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2018 Projections (Rest of Season Projections - seasonal age 34)
6.0 4.31 1.34 5 0 0 0 0.0
Birth Date12-27-1983
Height6' 4"
Weight205 lbs
Age34 years, 8 months, 27 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

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2006 PHI MLB 23 23 132.3 9 8 0 117 48 145 19 .265 96 8.0 3.3 1.3 9.9 42% .286 .252 1.25 3.93 4.08 71 3.24 66.0 3.7
2007 PHI MLB 28 28 183.3 15 5 0 163 43 177 25 .254 103 8.0 2.1 1.2 8.7 44% .279 .231 1.12 3.76 3.39 69 2.61 54.1 6.3
2008 PHI MLB 33 33 227.3 14 10 0 193 53 196 28 .261 98 7.6 2.1 1.1 7.8 41% .260 .224 1.08 3.69 3.09 86 3.12 66.5 6.2
2009 PHI MLB 32 32 193.7 10 11 0 206 43 168 24 .255 97 9.6 2.0 1.1 7.8 44% .317 .258 1.29 3.67 4.32 81 3.52 75.5 4.4
2010 PHI MLB 33 33 208.7 12 11 0 185 61 211 26 .265 92 8.0 2.6 1.1 9.1 47% .289 .247 1.18 3.69 3.06 83 3.25 73.3 4.9
2011 PHI MLB 32 31 216.0 14 9 0 169 44 194 19 .255 92 7.0 1.8 0.8 8.1 55% .255 .220 0.99 3.01 2.79 74 2.56 59.5 6.4
2012 PHI MLB 31 31 215.3 17 6 0 190 52 216 24 .254 100 7.9 2.2 1.0 9.0 44% .290 .239 1.12 3.34 3.05 78 2.78 63.8 6.1
2013 PHI MLB 33 33 220.0 8 14 0 205 50 202 21 .249 105 8.4 2.0 0.9 8.3 45% .295 .246 1.16 3.23 3.60 86 3.13 74.9 4.8
2014 PHI MLB 30 30 204.7 9 9 0 176 59 198 14 .254 96 7.7 2.6 0.6 8.7 49% .295 .242 1.15 3.03 2.46 81 2.88 70.6 4.9
2015 PHI 0 20 20 128.7 6 7 0 113 39 137 12 .254 100 7.9 2.7 0.8 9.6 51% .294 .239 1.18 3.29 3.64 88 3.18 74.3 2.9
2015 TEX 0 12 12 83.7 7 1 0 77 23 78 10 .267 104 8.3 2.5 1.1 8.4 48% .294 .250 1.20 3.76 3.66 91 3.46 80.9 1.6
2016 TEX MLB 32 32 200.7 15 5 0 185 77 200 24 .259 107 8.3 3.5 1.1 9.0 50% .299 .243 1.31 3.93 3.32 93 4.19 92.8 2.7
2017 TEX MLB 24 24 148.0 11 6 0 125 53 105 18 .261 111 7.6 3.2 1.1 6.4 48% .251 .235 1.20 4.59 4.20 115 5.47 116.4 0.2
2018 CHN 0 10 10 63.3 4 1 0 53 19 59 5 .259 100 7.5 2.7 0.7 8.4 50% .296 .232 1.14 3.42 2.42 95 4.14 92.4 0.9
2018 TEX 0 20 20 114.3 5 9 0 115 42 114 23 .264 108 9.1 3.3 1.8 9.0 45% .296 .282 1.37 5.22 4.72 110 5.92 132.2 -0.8
2015 TOT MLB 32 32 212.3 13 8 0 190 62 215 22 .259 101 8.1 2.6 0.9 9.1 50% .294 .243 1.19 3.47 3.65 89 3.29 76.9 4.5
2018 TOT MLB 30 30 177.7 9 10 0 168 61 173 28 .262 106 8.5 3.1 1.4 8.8 47% .296 .265 1.29 4.58 3.90 105 5.28 118.0 0.1

Statistics for All Levels

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2003 LWD A 13 13 74.7 6 1 0 32 25 115 0 .000 3.9 3.0 0.0 13.9 0% .256 .000 0.76 1.19 0.84 0 0.00 0.0
2003 CLR A+ 5 5 26.3 0 2 0 29 14 32 0 .000 9.9 4.8 0.0 11.0 0% .426 .000 1.63 2.33 2.74 0 0.00 0.0
2004 CLR A+ 4 4 16.0 1 0 0 10 4 24 0 .000 5.6 2.2 0.0 13.5 0% .312 .000 0.88 1.16 1.12 0 0.00 0.0
2005 CLR A+ 3 3 16.0 2 0 0 7 7 18 0 .000 3.9 3.9 0.0 10.1 0% -.280 .000 0.88 2.51 2.25 0 0.00 0.0
2005 REA AA 3 3 19.0 2 0 0 10 12 19 2 .267 73 4.7 5.7 0.9 9.0 42% .186 .219 1.16 4.57 2.37 110 5.26 105.2
2006 PHI MLB 23 23 132.3 9 8 0 117 48 145 19 .265 96 8.0 3.3 1.3 9.9 42% .286 .252 1.25 3.93 4.08 71 3.24 66.0
2006 LWD A 1 1 5.1 0 0 0 3 2 3 1 .270 89 5.3 3.5 1.8 5.3 50% .154 .176 0.98 5.85 1.76 100 4.33 101.4
2006 CLR A+ 4 4 20.0 1 1 0 16 9 29 0 .250 82 7.2 4.0 0.0 13.1 50% .333 .186 1.25 1.69 1.80 77 0.00 0.0
2006 SWB AAA 3 3 23.0 2 0 0 10 1 36 0 .231 52 3.9 0.4 0.0 14.1 33% .333 .122 0.48 0.07 0.39 25 0.79 63.9
2007 PHI MLB 28 28 183.3 15 5 0 163 43 177 25 .254 103 8.0 2.1 1.2 8.7 44% .279 .231 1.12 3.76 3.39 69 2.61 54.1
2008 PHI MLB 33 33 227.3 14 10 0 193 53 196 28 .261 98 7.6 2.1 1.1 7.8 41% .260 .224 1.08 3.69 3.09 86 3.12 66.5
2009 PHI MLB 32 32 193.7 10 11 0 206 43 168 24 .255 97 9.6 2.0 1.1 7.8 44% .317 .258 1.29 3.67 4.32 81 3.52 75.5
2010 PHI MLB 33 33 208.7 12 11 0 185 61 211 26 .265 92 8.0 2.6 1.1 9.1 47% .289 .247 1.18 3.69 3.06 83 3.25 73.3
2011 PHI MLB 32 31 216.0 14 9 0 169 44 194 19 .255 92 7.0 1.8 0.8 8.1 55% .255 .220 0.99 3.01 2.79 74 2.56 59.5
2012 PHI MLB 31 31 215.3 17 6 0 190 52 216 24 .254 100 7.9 2.2 1.0 9.0 44% .290 .239 1.12 3.34 3.05 78 2.78 63.8
2013 PHI MLB 33 33 220.0 8 14 0 205 50 202 21 .249 105 8.4 2.0 0.9 8.3 45% .295 .246 1.16 3.23 3.60 86 3.13 74.9
2014 PHI MLB 30 30 204.7 9 9 0 176 59 198 14 .254 96 7.7 2.6 0.6 8.7 49% .295 .242 1.15 3.03 2.46 81 2.88 70.6
2014 CLR A+ 3 3 17.0 0 1 0 12 1 12 3 .254 99 6.4 0.5 1.6 6.4 67% .214 .205 0.76 4.62 2.12 82 2.13 48.8
2015 PHI MLB 20 20 128.7 6 7 0 113 39 137 12 .254 100 7.9 2.7 0.8 9.6 51% .294 .239 1.18 3.29 3.64 88 3.18 74.3
2015 TEX MLB 12 12 83.7 7 1 0 77 23 78 10 .267 104 8.3 2.5 1.1 8.4 48% .294 .250 1.20 3.76 3.66 91 3.46 80.9
2016 TEX MLB 32 32 200.7 15 5 0 185 77 200 24 .259 107 8.3 3.5 1.1 9.0 50% .299 .243 1.31 3.93 3.32 93 4.19 92.8
2017 TEX MLB 24 24 148.0 11 6 0 125 53 105 18 .261 111 7.6 3.2 1.1 6.4 48% .251 .235 1.20 4.59 4.20 115 5.47 116.4
2017 FRI AA 2 2 8.7 1 0 0 3 2 8 1 .262 100 3.1 2.1 1.0 8.3 50% .105 .135 0.58 3.66 1.04 93 3.56 80.0
2018 CHN MLB 10 10 63.3 4 1 0 53 19 59 5 .259 100 7.5 2.7 0.7 8.4 50% .296 .232 1.14 3.42 2.42 95 4.14 92.4
2018 TEX MLB 20 20 114.3 5 9 0 115 42 114 23 .264 108 9.1 3.3 1.8 9.0 45% .296 .282 1.37 5.22 4.72 110 5.92 132.2

Plate Discipline

2008 3349 0.5181 0.4957 0.7572 0.6357 0.3451 0.8169 0.6391 0.2428
2009 3083 0.5122 0.4836 0.7418 0.6276 0.3324 0.7689 0.6880 0.2582
2010 3324 0.5153 0.4753 0.7228 0.6375 0.3029 0.8077 0.5328 0.2772
2011 3122 0.5061 0.4654 0.7343 0.6000 0.3275 0.8312 0.5525 0.2657
2012 3291 0.4777 0.4859 0.7161 0.6368 0.3479 0.8132 0.5535 0.2839
2013 3405 0.4960 0.5104 0.7417 0.6542 0.3689 0.8235 0.5987 0.2583
2014 3124 0.4987 0.4939 0.7239 0.6540 0.3346 0.8037 0.5687 0.2761
2015 3322 0.4759 0.4985 0.7132 0.6660 0.3464 0.8338 0.5025 0.2868
2016 3239 0.4449 0.4819 0.7290 0.6627 0.3370 0.8450 0.5462 0.2710
2017 2315 0.4622 0.4635 0.7838 0.6664 0.2892 0.8822 0.5889 0.2162
2018 2846 0.4483 0.4747 0.7306 0.6560 0.3274 0.8387 0.5545 0.2694

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation
2014-04-30 2014-05-06 DTD 6 4 - General Medical Illness - -
2014-03-21 2014-04-23 15-DL 33 20 - Not Disclosed - -
2014-02-12 2014-03-21 Camp 37 0 Left Shoulder Tendonitis - -
2012-08-24 2012-09-02 DTD 9 8 - General Medical Illness - -
2011-10-14 2011-10-14 Off 0 0 Left Elbow Surgery Loose Bodies 2011-10-14 -
2011-10-14 2011-10-14 Off 0 0 - Surgery Sports Hernia 2011-10-14 -
2011-08-13 2011-08-29 15-DL 16 11 Left Shoulder Inflammation - -
2011-06-30 2011-06-30 DTD 0 0 Right Wrist Contusion with Laceration From Batted Ball -
2009-04-29 2009-05-08 DTD 9 7 Left Ankle Sprain -
2009-04-23 2009-04-23 DTD 0 0 Left Shoulder Contusion -
2009-03-10 2009-04-04 Camp 25 0 Left Elbow Inflammation Posterior Lateral -
2007-08-17 2007-09-18 15-DL 32 30 Left Elbow Sprain Mild Ulnar Collateral Ligament -
2006-08-24 2006-08-24 DTD 0 0 Left Fingers Laceration Index Finger -
2006-07-29 2006-07-29 DTD 0 0 Left Knee Contusion Batted Ball -
2006-05-19 2006-06-06 15-DL 18 17 Left Shoulder Strain -
2006-02-03 2006-03-15 Camp 40 0 - Low Back Degenerative Disc Disease Degenerative Disc Disease -
2005-07-20 2005-09-11 Minors 53 45 - Low Back Soreness Degenerative Disc Disease -
2005-04-05 2005-06-21 Minors 77 70 Left Hand Recovery From Surgery 5th Metacarpal Fracture 2005-02-03
2005-01-28 2005-01-28 Minors 0 0 Left Hand Surgery 5th Metacarpal Fracture 2005-02-03
2004-07-01 2004-09-05 Minors 66 0 Left Elbow Inflammation -
2004-04-08 2004-05-18 Minors 40 0 Left Elbow Inflammation Tendonitis -
2003-10-10 2003-10-10 Minors 0 0 - Low Back Spasms -
2000-07-01 2000-07-01 HS 0 0 Left Arm Surgery Broken Humerus While Pitching - -


Year Team Salary
2019 TEX $6,000,000
2018 PHI $2,500,000
2018 TEX $20,000,000
2017 TEX $22,500,000
2016 PHI $7,000,000
2016 TEX $15,500,000
2015 PHI $24,500,000
2014 PHI $24,500,000
2013 PHI $21,500,000
2012 PHI $15,000,000
2011 PHI $9,500,000
2010 PHI $6,650,000
2009 PHI $4,350,000
2008 PHI $500,000
2007 PHI $400,000
11 yrPrevious$151,900,000
12 yrPvs + Cur$174,400,000
1 yrFuture$6,000,000
13 yrTotal$180,400,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
11 y 143 dJohn Boggs6 years/$144M (2013-18), 2019 option

  • 6 years/$144M (2013-18), plus 2019 option. Signed extension with Philadelphia 7/25/12. $6M signing bonus. 13:$19.5M, 14:$22.5M, 15:$22.5M, 16:$22.5M, 17:$22.5M, 18:$22.5M, 19:$20M club option ($6M buyout). 2019 option guaranteed at $24M if Hamels 1) has 400 IP in 2017-18, including 200 IP in 2018 and 2) is not on the disabled list with an elbow or shoulder injury at the end of the 2018 season. At signing, second-largest contract ever for a pitcher. Limited no-trade protection allowing Hamels to block trades to 20 clubs each season. For 2014, may block deals to all clubs except Atlanta, Boston, LA Angels, LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, San Diego, St. Louis, Texas and Washington. For 2015, may block deals to all clubs except Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, NY Mets, NY Yankees, St. Louis, San Diego, Texas and Washington. For 2017, may block deals to all clubs except Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, Houston, NY Mets, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Washington. Acquired by Texas in trade from Philadelphia 7/29/15 with Phillies assuming responsibility for $9.5M ($7M in 2016 and $2.5M in 2018) of the $81,737,704 remaining on Hamels' contract ($8,237,704 in 2015, $67.5M in 2016-18 salaries and $6M buyout). As part of the trade, Philadelphia also assumes responsibility for $32,759,562 remaining on Matt Harrison's contract. Acquired by Chicago Cubs in trade from Texas 7/27/18 with $13,862,903 remaining on contract ($7,862,903 in 2018 salary and $6M buyout for 2019). As part of the deal, Rangers pay Cubs $2,862,903. If Cubs decline option and pay $6M buyout, Rangers pay Cubs $6M.
  • 1 year/$15M (2012). Re-signed by Philadelphia 1/17/12 (avoided arbitration).
  • 3 years/$20.5M (2009-11). Signed extension with Philadelphia 1/18/09 (avoided arbitration). 09:$4.35M, 10:$6.65M, 11:$9.5M. Cy Young increases next year's base salary by $0.5M ($0.25M increase for 2nd/3rd in vote).
  • 1 year/$0.5M (2008). Renewed by Philadelphia 3/3/08.
  • 1 year/$0.4M (2007). Re-signed by Philadelphia 2/07.
  • 1 year (2006). Contract purchased by Philadelphia 5/06.
  • Drafted by Philadelphia 2002 (1-17) (Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego). $2M signing bonus.

2018 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 11.9 8.9 0 28 28 207.5 183 75 162 25 .265 1.24 3.90 3.96 32.4 3.5
80o 11.5 9.5 0 28 28 200.5 187 76 157 25 .276 1.31 4.22 4.32 25.4 2.8
70o 11.3 10 0 28 28 195.6 189 77 153 26 .283 1.36 4.47 4.58 20.4 2.2
60o 11.1 10.3 0 28 28 191.4 192 78 150 26 .290 1.41 4.68 4.8 16.2 1.8
50o 10.9 10.7 0 28 28 187.6 193 79 147 26 .296 1.45 4.88 5.01 12.2 1.3
40o 10.7 11.1 0 28 28 183.8 195 80 144 26 .302 1.49 5.08 5.23 8.0 0.9
30o 10.5 11.5 0 28 28 179.8 197 80 141 27 .309 1.54 5.29 5.46 3.5 0.4
20o 10.2 12 0 28 28 175.1 199 81 137 27 .316 1.60 5.55 5.73 -1.6 -0.2
10o 9.9 12.7 0 28 28 168.7 202 82 132 27 .327 1.68 5.91 6.12 -9.1 -1.0
Weighted Mean10.910.702828187.71927814726.2951.444.86512.41.3

Preseason Long-Term Forecast (Beyond the 2018 Projections)

Playing time estimates are based on performance, not Depth Charts.

Comparable Players (Similarity Index 79)

Rank Score Name Year Run Average Trend
1 91 Justin Verlander 2017 3.45
2 89 Chris Carpenter 2009 2.29
3 89 Ervin Santana 2017 3.62
4 89 Jason Schmidt 2007 7.01
5 88 Roy Oswalt 2012 6.25
6 87 Virgil Trucks 1951 4.69
7 87 Whitey Ford 1963 3.11
8 87 Adam Wainwright 2016 4.85
9 86 Andy Pettitte 2006 4.79
10 86 Hiroki Kuroda 2009 4.53
11 86 Warren Spahn 1955 3.67
12 86 Bob Gibson 1970 3.40
13 85 Gaylord Perry 1973 3.74
14 85 Johan Santana 2013 0.00 DNP
15 85 C.J. Wilson 2015 4.02
16 85 Tim Hudson 2010 2.91
17 84 J.A. Happ 2017 3.96
18 84 Roger Clemens 1997 2.22
19 83 Scott Feldman 2017 5.01
20 83 Jason Hammel 2017 5.44
21 82 Mike Cuellar 1971 3.42
22 82 James Shields 2016 6.04
23 81 Jimmy Key 1995 5.93
24 81 David Cone 1997 3.09
25 81 Steve Rogers 1984 4.89
26 81 Jason Vargas 2017 4.21
27 81 Pascual Perez 1991 3.18
28 81 Josh Beckett 2014 3.19
29 81 Gavin Floyd 2017 0.00 DNP
30 80 Cliff Lee 2013 3.11
31 80 Jorge De La Rosa 2015 4.41
32 80 Wandy Rodriguez 2013 3.73
33 80 Hisashi Iwakuma 2015 3.68
34 80 Vic Raschi 1953 3.48
35 80 Mark Buehrle 2013 4.42
36 79 Kevin Brown 1999 3.53
37 79 Roy Halladay 2011 2.50
38 79 Luis Tiant 1975 4.36 DNP
39 79 Bob Rush 1960 5.83
40 79 Tom Candiotti 1992 3.45
41 78 Kevin Millwood 2009 3.99
42 78 Erik Bedard 2013 4.95
43 78 Larry Jackson 1965 4.49
44 78 Jerry Reuss 1983 3.79
45 78 Scott Downs 2010 2.79
46 78 Braden Looper 2009 5.69
47 78 Ted Lilly 2010 3.86
48 78 Stu Miller 1962 4.79 DNP
49 78 Kyle Lohse 2013 3.53
50 77 Mark Langston 1995 4.90
51 77 Pedro Martinez 2006 4.82
52 77 CC Sabathia 2015 4.89
53 77 John Smoltz 2001 3.66
54 77 John Lackey 2013 3.76
55 76 Jeremy Guthrie 2013 4.17
56 76 Joe Dobson 1951 4.64
57 76 Doug Davis 2010 8.45
58 76 Juan Marichal 1972 4.47
59 76 Bob Lemon 1955 4.39
60 76 Ryan Dempster 2011 4.94
61 76 Cory Lidle 2006 5.27
62 76 Orlando Hernandez 2000 4.78
63 76 Jered Weaver 2017 8.72
64 75 Allie Reynolds 1951 3.50
65 75 Mike Garcia 1958 11.25
66 75 Jake Peavy 2015 3.66
67 75 Ron Reed 1977 2.97
68 75 Jeff Fassero 1997 4.15
69 75 Ricky Nolasco 2017 5.07
70 75 Bartolo Colon 2007 6.61
71 75 Jose Contreras 2006 4.59
72 75 Tom Seaver 1979 3.56
73 75 Sam Jones 1960 4.31
74 75 Bob Friend 1965 3.37
75 75 John Denny 1987 0.00 DNP
76 75 Ted Higuera 1992 0.00 DNP
77 74 Alfredo Simon 2015 5.40
78 74 Jarrod Washburn 2009 3.94
79 74 Bert Blyleven 1985 3.71
80 74 Phil Niekro 1973 3.78
81 74 Jake Westbrook 2012 4.38
82 74 Jim Perry 1970 3.55
83 74 Bill Swift 1996 5.89
84 74 Joel Pineiro 2013 0.00 DNP
85 73 Shaun Marcum 2016 0.00 DNP
86 73 Barry Zito 2012 4.44
87 73 A.J. Burnett 2011 5.44
88 73 Dick Donovan 1962 3.91 DNP
89 73 Esteban Loaiza 2006 5.35
90 73 Chuck Finley 1997 4.34
91 73 Bob Veale 1970 4.41
92 73 Jason Marquis 2013 4.67
93 73 John Thomson 2008 0.00 DNP
94 72 Bryn Smith 1990 5.09
95 72 Scott Schoeneweis 2008 3.65
96 72 Brad Radke 2007 0.00 DNP
97 72 Carlos Torres 2017 4.58
98 72 Derek Lowe 2007 4.52
99 72 Vicente Padilla 2012 4.68
100 72 Bronson Arroyo 2011 5.38


10 vs L (Multi) .223 .301 .329 .230
11 vs R (Multi) .245 .309 .386 .246
18 Split (Multi) -.022 -.008 -.056 -.017
19 LgAvg (Multi) -.020 -.022 -.064 -.025
30 vs L (2016) .208 .289 .315 .218
31 vs R (2016) .252 .326 .396 .250
38 Split (2016) -.044 -.037 -.081 -.032
39 LgAvg (2016) -.022 -.023 -.071 -.028

Definition of multi-year splits

BP Annual Player Comments

2018 Due to publishing agreements, the 2018 player comments and team essays are only available in the Baseball Prospectus 2018 book (available in hardcopy, and soon e-book and Kindle).
2017 Late in his excellent Phillies tenure Hamels' reputation unfairly took a hit when his win-loss record was dragged down by a poor supporting cast. His performance has changed remarkably little since a mid-2015 trade to the Rangers, but Hamels' record once again matches his ace-caliber pitching. As a fly-ball pitcher on the wrong side of 30 there were worries about Hamels' transition to the American League and a power-inflating ballpark, but he made some key adjustments to keep chugging along. Hamels relied less on his changeup in 2016 than ever before, focusing on sinking and cutting his fastball to induce more ground balls. His changeup remains a swing-and-miss weapon, but he uses it more sparingly to avoid long balls in Texas and dance around the outskirts of the strike zone. It's a recipe that worked wonders, as Hamels posted the second-best DRA of his career. He faded down the stretch and struggled in his lone playoff start, but Hamels topped 200 innings for the seventh straight year and still sports a 3.48 postseason ERA. He's one of the best, most underrated pitchers of this generation and has proven capable of changing his approach to thrive in tough environments for his skill set. He's shown no signs of slowing down with two seasons left on his contract.
2016 A year and a half of pointless internet bickering (is there any other kind?) over whether the Phillies had to trade Hamels mercifully ended when the Rangers sent a bushel of prospects for him in July. He is now one of three pitchers who has logged 200 or more innings in every year since 2010, along with Felix Hernandez and James Shields. In no way is Hamels in King Felix's class for dominance, nor even in that of Shields in durability, but his fortitude and consistency and near-ace-if-not-quite-ace stuff are underrated assets. (It's difficult to appreciate the absence of something, but when that thing is Joe Blanton starts, we should make the effort.) Hamels' DRA was the lowest of his career, so while the move to Arlington and the American League will ding his ERA, the overall value proposition remains quite strong.
2015 Lousy run support and some early-season biceps tendinitis were all that kept Hamels from his highest-ever Cy Young finish. His season didn't start until April 23rd, and it didn't really start until he'd put three poor starts on his record; from start no. 4 onward, he produced a 2.06 ERA in 188 innings. He allowed more than three earned runs just once during the 27-start run, and fell short of seven innings just five times. The Phillies managed to go just 15-15 when he was on the mound.

While there's virtually no knock on Hamels as a pitcher, the career-best ERA was one of those blips more than a step forward. His peripherals have been among the game's most consistent over the past half-decade, and everything from his strike rate to his whiff rate to his batted ball profile fits perfectly on top of his career line. That puts him in a tier slightly below the Kershaws of the world—well, the Kershaw of the world—but it also makes him one of the best multi-year pitching investments a team has made this century, and a very quiet Hall of Fame candidate. His average fastball is harder than it has ever been, and he threw 200 innings for the fifth year in a row, so there's no sign he's breaking down. Meanwhile, Hamels has begun making the adjustments that separate the pitchers who survive into their 30s from those who don't—more sinkers, more pitches down in the zone.

2014 It's hard to unlearn what our dads taught us, so it's hard to not at least notice Hamels' 8-14 record, or his 3.60 ERA. But a legitimately bad first half (bad changeup command; cascading effects on his fastball's effectiveness) gave way to a strong second one, and the combined result was another block in a fine career. Hamels' Fair Run Averages over the past four seasons: 3.80, 3.67, 3.62, 3.69. He will be 30 on Opening Day and is only two WARP behind Justin Verlander's mark at the same age.
2013 After rumors swirled for months about potential trades involving Hamels, the Phillies did the smart thing and locked up their acealthough that implies they have only one ace. Hamels is in the midst of churning out one 200-plus-inning masterpiece after another, and since he's still on the right side of 30, it's reasonable to expect that to continue. The southpaw fanned a career-high 25 percent of the batters he faced in 2012, with only a slight uptick in his walk rate. The only thing missing is a Cy Young Award, but never mind the whole National League, it's enough of a challenge to be the best pitcher on the Phillies.
2012 Another fine season from Hamels has put any lingering concerns about his 2009 in the rearview. He continues to prove he is just as good, and as durable, as his 2008 breakout heralded. He set new career bests in just about every run metric known to man, not to mention that he only had seven starts all season that werent quality starts. That makes his a very important seat at the table in one of the best rotations in baseball. But Hamels is now the biggest part of the Phillies core that does not have a contract beyond 2012, and few outside the Phillies ownership know for sure whether they can afford to retain him. In just six seasons, Hamels has sneaked his way into the franchise top 10 in strikeouts despite having fewer starts than anyone else on the list. Whether he climbs higher depends in large part on how much more the team has to spend.
2011 Hamels' 2010 season was a vindication of statistical principles. Prior to the season, the tall lefty might well have had the words DONT PANIC tattooed in large, friendly letters on his forehead thanks to stellar peripherals, but that didn't prevent many observers from declaring him an endangered species. Sure enough, his BABIP fell back in line and his ERA was good enough for 12th in the league. Nevertheless, luck rewards those who help themselves, and Hamels biggest adjustment came thanks to the addition of a cuttera trick he learned from watching Lee and Halladay. The cutter was especially tough on lefties, and Hamels has begun to double back on his reverse career split (a feature he owes to his primary out pitch, the changeup). With plenty of options against batters from both sides of the plate, Hamels was able to go deeper in games and clean up his own messes. That bodes well for the future, doubly so since he has remained healthy of late.
2010 It is tempting to look at Hamel's hefty 2008 innings total and infer that it was at fault in the inflation of his ERA by a full run from the year before. Indeed, Hamels 262 1/3 innings (including playoffs) that year were a lot for a 24-year-old, but that does not always portend regression. He walked batters no more frequently in 2009 than in 2008, struck out as many,and generated more ground balls. The real reason for the uptick in ERA was that his BABIP went from .262 to .321bounding from very lucky to unlucky. The true Cole Hamels is mired between both seasons, if not leaning towards the former. Still, it wouldn't hurt Hamels if he added an effective third pitch.
2009 Post-season performance has a way of cementing a reputation, and after a year to stew over that six-baserunner second inning against the Rockies in the opening game of the 2007 NLDS that led to another chorus of complaints about kids these days, there was something redemptive to Hamels' running the table all October long. He's moving out of the injury nexus with his reputation for inconsistency in history's wastebasket, and despite concerns over his fragility, that career-altering injury hasn't pounced. He may be high-maintenance in the immediate future, but the potential that he's just getting started staking his own claim to be the latter-day Lefty is there for all to see.
2008 An ace in the making, Hamels has yet to overcome the dual hurdles of health and consistency to realize his full potential. Last year he turned in a quality start a little over half the time, which isn't bad but falls short of the elite level (Jamie Moyer had a similar success rate, as did Barry Zito). On any given day, Hamels might give up five runs on nine hits in six innings, as he did on April 14, or allow just one run in a complete game while striking out 15, as he did in his next start on April 21. He missed a month beginning in mid-August due to a strained left elbow. Add in the injuries of previous years, and it's clear the crucible of Hamels' early career will be staying on the mound long enough for that consistency to come.
2007 Faberge eggs, china dolls, ice sculptures, Cole Hamels. If this were that pyramid gameshow, the category would be, `beautiful things that are fragile.` Hamels pitched a full season last year for the first time ever, starting 31 games. No young pitcher is totally in the clear, but most of Hamels`s injuries haven`t been from pitching: he broke his arm in high school playing football, and broke his hand defending a teammate in a fight prior to 2005. The bulging disk in his back is more worrisome, but he was able to work around it all year. Missing out on the minor league innings may be a developmental negative and a health positive; like Chris Capuano, Hamels matured physically with less wear and tear on his arm. PECOTA`s comparables are cold. Righetti`s career as a starter ended after 76 starts due to a move to the bullpen; Bennett had a short and mostly ineffective career; Blue was terrific early but burned out quickly due to overuse and drug abuse; Wilson pitched two no-hitters for the Astros but killed himself on the eve of his 30th birthday. We imagine the Phillies would be more than happy if Hamels were to equal Blue`s three 20-win seasons by age 25. Hamels is 23 now, so he`d better get started.
2006 The talented Mr. Hamels seems to be something of a hardball Jekyll and Hyde case. On the field, his poise and his three plus pitches draw universal raves. Off the field, the 22-year-old seems to be an accident that is not only waiting to happen but is compelled to happen by some invisible, malevolent force. After missing most of 2004 with elbow problems, he strained his back in the Fall Instructional League. Then he broke a metacarpal bone in his hand in a bar fight in February, making him hors de combat until June. It was later reported that Hamels instigated the brawl, and was not provoked, as he had spun the story. This brought up the old rumors that his famous broken arm in high school did not occur in a pickup football game, but was really the result of a fight. He was shut down in midseason after just six appearances in Clearwater and Reading. All of this has given the Phillies a migraine, but they`re gritting their teeth and preparing to send Hamels to Double-A to start 2006. The hope is that he will advance quickly to Triple-A and perhaps even the big tent before the end of the season.
2005 Asking anyone who might know better for straight information about Cole Hamels' left elbow is about as useful as asking Karen Hughes for her take on W.'s performance in the Presidential Debates, so let's just report the facts as we know them:

  • Cole Hamels' left elbow was born in San Diego, California Dec. 27, 1983.
  • While playing in a pickup football game during his sophomore year of high school, Hamels slammed into a parked pickup while attempting to catch a pass. The arm was moderately sore, but the extent of the injury was unclear, and Hamels continued pitching with it. Three weeks later, his arm snapped while he was throwing a fastball, and Hamels found that he had broken his left humerus bone. He skipped his junior season, but pitched exceptionally well in his senior year, prompting the Phillies to take him in the first round of the 2002 draft.
  • The Phillies cancelled plans for Hamels to try out for the US Olympic team in October 2003 after he suffered back spasms during his instructional league stint. There were no reported complications with his arm.
  • Hamels appeared in three games during spring training this year, and was highly impressive, striking out nine batters in seven innings. Hamels was optioned to minor league camp, as was expected, on March 19.
  • On April 7, the Phillies announced that Hamels had undergone an MRI on his elbow and was going to miss the first month of the minor league season. The announcement referred to the injury as "mild soreness" and did not disclose precisely what the MRI had found, but its results were negative. The injury was later reported to be tendonitis.
  • Hamels was assigned to Clearwater from extended spring training May 17. He made four starts between May 20 and June 4 and was very effective, striking out 24 batters and compiling a 1.13 ERA.
  • Hamels missed his next turn in the rotation for Clearwater with what was described as an inflamed left elbow. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the injury was separate and distinct from his tendonitis. He was initially shut down for seven to 10 days and later was placed on the minor league DL. Reports in July said that Hamels was not feeling any discomfort, but put his timetable several weeks away. He did not return to action before Clearwater's season ended Sept. 2.
  • Hamels was assigned to the Florida Instructional League in October, and was reportedly throwing well.

Therethat's what we know. All of that stuff is available publicly, though it takes a bit of digging to get it. We're not going to try and spin it or interpret it. Obviously health is the key issue here, and obviously people have a disposition toward panic when it comes to valuable baseball players, and especially prized pitching prospects. We're the sorts of people who react to fear by attempting to collect as much information about a situation as possible, and in the absence of complete information, it's at least worthwhile to attempt to prevent misinformation, even if it takes half a page to do it.
2004 A rock 'n roll surfer dude from San Diego, Hamels was seen by many as the best pitcher available in the 2002 draft. Despite that, he was still available for the Phillies with the 17th pick, as a broken arm he'd suffered while pitching the year before apparently scared off other teams. He's no Tony Saunders (or Tom Browning), since it was apparently caused by stressing an injury he'd gotten from playing football. Hamels has a pretty good fastball and curveball, but his changeup was the pitch that ate Sally leaguers alive last year; it is a top-notch pitch that's made him one of the best pitching prospects around.

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2018-04-23 20:00:00 (link to chat)Is Cole Hamels a realistic comp for Jesus Luzardo or a what can reasonably be expected, i.e. how tightly should I hold onto him in dynasty as I try to go for a title this year?
(Jojo from SD)
Luzardo is the type of guy that if he avoids injury is going to climb higher and higher as the season continues. I think he's a top 20 overall prospect by season's end. I'll admit I'm not the greatest with comps, but I can say Cole Hamels was never hitting 97 from the left side. Jesus Lizard is filthy. (Eddy Almaguer)
2016-09-26 20:00:00 (link to chat)In a 14 team, 40man roster dynasty I've grown board of winning...seriously. So I have decided to rebuild. I now roster an exciting group of high risk players: Devers, Robles, Acuna, Rosario, Isan Diaz, Kyle Tucker, Eloy Jimenez, Kilome, Keller, Allard, and Fried. Then add in young MLBers like Harper, Rizzo, Altherr, Cotton, Cody Reed, Matz, Jake Thompson, and Skaggs. With only 4 teams as suitable buyers, would you be happy with Urias & Gallo for Bumgarner, & Josh Bell & Ryan Healy for Cole Hamels? I likely could also land Giolito. I'm currently trying to convince the guy that Giolito's value has bottomed out. Any example as to how Giolito has been valued in any of your leagues, or what can you tell me about your opinion on him moving forward? Kind of a long winded question, but a fun one! Thanks in advance!
(BPChatsChangedMyLife from Niagara, ON)
Giolito hasn't been traded in any of my leagues, so I have no direct experience with that. I own Giolito in two of my leagues, a deep NL-only keeper league and a deep mixed keeper league. I didn't trade him in either league because in both leagues, I was more focused on 2017 and beyond than 2016.

I don't think I'd be happy with dealing Bumgarner for Urias & Gallo (assuming you're getting Urias & Gallo). I'm lower on Gallo than most. I'm not sure he'll make enough contact to be a great roto player, and I think that even if he does eventually become a productive roto player, it'll take a while for him to get there and the struggles will be brutal.

Assuming you're on the Bell/Healy side of the Cole-Hamels-for-Josh-Bell-and-Ryon-Healy trade, I'd hang on to Hamels, too. I haven't seen enough from Healy to convince me that his big step forward this year will be 100% sustainable, and Hamels is really dang good. (Scooter Hotz)
2016-01-27 19:00:00 (link to chat)How much does pitching in Texas for a whole season hurt Cole Hamels 2016 stats?
(Cody from Kentucky)
Not a whole lot. He was already pitching in Philly, so it's not like he's looking at a huge downgrade in home parks. He's still a top-20 SP for me. (Matt Collins)
2016-01-14 20:00:00 (link to chat)You think freeman gets traded by the trade deadline?
(WisBrave99 from Wisconsin)
40% chance. I really think the Braves do want to keep him but wonder if there will be a push to move him like there was with Cole Hamels in Philadelphia. (Mike Gianella)
2015-09-30 19:00:00 (link to chat)Which Cubs prospects would be most likely to be packaged in a deal this offseason for a starter? (If they decide to go with that route and not starting a top of the rotation type starter in free agency)
(Kevin from La Crosse, WI)
Depends on the caliber of starter they're looking at. It was pretty clear they weren't comfortable getting in on Cole Hamels during the deadline and reports are that the ask from SD on Tyson Ross was irresponsibly high. With that in mind I think you're going to be looking at a mix of MLB assets and prospects going in a deal for a starter. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-10-06 19:30:00 (link to chat)Perhaps a better question: which teams are going to be the trendy sleeper picks going into next season? I assume CLE will rank high on that list, maybe MIN if they can find some pitching.
(justarobert from Santa Clara)
Yeah, apparently we can't read dates.

Sleeper picks! Does Texas count as a sleeper pick, or does getting Yu Darvish back at some point and having Cole Hamels make them a legitimate choice?- KM

I'll take the Twins. They'll get a lot from Buxton. They're on the rise and could make a splash in a weakened division. -KD

The White Sox? Chris Sale, a full year of Rodon, and they have to hit more, right? - JP (AL Wild Card Game Chat)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Will the Cubs be targeting relief pitching at the trade deadline? Or what is their primary need at this point?
(Corey from St. Louis, Mo)
Depends on which rumors you're listening to, but everything I have seen seems to be pushing toward a starting pitcher - whether it is a big fish like David Price or Cole Hamels or one of the mid-tier arms. The Cubs will probably listen on relief pitching, but the market doesn't seem particularly deep and the external options aren't necessarily huge upgrades unless they push for someone like Jon Papelbon, which I'm not convinced they'll do. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Mike. I know Dynasty leagues is not necessarily your cup of tea but if you feel your squad has a chance to win it this year, would you deal Marcus Stroman, Blake Snell & Nomar Mazara for Cole Hamels?
(JJ from NY)
I think that's too much for Hamels. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)Biggest name moved at the deadline is:_?
(Colin318 from Chicago)
Cole Hamels. (Mike Gianella)
2015-07-23 17:00:00 (link to chat)What is a fair price for Cole Hamels (particularly from the Cubs)?
(DrReiCow from Greenbelt, MD)
Three prospects, with one of them being on the periphery of the A-list. (Mike Gianella)
2015-06-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Rank the Greenville infielders in order of wishing they were Phillies: Michael Chavis, Rafael Devers, Mauricio Dubon, Javier Guerra, and Yoan Moncada? (I put them in alphabetical order for you to avoid any cognitive bias based on how they initially appeared)
(Steve from Phila)
Love this question. I'll take Devers, Moncada, Guerra, Chavis, Dubon. I love Devers. He's got that innate bat speed and barrel feel I was talking about earlier. It's just natural and pure. Mondada is great for the obvious reasons we've talked about. I also love Guerra. He's a stud and a legit big league shortstop defensively, and he has more pop than you'd expect from his thin frame. I've seen him go out opposite field and it's impressive.

It's too bad the Red Sox have played themselves out of the need for Cole Hamels, because that's a system deep enough for the Phillies to make their demands and actually have them obliged. (Jeff Moore)
2015-02-16 11:00:00 (link to chat)Did the Phillies screwed up by not trading Cole HAmels?
(Mountain Man from Louisiana)
Impossible to say without knowing the offers. I tend to think people are too low on him these days. I get that his contract is more than the league minimum, but he's a high-quality pitcher who should age well. Paying good players market value is only an impediment for poorer teams. (R.J. Anderson)
2015-02-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Could Cole Hamels be getting even better? His curveball is looked like an elite pitch last year and gained more movement.
(NightmareRec0n from Boston)
move him out of that bandbox and look out (Harry Pavlidis)
2014-12-18 15:00:00 (link to chat)Cole Hamel's trade value is realistically somewhere in between what a certain baseball writer says it is and what Ruben Amaro wants? If he get's traded which side it is closer to?
(Shawn from Cubicle)
If he gets traded it's going to be closer to what Ruben wants because Ruben is the guy with the actual ability to trade him. The thing about Hamels is that he's basically worth what he's earning (perhaps a little more, possibly a little less going forward) which means he's more valuable to the Phillies than to anyone else, because they already have him. If he's worth exactly what you pay him, paying to acquire something on top of that doesn't make sense, and thus we end up in a stalemate. There's something to the notion that the shorter commitment (four or five years, rather than six+ for Lester/Scherzer) could push his value a little higher, but the Phillies shouldn't be in a rush to move him. They should get the deal they want (or close to it) by waiting out the market. Right now there are a ton of pitchers available (or were before the winter meetings) that won't be the case in February, or in May or in July. There's nothing saying Cole Hamels' value will never be higher. Or if there is, it's not a certainty. (Craig Goldstein)
2014-12-10 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any chance Cubs get in on Cole Hamels too or is it more likely they go after a McCarthy type?
(Pat from Chicago)
I'd be surprised if they add either of those guys. I think Hammel is a real nice add at a quality price. Unless they go after one of the 5+ arms (Zimmermann is the guy I could see them targeting, they've already been linked to him), I don't see any big pitchers being added from here on. Maybe some one year guys looking to up their value, perhaps a veteran bullpen arm on the cheap. (Sahadev Sharma)
2014-10-09 15:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think Cole Hamels gets traded this offseason? And what kind of package would you say gets it done? Also, the Reds seem to have a lot of SPs available that have expiring contracts after next year. Do you see any of them getting traded this winter?
(Dan from Indianapolis)
I don't really see why Philly would keep him. He's probably their best asset, and the team is desperately in need of young talent. I do think the Reds take one more run at it, they ran into some bad luck this season, and are a couple pieces away. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-06-16 13:00:00 (link to chat)Could Marco Gonzalez be the next Cole Hamels? Nothing special in terms of velocity from the left-side, but oh that changeup...
(Shawn from Cubicle)
Maybe a poor man's Hamels, who continually gets overlooked among the best in the game. Marco's ceiling isn't that high and Hamels has routinely sat from 92-94, which Marco won't do. His change up is good, but Hamels possesses the best lefty change up in the game. Marco's is very good but it's not an 80. I guess you could say that it's a similar package but at a much lower ceiling. (Jeff Moore)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)I know it's early (and even earlier for him), but are you concerned at all with Cole Hamels? Normally I wouldn't be, but he did start the year with shoulder tendinitis. In a re-draft would be looking to trade him for someone like Homer Bailey?
(Shawnykid23 from CT)
Yes, I'm a little concerned. I don't know if his injury is lingering or not, but he looks kind of rusty to me. Hamels for Bailey is fair; I might try to aim a little higher (sell someone on Hamels' high K rate in his last start). (Mike Gianella)
2014-05-07 17:00:00 (link to chat)What do you do with guys like Adam Jones and Cole Hamels? I don't want to sell low, but there value seems to keep getting lower, and I want something valuable while I can get it.
(Shawn from Couch)
Depends on the format, but generally speaking you don't really have much of a choice but to be patient. Everyone is going to offer you garbage for guys like this if you try to sell them now. Getting 50 cents on the dollar for Jones in May doesn't make sense unless you think there's an injury lurking that's causing the performance dip. (Mike Gianella)
2014-05-02 14:00:00 (link to chat)Time to adjsut the ceiling on Michael Wacha? Can he be a right-handed Cole Hamels with the FB-CH combo? Plus the CB looks better this year.
(The Dude from Office)
Wacha has been stellar this year, and though his FB-CH setup brings up the Hamels comp, they are very different mechanical specimens. I'm not the biggest fan of Wacha's late posture change, but the elevated arm angle does good things for his CH trajectory so it is hard to quibble with the results. Every other element of his delivery is above-average mechanically and the Cards are an excellent organization for pitcher development, so I trust their judgment on the best path for his progression. (Doug Thorburn)
2014-04-08 14:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Doug, are you worried about either Fister or Cole Hamels this year given their injuries? Thanks.
(DanDaMan from Sea Cliff)
There is always some concern in the early season, so the teams are smart to be cautious in order to avoid the risk of cascade injuries, and it sounds like both injuries were caught early enough. The big thing is that they are behind their normal routines, and the players might be pushing to get back into action, so the teams have to weight need on a long-term vs short-term basis. I am optimistic that Hamels will be ok, as he can survive even if his velo is compromised a bit (shoulder issues typically make a bigger dent on velo than command). I know less about the particulars of Fister's rehab, and a lat strain can be more dicey/unpredictable than something like shoulder inflammation.

On the jukebox: Long Beach Dub All Stars, "Rosarito" (Doug Thorburn)
2013-08-08 17:30:00 (link to chat)NL only keeper league, but neither player will be kept next year - Brandon Belt for Cole Hamels, ROS, is this fair for both sides?
(Kingpin from Grinnell, IA)
Don't milk the bull, Kingpin!

I like Hamels better ROS. Even though the ERA doesn't indicate an "ace", the peripherals have still been strong. I like Belt, but I don't see him as an elite or near elite 1B. If I had Hamels, I'd want the next notch up over Belt. If I had Belt, I'd take Hamels for him in an instant and gamble on the performance spike. (Mike Gianella)
2013-07-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)Among others, Cole Hamels, Justin Verlander, and CC Sabathia are #1's having more mortal 2013 seasons. Fluky seasons, or reasons to be concerned?
(Sara from Tacoma)
Add Matt Cain to this list also, and yes I would be very concerned. The teams made major investments in these pitchers and the lack of performance is always a reason to be concerned. (Zach Mortimer)
2013-07-29 11:00:00 (link to chat)I know comps aren't fair, but does Michael Wacha fall in-between similar FB/CH SPs like Cole Hamels and Jarrod Parker or is he more one than the other (top of rotation vs. mid-rotation arm)
(The Dude from Office)
I think Wacha is going to be a very good number 3 starter. (Zach Mortimer)
2013-06-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Should I trade Gerrit Cole or Zack Wheeler for Cole Hamels in keeper points league, where I have no chance to compete this season? And if I should, who I better keep (trade partner agrees for anyone) in the team - Cole or Wheeler?
(navarra from Ukraine)
Not if you're out of it. I love Hamels, but keep the upside of your young studs instead. I might trade Cole or Wheeler for a hot hitter since hitters are a bit more certain. (Paul Sporer)
2013-04-30 12:00:00 (link to chat)Has anyone done a deep dive into Cole Hamels pitch f/x info to see if there is something wrong/different? 6 walks is very not Hamelsey.
(geneclaude from KC)
Not that I've seen.

Barely related plug: Grant Brisbee and Chris Quick, of McCovey Chronicles and Bay City Ball, did nice breakdowns of Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum's command woes last week. (R.J. Anderson)
2012-12-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)How bad will the Phillies infield D be? And are they exactly at the point that teams don't want to be at- aging vets with huge deals and NO held from the farm on the way.
(Andrew from St. Paul)
Let's just say that it's a good thing Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee don't generate a ton of grounders. And yeah, for a team that finished .500 last year, there are too many old guys for my taste. (Geoff Young)
2012-06-13 12:00:00 (link to chat)How much stock do you put in the "aging curve" research that is out there? If you put any stock in it, you cant be excited about PHI's medium term outlook.
(Matt from Chicago)
I think there's two kinds of people: ones who saw this coming (although maybe not quite this soon), and people who didn't. Howard still hasn't had a plate appearance under his new deal. They still have the front-line pitching, but that isn't getting any younger, and some team that doesn't have gobs of money owed to what's left of Ryan Howard may well be able to lure away Cole Hamels. They may try and retrench to try and keep the window open a bit longer, but they look like a team in need of a rebuild. (Colin Wyers)
2012-06-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Biggest name we see traded in-season is___________?
(cknapp34 from Whitewater, WI)
Cole Hamels? With the addition of a second wild card this year, more teams are going to feel like they're in the race in late-July, which could lead to a rather boring trade deadline. (Bradley Ankrom)
2012-03-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Name a team that has had a worse spring than the Phillies. Go ahead! I dare you!
(Billy from Wildwood, NJ)
Good point. The Cabrera injury yesterday isn't great for Detroit, but they've had a decent spring otherwise - and it is nowhere near as bad as everything going on with the Phillies. Burnett's injury for Pittsburgh is also pretty sad for that team. I liked the risk they were taking with AJ, and to have it damaged for such a stupid reason is no fun.

But Philly is definitely in worse shape, as far as the spring goes. They still have Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee, as well as Jonathon Papelbon, so I wouldn't count their season out just yet. It's not like the Astros have suddenly started wearing Phillies uniforms. (Larry Granillo)
2012-03-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Predictions (in terms of both performance and contract situations) for Matt Cain and Cole Hamels? Feel like either could be their team's best starter.
(Carlo from SF)
Hamels better than Cain this year, neither his team's best starter or second-best starter this year, Hamels hits free agency but re-signs with the Phillies for the same basic deal Halladay has, Cain hits free agency and signs with St. Louis for 5/$85 million. (Sam Miller)
2012-02-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Looking ahead, what uniform will Cole Hamels be wearing in 2013?
(Clarence from Paul's Boutique)
I have utterly no idea, but I get the feeling it won't be a Phillies one. (Kevin Goldstein)
2012-01-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)With Texas possibly offering Josh Hamilton an extension, wouldn't they be better off spending that money on Matt Cain, Cole Hamels or Zack Grienke? Assuming Mike Young and Hamilton are out of the 2013 picture, they can still fill an OF spot with Victorino, DYoung, or Melky. Of course, #TheLegend can probably play RF better than anyone on the roster.
(Joe Random from In line at Shake Shack)
I wouldn't offer Hamilton an extension. I would let him walk and use those resources elsewhere. (Jason Parks)
2012-01-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)Can Nicolino become a Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels type pitcher if he hits his ceiling?
(Mike from Utica, NY)
CLiff Lee only became Cliff Lee after he failed and then made the necessary adjustments. The basic answer is no. Those guys are aces and its unlikely that Nicolino develops to that level. He has a huge ceiling, but there are very few aces. (Jason Parks)
2012-01-24 13:00:00 (link to chat)Would you rather have Geovany Soto at $3, and Cole Hamels at $23 or Joe Mauer at $22 and RA Dickey at $4. I'm thinking my Mauer fanboyness is overruling my good sense, Help?
(Paul from Minnesota)
Definitely Hamels/Soto. No question. I don't know how much of a bargain Hamels is at that price, but Mauer definitely isn't, and I don't think Dickey is either in a mixed league. (Derek Carty)
2011-06-29 13:30:00 (link to chat)Who are your favorite players to deal with, both past or present?
(Gerald from Savannah)
Geez. That's a tough one because there are so many good guys I have dealt with in 24 years of covering baseball. I hate to leave people out but some of my favorites would have to include Sean Casey, John Burkett, Jay Bell, Craig Wilson, Jason Schmidt, Michael Barrett from the past. From the present: Jason Bay, Cole Hamels, Carlos Pena, Scott Rolen, Brandon Phillips, Nyjer Morgan, Neil Walker, Joel Hanrahan, Adam Jones, Max Scherzer, Don Kelly, Chris Perez, Adam Dunn, Matt Capps, Torii Hunter, Kurt Suzuki, Ian Kinsler. (John Perrotto)
2011-01-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)I've got an outfield heavy team in an 11 team, standard 5x5 league with 5 keepers (boring, I know). I'm currently thinking David Wright, Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Justin Verlander and Matt Latos. But I also have Jay Bruce, Colby Rasmus and Cole Hamels as options. I've recently had the skill of kicking ass drafting starting pitching in the 9th-15th rounds, but who knows if that continues... Am I keeping the worst OF in Upton just because of hype? Which five of those eight do you keep?
(Adam from Philly)
I would see what you can get in a trade for Upton--I think he turns into something great, but you might find someone who buys him on the hype of his turning into even more. I would keep Bruce over Kemp though. Verlander/Latos is the right call for the SP, thanks to their respective parks. (Marc Normandin)
2011-01-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)Cole Hamels vs Brett Anderson -- next 3 years?
(PhiFan from Philly)
If you could guarantee they were both healthy, Brett Anderson. Even though now Bill Baer might be mad at me (sorry, Bill!). Problem is, guaranteeing Anderson's health is something we can't just do, so Hamels is the safe pick. (Marc Normandin)
2010-12-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)If the Phils can't deal Blanton, do you think there's a chance they'd move Cole Hamels instead? It's right out of Amaro's playbook - get the bird in the hand (Lee locked up long-term) instead of waiting to see if Hamels re-ups before he hits free agency. If they try to move Hamels, where does he end up? Arizona in a deal involving Justin Upton, perhaps?
(ColonelTom from Richmond, KY)
It's possible they'd move Hamels, but I can't see them putting somebody in Domonic Brown's way as being the objective. Of course, they do have just one more year to go with Raul Ibanez... (Christina Kahrl)
2010-09-13 13:00:00 (link to chat)Please fill in the blank. This is the best NL Rookie Class since ________ (blank). Thanks! Bobby
(Bobby from New York)
Are we going strictly by league? Because the 2007 class had Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Dustin Pedroia and Josh Hamilton among hitters, Tim Lincecum and Joakim Soria among pitchers. 2006 had Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Zimmerman, Andre Ethier, Prince Fielder, Ian Kinsler, Francisco Liriano, Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Josh Johnson, Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Jonathan Papelbon (who used to not suck), Jonathan Broxton (ditto)...

There's a lot to be excited about with this year's rookie class (Posey, Heyward, Santana, Stanton) but I'm in no rush to appoint them the best class of the past five years until I see much more. (Jay Jaffe)
2010-08-17 14:45:00 (link to chat)Ever consider incorporating IP into SIERA? Halladay's 8 CG must give whoever follows him in the rotation a better chance to win due to having a more rested bullpen.
(Andrew from Toronto)
I don't know about that. I don't recall ever seeing a study that leaned in that direction, and while there are certainly aspects of baseball common sense that have remained true in the face of advanced analysis, I'm not sure this is one of them. I mean, if Cole Hamels routinely goes 7-8 innings a start anyway, is Halladay really helping Hamels? (Eric Seidman)
2010-07-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Really, how good am I? Most people think pretty highly of me, but honestly I have pretty much sucked the past couple of months. And even when I have won it's been outings like yesterday with my four earned runs allowed in six innings with only one strikeout against the Triple-A Orioles.
(James Shields from Margaritaville)
You're like Cole Hamels but slightly worse and right-handed. That's a pretty good pitcher. Sometimes you allow a decent number of fly balls, and you rely on a change up, so every once in a while you go on a crazy home run streak that drives everyone who likes you totally bananas. Focus on the peripherals and make sure you aren't doing anything weird like tipping your pitches and you'll be okay in the long run. (Tommy Bennett)
2010-04-21 14:00:00 (link to chat)How often do we ever see a pitcher 'work on a new pitch' in spring training and see it actually pay off long term? I am thinking of Mike Pelfrey, who seems to be missing a lot of bats with his split-change this year. If he can get the K rate to around 7 per 9, he is a completely different pitcher.
(J.P. from Hartford)
In Chicago most White Sox pitchers are taught cutters, which helped turn Gavin Floyd and John Danks into legitimate front-mid rotation hurlers. That seems to be more organizational philosophy than, say, Cole Hamels working to learn a cutter this off-season. In St. Louis, Dave Duncan works his magic with sequencing and location moreso than new pitches, but to the same effect. I agree that we don't hear about true success stories with these newer pitches as much as the failures, but Big Pelf wouldn't be alone if his split-change remains effective. (Eric Seidman)
2010-03-17 14:00:00 (link to chat)On my strat teams, I refused to trade Grady Sizemore, Cole Hamels and Ervin Santana this offseason. Who is more likely to bounce back to top form?
(lou from Cape Cod)
I think there's a good argument to be made--and has been made by my colleagues here at BP--that Hamels was and will be just fine. With a nod to them, I think Sizemore's the one who truly bounces back. (Christina Kahrl)
2010-03-10 18:00:00 (link to chat)May I please hear something nice about the Jays? We're all 0 and 0?
(Will from Mactaquac)
The standard response when asked questions like these is "Man, if only they were in another division...". In all seriousness, it's going to be a tough year for the Jays, but you do have some top-tier prospects on the horizon in Drabek and Wallace. And if Spring Training is any indication, Jose Bautista owns Cole Hamels, so there's that! (Eric Seidman)
2009-10-28 14:00:00 (link to chat)Why not start Lee & Hamels 1 & 2 in Yankee Stadium? Better to throw the Ls in NYC, right? Plus, it's not like Pedro has a good track record in Yankee Stadium and he'll most likely pitch games 2 and 6.
(Lefty Gomez from Pasadena, CA)
Back up a bit, my southpawed friend.

Though his two posteason starts were not his finest hour, Pedro Martinez went 8-5 with a 3.33 ERA in Yankee Stadium II including his playoff appearances, which is a record that just about any other pitcher on earth would sign for.

Now, this isn't Yankee Stadium II, and this isn't that Pedro anymore, but neither, by the looks of what we've seen, is the Cole Hamels we've seen over the past month the same dominating hurler we saw last fall. Hamels' problems seem to be more mental than physical, and I think Manuel is trying to keep him in a comfort zone by pitching him at home, where he pitched better this year (3.76 ERA to 4.99) than on the road. (Jay Jaffe)
2009-10-20 14:00:00 (link to chat)Do you think it's going to take the Dodgers more than 6 to win this thing? Seriously though, do you think they have a realistic chance to run off three in a row, or is falling behind 3-1 to this Phillies team too much?
(John from New Jersey)
They'd have to beat both Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. It's certainly not impossible, but that double by Rollins was probably the biggest play of the postseason in terms of swinging an individual series. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-04-13 14:00:00 (link to chat)Following up on your point on the O's, couldn't the same be said of the Phillies and their decision to have Chan Ho Park in their rotation?
(mattymatty from Philly, PA)
I like that move actually. Park did a nice job of generating groundballs last year, making him a better fit for Citizens than he might otherwise be. With J.A. Happ they have the depth to make a switch to moderate both pitchers' workloads, and we know that Park has the versatility to work out of the bullpen.

The Phils' real problem is the condition of Cole Hamels' elbow. If it's not in great shape, they're screwed.

I'll take just a few more questions. (Jay Jaffe)
2009-01-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)I've been very interested to hear the thoughts of someone from BP on the Braves' signing of Lowe. Got any?
(Matt A from Raleigh)
Moving away from the Hall questions for the time being, I like this signing, though the price is a lot steeper than it should have been based on the reports of what the Mets were offering. Lowe is an ultra-durable groundballer who's solidified into a much better pitcher since leaving Boston, even beyond the obvious advantages of his move from Fenway to Dodger Stadium, park- and leaguewise. Over the last four years, he ranked 11th in the majors in SNLVAR, 10th in innings, and 12th in ERA+. While he's entering his age 36 season, there's nothing about him that suggests he's a particular health risk or that he's at risk of a sudden collapse.

The bigger issue for the Braves, however, is that while Lowe and recently acquired Javier Vazquez are both solid #2-type starters, neither is anywhere near the caliber of Johan Santana or Cole Hamels, the NL East's big guns. (Jay Jaffe)
2009-01-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)Cole Hamels sure didn't look like he was wearing down in the postseason, but that was a huge jump in innings for a young guy. Do you expect that heavy usage to affect his 2009, and would it lead you to handle him at all differently? Or do you just assume 260 innings is his new baseline, unless/until he runs into problems?
(HMGould from (SoCal))
It was and I do. Peter Bendix did a nice article over at his blog about the Verducci Effect guys for next year and Hamels' is one of them. I'm actually working on a variant idea that might help explain a couple of the things I don't like about the VE. Anyway, I'd equate Hamels 09 to Verlander's 07. I don't think he'll crash, but he'll dip a bit. I hope the Phillies protect him. They've been very smart about him all the way back to his draft. (Will Carroll)
2008-11-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)Will, what impact do you think Cole Hamels' increased workload this season is likely to have? (Will he be a Red next spring?)
(Dennis from Chicago)
Again, it's a jump, but it's his second year of a jump. I'm going to guess red, maybe very high yellow. I'm REALLY debating putting something beyond the simple bands next year, but numbers are a bear and could be reverse engineered. Any suggestions? (Will Carroll)
2008-10-24 14:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Jay. You continue to rock the house at BP. Follow-up to the first question of the chat--who do you see as the most likely HOF candidates on each of these WS teams? I know it's a lot harder to make any kind of prognostication with the kids, like Price, but hey, it's fun to take a guess.
(Ameer from NYC)
Hey Ameer! Thanks for the kind words. Looking at these rosters, I'd say both Utley and Howard have uphill battles given their relatively late starts to their careers, though Utley could be the Jeff Kent of the next decade albeit with better defense AND plate discipline. Rollins may make a run at 3000 hits; despite his flaws, he's got 1461 through his Age 29 season and he's generally been very durable. The sky's the limit for Cole Hamels if he stays healthy...

And you an say that about Longoria, Upton, Price, Shields, Kazmir... all of them or none of them might pan out as HOFers - if I had to pick one I'd put my money on Longoria. (Jay Jaffe)
2008-10-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)I don't have a strong interest in either World Series team. Can you outline some reasons to root for each team?
(Andy from Gettysburg College)
Well, first, you can root for the baseball season to last seven more games instead of the minimum four. Second, there are good storylines here, some of which are kind of obvious, such as the 1969 Mets-like rise of the Rays. The Phillies are also a generally downtrodden franchise with a whole bunch of fun players like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, and Brad Lidge. (Steven Goldman)
2008-10-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)where does Cole Hamels fall on the "pitched enough innings now to have lowered the expectations of pulling up lame in the near future" scale? On the other hand, he surpassed the verducci line this year.
(philliesopher1 from Amsterdam)
The latter. He's still young. (Will Carroll)
2008-08-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Joe, With John Lester being unbeliable this year and Clay Bucholz being terriable are you ready to change your mind on whom has the better career?
(XchancedogX from NH)
No, although the development of Lester does make me think I underrated him, and didn't take his unique path enough into consideration. I still think Buchholz's raw stuff will give him an edge in the long term, but if I called Lester 75% of Cole Hamels in the offseason, I'd say he's 85-90% of Hamels now. (Joe Sheehan)
2008-05-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Should I be worried about Cole Hamels? 10 starts: 97 or more pitches in every start. Or should I just be giddy that he's doing well and not be so fatalist?
(gjgross from Philly)
Philly turning out en masse. No, I've watched five or six of his starts and while he's not efficient, I dont think that Ol' Cholly is leaving him in too long. In the ones I've seen, I've never said "oh look at him, he's fatigued!" I guess there's some level of concern you should have, but Hamels and his injury history are worrying enough that you should probably just enjoy when he's on a run of solid starts like this and showing no real problem. (Will Carroll)
2008-05-05 12:30:00 (link to chat)I heard a fellow fan who has watched Matusz a few times compare him to Cole Hamels. What do you think?
(ddknowles77 from Eugene, OR)
I don't love that comparison, but I understand where he's coming from. Like Hamels, Matusz is a lefty with three pitches, and Matusz gets good change up reviews. However, Hamels is a guy with a 75 change up, where his curveball was always a 55 or so in the minors. Matusz has always sounded like he's a 60 across the board, and I think as a result, you'll see more consistency from him than Hamels. He won't be better, no, but he will be more consistent. (Bryan Smith)
2008-03-26 12:00:00 (link to chat)Its timely that BPro has Joe Savery has on the front page. Do you think Savery emerges as the first major league success story of recent Rice pitching products?
(The Dynasty from Tucson)
I think that the Phillies, who did such a good job bringing up Cole Hamels, are the perfect organization for Savery. Savery has worlds of potential, and enough polish to really fly through the minor leagues. But he's battled arm soreness a lot in the past, so the Phillies have to proceed with caution. But from the second they drafted him last year, I loved the pick. (Bryan Smith)
2008-02-19 13:00:00 (link to chat)Hi Will, Thanks for the chat. How likely is it that Cole Hamels stays healthy this year? How about Shawn Hill?
(Dave from California)
Worried about both. (Will Carroll)
2008-01-17 14:00:00 (link to chat)I love the BBC Coupling but the first NBC episode, as best I recall, was taken almost verbatim from the BBC version. What made it so terrible? The actors couldn't have been that bad. Oh yes- baseball. What NL teams are most worth coming to see in the new Nationals park?
(newsense from Dc)
The hired pretty people without any comedic ability, which is always a quick way to make something insipid and network-y.

Hrm... teams to see in Nationals Park... I'd make a point of seeing the Mets and Phillies because of some of the talents they employ in their infields, and the chance to see somebody like Pedro or Cole Hamels on the mound... the Brewers and Cubs and Cardinals will all be fun in their way, and the Rockies and Snakes both have young position players capable of doing some pretty amazing things on the field. Heck, even with the Marlins you'd get to see Hanley Ramirez, and probably a Nats win to boot. (Christina Kahrl)

BP Roundtables

DateRoundtable NameComment
2009-11-02 17:00:002009 WS Game FiveCole Hamels is tired and frustrated. I guess that's news in a game that's not close. (Will Carroll)
2009-10-28 17:00:002009 WS Game OneNot to oversell it, but this series seems, to me, to change a LOT with a Phillies win. They now get the roulette wheel that is A.J. Burnett, followed by Cole Hamels at home. A lot can happen in those games, of course, but suddenly Phillies in seven seems...long.
(Joe Sheehan)
2009-10-21 17:00:00NLCS Game 5Well, I guess I jinxed Cole Hamels. Speaking of post-season coverage, I'm hoping to be on site for at least part of the World Series.
(John Perrotto)
2009-10-21 17:00:00NLCS Game 5LOL. Very true on Phillips' part. Cole Hamels certainly looking like the 2008 version in the early going. (John Perrotto)
2009-10-15 17:00:002009 NLCS Game One (Phillies/Dodgers)Just like we figured, the Phillies get eight runs off lefties, Cole Hamels gives up four runs, gets chased in the sixth, and the Phillies' bullpen hangs tough.

Inscrutable. (Joe Sheehan)
2009-06-09 14:30:002009 Draft CoverageOne of the great things about being at BP is having great help just a few keyboard clicks away. I asked Rany, who did his fantastic series on draft history, if he remembers a draft that was better 11-20 than 1-10. Rany jumped into action for me, and found just one in 15 years: 2002.

Top Ten: B.J. Upton, Zack Greinke, Prince Fielder, Jeff Francis.
11-20: Hermida, Joe Saunders, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Cole Hamels, James Loney, Denard Span.

The best example is 1994, where Garciaparra, Konerko and Varitek went 12-14. Needless to say, the top 10 that boasted Paul Wilson, Ben Grieve, Todd Walker and Jaret Wright wasn't as good. (Bryan Smith)
2008-10-22 16:30:00World Series Game OneIf you spoonerize Cole Hamels, you get Whole Camels. (Steven Goldman)
2008-10-22 16:30:00World Series Game OneIt's a Phillies/Rays World Series, and Game One should be a great start. Two of the best young starting pitchers in baseball meet as Cole Hamels faces off against Scott Kazmir. Please join the BP staff for a live roundtable starting at around 7:30PM ET on Wednesday.

If you'd like to submit a question to be answered during the roundtable, you can do so here. (Dave Pease)

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