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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday January 26, 2012 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


The professor holds office hours

Jason Parks: Martin Kove of the Hot Stove. Let's rip it.

Xavier (Texas): Bigger offensive upside: Gose or Marisnick?

Jason Parks: Gose lacks the hit tool to project as a plus hitter, although his power is legit and the rest of his tools make me weak in the knees. Marisnick has the potential to hit for both average and power, so Im going to give him the edge.

basejaw (Dallas): I read that Victor Payano looked very strong at instructs. Did you get a chance to see him, and what do you expect from him this year?

Jason Parks: He did look strong at Instructs, with a fastball in bursts that was in the low 90s thrown on a steep plane with a little arm-side movement. I'm a big fan of the tall lefty. If the secondary stuff can come around, he could move up prospect lists. You can't teach length.

ChoppertoChipper (Edmonton): I noticed Val Kilmer was included in your acknowledgements for BP 2011. Any chance your acknowledgements have a more Kovian flavour in BP 2012? What is Mr. Kove's favourite flavour?

Jason Parks: For BP 2012 the only person I acknowledged was Christopher Hitchens. For BP 13, I think the entire staff should dedicate the book to Kove.

James (Dallas, TX): I really enjoy your writing, especially the fiction. Who are your influences? I assume you are going to say Hunter S Thompson.

Jason Parks: I get this often. No, I'm not influenced by Hunter S. Thompson. I have nothing against his work, but it doesn't tickle my fancy. My biggest influences are Ellis, Wallace, DeLillo, Camus, and Bernhard

Xavier (Texas): Matt Adams - do you believe he can stick as the STL 1B of the future?

Jason Parks: I think he can become a second-division type, but I don't think he's a player that you pencil in your lineup for the next ten years and forget about it.

FalconCount (Fort Worth): I saw you recently ate at Joe T. Garcia's. 70 grade Margarita?

Jason Parks: Been eating there since I was kid. It's good (simple) food in a good environment. I enjoyed the margaritas quite a bit. It's a plus beverage, although throwing a 7 on it is high-praise. I don't drink enough margaritas to properly evaluate it.

Ed (Winnipeg): How could you let Goldstein rate Marisnick ahead of Gose? HOW? I thought you were cool, man.

Jason Parks: I really like both players, and Gose obviously has crazy tools, but I think Marisnick is the better prospect right now. He is more balanced at the plate, with a better hit tool that will continue to play as he climbs. Gose is an athletic freak, but I have concerns that the hit tool will limit his success at the plate. In the field, Gose can do just about anything he wants, with tons of speed and one of the strongest arms in baseball. It's close, but I'd give the nod to Marisnick as well.

Mike (utica): what is your take on noah syndergaard, justin nicolino, and daniel norris. Who do you like the best and what is their ceilings?

Jason Parks: I really like all three, but I prefer the lefties, especially Nicolino. Being able to manipulate the ball while maintaining control is an art that even major league pitchers struggle with. Nicolino might lack crazy great stuff, but his pitchability is quite advanced. Given his projectable frame, I think the stuff will continue to improve as well. He could be a monster. Huge fan.

Jay (Vancouver): Did Derek Holland finally figure it all out? Does he have any room to improve from last year's performance? If he does, along what kind of stats he would offer in his prime?

Jason Parks: Obviously, Holland figured out a few things in 2011. The good news is that he still has more to figure out, as the changeup can certainly improve. I don't like projecting stats because I'm not very good at it, but I think Holland can be the type of #3 starter that can throw one-hitters when he is on and give up five runs in five innings when he is not. Consistency could make him a #2.

Someone Watching a Twitter Fight (The Twittersphere): What is your stance on the use of "we," "our," et al by fans in reference to their team?

Jason Parks: I don't have a problem with it. Fans pay the bills with their passion, and often times that passion is so intense and real that you feel like you are a part of the team you are cheering for. What's the harm, really? To take a didactic stance that it's wrong or inappropriate seems like a waste of time, especially when it doesn't affect you. When I discuss the Dallas Cowboys, I say we. If you have a problem with my level of support, you can kiss my ass.

Kyle Drabek (a deep dark hole): Shoot straight with me. What are my chances of making it?

Jason Parks: Depends on your definition of making it. I think you can pitch in the majors, once you adjust to the failures of the past. It's one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. I think you can do it. Will you ever be a #1 or #2? Probably not. But you can contribute at the highest level, and that will have value. Plus, you are a Texan. Suck it up and get back on the horse.

C.J. (Milwaukee): Does Anthony Gose's hit tool have enough #want to afford him the opportunity to showcase those tools as a major league regular?

Jason Parks: It needs to improve, but it only needs to find average utility for the speed/power to elevate his offensive profile. If the hit tool finds a way to play at the major league level, Gose could be an all-star.

C.J. (Milwaukee): Does Anthony Gose's hit tool have enough #want to afford him the opportunity to showcase those tools as a major league regular?

Jason Parks: It needs to improve, but it only needs to find average utility for the speed/power to elevate his offensive profile. If the hit tool finds a way to play at the major league level, Gose could be an all-star.

FutureCloser (NY NY): Jason, settle it once and for all. Kove, Alfaro or Jesus?

Jason Parks: Well, two of those listed are divine beings. The other is just a man from a fable. I'll let you decide who is who.

Brian (LA): Finish this sentence: The Legend, Puyol and Martin Kove walk into a bar...

Jason Parks: ...and shit gets real in a hurry

George (Charlotte): What do you know about Cespedes? Pretty high expectations?

Jason Parks: I know what everybody else does, and yes, the expectations are extremely high based on what I've been told. I have to say, I'm just not sold on the guy. I haven't seen him in person, but I've spoken to a few that have and the questions about the hit tool make me hesitant to say he is going to be a monster. The tools are crazy, so if the hit tool is only average the power could make him a first-division/all-star type. But what if he can't hit above-average arm-side breaking stuff at the highest level? That's my concern.

Michael Ynoa (Doctor's Office): Is there any hope for me?

Jason Parks: You could always marry a Kardashian.

ttt (Brooklyn): Have you been to the Shake Shack yet by the Jay St/Borough Hall stop on the ACF?

Jason Parks: No. I've only been to the one by my therapist's office in Madison Sq. park. It feel so good to chew on tasty meat after spending an hour blaming my parents for my childhood.

dianagran (NYC): You could trade lives with one other BP writer (OTHER than Kevin G) for one week ... who would you choose?

Jason Parks: Jaffe. 'Stache. Enough said.

FutureCloser (NY NY): If you could have the next 6 years of any pitcher in the Majors to start your team with, is there anyone to consider other than Matt Moore?

Jason Parks: Clayton Kershaw would be my first choice

laxtonto (locked in my office..): Alfaro.... Marte.... Guzman... Who is the next one that we get to start hearing rumors about...

Jason Parks: LHP Yohander Mendez will be the next big pitching prospect in the Rangers system.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Taking everything into account--age, contract, history--who would you rather have on your team starting right now, Cespedis or Yorman Rodriguez?

Jason Parks: Cespedes.

stevenpsu78 (York, Pa): What are your thoughts on Jemile Weeks "healthy" season and his future/upside?

Jason Parks: I really like Weeks. He has the type of bat speed you can't teach. If he is healthy (and can stay that way), he could develop into one of the best 2B in the league.

Johnny (Sweeping the Leg): Is it true that Chuck Norris wears Martin Kove underoos? What do you know about the other cuban kid, Jorge Soler?

Jason Parks: Norris is a wannabe. Kove sleeps raw. Soler is a toolsy kid with lots of upside. Probably not an up-the-middle talent in the long-run, but excellent pop and a skill-set that will play in RF. Given his age and price, I'd probably prefer him to Cespedes. Of course, I haven't seen either player in person, so my evaluation is far from complete.

cjmart29 (The Lou): Alfaro comp (if one exists)?

Jason Parks: I don't like comps, as they often create unfair expectations for the player. Alfaro is Alfaro: he has better than average speed for a catcher, at least a 7 arm (possibly an 8), he has 7 future power, and he can control the bat. He's very raw, but he could be an all-star if everything breaks right.

ttt (Brooklyn): Top 5 prospects in the July 2 clsas? Hernandez, Guzman, Sanchez, Osuna, Mazara?

Jason Parks: From the people I've spoken with, Ronald Guzman was considered to be the best all-around hitter in the J2 class of 2011.

Pancake Breakfast (Pancake Palace ): Are you a genius or do you just think you are a genius?

Jason Parks: Okay, your name is Pancake Breakfast and your location is Pancake Palace? Um, you are the only genius here my friend.

Jake H (Kansas city): What do you like most about getting out and watching players?

Jason Parks: I like the projection involved with young players. The abstract components in that process really fuel me. It keeps me thinking.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Are you as drooly over Billy Hamilton as Goldstein? Can he make enough contact to utilize that #wantastic speed, and does he develop the arm to stick at SS?

Jason Parks: No. I think speed can get overrated in the minors. I love his speed; fastest guy in baseball. But I'm not sure he sticks at SS, and I'm not sure his hit tool is all that. What does that make him? A slappy 2B with crazy speed and little-to-no power. I think he's closer to a utility player than a starting shortstop.

Johnny (San Diego): Have you eaten at Angelos in Ft Worth? My faaaaave

Jason Parks: Of course. It's good, but not my favorite.

Joe Random (In line at Shake Shack): With Texas possibly offering Josh Hamilton an extension, wouldn't they be better off spending that money on Matt Cain, Cole Hamels or Zack Grienke? Assuming Mike Young and Hamilton are out of the 2013 picture, they can still fill an OF spot with Victorino, DYoung, or Melky. Of course, #TheLegend can probably play RF better than anyone on the roster.

Jason Parks: I wouldn't offer Hamilton an extension. I would let him walk and use those resources elsewhere.

tjco1990 (KY): Josh Bell or George Springer long term?

Jason Parks: I haven't seen either in person, but I know a lot of people who really, really like Springer. I'll say Springer.

Johnny (San Diego): So next time I'm in Ft Worth, where SHOULD I go for the best BBQ? Visit often, as my grandparents live there.

Jason Parks: Ask Keith Law. Kidding of course. Don't ask Keith Law. I really like Railhead BBQ. It's not fancy, but the brisket is delicious and they offer Ranch Style beans, which is the key to my heart.

faztradamus (Desk Chair): If you could be the GM of any team outside of the Rangers... who, and why?

Jason Parks: Yankees. I think taking over a situation where it is nearly impossible to make a name for yourself presents a challenge. With all the flags flying in that stadium and all the greats that have either worn the uniform or pulled the strings, carving out your own niche would be a remarkable accomplishment. I'd like to give it a try.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): What are you drinking for this chat? I'm a homebrewer (of beer). If I sent you one for Up and In, would you drink it? * Saying no to a random internet question will not hurt my feelings.

Jason Parks: I'm drinking coffee. I'm a big coffee drinker. I have a policy to always drink beer that is sent to me, so there you go.

Steve (Revloc): John Sickles put out his minor league rankings and the Pirates came in at number 12. With all the high upside talent is that to high, to low, or just right?

Jason Parks: I don't pay attention to his rankings for the most part. I think the Pirates have a top ten farm, but it really doesn't matter where people rank them. All that matters is the development of those players and the contributions they can make to the big league team.

Ruehlmann (Chicago): I'm hearing that inside that masculine divot in his chin, Martin Kove stores a smaller Martin Kove. Is this one instance where I can trust Twitter rumors?

Jason Parks: I've never had the opportunity to go spelunking in Kove's chin, so I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor. One day perhaps I will be granted access to his face.

goiter6 (MN): Does Boston's trade of Scutaro mean that Bogaerts may start the year in AA?

Jason Parks: If Bogaerts starts the year at Double-A, it will be because that's where the Sox think he belongs (developmentally speaking).

Steve (Huntington Beach): I know you are really familiar with the Rangers, can you tell us more about Leonys Martin? What kind of speed and power potential do you see him having in Texas?

Jason Parks: Not a burner, more like a guy with quick feet who is probably a 50/55 runner. Good power, not a light-tower freak show. Should be able to utilize a gap-to-gap approach with some bombs and lots of doubles.

Pat (Boston): Is Bruce going to make another jump and become and elite/MVP type hitter?

Jason Parks: I think it's possible. He has the tools to make that jump happen.

tjco1990 (KY): Do u feel Rendon ends up playing 2nd or 3rd for the Nats? Has to be 2nd doesn't it? Can he handle it?

Jason Parks: I think Rendon needs to stay at 3B because he has the tools to be well-above average at that position. Given his injury history, I'd rather not see him at 2B. Yes, I think he could handle it athletically. But I think if the Nats want to move him to 2B, they would be better off trading him as a 3B. I think he has more value at that position.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): What's Drew Stubbs' ceiling? A decent power, good speed, good D CF with a shitty contact tool is still pretty valuable.

Jason Parks: I think you are looking at it ( or very close to it). Stubbs isn't a good defensive centerfielder. He's a fantastic defensive centerfielder. I would pay to watch Stubbs play CF.

Chris (KC): So do you not pay attention to Sickels in particular, or to other people's rankings in general?

Jason Parks: I don't pay attention to system rankings, for the most part. It's just a very arbitrary exercise.

laxtonto (locked in my office..): Can give me something to keep some of LSB from breaking a leg with the kind of knee jerking going on with Mazara.

Jason Parks: Mazara is just starting his professional journey and he has a very high-ceiling. It could be years until some of that potential starts to manifest itself on a field. Patience is necessary when you sign high-ceiling 16 year-olds from the Latin American market. No reason to have any knee-jerk reaction about the player at this stage of the game, especially when nobody (or very few) on that site has seen the kid play in game action. It's going to be okay. Just give it time.

Dan (Brooklyn): Just so you know, some of us really like your analysis but can't stand the #want-#legend-"he's a Texan" inside-joke shtick and think it makes it more difficult than necessary to find the substance of what you have to offer.

Jason Parks: Not everything can be handed to you in a neat little package for easy consumption. I ask a lot of people, and I think forcing the extra effort makes the journey more fun. If you want easy to swallow pills, there are plenty of other sources out there that can provide that service. I like to add a little spice to the process. #want

DDriesen (GiantsCountry): No problem with your level of support of the Cowboys, just with your awful choice of teams. GO GIANTS!!!

Jason Parks: I hope you lose the Super Bowl by 80 points.

Bubs (Baltimore): Who ya got in the World Series this year?

Jason Parks: Baltimore Orioles vs the Houston Astros. It's going to be slammin'

Naughty By Nature (One Hit Wonderland): You down with LSB?

Jason Parks: I like the site, yes. Adam Morris does an excellent job of keeping fans of the Rangers informed and offers them a platform to react (overreact) accordingly. Fans of the team have great resources for info from guys like Adam, Jamey Newberg, Scott Lucas, and Jason Cole. They have it all covered.

zombiechucks (twitter): Dan in Brooklyn is showing some serious lack of #want

Jason Parks: I respect his thoughts and I understand where he is coming from. But as I said, there are places you can go to receive the same information with less hassle. I'm not going to apologize for making things more difficult on the readers. It's always going to be harder to participate and invest than to be a spectator.

tjco1990 (KY): How would u rank these 3 young high ceiling arms....Daniel Norris, Tyrell Jenkins and Noah Syndergaard? Long way to go but their upside in enormous. Thanks Professor

Jason Parks: Norris, Jenkins, Syndergaard

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): Which Nat has the higher ceiling - Purke or Meyer? Which one is more likely to be a MLB contributor?

Jason Parks: Tough question; one that I think will require more time to say with any confidence. I think Meyer has the size and therefore a characteristic that can't be taught. I'm not sure if he is a starter or reliever, but I like the thought of what he might become. Purke is a wildcard in that if he is healthy, he could be develop into a quality rotation arm. Given his injury history and mechanical profile, it seems unlikely that he is going to escape the knife at some point in the future.

dp (Brazil (the movie)): Your well-placed distrust of the hype machine surrounding the Mets farm system is known. That said, is there anyone in the system outside of Wheeler and Harvey that makes your pants shift?

Jason Parks: Juan Urbina, but he has a very long way to go.

ramjam36 (Dallas): Out of the following, pick a player and a pitcher most likely to be Top 50 prospects at this time next year: #TheLegend, Jordan Akins, Ronald Guzman, Luis Marte, David Perez, Victor Payano, Yohander Mendez, Luke Jackson, and Roman Mendez. Thanks for chatting Professor!

Jason Parks: #TheLegend (Jorge Alfaro) and David Perez

froston (America's Hat (Canada)): Can you think of any possible 90 tools in the minors right now (or 10s)? I know the scale stops at 80, but theoretically someone can of course be 4 standard deviations from the mean. I always thought this would make a fun article, possible present/historical 90/10 tools.

Jason Parks: Billy Hamilton has 100 speed. No question.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Jaffe's stache VS Kove's chin VS Puyol's locks

Jason Parks: This question could end the world.

Steve C (Toronto): Fill in the blank: Kyle Drabek will win ___ MLB games in his career.

Jason Parks: 50

RK (Kansas): What are your biggest objections to MLBs top 100 unveiled Wed night?

Jason Parks: I didn't see the list. I don't care where MLB ranks players. What are some of the ones that stand out for you?

Steve C (Toronto): Would you fire Billy Beane of you were running things in Oakland?

Jason Parks: No. I'd find him a new stadium.

Will T. (Cary, N.C.): What would it be like if we lived in a world that was run by Martin Kove and #The Legend?

Jason Parks: It would be like eating bacon

faztradamus (My Desk): Is Willin Rosario a Top 50 prospect for you?

Jason Parks: Yes. I really, really like the player.

Johnny (Cobra Kai Dojo): Biggest threat at a Tigers postgame spread this year, Laird, Cabrera or Fielder?

Jason Parks: Jesus. Haven't thought about this. All three can let 'er rip in that department.

comish4lif (Alexandria, VA): Bryce Harper, 90 power?

Jason Parks: Elite power on any scale.

ssimon (Pelham, NY): How would a scout react to seeing a guy with Miguel Cabrera's tools playing third base?

Jason Parks: He'd say, "What a great hitter."

Will T. (Cary, North Carolina): Would you have rather seen the Orioles hire a young 'whiz kid' type GM rather than going the Duquette route? With a bad major league squad and a poor farm system, what needs to be done other than MUCH more time put into the Latin American market?

Jason Parks: I'm on record as liking Duquette, but yes, I would have preferred to see them hire a young, hungry, whiz kid to turn that franchise around. Unfortunately, its not as simple as that because ownership is a big problem and the mess might take a few regimes to clean up.

Will T. (Cary, N.C.): What's the upside of Orioles OF/2B L.J. Hoes?

Jason Parks: Not the best defensive force in the world, but I think he could handle LF. I like his chances at the plate, as he has quick hands and shows good command of the bat. I'm not exactly a huge fan, but I think he will hit.

Dave (Oregon): I read Segura looked really slow in the AFL. In 2010 when healthy he stole 50 bags, is that an accurate representation of his speed, or did the guy just run a lot?

Jason Parks: It's not uncommon to see players look a bit slower in the AFL; after all, they've been playing since the end of February, and let's not forget what the weather is like in Arizona in September/October. It's easier to steal bases in the low minors, as pitchers struggle to control the running. Segura can run, but he's not going to be a 50 SB player at the higher levels.

RichW (New Jersey): Your thoughts on Jonathan Schoop. First division starter upside?

Jason Parks: I'm not sold that he's a first-division type. I've seen him and he was impressive, but he's probably more of a second-tier regular than a first-division type.

Reggie (Fairfax, VA): Over/Under on mlb games played this year by (a) Harper, (b) Trout?

Jason Parks: A) (under) 50; B) (over) 100

LMGTFY (bored at work): Are you aware that if you google jason parks baseball prospectus for images the first three are Jaffe's mustache, Verducci and Martin Kove? Well played.

Jason Parks: All part of the plan

Bobby (Toronto): I'm very disappointed in the Jays off-season due to having horrible owners. Give me 3 reasons why I should spend my hard earned money to buy season tickets this year.

Jason Parks: Reasons 1,2,3: The team has talent and will be competitive despite not landing Darvish or Fielder.

Roy Munson (Iowa State bowling champ): Are you still a believer in Dononic Brown?

Jason Parks: Sure. The process can take time and there are often setbacks along the way. I still believe in the promise of what he can become.

Kate Upton (New York): Who has more HR Power, me or Elvis Andrus?

Jason Parks: Elvis. He also has a better smile.

Don H. (Oak Park): Obviously the Mets and Dodgers have owner issues, but it's hard to see a worse owner [that will be around for awhile] situation than the White Sox, no?

Jason Parks: I agree. That team has a lot of problems.

Marissa (Florida): Who wins in a WWE Steel Cage Match between Keith Law and Kevin Goldstein?

Jason Parks: Keith would get pummeled in 30 seconds and then write a review of the event. KG would take to the internet and live tweet the celebratory meal he was preparing. I'd just laugh and judge from the sidelines.

Bill Simmons (LA): Thoughts on grantland.com so far?

Jason Parks: What are your thoughts on redtube so far?

Brooklyn Decker (NYC): If you had a choice, would you rather have season tickets to your favorite baseball team or a date with me?

Jason Parks: Season tickets. Dating is lame. I gave up dating a long time ago and I'm sure not going to jump back into that crap just because you are attractive.

Gary Bettman (Ottawa): The NHL All Star Draft is on the NBC Sports Network tonight. If you had the first pick, which player would you select?

Jason Parks: Carl Weathers circa 1987

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Dallas Braden just got a tattoo of Rollie Fingers riding a dolphin under a rainbow. Your thoughts, please.

Jason Parks: That's pretty cool. My friend has a tattoo of a stingray with a plate of fajitas on its back.

John (Denver, CO): How would you compare/contrast Rosario, Mescadoro, and D'Arnaud?

Jason Parks: D'Arnaud is the complete package and the best of the bunch,. He could be an all-star on a regular basis. Mesoraco and Rosario are close for me, with Mesoraco getting the edge because of his dreamy eyes.

emiddlebrook (Waco): No mention of Joey Matches among the Ranger sites?

Jason Parks: Joey Matches should definitely be included on that list. He is a very, very good source for Rangers fans.

zombiechucks (twitter): How much of a leash does Neal Huntington have left?

Jason Parks: That's a good question. I'm not sold that he knows how to build a winning team. I'd give him another year and then I'd pump some fresh blood into that organization.

Rob (Alaska): What's the offensive ceiling for Hak Ju Lee? Looking back at your position primacy series, I think you may be the most optimistic on him that I've read.

Jason Parks: Still a big fan. I think he can be a first-division talent, with contact ability, a good approach, and some pop. I think he's better than people realize.

Abe (Sweden): What TV shows do you watch?

Jason Parks: Right now? I don't have a show that I keep up with right now. I usually wait for seasons to end so I can watch multiple episodes while traveling. I just finished watching the second season of Justified, which I greatly enjoyed. I watch some crappy shows as well, when they happen to be on and I happen to have time. Not to sound like a dork, but I spend a lot of time reading, which 1) helps me sleep and 2) keeps me from getting too invested in shows that are of little benefit to me.

Andrew Stoeten (drunkjaysfans.com): What letter grade would you give AA's performance as a GM so far? What would you like to see him improve?

Jason Parks: GMs can always improve, which isn't to say that AA's performance has been bad. I think he is an intelligent, creative GM that is trying to remain competitive in one of the hardest divisions in the game. I love the org''s approach to amateur talent acquisition.

Steven (Chicago): Is it fair to say Billy Beane is no longer a Top 5 GM?

Jason Parks: It's subjective, but its fair to say that if you believe that to be the case. It's a very difficult thing to judge because the playing field is not equal for all those involved. I happen to think Beane is a very good GM, given what he has to work with.

Francois (Toronto): At this stage of his career, what sort of adjustments/Improvements does Gerrit Cole need to make to go from 5-star prospect to frontline starter/ace? Likely a June-debut timetable, or are you thinking the Pirates takes his development more slowly?

Jason Parks: Hard to say until he faces hitters that force him to adjust. He needs to trust his stuff more, and refine his sequencing in order to keep hitters off-balance and off his fastball. He has all the necessary components to be a legit #1, but we can't tell how he responds to professional failure until faced with that reality.

Carlson (Houston): My Wife bought my a 6 game Astros flex pack as a birthday gift. I told her it wasn't a good gift since I wouldn't even watch them for free. Was I an asshole for being honest?

Jason Parks: Yes, that was an asshole thing to say. Being honest doesn't excuse it. Your wife gave you baseball tickets. Give her a hug and tell her that you appreciate her for being so thoughtful.

Busty Olner (Chicago): Does Christian Yelich become an elite level prospect this year?

Jason Parks: Elite? Doubtful. But I think he can maintain his status as a very good prospect with a first-division future.

Lincoln (Colorado): If Cespedes signs a deal in excess of $50 million, will it be a bad deal or is he worth the risk?

Jason Parks: I have no idea. If a team gives him $50M+, I assume they believe he's worth the risk. I wouldn't give him that much money.

Andy Roddick (ATP): Smart of you to choose season season tickets over a date with Brooklyn. Your a** is safe for now; I thought I might have to kick it.

Jason Parks: C'mon, Roddick. We both know that I could take you. You might be a professional athlete, but you are a tennis player, so don't go thinking you are tough.

kove challenged (the internet): I had to google this Kove guy and I don't get it. Are you into him because of Karate Kid? Cagney & Lacey? Some other reason?

Jason Parks: Some other reason

SC (Minneapolis): Better diver: Greg Louganis or Sergio Busquets?

Jason Parks: Mario Lopez in the made-for-tv movie about Greg Louganis

Tim (New York): MLB had Manny Banuelos ranked as the 12 best prospect for 2012. Is it me or is that insanely high given the big dump he took last year?

Jason Parks: It's higher than I would have him, but I can see the argument. Banuelos could end up with three above-average pitches and a good command profile, all from the left side. That's a crazy good prospect.

Bob (Toronto): Have you ever been to Canada? What is your favorite Canadian City?

Jason Parks: I have been to Canada and my favorite city is Montreal.

Johnny (San Diego): Best name in the minor leagues? I'm gunna go with Mariekson Gregarious.

Jason Parks: Smerling Lantigua and Rougned Odor are on the list.

joseconsuervo (Ann Arbor, MI): Can I be the 200th question answered?

Jason Parks: No.

bumphadley (NJ): Which of the following makes khakis unfashionable? a. tan color (can khakis be another color?) b. pleats (are flat fronts unfashionable?) c. cotton fabric d. people who wear them When you're not wearing Japanese designer jeans, what pants do you wear?

Jason Parks: Khakis make the body look terrible, from the cut of the pant to the color of the pant. It's just not very flattering. I don't just wear jeans from Uniqlo. Those are more for general purposes. If I'm going to select a nicer pant, I go with J Brand. I also get most of my clothes tailored, which I think is a must considering most stores sell clothes to fit the average/boxy body type. If you really want clothes to fit your specific body type, take them to a tailor.

Morgan (Florida): Do you find it odd when men/fans actually care about who A-Rod is dating?

Jason Parks: Not at all. He's a public figure and people have interest in the personal lives of public figures.

Melanie Iglesias (On the Beach): Am I at least a 70 on the 20-80 scouting scale?

Jason Parks: I'm not really into women, so I'm not sure.

Ryan (Oakland, Ca): In 1989, Martin Kove lent his name to an anti-fur campaign along with Sting and Dudley Moore. I am very confused.

Jason Parks: I think Martin Kove spent the better part of 1989 on a binder. Just ignore his participation in such a campaign.

Rank This (Arbitrary, USA): Did you see that Analyst A has Prospect B rated as the #C ranked prospect? Isn't that way too high/low, especially when he has Prospect D ranked at #E? Can't we all just agree that there is no difference between prospects ranked, say #48 and #62? I feel like every glosses over the meat of the analysis and just wants to know were someone is 'ranked' or what letter grade or number of stars someone gets.

Jason Parks: Some analysts are better than others. Trust the good ones and ignore the bad ones. Just like in the talent they cover, some are clearly better than others.

Greg (Newport Beach): How do you think Mike Olt will fit into the Rangers plans given that he's blocked by Beltre? Could he hit enough as an AL first baseman?

Jason Parks: Yes, but I think he would have more value in trade than as a 1B for the Rangers. You can find decent 1B. It's very hard to find well above-average defensive 3B that can hit for power.

eliyahu (DC): What's more likely: Vitters finally having everything click and returning to elite prospect status in 2012, or you dating Brooklyn Decker?

Jason Parks: I'd rather date Vitters than Decker, so how do you like them apples? I haven't given up on Vitters. His swing is too perfect to go to waste. I think he figures it out.

Gary (Austin, Texas): Jason, I need some fashion advice. Skinny Jeans on a Male, thumbs up or thumbs down?

Jason Parks: Not a fan of skinny jeans on a guy. Jeans that fit, yes. Jeans that look like tights? No. It's just unattractive.

eliyahu (DC): Forced ranking in terms of raw power: Stanton, Hamilton and Bryce Harper. Is that the order? Is there anyone else in pro baseball that should crack this top 3?

Jason Parks: Elite power is elite power. All three have it.

mike (to): did anthro miss out on trading for any of the starting pitchers like latos etc?

Jason Parks: Sure, but wouldn't that be true of most GMs in baseball?

Desmond (Jersey): Who is the better bet long-term at 2B: Dustin Ackley, Jemile Weeks or Jason Kipnis?

Jason Parks: I'd gladly take any of the above and smile the grandest of smiles. Forced to rank, I'd go: Ackley, Kipnis, Weeks.

Mike (Dover AF Base): Tyler Skaggs and Archie Bradley- frontline starters? #1's or #2's?

Jason Parks: Possibly. Things are going to happen along the way that make the projection more representational. Both have a chance to develop into very good starters at the major league level.

eliyahu (DC): Let me ask it differently: Is there anyone that comes to mind whose power you'd put in the same class as Hamilton, Stanton and Harper? I've seen Hamilton and Stanton put balls over the fence they didn't come close to hitting squarely, and I assume Harper's the same way. Anyone else?

Jason Parks: Prince Fielder has crazy power. Albert Pujols has crazy power. Nelson Cruz and Joey Bats both have tons of power. Lots of guys have power, but the three guys you mentioned (Harper, Hamilton, Stanton), stand out for me with the utter damage they can do to a baseball.

Marcus (Kansas): It appears Keith Law is a great cook based on his website and twitter account. Have has ever cooked a meal for you? If so, was it actually good?

Jason Parks: Keith Law has never cooked for me.

Jquinton82 (NY): Chances of Gary Sanchez becoming something more than Montero (at this point)?

Jason Parks: Slim, just because Montero is a beast that survived the developmental process and didn't lose his beast status. Sanchez has similar offensive tools, but he has a long way to go before he reaches the same level of beast.

Kove challenged (the internet): Don't respond to this if you choose. But for me, you are taking the inside-joke thing too far. Ask somebody else you trust to look at the transcript and see if they agree. It feels like you and two of your friends are having a sleepover and you've got the giggles, and readers like me are the neighbors wondering what's so funny. Excluding your audience from the joke doesn't seem like a good idea from an audience-building standpoint.

Jason Parks: 1) I don't care if other people agree; 2) I rarely have sleep-overs anymore, but I do get the giggles on a regular basis; 3) The majority of the audience isn't excluded from the joke, and if they are, that's not my problem to solve; and 4) I've built a very good audience by being who I am and not who the average person wants me to be.

Bunger (Syracuse): How good is Addison Reed at baseball?

Jason Parks: As good as a very good late-inning reliever.

Taylor (Amarillo): Aren't Manny Banuelos and Martin Perez essentially the same prospect?

Jason Parks: They are similar but not the same. I'd take Perez over Banuelos because I think his stuff has a little more bite to it.

Tomcat (Sacramento): You wouldn't sign Hamilton because?

Jason Parks: He is injury-prone and I think babysitting him would be an experience that causes headaches on a regular basis. Crazy amounts of talent when he is on the field, but lots of strings that come attached to that talent. I'd let him walk before offering up an extension.

SC (Minneapolis): Why are you writing what you want how you want instead of what I want how I want?

Jason Parks: #want

Brett Lawrie (Vancouver): I will hit _ HR's this season.

Jason Parks: At least 20

SC (Minneapolis): Very random question: What current prospect is most likely to have the longest career? Not the best player, the player most likely to resemble Julio Franco. Bonus points if the prospect eats a dozen egg whites before every game.

Jason Parks: Elvis Andrus strikes me as a guy that could pull a Vizquel and play until he's 75 years-old

Chael (Portland): I just skipped a meeting because I said I was busy with my current project. I'm actually busy..... reading this chat. If I get fired, I'm blaming you Jason!

Jason Parks: If you get fired, I'll call your boss and make it all better.

Shawn (Cambridge MA): Why are the Rangers potentially interested in Oswalt this season? I understand you can never have enough starting pitching, but eventually you do run out of roster spots.

Jason Parks: You answered the question. You can never have enough quality major league arms. Injuries happen, ineffectiveness happens, areas of weakness open up and trading from a strength is good for business, the season is very long so many things can and will go wrong that bringing in a capable pitcher is very rarely a bad idea.

Steve (CA): Who is the best non pitching prospect in the minors right now not named Harper or Trout?

Jason Parks: Jurickson Profar or Manny Machado

FakeTomLatzke (Chicago): If 80% of my 40 man roster is made up of prospects, do I have a problem?

Jason Parks: Yes.

knockoutking (LSB): i cant believe that people want to come TO YOUR CHAT, which ONLY INVOLVES YOU CHATTING to complain about how you do your thing. mind = blown. and here i was thinking that the subscribers/readers of BP were a cut above...

Jason Parks: They are a cut above. Look, I'm an acquired taste with some idiosyncratic traits that can rub people the wrong way. I'm aware of this. I absolutely love the people who are looking for something a little different and encourage me to be who I am. That's awesome. But I also understand if my routine gets old for people or if the insider stuff that was referenced turns people off. We can't all enjoy the same things at the same time in the same manner.

knockoutking (LSB Island): is Barça your favorite futbol team to watch, or do you just enjoy watching Puyol and his hair?

Jason Parks: They have a ton of talent, so its hard to not enjoy watching them play. That said, it gets a little old and I desperately want a team to stop them in the Champions League. Real has a legit chance. I'm also a fan of AC.

knockoutking (LSB): just wanted to give a shout out to your Rangers-only prospect site Texas Farm Review (www.texasfarmreview.com) -- keep up the good work!

Jason Parks: Thanks. The response has been good. I'm only charging $10 for a seasonal pass, so its cheap.

finnerty.fan (CropsOnTheFarm): can you finally come clean that you and i are one in the same?

Jason Parks: Not the same guy, sorry

knockoutking (LSB): any EPL teams that you enjoy watching?

Jason Parks: I like watching soccer in general, especially teams with talent. I openly cheer for Spurs.

SC (Minneapolis): You're starting a football club with a zillion dollars. Ronaldo and Messi have said they will not play for your club. Everyone else in the world will. Who is your first massive transfer signing?

Jason Parks: Neymar

FakeTomLatzke (Chicago): Will Robbie Erlin be a difference maker in Fantasy baseball in 2013?

Jason Parks: If command/control pitchers are your bag. I have no idea about fantasy stuff, sorry.

BR (NYC): "Your wife gave you baseball tickets. Give her a hug and tell her that you appreciate her for being so thoughtful." You have an 80 relationship potential.

Jason Parks: It's closer to 20-grade, but thanks.

finnerty.fan (CropsOnTheFarm): If we are not the same person, do you at least know who I am?

Jason Parks: The guy from Lone Star Ball who likes to fight with Jamey Newberg.

Tim (DC): Spurs? Wrong North London team. You just went from a 70 to 45 in my scouting report.

Jason Parks: I'm not an Arsenal fan, sorry

lemppi (IA): Is there fear in your dojo?

Jason Parks: Mine? Sure. It would be foolish to pretend fear didn't exist or wasn't allowed to exist. Kove's dojo has its own rules, and I do believe fear is a big no no.

xxx (yyy): any news on if we will get more Bear Coat music in the near future?

Jason Parks: Just started work on the third record, which is a concept album built on the idea of being 20 and tan.

ben (trapped): Do you believe that relief prospects should fall in that top 50 of all prospects in baseball?

Jason Parks: Yes, if they project to be frontline closers at the major league level.

ajayem (LoneStarBall): What are your thoughts on Cody Buckel? Is he a pitcher who succeeds mainly based on the depth of his arsenal and his ability to sequence? How does he compare to former Rangers prospect Robbie Erlin?

Jason Parks: Solid-avg arm with good feel for craft and good (but not great) stuff across the board. He doesn't have the same type of command that Erlin has, but he has similar feel and his stuff is a little sharper. Buckel is also one of the smartest pitchers I've been around, always showing the other players how to chart, how to spot certain pitches, etc. After baseball, he's either going to make a very good coach or a very good talent evaluator.

Mike (Utica, NY): Can Nicolino become a Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels type pitcher if he hits his ceiling?

Jason Parks: CLiff Lee only became Cliff Lee after he failed and then made the necessary adjustments. The basic answer is no. Those guys are aces and its unlikely that Nicolino develops to that level. He has a huge ceiling, but there are very few aces.

Mike (Dallas): I have a serious question. If a draft eligible prospect came out of the closet, would this hurt his stock in the eyes of some scouts/teams?

Jason Parks: For some it would, Depends on the person. I'd be fine with it. But baseball is very conservative, and unfortunately, religious fundamentalism and the social intolerance that is often associated with that ideology would make life very difficult for any individual who was brave enough to be who they really are.

xxx (yyy): Explain to the rest of us why Texas is the best state in the US. I don't get it.

Jason Parks: If you don't get it, I can't explain it to you.

basejaw (Dallas): Do you think we will see some of Jordan Akins' raw power actualize in game this season?

Jason Parks: You will see it eventually, although it might take more time. It was very present during the fall instructional league, so hopefully that's a positive step towards bringing out the power in game action this spring.

Nolan (San Jose): Is it fair to say the Jays have the best farm system in baseball?

Jason Parks: I happen to think they have the best system, but I love high-ceilings and toolsy projections.

john (ct): Some say The Yankees saw something that made them think Montero was flawed and would not be the player they hoped he could be. Think there's any validity to that theory?

Jason Parks: I think they saw a huge hole in their rotation and traded a superfluous prospect that wasn't going to make it as an everyday catcher. If Monetro could handle that specific position, I don't think he gets traded.

Brett (SF): Who has 80 grade boobs according to your scouting report?

Jason Parks: Probably Matt Adams

Mike (Utica, NY): If Marisnick can stay in center, can he become what Rocco Baldelli should have been?

Jason Parks: Not bad. Some people think he can stick and some think he slides to RF. He's certainly a legit five-tool talent.

MonkeyEpoxy (College Station): How hilarious will Miguel Cabrera be at 3B?

Jason Parks: It won't last long

Chris (KC): (I apologize if this is the second time I have sent this; the first time I hit Submit everything went haywire.) As long as it's "Hate on Jason Day," I'd like to add my criticism. I realize you are a Rangers fan, and it may be a function of the types of questions you get, but you spend waaaay too much time writing about, discussing, and over-loving Rangers prospects. If I want all Rangers all the time, I'll go to a Rangers website - specifically YOUR prospect site. But I'd like to see a little more balance at BP. Whew! Now that I have that off my chest, let me say I still love your stuff!

Jason Parks: I write about the Rangers a lot because I see them a lot. They also have a lot of talent on their farm and it interests me. But I also write about other teams a lot, like the Royals, who I devoted more space to on BP last season than I did the Rangers. I'm not going to change. I write about what tickles my fancy. It's not always going to tickle yours.

jhardman (Apex, NC): Can you give me your thoughts on the long term value of these third base prospects: Moustakas, Chisenhall, Olt, Lawrie. And whether they will stay at 3B.

Jason Parks: Lawrie has made himself into a better defensive player, but its never going to be great. My rankings: Lawrie, Moose, Chisenhall, Olt

Bryant (San Diego): Who grades out better for the combined hair & mustache package: Tim Lincecum or Derek Holland?

Jason Parks: Lincecum grades out higher. Holland looks like a NAMBLA alert come to life.

chris (chicago): what percentage of professional baseball players graduated from college?

Jason Parks: Good question. I'm not sure. I'd say the percentage is low.

Martin Kove (Heaven): You can tickle mine, Jason

Jason Parks: Thanks, Mr. Kove. I hope you review this chat later.

Bob (LA): Thoughts on Allen Webster? Will he translate as a solid 3 maybe more?

Jason Parks: I actually think he might. I really like Webster, and I've spoken to others who really like him as well.

john (ct): The Orioles in 2012 will be much better and more like the team that was expected in 2011. True or false?

Jason Parks: They will probably show some improvements, but let's not pretend they are going to contend anytime soon.

Bucky (NY): Should we give up on Aaron Hicks? His numbers are pathetic, but prospect-rankings have kept him in the top 50 for 3 straight years.

Jason Parks: The dream provided by the tools will eventually erode from out minds unless the production increases. It has to happen so or its time to push him down the prospect queue.

Kyle (Vancouver): Do you believe Jedd Gyorko can be a successful starting 3B?

Jason Parks: He will be a successful hitter, but I'm not sure if the glove will ever be anything to write love songs about

Bob (maryland): Do you have any idea why Brian Matusz stunk so bad last year?

Jason Parks: Not specifically, but when you lose your stuff and your confidence, making adjustments can very difficult. If he can stay healthy and focused, he still has the potential to become the pitcher people thought he would become. It's all about the ability to fail and adjust to that failure.

Kyle (Montreal): Will Greg Golson ever be able to capitalize on his sexy tools?

Jason Parks: I don't think so. He's a 4/5 at best

bateman19 (Boston, MA): Jason, Has your opinion of Martin Perez changed at all coming into this year? Everything I read suggests he has the potential to become a true ace but he has continued to struggle in the minors, although he is still very young. Do you see him reaching his ceiling and do you see him pitching in Texas this season?

Jason Parks: He doesn't have the potential to be a true ace, but he could develop into a solid #2/3 type on a very good team. He was never going to be an ace. People jump the gun on that stuff all the time. Struggles can be a good thing, as it forces the pitcher to adjust in order to survive and flourish. Perez has a good chance of reaching a respectable ceiling as a big league starter, but he's not going to be an ace.

faztradamus (Couch): What OFP would you throw on Dylan Bundy for present/future? For reference you gave 63/68 and 51/56 to Cole and Bauer respectively (10 months ago).

Jason Parks: Haven't seen Bundy in person, but the reports I've seen have him graded out at the all-star level.

Johnny (San Diego): You down with LSD?

Jason Parks: I don't happen to take drugs, but I don't care if you do as long as I'm not responsible for your actions. 42 more questions people. I'm going to 200. I have 200 questions in the queue. YOu guys are insane.

Bobby (South Side): Why didn't the White Sox call up Michael Jordan? Despite the fact he sucked at baseball, he probably would have sold a lot of tickets.

Jason Parks: He didn't suck at baseball. You try jumping to the Double-A level after not playing for nearly ten years. Hitting .200 was a remarkable accomplishment.

PSzucs (Kingston, Ontario): When the front page said "LIVE!" I thought to myself: "no way is he actually still chatting". Lo and behold...

Jason Parks: I'm going to answer 200 questions

cjmart29 (The Lou): Love your stuff on BP. Just purchased a membership to texasfarmreview.com and looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. Thanks for your efforts. Dallas has some great strip clubs.

Jason Parks: This is fantastic comment and I absolutely love the people who are participating in this.

Mike (Utica, NY): Can you see anyone in the lower minors blow up and become a Matt Moore in a couple of years?

Jason Parks: I think Bundy has a chance to be very, very good, but he's not going to catch anybody by surprise. Honest answer: No, I really can't

Sara (Tacoma): For their big league (MLB) careers, who do you like long-term between Gerrit Cole, Yu Darvish, and Trevor Bauer?

Jason Parks: Darvish, Cole, Bauer in that order

SC (Minneapolis): What semi-recent prospects have you been most wrong about (in either direction)? Why were you wrong?

Jason Parks: I was wrong about Engel Beltre. I thought the tools were starting to mature. Unfortunately, maturity has to occur both on the field and off.

Peter Shammons (Chicago): Given the choice, would you want to be the GM of a large market or small market team?

Jason Parks: Small market team. It forces creativity

Martin (Houston): What makes Shelby Miller's 92-94 so much harder to hit than everybody else's?

Jason Parks: He has excellent extension, so the 92-94 looks more like 94-96; he throws it downhill on a steep plane and it features good late life. The combo makes it a monster pitch that is difficult to square up.

Marcus (Iraq): Do you also chuckle when fans say they could do a better job than "insert MLB GM"?

Jason Parks: Every single time, except when it's the White Sox. Then I actually believe the average fan could in fact do a better job.

Zooey (LA): The Jays make the playoffs at least once in the next 3 seasons, True or False?

Jason Parks: I'd like to say true, but I believe the answer is false. Sorry.

MonkeyEpoxy (College Station): Piggybacking off of the Shelby Miller question: Does Neil Ramirez's fastball behave the same way?

Jason Parks: It does. Ramirez has excellent extension on the pitch and creates good plane to the plate. Add the velo and the movement and the pitch becomes more than just its radar gun reading.

zombiechucks (twitter): Is there a top 5 players that you would be ok trading Jurickson Profar for?

Jason Parks: I'd trade Profar for any player that I thought would be a better investment for the team in both the short term and the long term. I'd trade Profar for Kershaw or Moore or Trout or Harper or several other players that could help the team now and in the future.

Jack (Birmingham): Do you own a radar gun?

Jason Parks: I do. I have a Stalker Pro2

Johnny (SD): Most exciting fastball in baseball? How about most exciting pitch? Aroldis Chapman's fastball from the pen?

Jason Parks: Watching Chapman throw a pen is a lot of fun, but watching guys like Matt Moore in the Future's Game was just as fun. When his power curve morphed into that cut/slider offering, thrown with extreme tilt in the upper 80s, I almost shit my pants with excitement.

Bryant (San Diego): Better chance of making it to MLB - Donavan Tate or Reymond Fuentes?

Jason Parks: This might shock you, but I'm going to say Tate. I think he figures it out and makes it.

Ishmael (Chicago): Favorite book you read in 2011? Could the White Sox trade every player on their MLB roster, throw in Addison Reed, and produce enough value to nab Kemp and Kershaw?

Jason Parks: Favorite book of '11 was probably "Leo and His Circle: The Life of Leo Castelli" by Annie Cohen-Solal.

George (OH): Projecting 2012 performance only, is Matt Moore a top ten MLB starter?

Jason Parks: Not yet. But getting closer to that in '12 and achieving that distinction in '13

Steve (New York): I don't have a question but I just wanted to say thank you for the chat. It was informative and I even laughed a couple of times at the questions and answers.

Jason Parks: Thanks. I aim to please. 24 more answers to go

jhardman (Apex, NC): Rumors are abounding regarding a trade of Andrew McCutchen to Texas for a prospect laden package. If this happened, would Pirates fans have the right to put Neal Huntington's head on a stick? And if so, what sort of package would you imagine the Rangers sending to Pittsburgh?

Jason Parks: I'm not supposed to talk about the Rangers because it will cause some to go poo-poo in their di-di.

I have no idea about the package, but it would take a guy like Profar, one would assume. It would also take a bunch of other top tier prospects.

Matt (NY): Are you as arrogant in person as you appear in this chat?

Jason Parks: I assume. I'm not channeling someone else for the purpose of this chat.

Mike (Utica, NY): What do you project Jacob Turner to be?

Jason Parks: A very good middle of the rotation starter that can log innings and give you the occasional gem.

Random Questions (Unknown): What was the best movie you saw in a theater in 2011? What do you think of pineapple on pizza? Is there something in your life that you spent a lot of money on that you really regret today?

Jason Parks: Drive was the best movie I saw in the theater in '11; I like my pizza with pepperoni and cheese; my apartment

joseconsuervo (Ann Arbor): Follow up on: "Jason Parks: Jurickson Profar or Manny Machado". Jurickson Profar or Manny Machado?

Jason Parks: Today? Profar. If you ask me tomorrow? I might go Machado. It's a coin flip for me

Matt (NY ): Any Mets hitting prospects you think have star potential?

Jason Parks: No

Thomas (Somewhere): Jason, what do you think of the PECOTA prospect rankings Nate Silver did a couple years ago here http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=6153 Is this a useful tool for evaluating prospects?

Jason Parks: I think Nate is a very smart person and I respect his work a great deal. But I'm not the biggest fan of ranking prospects in this manner, no.

Tom (Seattle): Hultzen or Cole?

Jason Parks: Cole has a higher ceiling.

Bill (New Mexico): Opinions on Oscar Taveras? 19-year-olds who hit .384 at low-A don't grow on trees, but some scouts are dubious about his swing. Which side are you on?

Jason Parks: It's a very loud swing, but it works and I think it will continue to work. I'm a big fan.

Rick (Syracuse): How long have you known Kevin, and do you guys ever see each other face to face?

Jason Parks: I've been able to call Kevin my friend for over three years now, and yes, we do make a point of seeing each other face to face several times a year.

Jamey (DFW): You or Kevin or Kevin's Mom -- highest ceiling?

Jason Parks: Tough question. Kevin's Mom has already achieved a very high ceiling, as has KG. I have more room to grow as I'm younger and more inexperienced. Hard to say. I'm arrogant if I say I have the higher ceiling, right?

faztradamus (Couch): Outside of Profar/Machado, which SS prospects are you really high on?

Jason Parks: I love Lindor. I think he could be a star

djcahill (Houston, Tx): Now that Mike Fast is gone to the Astros, who are you betting on to get the next MLB gig from BP?

Jason Parks: Probably not me, unfortunately

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Thoughts on "Crazy Horses" by the Osmonds? I think Donny Osmond is Satan's asshole but that song is full of #want

Jason Parks: I just wanted people to see this. It's important

MonkeyEpoxy (College Station): Kyle Gibson: Does he define the phrase "rock solid" in terms of expected MLB performance?

Jason Parks: He puts me to sleep

Matt (NY): IF you wrote the ending to the original Karate Kid, how would it have gone?

Jason Parks: After the match, when Daniel is all high on his own excellence after kicking Zabka in the face, Kove steps in, kills him with his bare hands, turns and kills both Miyagi and Daniel's mother and girlfriend, screams like a hawk as their blood paints his skin, grows a set of wings and flies off into the night.

Darren (KC): "I've built a very good audience by being who I am and not who the average person wants me to be." Well said. Matt West the best RP prospect (not current SP) in the minors?

Jason Parks: I don't know. He's the best in the Rangers system.

Tim (DC): Moore or Strasburg?

Jason Parks: Strasburg

Johnny (SD): What's your favorite part about your job?

Jason Parks: Honestly, you guys/gals. Getting to talk baseball (bullshit) with people who seem eager to do the same. It's the best part.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): Next time you're in San Diego, care to join me on a brewery tour?

Jason Parks: Yuuuuuuuup!

Adam (Minneapolis): Is there any help coming for the Twins? Watching the race to 100 last year was awful.

Jason Parks: Not really. Sano is a monster but he isn't going to be helping the major league club for a long time.

Busty Olner (Chicago): If Bryce Harper were a native Texan, would he be a combination of Babe Ruth and Ryan Braun (sans herpes medicine)?

Jason Parks: Combination of Babe Ruth, Nolan Ryan, and a plate of BBQ brisket with Stubbs all over it

Johnny (SD): Do you have much interaction with the players you scout? Anyone stick out as extra nice?

Jason Parks: Some. I can't really relate to most of them, so I keep my distance. Extra nice? The majority that I've been around seem to be pretty nice. Not many are very cool, but then again I'm 34 years-old and most of them are teenagers, so what are we supposed to talk about? Elvis was always very nice when he was in the minors.

Immanuel #Want (Prussia): What should I have for lunch?

Jason Parks: I'd love to eat lunch, now dinner.

Jason Parks: Thanks for all the great questions. I answered 200 and left over 200 in the queue. That's a ton of #want from you guys. Thanks again for sticking around. Lates

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