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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday September 25, 2014 1:00 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


It's the final fantasy baseball weekend of the year! Ask Craig about your team, about somebody else's team, about your hot dog, about somebody else's hot dog, about baseball and/or food in general, about... anything, really.

Craig Goldstein: The first rule of this chat is: You do not ask about Derek Jeter. You know the rest.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Craig, Power is at a premium these days, so who should I keep in a dynasty league, Sano or Correa?

Craig Goldstein: Power is at a premium as discussed here, but I still think you go with Correa. He provides power at a fairly scarce position, and even if they both end up at third base, he's got more supporting skills.

Chopper (Indy): What type of numbers would you expect David Dahl to put up once he gets settled in the MLB?

Craig Goldstein: I think something in the vein of .285/.335/.440 (extra slg boos for Coors) seems reasonable. 20 or so homers at his peak. It's an immensely valuable profile in CF but probably more valuable in real life than fantasy.

Cwik (Seattle): Why are you a thing?

Craig Goldstein: Well, when a man loves a woman....

DServi4 (Maryland): Can Wil Myers be a Top 75 player next year?

Craig Goldstein: Absolutely. I still believe in Wil Myers.

JoJo (SD): I've got a contending dynasty roster full of post-peak hitters who are showing signs of injury/decline (Miggy, Braun, Rios, Victorino, Swisher, Hardy, Phillips). Obviously I've missed the window to trade these guys at peak value (because I had a good shot to win the league). Would you just ride this core into the sunset until the wheels fall off or try to get a bit younger? League mates prioritize youth so name value doesn't command much on the trade market. Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: I think you have to count on some bouncebacks there, especially if Braun can figure out how to get his thumb healthy. I think Rios comes back and there's still a solid amount of talent left in most of these guys. I'd be bailing on Swisher and Phillips and moving forward with the rest.

Frankie (Montreal): What's with this astronaut lion business?

Craig Goldstein: Lions are the kings of the jungle, so a great player/leader is a lion. Astronaut is obviously the natural progression for an ascendant lion.

Shawnykid23 (CT): My league is cutting our farm system down from 5 to 2 (don't ask...) Addison Russell is 1 keeper for sure, would you keep Lucas Giolito or Archie Bradley in the other spot?

Craig Goldstein: I'd find a new league. Who has TWO spots. That seems cruel. Honestly I'm generally in favor of taking the closer to the majors prospects but the recent reports on Bradley haven't been overwhelmingly positive. I don't always worry about negative reactions (see: Syndergaard this year) but I am a bit concerned about Bradley. I think it's him by a hair, right now, but by mid-season next year I probably have a different answer.

Cal Guy (Cal): Craig, Please predict the number of Saves in 2015 for Betances and Boxberger.

Craig Goldstein: I don't speculate on saves. It's a fruitless exercise in a volatile market. Boxberger won't even be a closer.

Jordon Gorash (Cubs Twitter): Am I a good opinion haver?

Craig Goldstein: If you have to ask, you know you're not.

Ed (Cranford, NJ): Hi Craig Who would you rather keep in a NL only, one catcher league: Corey Dickerson at $6 or Devin Mesoraco at $1? Thanks

Craig Goldstein: Great question: I'll take Mesoraco because even with a small step back he's a monster value at that price. If you can't keep Dickerson you should be able to get plenty in a trade for him at that price.

Cwik (Seattle): Who is your favorite member of the X-Men?

Craig Goldstein: Nightcrawler

Justin Verlander (Upton Town): Am I the AL Comeback player of the year next year?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think so, no.

MetsFaithful5 (Syracuse ): Jacob deGrom a number 2 going forward? All his numbers are exceptional.. And his fastball velocity isn't anything that can be mocked.

Craig Goldstein: I can be slow to come around on guys and I am/was for deGrom. I still don't see a number two. He's been at least that good this year, but I suppose I see the league adjusting. His stuff is solid and I think he can be a mid-rotation guy, but I do think his numbers take at least a small step back next year

Brett Gardner (Louisville, KY): Can I just cut Hosmer in a 15 keeper dynasty? I loved him so much, but the guy just does nothing but depress me. Also if Mike Trout were a breakfast sandwich, which breakfast sandwich would he be?

Craig Goldstein: Depends a bit on the size of the league but it's not necessarily unreasonable. It hasn't been good. That said we could all use a little sadness in our lives. Trout would be the breakfast burrito, which *is* a sandwich.

Dr. Mike (Milwaukee): It's been established that Joey Votto should be valued at a top-20ish player going forward. I'm a little concerned about the power. If I wanted to deal him, with a 5-year dynasty outlook, which 1B should I look to maybe swap him with?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not sure I'm in on him as a top-20 guy going forward to be honest. I think he and Freeman are going to be fairly comparable going forward. I am concerned the injury affects his ability to run which gave him an added dimension that he could lack going forward.

RotoLando (Cloud City): What do you think of mayonnaise as a topping for fries? It's all the rage in Europe, but so is not using deodorant.

Craig Goldstein: Mayonnaise is an abomination in and of itself. Please do not inflict it on fries. For that matter, don't inflict ketchup on fries either. If you want to taste ketchup, just eat ketchup. If you want to eat fries, actually taste them for crying out loud. Enjoy the saltiness -- don't smother it with tomato. Cretins.

Sam (Cincy): Hot dog, Italian sausage or bratwurst??

Craig Goldstein: Good sandwiches, all.

MickeyRivers (NY): Please rank Kluber, Richards, Tanaka, Wheeler, Fister, and McHugh for 2015.

Craig Goldstein: if we're assuming health: Kluber, Tanaka, Richard, Wheeler, Fister, McHugh

JoJo (SD): Looking at BP 101 SP available in my 16-team dynasty: Folty (RP?), Almonte, Stewart, Harvey, E. Rodriguez, Barnes, Chi Chi, Berrios, Tirado, Kingham, Enny Romero, Pierce Johnson, Thorpe. Daniel Norris is also available. I've focused on MLB this year; any of these guys (or guys not on the 101) decent risers this year? Struggling to merge them onto my draft board with the MLB SP like deGrom, Carrasco, Shoemaker, Roark, Keuchel, McHugh, Anderson, Fiers, etc. available. Any names jump out from this motley crew, MILB or MLB, as draft targets? If it matters, I finished 3rd and pick 14 of 16 so prefer near ETAs. Here's hoping #TINO shows no #slack this fall/winter. Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: Take the MLBers. The order you have is good, too. TINO will be around all winter, but on an abbreviated schedule (twice a month)

JP (TX): Coming into the year what was the gap in OFP between Xander and Roogie, and how much of that gap has Roogie made up with each having basically a full year in the majors under their belt?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not sure Roogie's gained ground on the OFP. What he's done is no doubt impressive but he's not a substantially different player because of it. It might be that his floor is raised because we know he can perform at the major league level, but I don't see his ceiling being altered based on 2015. I still have Xander ahead of him in terms of ceiling, and just in general, despite the struggles.

Ben C (Boston): Please tell Bret I say "happy birthday."

Craig Goldstein: you're in a group chat with him right now. I ain't your lackey.

Mike (DC): Craig, from a dynasty league perspective can/will Ryan Zimmerman be a top 50 player in 2015?

Craig Goldstein: Nope. He can't stay healthy, and while shifting to first *could* help on the front I don't think it's any guarantee. There's still life in that bat but I think he's outside the top 50.

OB1KENOBI (Tampa): I have been offered Wil Myers but there looking for deGrom in a dynasty points league. What would you recommend My staff is solid I think lol.

Craig Goldstein: I'd trade deGrom for Myers.

Brian (Mass): Let's say the Rox decide to give Dickerson a full complement of ABs. what #s can you see him putting up next year?

Craig Goldstein: He's not THAT far off full-time ABs as his. He's going to be within spitting distance of 500 plate appearances this year, so I don't think it's a massive bump. Additionally, even with an additional helping of PAs, he's going to face more lefties which are going to negatively impact his slash stats a bit. He's hit them well this year but was not good in 2013, and I'm inclined to believe he can be playable but not good against southpaws going forward. I'd say 25+ homers again though. Nice little player. Also his first name is McKenzie. Love that.

ddriver80 (Selkirk): Would you trade Encarnacion for Giolito straight up? Real contracts apply, so Giolito for however long i want, but EE for 2yrs at 10M apiece.

Craig Goldstein: Nope I think that's bananas.

Byron (Charlotte): Do you find it odd that baseball is the only sport where the field of play is different from park to park? Should all OF dimension be identical? Say 330-375-400-375-330?

Craig Goldstein: I suppose if I wasn't so used to it, it might be odd. I wouldn't be in favor of making them all the same though. Call me old, but I think there's a charm to each park being a bit different.

Enya (Time): Please compare each member of TINO to a Disney character, with your reasoning explained. Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: Bret: Sultan from Aladdin because he's dad and beard, Ben: Timon from the Lion King because he's annoying and a smart ass but ultimately a good guy, Mau: Terk from Tarzan because Rosie O'Donnell, Me: Gus Gus from Cinderella for reasons I think are obvious.

Chris (Washington, DC): I know that we're still about 6 months away, but it is never too early to start thinking about 2015 dynasty league drafts. Who would you take first overall in a 10-team league with 25 keepers: Rodon or Tomas? Does Rodon have a high enough ceiling to justify taking him over Tomas?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think so, to be honest. Tomas is a huge unknown but the upside is enormous even if he's not the next Puig/Abreu. I love love love Rodon, but I would go with the hitter here, especially with the game being bereft of power.

Youppi (Montreal): Speaking of fries, what do you think of poutine?

Craig Goldstein: Poutine is an improvement on fries. That's how highly I think of poutine.

Brian (Mass): Do you see Sano or Correa debuting before Sept next year?

Craig Goldstein: Sano yes, Correa no.

challenger (columbia): What does the Mariners shortstop position look like for next year?

Craig Goldstein: If I were calling the shots it'd be Chris Taylor but I do think they give Miller another run at it. His ceiling is a bit higher cause he can hit for power, but I think Taylor's empty average might be their best play.



Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Craig, So I'm on board the Correa bandwagon, but am I on the express train to CrazyTown if I say Correa will be the best shortstop in baseball once he is a full time starter?

Craig Goldstein: I guess it depends when you're talking about. In his career? I don't think it's crazy to say it but I do think it's lofty. I err on the side of caution though.

JP (Tx): Just finishing my first year in an auction keeper league, when selecting keepers next year how do you weigh selecting for value vs selecting stars that may be kept right around where they may go next year?

Craig Goldstein: There's no hard guideline of course, but I think you have to decide if someone performing to their dollar amount (or even under it, in some cases) is going to be worth it just because you're not going to replace those stats easily. For example if you've got a $25 player for $28 dollars and a $3 player for $1, you might keep the more expensive player even if the "value" isn't there because of the scarcity of $25 players.

Tristan (Ohio): Demi Orimoloye from Toronto has performed pretty well on the summer showcase circuit and hos tools look legit. How high could you see him going in next June's draft? #MapleUpton

Craig Goldstein: I have heard some positive things about Orimoloye but there are still some concerns about the amount of swing-and-miss in his game. Honestly, it's not even 2015. Guessing where he'll go this far out just isn't useful.

MickeyRivers (NY): How would you rank Josh Hamilton, Pedro Alvarez, Mauer and Rios as keepers?

Craig Goldstein: Probably via seppuku

Alex (Anaheim): How can a fantasy team owner make the finals and still not pay any attention to details like lineup changes, probable starting pitchers, and players who are off the DL?

Craig Goldstein: Concentrated doses of IDGAF, I'd bet.

Cwik (Seattle): What are the proper condiments when consuming a hot dog sandwich?

Craig Goldstein: Mustard.

Colin (Wisconsin): Grantland recently featured an interview with Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs in which he unveiled his own metric for ranking sandwiches. Is there any chance you reach out to him about joining Sandwich Prospectus, or is that more of a question for Editor in Chief Carsley?

Craig Goldstein: There's been a solid amount of love for Sandwich Prospectus that I haven't addressed. We're not off the ground just yet but obviously we're open to ideas as for staff. I haven't yet seen what Bonner had to say, but I'll be sure to look into it.

Brett Gardner (Louisville, KY): What should we make of Perez? I kind of thought we'd have more elite results by now. I know catchers develop more slowly, but is he still a no-brainer keeper in a dynasty league? Also food question: Which type of BBQ do you most prefer in the pulled variety (obvious answer being pork), and do you prefer cole slaw on a sandwich of said meat (jury still out)?

Craig Goldstein: Assuming this is Salvador. Honestly it's tough because I think he could be a top 5 catcher if they scaled back his workload. He's been brutal in the second half and I'd think his rare off-days are at least part of the reason. I love the player in real life but I am going to back off him in fantasy leagues. As for his keeper status it's entirely dependent on league/roster size. There's a good argument to be made for keeping him, letting him start off hot and then selling high in June or so.

climberandrew (Minnesota): You randomly tweeted out "Sandwich Prospectus" a few months ago. From time to time, it randomly comes up in my head and I chuckle all over again. Thank you. That is all

Craig Goldstein: "A child's giggle is worth one hundred pounds of gold."

You've made me a rich man ClimberAndrew

Byron (Charlotte): Folo: I'm an "older" guy too, and I think that the dimensions could be the same and the parks still look different. I realize this ex-post-facto approach is unrealistic.

Craig Goldstein: Fair enough. I suppose it is a subjective matter. I guess I'm not sure what the appeal is though. I think a little variation is fun. Gives us something to talk about and analyze too. Otherwise it gets boring.

Texan (Texas): The Boomstick is the abomination against humanity that is a three-foot-long hot dog thing, sold at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Craig Goldstein: Ahhhh, I got you. Yes it's a sandwich, but I'd rather have the Choomongous.

Gordon (chi town): Please rank these cucurbita: acorn squash, pumpkin, crookneck squash, zucchini, straightneck squash

Craig Goldstein: Trash, Garbage, Refuse, Waste, Detritus

Brett (Baltimore): How many MiLB games did you attend this year?

Craig Goldstein: Not nearly as many as I'd have liked. Got to about 15. Mid-week traffic in DC is murder, but that's an excuse.

OB1KENOBI (Tampa): On a dynasty/points team how would you rank these guys these in 2015 which would you keep if one had to go? Jarred Cosart, McHugh, Marco Gonzales, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, Alex Colome, Daniel Norris Mark Appel,

Craig Goldstein: I'd cut Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez.

Jax (Redwood): Joey Gallo's value is going to likely explode this off-season as he went from a top 100 prospect to a top 20 prospect. If we expect him to become a .230/40 guy (which I consider a reasonable ceiling given the scouting report), what would you offer him for heads-up?

Craig Goldstein: Bret updated his Top 500 in June. Gallo moved up substantially but if you want to bump him a bit higher and then take a look at the players surrounding him I think that's your best move.

Kate (Texas): Is ice cream with oreos a sandwich?

Craig Goldstein: get a grip

Bill (Phoenix): Craig, I don't understand the talk about Rougned Odor possibly being behind Jurickson Profar for the 2015 Rangers 2B job. Looks like he's a real MLB hitter at age 20. What am I missing?? Thanks so much for your thoughts!!

Craig Goldstein: I think that's forgetting how good a healthy Jurickson Profar is. I originally expected on of Profar, Andrus and Odor to be out the door in the offseason but if Profar can't get healthy there's no reason to stretch themselves thin at the position.

Brian (Mass.): What I once saw as a strength on my dynasty roster has turned into a barren wasteland. My 1B this year were Hosmer, Butler, and Dunn. I just dropped Dunn to take a gamble on Pearce for next year. Who do you think will be the most productive in 2015?

Craig Goldstein: Hosmer

Kenny (East Bound): Thanks for the tip on Marisnick (at least I think it was from you). He's starting to look like he's figuring it out and the tools are beginning to translate.

Craig Goldstein: I doubt it was -- I've never been a big fan, with the thinking that the tools wouldn't carry over. He's looked great since the trade though. Credit likely goes to Ben Carsely who would be appreciative of the recognition but insulted that you confused us.

Tucker (Bored at work): I'm always at Bowie. Get your butt over there more often next year. Please do not invite Ferrin.

Craig Goldstein: He just kind of follows me around like a lost puppy. Sad, really.

Mike (Wisconsin): What kind of player do you project Jimmy Nelson to be eventually? Is he a potential 2 or 3 starter? A reliever? Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: I've heard scouts who think he can be a two at his peak. He's obviously behind the 8-ball a bit in that regard as he's 25 this year. Still, breakouts do happen (/looks at deGrom). He's got a great fastball and he sharpened his slider this year. I know it didn't look it in the big leagues this year but I do think there's another gear there, especially if he can get his changeup to be even an average pitch.

BenC22 (MARISNICK): Kenny, I am appreciative of the recognition but insulted that you confused me with Craig.

Craig Goldstein: Sometimes, you just know.

Leo (NYC): Derek Holland has been pretty awesome since returning. Is this just SSS or will he be a nice value in 2015?

Craig Goldstein: This is real. I really like him as an undervalued asset in 2015.

Randall (San Antonio): Do you think Nick Franklin gets enough at bats in 2015 to challenge 20/20?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think Nick Franklin has enough talent to challenge for 20/20 in 2015.

Kevin (Boston): What can you tell me about Rafael Devers? I know that he's only 17 and years away from the majors, but does his offensive upside justify keeping him in a 10 team dynasty league? I have one keeper spot for Raimel Tapia, Nick Williams, Lewis Brinson, and Devers. Which of these guys has the highest upside and most potential fantasy value?

Craig Goldstein: I can tell you he's advanced for a 17 year old and performed well in his first taste of stateside ball. I like his swing a bunch, but at present he lacks loft/leverage so projecting power could be tricky. If you're anticipating his ability to work those refinements into his game, I think you could make the case he's a top two prospect in a Red Sox system filled with depth but lacking impact. If you think he can't, he's still valuable but not held in the same regard. Pick Nick Williams of those guys.

Kris (NY): Hi Craig. Dynasty league question. Want your opinion on a trade. Edwin Encarnacion for Chris Sale and Jose Altuve. Fair trade? Who comes out on top? Who has to add?

Craig Goldstein: Give me the Sale/Altuve side.

Kenny (East Bound): You're right it was Ben. My apologies to both of you. Here's the link to the article. http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=24413

Craig Goldstein: Posting this so people can gawk at Ben's handsome takes.

John (Dallas, TX): How would you value Kris Medlen for dynasty purposes and do you expect him to be ready and productive to start the 2015 season?

Craig Goldstein: I'm not particularly optimistic on TJx2 guys. I'm not counting on him as anything more than a flier.

Brady (Home): When will you launch your start up, Sandwich Prospectus?

Craig Goldstein: I'm starting to be concerned people think this is real.

Michelle (Chapel Hill): Is Ben single? More importantly, what are your thoughts on (current FA) Yasmani Tomas?

Craig Goldstein: Ben is sadly not single, but you're more than welcome to form a queue behind me as we wait.

I like Tomas plenty, and the recent success of high profile Cuban players doesn't hurt. I won't be assuming he's the next Puig, but he doesn't have to be to be really good.

Charlie (Nats Review): Let's say by Sunday Ryan Zimmerman demonstrates that his bat is quite lively despite the layoff. Do you start him at 3B or make him a PH/maybe a starter vs. LHPs?

Craig Goldstein: Can't put him at 3B with his shoulder. Cabrera has played well at 2B too so I don't think it's a judicious use of resources. Depending on LaRoche's temperament, I could see starting Zimm versus LHP and resting LaRoche for RHP. That said LaRoche has been great all year so I understand starting him all the way and using Zimm in the highest leverage pinch-hitting spots.

Doug (Chicago): Did you get Bret a copy of The Very Best of Enya for his birthday? Cassette or Eight track?

Craig Goldstein: Vinyl

Prez of Mike Rizzo Fandom (The DMV): Where does Adam LaRoche land next year? Do you think it's a downgrade to put Zimmerman at 1B? And what's the deal at 2B? So many questions, so many playoff games to get through before the answers reveal themselves!

Craig Goldstein: I think Milwaukee makes a ton of sense if they can spare the money. They might also want to move Ramirez to first, but if that doesn't come to pass I'd love to see him there. I also think Detroit could make some sense if they can't hold on to VMart.

John (CT): Which one of the Cubs position prospects would make the most effective starting pitcher? Bryant has the prototypical height and can probably get some decent movement on his fastball.

Craig Goldstein: I feel like I wouldn't love the body for a pitcher. I think Soler would be my guy. Good height, lithe body, loose actions. I could see it.

Holly (Dallas): When did Ben change his name to Michelle?

Craig Goldstein: It's always been that way. He's pulling a McKenzie Corey Dickerson on us.

Brian (NYC): If Hanley were to sign with the Yankees to replace Jeter with equally terrible defense would this improve his fantasy outlook based on Yankee Stadium vs. LA?

Craig Goldstein: Sure, the park is obviously a better one to hit in, though Yankee Stadium doesn't pander to RHB nearly as much as LHB, and Dodger Stadium doesn't suppress homers like people think. The change is probably less of a factor than people think but it's still a factor.

OB1KENOBI (Tampa): Thanks Graig I pulled the trigger on the Myers for DeGrom trade. Which outfielder do you see producing more Randal Grichuk or Ender Inciarte next yearin a 12 team league they are at best back ups this year.

Craig Goldstein: I guess I'd go with Grichuk there, but owning either in a 12-team league makes me nauseous.

justarobert (Away): I asked Laura for a question, and she suggested, "Should the concept of a 'sandwich' be defined in technical terms, or based on cultural convention? Why?"

Craig Goldstein: I'm a proponent of technical terms, I suppose, because other people are idiots. You can't trust people (en masse) to make the right calls in this type of high stakes situation.

AJ (Phoenix): 20-team mixed dynasty, I own Tulo. His DL time this year killed me in the playoffs, and I am now looking to deal him. Obviously youth/health are the way to go, I know, but Segura and Bogaerts are probably not workable deals (team dynamics won't work). I also own Addison Russel, but I hesitate to trust rookies right away, especially as a top 3 team right now. Suggestions?

Craig Goldstein: Shortstop is a pretty mixed bag at the moment. You could downgrade to Hanley and change but that's not going to ease your mind when it comes to health injuries. Your other options are Jhonny Peralta, or hoping someone like Ian Desmond can bring the batting average up a bit. No one is going to give you what Tulo does when healthy though.

Charlie (Nats Review): I believe "Cabrera has played well at 2B" to be an overestimation of his play (which is why I'll take Zim's bum shoulder and hit bat over AssCab). LaRoche's OPS vs LHP is .610 (.902 vs RHP). I'm starting to doubt if a hot dog is a sandwich.

Craig Goldstein: Well he has a 712 OPS with Washington which is both better than league average (701) and 2B (671), and you're drastically weakening the defense by inserting a guy who can't throw and hasn't played in a long time into it. Your doubts on whether a hot dog is a sandwich is exactly why cultural convention doesn't work.

RotoLando (Cloud City): What do you give out for Halloween?

Craig Goldstein: Pigs in Blankets

Damon (ETown): Pederson is going to be a better player than Myers. Likely? Possible?

Craig Goldstein: No and yes, but still... no.

Cwik (Seattle): Would you recommend following Jordon Gorosh on twitter for Cubs news?

Craig Goldstein: He's a top follow for Cubs information.

Cwik (Seattle): Piece together the perfect baseball analyst. I would assume Mike Ferrin's beard makes the cut?

Craig Goldstein: Verducci's hair. Verducci's smile. Steve Stone's confidence. Kruk's appetite. Scully's voice. Ferrin's ability to curse. Hawk Harrelson's anger.

Jake (Houston): Who ya got: Manny Margot v Nomar Mazara?

Craig Goldstein: Mazara every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I still love Margot but Mazara is ahead for me.

CocoSuperCrab (Tourist corpse sandwich): Craig, Thank you for being so thoughtful, discerning and funny. When are you planning to go home tonight? I was thinking I might slip in behind you as you enter your house, and squat in an air duct for awhile. Best, C.

Craig Goldstein: kinda concerning?

Greg (Wherever): Where does veal parm rank on your list of sandwiches?

Craig Goldstein: veal parm in and of itself isn't a sandwich

RotoLando (Cloud City): If you had the opportunity, would you leave fantasy baseball to be Enya's full-time hype-man?

Craig Goldstein: Wouldn't anyone?

Theo (San Diego): How high will you rank Soler in the OF pecking order for next season? Curious on a few names you would take him ahead of or behind. Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: I'm probably going to lag behind a few others. I like Soler plenty in the long term but purely 2015 value? He's likely outside my top 30 OF. I'm saying that off the top of my head though, so he might sneak in if I looked closely.

JP (TX): You may have been asked this before but M.F.K the rest of your TINO crew?

Craig Goldstein: M: Bret, F: Ben, K: Mau but only because it's the rules of the game. I'd cuddle with Mau given the chance.

Joe (Seattle): Who would rather have for the next five years: Puig or Harper?

Craig Goldstein: I've died inside everytime I've looked at this question, and it's not like there was a ton of life to start with. I go Harper but man am I not happy about being forced to choose.

Charlie (Nats Review): Don't worry, Craig, nothing scares away a Coconut Crab like some Old Bay. As a native Marylander, I assume you are still getting your weekly ration in the mail?

Craig Goldstein: Old bay and a nice tickle of their soft underbelly. Be aware, be prepared.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Craig, More likely to happen: Gallo hits 50 HR or sets all time single season strikeout record? Could both happen?

Craig Goldstein: I'll choose the latter as more likely. Both are possible, but I wouldn't walk around predicting the former.

Jake (Minneapolis): As my 12-team, 5x5 roto season winds to a close, I need some keeper help. We keep six from year to year and here are the potentials: Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson, Mike Trout (obviously), Troy Tulowitzki, Anthony Rizzo, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Nolan Arenado I have Tulo, Rendon, Trout, Rizzo, Scherzer and Stras as my six. Would you choose them? Thanks for the help!

Craig Goldstein: I'd try to find a way to keep Donaldson and deal one of the pitchers, if I could. 28 bombs from 3B isn't anything to sneeze at, plus it allows you to play Rendon at 2B next year. Pitching is everywhere.

Kris (NY): About the Encarnacion for Sale/Altuve trade again, you would ask for more if you're the one trading Encarnacion? How much more do you think?

Craig Goldstein: Nope, I'd take Sale/Altuve and run with it.

Cwik (Seattle): Would you wear a shirsey with "Craij" or "Joldstein" on the back?

Craig Goldstein: I wore a shirt that said "Craig Goldstein is garbage." You think I'd hesitate at that?

Colin (WI): How do you plan on spending the offseason? Do you plan on attending the AFL or any of the winter leagues?

Craig Goldstein: I would love to, but realistically it's not feasible for me money wise, at the moment. I might try to get to the winter meetings, and I am planning on going to Spring Training in March.

Ruben (PA): What do you do with Cliff Lee in keeper leagues? He is too good not to keep and too risky to get fair value.

Craig Goldstein: He's in the same boat as Prince Fielder at the moment. Your options are to to take pennies on the dollar and hope he's done or to hold on to him and hope he shows signs of life come next season.

JoJo (SD): Can you please throw out a few SP with expected near-term ETAs but mid-rotation upside a la Matt Wisler? Bigger names/higher upside guys are already rostered and looking for some draft targets. Thanks.

Craig Goldstein: How about: Kingham, Marco Gonzales, Eduardo Rodriguez, Rafael Montero, Robbie Ray, Luke Jackson, Jake Thompson

Howie (NYC): If you could be a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be? Also, if you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

Craig Goldstein: Cheesesteak wit. No peppers or onions. I'm all about beef and cheese.

Omarion (Hardly, On., Canada): 1) Gordan Jorosh 2) Just me or is the Shields trade not looking so bad today?

Craig Goldstein: 1 isn't worth discussing so let's move to 2) Not bad at all. It's nice that the constant WAR comparisons between Shields and Odorizzi are gone too. They never made sense in the first place because without Cobb, Odorizzi never learns the split-change and isn't the same pitcher. Not to mention Shields impact on Duffy that gets a bit overlooked. You also can't overstate how valuable Shields is to eating innings and affecting the bullpen. I think it's clear the Shields trade has worked out fairly well for the Royals (assuming they make the playoffs) and I am pretty confident Myers will work out well for TB too. Still holding on hope my pre-season prediction of Dodger/Royals World Series works out.

Cwik (Seattle): Who would you want to be your partner in True Detective Season 3?

Craig Goldstein: @CespedesBBQ

Charlie (Nats Review): I tend to scoff at all things Philly but cheesesteaks are no joke - and I'm pretty sure "wit" refers to onions. So if you asked for a Cheesesteak wit, no onions, you'd probably get a stern talking to

Craig Goldstein: Ah my mistake. I meant with Wiz. Thanks for the correction. I'm not welcome in Philly anyway so it hardly matters

Henry (TX): Hi Craig, thanks for answering our questions. Dynasty league trade question. Prince Fielder for Lance Lynn. Who needs to add or is it pretty even?

Craig Goldstein: I think that's fine. A lot more stability in Lynn but a much higher payoff for Fielder if he can return to something close to his old self.

Brian (Mass): What's Margot's upside? Prefer him or Almora?

Craig Goldstein: I think his upside is a top of the order hitter capable of a .270 average, low double-digit homers at best and a bunch of steals. Still prefer Almora right now.

Dan (Dalton, MA): In a league where you can keep players forever - how high up do you have Dylan Bundy?

Craig Goldstein: Somewhere between Pikes Peak and Knobby Crest

Max (KC): In a 20 team dynasty league would you trade Jake Odorizzi + for Eric Hosmer?

Craig Goldstein: Depends on the plus. I just might though.

Dan (Bloomington): Craig: Rizzo is absolutely crushing it, but Cashner has been nasty when he is healthy. Who has the last laugh: Cubs or Padres?

Craig Goldstein: I think Rizzo's longer career ultimately wins out in this situation but I'd say that's a beneficial trade for both sides.

Brian (Mass): Can Josh Harrison do this again? What are his numbers next year?

Craig Goldstein: No, I don't think so. His career numbers, including this year are .282/.313/.428. I think that's slightly optimistic. Still a useful guy given his positional flexibility though.

Baseball Twitter (The Internet): After almost every article I read, my initial response is, "What, but is it a sandwich?" You win #Craij, you win.

Craig Goldstein: This seems like as good a note to go out on as any. Thanks for your time guys, I had a blast.

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