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Chat: AL Wild Card Game Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday October 06, 2015 7:30 PM ET chat session with AL Wild Card Game Chat.


AL Wild Card Game Chat: Hello all, this is Jeffrey Paternostro kicking off the AL Wild Card BP chat. Kate Morrison and Kenny Ducey should be joining us as well.

Yogi Berra (Yankee Stadium in the sky): Remember, half of the game is 90% mental. This game ain't over 'til it's over.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: The Astros bullpen agrees with you.

Greg (NYC): What are you drinking tonight?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Evan Williams Single Barrel. Prefer a couple other bourbons at the price point, but decided to mix it up.--JP I'm drinking Deep Ellum Brewing Company's Double Brown Stout.--KM

CaseyJ15 (Medford, OR): Long range outlook Machado vs Bryant. Who would you rather have over the next 10 years. Since the Orioles have signed Hardy is takes Machado out of the possible SS role....?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I am a huge Machado fan, and wouldn't be shocked if he ends up being the Duke Snider to Harper and Trout's Mays/Mantle.

dianagram (VORGVILLE): Is this really a "playoff" game, or a "play-in" game?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Well if you want to get technical (and I imagine you do), a playoff technically has to be a series, no? Unless it is is called a playoff final?

rowast (Long Beach, CA): Has anyone asked where's Jeter?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Who's Jeter? --KM

Robert (LBC): I still don't get Gardner over Ellsbury but whatever.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Gardner's 0 for his last 8 in the postseason, too. Ellsbury is .189/.286/.270 in his last 42 PAs, though. He's really hurting. Think Girardi likes to have loyalty, too. Gardner's been there 7 yrs. - Kenny Ducey

Mike (Houston): If you had the choice of any historical disaster to die in, which historical disaster would you choose?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: 1900 Galveston Hurricane, though I much prefer life. --KM

Prospect Lover (New Yawk): Which of these two teams is Matt Harvey pitching for next year?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I don't think Alderson can sell a Harvey to the Yankees trade, even if they probably could put together a reasonably compettive deal. Mets and Cubs have been talking a bunch and that's an interesting fit. - JP

Nompton (Dallas): 2011 had the best World Series logo, right?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I'm not just saying this because I'm based out of New York City (maybe I am?) - 2009 is probably my favorite. - KD

Chocotaco ((Houston, Texas)): Strangest walk up music you can remember?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Chris Carter (no, the other one) walked out to Hulk Hogan's theme. I know Reddick has done wrestling themes in the past, but this was (the other) Chris Carter.- JP

racastle12 (Indy): Pick one player on a postseason roster to start a franchise with?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Carlos Correa. He's 21, already a superstar, and projects to just get better. I hesitate to start a franchise with a pitcher, but Marcus Stroman is exciting, young, and really good. --KM

Correa. He's already one of the premier players in the league, and he plays at a premium position. --KD

I would like to pick someone other than Correa, just to make this interesting, but there is enough of an age gap with McCutchen and pitchers break.--JP

justarobert (Santa Clara): Which radio crew should I pick, NYY or HOU?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Go with the Yankees. John Sterling will mess up once or twice, but no one captures the atmosphere inside Yankee Stadium like Sterling. That's what you want on the radio. - KD

Prospect Lover (New Yawk): How great is Jessica Mendoza?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Jessica Mendoza is fantastic. Not only is she great at breaking down hitting in a intelligent and knowledgable, yet still audience-friendly, way, but she has a good feel for the flow of the game, and when the listener is going to want to know that little extra bit. --KM

justarobert (Santa Clara): Your 2016 World Series winner is...?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: TOR over LAD- KM
TOR over PIT- JP
LAD over KC- KD

Prospect Lover (New Yawk): So, uh, Colby Rasmus?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Well it had to work one of these years. - JP

stumiller93 (Seattle): Most under utilized wrestling theme as a walkup?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Any upcoming free agent using the "Million Dollar Man" theme would work. - JP

stumiller93 (Seattle): Most under utilized wrestling theme as a walkup?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Any upcoming free agent using the "Million Dollar Man" theme would work. - JP

Should Be Studying (SEC Country): Can Jessica Mendoza work every game? (Like I know contractually she can't, but still, she should)

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I get what you're saying, but there's lots of other talent out there, female and male. Ideally, Mendoza's success would make the powers that be realize that women are perfectly capable of being excellent play-by-play and color hosts. --KM

Joe Girardi (New York): At what point do I pull Tanaka?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I think given how Keuchel has looked so far and the state of the Astros pen, you give him a reasonably long leash. - JP

Joe Girardi (New York): At what point do I pull Tanaka?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I think given how Keuchel has looked so far and the state of the Astros pen, you give him a reasonably long leash. - JP

jks19 (Virginia): Thoughts on Chris Archer's hair (and broadcasting ability) and will it be tamed after ESPN talks to him?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: It's like people never saw the majesty of Jenrry Mejia's amazingly large mane.- JP

username49 (Ohio): Now that the seasons finally over, who wins the AL ROY debate for you guys? I think Correa is the better player, but it is hard to argue against what Lindor did for the Indians.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I would probably vote for Lindor and I think once you factor in the defense, not a slam dunk that Correa is better on a true talent basis. --JP

They're both amazing, and they both probably "deserve" the award, but not only is Correa a far-better-than-serviceable shortstop, he brings unusual amounts of power to the position. It's definitely easy to see the arguments for Lindor, though, and really, we all win for getting to see them. --KM

Correa - in 99 games, he hit 22 HRs and was one of the big reasons the Astros were able to make into the wild card game. It's a tough call but he's been a much bigger force in year 1--KD

New Yorker in (Blacksburg): Is the era of Yankee pageantry over now that Jeter is gone? Seems like the organization has lost some pride this season and isn't what is used to be

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I don't think the pageantry will ever end with the Yankees. That said, they're going through a transition right now into a ballclub that saves money and tries to save runs with defense. They're also making a serious investment into the farm. It wasn't really supposed to be a playoff year, maybe that's why it feels like there's not as much pride. - KD

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): You guys are spot on about Correa. I find it unimaginable that some "experts" are giving their Rookie of the Year vote to Lindor. While he is a nice player, and where he found the power is a mystery, Correa carried a playoff team and looks like a young ARod. What a player!

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I love Carlos Correa. Saw him at Futures a couple years ago, and at 19 he looked easily the equal of guys like Joc, Buxton, Sano, Yelich, etc. That said, Lindor is an elite defensive SS, and if the power is for real (and there have been reports on him that suggested 45-50 game), that is a crazy great profile.- JP

Eric Gregg (Beyond The Grave): What is up with this strike zone?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: it's not great. - KD

Ezra Wise (New York, NY): I'm fairly certain Evan Gattis is not wearing a baseball belt right now, but rather a leather belt fashioned from the hide of an exotic, possibly endangered, animal he killed with his bare (or bear?) hands. Confirm or deny.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Evan Gattis is a large man, and I would not doubt that he's decided to flaunt how dangerous he is. I've actually noticed a lot of players like to wear leather belts. I don't get it. - KD

justarobert (Santa Clara): Perhaps a better question: which teams are going to be the trendy sleeper picks going into next season? I assume CLE will rank high on that list, maybe MIN if they can find some pitching.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Yeah, apparently we can't read dates.

Sleeper picks! Does Texas count as a sleeper pick, or does getting Yu Darvish back at some point and having Cole Hamels make them a legitimate choice?- KM

I'll take the Twins. They'll get a lot from Buxton. They're on the rise and could make a splash in a weakened division. -KD

The White Sox? Chris Sale, a full year of Rodon, and they have to hit more, right? - JP

GarCo (Brooklyn): Anyone else hoping for another Gomez-McCann confrontation tonight?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I will back Carlos Gomez in all things. Had some of the loudest tools of any player I've seen in the minors. Crazy raw power, and then 80 speed and went and got it in center. Let him do whatever he wants. - JP

Georgia Roddy (Bronx): About time for me to get Severino up, right?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Wilson was up, has since sat back down. I'd think Warren would be the right guy here, give you three solid innings if needed. Warren, Wilson, Severino for the 5th in that order. - KD

Chris Archer (Tampa Bay): Um

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Hey, Archer! You're doing a really great job of being interesting and imparting useful information, and man, live broadcasting is difficult for everyone, even the pros. --KM

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): Do the Red Sox count as a sleeper? If they can relieve themselves of Ramirez and Sandoval which is true addition by subtraction, then Betts, Bogaerts, Ortiz and that top of the rotation starter that will join the team should bring them back even though I will not watch because they fired Don Orsillo.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: They're definitely sleeper material - they were only a few dice rolls away this year. Baseball! So unpredictable! --KM

Prospect Lover (NY): Correa needs to change his jersey number, right? 1 is supposed to be a Punch and Judy speed guy, not this.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: How dare you defame Luis Castillo's power like that. - JP

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): It's time to start thinking about how far Keuchel is going to go. Any guesses?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I will guess 7 for Keuchel - KD

6.1, leaves with runner on second.- JP

justarobert (Santa Clara): I'm not sure if a playoff team can ever be a sleeper for the following year, but Texas sure is in line to add a lot of talent year over year. Not just Darvish and Hamels, but Profar back, a full year of Gallo, Mazara, Brinson...where does everyone play?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: That's a difficult question, and one that will almost certainly be discussed in depth across the coming offseason. All I'll say now is - trades happen, and Mazara and Brinson are almost certain to start the season in the minor leagues. An abundance of riches (a) isn't a bad thing and (b) people have said that all before, and then Profar missed two whole years. --KM

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): I remember when I was young, real men like Lew Burdette and Sandy Koufax would pitch complete game shutouts in WS Game 7 on 2 days rest.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: It was a very different era, and probably everyone on both of these teams would take Burdette deep on two days rest. - JP


AL Wild Card Game Chat: #GREGBIRD - KD

MadJoe (Bronx): How bad is the Astros bullpen? Would anyone be shocked if the Yankees came back here?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Their ERA was north of 6 in September, wouldn't shock me. Chad Qualls entering would be the best thing for the Yankees. Sipp's been effective this year. But yeah, they're a bit worn down. - KD

HamletHub (Connecticut): Hey Kenny, I don't know what the odds are, but I would be big money the Yankees pull this out - anyone know the odds?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Yanks are +800 at bet365 right now. For entertainment purposes only. - JP

HamletHub (Connecticut): Not good enough - I guess they know the ability of Houston's relievers...

AL Wild Card Game Chat: +1025 after the first out. Gotta pick your spot.- JP

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): Sipp looks a little shaky here, ya think.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Yep. Would not swing if I were the Yankees. He's lost control. - KD

Pete (TX): I was really frustrated at Bannisters bullpen usage in game 161 - Dyson and Tolleson had both pitched five times in five days. It's water under the bridge now, but for the record, was I off base?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Nope. I haven't done the research I'd like to, yet, but after Tolleson's performance the game before, I don't understand going to him in that spot - him saying he was "good to go" or not. --KM

MetsFan (Queens): Assuming Matz is good to go, which 2 relievers get left off out of Torres, Niese, Gilmartin, and Goeddel?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: They have already said that Goeddel is on the playoff roster. I would guess Torres misses out (unless they are still pissed at Robles), and they flip a coin for the lefty (probably Niese).- JP

smelmoth (HyTown): Hey Jeff- More gross, Leeds fans or Braves fans? UTO

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Honestly all the Leeds fans I have met at 7 AM in NYC have been a reasonable lot up for a bit of banter. My abiding memories of Braves fans this year are their doing the tomahawk chop when they got someone on down 8-2 late in games, so... - JP

P.S. Carlos had a dream

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): Is that great framing or awful umpiring?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: The zone has been pretty consistent all night (consistently bad, but consistent). Castro did a very nice job bringing some of those in though. - JP

OmarM (Flushing): Is Oliver Perez going to get in this game? I seem to remember him getting a big out last time he pitched in a playoff game.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: And he has three outfielders that can go and get it over the fence now! - JP

oldbopper (New Britain, CT): Endy Chavez's catch will always be the greatest I ever saw considering the moment.

AL Wild Card Game Chat: I was working in a bowling alley not far from you during that game and was just closing up. Had the game on the TV and ran the entire length of the building hooting and hollering after the catch. - JP

MetsFan (Queens): Who should the Yankees #blame for this loss?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: #Beltran - JP

HamletHub (Connecticut): Do we know if Gregerson has a FanDuel account? Just say'n maybe there is still hope

AL Wild Card Game Chat: There is not. That slider is still really good. - JP

HamletHub (Connecticut): Why are they fixing up the field and mound? Didn't anyone tell them this was a one game elimination?

AL Wild Card Game Chat: Guess not! - KD

AL Wild Card Game Chat: So that wraps up the Yankees 2015 season and our Wild Card chat. Thanks for joining us and we will be back tomorrow for the NL tilt.

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