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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday October 15, 2013 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Talk prospect lists with Professor Parks.

Jason Parks: I'm the Tom Sizemore of prospect writers. Let me prove that to you.

Wes (Austin): What are the most important things you look for in a FB?

Jason Parks: Velocity is very important for obvious reasons, but movement is the difference maker at the highest level. When grading a FB, I look for command, movement, and velocity. You don't need a radar gun to make these determinations. Watching a hitter will tell you if a pitcher has a good fastball.

Joe (KC): Was the KC ballpark event your favorite?

Jason Parks: My favorite event was Seattle, but the KC event was very high on the list. I will never turn down a trip to KC. I look forward to the events every year.

#Selleck (America): How bleak is the White Sox system? With the exception of the #3 overall pick/bonus pool they'll receive for next year, is there any reason to be optimistic?

Jason Parks: It's not the best system in baseball, but the system has some talent and I think its improving. I like the Tim Anderson pick, I like the LA haul, and I like the developmental progression of guys like Semien and Johnson. It's not a top tier system by any means, but its not a wasteland anymore.

Wes (Austin ): So velocity is the third most important thing when grading a FB? Why isn't is the most important?

Jason Parks: Velocity is important, but major league hitters will eventually time to velocity, and if they can pick it up early and track it because it lacks movement, it helps their cause. Velo allows for a lot of things; it forces hitters into a quicker reaction which can influence the utility of the secondary arsenal, and it can give the pitcher some wiggle room in the event of location errors. Movement and command are often under-appreciated because everybody loves big dick velocity. But the pitchers will the most sustainable success know where to put the ball and can offer movement in addition to velocity.

CubbiesBear (Chicago): What are the top 3 systems in baseball?

Jason Parks: (No specified order): Astros, Cubs, Twins, Pirates in the mix

jharrison3 (Illinois): Can you explain the difference between what you see in C.J. Edwards and what others, like KLaw, see in him? Why is there such a big gap and does this happen very often?

Jason Parks: I've actually seen him pitch quite a bit, so that's probably a difference right there. I like Edwards. The delivery is easy and athletic; the arm is loose; the fastball has some punch; he can spin a good CB; shows flashes of a good CH. My biggest issue with Edwards from a scouting standpoint is his body and how that might influence his durability and effectiveness in a rotation. As someone who has been around Edwards since he signed, I'm aware that his efforts to add weight to his frame have been unsuccessful. His natural build is very slender, with a narrow waist and a skinny frame. He's not the type of arm that is going to add much in terms of mass, and despite having the loose arm, I do have concerns about his long-term role. I think Edwards has the stuff to pitch at the big league level, and in bursts, he could have impact potential. But I don't see a frontline starter. I know his stats suggests a different outcome, but that's why we watch these guys in person instead of making projections based on a pitcher's A-ball numbers. Scouts are mixed on ultimate projection, but I've yet to speak to one scout with familiarity who believes Edwards is a top of the rotation type.

Max (Florida): Does Bubba Starling still have star potential?

Jason Parks: On a physical level, yes. On a baseball field, no.

Shawn (Cubicle): What grade would you put on "Dollar Sign on the Muscle?"

Jason Parks: 80. Life-changing book for me.

Drungo (Drowning in the interminable international break): Could the solution to Spurs' new players not gelling be to actually put the team, one-by-one, in a large vat of warm jello with Lewis Holtby and his spectacular coif?

Jason Parks: He has beautiful hair and wonderful feet.

John (San Francisco): Another game 5 loss and it stings after knowing it was going to happen when the A's dropped game 4 in spectacularly awful fashion. I need some hope, tell me everything is going to be all right once Addison Russell makes it to the majors.

Jason Parks: Russell has the potential to be a very good player at the major league level. It's probably not going to be all right, though.

Jonathan Mayo (Pittsburgh): Hoping you can answer my question. I know that when looking at these pitchers right now they are incomparable, however it looks like Lucas Giolito, Lance McCullers, Tyler Kolek, Kohl Stewart are top RH pitchers in next few years. Who has the higher ceiling, floor? Thanks!

Jason Parks: Giolito has the highest ceiling; actually, you can argue that he might have one of the highest ceilings in the minors. After Giolito, give me Stewart. You can make a case that Stewart has the highest floor because of his body type and current polish. But McCullers' floor is a high-end bullpen arm, so don't sleep on him. People are mixed about McCullers' long-term role, with some projecting a #2 starter and others seeing a late-innings arm. Either way, there is impact there.

Cal Guy (Cali): Hi Jason, would I be overly enthusiastic if I ranked Correa the #2 prospect in all of baseball?

Jason Parks: Do you work for the Astros? I think he gets there, but I wouldn't rank him above either Buxton or Taveras at this point.

Mike (Utica, NY): What are the odds Jurickson Profar is on the Rangers come April 2014?

Jason Parks: Rangers need to make some moves. Profar is an ultra-attractive piece, so I wouldn't be totally shocked if they moved him this off-season.

Keith (Manchester, CT): Thanks Professor Parks. Does Oscar Taveras' hit tool give him an edge over Yasiel Puig in terms of who becomes the better big leaguer? Or does Puig's raw power and speed tip the balance?

Jason Parks: Puig was difficult to scout because of the sample size at the professional level and uneven scouting reports. Now that the book is out and Puig is still a dangerous monster, its hard to vote against him. That said, Taveras might have a batting title in his future, and could develop into a more complete offensive threat if everything clicks.

The Kernel (Pasadena, CA): Jedd Gyorko or Anthony Rendon?

Jason Parks: Rendon

The Kernel (Pasadena): Can you rank these first-year 2b in order of who will have the best career? Kolten Wong, Scooter Gennett, Nick Franklin, Chris Owings, Wilmer Flores, Jonathan Schoop, Marcus Semien, Grant Green. Thank you.

Jason Parks: Wong, Owings, Franklin, Schoop, Gennett, Semien, Flores, Green.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Professor Parks, what are your thoughts of Alen Hanson & Kaleb Cowart going into 2014? Are there concerns that the they both can't handle higher level pitching? Is them being a role 6 type player more unlikely now then was heading into 2013?

Jason Parks: Definite concerns, especially with Cowart. HIs swing was a mess in 2013, with balance issues and bat speed that didn't look like major league quality. I don't see either as a role 6 talent at this point, but the raw talent is still there for developmental progress and a major league future.

Mike (Utica, NY): Does Harper truly break out next year for the Nationals and how much does Anthony Rendon improve next year?

Jason Parks: If he can stay on the field, Harper is always a breakout candidate. He could hit 50 bombs and it probably wouldn't shock anybody.

Jr (Rhody): Thanks for the chat jason I always look forward to your marathon chats. I have a few questions that I asked Doug but your the man who has the most experience in this. David price getting traded this offseason I'm hearing rangers dodgers mariners. Who would they ask for besides joc pederson, jurickdon profar, taijuan walker???? What is your opinion on johnathan gray/Eddie butler in Colorado? Are they just the next thing to fail in that thin Colorado air or are they both legimate pitching guys who can change the pitching carousel in Colorado??

Jason Parks: I can see Price getting moved; package would be extreme. If Dodgers get in the mix, I would ask for Seager and Urias to start. Pederson is a nice player, but not a primary in a deal for a legit ace. I don't see why the Mariners would move Walker. Rangers would have to include Profar; Pirates could be a big sleeper this off-season. They have a ton of young talent, so they could get involved in a deal for Stanton or even Price.

ZigZagBurners (SLO): How do view the outlook/upside of JR. Graham and Tyrell Jenkins following shoulder injury?

Jason Parks: Graham will be fine; should be ready to take another step forward in 2014. But shoulder injuries scare me more than any other injury, especially with pitchers, so I always a adopt a wait and see approach.

Biscuits (Cali): Since coming back from a broken hamate bone, Albert Almora has been displaying #rig all over the yard, and continued into the AFL. How much stock should we put into his early success in the AFL?

Jason Parks: I don't put a lot of stock in AFL performances, but I don't discredit/ignore them either. #Rig might not be the best meme descriptor for Almora, as some of the scouting reports on him suggest he might play a little softer than you might assume. But he's a role 6 for me, and a top 20 prospect in the game.

ZZB (Papa's and Beer): Yankees 2012 2nd rd pick Peter O'Brien is making quite the name for himself this winter. What position do you see him finding a home at, and which tools do you project to be "impact" tools?

Jason Parks: I wasn't a big fan of him in person, and at the time, I didn't see a future major leaguer. I'm still not sold, but he did take a step forward at the plate in 2013, so he might end up being wrong on the evaluation.

Biscuits (Cali): I was skeptical of Orioles first rd pick Hunter Harvey out of the draft. However, he's been brilliant in his pro debut. What are your thoughts on the youngster?

Jason Parks: Well, I have several reports on the kid, including glowing ones from BP's Chris Mellen. This kid is legit. We are going to blow him up in our 101 list this year, as he will probably be a top 25 prospect in baseball. His combination of attributes are very sexy.

Biscuits (Cali): If you had a preference, would you have Trey Ball on the mound or in the field?

Jason Parks: Mound

Manny Banuelos (Dr. Office): Hey J-Park, can my #rig be restored? You used to salivate over my "swing and miss stuff," but now you're fantasizing over someone named Noah.

Jason Parks: Noah is better than you.

Courtney Hawkins (3?): In my first pro season I looked like a one-trick-pony known for my power. With a successful repeat at Hi-A ball, can my top prospect status be restored?

Jason Parks: I don't think you were ever a top prospect to begin with, so you can't restore something that never existed in the first place. We took some heat for excluding you from the BP 101, and you rewarded our lack of faith by having a disappointing season. You have legit power, and if you are thrown a mistake, you can punish it accordingly. But your pitch recognition skills might be a long-term issue, and if that is the case, you offensive approach will be one-note and easily exploitable at the higher levels of the minors and the majors. I don't have you graded as a role 3 prospect, but I don't see a future 5 based on your professional resume thus far.

Marcus Stroman (AFL): Jason, I had an excellent first year at double-a, now they're having me work out of the bullpen in the AFL. What gives?

Jason Parks: I assume they are just managing your innings after a long season in which you logged over 110 innings. Take it easy. Put down the Muscle Milk.

edwardarthur (Illinois): Is there reason for genuine concern about Jonathan Singelton's makeup?

Jason Parks: Yes. Anytime a player gets suspended for breaking the clearly established drug rules you have to question their focus, and its compounded when you return to the field out of shape. It shows a lack of #want, which is just foolish given the organizational depth and the fact that you have a clear path to the big leagues if you want it. I really like the bat speed and I think he's going to hit, but I don't like players that don't give a shit.

bzalaski (Cbus): Despite a strong close to the season, and an overall strong season in a hitter's league, Clayton Blackburn recently got a tough ranking in another publication for the Cal League. Is some of the shine off his prospect status...or is there a difference of opinion on him?

Jason Parks: He had a good season. The ceiling isn't crazy, but he's still a very good prospect that was pitching in a very difficult league. I'm not going to blast other publications because I disagree with their rankings or their process. But I would have ranked him much higher.

BTH524 (Pennsylvania): Where do you project the top 2013 draft picks (Kris Bryant, Mark Appel, etc.) to be slotted in your top prospect list? With the understanding that you may change your mind, of course!

Jason Parks: Bryant could/should be in the top ten in the game. He's a polished offensive monster that should be at the highest level at some point in 2014. Appel is also a polished collegiate talent that will move quickly, but I'm not as high on his ceiling as some and I don't see him as a future #1 type. He will be in the top 25, but not the top 10.

Beer Me (Queens): Jason, I consumed a 12 pack of High Life last night, along with a good amount of Larceny bourbon. Your thoughts on this matter?

Jason Parks: Drinking is fun. Nice work

Ashitaka1110 (Houston, TX): Without seeing him at higher levels, initial projected ceiling for Astros' RHP Michael Feliz?

Jason Parks: He's a reliever long-term; potential impact potential.

Ashitaka1110 (Houston, TX): Did Teoscar Hernandez help or hurt his stock this season? What do you think of him going forward?

Jason Parks: I think his stock is similar. He's going to repeat as an On the Rise type. He has a chance to keep moving forward. The reason he won't crack the Astros Top Ten has more to do with the talent in the system than his performance in 2013.

Ashitaka1110 (Houston, TX): Your thoughts on Houston's Mexican League pickups, Leonardo Heras and Japhet Amador?

Jason Parks: Heras has a chance; can square velocity. Amador is a fat DH only type that I think profiles best as a quad A type than a ML regular. I can see him going back to Mexico and crushing it for the Red Devils.

Herbert (Eugene): Which Captain do you prefer and why: Beefheart or Jeter?

Jason Parks: Always Jetes. The jump throw/gift basket combo is just too good.

Skippy (Tampa): With all this baseball, how does one fit #bathtime into a busy schedule?

Jason Parks: It's #BathNight, and that's on Thursday

hdub (the bleachers): Hi Prof, thx for the chat. would it be fair to view polanco as sort of a yelich-lite with more speed and lower on base skills? I feel like a contender like pit might sign someone on a 2yr deal that semi blocks him.

Jason Parks: They are both left-handed. My sources are really mixed on Polanco. Some don't think he's going to hit. The swing is pretty, but you can tie him up inside because of the length and some believe that will ruin him at the highest levels. The raw pop is there, and I think he can develop into a ~.270 20+ HR type, but not the .300+ hitter that Yelich will become. He's the superior talent, in my opinion.

hdub (the bleachers): how would you rank these pitchers during the next 4 years...Crick, Glasnow, jGray, Giolito. does anyone stand above the others or are their projected values comparable?

Jason Parks: This is tough. Giolito has the highest ceiling for me, followed by Gray and Crick. Glasnow is a very good arm but I don't see the same extreme upside there. Crick could end up in the 'pen, as he has a Rick Vaughn sort of approach at times. Giolito doesn't have the prettiest mechs or the most athletic body, but he could be a prototypical power arm in any capacity. Gray is still a wildcard for me. I don't have a good feel for him yet.

Ted Theodore Logan (San Dimas, CA): Khris Davis. What do we have here?

Jason Parks: San Dimas High School Football Rules

vampires (burton mi): What is the upside of Chris Archer in 2014?

Jason Parks: I love Archer. He's not a finished product, but I can see him finding comfort in the middle of a ML rotation in 2014 and stepping forward after that. He has a very high ceiling.

earpbartman (West Chester): How good is Kris Bryant?

Jason Parks: In terms of polish and projection, I would put him right behind Taveras. He's a very low risk offensive prospect. He's a top 10 type right now.

Tim (The Up n In Detox Center): Your best guess on Baez' defensive home? Possibly time late in the year in Chicago at 2nd and 3rd just to see the bat or do u forecast a permanent move to either?

Jason Parks: I would prefer to see him at 3B because he has a very good arm and very good hands, despite his errors at SS. Either way, the bat is his glory.

xavier (texas): Trevor Story - he seemed to right himself somewhat in the second half at Modesto after a brutal start. Is his stock down or unchanged from last year?

Jason Parks: His stock is way down.

xavier (texas): Rubby de la Rosa - what sort of role do you see him having going forward?

Jason Parks: Bullpen for me

AndrewBokermann (IL): Would the Cubs ever consider jumping Almora from A to AA, similarly to both Profar and Tavares in 2012. He seems to be a very instinctual and knowledgeable player, who would be able to handle this promotion. What would be the drawbacks and benefits of such a move? Would it be beneficial for him to be playing with players like Soler and Bryant to start the year?

Jason Parks: He could handle it. They don't have to rush him, but if they feel he would benefit from an accelerated developmental program, his skill-set could handle such a jump. The drawbacks are failure, which can be both good and bad. But you don't want to set a player up for failure if you don't have to. As I said, I think he can handle it, but the Cubs' player dev are the ones better equipped to make that call.

Rob (DC): For no good reason, I don't own any Beatles albums. Which five are your favorites? In what order should I buy them?

Jason Parks: UK Revolver is my favorite album of all-time. My order: UK Revolver, Abbey Road, Let it Be (naked), Rubber Soul, With the Beatles

Or (Denton): Most likely Rangers 2nd baseman in 2015: Ian Kinsler, Jurickson Profar, Rougned Odor or Mark McLemore?

Jason Parks: I'd love for it to be Odor. That kid is full on #want. If the Rangers keep Profar, I can see a scenario (down the line) where Profar slides over to SS and Odor takes over at 2B. Kinsler is still a good player, but I don't see him at 2B in 2015.

Domenic (New York): A great deal can change between now and June, yet it seems carved in stone that the Astros will be pairing Carlos Rodon with Mark Appel in the upcoming draft. Would you say that both have top of the rotation ceilings? Or, dare I say, ace potential? And, more interestingly, how does that tandem compare to other one-two pitching prospect punches (past or present)? Cole/Taillon, Harvey/Wheeler, Bundy/Gausman, etc.

Jason Parks: I think aces are created at the major league level through production and consistency. I would project Rodon higher than Appel.

Anthony (Long Island): With team prospect lists dropping soon, could you give us a team that is surprisingly strong, and a team that is surprisingly weak? Or just a team that shocked the shit out of you one way or the other?

Jason Parks: I have the AL West worked up. The Astros are very strong; the Mariners still have a ton of talent. The Angels might be the worst in baseball, and the A's are surprisingly weak.

Kevin (New York): You and Eric Hosmer are trapped in an elevator for 6 hours. All you have is an acoustic guitar. What album do you play a full acoustic cover of to serenade him?

Jason Parks: This is easy. Thriller by Michael Jackson. Tasty rhythms that create a sensual atmosphere.

Matt (Chicago): Does CHC have enough of a SP pipeline to rely on for their next competitive club or are significant trades and/or FA signings going to be necessary? What are your thoughts on Sam Elliott- the actor.

Jason Parks: All talent is currency. They don't have a deep stock of pitching talent, but those fortunes can change for a number of reasons.

Huge fan of the mustache and the masculinity.

dhs (south of Denton): You're JD, what do you do with the infield this winter? Is working Roogie into the plan premature, or is he a safe bet as a regular (for somebody)?

Jason Parks: Odor will be a major leaguer. Safe bet is a role 5 (major league regular) but his ceiling is a first division starter. He should reach the majors in 2014 and could play a larger role in 2015. Trade Pro this off-season, give Kinsler another year at the keystone, promote Odor to the spot after that.

ddivi23 (Bartlett, IL): Prof. Parks, as a long suffering Cub fan is it possible that Bryant,Baez,Almora, and Soler all turn out?

Jason Parks: Not to your level of expectation. I expect at least one of those prospects to underwhelm.

DodgerDoodle (Bellevue, WA): Wondering what you think of the Dodger's prospects Zach Lee and Joc Pederson? Think something like those guys to the Rays for Price is in the realm of what the Rays would be looking for?

Jason Parks: It would take more. Urias would have to be in that deal for me, as would Seager.

Tim (NYC): Which pitch has more #rig? A two-seamer with serious bore or a curveball that falls off the table?

Jason Parks: Give me the two-seamer with bore. A CB is a very FB command dependent pitch, so unless you can get the bats moving, the pitch won't crush souls. But a good 2-seamer can set the table for the entire arsenal.

Rex (KC): Realistically, what could nick Castellanos be at the ML level?

Jason Parks: 55 type; solid-regular that can play a little higher at times.

Paul (St. Paul): Is josmil pinto a real deal catcher?

Jason Parks: Absolutely. I like his profile. I was impressed when I saw him this summer. Good stick; good tools behind the plate. Good player.

Bubba (St. Louis): Should we expect more stud performances from Michael Wacha or is he outplaying himself?

Jason Parks: I think he keeps it up

Bret (Toronto): Marcus Stroman - starter or reliever? What is his upside in either role? Given that he seems likely to be homer-prone, especially as a starter, is it reasonable that he's more valuable to a team that plays in a less homer-friendly park than Rogers Centre?

Jason Parks: I think he can start. He's short as shit; I'd guess he's closer to 5'7'' than 5'9''. But the stuff is there to start.

Saul (SF): When looking at a player and evaluating his tools, do you just look at that player in the future or do you think of a comparison?

Jason Parks: I use comps when attempting to describe the [physical] body, but I don't get too attached to them when it comes to tool-based projection.

Mitch Williams (Spooning with my Emmy award): Will the rally killing effect a home run has be accounted for in the new WARP formula?

Jason Parks: I don't know or care.

MattWinks (Madison): Is Christian Bethancourt going to hit and how much does it really matter?

Jason Parks: I don't think he's going to hit. But he can still carve out a career at the highest level because of his arm/glove.

Nicholas (Norfolk): If you could re-write the scouting scale for it to make more sense what would it be?

Jason Parks: It makes sense to me, so I wouldn't change it.

Seth (PA): Do you think the Pirates with the current major league team and farm system are set up for long term success? Or was this year a flukey thing?

Jason Parks: Absolutely set up for a sustainable run if they mature said talent and/or flip it for matured talent.

Chad (Canada): With the Jays having 2 top 10 picks and the money to go along with them, what do you think their draft strategy will be? Best players available, or try to spread the money over many picks on players that may have slipped?

Jason Parks: I always assume they will go big balls on high-ceiling types.

Bob (Anaheim ): Do the angels have anyone that can be considered a stud prospect?

Jason Parks: No. Taylor Lindsey is the top player in the system, and he's a role 5 type at 2B.

Peter (Boston): Professor! I saw that you'll be in Boston for the BC New Baseball Journalism Seminar. Not sure if I can attend, but will you guys be watching the game somewhere after?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'll post our spot on Twitter. Me, drinking in Boston during the ALCS? Never.

Shawnykid23 (CT): What level of competition would you say the AZL is comparable to (High-A, Double-AA, etc)?

Jason Parks: It's complex level, so its the lowest (or most unrefined) of stateside ball. It can often feature more high-end prospects than other, more advanced leagues. But the refinement level is the lowest tier.

Lucas Punkari (Airdrie, Alberta): Looking forward to this year's prospect lists. With this being your second year in charge of those lists, is the process easier for you than last year or is it still crazy?

Jason Parks: It's always crazy, but I trust in our process. We like to put as many eyes on the players as possible, and those observations make for very vigorous internal debates that I then compare and contrast to my sourced information. I think our process allows us to offer the most comprehensive and thorough product available on that front.

Shawn (Cubicle): When do the #shirts come out??

Jason Parks: I was hoping to make that announcement today, as the online store has been set-up and the shirts are ready. Just waiting on the go-ahead from our merch partners. Should be any day. We will be offering #want, #rig, #sparkle, #slack, and #wet shirts in all 30 team colors. I can't wait.

Pete (Charlotte): Could Carlos rodon tear his labrum and still be the number one pick in the draft?

Jason Parks: No

Brady (College Dorm Room): Where do you see the Colorado Rockies being in 3-5 years?

Jason Parks: Probably still in Colorado.

oloughla ((Boston)): What did you think of Minnesota's decision to play Buxton in the AFL?

Jason Parks: It's an honor for a young player to get that gig, so I think its a suitable reward. I wouldn't push him too hard, but I like the move. He's the future of the franchise and they are setting him up accordingly.

mike (utica): Must be tough being a mets fan for passing on fernandez and wacha in back to back draft for 2nd divisional players in nimmo and cechinni.

Jason Parks: I'm not even sure Cecchini is a 2nd division player. I put a role 4 grade on him this season.

Tito (The lonesome, crowded west): Nastier: Kershaw's curveball or Swayze tearing out someone's throat in Road House?

Jason Parks: I'm always going to go with Swayze here, but only because Road House is a classic and he is no longer with us.

Peter (Florida): Theo Epstein has said he wants a top 5 system in baseball even after top prospects move up. How would you rate the Cubs system after the promotions of Baez, Almora, Bryant and Soler(and maybe Alcantara)?

Jason Parks: After the promotions to the majors? I don't see a top 5 system if you graduate all that talent. That's asking a lot.

Boognish (Detroit): Hey hey, after my Tigers win the world series, Scherzer for Taillon and Polanco. Does that make too much sense for both teams to happen?

Jason Parks: Nope. It doesn't make a lot of sense for the Tigers. They already know what they have in Scherzer. Why trade that for two unknowns?

Roy-Z (Great White North): Who cares about hitting - who's more likely to be the next Vizquel in their prime - Lindor or Mondesi?

Jason Parks: Lindor

Byron Buxtom (AFL): I'm basically Mike Trout in the making but with less power and a better 'stache, right?

Jason Parks: That's a very high bar. You have the raw physical tools to warrant the comp. But Trout is the best player in the game and keeps getting better. You are a prospect with a lot of tools, a great 'stache, and what I assume is a great #rig. Let's just take it easy.

SC (Humboldt): Matt Carpenter was never a highly touted prospect. Was it a miss by scouts, or that he seems to have maximized his tools and/or just had his career year?

Jason Parks: It's not so much poor scouting as its a big win for the Cardinals' player development machine. They saw something in the kid, extracted it, and now he's a beast. Give them a lot of credit.

Wilfred (MN): Is Sano more Pedro Alvarez type or a Giancarlo Stanton type?

Jason Parks: Alvarez

Donnie (Miami): What tool grades would you hive Jose Dariel Abreu?

Jason Parks: 5+ hit/7 raw (6 power utility); not getting much with defensive profile

Aaron Sanchez (AFL): Which level will I start 2014 in? While you're at it, add some #want to my control.

Jason Parks: You have one of the best arms in the minors; silky smooth explosion from your hand. But without the control, you won't live up to the dream your arm action suggests is a reality.

The Dude (Office): BBQ Sauce- Sweet or Spicy? Ketchup or Vinegar base?

Jason Parks: Texas smoked brisket. No sauce required.

SC (Humboldt): After a fan's effort last night to be the Dodgers', which clubs have 80-grade mascots? Obviously the all time list starts and ends with Youppi!

Jason Parks: The list starts and ends with nobody.

dcapofari (NY): which is a better night with Lindor: dinner and movie with chance of a kiss? or 4 hour rental at the local motel

Jason Parks: Everybody loves an evening with a chance for a kiss.

Jeff Passan (Bathmorning): Besides Tanaka, what other Asian players likely to be posted should be on everyone's radar?

Jason Parks: Jeff Passan from Bathmorning. Fantastic.

Dave (Pittsburgh): Love your work and podcasts, regarding the pirates, would you rather them trade for price/Stanton or wait on polanco/taillon/Hanson?

Jason Parks: Go for Stanton

Aceathon (#BathNight): I'm going to get a shirt, which one do you most recommend out of #want, #rig, #sparkle, #slack, and #wet?

Jason Parks: I would recommend getting all of them.

dcapofari (NY): Zack Wheeler for Price straight up, who says no and why?

Jason Parks: That's putting a lot of faith in Wheeler. It's a very good start and a very nice return, but it depends if the Rays would rather go big on the quantity or the quality. I'd rather have a deeper package than a straight one/one trade, especially when my trade chip is a former Cy Young winning lefty.

Slevin (NY): Nas or Jay-Z? Nas or Jay-Z or Wheelchair Jimmy?

Jason Parks: Jay Electronica

Cards (St. Louis): Which prospect will breakout next year?

Jason Parks: Braden Shipley; Hunter Harvey; Edwin Diaz; Chi Chi Gonzalez

Just to name a few

Jonah (Redwood): Giancarlo Stanton's injury bugs concern me. Are we ever going to see him unleash his beastmode #rig and belt 50 homers in the near future?

Jason Parks: Yes. It will happen.

CJNC1963 (NC): Do the Braves have a bottom 10 farm system right now? Sims seems to be their only top 50 prospect.

Jason Parks: They have a lot of talent. It's not mature, so that pushes them down the list a bit.

Shawn (Cubicle): Who plays Professor Parks in the major motion picture "BathNight"

Jason Parks: That's an interesting question. I'll let people who know what I look like answer it. I'm really not sure. Maybe a thinner and less beefed up Tom Hardy.

Todd (MN): What do you do to stay in shape?

Jason Parks: Lift

Max (Denver): Given all that has transpired, do you see the Marlins dealing Stanton? If so, to whom, and what for? If not, chances they re-sign him?

Jason Parks: I do. To the team that pulls their dicks out the most. Somebody will offer an insane package and they would be foolish not to at least explore it.

CJNC1963 (Charlotte, NC): What in the world is #rig?

Jason Parks: It's like swagger, only more penis specific

Shawn (Cubicle): Which superstar has best chance of being traded this offseason in your opinion?

Jason Parks: David Price

msloftus (Virginia (is for lovers)): Thoughts on Garin Cecchini? Wade Boggs-lite?

Jason Parks: No.

Cal Guy (Cal): Jason, do you think Bryant will stick at 3B for at least a few years, and where do you think his eventual position is?

Jason Parks: I think he's a RF

Peter (Boston): Mookie Betts ... what do you got?

Jason Parks: People are getting a little out of hand with the Betts 'bation. He's an interesting player. Catalytic. I didn't see a first division talent, and I struggled to see anything more than a utility type at the end of the day. Love the range at 2B, good approach, quick hands, some pop. I don't see the big upside.

Bryant (Oceanside, CA): Is Matt Wisler the best pitcher in the Padres system right now, at least when looking at the overall risk/reward? What do you see for his MLB future?

Jason Parks: He is, yes. I'd rank him over Fried at this point. I can see a middle/rotation type with an easy fallback to a late-innings role if the command or secondary utility fails him.

Jason (Illinois): How do you think the cardinals rotation shakes out next year? Do you think Rosenthal is given a chance to start?

Jason Parks: I'd start Martinez

Christopher (Oakland): Can you give me a scouting report on Jarrod Saltalamacchia's hair?

Jason Parks: #Perm

Brett (St. Louis): Tyler Glasnow or Julio Urias?

Jason Parks: Urias.

Ryan (Buffalo Grove): Read recent reports that put a gerthy grade 8 on Robinson Cano's actual #rig. Power described as violent and thunderous. A rival AL scout recommended a bottle of wine and doughnut pillow to any receipient of Robbie's vicious hacks. Hit tool was given a 8 due to his pure, silky stroke. Speed was given a 6 but played-up in game action due to Cano's unrivaled cunning; said he "really turns it on when it counts." How will this affect his contract negotiations this off-season?

Jason Parks: I don't know, but I like the cut of your jib.

Joe (The couch): Thanks for the chat Professor Parks! Is Nick Williams a top 100 prospect in the game? What's his ceiling look like?

Jason Parks: He's a top 5 prospect in the Rangers system; haven't worked up Top 101. It's possible. He's a natural hitter that needs refinement everywhere else. I wouldn't be shocked if he emerges as the best offensive player from that crazy Hickory lineup of 2013. Role 6 future for me.

Juan (San Diego ): Corey Black has Bullpen Written all over him, Huge arm,small frame. But can that arm produce swing and miss stuff?

Jason Parks: Sure. I've seen him miss plenty of bats. Bullpen arm all the way, but a future major leaguer.

Oscar Taveras (Tub): Could you see us #bathing together while we watch the Cards tonight?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure my friends in the Cards org would approve of us taking a bath together. Besides that, I'm spoken for.

eamuscatuli15 (neb): Ok...so it looks like my question on the Cubs manager search didn't make the cut. Fuck it, how dope is Baez?

Jason Parks: I would hire AJ Hinch.

Chopper (Indy): Do you consider Archie Bradley to be a significantly better prospect than Jameson Taillon, or is it a 1 and 1a type of thing? Is Jorge Alfaro the real deal? Thank you.

Jason Parks: I would take Bradley over Taillon. I'm not sure I would say he's a significantly better prospect, but I think he develops into the the better ML starter.

Traveling Salesman (NY): You travel a lot being a scout, is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship when you're on the road? If so, what's the secret.

Jason Parks: Getting a divorce is the secret.

Johnson (Johnsville): Does Mike O'Neill profile as a 4th or 5th OF?

Jason Parks: Not for me. I didn't project him as a major leaguer.

Angie (Everywhere): What's a "role 6?"

Jason Parks: First-division player; above-average

SC (Humboldt): Just based on his gait, Eric Lamela has a massive #rig, right?

Jason Parks: Based on his father's look

dcap (1980s ): Better 80s teen heart throb: john Cusack or kevin Bacon?

Jason Parks: I dislike Cusack. He's a pussy in most of his movies. He's the perfect sad sack paragon of the Holden Caulfield model of a man. Give me Kevin Bacon.

Jessica (LA): Hey JP, thanks for the chat. Who develops more power, Almora or Gregory Polanco?

Jason Parks: Polanco will have more power

dcapofari (NY): If Buxton keeps it going in the AZFL and has a crazy spring training any chance to make the opening day club?buxton#horse-rig

Jason Parks: Nope

Gardy (Minnesnowta): is it in the Twins best interest to keep Sano at 3B or move him to 1B? Seems they could use him as a long term solution at either position... Do you think he gets enough service time next year to hit 20hr and K 100x in the show?

Jason Parks: He's not a GG at third, but he can play the position. More value at 3B, and it keeps him engaged.

jharrison3 (Illinois): Could Taveras play CF defense at the level Jon Jay does? It seems that the popular opinion is that Jay doesn't have very good range. From a scouting perspective, is that true?

Jason Parks: Taveras could be a 5 in CF. Nothing special. But the bat will crush. Jay is overrated defensively. He's not a THAT good out there.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): Any chance Kris Bryan is in the bigs in 2014?

Jason Parks: Yes. I think he will reach the majors at some point in 2014.

Justin (Chicago): I'm sure you have answered this question about a million times now, but I assume the top 10's start after the World Series? Also, hats off you the entire team on the advanced series. Stuff like that is why I renew every year without hesitation.

Jason Parks: Yes. Awesome. Thank you. I'm very proud of the prospect team and the quality work in that series.

jcjohnson (Washington DC): I didn't realize you were putting grades on the ballpark events (though perhaps I should have). Now I'm wondering: what does it take to make a great ballpark event?

Jason Parks: Any event that gets #dark is a great event.

Derrick (Albany, GA): Who is the Warren Beatty of baseball? I'm talking girth, length, stamina, prowess, fearlessness.

Jason Parks: Verlander?

Riley (Iowa): Does the Cubs lack of a clear top pitching prospect hurt them in the rankings or are the postional prospects good enough to make up for it.

Jason Parks: Talent is talent. I don't care if they are position heavy. Top 3 system in baseball

Al (Dallas): Any chance Tampa gets Jorge Alfaro and Jurickson Profar in a trade for David price?

Jason Parks: I would ask for him in any deal with Texas

Luther (Oklahoma): Do you ever wonder about the pathology of your penis-centric worldview?

Jason Parks: Wonder? Yes. Worry? No.

Todd (MN): Are you going divisionally with the top 10s this year, or are they coming in the same worst to first order that have in past years?

Jason Parks: Divisionally; worst to first

LGB (Evansville, In.): Do any of the Cubs top 4 get a grade of "role 7" player? How would you rate them all.

Jason Parks: These are ceiling-based projections, not realistic roles: Baez (7); Bryant (H6); Almora (6); Soler (6).

Jason Parks: I was able to get to 120+ questions, but the queue was showing massive #want. Thanks for the great questions. I had to cut the chat short because I'll be in the MLB Fan Cave tonight for the game. I have to prepare accordingly. Thanks for understanding. Thanks again for the great turnout. Big #want.

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