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Chat: Mike Gianella

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday August 08, 2013 5:30 PM ET chat session with Mike Gianella.


Mike drops by to answer all of your fantasy questions.

Mike Gianella: Hey everyone. Welcome to my early suppertime chat. Glad you're here. Let's get started.

Cal Guy (Cal): Who has the better chance of sticking at SS, Russell or Correa. And if you could only keep one, regardless of position, who would it be?

Mike Gianella: Hi Cal.

It's always hard to say with players this far away, but I've already heard the size questions with Correa, so I imagine Russell has the better chance to stick at SS. Again, it's hard to predict with players this far away but putting position aside I'd lean Correa. He's 18 years old and hitting well over .300 in A-ball with power and speed. He's the guy I think is more likely to jump up a level production-wise as he moves up the chain. Both are fine choices, though.

DanDaMan (SeaCliff): Mike- what are your thoughts on Villar ROS? Looking for steals and thinking about picking him up off waivers. Unfortunately I didn't this past weekend and I've watched him swipe 3 bases in 2 games thus far.

Mike Gianella: Hey Dan, thanks for joining the chat.

I like Jonathan Villar's steal potential, although in a mixed league I'd be a little wary. The BABIP is super high and the high K rate makes me think that pitchers are going to start throwing him more junk and that the BB rate is going to drop until he adjusts. Villar offers nothing but speed. In a deeper mixed or only you throw caution to the wind. In mixed, if the average drops any further - or if the BB disappear in an OBP league, he's suddenly a liability, even with the bags.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Is Andrew Cashner worth holding onto in a 10 tm dynasty league? He gets a ton of ground balls and has good stuff, but the results (mainly Ks) just aren't as good as the stuff would indicate. He's been pretty good, but should I keep waiting for more, or is this what he is?

Mike Gianella: Hi Shawny

Mixed league? Eh. I own Cashner in my NL expert league. He's fine in that format, but for a shallower league you really want more strikeouts. Cashner throws hard and gets a lot of grounders but there's nothing in his approach that speaks to a sudden spike in the K rate. The contact rates are way up and - logically - the swinging strike rates are way down this year. Maybe some improvements are coming in the long run, but nothing's going to change this year. He's a match-up play for me in mixed.

Max (Kansas City): I'm in a 14 team mixed keeper league where Bruan was dropped - he went for $44 at auction this year. I definitely plan on bidding (have $60 left) but nailing down a number to put in is proving difficult. Any suggestions?

Mike Gianella: Hi Max.

I'm indignant about Ryan Braun...he killed my lone mixed league team and THAT is the true travesty!

A lot obviously depends on your league's inflation rate and what the keepers look like. It's hard to see him going for that much less, since we know he's going to play a full season next year assuming health and the wisdom not to get pinched for PEDs again. It's impossible to predict what kind of shape he'll be in, but I have to assume that a $35 bid is the floor, and he'll probably go for more than that. I haven't even begun to look at values for next year, so this is just me spitballing.

Sam (St. Louis): Eddie Butler, Tyler Glasnow or Miguel Almonte. Who's the future star?

Mike Gianella: Hi Sam.

Do I have to pick just one?

As i said in the Correa/Russell question, it's always tough with guys below AA to guess a trajectory. With pitchers it's especially tough; Double-A is really where we get a good look at whether or not a guy is going to be good enough or if he'll flame out. If I had to pick one, it would be Glasnow. I like guys in the minors with over a strikeout an inning. The walk rate concerns me, but that's something that he could ultimately fix. If you're not striking out over a batter an inning in the low minors, are you going to do that in the Majors. A few guys have done it, but it's the exception and not the rule. It's Glasnow for me.

Hunter Harvey (BAL): I'm kind of a big deal. Would you agree?

Mike Gianella: You could be. I obviously love the bloodlines, and you've already got a killer fastball. Let's see how your off speed stuff develops and if your health holds up. Good luck, bud.

Gary (Georgia): Jimmy Nelson, Chris Owings, Brandon Workman, Tyler Skaggs, and Johnny Cueto just got traded for R.A. Dickey, Jonathan Papelbon, Cliff Lee, and Adam Dunn in my league. Not a fan of the veto so I wont veto this trade in my league, but just how lopsided is this for the side receiving Lee, Dickey, etc.?

Mike Gianella: Hi Gary:

It depends on if your league has contracts or allows you to slot guys into rounds if you have a draft league. Cueto is a potentially strong keep assuming health and Skaggs has a nice ceiling. I've seen leagues where getting Cueto and Skaggs will net you four players, and it's not like Dickey or Dunn have been anything close to elite. It sounds like this is atypical for your league, though. The answer to these types of questions often depend more on your league culture than anything else.

Noel Baldwin (Calgary, Canada): In a deep, NL-only keeper league, I will face a dilemma with Patrick Corbin in the off-season. I can do one of three things with Corbin: keep him one more year at $1, extend him one year at a salary of $6, or extend two more year at a salary of $11. There seems to be some consensus that Corbin won't sustain this year's results and things like FIP and xFIP suggest his results are a bit better than his performance this year. What would you do with Corbin in this situation? Thanks.

Mike Gianella: Hey Noel:

If it's a full NL-only league, I'd probably go $11. I would agree that Corbin isn't going to sustain this level of performance, but an ERA in the low 3s (which veers closer to the FIP that you mention above) is a good possibility. My guess is that Corbin is a $16-20 earner in NL-only next year. My rule of thumb for contracts is $5 or more below value. $6 is the safe play with Corbin. $11 is if you really believe. Based on your comments, you might be agnostic about Corbin and $6 might be safer. I'd roll the dice on $11.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Mike,12tean H2H ,hr, r, RBI,ave,sb ,xbh.Need a push Wieters has had a off season,available are R. Martin,Avila,Y.Gomes.Looking for a fix.Thanks

Mike Gianella: Hiya Chesty.

I probably like Wieters more than you do, but of those guys I'd be fine with taking Russell Martin over Matt Wieters. Martin has almost 10 steals (he has 9) and the power numbers are relatively close to Wieters'. I have no problem pulling the trigger there (although keep in mind that Martin goes through BA droughts).

Alex Avila's hot right now but I don't like buying in the middle of the streak. Yan Gomes will get more PT with Mark Reynolds' DFA, but I still am not convinced he's going to be a full timer. Try Martin.

Larry (Arizona): Would Josh Donaldson for Ryan Braun in a H2H points dynasty league be fair value? If not, what kind of value could Donaldson garner in this kind of format?

Mike Gianella: Hi Larry:

Unless Braun's owner is really skeptical, that seems like a reach. Donaldson has been terrific, but I'm not sure I buy into a consistent 30 HR, 100 RBI guy with a good batting average. Think second tier OF with Donaldson (assuming you're aiming for an OF). Nelson Cruz and Jay Bruce are better targets. Even if their owners still think you're aiming high, you have a shot. Good luck!

conjoinedtwins (Orillia ON): I'm going for it in our AL only keeper league. Is it time to jettison Straily for help right now? If so how would you order Pettitte, Danks, and JSaunders? Also, is MSaunders a big donwgrade from Colby Rasmus? Thanks very much!

Mike Gianella: Hi to you both.

Flags fly forever. If Dan Straily can improve your team this year, do it.

Of those three pitchers, you have them in the right order. Andy Pettitte's ERA is high, but his peripheral numbers show a better pitcher lurking in there. John Danks has been OK, but I still have some concerns about how he'll hold up and he is a weaker play against stronger teams. Even in AL-only, Joe Saunders is an at-home play only. He's poison to your chances of winning if you start him on the road.

I wouldn't exactly call Michael Saunders a big downgrade from Colby Rasmus, but he is a downgrade. As Bret Sayre talked about on a recent Towers of Power fantasy podcast, Rasmus' batting average is fueled by a strong BABIP, and his BA isn't even THAT good. You're losing BA/runs/RBI with Saunders, but some of that is luck-dependent. I prefer Rasmus, but if you can improve your team elsewhere, Saunders is an acceptable replacement and isn't a zero. Good luck.

Ian McEwan (Swampscott): Hi! Any hope for Mark Reynolds or Carlos Pena regaining fantasy relevance this season? Thanks...

Mike Gianella: Hi Ian:

Wow, you must be a deep league player like me. I respect that.

Reynolds and Pena both would have to latch on somewhere. Reynolds seems like the better bet if only because he has already been linked to the Orioles in reports earlier today. Either player would be a deep league play and probably won't get full time AB. In non-carryover leagues, they might be worth it as a third corner infielder. In leagues with dumping, by now you should have better options to choose from.

The Dude (Couch): Who are some low owned SPs that are good stashes for next year? Wily Peralta? Nate Eovaldi?

Mike Gianella: Hey Dude. I hope you're abiding.

This question depends on what you define as low and what ownership percentage you're looking at. I'll use ESPN and 10% or lower as the threshold.

Hector Santiago is only owned in 9.5% of ESPN leagues. Everyone keeps waiting for him to falter, but he's striking out over a batter an inning and continues to pitch very well. He's a must own for me.

Danny Salazar is probably going to be on an innings limit this year, but he should crack the rotation next year with a decent spring. His stuff is electric, even if he is "just" a two-pitch pitcher. He's a nice speculative add.

Jenrry Mejia has looked terrific so far. Health is pretty much the question with him. He's trying to throw a little less hard to keep the strain off of his arm, but he's still getting results. Yes, there's risk here. But in a mixed league, if you're stashing guys, go high ceiling. The guys who are free agents - even in a mixer - all have question marks. Go with upside, not boring "certainty"

Koalas (NY): would you trade Prince for Edwin in a keeper league?

Mike Gianella: Sure. Edwin Encarnacion is only a year older than Prince Fielder and has been terrific with the bat for two years running. Even if Fielder bounces back next year, they're comparable, and much of the advantage of Fielder - the certainty - has slipped away this year. In leagues with moderate in-season games played requirements, Encarnacion could also wind up slotting in at 3B at some point in 2014 as well.

Bruce (Atlanta): I need to include some bench players in an AL only trade this week. Which 3 will I LEAST regret dealing of these guys: Doolittle, RHernandez, Ogando, TBauer, Rubby, Bedard, PHughes. Thanks!

Mike Gianella: Hi Bruce.

Hmmm. I could go in a number of different directions, but I'll pick Sean Doolittle, Roberto Hernandez, and Phil Hughes. Doolittle is solid, but even in AL-only middle relievers are fairly fungible and there are no guarantees that Doolittle is a closer at any point in the future. Roberto Hernandez is a pretty pedestrian fifth SP for me. Hughes is a free agent after this year and could wind up with an NL club, but does it even matter? I don't get the love for Hughes. He has never put up a decent season as a starting pitcher, and people keep hanging onto this idea that he will. I think Hughes could be a solid reliever like he was way back in 2009, but why gamble on such a pedestrian starter?

Chris (California): How do you view Jean Segura in the long term as a keeper? Where would you rank him?

Mike Gianella: Hey Chris.

Segura has tailed off somewhat after a terrific start, but he still has to be viewed as a Top 5 option at shortstop and perhaps a second or third round pick overall. His numbers are comparable to what many expected out of Jose Reyes coming into 2013, and Reyes was a second round pick in most formats. The power might drop a little for Segura, but the speed is legit...and speed has dropped off enough across the board that we shouldn't simply look at 30-40 SB guys in mixed as "pedestrian"

Jake (Florida): What is your general approach when it comes to prospects in keeper leagues? Do you think it's best to buy low (since their prospects), or or trade them to get actual (good) MLB players?

Mike Gianella: Hi Jake. I hope you're not the Florida Man I keep hearing about.

It depends on the league, my team, and my situation, but most prospects for me are chips to be dealt for MLB players. There are the rare prospects that I like to hang onto unless I'm overwhelmed (think Byron Buxton or Mike Trout in his prospect days) but anyone beneath that elite tier is the kind of player that I'll move if I can get talent to win now. In most keeper leagues, you can replenish your farm system relatively easily, and there is some randomness to who emerges and who doesn't. Stats should come before potential, generally speaking.

Christopher (TN): Can I expect Martin Prado to continue hitting well for the rest of the season?

Mike Gianella: I think Prado should be fine the rest of the way. I was pro-Prado for most of the 2013 campaign - even when he was struggling - and am not going to shy from that stance now. His batting average is (predictably) BABIP dependent and the power is what it was last year. He's a solid - not great - option who is a $20ish player in only formats, and obviously worth less than that in mixed. But he should hit, even if the BA fluctuates. So much of BA with hitters like Prado is luck. It's a cliche at this point, but 40 points in BA over 500 AB is a 20 hit difference. There's some luck in that equation.

Frank Finley (Jasper): I'd love some help prioritizing some available Al SPs for the rest of the year: Phil Hughes, Alexi Ogando, John Danks, Dan Straily, RHernandez, and Erik Bedard. Thanks!!!!!

Mike Gianella: Heya Frank.

Think I'll go Ogando, Straily, Bedard, Danks, Roberto Hernandez and Phil Hughes. With a group like this, you're looking for upside and Ogando and Straily probably have the most upside of the group. Bedard has some upside but runs into problems with high pitch counts; if you're in a wins league, that's a problem. Danks is meh even for onlies, and I'm not a fan of Hernandez or Hughes. Both are risks even in only.

Minor league guy (Lake villa, IL ): Keeper lge: rank these please: Gregory polanco, Avisail Garcia

Mike Gianella: In a keeper league, it's Gregory Polanco and it's not particularly close. Polanco has 25-30 SB potential and could wind up being another Starling Marte for the Pirates. Garcia could be an OK power/speed guy, but I have some questions about what if he's ever going to steal enough for the fantasy side of the equation. Definitely Polanco for me.

doog7642 (Blaine, MN): I appreciated the conversation about head-to-head playoffs on the recent ToP podcast. If you had a pick one or two under-the-radar but potentially difference making bats and arms for September, who might they be?

Mike Gianella: You mean guys that are free agents? I already mentioned Hector Santiago in another question, but for a guy with his numbers he gets no love. If your league is heavily skewed toward wins, maybe he's not such a good idea; otherwise, what's not to like.

Will Venable is an interesting guy, especially in H2H where you're talking points and BA/OBP won't drag you down. The runs/RBI aren't great, but the power/speed/XBH tend to count more in H2H. He's 5.4% in ESPN as I write this. He's underrated for H2H.

Evan (Hamilton): What are your thoughts on Andre Rienzo and Danny Salazar over the rest of the season and future?

Mike Gianella: I talked about Salazar earlier. I like him a lot. From what I've seen, his stuff is legitimate and he shows no fear. He's probably going to get shut down at some point this year, but long term he could be a mid-tier guy right off the bat with an even better ceiling.

Bret Sayre wrote up Rienzo today at BP (here: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=21406). I pretty much agree with Bret. Rienzo is probably a back-end guy long-term and he might even wind up a reliever. He has been murder on righties for most of his professional career, but I see him as a #4 or a #5. Salazar is the clear upside guy for me; I don't think it's particularly close either.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): NL only keeper league, but neither player will be kept next year - Brandon Belt for Cole Hamels, ROS, is this fair for both sides?

Mike Gianella: Don't milk the bull, Kingpin!

I like Hamels better ROS. Even though the ERA doesn't indicate an "ace", the peripherals have still been strong. I like Belt, but I don't see him as an elite or near elite 1B. If I had Hamels, I'd want the next notch up over Belt. If I had Belt, I'd take Hamels for him in an instant and gamble on the performance spike.

dscala (New Hampshire): Think Josh Donaldson is having a legitimate breakout year? Freezer potential for 2014? I am in a mixed sim/points league, 15 teams.

Mike Gianella: I mostly think so, yes. The walk rate has improved a great deal, and since his streak starting 2012 when he didn't walk in almost 100 PAs, Donaldson has improved his patience but also his recognition of pitches in the zone. He might not be a 30 HR guy, but 25 HR with a .270-.280 BA is a realistic proposition. He's freezable in deeper mixed.

Tim (Miami): Would you trade Josh Donaldson for Oscar Taveres in a dynasty format points league? We don't have contracts, and player can be kept forever.

Mike Gianella: Yes, I would make that trade. There's obviously some risk, but I think that even if Oscar Taveras disappoints, you're looking at a $20-25 player long term. Donaldson's ceiling is probably as a $25 player, even with the positional advantage. I'd take the risk here. If you're wrong, you (hopefully) shouldn't get burned too much.

Adrian (Chicago): What's a realistic forecast for Arod the rest of the way (assuming no suspension until after the season)?

Mike Gianella: Hi Adrian

I have A-Rod in two leagues and have been grappling with this same question. I think you're probably looking at a .260 batting average with a 15-20 HR full season pace. He looks healthy, but even so you have to expect some rust. He isn't the player he once was.

Ivan (Milwaukee): When does Jarred Cosart turn into a pumpkin? Enjoying the ERA and the K's but those walks...

Mike Gianella: Hi Ivan

The regression with Cosart has already started to happen; he got hit a little bit in his last start. I think he's going to be better than I expected, but you should anticipate more of a 3.75 to 4.00 ERA than anything else.

Nick (Georgia): I was curious to know your thoughts on D.J. Davis. How good can this kid be?

Mike Gianella: He's got the Billy Hamilton fast rep, although the skills haven't quite translated to THAT on the basepaths yet. I hear he has shown more with the power tool than expected. He could be quite good but a) I'm not the prospect guy and b) let's he what he does in the higher minors. If I had to guess, there's a 15/45 ceiling here, but that's obviously assuming every single thing breaks right. There are a lot of paths here. Good reports so far, though.

NDB (Calgary, Canada): I see you mentioned Skaggs' ceiling in response to a previous question. How do you read his season this year? The K's are there and Reno is a silly place to pitch, but he's been a disaster in Phoenix.

Mike Gianella: I wouldn't call Skaggs' season in AAA a disaster...not by a long shot. A 4.17 ERA in the PCL in Phoenix is OK, at worst. Skaggs' problem has been inconsistency with his command, not inefficiency. When he's on, he's difficult to hit. When he isn't, he's all over the place and starts throwing hittable slop. I think it'll come together at some point for Skaggs. When that is is the rub. It could be in 2014 or it could be in 2016. Or maybe someday will never come. Pitching prospects are always risks.

Larry (New York): What kind of value do you think Jenrry Mejia provides ROS in a 14 team, 5x5 mixed league roto? How would you rank him with Colon, Porcello, Dempster, Kendrick, Salazar? Assume for sake of argument his health stays about where it is now.

Mike Gianella: Hey Larry.

Mejia's solid if he stays healthy, but that is a significant IF. I'd probably rank those guys Colon, Salazar, Mejia, Kendrick, Dempster, and Porcello. I don't trust Colon's low K%, but you have to tip your cap. Salazar - who I've already referenced a couple of times - is electric. Mejia isn't electric but shows flashes. The last three are inconsistent in deeper mixed, but I like Kendrick the most and Porcello the least of the 3, at least in non-keepers. You really want more upside than Kendrick (anything above that line) in a deeper mixed.

Bradley Smart (Calais, Vermont): Are pickles really that important torwards prospects?

Mike Gianella: Hey Bradley.

No. No they are not.

Ziggy Top (SLO): $260 auction 5x5 roto 8 keeper league with 5of MI and CI.... Which of the following do you keep? Trout 51, Felix 26, Reyes 22, Longo 345, Bumgarner 21, JZimmermann 6, Minor 10, Machado 6, Shelby 1, Holland 1, Craig 13, Carpenter 1, Bruce 17, Taveras 5, Bogaerts 5, Segura 5.... Thanks!

Mike Gianella: Oh Ziggy. Will you ever win?

What's the typical inflation? How deep is the league? At a glance, I'd say Taveras, Bogaerts, Segura, Miller, Zimmerman, Craig, Bruce, and Holland. But with higher inflation, you might want to keep a hedge like Reyes. Trout at $51 is way too much unless you have super high inflation or if it's a shallower league and stars over replacemnet level are at a premium.

NotRocky (Chicago): What about Donaldson for Sandoval?

Mike Gianella: Hi Not Rocky. I wish you were Rocky...I have many questions about that fight against Drago in Russia for no money. What was he thinking?

No way on that deal if you're getting Pablo Sandoval. He has been terrible, and even assuming Sandoval's upside, you're probably looking at 15-20 HR with a solid but not great batting average. Go with the certainty in Donaldson.

Andy (WI): What are your thoughts on Z Borenstein R Liriano and C Owings? thanks

Mike Gianella: Hi Andy:

Great numbers on Borenstein, but we're talking about a 23 year old in High-A ball. The numbers will get him to carry his clubs to the next course, but I'll be skeptical about a guy like this until he does it in the Majors. He's only a play in leagues with really deep reserve lists/farm systems.

Rymer Liriano? Great tools, but he's out for all of 2013, and from what I've heard he's not the kind of player a layoff helps out. 23 years old is not a good age to be trying to translate tools into skills.

Chris Owings has put up some silly numbers in the PCL but then it's a silly hitters' environment he's playing in. I'd like to see more plate discipline; I think MLB pitchers are going to expose him in this first go 'round; a sub 5% BB rate isn't a good indicator. You can't ignore the power/speed combo in fantasy though, and I've had concerns like this about other players where I've been dead wrong.

Ziggy Top (SLO): 12 team dynasty league, whats an appropriate roster size? currently we have 40 (no distinction between major and minor league rosters) but since we have a 1st year player draft every year, there has been clammoring for adding roster spots. People already dont want to cut their prospects thus they want the increase, but doesnt the increase set a bad precedent to do this every year as there become more players in the league (more drafted than retire).. Thanks

Mike Gianella: I don't play dynasty, but 40 seems OK. I think anything past that and you really limit the opportunities for teams to improve their chances.

Paul (Daytona): Does Tommy Joseph have a fantasy future still after today's news?

Mike Gianella: He might, but that future might be a couple of years down the road. Unless you're in a deeper dynasty league, feel free to drop him.

Terrell (Washington, DC): How do you calculate inflation for auction leagues?

Mike Gianella: Here's a piece from my old blog http://rotothinktank.blogspot.com/2012/03/calculating-inflation-2012.html

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): Re: Belt v. Hamels. I was going to offer another owner Belt for Hamels, but relented because he wanted keepers instead of an offensive upgrade (he is last in offense, but likely out of the money anyway). When I asked a friend (who also owns a team in the league) his opinion, he suggested that it wasn't even close, that Hamels was far & away better than Belt. I guess I didn't feel it was so lopsided & just wanted an outside opinion.

Mike Gianella: I don't think it's that close, unless you're really looking at keeper value in a dynasty. Hamels is having a down year but is an elite or near elite pitcher. Belt is solid but isn't an elite and isn't that close to it.

Cal Guy (Cal): What would a typical Myers full season stat line look like in his prime? Same question for Rendon. Thanks!

Mike Gianella: We talked about Wil Myers on the pod. I think you're probably looking at 25-30 HR with a .270 or .280 batting average. Anthony Rendon's harder to call because I don't think we've seen the best he has to offer, but I'd guess 20-25 HR with a .290 BA. There's a lot more volatility with Rendon for the reasons I mentioned.

DanDaMan (SeaCliff): Mike- assuming Castellanos gets called up soon and plays, how would you rank him, A-Rod and Michael Young? Thanks

Mike Gianella: I would rank Nick Castellanos ahead of Young and slightly behind Alex Rodriguez. Castellanos has a high ceiling but there are a lot of directions he could go ROS.

Minor league guy (Lake villa IL): Rank these SP please: keeper lge: Henry Owens, Archie Bradley, Michael Wacha and ranaudo? T. Walker is OVERRATED

Mike Gianella: In a keeper, I'd go Bradley, Owens, Wacha, Walker, and Ranuado. I think Walker might be "overrated", but he could still be a solid #3 with a ceiling as a #2.

Cal Guy (Cal): Matt Carpenter seems to be slowing down a bit. What do you see as a typical year for him going forward?

Mike Gianella: I think Carpenter can be a solid 13-15 HR guy with a .280-.290 batting average. He's a better player in real life than Roto IMO, since much of his value is BA dependent. In a mixer, I'd rather have a 20 HR or 20 SB guy up the middle.

Cal Guy (Cal): What do you see T. Walker and A. Bradley developing into, #1, 2, 3 or bullpen arms?

Mike Gianella: Archie Bradley has an ace ceiling but could wind up as a #2. Taijuan Walker seems like a #3 to me with a #2 ceiling but could wind up in the pen. Predicting what "slot" a pitcher is going to land in is a fool's errand...and now I feel like a fool.

Chesty (New Bern,Nc): Hey Mike Drop I.Davis for Ruf or M.Saunders.Thanks

Mike Gianella: I'd definitely drop Ike Davis in a one-and-done; the batting average has improved but the power isn't there. Michael Saunders is the better all around player, but if pitchers are going to keep throwing Darin Ruf 0-2 fastballs (like they did today), ride the hot hand.

Cal Guy (Cal): In his age 18 season, Correa is putting up numbers similar to Bogaerts at the same age... less power but a better plate discipline. Do you see Correa becoming an equal or better player to X-Box when both are in their primes, and does CC have a better chance to stick at SS?

Mike Gianella: I don't quite see Carlos Correa as having the power ceiling Xander Bogaerts does, but ask me again in a year or two; it's so hard to predict players this young. Correa probably has the same chance to stick at SS as Bogaerts does. He's a big guy, but he's really athletic and could stick. Again, really young guy, hard to figure this out without the benefit of hindsight.

Cal Guy (Cal): SHARK FIN SOUP?! What's wrong with the Shark? Have we been overrating him?

Mike Gianella: I don't know if there's anything "wrong" with Jeff Samardzija. He has always been a high strikeout pitcher who is prone to inconsistency. I've never been a big Shark fan. He's a guy who roll with when he's hot but the bad times almost always come.

cal Guy (cali): Is Devon Travis a legit prospect?

Mike Gianella: He's probably got a big league future, but without a significant power tool he seems like more of an OK MI regular or a capable utility player and not a future star.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Mike how would you rank the following(Please not just the way you have them)Parker,Haren,Nova,Leake,,and Tyson Ross.Thanks

Mike Gianella: I would go Ivan Nova, Mike Leake, Jarrod Parker, Tyson Ross, and Dan Haren for this year. Nova might not be the best of the bunch, but I feel like you have to ride the streak. Leake is "due" to slip, but isn't that bad. Parker is a little too HR prone for my taste. Ross might actually be better, but I'd like to see more before ranking him higher. I don't trust Haren right now. Flashes of brilliance, but the HR tendencies tell me to lay off.

kiper90 (Rochester): I know they are extremely young & far away from the show but any thoughts on Julio Urias & Luiz Gohara & what there ceilings maybe?

Mike Gianella: Julio Urias' numbers look terrific for a 16-year-old. He has an ace's ceiling, but he could be a #4-5. He's a long way off. Gohara's in rookie ball. Impressive for a 17-year-old, but he's in rookie ball. The Magic 8-ball says ask again later.

Dave (Rural Canada): Mike, do you think Nathan Karns gets another shot in the Nats rotation? Can he stick?

Mike Gianella: Hard to say; I don't have any inside info. He has more of a shot to stick than I thought he did at this time last year. Our prospect guy Zach Mortimer says that Karns' curve is sick.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Thanks Mike great job ,again

Mike Gianella: Thanks to you too, man.

Mike Gianella: Thanks so much for coming out to chat fantasy baseball with me. You guys are the greatest, and I'm not just saying that. Talk to you soon.

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