mixed...Schwarber for Carlos Martinez good move? how good will Schwarber be in 2017?

Craig Goldstein: I think that's a reasonable deal if you need pitching. I'm a big believer in Martinez but he hasn't looked amazing since the opener, and his stats haven't lived up to the stuff thus far. I think there's a breakout coming, but Schwarber is a valuable long-term asset in Dynasties, so that might be as low as I'm going in terms of trading for an arm

Gerry A. (Toledo): Hi Craig, Are there any sleepers in the lower minors that you are excited about?

Craig Goldstein: Not to be difficult but it's hard for me to know what's considered a sleeper anymore. We have guys like Sixto Sanchez, Khalil Lee, etc who are far from proven but well-known depending on the who you read and the depth of your league. So probably yes! But I hate to answer with guys that everyone is aware of.

Ceej (Pittsburgh ): If Rosario comes up, do you think he plays 3B or Asdrubal shifts to 3rd?

Craig Goldstein: Man, I think he should be at short. Whether Terry Collins puts him there...that's another question. I would put Rosario at short and shift Asdrubal, but I don't have to deal with the dynamics of displacing a veteran for a rookie, so

BenCarsley (Boston): Do you agree that this chat needs more Ben Carsley? Assuming your answer is "yes", what is your favorite Ben Carsley-related memory?

Craig Goldstein: My favorite Ben Carsley-related memory is entrapping him in a car that smelled like vomit in Arizona for like four days.

Joey (Jacksonville): What can you share about Monte Harrison? Is he a breakout guy this season? How deep of a league should be be rostered in?

Craig Goldstein: Brief background: was a football guy and committed to Nebraska. Just an incredible athlete who hasn't been able to stay healthy (or produce consistently) but has shown flashes. The biggest question is going to be on how often he's able to make good contact since he's lost of a lot of developmental time to injury, and wasn't solely focused on baseball before that (not always a bad thing). He's got a huge arm, should be able to play center given the athleticism, but isn't the most instinctual player out there. I still like the combination of tools, and am excited to see his start so far.

Tom (Long Island): What were some of your thoughts on Gsellman've ranking in the 101? Where would you have him slotted at the time of it's release in your personal rankings? At this point in the season, where do you see Rosario by the time of the midseason list?

Craig Goldstein: That was an extended group discussion but Jeff has seen Gsellman throughout his entire career and was able to understand the changes in his stuff compared to what we knew him to be before he was throwing harder and throwing a warthen slider, so I was extremely comfortable deferring to someone who had more knowledge and background than I did in that situation. I didn't make a separate list, and I suspect he would have been comparably high given his ceiling, floor, and immediacy.

Re: Rosario -- I'd expect him to be in the top 3.

The Rural Juror (Rural NJ): The Mets are reportedly going to be playing T.J. Rivera regularly at first moving forward. Isn't it Dom Time?

Craig Goldstein: Sure, I think, for the same reasons as I made re: Rosario. You can give the guy a taste of the majors and send him back down when the relevant people are healthy. I don't think we're learning a *ton* about either Dom or Amed in Las Vegas, but it's hard to believe that there's not more upside in their bats than say, TJ Rivera.

BUCCOFAN (London): Hi Craig, I am in a deep 15 team Fantasy Points Auction League my season has been a disaster, own (Marte/MadBum/Thor) debating about punting the season and looking forward to 2018. Entertaining a trade right now I move McCutchen $35 for Moncada $12 (can be kept for 2 more years at that salary) & Gallo $5 (can be kept 2 more years at that salary) What are the thoughts on Moncada? is he really a can't miss prospect, or will he strikeout far to frequently to be fantasy relevant in a league that docks points for strikeouts.

Craig Goldstein: No, he's not a can't miss prospect, but he's got absurd upside and yes I'd make that deal for McCutchen if you're punting. I'm worried about McCutchen.

Gotribe31 (DC): Give us a hot start you believe in (not Harper, dope) and one you think is a mirage

Craig Goldstein: Does Mitch Haniger count? I was never the highest on him before the swing changes, but I think Nick Piecoro did a great job of detailing those and others in our DBacks essay for the Annual this year, and I think we're seeing them come to fruition (granted, in Seattle). He's not gonna hit .340 or anything, but the power/speed combination is fun there. Mirage I'll go with Avisail Garcia because I've watched him play baseball before.

kjesanis (worcester): whose your favorite pennystock prospect?

Craig Goldstein: Mmmm, again depends a bit on depth of your league but I've been all in on Dustin May. I also like Derian Cruz with Atlanta despite his ice cold start.

John (CT): How far do you think you would make it in Survivor (non All Star season)? I think you make it to the merge but are pretty quickly dumped after that.

Craig Goldstein: Good question. I think I could probably fake my way into the merge through being a positive/non-annoying person who could easily mesh with people and get them to turn on others, but at some point my complete uselessness in terms of being able to hunt, build, or win challenges would be exposed. Could easily go before merge depending on how the year shakes out.

Ryan (St. Louis): It's been like three games, but what should we make of Bellinger so far? Are there legitimate concerns about his ability to make contact or is that just attributed to an adjustment period in the big leagues?

Craig Goldstein: it's three games so nothing major to make. My concern was the length of his (beautiful) swing, and I saw some pitchers successfully hammer him in on the hands with fastballs that he's swinging under. He's going to either need to find a way to hit those, foul them off, or severely punish mistakes on those exact pitches or else it's going to be tough.

Ken (Washington, D.C.): Is there an equivalent strategy to the Cubs real life draft focus on position players over pitchers, at least with higher picks, for fantasy leagues where we use WAR as a metric of player value?

Craig Goldstein: I mean fantasy leaguers are well accustomed to prioritizing bats over arms so I'm not sure real life isn't imitating art (such that it is), in this situation. Otherwise I might not be understanding the question

This Guy (Seattle, WA): There are some interesting tools guys in the low minors who are putting things together so far this year: Monte Harrison, Marcus Wilson, and Demi Orimoloye to name a few. Do you have any favorites you can say a few words about?

Craig Goldstein: I think I've covered Harrison and Wilson in depth. Orimoloye I liked out of the draft but was always going to be a slow burn. While we're talking Milwaukee prospects, I love love love Lucas Erceg, and am highly intrigued by Mario Feliciano. I'll be catching High-A Carolina tomorrow for a double-header so should have more thoughts on Corey Ray, Corbin Burnes, etc too. Estevan Florial is also a name to watch if you're not already.

Jojo (Sd ): Is JP Crawford going to be a bust for fantasy? Should owners sell now even though he's struggling before he fails at MLB level?

Craig Goldstein: I don't know that he's a bust -- he was never going to be a force in fantasy. I would think this is selling at close enough to his nadir that you might as well hope for a rebound.

Eric (LA): Any concerns with Trent Clark's slow start? Hit tool was always supposed to be the calling card, should we be worried he hasn't been... hitting?

Craig Goldstein: No major concerns for me just yet, though he's another guy I'll catch tomorrow. Sometimes these guys struggle, even with advanced hit tools. I focus on talent at this point and production as we edge closer to the big leagues.

Ryan (earth): What is the best pie

Craig Goldstein: Strawberry Rhubarb

Erick (Seattle ): Thoughts on Ian Happ?

Craig Goldstein: It's a weird profile and one that's tough to square for me. I'm not a believer in him at second base, and I think the shift to the outfield hurts the profile relatively significantly. Although he's all of a sudden slugging almost .600, which would obviously be fine even with some regression in a COF spot. I don't think that's the real Happ though, and my sense is that despite the impressive bat and approach, it's more of a middling profile than anything impact. That's still really useful overall, but not one that stands out to me.

Gene (Los Angeles): Has Taijuan Walker really turned any corner this season? If so, what do you foresee him being going forward, a #2 or #3?

Craig Goldstein: I'd argue this is somehwat more of the same for walker thus far. We've seen him go on runs like this. Off the top of my head I think it was the end of the 2015 season? He had an incredible K/BB and looked like the real deal over ~80 innings. Turned out to be more of the same. Is there some credence to be lent to the fact that he's with a new org and might have some different instruction? Sure, I could buy that but we've seen him dominate for stretches in the past. I think he's a 3/4 right now, and that includes the runs where he looks like a legit 2, because that happens with 3/4 types sometimes. It's the consistency we'd need to see before annointing him further.

Sidd (NJ): Revised o/u for Mets wins in 17. 85?

Craig Goldstein: Our playoff odds say....82. I think there's a chance for a rebound there but sweet jesus do they need a little bit of health. I'll take the very slight over.

Joey G (Georgia): In a 10 team league, I've been stashing G. Bird on the bench, hopeful that he'll break out. Is it time to move on?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah I don't think there's much need to be holding onto him in a league that shallow. That said if all he's doing is taking a bench spot, the cost is minimal. /shrug

Lougle (Queens): Is there anything suggesting Javy Baez can turn it around this year? It seems like he can't make the adjustments to break through.

Craig Goldstein: if there's anything Baez has shown consistently in his career it's that he makes adjustments. That doesn't equal a fully functioning player but we've seen him struggle at most levels, and then adjust. He did it last year too and it wasn't great but it was better than this. I haven't watched him much this year, so I can't speak to the process -- maybe the K rate is up because he's trying to work deeper counts/walk more? But I do think he has the talent to get back to at least last season's production if not more. The problem? That's less effective (on a wRC+ basis) than Wilmer Flores was, and I don't think that'll leave a good taste in Cubs' fans mouth, even if, given his defense, it's a useful player.

Jake Lamb (ARI): How legit am I this year? Was my 2nd half swoon last year all injuries?

Craig Goldstein: I'm into it. I was in last year before the fade, too, but I really like Lamb's swing and I just think he rakes.

grimoren189 (Houston): What's the expectation for Walker Buehler now after all these reports about his velo? Will he have the helium to rise into the top 20 prospects by season's end?

Craig Goldstein: I think that's aggressive because there's still a lot we don't know and velocity does not a top prospect make. Buehler is on the shorter side for a starter and there are questions about how much he holds up in games and over the course of a season, so we'll need to see him maintain that velocity (or close enough) over the course of the season, and as he goes deeper into games. I think he gets a big dose of helium but not top 20.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Zorbist and Trumbo available one year 12team.worth a pick over B.Miller or T.Motter

Craig Goldstein: Yes and Yes

gfhyde (Greg (Hull of a wooden ship)): Triston Mackenzie has to put on weight at some point in his life....right? Like even 15 or 20 pounds in the next 2 years. That's not unreasonable is it? How much of a hit does a guy's profile take when he's so thin he can barely do up his belt?

Craig Goldstein: Hard to say what's unreasonable. I've heard of organizations waking guys up in the middle of the night to down a protein shake as they attempt to help them put on weight. Sometimes the guys can add a little bit of muscle and other times they remain stick-thin. The hit will come if-and-when McKenzie is on the verge of the majors (and a little older, he's still young!) and this physique remains.

Sidd (NJ): Anything in watching Matt Harvey to think he's not just a 3 now? (starter, not role)

Craig Goldstein: He's recovering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which we haven't really seen a guy of his stature, at his age do, so I guess the thing to hang your hat on is that there's a longer timetable to recovering fully and he's just working his way through that process. There's so much we don't know. Of course throwing him the day after a hard workout won't help.

Bryan G. (Rhode Island): Hey Craig. Is there something you're looking forward to most this season? Maybe a callup, a time of year, a statistical run, an in-game event, a potential pennant chase, or a matchup? Something you think might see, and would get super excited for?

Craig Goldstein: I'm going to sound old as hell but a good ole fashioned pennant chase would really be fun. I watch a lot of National League baseball these days and it feels like the playoff spots are almost fait accompli, so I've enjoyed the Rockies/DBacks hot starts and I hope they can put pressure on what are now the traditional powerhouses. That's one angle of the new Wild Card that I haven't enjoyed, though the one-game playoff has been a lot of fun.

Yes (Yes): I need a new cell phone, what do you recommend, should i spend $700 on a new phone that should last me a few years or a $100 replacement that will last me 1?

Craig Goldstein: I have an LG Nexus5x and I can't recommend it more. In fact I literally just turned down an offer for a credit on a Galaxy 8. I believe Google replaced this phone with the pixel, and I haven't seen many reviews of that, but I believe that was the iteration after the Nexus5x

Ryan (Montreal): Is Albert Abreu overshadowed in a good Yankees farm system, or do we need to see more before he gets more love?

Craig Goldstein: I'm a big fan of Abreu and was at the time of the trade. He should be on more people's radar. The bump up to High-A Tampa was deserved.

euqubudhp (Seattle): What's your favorite Orel Hershiser moment?

Craig Goldstein: Probably today, when Short Relief dedicated three stories to him


Ryan (Montreal): Touki Toussaint or Josh Staumont? Why?

Craig Goldstein: Yeesh. I'll say Touki. I think they're both relievers, in all honesty, but walking 15 percent of batters is no way to go through life.

Joey G.....again (Georgia): Thoughts on the Braves pull of Jackson & Gohara? Are the Mariners kicking themselves - even though it is VERY early in the evaluation process?

Craig Goldstein: It looks good right now. I'm still skeptical of Jackson, though getting out of the Mariners system is a valid point in terms of developing as a hitter. To quote Herm Edwards, Gohara is what we thought he was. The stuff is no surprise -- the question that remains in need of an answer is whether he's a starter. I'm not sure how much the M's kick themselves if he is a reliever in the end. Smyly was a worthwhile gamble, in my opinion given where they were as a team.

Yes (Yes): What is your favorite video game?

Craig Goldstein: Mario Party 7, but I absolutely adored my recent purchase of Horizon Zero Dawn. Strongly recommended.

Ryan (Montreal): Can you tell your thoughts on Jordan Hicks?

Craig Goldstein: We had him in our Cardinals Top 10: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=30958

Things haven't changed much thus far. He's a long way off, but there's ceiling there.

grimoren189 (Houston): What's the power ceiling for Devers? If/When he has to move to 1st Base does his power output make him an elite player there?

Craig Goldstein: We just had a recent ten pack on Devers, though it focused mostly on his defense (http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=31618). His raw power is such that he could be fine at first base if he has to move over there, but he's more athletic than he's given credit for and the ball absolutely flies off his bat. Being an elite player at first base is a tall task, but let's say I'm comfortable enough with his hit/power that should he end up there, the offense will live up to the positional demands.

Ryan (Montreal): Does Jeff Hoffman become a fantasy-worthy starter ever? His numbers at AAA worry me.

Craig Goldstein: His numbers in Triple-A were fine last year and it's too soon to make anything of it so far this year. Plus ABQ is a sh*t place to pitch. I'm still in.

Jarrett (BP): Have you seen the "Yu Darvish adopts a rescue pitbull" tweet string yet? Find immediately if not.

Craig Goldstein: WHAT. WHERE.

I Need a Name (LA): Who are some good breakout candidates at SP I should target in a trade? Its too late for Paxton, his owner is the conductor of the hype train

Craig Goldstein: Jason Vargas whet your appetite? But really, I've not seen anyone who hasn't already broken out a decent amount as is. Duffy is probably too far past this point. Nova has been great. I'm on the McCarthy train as long as he's healthy. Sean Manaea was recently significantly down on his velo and still walks too many guys but he's a guy I was really digging so far this year.

Steve (LA): Still holding out for Jurickson Profar in a dynasty?

Craig Goldstein: Yes but...it's waning until he can find some consistent playing time.

AJ (Canada): Michael Chavis seems to have started hitting in High-A (finally). Do you think he can maintain the improvements?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think he can maintain a .545 ISO or a 15% walk rate, no. Do I think he can get back on track? You bet.

Joey G...last time (Georgia): Say the draft is tomorrow - where does Hunter Greene fit into the Top 100?

Craig Goldstein: Top 20ish? Maybe. We don't have a constantly updated model of the list and recreate it based on our evaluations and the changes we've seen throughout the year, so it's a little tough to say.

Dynasty (Leaguer): Traded Aaron Judge for Adam Eaton. Judge cant keep up a 45% HR/FB, right? Tell me I didn't screw up too bad...

Craig Goldstein: Obviously he cannot. He can still be pretty good though. I love Eaton and think that's a fine deal, depending on the categories.

Jarrett (BP): https://twitter.com/badkaratemovie/status/857798212425535492 https://twitter.com/faridyu/status/858024028690415617 https://twitter.com/badkaratemovie/status/858042553375092736

Craig Goldstein: This is just phenomenal

Ryan (Montreal): What position does Moncada end up playing longterm? Also, congrats to my leaguemate Thunder Choppers on the birth of their first child.

Craig Goldstein: Second base. And uh, yes I suppose a BP chat IS the proper venue for congratulating a friend on the birth of their child.

Sean99 (Chicago): JC Ramirez have some staying power as a starter? He looked impressive the other night with the velo and 3 pitch mix.

Craig Goldstein: I don't think it lasts, no. He'll probably start for a bit in that rotation though.

Ryan (Montreal): Now that Brad Miller has eligibility at 2B, can i drop Pedroia?

Craig Goldstein: Ew. What? Ew . no.

Ryan (Montreal): Does Isan Diaz have any chance to stick at shortstop as he moves up? Thanks for taking my questions!

Craig Goldstein: sure, there's a non-zero chance. He's not *bad* but he'll likely run into a situation where there's someone with a better glove playing the position.

Greg (Pontoon Boat): My bachelor party is tomorrow. How drunk should I get on a scale from 1 to CJ Cron?

Craig Goldstein: Rowdy Tellez

JeffBlogwell (Internet): Who would win in a dance contest, a group of random replacement level baseball players, or a random sampling of fourth graders? In the interest of fairness, let's assume cuteness does not play a factor in the judging. They are graded solely on skill, teamwork, and presentation. Keep in mind that the baseball players are elite athletes, though they may not be dancing in their day-to-day lives as often as the children. Or maybe they are. Who knows?

Craig Goldstein: is it like, an actual dance contest? where people would be grading it like America's Best Dance Crew (shoutout to the JabbaWockeeZ). I think the Replacement Level players take it and do so handily.

Myles (TX): Sad to hear you wouldn't survive Naked and Afraid. You'd probably make some nice grasshopper sandwiches on Day 2. Are you big on Franklin Perez?

Craig Goldstein: Speaking of Naked and Afraid, did anyone else see the one where dude had TWO partners quit on him and still lasted the 21 days? It was impressive as hell and all I could think of was how much he sucked. Imagine going through life as that guy.

Chris Boulding (Twitter): Zach has the worst team in the OFFICIA. I don't really have a question.

Craig Goldstein: I'm surprised it's not Kevin. Also to answer the question about Franklin Perez, which I forgot, yes I'm into it.

Ryan (Montreal): I love Dylan Cease. Do you?

Craig Goldstein: Love? No. He's a fun guy to take a flier on but there's a decent amount of me that thinks he's a reliever -- enough that I probably don't love him. He's still very good though.

Ryan (Montreal): You buying the good start to the season by Chris Shaw?

Craig Goldstein: He's 23 and going back to Double-A after 60 games there so...sure I'll buy it in that I believe he can beat up Double-A. Do I think the increase in walk rate and decrease in strikeout rate holds up? No. But he's a Giants hitting prospect so I'll inevitably be wrong.

lmb326 (Jersey): Any thoughts on Atlanta minor leaguer Christian pache? A guy or a GUY? Or too soon to tell?

Craig Goldstein: Intriguing skillset and a guy I want to know more about. I guess that means too soon to tell for right now. The tools we are sure on are loud as hell, but the ones we're not are the crucial ones in figuring out if a guy is a GUY.

Chris B (Niagara Falls): Rank these three as dynasty prospects: Vladito, Acuna, and Eloy?

Craig Goldstein: Eloy, Acuna, Vladito.

Carlo (Chicago): How long does Raimel Tapia have to hit over .350 in AAA before the Rockies give him an extended shot?

Craig Goldstein: Longer than you think because Dahl is swinging off a tee and if Tapia doesn't entrench himself before he's on a rehab assignment I think Dahl leapfrogs him into the lineup. Suffice to say it's less to do with Tapia than it is a glut of outfielders (and Desmond's return/flexibility only muddies those waters).

Collin (Austin): I know the White Sox system is incredible top heavy, but is there anyone not already considered Top 100-ish who has a shot at making the leap to that level? Hahn said he thinks Basabe will. Spencer Adams?

Craig Goldstein: Basabe would be the name I'd target. Dunning has gotten off to a terrific start. He's more of a mid-rotation 3/4 type but he'll chew up the lower minors thanks to a plus changeup.

Spoiled (Chitown): Does Brett Anderson finish the year with a higher WAR than Kyle Hendricks?

Craig Goldstein: Nope.

grimoren189 (Houston): Are the power expectations different for Arroyo now? Wilson Karaman mentioned a new leg kick in his swing in the Call-up piece.

Craig Goldstein: Not significantly? I've had scouts who've long been confident that he can hit. His homer against the dodgers was no cheapie either, but from what I've seen I don't think it's a significant part of his game. That said, additional pop is always a positive and if the leg kick begets that, that's great.

Jerry (Earth): In the pre-season of my dynasty 16 team made a blockbuster of dealing Yelich, Bregman, J. Turner & Kinsler for Machado & Marte. Was that a dumb move now with the whole suspension & Machado off to a very bad start?

Craig Goldstein: If you're asking whether you should have foreseen one of the best players in baseball having a bad start and a suspension coming...I think you know the answer. If you want to know whether that was a worthwhile deal BEFORE we knew those things, well, that's a different question.

Zach G (New York): Chris is jealous of my OFFICIA team's offensive prowess. My question: do you think the Phillies will baby Mickey Moniak? Should they?

Craig Goldstein: He seems like a guy who should get a year at each level to me, hopefully will grow into a little more strength. If that's babying then yes and yes.

Afraid (Bahamas): Don't you wish you would have gone to #FyreFest?

Craig Goldstein: I think most of Twitter wishes I had.

Not the Umpires Union (New York, NY): How does CB Bucknor still have a job?

Craig Goldstein: I'd like to have his job security, is what I'll say.

Larry (New Jersey): If the Mets start to turn it around and the Blue Jays fall off, could there be a potential Donaldson trade there? What kind of package would get it done? Something like Szapucki, Gimenez, Becerra?

Craig Goldstein: I think that's an optimistic outlay for a guy of Donaldson's quality. Certainly there's a potential fit at third base, but if you're not willing to turn to Rosario, you have to think the Jays are going to demand him in return. if you are willing to turn to Rosario, where is Asdrubal? You certainly don't let Cabrera stand in the way of a Donaldson deal, but Szapucki hasn't thrown/isn't in full-season ball, Gimenez is lightyears off and Becerra is...well, I kinda like Becerra but they'd be looking for more than that in a third piece if the first two are the guys you named. Remember: if you'd be happy to make a deal, odds are the other side won't be. It's gotta hurt.

rschultzy20 (stl ): Thoughts on Austin Barnes? Future star in the making?

Craig Goldstein: I think I've been a more critical voice on Barnes. He's a fun little piece but you have to ask yourself what you're really getting here. He's not outframing Grandal and his positional versatility is only useful if you're willing to chance it on not carrying a third catcher, or if you have a third catcher in the mold of like...Evan Gattis. Otherwise you're not actually capitalizing on the roster spot. Also he's 27.

Need (Pitching): What tier pitcher can I expect to get for Eaton?

Craig Goldstein: Honestly these questions aren't my speed and I tend to avoid them in the Bat Signal. I need more information on league size, team depth, number of players, etc etc etc. Pulling a name out of thin air is somewhat disingenuous. If you want a better answer from me, give me the guys you're looking at and I can throw an opinion at you. There are some other, more creative souls on the fantasy team that do better with open-ended Qs...I'm just not one of em. Sorry!

Yo (YO): If I just keep submitting dumb things, will you stay on forever?

Craig Goldstein: Only one way to find out

Zach G (OFFICIA): How sad of a dynasty league team do you have if you've agreed to trade Brian Dozier and Dellin Betances for Mickey Moniak and Robert Gsellman?

Craig Goldstein: You know those montages in sitcoms or dramedies where people walk around a park or a pier or sit on a bench and just like, contemplate life and how they've been led to this point? Maybe stare out a bay window as it rains and their coffee gets cold? Yeah.

from the dead (i cant tell you): craij would you listen to an officia podcast

Craig Goldstein: I can't tell how much I wouldn't listen to this. Can you negative listen? Like if I played it but also played something else over it?

Casual (Gamer): Is the Switch worth getting?

Craig Goldstein: I don't have one/haven't owned a nintendo console since the SNES which I still have. People seem to dig it though.

David (Atlantis): I am a sucker for extreme lottery tickets so drafted Daniel Montano & Oneil Cruz this preseason. Do you have any opinions on them Craig?

Craig Goldstein: I don't have much on Montano you don't already know. Cruz is fascinating playing third base at his size, and I guess what I'd say is that if you bought in before, don't abandon ship because of Low-A stats, as he's raw, 18 years old, and likely to struggle at that level. We should be able to provide updates on him as we have a few people covering the midwest league.

Living in (SoCal): What should i get for my (late) lunch?

Craig Goldstein: Tacos. Always tacos.

Jonah (Redwood): Speaking of the Draft, do you have any guys not projected in the top 3-5 that intrigue you? This is probably more of a Bret question, but still...

Craig Goldstein: Jeren Kendall, Griffin Canning, Heliot Ramos are three that are interesting to me.

Igor (At a Bar): I know you talked about Monte Harrison but do you prefer him more, the same or less to Magnerius Sierra for fantasy?

Craig Goldstein: Ha, I have both in a few leagues so I don't have to choose. I think there close with Monte offering more ceiling and Sierra being more of a surefire MLBer. Sierra doesn't have the pop that Monte offers though, so offers fewer dimensions in fantasy.

rschultzy20 (stl): how much chat could a craig chat chat if a craig chat could chat craig

Craig Goldstein: probably until my fiancee gets home

Eric (LA): Whats the ceiling on Josh Naylor as a prospect? Its always been hard to get a read on what people actually think about where he ends up as a player.

Craig Goldstein: Yeah, he can generate some mixed signals. I know several guys who like that bat in isolation, but we're not in isolation. He's a bad-bodied first base prospect, so he's really going to have to mash. With that defensive profile, you've got to be willing to buy a double-plus tool in either his hit or his power to invest, and there's enough variance in terms of development that even if you felt like he could get there you'd want to be cautious about it. So, at that point you can like the bat, but still not think he's particularly good or valuable.

jfegan (Comerica Park): What year does Rymer win the MVP?

Craig Goldstein: He wins it every year in my heart.

Hot Dog Man (Hot Dog Stand): better chance of seeing 100 MLB PA: Bubba Starling or Courtney Hawkins

Craig Goldstein: Bubba Starling. better chance of getting there on a defensive basis.

Yo (YO): I see your tweets retweeted into my TL about once a week, should i give you a follow?

Craig Goldstein: Absolutely not. I tweet constantly and a lot of times it's about garbage television. 2/10 would not follow.

anon (somewhere): who has the best twitter account in the officia

Craig Goldstein: Mau doesn't tweet anymore, so he's the winner by default.

Amanda Hugnkiss (Springfield): Dansby Swanson was nothing special in AA at age 22 last year (110 wRC+), then, oddly, skipped AAA. And now he looks awful in the big leagues. Is it possible he's been wildly overrated due to a small sample of very good MLB performance last year, and he's actually only going to be a 2-3 WAR regular in the long run?

Craig Goldstein: Is it possible? Sure, the issue people had with Swanson was always that there was no dominant tool to carry the profile. That said it's not that hard for a shortstop to generate a win and a half on defense, and then make up the rest on offense. I'd bank on him returning to form in due time (hot take, I know).

Prateek (Houston): You know you're a rebuilding team when Buxton takes 5 walks in 7 days and it legit makes your week. Hope still springs eternal for him?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah, I think so. I mentioned this on TINO but the fact that he's walking as much as he is despite being as terrible as he's been at the plate is kind of incredible.

Race Bannon (Springfield): I'm torn on Dakota Hudson. One hand, it's a limited, slider-reliant repertoire -- so he's a future reliever. Other hand, very efficient with pitch counts due to extreme groundball/strikeout profile, and a starter's frame. So, he's a rotation guy long term. Where do you fall, Craig?

Craig Goldstein: Love this question. He's a guy you leave as a starter until you either need him in relief or he forces you there. But if we're talking about personal opinion, I think he lasts as a starter for a bit, possibly as a guy who benefits from the Third Time Through the Order approach teams are taking that I wrote about. Maybe he's good for 15-20 batters a game and then you turn it over to the bullpen, which is fine because he lacks the third pitch to turn the lineup over again anyway.

Dr. Benton Quest (Marrakech): Old, old guy, five years in the minors, but check this weirdly metronomic hitting progression: 115 wRC+ his first minor league season. Then 124, then 134, then 145, and now in AAA it's 179 so far. I'm speaking of Luke Voit, who's 26, has no defensive or baserunning value to speak of...but obviously keeps hitting better and better as he advances a level each year. Could he be a 2-2.5 WAR first baseman for a few years, posting a 120-125 wRC+?

Craig Goldstein: All signs point to no.

CyMature (Cooperstown Rest Home): Jesus Sanchez: he can mash, rake, flat out hit, all of the above? any of the above?

Craig Goldstein: Rake

Rick (Evanston (IL)): There was talk about a month ago that the 2017 Futures Guide was about to be released. Anything new about that?

Craig Goldstein: It's close. Far ask I know the words are done and it's been layout that's been lagging. Sorry about that!

Hot Dog Man (Hot Dog Stand): rate popeye's on the 20-80 scale for fast food

Craig Goldstein: This is where dropping a 65 would be easy, but I think it's best to make a call. 70 fast food for me. That's how fast you'll run to the bathroom within 30 minutes too.

grimoren189 (Houston): What is Blake Snell? He's been changing his delivery batter to batter at times this season.

Craig Goldstein: I've always been a Snell guy but I'm worried about the peripherals right now, obviously. He needs to be able to find the plate more consistently because he's asking to get lit up as it is.

Seymour (AS): Anthony Alford's dramatically reduced his K% and is still batting .400 at AA. Are you buying him as a top 25 prospect?

Craig Goldstein: We've never had him that high, and he was in the 90s this year, but this is the encouraging start we were hoping to see.

Pete (New York): What is the officia

Craig Goldstein: In Yiddish we have a phrase "alte kaker." It's a group of them.

Myles (TX): You can convert one player from each of the NBA, NFL, and NHL to baseball. Who are you choosing?

Craig Goldstein: Man that's fun. It's tempting to say LeBron because he's good at everything but 6'8" is HUGE, so idk. I'd love to see Russell Westbrook on the mound. Honestly anything I'd say from NFL/NHL would be talking out of my ass as I don't watch either much to know who would have the fun type of skills to translate over. Would love to see some suggestions on twitter or something.

Human (Being): Are prospects you speak with ever curious about your rankings of them or their skills?

Craig Goldstein: I don't interview prospects, so it's never really come up.

Food (Eater): What in your eyes is an 80 grade fast food?

Craig Goldstein: Cook out.

Rick (Plainfield, Il): You can build your team around one player in the Brewers' system, MLB or farm. Who are you taking? Arcia? Brinson? Hader?

Craig Goldstein: Brinson

DTH (SF): Because he is so good at hitting the dang ball, Manfred tells Bryce Harper he can make up 1 stupid silly rule to make baseball fun again. As he is too busy with the aforementioned dongers, he delegates this task to you. What stupid silly rule do you create?

Craig Goldstein: I don't really have a silly rule I've been dying to implement, I guess. Mostly I just want at least one 1 pm and one 4 pm (eastern) game every day.

Leonard (None of Your Business ): I know it's early but more of a general question for H2H leagues. When you have competed for a championship for a few seasons & you realize a month in that your offense is strong but your pitching staff got old & could be on the verge of collapse & your farm is thin what do you think one should think? Be stubborn to keep the window alive as long as possible or realize it was a good run & look to the future? I know it's more of a philosophical fantasy question

Craig Goldstein: Yeah it's either time to churn and burn your pitching if you don't have transaction limits or to sell it off.

Poopy McPoopface (A toliet bowl ): Which prospect do you think is most likely to buy a bidet when they get the call to the majors?

Craig Goldstein: On name alone, Parker McFadden

Biased (LA): What do you think the Dodgers record would be this season if their opening day AAA roster played in MLB?

Craig Goldstein: Idk, like 45-117? something like that? 45-50 wins?

Gotribe31 (DC): Please shut up.

Craig Goldstein: I think I just might.

Craig Goldstein: Alright everyone. Thanks for the four hours of your time. I'll try and do this more than once a year going forward.

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