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Chat: Nicolas Stellini

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday May 11, 2018 1:00 PM ET chat session with Nicolas Stellini.


Nick is an author of Baseball Prospectus.

Nicolas Stellini: Hey folks, let's chat.

Dusty (Colorado): It's a cruel world, but there is upside.

Nicolas Stellini: We're all thinking of you in this difficult time, Dusty.

Joey (LA): Thoughts on Juan Soto?

Nicolas Stellini: He's really stinking good. Hot take, I know.

John (Harrisonburg): With Jorge Mateo, Franklin Barreto, and Sheldon Neuse all knocking at the door of the majors, what should the A's do with them? Matt Chapman is ensconced at 3B. The A's aren't giving Barreto or Mateo reps in center despite the fact Dustin Fowler is at best a tick below average defensively there. And it isn't clear Mateo or Barreto would be better than Marcus Semien at shortstop. They can't all play second base...

Nicolas Stellini: So this is a good problem for a team to have. Talent logjams have a way of clearing up. Remember when the Cubs had Too Many Shortstops? The thing about some of these guys is that some of them simply wind up being not that great, and you can trade people for stuff too. I mean, is Neuse really threatening to unseat anyone right now? Barreto will work his way into the lineup somehow. Part of the reason some of these guys are still in Triple-A is that Jed Lowrie has been playing his ass off, but he's a free agent after this year. Patience, grasshopper.

Marty (Atlanta): True or false: Ozzie Albies is the best 2B in the NL not named Jose Altuve.

Nicolas Stellini: I mean Jose Altuve hasn't been in the NL in a few years now? If you're wondering if he's the second-best 2B in baseball, the answer is yes.

Cary (ATL): Is there a player like Acuna that's going to skyrocket up the rankings real quick and become a top prospect?

Nicolas Stellini: Juan Soto feels like cheating since we had him at 22. Jo Adell also feels like cheating, but him.

Brian (From New York): Who's better in two years: Didi Gregorius or Gleyber Torres

Nicolas Stellini: This is a fun one. Didi will be 30 in two years and Gleyber will be 23. Torres already looks like at the *very* least a solid everyday regular and there's still room for improvement. It really depends on how you feel about Didi's true talent level. I'll hedge my bets and say Gleyber.

Frank (PA): Has Blake Rutherford gotten himself back into top prospect consideration? He has been great so far this season.

Nicolas Stellini: I mean we had him in the 101 so I don't know that he ever left. He's a talented dude.

Eric (San Francisco): Obviously, things like price and number of years are key, but if you were the A's, would you sign Khris Davis to an extension? Can the A's, or any team really, afford to have a full-time DH in the age of eight men bullpens?

Nicolas Stellini: I think you hit the nail on the head. Guys with his skillset did not do well this past winter. He's just not versatile enough, and for all his power he's still not really a true impact player. Would you rather have him or someone like Barretto or Mateo on the roster?

kevin (upper west side): What's your take on Josh Naylor's performance thus far? Is this a breakout with his raw power finally translating into game power?

Nicolas Stellini: It certainly seems like it. The recent report on him in the Ten Pack was nice. It's simply a matter of where they try to make him stand in the field, and that's no small thing.

Warren (Australia): Will Tyler Mahle settle in to being a top 50 SP year on year? Top 30 upside?

Nicolas Stellini: I know there are some Mahle stans out there. He's probably more in the realm of 50 than 30.

Warren (australia): What’s your take on Yairo Munoz? Stats in brief MLB stint not great but never easy when you’re only getting limited opportunities here and there. Gone back to AAA and has performed strongly. Decent dynasty asset?

Nicolas Stellini: Ehhhh, probably more of a utility guy than anything else.

Jesse (San Jose): What do you think of Peter Alonso?

Nicolas Stellini: Jeffrey and Jarrett are the guys to ask about this, but the place to put him in the field has always been more of a question than the bat. He's certainly kicking ass right now.

bob m (pa): Do you think Franchy Cordero is the the real deal, and if so what do you think is his ceiling-----he's certainly opening some eyes right now with his bat in the early going! Also, what are your thoughts about Mike Soroka and Jack Flaherty as potential top of the rotation type guys? Thx.

Nicolas Stellini: I love Franchy, more than I probably should. He may settle in as a Puig type where the tools are louder than the results. Soroka and Flaherty are both good but I'm not so sure about top of the rotation.

Ryan (Montreal): Obviously Alex Cobb can't be this bad, right? His peripherals look good, but do you expect a return to his 'good' days?

Nicolas Stellini: I'm assuming it's mostly due to a lack of a proper spring training regimen. He's still Alex Cobb.

Logan (NYC): Who is the best player still playing (whether minors, majors, internationally) that most people had know idea is still playing? Cheers to Kyle Lohse on a serviceable career.

Nicolas Stellini: Ollie Perez is still playing! He's coming out of the bullpen for Scranton.

Nicolas Stellini: Alright folks, I've got to get going. Let's do this again sometime!

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