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Chat: Jeffrey Paternostro

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday September 29, 2017 12:00 PM ET chat session with Jeffrey Paternostro.


Jeff is the lead prospect writer at Baseball Prospectus and co-host of the BP Mets podcast, For All You Kids Out There.

Jeffrey Paternostro: It's a cool Friday in New England. List season is upon of us. I have a long Leonard Cohen playlist in the headphones. Let's chat.

matzabal (CO): Jeff - thanks for the chat! Earlier in the year I offered Andrew Benetendi for Michael Conforto in my keeper. I'm sure glad I got turned down! What does your crystal ball have in store for both in 2018?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I'm buying Benintendi long term although I suppose you could term his 2017 a mild disappointment if you were so inclined. I think he will have a few seasons at his peak where he is .320/.380/.500, and a few more like his 2017. Conforto is incredibly volatile now until we see how he recovers from shoulder surgery. It's a traumatic injury and can have serious long term effects.

Geoff (Denver): Is Brandon Nimmo kind of really interesting?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I am getting a lot of Nimmo questions recently, both on twitter and the pod. I think this good outcome here is a useful role 45, platoon/fourth outfielder that won't kill you when pressed into starting. He is striking out 30% of the time and has a .554 OPS against lefties. That's not really a medium term starter without more game power than he has shown throughout his career. There is still some downside risk that without his shiny .380 BABIP he turns into Kirk Nieuwenhuis.

Panic filled Pirates fan (Pittsburg ): Time for serious panic with Tyler Glasnow? I mean you just watch the post game videos and hes in tears almost.

Jeffrey Paternostro: I am writing about our top five pitching prospects from last years list soon (Spoiler alert: It was not my finest work), but I think they just need to let Glasnow loose in the pen and see if they have an effective fireman/late inning arm here.

Mark Reilly (Reno): While Dansby Swanson has hit better since his return from the minors, it hasn't been a good year. One kind of player should the Braves expect going forward?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Man, I thought Swanson was about the safest bet of the 101 this year with the broad base of skills. Can be a thin line between a 4 hit and 6 hit against major league arms though. Albies turning into poor man's Jose Ramirez might encourage the Braves to be a little less patient with Swanson at short, but I think there's still a solid regular in there.

Rusty (Colorado): Wander Javier the real deal? Is he going to be one of the top SS prospects real soon?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Yep. Although there is a shot he ends up one of the top 3B prospects instead. Stick will play anywhere.

Chris B (St. Louis, MI): It seems like Wilson and I share similar tastes in fantasy baseball assets. In his 2018 dynasty targets post, he highlighted several potential breakout names. Of these three, who will I regret not owning in 2018? Wander Javier, Jesus Luzardo, Nolan Jones.

Jeffrey Paternostro: The Nolan Jones reports from the Penn were...intriguing. Javier probably has a little more upside though if that is your thing. Love the Jesus Lizard, but the stuff isn't so good that I'd take him over the bats yet.

Samuel (ATL): Is Luiz Gohara in the Braves rotation to start the year? Should he be?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Yeah why not. They probably need another year to sort out the pitching prospects before they go for it, might as well see if Gohara can stick in the rotation. I don't know if he finishes the season there mind you.

matzabal (CO): I managed to grab 3 studs at 3B on my keeper team, and really only have room to keep 2 next season as we only have one Util spot. It's an OBP league, where you add $10 to the keepers, so I'll get each guy for $11 next year, $21 the next, etc. How do you rank Rafael Devers, Anthony Rendon and Miguel Sano?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I think Rendon is the easy call here. Established major leaguer entering his peak, looks just like Handsome Rusev. What's not to like? Devers and Sano are both my large Dominican adult sons, and the OBP factor helps Sano, but he's likely not a long term third baseman, the body is a becoming an issue, and he's yet to play 120 games in a season. I'd take Devers if pressed, but it's well within the fudge factor.

Max (SD): Fernando Tatis Jr - top 5 prospect next year?

Jeffrey Paternostro: If you mean for the 2018 list, that's a little rich for me (though he won't be much further down). For 2019, sure.

Dexter (Ny): What does one make of Amed Rosario thus far

Jeffrey Paternostro: He's been more or less what I expected, maybe a bit rawer on both sides of the ball. He'll have to tame the approach, but I think it comes together eventually and he's an all-star level shortstop.

JP (KC): What can we expect from Lewin Diaz next year? Is he someone that can improve his hit tool enough to tap into that raw power in games and break out next season?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Getting out of the Midwest League will help (and he didn't lack for doubles), the raw power is huge and he's a good enough hitter he shouldn't have to sell out for it. I'm a tough sell on first-base only guys, but he's a breakout candidate.

JR (New Hampshire): Have you noticed how well the Blue Jays 2017 pitching draft class performed in their first taste of pro ball? Most of them, from the first to the last round, had ERAs under 2.00, WHIPs under 1.00, and K/9 over 9.0. I know it's way too early to jump to any conclusions, but was there any change in draft philosophy for the Blue Jays, or a change in development approach? Or just luck (so far)? Do any of the later round picks stand out as sleepers?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I wouldn't get too excited about Day 2 guys beating up short-season, but Nate Pearson is legit. Steve wouldn't shut up about him.

JW (Petesville): Is it irresponsible for me to arbitrarily give prospects, say, a 10-20% boost in power projections once they hit the majors? A lot of guys are coming in and absolutely smashing power projections. With evidence of a different ball, I wonder if it's time we adjust our expectations once prospects hit the show.

Jeffrey Paternostro: You can do that. I can't really let that leak into the way we evaluate guys. The scale doesn't really change due to park effects or even "league effects" let's say. Maybe it should, but I think you still have to deal with guys on a case by case basis.

Pat (Atlanta): Is Kolby Allard's curveball going to be a good enough swing and miss pitch to help him become a 2 or 3 or do you project him lower than that because he doesn't have elite velocity?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I think Allard is a pretty safe 3 as these things go. (Also, he's a pitcher and what not). Jarrett wrote about it this year w/r/t Wentz, but there is so much velocity in baseball now guys that are just low-90s with a good overall package gets underrated.

nschaef (NYC): Robin Ventura

Jeffrey Paternostro: I called this when a bunch of BP folks were walking around Boston before Saberseminar. It's too obvious a Wilpon pick.

Mark (Nj): I have no idea what to make of Dom Smith. So, as many scouts have said, the power definitely exists? Do you think he can find a way to mix in that hit tool that many believe he have to round out his offensive profile?

Jeffrey Paternostro: He would show 55-60 raw in BP at times (especially in the upper minors), it just never played in games because of the approach. He's been selling out to lift and pull and doesn't really have the bat speed to do that, so you get his 2017 major league stint. If he wants to make this work the pitch rec will have to get better. I think he is better than he's been, (which is basically first base Rougie Odor), but I don't think he can be the presumptive 2018 1B if you have designs on catching the Nats.

Riley (mets): So what does a Jacob Degrom extension look like? Does 5 yrs 75mil get it done?

Jeffrey Paternostro: So deGrom has three years of arb left at Super 2. He might easily get 35m just in arb, and as we have seen the Mets are not inclined to non-tender their young pitchers. They really should have done this before the 2016 season when he was fishing around for it. I think he'd want 6 years and more AAV on the FA buyout years now. At least I would if I was his agent. 6/110 maybe? Mets should still do that. They aren't replacing him at less than twice that.

AJ (Providence): Would Seth Romero be a top-100 prospects without the character concerns? How good is his stuff?

Jeffrey Paternostro: The reports from the Penn were good and he didn't punch anyone. If you think he's a presumptive top 10 or 15 pick on merit, that's about a Top 101 guy.

gabe (NC): Florial seems to be gaining even more momentum after the season has ended. Is he someone that could shoot up rankings this off-season

Jeffrey Paternostro: Yankees list is early so we've already been discussing him. The answer to your question is yes.

Rex (Oxford): The reports on Hunter Harvey have been really good since returning, does he regain top 50 prospect status if he remains healthy?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I am going to need a few years of him being healthy before I predict him to remain healthy. Since he has to be added to the 40 this year, I don't think he will still be prospect-eligible by that point.

stevensypa (NY): Can you change Peter Alonso's info page from "Pete Alonso" to "Peter Alonso" please? It causes me Cornette-level annoyance

Jeffrey Paternostro: I need to get Craig to change it to Arquimedez first.

Jesus (Nazareth): Purely Fantasy purposes. top 5. Acuna, Eloy, Robles, Tebow, Rodgers??....or is it a bit of a stretch on Rodgers

Jeffrey Paternostro: Man I don't know what to do with Rodgers. He didn't show great for me, and had a couple minor injuries. Wilson saw him very good in the Cal, but I would probably slot in Vladito and Gleyber as fantasy assets first anyway.

Evan (Peninsula): Is odor really a .210-.230 hitter? i thought he had so much more in him batting wise when he came up.

Jeffrey Paternostro: It's probably a blip to a certain extent. Still only 23. I'm cautiously optimistic

A.H (Rado): any thoughts on rockies Garret Hampson?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Wilson liked him a lot in the Cal, sees an above-average glove and a Grindy McGrinderson offensive profile at second base.

Freddie (Akron): here comes the obligatory question...Can you name a few low level prospects that you can see flying up the ranking next season. Wander Javier seems to be a popular name at the moment

Jeffrey Paternostro: Did Gleeman all send you in here with Wander Javier questions?

We are doing a low minors sleeper for each team this year, but some of the bigger names that have come up so far.

Luis Medina, Matt Sauer (NYY)
Ronaldo Hernandez, Resly Linares (TBR)
Francisco Morales (PHI)

About 10 different Padres

Lazarito (OAK)
Seuly Matias (KCR)

Ed (Cleveland): Does Buxton put it all together next year, if so what kind of line is realistic? .265 20hr/35 SB? or is tha too low

Jeffrey Paternostro: Seriously, did Aaron tweet something?

Ike (Falls): Should we be worried at all about Maitan? the stat line was not pretty, what are people around the league saying about his potential, same? Sure is bigger already than i expected

Jeffrey Paternostro: There is a lot of Maitan stuff on the Braves list even past his capsule, and I think it's important to remember he is still 17, but the early reports have been more muted, yes.

Ike (Falls): I know its hard to project what could have been, but if Juan Soto would have been healthy, could he be up there with the Eloy's of the world. His hit & power combo seems as advanced for his age as i can remember the past few years

Jeffrey Paternostro: Yep.

Eric (Brooklyn): I know this wasn't a great year for the Mets farm, but they have two guys who barely graduated (one who would be a top 3 prospect, another who'd be a top 75ish prospect). Plus, Gimenez is a top 100 guy and its not impossible for David Peterson to end up on a few top 100s. Possible that the young talent in the system isn't necessarily as bleak as portrayed on the podcast?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Sure, the 25U list will be stacked even with the uncertainty around Conforto and to a lesser extent Syndergaard, but there isn't much help coming soon from the farm proper.

Dexter (Sam): Does Juan Lagares have positive trade value? He's owed 15 over the next two years with a 9mil club option? It would make too much sense to trade him and sign Cain, right??

Jeffrey Paternostro: That's not egregious for a good fourth outfielder, but I don't know that there's surplus value or whatever it is the kids say. Also not positive he hits enough or stays healthy enough to be a *good* fourth outfielder. At least not one you want to commit two years to.

rex (oxford): Hunter Harvey or Mitchell White?

Jeffrey Paternostro: White has "worse-than-average" pitching prospect durability concerns. Harvey has "thrown 30 innings since 2014."

JR (New Hampshire): Keston Hiura or Heliot Ramos?

Jeffrey Paternostro: My two personal favorite (not most highly-ranked) guys from the last draft class. Hiura is the better prospect for now, but the Ramos reports have been eye-catching.

Ceej (Pittsburgh): Think Vlad can force his way to Toronto next year like Devers did as a one final push with the current team?

Jeffrey Paternostro: It's possible, but the Devers situation was borne partially out of necessity. Vladito may be capable to force the issue, but I think the Jays will be a little more patient with him.

eric (los angeles): Any thoughts on Brent Rooker? Put up good numbers but people seem to not be buying it...

Jeffrey Paternostro: He's been a uh, divisive figure in our early team discussions. I tend to be a tough sell on R/R corner guys.

Carson (Cape Cod): If Alonso turns into a 130 OPS+ guy will anyone be that surprised?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Would I be surprised if he turns into Jose Abreu? Yes, yes I would.

Ol Hoss (Tempe): Do the Angels have any other high upside prospects besides, Adell, Jones and Marsh?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I'm gonna level with you Hoss. I don't have to dig in that deeply there for another couple months, so I'm not gonna.

Lougle (Queens): Who leaked the information in the story and why? This is Dolan-esque dysfunction (maybe it always has been).

Jeffrey Paternostro: It always has been. This happened with Art Howe, R.A. Dickey, Cespedes, Ike Davis, Justin Turner, Wally Backman, Luis Castillo, Jose Reyes (the first time). Probably another dozen guys I'm forgetting.

They leaked it to basically give Fred no choice but to sign off. Poisoned the well.

Isaac (Hampton): Did the young group of SS between Miguelangel sierra, Anderson tejada, Adrian rondon and derian Cruz all disappoint. Any Hope?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I liked Tejeda fine when I saw him. The reports on the others haven't been great. Still too early to give up on them, I think especially Cruz.

Philip (San Diego): Assuming Gore and Tatis are the Padres top 2 prospects, who do you personally have at 3?

Jeffrey Paternostro: You could make a case for Morejon, Quantrill, Baez, maybe Urias.

Lyle (Chicago): I've read not to be alarmed at Justin Dunn's seemingly disappointing season and that it's not crazy for a pop up arm who was stretched out in his final year of college to struggle in his first full season of pro ball. Your take? Stock way down, or no?

Jeffrey Paternostro: The problem is the pop-up doesn't always stick. Not sure that is what is happening here yet, but there was always a probably reliever outcome and we saw probably 15 of his starts. It wasn't good, especially the control/command, so stock has to be down.

matzabal (CO): In 2015 the Indians took 5 starters: Brady Aiken, Triston McKenzie, Juan Hillman, Matt Esparza and Brock Hartson. Triston looks like a future top 3 starter, but how would you rank the other 4? Is it possible Esparza or Hartson has passed Aiken and Hillman or am I overreacting to Aiken and Hillman's poor seasons given their age?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I mean maybe Aiken? But none of those three guys are really *prospects* at the moment. I will be one of the last guys to give up on Hillman, but it was not good this year.

Jeff (Milwaukee): Daniel Brito got a lot of hype early this year, but struggled throughout the year. Have you received any positive reports on him recently?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Saw him late in the year and he looked gassed. He's a skinny dude. I don't think it radically changed my opinion on him. Maybe a little more cautious until he holds up for a whole year, but there's significant offensive upside, and he's a good enough 2B that he could play SS for most A-ball teams.

Behemoth (Scotland): What are your thoughts on Jorge Mateo after his season of two halves?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Kate Morrison said he still looked pretty much like Jorge Mateo in her late season look and that jibes with what I have heard generally.

Sammy (PSL): Amed Rosario: When he was in the minors, most scouts slapped a 6 run on him, some would occasionally give him a 7. But the dude is a pure 8 runner- how come we never heard about this until we saw this guy run in the majors?

Jeffrey Paternostro: He was a 50-55 for me until literally last year when we started getting the 8 reports. Basically he worked out for the first time in his life, and the Mets have a football style offseason training regimen with Barwis and those gains are less uncommon for 20 year old college football players.

Scottie (Mmmmmm): Should Kingery open up in Philly next season. is an early years Kipnis a good comp?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I assume he will get at least the month to preserve service time, past that depends on if the Phillies open a spot in the offseason. Kipnis isn't a bad comp per se, but I don't think he'll be quite as good as peak Kipnis or as bad as bad Kipnis.

Xavier (Danbury): On a scale of 1 to furious, how ridiculous is it for Dave Cameron to say that Amed Rosario is a marginally better version of Orlando Arcia and Met fans should be pleased with that.

Jeffrey Paternostro: Isn't Eric still doing chats over there?

Nolan (WI): Is Brett Phillips anything more than an solid defense-first 4th OF in the bigs?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I think he'll be good enough to start most years, but it's a volatile profile.

Aaron Gleeman (Minnesota ): I'm not the one asking all the Wander Javier questions, but I am curious about what you think his upside might be.

Jeffrey Paternostro: Guess I should probably field this one.

The fact that he's actualized some of the tools so quickly is good. I don't know if there's one standout tool here that carries him to stardom, but the reasonable good outcome here is a role 6 on the left side of the infield that contributes with above-average offensive tools. Toolsy 18-year-old shortstops can go in a lot of different directions generally in terms of shape of production (Rosario is a good example of this, he ended up a very different type of player than his Appy league "good" projection")

Freddie (Akron): Any more details on seuly Maria's. Hard to find much out there on him...and lazarito, shockingly for as much type as he once had

Jeffrey Paternostro: Uncle Jack blew up my Slack DMs after one Seuly batting practice session. And he is generally conservative with short-season guys.

Cole Whittier (Pasadena, CA): Who will have the better career, Ryan McMahon or Dom Smith? What grades would you give their hit & power tools?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I thought McMahon made large strides this year. Looked much more comfortable at the plate, was able to let his power play to all fields more. I guess there's an implicit question on if Dom's hit and power grades have changed based on his approach tweaks. He does appear to be sacrificing hit to get more of the raw power into games, which is not how we normally think of it.

Anyway, guess I should answer the question. I think McMahon's defensive flexibility gives him a little edge here, or at least a higher floor. I had McMahon as 45/55 this year, and Smith as 55/50 coming into the season.

Ed (not Cleveland): Any way that Sherfy opens 2018 as arizonas closer...last closer question, i promise

Jeffrey Paternostro: Would imagine it is Bradley's job to lose unless they hire Wilson Karaman.

Freddie (Akron): Wow on seuly. Matias > Pache > lazarito?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Matias is the most likely to make the 101, yes.

Cadi B (NY): Desmond Lindsay *face palm*

Jeffrey Paternostro: Health is a skill. He does have other skills though. I'm still a fan, but he really, really needs to stay on the field for a full season in 2018

Jordan (Dakota): Now that Jorge Polanco is hitting, is Nick Gordon a future 2B or does he take short and Polanco shifts to 2B? Are we looking at a future infield of Polanco/Gordon up the middle and Wander Javier at third? And how far off might we see that?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Jorge Polanco is a useful player, but not the kind of guy that blocks your top position player prospects.

Dyson (Seattle): Lagares seems like the epitome of a Dipoto guy? Who from the mariners org would it take for Alderson to trade him?

Jeffrey Paternostro: The Mets only trade for RH relievers now, so Thiago Viera I guess.

Brandon (San Fransisco): What do you take away from Brinson's season where his hit poorly in the majors and crushed in the minors?

Jeffrey Paternostro: It was only 47 PA, and the rest came in Colorado Springs, so good luck parsing that. I don't think he isn't a radically different prospect. Always a bit of boom or bust, and was always going to need adjustment time at the highest level. Brewers obviously couldn't give him that in a playoff race. Check back in 2018 I guess.

Ike (Falls): lists seemed to be somewhat divisive on Tatis Jr. some have him near top 10 status, others as fringe top 50. Any reason that you can think of such as a whole in his swing that readers can't see?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I can't really speak to other sources' views. Our team got a lot of Tatis looks throughout the year and he progressed a bunch over the Summer, so I suppose it could depend on when your reports are from.

Connor (MA): Plus-plus glove 3B always interest me, as Matt Chapman did. Any of those besides Hayes to keep an eye on?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Is Hayes a 7? We like the glove a lot, but our reports have generally been more in the plus range. Which is the problem here, there just aren't that many 7 gloves in the minors. And some of your future plus third base gloves are playing SS today.

Knocked out Popular Problems and Songs From a Room. Moving on to my favorite Cohen album, Songs of Love and Hate

Bryce (NJ): Does Gavin Cecchini have marginal value in a trade? On the topic of MI, what would it take for the mets to put together a package for Dee Gordon? Does Cecchini, Lindsay and Uceta get it done? Is that something the Mets would do?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I don't think it's enough. Anyway, they have a ton of MI options and Dee Gordon represents an upgrade over them...probably, but not a significant enough one for the package it would take. Focus really should be on 3B, OF, pitching

RJ (nj): I can't believe I'm saying this, but is it time to talk about Kevin Plawecki? 133 wRC+ in the second half. It's not impossible to think he's finally put it all together, right? Catchers are weird...

Jeffrey Paternostro: So while I will confess to not watching all that much late season Mets baseball as I get generally less masochistic in my 30s, Plawecki's swing does look a little shorter and the bat a little quicker. More like the guy I saw in the minors. September stats lie of course, but if he is even a 4 hitter now, he'll have a ten-year career based on the other stuff he does well.

JR (New Hampshire): What's your intent on the "Others of Note" section of your top 10 lists? What type of players do you like to highlight? Does it usually contain players 11-15 in the system?

Jeffrey Paternostro: So we are actually changing this year and just doing the next ten ordinal. Others of note tended to confuse the reader and lead to a lot of "what about (this dude)" comments.

Joser (Louisville): Any recent J2 signees that you're particularly hyped about from a fantasy perspective? How long does it typically take for us to figure out if they're real prospects? The end of the year after they signed (i.e., this time next year for Daniel Flores)?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I tend to not worry about these guys too much until there are stateside reports. Some you know very quickly, others pop up years later. Some that pop up quickly stagnate. I don't think there is a hard and fast rule, past the *elite* guys usually pop quickly.

ironcityguys (home): I haven't followed the entire chat and am trying to slip this question in. Feelings on Matz' comeback for next year? With Gsellman's September, is there hope he can be a solid 200 IP/#3 pitcher?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Iron City Guys, you may be shocked to learn that I am still holding out hope for Robert Gsellman.

I'd like to tell you that the ulnar nerve issue was the only issue here, and with that corrected Matz can go back to being 2015/16 Matz, but even that guy wasn't too durable.

Ed (Cleveland): Colton Welker a product of ashville, or someone to keep an eye on? Also, any news on Daniel Montano, I thought he was going to have a big season. Thanks for the chat!

Jeffrey Paternostro: He's right-handed so he has "only" the elevation going for him. Hit fine away from home and the reports were good as well. Easy top ten guy in that system.

Don't have anything in particular on Montano. Again, most of these guys in the foreign complexes don't hit my radar unless the reports are huge.

Brett (Hoboken): Were David Peterson and Mark Vientos both steals. Also, can you talk a little bit about Villenes?

Jeffrey Paternostro: I wouldn't call them "steals." Good value at both slots for sure. Villines is a senior-sign sidearmer, good athlete, good change-up, plus command. If he finds a consistent slider could be a very nice relief piece. Think he's a MLBer regardless which I don't say about most of this type.

Cole Whittier (Pasadena, CA): Is Franklin Barreto still a top prospect or is his K rate worrying? Still only 21 though! Give us some insight.

Jeffrey Paternostro: Can't it be both? We're going to be a little down on Barreto I think, but he's also a guy I'm gonna have to dig into more when it comes to A's list/101 finalizing. It looked bad in the majors although there were also flashes of what he could be.

Ed (Cleveland): Any chance Tyler Nevin becomes another 2nd generation breakout, or is he all name recognition and a minor league Colorado stat hope

Jeffrey Paternostro: He certainly has time and potentially solid offensive tools. Gonna be a tough road if he can't stick at third though.

Jeff (Milwaukee): I'm trying to stay positive about Delvin Perez. Are you able to help me out there?

Jeffrey Paternostro: Our team looks have not been encouraging, tools are still there though. And tools play as the adage goes.

Rowdy (Binghamton): What grade does Luis Guillorme's defense at second base get? Shortstop? If he's 'gold glove quality' at either, how high of an OBP would he need to stick as a starter? (Assuming he doesn't change his slap-heavy approach drastically)

Jeffrey Paternostro: He might legit be an 8 2B. Takes some pressure off his arm, and he's very very good around the bag generally. The problem is the comp for this profile is all like 1970s players. He's out of a different era. I tried to shoehorn a Luis Castillo comp on the pod, but he isn't going to beat out the extra 20 bunts and infield hits a year. He's have to be like .270/.340/.320. That with +10 glove at 2B is a starter, if one you are always trying to upgrade.

Jeffrey Paternostro: Okay, that's 69 questions in the books. Seems like an on brand place to stop. We'll be doing these more often throughout list season, so I will eventually get to all of your Wander Javier questions.

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