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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 26)
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Birth Date12-10-1992
Height6' 3"
Weight245 lbs
Age29 years, 9 months, 22 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

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2015 CHA MLB 26 23 139.3 9 6 0 130 71 139 11 104 8.4 4.6 0.7 9.0 0% .315 1.44 3.83 3.75 112 5.71 133.4 -1.1
2016 CHA MLB 28 28 165.0 9 10 0 176 54 168 23 106 9.6 2.9 1.3 9.2 44% .330 1.39 3.97 4.04 101 4.81 106.4 1.0
2017 CHA MLB 12 12 69.3 2 5 0 64 31 76 12 104 8.3 4.0 1.6 9.9 45% .297 1.37 4.67 4.15 106 5.13 109.1 0.3
2018 CHA MLB 20 20 120.7 6 8 0 97 55 90 15 104 7.2 4.1 1.1 6.7 42% .243 1.26 4.98 4.18 125 6.57 146.8 -1.8
2019 CHA MLB 7 7 34.7 3 2 0 33 17 46 4 100 8.6 4.4 1.0 11.9 43% .322 1.44 3.65 5.19 96 4.05 83.1 0.6

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2014 WNS A+ CAR 4 2 9.7 0 0 0 7 5 15 0 104 6.5 4.7 0.0 14.0 0% .318 1.24 1.96 1.86 80 3.39 71.8
2014 CHR AAA INT 3 3 12.0 0 0 0 9 8 18 0 118 6.8 6.0 0.0 13.5 0% .346 1.42 2.59 3.00 74 3.53 74.7
2014 WSX Rk AZL 2 1 3.0 0 0 0 4 0 5 0 12.0 0.0 0.0 15.0 0% .500 1.33 0.68 6.00 0 0.00 0.0
2015 CHA MLB AL 26 23 139.3 9 6 0 130 71 139 11 104 8.4 4.6 0.7 9.0 0% .315 1.44 3.83 3.75 112 5.71 133.4
2015 CHR AAA INT 2 2 10.0 1 0 0 8 4 13 0 102 7.2 3.6 0.0 11.7 0% .333 1.20 2.35 3.60 67 2.61 57.3
2016 CHA MLB AL 28 28 165.0 9 10 0 176 54 168 23 106 9.6 2.9 1.3 9.2 44% .330 1.39 3.97 4.04 101 4.81 106.4
2016 CHR AAA INT 1 1 3.7 0 1 0 5 2 3 1 97 12.3 4.9 2.5 7.4 62% .333 1.91 6.71 4.91 113 5.67 125.1
2017 CHA MLB AL 12 12 69.3 2 5 0 64 31 76 12 104 8.3 4.0 1.6 9.9 45% .297 1.37 4.67 4.15 106 5.13 109.1
2017 WNS A+ CAR 1 1 3.3 0 1 0 4 2 6 1 108 10.8 5.4 2.7 16.2 50% .429 1.80 5.49 13.50 93 5.00 106.4
2017 CHR AAA INT 3 3 13.7 0 3 0 17 7 11 0 103 11.2 4.6 0.0 7.2 50% .354 1.76 3.26 9.22 106 6.53 138.9
2018 CHA MLB AL 20 20 120.7 6 8 0 97 55 90 15 104 7.2 4.1 1.1 6.7 42% .243 1.26 4.98 4.18 125 6.57 146.8
2018 KAN A SAL 1 1 5.0 0 0 0 3 0 6 0 93 5.4 0.0 0.0 10.8 64% .273 0.60 1.06 1.80 82 4.22 89.3
2018 CHR AAA INT 3 3 12.7 1 0 0 10 5 22 0 102 7.1 3.6 0.0 15.6 57% .435 1.18 1.04 1.42 58 3.18 67.3
2019 CHA MLB AL 7 7 34.7 3 2 0 33 17 46 4 100 8.6 4.4 1.0 11.9 43% .322 1.44 3.65 5.19 96 4.05 83.1

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr%
2015 2441 0.4494 0.4359 0.7453 0.6153 0.2894 0.8341 0.5913 0.2547
2016 2786 0.5057 0.4559 0.7606 0.6224 0.2854 0.8461 0.5700 0.2394
2017 1179 0.4894 0.4360 0.7451 0.6170 0.2625 0.8090 0.6013 0.2549
2018 1966 0.4664 0.4542 0.7872 0.6674 0.2679 0.8775 0.5907 0.2128
2019 696 0.4440 0.4583 0.7147 0.6343 0.3178 0.8316 0.5285 0.2853

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation


Year Team Salary
2023 SFN $22,500,000
2022 SFN $21,500,000
2021 CHA $3,000,000
2020 CHA $4,450,000
2019 CHA $4,200,000
2018 CHA $2,300,000
2017 CHA $600,000
2016 CHA $518,000
2015 CHA $
6 yrPrevious$15,068,000
7 yrPvs + Cur$36,568,000
1 yrFuture$22,500,000
8 yrTotal$59,068,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
6 y 168 dBoras Corp.2 years/$44M (2022-23)

  • 2 years/$44M (2022-23). Signed by San Francisco as a free agent 3/11/22. 22:$21.5M, 23:$22.5M. If Rodon pitches 110 innings in 2022, he may opt out of the contract after the 2022 season (met).
  • 1 year/$3M (2021). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox as a free agent 1/30/21.
  • 1 year/$4.45M (2020). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox 1/10/20 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year/$4.2M (2019). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox 1/11/19 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year/$2.3M (2018). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox 1/12/18 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year (2017). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox 2/17.
  • 1 year/$518,000 (2016). Re-signed by Chicago White Sox 3/2/16.
  • 1 year (2015). Contract selected by Chicago White Sox 4/20/15.
  • Drafted by Chicago White Sox 2014 (1-3) (NC State). $6.582M signing bonus ($5.7215M slot).

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 20.3 0 0 22 22 125.0 101 43 121 14 .264 1.15 3.24 3.56 -4.2 -0.5
80o 18.6 0 0 21 21 118.9 102 43 115 14 .276 1.22 3.59 3.93 -8.7 -0.9
70o 17.4 0 0 20 20 114.5 102 43 111 14 .285 1.27 3.84 4.21 -11.8 -1.3
60o 16.5 0 0 20 20 110.9 103 44 107 14 .292 1.32 4.06 4.44 -14.1 -1.5
50o 15.6 0 0 19 19 107.5 103 44 104 14 .299 1.37 4.26 4.66 -16.2 -1.8
40o 14.8 0 0 19 19 104.2 103 44 101 14 .306 1.41 4.47 4.89 -18.2 -2.0
30o 13.9 0 0 18 18 100.7 103 44 97 14 .313 1.46 4.69 5.13 -20.2 -2.2
20o 12.9 0 0 17 17 96.7 103 44 93 14 .322 1.52 4.96 5.42 -22.3 -2.4
10o 11.5 0 0 16 16 91.3 103 44 88 14 .334 1.61 5.34 5.83 -25.0 -2.7
Weighted Mean15.6001919107.41024310414.2971.364.244.64-15.9-1.7

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BP Chats

2020-05-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on the following pitchers in a dynasty league (assuming all are healthy once baseball starts again): Carlos Rodon, Michael Fulmer, Josh Lindblom. Thanks.
(TJ from The City)
I prefer Fulmer of the three pitchers here. People scoff at his strikeout percentage, but it's notable that he has a similar swinging-strike rate to Rodon. And he had much better control than Rodon before they both got injured. Lindblom is fascinating. Age is a problem (as he's just about to turn 33), but I think he's someone who can really miss bats with his new splitter. I'm just not sure whether he'll be anything more than a guy with an ERA in the low-to-mid fours. Add in the age factor, and I'll take Fulmer. (J.P. Breen)
2020-01-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Last two keepers in a midsized 5x5 h2h dynasty league - pick from Jordan Lyles, Carlos Rodon, Alex Young, Randy Dobnak, Austin Voth. Or should I dump all the pitchers and keep Seth Beer and Leody Taveras? I'm finding myself unnaturally attracted to Dobnak....
(James from Toledo)
I would dump them all and keep Beer and Taveras. Of the arms, we are highest on Rodon, but I also like Lyles a good bit. I drafted Dobnak in P365XDL this offseason at 936th overall so that tells you what the industry thinks of him. If he wins a starting job, his leash will be very short in Minnesota and his high-contact ground-ball approach does not normally provide a ton of fantasy value, especially if he is getting hit. Of course, if you want a high-end Uber driver, he is your man! (Jesse Roche)
2019-05-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon and Matt Shoemaker were the key to my dynasty league hopes this year. How f'ed am I?
(Elton from Pacific Northwest)
I would say that this would be a good example of begging the question, to begin with. (Craig Goldstein)
2018-06-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)I can't wait for Carlos Rodon to put it all together.
(Ricky from 18 and life)
I'm right there with you still buddy (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-02-23 20:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon apparently not back until June. Has he lost some of the upside in your opinion.
(Rick from Chicago)
Definitely. Its a shoulder and not an elbow. Those are a bit more tricky. Id be worried... (Scott Delp)
2016-06-07 12:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts of Carlos Rodon's potential rest of season?
(dustinbayley from Toronto )
Man, I thought he would be a breakout guy this year for the White Sox. Like top 20 in the AL breakout. But the fastball command just hasn't been there. Brooks has hitters slugging .627 off his four-seamer. That is a problem. I still believe, but sometimes hard-throwing lefties take time. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2016-05-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)Best stash in 14 team H2H points league - a prospect like JP Crawford, Swanson or TAILLON OR a DL stash like Ryu DeSclafani or Devon Travis (Rendon is my 2B, Parra or Tomas my UTIL). Would you drop Tomas or Carlos Rodon to clear the roster spot? Thanks!
(dylanrox from New Orleans)
I would not drop Carlos Rodon because I am contractually obligated to always have Carlos Rodon. I don't think any of these guys but Ryu is helping much in 2016. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-03-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you re-drafted the 2014 draft right now, regardless of team need, what would the first 5 picks be in order? Schwarbs #1? Turner, Rodon, Conforto, Newcomb? Maybe Nola in there?
(Q-Ball from Chicago)
So many good options. I do probably go Kyle Schwarber at No. 1, but I'd probably lean on Michael Conforto at No. 2 before even Turner or Rodon. That dude can *hit*. I'm big on Bradley Zimmer, so definitely some combo of him, Carlos Rodon, Trea Turner to round out my five. Poor Tyler Kolek. (Bryan Grosnick)
2016-01-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon - better to keep for one year at $5 or for two at $10 & $15? Also what do feel Trea Turner's production will be this year? Seems cloudy with the recent signings and idea that Espinosa will start at SS. Thanks
(Sean from Death Star)
I'd want Rodon long term. He's ridiculous. As for Turner, I think he probably doesn't make the move up until later in the year, which obviously limits the fantasy value. Once he's up though, he could be a lot of fun because stolen bases are fun. Still not entirely convinced he's a long-term shortstop but he's made strides there. (Christopher Crawford)
2015-09-21 20:30:00 (link to chat)What does the future hold for Carlos Rodon? Top ace?
(Mike from Chi Town)
I think Rodon ends up as a really good SP2 at peak, and I also don't expect that to happen in 2016. (Bret Sayre)
2015-07-28 18:00:00 (link to chat)Could you rank these guys for future careers? Steven Matz, Carlos Rodon, Eduardo Rodriguez, Aaron Nola, Chi Chi Gonzalez, Vincent Velasquez. Any of these guys worry you and/or are they all in the same tier?
(ColeWhittier from Pasadena)
This is a tremendous and fun group of arms. Nola, Gonzalez, Rodon, Velasquez, E-Rod, Matz. The one who still scares me the most is Rodon. There's a good chance he doesn't fulfill his insane upside because of the command issues stemming from his delivery. While Matz and E-Rod are a tier below for me they are both very valuable arms that could be middle rotation stalwarts. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-07-01 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon a future ace?
(Ben from NH)
Certainly has the stuff to be, yeah. Slider's been good as advertised and his change has at least shown the ingredients of a usable, groundball-generating third pitch. The loose command makes me think it may take a bit longer than his fast track would suggest, but the ceiling remains unchanged IMO. (Wilson Karaman)
2015-06-30 19:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon's potential?
(Danny from Chicago)
High 2, with the outside chance of being an ace. It's going to be all about the control/command. I don't have any questions about how good the raw stuff is and in terms of his physicality, he's a beast. (Mike Gianella)
2015-06-02 18:00:00 (link to chat)You're a Chicago guy, you think you could hook a brother up with Carlos Rodon? Wanna spice things up like some kickin' wasabi and create some Carlos RodonkeySauce.
(Guy Fieri from FlavorTown)
No he's mine and you can't have him. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-05-26 19:00:00 (link to chat)If you had to choose one SP for long-term success, who would you want on your team: Carlos Rodon or Lucas Giolito?
(Matt from Virginia)
Giolito. Rodon is going to be really good, but I see him more as a solid #2 down the road. Giolito can be an ace with all sorts of #swagger (Mike Gianella)
2015-04-16 17:00:00 (link to chat)Both short-term and long-term, who would be the better starter to own- Carlos Rodon or Lucas Giolito?
(Ron from Texarkana)
Hmmm. I'd lean Rodon, although Giolito seems like the guy with the higher floor. I just dig that Rodon ceiling, and it's not hard to see him as a Top 10 guy when he breaks. (Mike Gianella)
2015-03-06 14:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think there is prospect fatigue with Carlos Rodon? He went from the best left hander since Price, and future stud, to fairly ordinary, relatively speaking, in short order.
(Jesse from NY)
I don't know if it's so much fatigue as it is that he wasn't very good this spring. Based on what I saw this summer after signing, and what I saw from him as a freshman and sophomore, I think he's the best left-handed pitching prospect in baseball. (Christopher Crawford)
2015-02-26 20:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon or Archie Bradley for 2016 and beyond or are the pretty similar?
(Daniel Beach from Jupiter)
They're pretty similar, but I still prefer Bradley by a nudge. Giving him a bit of a mulligan for his 2014 season. (Bret Sayre)
2015-02-25 14:00:00 (link to chat)In a dynasty redraft league would you draft Carlos Rodon or Rusney Castillo? I have 3rd overall pick and the first two teams are taking Yoan Moncada, and the Yasmany Tomas.
(jdc1989 from St. Louis)
I'm not a huge fantasy guy, but I do play one pretty serious league - that I will admit I haven't won in a while. Fantasy baseball is usually a nightmare for people who work in and around baseball since they never have time in the summer to pay a whole lot of attention - and whenever they DON'T win, the guy who does win brags "my buddy is a scout for (team X) and I just beat him in fantasy!" Fun stuff. I get out to a lot of games in the Spring and Summer so I don't often get to watch my fantasy guys a whole lot.

Anyway... in my experience in fantasy though, I feel like I can always find a decent outfielder easier than I can find an above average pitcher. This seems pretty much true regardless of format, size, etc... There's just a lot of useful outfielders even though you can start three. The very top guys are great and all (ie. Trout), but I'm a lot more confident I can find myself an outfielder even in a deep dynasty league than I can a pitcher like Rodon could be. This is still true even though position players and position player prospects are on average tremendously safer bets than pitchers and pitching prospects. Arms are just riskier... and harder to project, less stable skill sets - not just about higher rate of injury.

I actually got a live look at Rusney last fall and he's a pretty talented player. I'm also not the highest guy on our prospect staff on Rodon. He didn't wow me when I saw him live (I actually preferred Jeff Hoffman's raw stuff, pre-surgery). I worried about his back issues going back to high school, too. My biggest dings on him were his FB command (often misses spots and heater rises up arm side) and overuse of his SL/cut. I don't see Rodon as being a true #1 starter because of those issues, but he certainly looks like a very good big league starter and he's basically there right now. Full disclosure wise - plenty of people in baseball would say (and did in fact say) that I'm really nitpicking here and that Rodon is going to be a monster. He's a big, durable (hopefully), lefty with plus to double-plus velo and a true out pitch. Even the downside of Rodon is appealing enough for me to pass on Rusney. Boston's plethora of lineup options kind of bugs me for fantasy value, too. Could they mix and match 4-5 guys with Mookie, Victorino and Allen Craig stealing ABs from Rusney? I don't think they laid out $70 million to sit him, though. In either case, I don't think it's possible to overstate how much the White Sox absolutely adore Rodon. In many way he's as safe a top starting pitching prospect as you will ever find available in a dynasty draft/auction and he's also a great bet to pay dividends quickly. (Al Skorupa)
2015-02-13 19:00:00 (link to chat)Which of these 3 guys would rather have dynasty wise and why. Hunter Harvey, Tyler Glasnow, or Carlos Rodon? I pick at #1 and those guys are available. Or if Moncada gets added to espn database take him? What order would you take those guys? thanks
(Marlins88 from Anoka MN)
Harvey and Glasnow are a toss up; I'd lean Glasnow because of the NL/PNC Park/Ray Searage advantage. Rodon is solid but doesn't match up with those two in my mind. Moncada I'd probably throw in at third before Rodon, but as I said in an earlier question we're just making silly guesses on him. (Mike Gianella)
2015-01-21 15:00:00 (link to chat)Can you talk a little bit about Carlos Rodon's delivery and what you think it spells for him success wise? What will he need to work on?
(AJ from Phoenix)
I might be in the minority here, but I really like Rodon's delivery. I gave him B+ stability and B power in this article (which also includes write-ups on Aiken and Kolek). Some might be thrown by his funky angles, but last season he was finishing on-line to the target. Hopefully he retains his solid momentum, but Don Cooper adheres to a "stay back" philosophy that could alter Rodon's pace to the plate. (Doug Thorburn)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)Is Carlos Rodon a future top 10 pitcher?
(Ben from NJ)
I'm in love with the man's slider and if he can get the feel for the changeup that's a solid starter set for a top pitcher. When you think about the top pitchers going today they all generally have that wide array of stuff, big arsenals and they can log innings. So when we're talking about top ten guys and top ten pitchers I'm looking for big arsenals, four pitches and the body that can handle innings. I think Rodon is a three pitch guy which is fine, I want to see him pick up another pitch and start producing before I start talking about top 10 with him. (Mauricio Rubio)
2014-10-23 14:00:00 (link to chat)Ok I will start throwing so pitchers at you then. Besides Carlos Rodon, which pithers do you like best coming out of the 2014 draft?
(Scott from AZ)
I really like Tyler Kolek, who has awesome power and very strong stability. Touki Toussaint also has a good balance of power/stability in his delivery, though he lacks the power ceiling of Kolek in his delivery, but Toussaint has a very efficient path of kinetic energy. Brandon Finnegan is another high-power guy, and I always appreciate a young pitcher with strong momentum, while holding out hope that his organization let's him keep it.

On the jukebox: Guns n' Roses, "Civil War" (Doug Thorburn)
2014-10-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Predict the MLB debuts of (1) Lucas Giolito; (2) Carlos Correa; and (3) Carlos Rodon. Also, comment on whose 2015 MLB debut excites you most.
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
Giolito- late 2016/early 2017. Correa- up in the air due to injury, but potential Sept 2015 or early 2016. Rodon- May/June of 2015. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-09-15 19:30:00 (link to chat)which 2014 draft or interational signees make the biggest fantasy impact in 2015?
(Luke from kansas city)
Forgive me if I'm missing someone obvious, but I think this has to be Rusney Castillo right now. He's one of the only guys who's basically guaranteed playing time right from the beginning of next season, and he has enough speed to be fantasy-relevant right away, even if the power/average take a bit to come. If you're looking for a draftee, I'll go with Carlos Rodon. (Ben Carsley)
2014-09-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon an Ace? in the majors to start 2015?
(Ben from Chicago)
No, he is not an ace. Probably a good #3 or a low #2 at the end of the day. The FB/SL combo is huge, but I'm not a fan of the delivery. He will find his way to the majors at some point in 2015, though I doubt he starts there. (Ethan Purser)
2014-08-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Chances Carlos Rodon pitches in a White Sox uniform next month?
(Eric from Atl)
I have no inside information, but 30%? Think we might see a handful of innings out of him. (Mike Gianella)
2014-08-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)I should probably risk the Atlanta rush hour on Friday and drive up to the Gwinnett stadium to see Carlos Rodon strike out AAA-Braves, right? I'm not sure I've ever seen a grade-80 slider.
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
I love seeing prospects so I'm the wrong guy to ask. I live 20 minutes from Trenton and am very tempted to go see Aaron Nola on Friday. (Mike Gianella)
2014-08-29 12:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon in September?
(Steve from Los Angeles)
Sure. Why not? (R.J. Anderson)
2014-08-19 14:00:00 (link to chat)Have you seen any of Carlos Rodon's starts/appearances for Winston-Salem? Will you be watching his start for Charlotte tonight? If so, what will you be looking for?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
I haven't and that is out of my area. I have heard Rodon fastball velocity is up to 96 with a double-plus SL. If I was there, I would focus on the utility of his CH. The importance of a 3rd pitch is crucial for a potential front line starter. (CJ Wittmann)
2014-08-19 14:00:00 (link to chat)You think we get a glimpse of Carlos Rodon this season (out of the pen, of course)?
(Max from Cinci)
I think we could. It wouldn't make sense to me just because he has a lot of mileage on his arm this season. (CJ Wittmann)
2014-08-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Have you been able to watch Carlos Rodon pitch for Winston-Salem yet? Any thoughts on the (developing) change-up? How soon might he be pitching for the Southsiders?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
I have not seen him with WS yet, but I did see him against Maryland when he was back with NC State.

The CH is going to be fine. I probably saw his worst start of the year in college, when he lacked all FB command and had zero release points on his SL. His CH actually helped him off-set the disastrous results of the FB/SL that night, even though he still struggled.

Rodon is a monster; has a tremendous pitching frame (thick, muscular legs with a big butt). It would not shock me to see him in their pen this year, although realistically I think we see the full Rodon some point mid next season. (Tucker Blair)
2014-08-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who has the best butt you've seen in the minor leageues this year? I've heard that can be important for power ;) ;)
(Kevin from Texarcana)
Carlos Rodon has the perfect pitching Butt. (Tucker Blair)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Craig, What do you see as Carlos Rodon's ceiling and when do you expect to see him make it to MLB?
(Cal Guy from Cal)
I like Rodon as a #2 starter in real life and possibly someone who could carry your fantasy staff. The strikeouts should be there. Rumor has it he could be up in September as a reliever, and that's a possibility I posed about him pre-draft. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is this talk of Carlos Rodon being up in September legitimate, or is it just something to get the White Sox fans excited about? If you had to give a percentage number of Rodon being up next month, what would it be? I'd just imagine they would give him some rest after a long college season with a lot of IP and many high pitch counts.
(Fernando from LA)
I think it's legitimate. They've done it before (Sale) and they're a hyper-aggressive org when it comes to promotions. If he's going to pitch out of the bullpen in the minors, why not he majors? I'd say 60% chance they do it. I like the idea. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Rondon the #1 pick in a dynasty's rookie draft this offseason? If not, who is? Better yet, what's the top5 look like?
(Steve from Northern Virginia)
Assuming you mean Carlos Rodon, I think it's him or Schwarber. When we drafted on TINO I took Rodon, but I understand the preference for the bat. I'd go: Rodon, Schwarber, Finnegan, Zimmer, Hoffman today, but that could change tomorrow. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-08-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)People should start putting full names of players in their goofy questions. It always cracks me up when a BP Player Page includes a nonsense question from a chat. Carlos Rodon.
(RotoLando from Cloud City)
Big words from a guy who calls himself RotoLando. WHY THE SECRECY BUDDY (Craig Goldstein)
2014-07-31 19:30:00 (link to chat)Please rank these pitchers in terms of best fantasy career prospects: Taijuan Walker, C.J. Edwards, Lucas Giolito, Hunter Harvey, James Paxton, Kohl Stewart, Carlos Rodon. Thanks.
(graham from Richmond, VA)
Hmm. Let's go Walker, Rodon, Giolito, Harvey, Stewart, Paxton, Edwards (Ben Carsley)
2014-07-22 15:00:00 (link to chat)What is Carlos Rodon's realistic role in MLB in 2015? In seasons beyond that?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
I don't know if he's thrust into a big league role to start 2015, but he could see some innings with the big club. He'll be a fast mover.

I really like Rodon, and I didn't waiver on him being the second best arm in the class. The SL has wipeout potential, and even if he's 91-95, the command should come around enough for him to miss bats with the FB, too. Of course, the CH is the laggard, but if that comes around as an average pitch, he could have some of the best LH stuff in the game. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-07-07 11:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Carlos Rodon? Am i crazy to think he'll be better than Aiken?
(Russ from Chi Town)
No. AIken brings a lot to the table but I think the Kershaw comps require drugs to be believable. Rodon was the top arm for me in the class. It's not crazy to think he;s better. (Jason Parks on the Top 50)
2014-07-08 13:00:00 (link to chat)Are you a believer in Carlos Rodon?
(Frank from Chicago)
Very much so. I think he's going to be a front-of-the-rotation horse for a very long time. (Mark Anderson)
2014-07-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)What kind of timeline and level of production do you see for Carlos Rodon?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
Timeline should be relatively quick, but Matt Harveys of the world are very rare. I'd still bet on a bumpier road fantasy-wise before finally emerging. (Paul Sporer)
2014-06-09 12:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think it's realistic to expect the White Sox to sign both Carlos Rodon and Spencer Adams?
(Froglegs Jones Jr. from Palos Park)
I do; with Rodon being a better bet than Adams. Given their cap space, I see no reason why they wouldn't have room for both, and if Jarvis has in fact signed it's a good indication the Sox aren't worried about coming up with any extra money for their top two picks. In fact, drafting Jarvis in the first place was a pretty solid indication they think they are going to sign Adams and Rodon without issue. (Draft Wrap Chat with Nick J. Faleris)
2014-05-30 12:00:00 (link to chat)Who do the Astros pick first? Who should they pick?
(Michael from Houston)
I'll dig into this question in a lot more detail over the next week, but the short answer is I believe Brady Aiken (lhp, Cathedral Catholic (San Diego, CA)) and Carlos Rodon (lhp, NC State) fit best at the top of the board. I don't think either is an $8 MM prospect, so I'd look to draft one of those two for maybe a little over $6 MM. Aiken seems like the best fit, and I prefer him slightly, as well. (Pre-Draft Chat with Nick J. Faleris)
2014-05-30 12:00:00 (link to chat)Nick, thanks for doing this chat. What are your thoughts on Carlos Rodon? Is he still that same guy that many thought was the next David Price prior to this season? How does some of the high pitch count games affect his draft status? Is he the top prospect for you in the draft?
(Bruce from Baltimore)
Rodon is the #2 guy for me behind Brady Aiken. I don't love the pitch count issues, but I think it's a risk you can manage provided you get the right info from Rodon's camp and you've done the right background work on your analytics side. It's been an inconsistent spring, no doubt, but I have no problem envisioning him shut down after signing, taking the hill in the Arizona Fall League and absolutely wowing everyone. Part of the issue is he set an incredibly high standard for himself last summer, and is now being graded on that standard. He was never as refined as Price, and he's never been a velo monster. What you're buying is a lefty arm with an above-average fastball and one of the best breaking balls you'll see. That's plenty worthy of top three overall consideration. (Pre-Draft Chat with Nick J. Faleris)
2014-05-13 11:00:00 (link to chat)Brady Aiken or Carlos Rodon or if Daz Cameron was in this years draft?
(Kevin from Houston)
I bet Aiken goes 1:1, and its hard to bitch about that given the specifics of the profile. Rodon is tough to peg and I think we might over-think it a bit. He's a stud and shouldn't fall far. Cameron is a serious dude and would go very high in this class were he eligible, but I'm not sold he would go over those two arms. (Jason Parks)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)Help Mike! Ten team dynasty with 10 Minor slots. I was offered Tanaka for Mark Appel and Carlos Rodon. What are your thoughts on Tanaka long-term. Thank you!
(nictaclacta from Glendale)
My opinion on Tanaka has become far more positive. He looks much better than I thought he would and that sinker/splitter whatever it is seems very hard to hit. He isn't quite an elite arm but he's very close to that level. (Mike Gianella)
2014-05-02 14:00:00 (link to chat)If you were the Astros who would you select 1:1? Have you studied the mechanics at all of any of the 1:1 candidates to have a strong opinion on any of them?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
Haven't done a deep-dive on the '14 draft class yet, so tough to say, but I have really liked what I have seen from Carlos Rodon. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-04-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Brady Aiken and Carlos Rodon?
(Scott from Buffalo)
Rodon has obviously been a little disappointing this spring, given the expectations laid on him heading into the season. That said, he's still a very serious contender to go 1-1 in this draft, and I won't be shocked if he does. His talent is undeniable, even if he did have an "off" spring.

Aiken has dramatically improved his draft stock this spring, from really good prospect that can go in the first round, to a guy that could go 1-1 or at least in the top handful of picks.

If I'm picking at the top of the draft, I may be inclined to go with Rodon just because of the track record of excellence, and if you're the Astros, he's going to arrive quickly to coincide with the rest of your burgeoning core. (Mark Anderson)
2014-03-19 20:00:00 (link to chat)Gut reaction, where does Carlos Rodon fit in the Top 101 prospects the moment he's drafted?
(SenatorsGuy from Montana)
Mid to late teens. (Bret Sayre)
2014-03-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)What players in this years draft crop do see you anticipate making a big splash and factoring in to next years top 101, or at least close? Thanks
(Roy Hobbs from Buffalo)
You'd have to figure more 2014 draftees will be included if more prospects within the top 101 graduate to the big league level. I'll be making the case for Brady Aiken. Carlos Rodon could be ranked pretty highly. (Ronit Shah)
2014-03-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any thoughts on Carlos Rodon's slow start to the season? Just a month or two ago he was undoubtedly the #1 pick for this up coming draft, has this changed or are people jumping the gun?
(Rob from Baltimore)
I have exactly zero long-term concern for Rodon based on the past month, but given the other talent available this year, it might be just enough to keep him from going 1-1. (Jeff Moore)
2014-03-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Carlos Rodon? Do you think he's more Gray or more Appel?
(Vic from Baltimore)
I don't like cross-handed comps. Lefties and righties are just so different. (Jeff Moore)
2014-02-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)When Carlos Rodon is drafted, I should probably be on my computer refreshing my league page until he made available and immediately pick him up, right?
(RatedRookie from Atlanta)
Is your league one big waiver-wire free-for-all? That sounds like a disaster. But yes, you probably should. (Jeff Moore)
2014-01-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who are your top 5 prospects for the upcoming MLB draft?
(Jon from Chicago)
You mean for the 2015 June Draft? I honestly have no idea. Not my field of expertise. Carlos Rodon is about all I know right now. (Paul Sporer)
2013-11-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Quick and dirty... Who is the best comp to Carlos Rodon?
(whjohnson37 from Houston)
A clean comp doesn't come to mind -- closest I can come taking into account presence, build, approach would be a lefty Jose Fernandez. He'll be similar to Sale in velo/reliance on breaking ball (similar shape but Rodon throws his "slider" like a curve) and proximity to bigs after draft. (Nick J. Faleris)
2013-11-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Enjoyed the Astros Top 10 from the Professor. The system is starting to get exciting! Is there a Strasburg/Harper type in the draft to add this year?
(EDG from Houston)
NC State's Friday night starter Carlos Rodon (lhp) is probably the closest, but he's not in Strasburg's class -- Stras boasted future 80/70/70 fastball/breaking ball/change, and Rodon is closer to 65/70/60. ECU's Jeff Hoffman (rhp) might be right there with Rodon by next June, and considering his fastball-first approach, as opposed to Rodon's heavy use of the breaking ball, could already rate higher for some evaluators. (Nick J. Faleris)
2013-11-05 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking ahead to the 2014 MLB Draft, who are the best left-handed pitchers outside of Carlos Rodon?
(Tim from NYC)
College, watch Freeland (Evansville), Newcomb (Hartford), Smith (Coastal), Finnegan (TCU), Squier (Hawaii), Imhof (Cal Poly)

High School, watch Sheffield (Tullahoma (TN)), Aiken (Cathedral Catholic (CA)), Medeiros (Waiakea (HI)), Marshall (Parkview (GA)), Verdugo (Sahuaro (AZ)), Baca (N Gwinnett (GA)), Griffin (First Academy (FL)), Peters (Regis Jesuit (CO)), Sousa (Benjamin School (FL)), Sands (N Florida Christian (FL)) (Nick J. Faleris)
2013-10-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)A great deal can change between now and June, yet it seems carved in stone that the Astros will be pairing Carlos Rodon with Mark Appel in the upcoming draft. Would you say that both have top of the rotation ceilings? Or, dare I say, ace potential? And, more interestingly, how does that tandem compare to other one-two pitching prospect punches (past or present)? Cole/Taillon, Harvey/Wheeler, Bundy/Gausman, etc.
(Domenic from New York)
I think aces are created at the major league level through production and consistency. I would project Rodon higher than Appel. (Jason Parks)
2013-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)How #wet is Carlos Rodon? Puyol #wet with Lloris #rig or Lamela wet with Paulinho #rig?
(Spuds from NLondon)
#COYS. Rodon is so #wet that the Astros are already building a special mold-free workout facility to combat the extreme #moisture that will ooze from Rodon's body. (Jason Parks)
2013-07-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)I saw Carlos Rodon pitch on Tuesday night, so yeah - it moved. Personally, he looks farther along at this point than Prior, Price, or even Strasburg. Agreed? What are your general thoughts on him?
(Paul from Rigadelphia)
He's a monster. (Jason Parks)
2013-07-12 19:30:00 (link to chat)In your ranking of '13 and '12 draft picks (the fifth answered question), where would Carlos Rodon rank?
(jlogandjr from DC)
Up there with Gausman, but Rodon is a little slider heavy for my taste up top (picking nits). (Nick Faleris on Draft Signing Day)
2013-07-12 19:30:00 (link to chat)Does Jake Brentz have Carlos Rodon upside?
(Mitch from STL)
Breaking ball too far behind "now" Brentz profile to make a real comparison. Also, Rodon is a big, strong, beast of a pitcher -- Brentz has some presence, but physically has some work to do to catch up to Carlos. If the Jays get any starter production out of Brentz, it's a huge developmental victory. Barring injury Rodon is likely to get over $3 million dollars, and will be a disappointment if he's anything less than a mid-rotation arm. (Nick Faleris on Draft Signing Day)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)If Carlos Rodon was in the 2013 draft where would he rank?
(ben from ny)
Number 1 (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-06-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Am I sensing sarcasm in Carlos Rodon at 1? But would you put the lefty with nasty fastball/slider combo ahead of Mark Appel or Jonathan Gray?
(mikeyurk from CT)
Yes. If in the same draft, I would prefer Rodon to both Appel and Gray. (Jason Parks on the Midseason Top 50 Prospects)
2013-04-04 11:00:00 (link to chat)Have you watch Carlos Rodon from Nc st?! IF he was eligible to be draft this year, would he be 1st overall pick?!
(The minor league guy from Illinois)
I haven't, but have friends that absolutely rave about him. He has 1:1 potential. (Jason Parks)
2013-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)where would Carlos Rodon go in this draft? tools? ceiling?
(DeathSpeculum from FlavorCountry)
Even with some command/control issues thus far this spring, Rodon would arguably be the top collegiate arm and a 1:1 candidate. His stuff is dirty, has a nice frame and comes from the left side. If you haven't seen him throw, here he is with Team USA this summer: (Nick Faleris)
2012-11-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)And now for a college question... Is David Price a good comp for Carlos Rodon, or can you think of a better one?
(baseballjunkie from cali)
Rodon not as polished. I need to see Rodon live and for more than a start or two comp him even remotely accurately, though I am not a fan of comps. They are generally misunderstood. (Jason A. Churchill)

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Carlos Rodón has thrown 14,542 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2015 and 2022, all of them occuring in Spring Training. In 2022, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (95mph) and Slider (85mph), also mixing in a Curve (80mph). He also rarely throws a Change (84mph).