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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 24)
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Birth Date12-7-1994
Height6' 3"
Weight245 lbs
Age25 years, 9 months, 24 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2019 NYN 24 161 693 155 30 2 53 72 183 21 1 0 .260 .358 .583 141 40.1 0.5 6.1 5.3

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2016 BRO A- NYP 30 123 .223 .295 .310 .357 95 13.4 3.4 -2.2 179 0 2.3 -0.5 5.9 0.9
2017 SLU A+ FSL 82 346 .248 .318 .358 .314 105 15.1 9.6 -6.1 168 0 3.2 -5.8 19.8 2.2
2017 BIN AA EAS 11 47 .273 .344 .425 .333 102 2.8 1.3 -0.8 104 0 0.1 -0.1 0.3 0.1
2018 BIN AA EAS 65 273 .258 .327 .402 .344 101 29.3 7.8 -5 180 0 1.8 -1.6 22.2 2.6
2018 LVG AAA PCL 67 301 .272 .338 .435 .284 116 10.3 8.8 -5.7 122 0 5.0 1.2 9.0 1.8
2018 SCO Wnt AFL 27 112 .259 .353 .375 .292 88 8.9 3.0 -1.9 119 0 0.0 0.4 6.1 0.8
2019 NYN MLB NL 161 693 .248 .320 .425 .280 96 46.9 20.9 -13.3 141 7 6.1 0.5 40.1 5.3

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2016 BRO A- NYP 123 109 20 35 12 1 5 64 21 11 22 0 1 .321 .382 .587 .266 2 0
2017 BIN AA EAS 47 45 7 14 4 1 2 26 5 2 7 0 0 .311 .340 .578 .267 0 0
2017 SLU A+ FSL 346 308 45 88 23 0 16 159 58 25 64 3 4 .286 .361 .516 .231 1 0
2018 SCO Wnt AFL 112 98 16 25 7 0 6 50 27 11 28 4 0 .255 .339 .510 .255 1 0
2018 LVG AAA PCL 301 258 50 67 19 1 21 151 67 33 78 0 1 .260 .355 .585 .326 3 0
2018 BIN AA EAS 273 220 42 69 12 0 15 126 52 43 50 0 2 .314 .440 .573 .259 2 0
2019 NYN MLB NL 693 597 103 155 30 2 53 348 120 72 183 1 0 .260 .358 .583 .323 3 0

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2019 2727 0.4158 0.4657 0.7181 0.6455 0.3377 0.8074 0.5967 0.2819 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation


Year Team Salary
2020 NYN $652,521
2019 NYN $555,000
1 yrPrevious$555,000
2 yrPvs + Cur$1,207,521
2 yrTotal$1,207,521


Service TimeAgentContract Status
1 y 0 d1 year/$652,521 (2020)

  • 1 year/$652,521 (2020). Re-signed by NY Mets 3/20.
  • 1 year/$555,000 (2019). Contract selected by NY Mets 3/28/19.
  • Drafted by NY Mets 2016 (2-64) (Florida). $909,200 signing bonus ($1.0092M slot).

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 54 12 3 0 3 6 14 0 0 .261 .358 .522 129 0.0 1B 0 0.0
80o 36 8 2 0 2 4 9 0 0 .258 .361 .516 122 0.0 1B 0 0.0
70o 23 4 1 0 1 3 6 0 0 .200 .304 .400 117 0.0 1B 0 0.0
60o 12 3 1 0 1 1 3 0 0 .273 .333 .636 113 0.0 1B 0 0.0
50o 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .000 .000 109 0.0 1B 0 0.0
Weighted Mean300000100.000.000.0001100.01B 00.0

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BP Annual Player Comments

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BP Chats

2020-09-25 16:00:00 (link to chat)Who is the Gardner Minshew of Major League Baseball? You know, the player everyone loves, has tons of personality, but in your heart you know may not be that good.
(Mustachio_Magic from Sacramento, CA)
Man, this may piss some people off, but it might be Pete Alonso. Love the guy, love the vibe, not sure if he's anything more than a .240 hitter with some monster bombs. I shall now run for cover from the slings and arrows of the many Mets fans at BP and on my Twitter feed. (Jon Hegglund)
2020-03-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)If Spencer Torkelson, Austin Martin, Pedro Leon and Oscar Colas were in the minors, about where would they rank in terms of top prospects? Can you offer any comps for each of them? Thank you.
(John from Florida)
As an initial matter, comps are a dangerous path to take, but why not!

(1) Spencer Torkelson, top-30 prospect, rough comp: Pete Alonso
(2) Austin Martin, top-50 prospect, rough comp: Ketel Marte
(3) Pedro Leon, top-150 prospect
(4) Oscar Colas, top-200 prospect

I do not feel comfortable even offering a comp for the Cubans. Leon lacks much size (5-foot-9), but offers some pop, speed, and arm strength. Colas has big power and a big arm, but not a lot else. His performance in Japan was in the Western League, which is basically the NPB minors. I get Julio Pablo Martinez vibes from Leon for whatever reason. I am suspicious of both until we get more concrete information. (Jesse Roche)
2020-03-02 12:00:00 (link to chat)Last year, I was successful using PECOTA projections in my drafts especially in finding breakout performers. Pete Alonso is a perfect example, I took him several rounds earlier than his ADP in the NFBC (he had a high 'Breakout' number last year). This year it looks like you've done away with the 'Breakout' number in your projections, do you have a suggestion on what to look at this year? I'm looking for something tangible like a number (or percentage), I KNOW it is not going to be perfect and I use it only as a piece of the whole decision making.
(Carl from Colorado)
I'd look at like 70th percentile outcomes on the spreadsheet to try and capture something akin to realistic upside. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2020-02-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Have a bit of a roster crunch in my keep 8 league. Already planning to keep bellinger, Harper, Pete Alonso, rendon, Jose Ramirez and Jacob deGrom. Which three would you keep around from Eugenio Suarez, Ozzie Albies, Max Kepler, Starling Marte, Chris Sale, Trevor Bauer or Corey Kluber? Thanks!
(Jon from Warshington )
It depends on league size and scoring. I also count 6 you plan to keep so not sure there is room for 3 in a keep 8 league. Regardless, I'll give you my top 2 plus a 3rd! (1) Albies, (2) Marte, and (3) Sale. I'd consider Suarez, but you are already keeping two 3B. (Jesse Roche)
2019-10-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)Which current MLB player would you most like to see become a professional wrestler and why?
(Elgin from MA)
Hard to argue that Pete Alonso wouldn't make a great face. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-09-27 12:00:00 (link to chat)Is Pete Alonso a superstar?
(Arjun from CT)
I think *realistically* this is about the upper echelon of what you can expect for him going forward and it was a ~5 win season. That's very good, but doesn't feel like a Superstar to me. Maybe he has a weird BABIP year somewhere in there and wins an MVP, and I will have to concede the point. Maybe he actually adjusts further and is *better* next year. But I can't crown him quite yet. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-09-20 11:00:00 (link to chat)I want to avoid too many low minor prospect picks in the future. At the same time, everyone wants to pick a Pete Alonso in 2020. Any notable corner infielders (I'm set up the middle) who might get their 1st and 500th AB in 2020 and may give 60% of Pete's production?
(Vic from Baltimore)
So the problem is most of those guys good enough to mention here get service time manipulated to a certain extent. So you could I suppose bet on a potential swing change dude (Aquino or Gresham), but that takes about as much speculation as your low minors dude. So the closest Alonso analog might be Seth Beer, and Ke'Bryan Hayes might be a buy low swing change option. God speed. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-09-20 11:00:00 (link to chat)Three guys of interest for me and my roster for next year in a keeper league---Edman, Van Meter and Cron----can you give me your brief thoughts on each, their abilities and potential ceilings? I especially like what Edman has done this year and his SB potential, switch hitting with a little pop, and his position versatility---but maybe you have a different view of him. Thx.
(bob from philly)
Edman is the most interesting fantasy option I think, due to the power/speed combo. The approach is aggressive, but he can hit enough and play enough positions well to get the PA you will want even if the line regresses a bit next year. Van Meter feels a bit like the good bench player version of Edman (which granted might be Edman next year). Cron (I assume Kevin) actually would have been a good pull for the Pete Alonso question earlier, but I'm just never confident that profile will hit major league breaking stuff until it does (see every argument Jarrett and I had over Pete Alonso last year). (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-08-28 12:00:00 (link to chat)How much do the somewhat unforeseen rise of Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil and less so JD Davis mean for the Mets window?
(Alex from Hoboken)
The Mets having a few bits of top end talent has almost never been an issue for 15 years. It's just been building out the rest of the roster. They will probably identify one thing they want to fix it and do a half-ass job of it, ignoring other existing holes and possibly open more in the process. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-08-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)In my dynasty keep forever league, my hitters are stacked with Soto, Acuna, Acuna, Vlad, Bellinger, Tatis, Harper, Devers, Bichette, Pete Alonso and Story. My pitching sucks though because for years I've built my team based on the industry standard of "bats over arms." My best pitchers are Jake Junis and Chris Bassitt. My hitters are simply too good to trade for pitching upgrades because the best pitchers are all old and the young ones aren't available and so my current staff is too bad to compete. Where do I go from here?
(David from Bethesda)
Unfortunately, pitching counts just as much as hitting. You might have to take a deep breath and move one of your studs for a couple guys that are less than aces. It's nice having all that offensive talent, but if it's not winning, it's time to change some things up. I'd look at the redundancy you have at SS/MI with Story, Tatis and Bichette. (Mark Barry)
2019-08-08 15:00:00 (link to chat)At this point, do you find all rebuilds at least a little bit odious? Do you think there are circumstances where an Astros-style teardown would still be appropriate? Is the issue less that the Astros and Cubs did something like that then that too many teams are now interested in that model? (i.e., one does it and it's fine, five do it and it's annoying/destroys the league's compensation model)
(Trent from Trenton)
I think there are logical reasons to go into a rebuild and that it can be the case for multiple teams at one time. I also think that operating in good faith as it pertains to the labor consequences of making organizational decisions is utterly crucial. This means promoting prospects based on merit, and not sketching out years-long plans to make sure you don't get put in the position of obviously not calling them up when they're otherwise ready because it would cost you a year of control. Or, if you don't engage in a plan to avoid being put in that situation, it also means promoting them to the majors at the cost of that year of control because it's the right way to treat your employees regardless of your overall organizational scheme.

I said this in my Pete Alonso article last offseason, but not everything that is acceptable in moderation should be tolerated in the extreme. This practice of not just exploiting every possible loophole, but doing so to the extreme is a significant issue not just in baseball, but in society at large, and we need good-faith actors to be in charge of the organizations that are responsible for making these decisions, not people looking to raze what's in front of them and salt the earth behind. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-08-06 12:00:00 (link to chat)I offer Pete Alonso a 9 year/100 MM contract this offseason--what does he say?
(Jeff from Queens)
I think he takes that. What's that basically the Rizzo deal plus inflation? Makes sense for both sides. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-07-09 12:00:00 (link to chat)Jacob DeGrom is a __, Pete Alonso is a __, Jeff McNeil is a __ and Michael Conforto is a __. (numerical grades)
(Dax from METS)
So the position players are all 6s (Alonso has projection past that, but we'll see how it plays out) to me. deGrom is an interesting case and Jarrett and I have discussed this for a while. We both agree that he's an ace, so then it comes down to wear you draw the line for an 8. By any WAR metric he's been a top five pitcher since 2015, Scherzer is the only one clearly better, than it's usually a tier of him, Sale, Greinke, Kershaw, Verlander. So while I tend to be more conservative with 8s than Jarrett, I think it's tough not to argue all those arms aren't 8s. But if you want to ding deGrom some for occasional durability issues and call him a high end 7, I get it. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-07-08 20:00:00 (link to chat)Who is the best WWE wrestler Pete Alonso could reasonably take in a fight
(Mike from Albany)
Seth Rollins (Jarrett Seidler)
2019-05-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Seth Beer closer to AJ Reed, or Pete Alonso?
(Alex from Austin)
He's probably closer to Dan Vogelbach, to be honest. On one hand, that's good. Vogelbach has hit 15 homers this year. On the other hand, Vogelbach didn't get regular big-league at-bats until he was 26 because he has significant defensive limitations. Beer has similar limitations and will need the stars to align (or for the NL to move to the DH) to be an everyday guy in the big leagues. (J.P. Breen)
2019-04-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty league: I'm in contention in the middle of my window, with an older but not senile rotation, and a solid offense. Another team is in tank mode with all-stars from the minor leagues. He has 2 pitchers total, and has been asking about my Shohei Ohtani (Carlos Martinez and McCullers as well). If I were to give a green light on those 3, is Pete Alonso a fair ask? He doesn't have much else that can help a team like mine, and he isn't competing in the next 2-3 years.
(Tom Hagen from Hot Stove)
Sure that's a fine ask, though if you can play Ohtani as a hitter I do think it changes the calculus of whether you'd want to make this deal a bit. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-04-26 16:00:00 (link to chat)Got tired of watching Votto underachieve in Scoresheet and having Pete Alonso sitting on my bench so I started platooning them. Should I just pull off the bandaid and use Alonso both ways until Votto shows signs of life?
(sportsguy21792 from Barstool on the end)
I can certainly understand the urge to ride the hot hand, but I'm not giving up on Votto. I'm wary of waiting until signs of life to put him back into the lineup, but it's hard not to toss the keys to Alonso right now. (Mark Barry)
2019-03-18 16:00:00 (link to chat)In a keeper league, please rank Paddack Luzardo, Kiriloff and Pete Alonso?
(The Old Professor from Heavens Dugout)
They're all good! If you're anywhere near contention this season, I'll say Luzardo, Paddack, Alonso, Kiriloff. (Jon Hegglund)
2019-03-11 16:00:00 (link to chat)Is Pete Alonso someone who makes a good platoon partner for Joey Votto? Would you ever platoon for Votto?
(sportsguy21792 from Cube by the window)
I would not. Votto is still an excellent career hitter against lefties and if Alonso ends up being better than him in those spots this year, it will probably be because Votto does not rebound overall. (Darius Austin)
2019-02-06 21:00:00 (link to chat)When does Peter Alonso make his fantasy presence felt? 2021?
(Trent from Buffalo)
By Memorial Day. I am skeptical that the Mets infield as currently constructed will stay healthy. -BS (Dynasty 101 Chat w/ Ben Carsley and Bret Sayre)
2019-02-06 21:00:00 (link to chat)I heard a comment to the effect that Peter Alonso's defense is 20 grade and he can only hit fastballs. So you're ranking is telling me that's not right . . . . right?
(Eternally Pessimistic Mets Fan from Snowy SF Bay)
Yes, neither of those things are correct. It's definitely not good defense, but it's not bottom of the scale. -BS (Dynasty 101 Chat w/ Ben Carsley and Bret Sayre)
2019-02-05 17:00:00 (link to chat)Long term who do you think has more offensive production between Peter Alonso and Nate Lowe?
(Mr. Fister from Arlington)
Alonso's got a lot more prospect buzz, and since I lack the scout skills/firsthand knowledge to dispute that buzz, I'll go with Alonso. (Rob Arthur)
2019-02-18 16:00:00 (link to chat)Should Peter Alonso get a bump up my dynasty farm rankings simply due to the overall weakness of the position? Would you take him over guys like Chisholm, Brujan, and Kelenic?
(Mr. Fister from Arlington)
Yes, Alonso is the better fantasy prospect compared to those guys, unless you really need Brujan's speed for a roto league. As for 1B weakness, bear in mind that many prospects get moved around. It's just like how there are 30 SS prospects out there, but many will end up at 2B, 3B, or OF by the time they reach the majors. (Kevin Jebens)
2018-12-10 16:00:00 (link to chat)Think I'll get two player-seasons of decent 1B/UT starts out of Peter Alonso, Tyler White, Greg Bird, Ryan O'Hearn, and Franmil Reyes? If so, from whom? (18-team points with no K penalty; hitting is somewhat close to linear weights value)
(justarobert from Santa Clara)
I'm buying Alonso for now, with the obvious caveat that he's the only one we haven't seen anything of. I think Reyes can provide the other. (Darius Austin)
2018-12-06 20:00:00 (link to chat)I'm a big Mets fan and Peter Alonso believer, but BVW recently stating he wants Alonso as the opening day starting 1b seems a bit odd considering an April 11th start would buy an extra year of service time. What is your take on this, and also how Alonso will perform in 2019?
(Top Worm from Golden Girls)
I'm not convinced as a legal matter, given what the Mets are saying about Alonso and just how blatant the service time manipulation would be, that such an aggressive move would hold up. So then you're probably talking about sending him down for a month or two and not two weeks, and that might not be a great idea. They should've just brought him up last summer.

I think Alonso is the early favorite for NL ROTY. (Jarrett Seidler)
2018-12-06 20:00:00 (link to chat)So what's a 75th percentile outcome for Peter Alonso? .280/.380/.525?
(Mark from NY)
I'd peg the slugging a little higher and average a little lower, but not far off. (Jarrett Seidler)
2018-09-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)Peter Alonso A.J. Reed 2.0?
(Tuity Fruity from Street Sharks)
I hope not. (Mark Barry)
2018-08-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)Concerned about Peter Alonso?
(Alexy from Tune Town)
Not really. He's had his hot stretches in Triple-A and has suffered from a little bad luck. We'll see him in the summer next year if he maintains a similar pace (with a bit better average, of course) (Eddy Almaguer)
2018-07-30 23:00:00 (link to chat)Is Peter Alonso gonna mash in the bigs ?
(Xavier from Flushing)
I am inherently likely to answer yes to this question on principal, and indeed, I am going to answer yes to this question. On merit, though. Dude's a good hitter in addition to being build like something you'd read about in a bigfoot erotica novel.

Man, that Chiffons tune got me detouring now. All-time desert island 45 for me: (Wilson Karaman)
2018-07-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)If Wander Javier was traded to the Mets, where would he rank in their prospect system. 1 or 2?
(Dusty from Colorado)
This was, of course, the first question in the queue. And I love the optimism that he has to be 1 or 2.

Okay, so, Andres Gimenez made the midseason 50, and I argued like hell for Peter Alonso (who was on various iterations and got knocked off late in the process). So he's at least third!

I actually just did a Mets top 10 for an article on BP Mets that's coming out soon, and I think he'd rank somewhere between 7th and 10th, for a serious answer. I'd want to run down the severity of his injury and the reports out of extended before he suffered it to get tighter than that. (Jarrett Seidler)
2018-07-16 19:00:00 (link to chat)Can Peter Alonso have some 40 HR seasons?
(Sean99 from Orland Park)
As you might imagine, Peter Alonso is the most popular topic in the queue tonight. (The second most is Ronny Mauricio for some reason.)

40 homers is a lot. Even with the new ball. Five dudes hit 40 homers last year. Alonso probably grades as 70 raw, but I don't think he grades above 60 game power yet, and that's not 40 homers. It's not impossible, but it's a reach goal for him; I think he's going to settle in as more of a well-rounded average/power/walks guy than a guy atop dinger leaderboards. (Jarrett Seidler)
2018-06-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's more likely, Peter Alonso goes Goldschmidt or Jonathan Loaisiga goes Marcus Stroman?
(Lenny from Kelly Park)
I mean, you'd hope Loaisiga would have the one good full Stroman season more than once I guess. And that's probably more likely than the full Goldschmidt. Goldy was always sneaky athletic in a way that Alonso just isn't. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-06-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)I just dealt Peter Alonso for Gohara and Baz. Should I be arrested for robbery?
(Zamzow from City)
Eh, I think it's fine, and Alonso isn't the worse guy to sell high on right now. I've just never been on the Gohara train. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-06-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)So you got a bad Peter Alonso look? Thats disappointing
(Jordanna from Brookyln)
It wasn't bad. He was fine when I saw him. Didn't drive the ball, but I know it's 70 Raw. Showed me what I needed to see, an improved swing and approach. I'm writing something longer about him now and then general perils of the R/R first base profile. He's on the long list for the Midseason 50, although I am doing my best to ward up certain other prospect writers trying to get him on. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-07-26 12:00:00 (link to chat)What's the deal with Peter Alonso? He seems to hit a lot of home runs, but the Mets wont call him up?
(Jerry Seinfeld from New York)
I laughed at this. As my colleagues Jarrett and Jeff have said many times on For All You Kids Out There, the Mets are extremely wasteful with major-league playing time, throwing it away on guys like Jose Reyes and Adrian Gonzalez and others. Alonso needs a chance to either succeed or fail at the MLB level, now that he's proven that he's well above the minor leagues. (Bryan Grosnick)
2018-05-25 12:15:00 (link to chat)Peter Alonso is looking very 2017 Rhys-like. Do you see him making an impact with the Mets this summer?
(Iceberg from Right Ahead!)
Well he's not 35 or recently cut by another team so it seems unlikely. (Craig Goldstein)
2018-04-27 12:00:00 (link to chat)Good to have a guy with Mets prospect insight. What are you hearing about the emergence of Peter Alonso and any chance they may give him a look later this year?
(Shane from Miami)
Peter Alonso questions have replaced Nick Pivetta questions in the queue this week. I'll get Bingo in a couple weeks and have more concrete thoughts, but I do have a few reports from this year already. To take the second part first, I think it's more likely they give Bruce a first base mitt or Flores the bulk of the playing time before going to Alonso, unless it's late and they are out of it. They'd also probably have to jump him over Vegas, which whatever, but it'd be a pretty significant jump for a player that still has his struggles against soft stuff. It's a rough profile as a R/R 1B that is below-average defensively, but the offensive tools are loud enough he could be like a 55 regular. Something like righty Lucas Duda is a common comp I here. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-04-13 12:00:00 (link to chat)At what point do we start talking about Peter Alonso as being the Mets best 1B prospect and potential top 100 guy?
(Sam from Ny)
Jarrett has been beating this drum since last year. I was slower to come around as my Penn League looks were awful, and I thought he needed major swing changes. Well, he got them, and he's unlocked the 70 raw power in there. The R/R first base profile is a rough one (and his defense there isn't great) but we ranked Ronald Guzman, so if he mashes Double-A this year, it would be difficult to leave him off even if I don't see a ton of upside in the profile. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-05-11 13:00:00 (link to chat)What do you think of Peter Alonso?
(Jesse from San Jose)
Jeffrey and Jarrett are the guys to ask about this, but the place to put him in the field has always been more of a question than the bat. He's certainly kicking ass right now. (Nicolas Stellini)
2018-04-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Peter Alonso is mashing in his start to AA, is there a chance he could be starting 1b for the Mets this season ?
(The Rock from It doesn’t matter)
I just don't see them reaching for Alonso unless there are several injuries. Smith will be back eventually. AGon is... a player... who holds a bat. Wilmer Flores can cover there. Even Bruce can play 1B if needed. A lot would have to go right. (Kevin Jebens)
2018-05-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Peter Alonso is going bananas. Will the Mets call him up this year or pretend he has defensive liabilities in order to stall his clock?
(Peach from GA)
It's really tough to say with the Mets and their front office. I agree with Jarrett Seidler's statement on the For All You Kids Out There podcast that bringing him up early and letting him sink or swim might give the Mets the most information early ... but I think it'll be July before the Mets are willing to cut bait on Adrian Gonzalez.

Look, I too want Alonso to be Rhys Hoskins. (Even though he's a University of Florida guy.) But with so many options (good or no) at or near the majors in Wilmer Flores, Jay Bruce, Michael Conforto, Dominic Smith, and Gonzalez, I absolutely see the Mets slow-playing Alonso until this fall, even though it's probably not best for business. (Bryan Grosnick)
2017-11-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any prospects causing internal strife within the BP team?
(UB from Georgia)
We've gone through about half the teams so far internally. Would say the longest discussions so far have been over Kevin Maitan, Monte Harrison, and Peter Alonso. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-11-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Peter Alonso a right-handed version of the Good first baseman?
(diehardmets from Washington Heights)
I think that's your reasonable "ceiling" or 90th percentile or whatever. Again, he's divisive, and I haven't seen him good, and I can be stubborn. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-10-24 20:00:00 (link to chat)What kind of power upside do you see for Monte Harrison and Peter Alonso. Thanks!
(Mark from San Antonio)
John Eshleman is *all over* Monte Harrison, like potential future star type all over, and he's seen him a lot and knows what he's doing. He gave him future 6 power a few months ago, so let's go with that.

Peter Alonso looked like a totally different hitter from 2016 to 2017. Right/right college 1B/DH is an awful profile, so the problem is that he very well might have 25-30 home run power and never get a chance to show it. I like him despite the profile issues. -- Jarrett (World Series Chat)
2017-10-23 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who has a better career, Peter Alonso or Dom Smith?
(Dex from NY)
Dom's already in the bigs, so he has that going for him, and he's generally been regarded as the better prospect overall. (Nicolas Stellini)
2017-09-29 12:00:00 (link to chat)Can you change Peter Alonso's info page from "Pete Alonso" to "Peter Alonso" please? It causes me Cornette-level annoyance
(stevensypa from NY)
I need to get Craig to change it to Arquimedez first. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2016-07-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any mets prospects you like more than the average guy?
(Gary from NJ)
-Chris Viall--XXL (6'9'') power arm from Stanford, has a lot of stuff, we'll see if anything can click control/command/consistency-wise.
-Jake Simon--LHP was the team's 11th-rounder in 2015, over-slot prep southpaw from Texas. Striking out hitters and keeping a ton of balls on the ground over a solid showing for Kingsport every fifth day.

Brooklyn: Pete Alonso, Blake Tiberi both college performers who fit that Harrison Bader type of player (talked about earlier) where they'll have to perform at every level...but also have the chance to be the types of grinders who just go out and do that.

Definitely will give Thomas Szapucki his own little bit here, though. There are a few more I could mention, but he really impressed when he was in the Appy League and he got promoted. High school lefty in 2015 in the first 10 rounds from a Florida high school. Really tough angle on hitters with an arm-slot that's death for lefties, especially. Gets good run on a fastball that touched 96 most every start (sitting 92-94) with some feel for a slider. It isn't an Anderson Espinoza type of low-level minors pitching prospect where you're really pushing a teenage pitcher way up your minor league prospect board, but Szapucki has been the type of guy you see in the Appy League who has a lot of big league ingredients, and you take note of that.

Good year for Appy League lefties overall. Kolby Allard was there, now Joey Wentz is, and there's Resly Linares for Princeton (Rays) as well as Szapucki, obviously. (Adam McInturff)

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