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Chat: Scott Delp

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday February 23, 2018 8:00 PM ET chat session with Scott Delp.


Scott is a member of both the Baseball Prospectus fantasy and prospect teams.

Scott Delp: Hello everyone. Excited for my first chat. Nothing wrong with a bit of an early start. Iím planning to be here til the questions run out.

Dusty (Colorado): Hey Scott, I was wondering what you could tell me about Twins, SS burgeoning prospect Wander Javier? He was 77 on the Dynasty rankings, could he be top 17 by year's end?

Scott Delp: Dragging me into the fray right away? Iím not as clever as most of my colleagues with all of their Wander-lust so Iíll play it relatively straight. Thereís clearly a lot to like about Javier, but there is a lot of work to do as well. Iíd want to see a bit less swing-and-miss than we saw in the Appy League. 17? Nah...

marker11554 (porter ranch ca): Devers for Albies... who says no?

Scott Delp: I might see things differently than some others, but the Albies owner says no (assuming this is a fantasy question). Steals, on base ability and defense favor Albies.

Chris (Baltimore): Players like Smoak, Morrison, and Alonso weren't even drafted inside the top 450 picks last year. Who might be some undrafted ex prospects this year who finally live up to their pedigree?

Scott Delp: I may not be able to give you a fish here, but I can possibly teach you how to fish...the similarities in those players are late twenties to early thirties, a selective-ish approach, and their teams were going to give them the first chance for lots of playing time. Then, they were an adjustment away from blossoming as fantasy stars. Look for guys who fit that profile. Brandon Drury, Ben Gamel, maybe Derek Dietrich?

Chris (Baltimore): Who are some players who have yet to reach Double A who could find meaningful, productive MLB playing time this year?

Scott Delp: Not yet to Double-A? Not sure I could confidently say anyone should fit that description. Likely have to be a pitcher, reliever rather than starter or players on teams that are in flux somewhat that would not be afraid to start a clock early. A hitter I could toss out there might be Monte Harrison. He impressed me in the AFL and if he continues to develop, he could be ready. The OF in Miami isnít holding him back much. JD Hammer, reliever in Philly. Adam Choplick of Texas. He got a lot of buzz in the AFL. Starter might be Dane Dunning of the White Sox. Those are my best guesses off the top of my head.

Ron (Texarkana): Do the Padres plan on being aggressive with Adrian Morejon, and does Raimel Tapia become a regular this year? Figured I'd get both out of the way at once.. Thanks!

Scott Delp: Given what the Pads did with Morejon last season, it seems reasonable to assume that they are going to push him as far and as fast as he can go. Tapiaís Opportunity is certainly there, but I donít see him taking advantage. There are other options in Colorado and I havenít seen enough from him to think heíll be able to hold on to a regular gig.

spotted cow (winnebago, IL): i'm in an obp 5x5 league and I had to undergo a rebuild, it netted me cody bellinger and now i'm being asked to give him and 2 top tier(buehler, and one of Espinoza,morejon) pitching prospects for Bryce Harper. am I stupid for still considering it. my top pitchers are snell and reyes and they weren't included.

Scott Delp: No, youíre not stupid. Stop considering it though. Bellinger and one of those guys would be close, maybe, but two is a no for me.

Nailfan (Hawaii): Any guess as to how Julio Martinez (Cuban OF) will rate as a prospect? I see he'll be eligible to sign in a couple months.

Scott Delp: Iíve only seen video. Easy raw power, speed and a smooth and simple swing. It feels like heíd slot somewhere in the middle of the top 101 to start.

rrydelek (Moon): Scott, Gerrit Cole, Eloy Jimenez, or Matt Olson in a Scoresheet keeper AL league draft. Thanks!

Scott Delp: Not sure of your situation. I think in a vacuum Iíd go with Eloy if you donít need him this season. He seems to check the most Scoresheet boxes.

Hans (Milwaukee, Wi): I have a chance to pick Hiura or Kingery in my dynasty league, who u got for the keystone? Also, Tatis or Bichette for future value?

Scott Delp: Iím going against the Milwaukee homer pick here. Kingery has the power/speed combo already in place. The feeling is that Hiura can develop both, but Iím not completely sold based on what weíve seen so far, especially the speed. With steals becoming more scarce, a guy like Kingery is that much more valuable.

Hans (Milwaukee, WI): In my dynasty league, I need pitching and another could use an upper tier CF. Is a trade centered on Robles for Otanhi fair? Either side need to add value?

Scott Delp: Oops...Tatis on the last question also, though itís close. For me, the Otanhi side has to come with more. Iím not sold on the hype of what heíll do in the US. Iím not saying heíll be a bust, but Iíd ask for more for Robles.

Lt. Kaffee (Courtroom): If you gave an order that Santiago wasn't to be touched, and your orders are always followed, then why would Santiago be in danger? Why would it be necessary to transfer him off the base?

Scott Delp: Santiago was a substandard marine...

kcshankd (Cascadia): What are some players you are most looking forward to seeing this year?

Scott Delp: Gee, a ton of them. I like seeing some of the lesser-regarded guys trying to find value. I am lucky in that I live midway between Daytona and Jacksonville so I can see the Double-A Southern League and the High-A Florida State League. The home teams have several guys Iím excited to see. Monte Harrison in Jax and Taylor Trammell and Jose Siri in Daytona. Iím hoping to get better looks at Eloy, Austin Riley, Zac Collins. Then there is always a Bravesí pitcher. This season is Kyle Wright. Too many to list...

kcshankd (Cascadia): How much am I going to regret trading away V Robles and F Whitley (pre-suspension) in my dynasty league?

Scott Delp: KC, prospects come and go, but flags fly forever. If you Get that t-shirt, youíll not regret it.

Chris (Baltimore): Which group of pitchers do you lump Wacha with? Just read the article about pitch tunneling and it was convincing.

Scott Delp: I enjoyed that article as well. Wacha did have his best success last season, but he still feels a bit disappointing to me. I put him in the back end of the Top 50. In deep leagues, heís a low SP2/high SP3.

Dusty (Colorado): Do you think Wander Javier could develop 30 HR pop? His body seems pretty projectable.

Scott Delp: Dusty...keep trying to goad me into this. Yes, there is projection there. 30 HR might be a stretch.

Hans (Milwaukee, Wi): Wanna use 1 of my dynasty league picks on an arm. I value upside for this league over floor/proximity..... who has a chance to be a true Ace from Whitley, Sixto Sanchez, Puk, or Mac Gore? How would u rank their upside? And where would E. Hankins slot in the list?

Scott Delp: Sixto/Gore (Iíd say they are interchangeable), then Whitley and Puk. From all Iíve heard about and seen of Hankins, heís right there with Sixto and Gore.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): So is it down to Philly or Milwaukee for Arrieta's services, or are there still other contenders?

Scott Delp: Letís see...heís a Boras client so there must be a Ďmystery teamí. Who is that? Nothing obvious jumps out. Letís say the Giants. They are already over the tax threshold, have made some Ďwin nowí moves and have a very questionable back of the rotation.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): What do you expect from Kyle Lewis this year?

Scott Delp: Thatís tough. The knee never did get completely back to normal, it seemed, and he had it scoped again recently. I just want a healthy season from him and then we can figure out some expectations for him.

Keith (Channahon): Luis Castillo or Berrios?

Scott Delp: Iíll go with Berrios. Pitching for a team that expects to win, in a better pitching environment. He made huge strides from 2016 to 2017 and if he can improve the change and trust his fastball a bit more, he could take another step this season.

Keith (Channahon): Is this Snell's big breakout year?

Scott Delp: I want it to be. I really do. I just get kind of a Matt Moore vibe from him. Living in Florida, I see a lot of Raysí games on TV and he just seems to have control issues at the most inopportune times. The stuff is there. He could break out. Iíd bet against, though.

jipcho (Taipei, Taiwan): I play in a 2 catcher 5 x 5 AL/NL rotisserie league with 15 owners. Two related questions, please: Any recommendations for best value catchers near the end of a snake draft, at both number 1 and number 2? A few years back I drafted Steven Vogt at Utility knowing he would get catcher eligibility. He did, and was one of the top fantasy backstops that year! Anyone like that this year?

Scott Delp: Looking at mid 300 or so ADPs on the NFBC site, Alex Avila is at 361. He seems to have a path to playing time and is coming off a solid offensive season. Jason Castro is back there also. He made some offensive improvements last season in Minnesota and was closer to league average. Heíll not likely get back to the glory days of 2013, but you could do worse at C2. As for guys without current C eligibility who might get it, I donít see anyone who sticks out.

Rick (Chicago): Carlos Rodon apparently not back until June. Has he lost some of the upside in your opinion.

Scott Delp: Definitely. Itís a shoulder and not an elbow. Those are a bit more tricky. Iíd be worried...

jipcho (Taipei, Taiwan): Evening, Scott. Just finishing tomorrow's breakfast here in Taiwan. If healthy and doing okay this spring, David Dahl is a full time outfielder for Colorado, right?

Scott Delp: Good Morning jipcho...Yes, if...health is a thing and Dahl has struggled with it. Heís had only about 400 AB in the past two seasons combined so I expect that he would spend a bit of time in Triple-A, but he should be a regular by late May at least if everything works.

JP (S Elgin): Devers and Godley for Donaldson in a keep 17 dynasty league

Scott Delp: If Iím the Donaldson owner, I take this before the other owner changes his mind.

JP (S Elgin): How do you rate the following for dynasty purposes ? Whitley Tatis Sixto Calhoun L. Robert J. Soto

Scott Delp: Tatis, Sixto, Soto, Robert, Whitley, Calhoun...

JP (S Elgin): Darvish or Bum for W, Ks, IP ?

Scott Delp: MadBum. Heís still just 28. Even though he had some glitches in his return last season, he had better second half numbers overall than Darvish. Darvish has had 200 IP just once in his career, MadBum was coming off six consecutive 200 IP seasons last year. Darvishís superior K rate shrinks up in that light.

Scott Delp: Thatís all the questions in the queue. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you all again soon.

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