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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 22)
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Birth Date6-27-1997
Height6' 5"
Weight225 lbs
Age23 years, 6 months, 30 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2019 HOU 22 87 369 98 26 0 27 52 94 2 0 0 .313 .412 .655 149 25.4 -0.5 -0.5 2.8

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2016 DAR Rk DSL 16 57 .239 .314 .322 .378 93 7.6 1.7 -1.1 174 0 -0.2 0.1 3.2 0.4
2017 QUD A MID 32 139 .250 .321 .380 .449 104 17.7 3.9 -1.8 190 0 -1.5 -1.6 13.2 1.3
2017 BCA A+ CAR 58 252 .250 .320 .373 .316 93 2.9 7.0 -3.1 117 0 2.2 -0.2 4.1 1.1
2017 MSS Wnt AFL 4 17 .000 .000 .000 .500 0.0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
2018 CCH AA TEX 43 190 .269 .339 .416 .377 101 17.8 5.4 -1.9 172 0 3.5 0.2 12.6 2.1
2018 FRE AAA PCL 45 189 .275 .340 .430 .315 96 3.6 5.5 -1.9 110 0 -6.3 -2.0 2.8 -0.2
2019 HOU MLB AL 87 369 .259 .330 .451 .366 102 33.7 11.1 -6.6 149 7 -0.5 -0.5 25.4 2.8
2019 ROU AAA PCL 56 253 .272 .349 .467 .355 94 33.6 8.7 -3.8 176 0 -1.0 -2.3 25.8 2.4

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2016 DAR Rk DSL 57 44 7 15 2 1 1 22 4 12 7 2 1 .341 .474 .500 .159 1 0
2017 QUD A MID 139 111 26 40 6 0 9 73 33 23 36 2 0 .360 .468 .658 .297 3 0
2017 BCA A+ CAR 252 224 19 62 11 3 3 88 36 19 41 6 1 .277 .329 .393 .116 7 0
2017 MSS Wnt AFL 17 16 1 5 0 1 0 7 1 1 6 0 0 .313 .353 .438 .125 0 0
2018 CCH AA TEX 190 169 39 55 13 0 12 104 46 19 45 5 2 .325 .389 .615 .290 2 0
2018 FRE AAA PCL 189 166 24 43 8 0 8 75 28 23 47 1 0 .259 .349 .452 .193 0 0
2019 ROU AAA PCL 253 213 50 73 16 0 23 158 71 38 50 2 1 .343 .443 .742 .399 1 0
2019 HOU MLB AL 369 313 58 98 26 0 27 205 78 52 94 0 0 .313 .412 .655 .342 2 0

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2019 1452 0.4559 0.4339 0.7524 0.5967 0.2975 0.8430 0.6000 0.2476 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation


Year Team Salary
2020 HOU $607,000
2019 HOU $
1 yrPrevious$607,000
1 yrTotal$607,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
1 y 113 dMVP Sports1 year/$607,000 (2020)

  • 1 year/$607,000 (2020). Re-signed by Houston 3/20.
  • 1 year (2019). Contract selected by Houston 6/9/19.
  • Acquired by Houston in trade from LA Dodgers 8/1/16.
  • Signed by LA Dodgers 6/16 as a free agent from Cuba. $2M signing bonus.

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 55 13 3 0 3 5 15 0 0 .265 .333 .510 113 0.0 0.0
80o 37 9 2 0 2 3 10 0 0 .273 .333 .515 106 0.0 0.0
70o 24 5 1 0 1 2 7 0 0 .227 .292 .409 101 0.0 0.0
60o 13 4 1 0 1 1 4 0 0 .333 .385 .667 96 0.0 0.0
50o 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .000 .000 92 0.0 0.0
Weighted Mean400000100.000.000.000930.00.0

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BP Annual Player Comments

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BP Chats

2020-09-11 13:00:00 (link to chat)Have to pick 3 of the following 5 keepers, standard 16 team roto: Yordan Alvarez (6th), Jack Flaherty (14th), Jeff McNeil (16th), Matt Olson (19th), Jesse Winker (22nd). Which three would you take? Leaning Flaherty, Olson & McNeil. Thanks!
(Kimi from BK)
I agree with your order. I'd consider Winker but I think Olson's AVG jumps up in a full season. (Mike Gianella)
2020-09-04 13:00:00 (link to chat)Curious to know what you thought of Jesse/Bret's rankings, and whether there are any players you're notably different on?
(Jefferson Airplane from Boston)
Those guys do such a great job, I think arguing with them about dynasty rankings would be a little like me trying to tell Clayton Kershaw how to throw a curveball or arguing with Craig on how to bake pies or do Twitter.

I will say that I'm a little more scared of Yordan Alvarez (health) and Victor Robles (productivity) than Jesse/Bret. I wonder if Giolito shouldn't be a little higher (currently behind Clevinger, Paddack, & Snell), and I can't seem to figure out what is going on with Adalberto Mondesi. He's either way low or way high and I can't seem to tell. Which probably just means that he's ranked correctly. (Mark Barry)
2020-03-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Any chance Yordan Alvarez gets 20 appearances at 1st or the OF? Does Alex Kiriloff see any time at 1st base this year when he gets the call? Thanks
(Kkelly from IL)
Yes, there is a chance Alvarez gets 20 starts at 1B or the OF, but I doubt it absent an injury. I do expect him to get enough time in the OF to gain eligibility there this year.

I am not sure Kirilloff arrives in 2020. He is not on the 40-man roster and he really needs to accumulate plate appearances in the upper minors and stay healthy. If he does arrive, I would expect him to see some time at 1B. The Twins do have a crowded roster as well. (Jesse Roche)
2020-01-15 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordan Alvarez wasn't with the team early enough to have garbage can cheated, right? I don't want people to mean to him if he didn't cheat.
(Mountain of Margarine from Land O' Lakes)
The Commissioner's report listed 2017 and 2018 as the seasons and said it was abandoned sometime in 2018. Whether you wanna believe that they'd just stop doing it...that's up to you. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-09-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)How high are you on Yordan Alvarez, on a scale of "He'll be an average DH and get non-tendered entering his 4th year of arbitration" to "He's the second coming of David Ortiz"
(jgaztambide from Louisville)
More towards the higher end than the lower. I don't think he'll get non-tendered. He's not Chris Carter where there's no hit tool or anything. He'll be a very good hitter for a lot of years. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-09-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)What positions do you see Alex Kirilloff and Yordan Alvarez playing next year. Really hoping Kirilloff gets time at first and Would love to keep Alvarez but hard to do if he is going to be a DH. Thanks
(Kkelly from IL)
I think you have to keep Alvarez either way, you can't just give up a bat like that. I think he might get _some_ time at 1B, but Gurriel is around for another season at $8m, so I'm not expecting a ton there. Probably some LF throughout the year. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-08-26 13:00:00 (link to chat)In a keep forever league with no salaries, I traded Yordan Alvarez for Trevor Williams earlier this year. I've been the laughingstock of the league ever since and no one will trade with me now because they all expect to get similar favorable deals. What's been your worst dynasty trade of 2019?
(Haddy from Minnesota)
At least it's not as bad as trading Yordan Alvarez for Josh Fields!

We all have those, and it's part of the fun/terribleness of dynasty. This season we thought we made out like bandits getting Wenceel Perez and Jhon Torres for Jorge Soler. Like three years ago I traded Rafael Devers, Jose Berrios, Michael Conforto for Nolan Arenado, which at the time looked like a no-brainer, but has not aged particularly well. (Mark Barry)
2019-07-01 12:00:00 (link to chat)I'm in dead last and totally rebuilding my team in a keeper fantasy league. I almost certainly will have the top pick in our draft this winter and the top 3 choices are Vladito, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Yordan Alvarez. Whom would you select?
(Chino5 from Somers, CT)
This could change over the balance of the season, but it's got to be Tatis at this point. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-06-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)What are your thoughts on how Yordan Alvarez does with Houston for the rest of the season? Does he have ROY ability? Thanks for your thoughts...
(Drew from Rochester Ny)
Well, I'll hazard a guess he won't match his .952 OPS moving forward. A 126 DRC+ like he has now seems eminently possible, though, and that he has mashed so immediately suggests he was ready a while before the call-up. An .850-.900 OPS doesn't seem unreasonable, and I think he definitely has time for a line like that to put him in RoY contention. And thanks for your question! (Ginny Searle)
2019-06-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yasmany Tomas has 20 HR and is hitting .302/.342/.601 while making $15.5M in AAA‬ in 66 games. Any chance he ever gets another shot?
(Matt from Boston )
insert "that's not a name I've heard in a long time" meme here.

It doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility, but the problem is since AAA has the juiced balls, I think it's taking mind-blowing performances (like Yordan Alvarez) for players in those leagues to grab a team's attention, and I think all the downsides to Tomas (defense first and foremost) will keep him off the Snakes' radar unless they have some more injuries or he really forces the issue. (Ginny Searle)
2019-05-17 16:00:00 (link to chat)Incriminating pictures of Jeff Luhnow? Threats from the Dirección de Inteligencia? Other??? What is best Conspiracy Theory as to why Tyler White is still blocking Yordan Alvarez from hitting bombs in Minute Maid? ;)
(Jerry Fletcher from buying The Catcher in the Rye (Again))
He was eaten by a tiger. (Mike Gianella)
2019-05-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Kyle Tucker still going to be up by July? I'm competing and need an OF and am contemplating moving Wheeler for him.
(Alex from Austin)
He may get promoted to the majors, but I'm not convinced that he'll be an everyday guy by July. Houston not only promoted Derek Fisher before him, but Yordan Alvarez is almost certainly going to get everyday at-bats before Tucker. It has been great to see Tucker turn it around in May, though. (J.P. Breen)
2019-05-20 12:00:00 (link to chat)When Yordan Alvarez comes up, is he an everyday player? Has that been Houston's hesitancy in promoting him, that they don't have a spot?
(Peter from HOU)
So when we do MLB ETAs and what not we are just broadly guessing on when the profile will be properly seasoned. When they actually get called up tends to be based on team need, especially for the non-elite tier of guys. Astros have also had this issue with Kyle Tucker, and although he hasnt forced the issue to the same degree as Yordan, if there isnt a real spot for him on a competitive team, theres not a ton of developmental or overall value in calling him up as a bench piece. Now there is a good chance hes better than Gurriel but the Astros have seemed hesitant to make him a first baseman, so until that changes... (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-05-20 12:00:00 (link to chat)How much of Jorge Mateo's and Yordan Alvarez's success at AAA be credited to the new baseball? What sort of numbers should we expect from each if they are called up in June or July of this year (and is that call up timeline probable)?
(edwar288 from Minneapolis)
So we have more of a track record of Alvarez doing this than Mateo. Mateo is also on his second pass of the league, so context matters here. But its a general issue yes, although perhaps its more accurate information if it matches the major league ball. Theres not enough actionable information here yet honestly, and we have no idea if the baseballs will end up somewhere else on the continuum of within specifications next year or even in the second half. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2019-05-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)In a dynasty league where I'm rebuilding and all my pitchers have been converted to relievers, I recently traded Yordan Alvarez for Trevor Williams. My second best hitter is either Byron Buxton or Avisail Garcia so Yordan seemed expendable to me. Did I do well here?
(Aaron from Minnesota)
I like Williams in deep leagues (it's not clear to me how deep the league is here), and uh, I'm not sure Avisail Garcia is a good reason to declare anyone expendable, so I'm not sure about the logic. It's fine, I guess. Alvarez has been a freak at the plate this year in Triple-A, and while I think it might be "fine" for you, I think there's more downside than upside going forward. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-05-03 13:00:00 (link to chat)With all of his early season success where would you slot Yordan Alvarez in the top 101 now?
(Davido from Colorado)
I'm not making a big change based on one month of data. This isn't to say I'm ignoring it, but it also means I'd like to let things play out a bit further before making significant adjustments, generally. This is also why we don't do monthly lists. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-04-17 13:00:00 (link to chat)Yordan Alvarez is leading the minors in home runs and hitting shots to all fields. Is he the real deal? Are we looking at a future top 5-10 fantasy 1b? Higher?
(Phil from Houston)
He's a big, strong guy with some length to his swing. Perhaps it's an unfair comparison point, but even in BP he didn't stand out at last year's futures game. Not to make too much of a BP session, I think he's certainly talented enough to land in that top 5-10 fantasy 1B tier, with potential for more, but it's also a clouded prognostication point since so many guys filter in at first throughout a season that it kind of depends if you're discussing year-end lists or pre-season lists. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-04-26 16:00:00 (link to chat)Who is this season's Wander Franco - someone that will jump up the rankings by the end of the season?
(Eric from NYC)
I think Yordan Alvarez could've been a good answer for this one, but the way he's raking, he might be in Houston before long. I like Tirso Ornelas a lot, and I wish Julio Rodriguez hadn't already gotten hurt, because I could see him flying up lists pretty quickly. Let's round this one out with Brayan Rocchio, because I'm nothing if not a huge homer. (Mark Barry)
2019-03-11 16:00:00 (link to chat)How would you rank Yusniel Diaz, Oscar Mercado, Yordan Alvarez and Daz Cameron by projected plate appearances this year, and what is rhe range / error bars?
(PA prognosticator from PA)
Mercado, Alvarez, Cameron, Diaz, although Mercado's the only one who seems to have an obvious route to any significant PT, as the Astros have the depth to keep Alvarez in the minors and the Orioles and Tigers have no incentive to bring anyone up early. (Darius Austin)
2019-02-06 21:00:00 (link to chat)I'm disappointed in the Yordan Alvarez comp. 2017 Josh Bell isn't worth the wait.
(Felix from Beloit)
I'm higher on Alvarez than Ben is, but i don't think the upside is that much more special than he laid out in the description. If he's a .265 hitter with 30 homers, that's a pretty good outcome. -BS (Dynasty 101 Chat w/ Ben Carsley and Bret Sayre)
2019-02-14 12:00:00 (link to chat)Dynasty league I just traded Rodgers for Yordan Alvarez. I already have Correa, Lindor, Tatis, Bo, Whit, and Odor as MI options. 1B is pretty bare (Jose Martinez & Nate Lowe). Categories are HR, non-HR TB's, wOBA, AVG, SB-CS. Grade the trade?
(Tony from Spring Training!)
I think you got the "worse" fantasy asset but given the depth you were trading from it's probably fine. I wonder if you could have done better than Alvarez who doesn't have a huge offensive upside, but should be a steady performer. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-12-06 20:00:00 (link to chat)Is Yordan Alvarez going to be a middle of the order force?
(Ralph from Springfield)
Definitely maybe. (Jarrett Seidler)
2018-12-14 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who's the best of Texas's least hyped prospects?
(Daniel from SF )
The guy who doesn't get talked about enough is Yordan Alvarez. Dude has instinctual understanding of hitting and the raw tools to make it hurt. Recognizes spin, patient approach, attacks pitches in the zone, feel for barrel, quick, plus raw power, etc. Dude mashes and will probably mash in the MLB.

I still like Naylor a lot too. Keep an eye on him, especially if he gets the bad weight down.

I love Connor Joe too. I think he's way better than most of the projections on him. If he can find a position to stick at, it wouldn't surprise me to see him put up a few above average offensive seasons soon. (Kevin Carter)
2018-11-30 13:00:00 (link to chat)Does Yordan Alvarez have the chops to eventually figure into the mix at 1B for Houston or will he fall by the wayside like so many of their other 1B prospects? How does the emergence of Tyler White impact this or does he lack the skill set to get consistent ABs?
(Cubbie Bear from Chi-Town)
So I believe Alvarez would be our highest ranked "first-base prospect," noting of course that he's still mostly playing corner outfield. We're very confident in the bat, but until these dudes do it against major league stuff there's always some risk because the margins are so thin offensively. The Astros of course have also been very quick to dispose these guys when they don't hit (AJ Reed, the first Tyler White attempt). Alvarez's ability to at least stand in left field might mitigate that some at least. White was leveraged pretty heavily against lefties, and he's a useful guy to have around, but I don't know if he's a starter on a first division team. He's also 28 so I doubt he's blocking Alvarez once he gets another month or two of Triple-A under his belt. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-08-29 19:00:00 (link to chat)Concerned about Yordan Alvarez slow start to AAA? Quad A whispers have emerged it seems.
(Kevin Kelsey from Channahon)
He was running a .377 BABIP in Double-A so his numbers were bound to come down. I'm not really concerned. His walks and strikeouts are still good. He's still 21-year-old in Triple-A (Eddy Almaguer)
2018-07-30 23:00:00 (link to chat)What excitement level should I have about Yordan Alvarez?
(Zamzow from Naperville)
Man, he's one of my favorite dynasty prospects. He's gotten love, but I think between injuries and nobody quite believing he'll be as viable in the outfield as he will be, I don't think he's really entered into the pantheon-level discussions among dynasty players yet. That's a mistake though, cuz he's that good a bat.

What's that? Oh, you're chilling poolside? Cool, drop this beat on loop and continue chilling indefinitely: (Wilson Karaman)
2018-07-13 15:00:00 (link to chat)What would you say is the ceiling for Yordan Alvarez?
(Ferns from PA)
Man I hate the word ceiling. The good outcome here is good everyday corner outfielder that makes an all-star game or two. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-07-10 20:00:00 (link to chat)I know player comps are stupid, but who is a good comp for Yordan Alvarez?
(Kevin from Manchester)
I'm not good at comps. At the plate maybe Jesus Aguilar or maybe Jose Abreu with better approach, more Ks? Someone feel free to chime in (Eddy Almaguer)
2018-06-20 19:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Yordan Alvarez? Seems to be a little underrated no?
(Chris from MI)
he's in the top 35 in FanGraphs updated prospect list so i think the industry is catching up. Looks like a potential beast. (Mike Gianella)
2018-06-29 13:00:00 (link to chat)Is Yordan Alvarez bordering on a top 20 prospect for fantasy? Seems like he has a pretty decent floor with a plus hit and power tool.
(Kyle from South Dakota)
Yeah, I could see that. Better question for Bret or Ben (or even Craig I suppose) mind you. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-06-22 13:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Yordan Alvarez? He's dominating AA at age 20. Who is the better prospect between him and Kyle Tucker?
(Ben from SC)
Still Tucker, but Yordan has narrowed the gap a bunch. Much of our midseason list discussion so far has revolved around various staff members telling me I am too low on Alvarez. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-07-26 12:00:00 (link to chat)Which prospects in the latest BP top 50 could you see getting moved at the deadline?
(Steve from London)
This is a fun one! So many of the Top 50 guys are on teams that are out of contention, or are so good that they're unlikely to be moved period. I feel like Keston Hiura is the big one, if the Brewers can find a starting pitcher at the deGrom level, but that seems a bit unlikely for me. I guess I'll go with Yordan Alvarez, especially if the Astros think they might upgrade at 1B over the winter. (Bryan Grosnick)
2018-04-27 12:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on Yordan Alvarez?
(Bryson from OK)
I like him, but I don't like-like him. I'm trying to break myself of the habit of poo-pooing every future first baseman, but it is thin margins for those guys without very loud offensive tools. He's done pretty much everything you can ask from that profile though, and if he shows the power over a full Double-A campaign too, it will be tough to keep him off the 101. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-02-05 12:00:00 (link to chat)How close was Yordan Alvarez to making the 101???
(Aaron from Rochester)
He was in consideration. Another just missed the just missed. (Top 101 with Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-07-06 12:00:00 (link to chat)Where would you have had Martes had he been eligible? About ballpark where did you have Derek Fisher, Franklin Perez, and Yordan Alvarez? Thanks!
(Dustin from Houston)
Oh geez, probably a little lower than preseason. The struggles have been exactly what you would worry the struggles would be. Glad I didn't have to pick a spot for him. Fisher and Perez would in the next 10-15, Alvarez wasn't really in consideration. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-06-13 12:00:00 (link to chat)Does yordan alvarez enter the top 100 discussion since all he does is crush?
(Lewis21 from Tampa)
I'm not quite there yet on Yordan Alvarez, but he's a name worth watching. First-base only profiles tend to suffer in our rankings though. (Craig Goldstein)

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