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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 25)
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Birth Date2-11-1994
Height6' 1"
Weight190 lbs
Age26 years, 8 months, 10 days
WARP Summary

MLB Statistics

2016 ATL 22 38 145 39 7 1 3 13 34 0 3 0 .302 .361 .442 93 -1.0 0.8 -2.3 0.4
2017 ATL 23 144 551 113 23 2 6 59 120 0 3 3 .232 .312 .324 77 -14.4 3.2 -10.1 0.2
2018 ATL 24 136 533 114 25 4 14 44 122 2 10 4 .238 .304 .395 91 -4.2 0.9 5.4 2.5
2019 ATL 25 127 545 121 26 3 17 51 124 5 10 5 .251 .325 .422 97 0.4 1.6 1.3 2.7

Statistics for All Levels

'opp' stats - Quality of opponents faced - have been moved and are available only as OPP_QUAL in the Statistics reports now.
Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2015 YAK A- NWL 22 99 .250 .320 .348 .333 88 11.2 2.7 1.3 172 0 1.7 2.5 3.4 1.2
2016 ATL MLB NL 38 145 .254 .319 .413 .383 87 6.7 4.1 1.9 93 11 -2.3 0.8 -1.0 0.4
2016 CAR A+ CAR 21 93 .249 .329 .366 .391 100 9.5 2.7 1.2 199 0 1.5 1.0 6.2 1.3
2016 MIS AA SOU 84 377 .256 .320 .377 .309 91 12.8 10.2 4.6 109 0 15.9 2.0 -3.2 3.2
2017 ATL MLB NL 144 551 .258 .327 .426 .292 95 -13.9 16.1 7.4 77 7 -10.1 3.2 -14.4 0.2
2017 GWN AAA INT 11 45 .268 .332 .420 .286 102 0.7 1.3 0.5 97 0 -1.1 -0.9 -0.1 0.0
2018 ATL MLB NL 136 533 .247 .315 .408 .290 95 0.4 14.9 6.9 91 9 5.4 0.9 -4.2 2.5
2018 ROM A SAL 1 4 .287 .310 .421 .500 92 0.5 0.1 0.1 129 0 0.1 -0.1 0.1 0.0
2019 ATL MLB NL 127 545 .253 .322 .433 .300 101 0.4 16.5 7.6 97 9 1.3 1.6 0.4 2.7
2019 ROM A SAL 3 13 .248 .331 .356 .500 97 1.4 0.4 0 148 0 0.0 -0.7 0.6 0.0

Statistics For All Levels

Minor league stats are currently shownClick to hide.
2015 YAK A- NWL 99 83 19 24 7 3 1 40 11 14 14 0 0 .289 .394 .482 .193 1 0
2016 MIS AA SOU 377 333 54 87 13 5 8 134 45 35 71 6 2 .261 .342 .402 .141 2 0
2016 CAR A+ CAR 93 78 14 26 12 0 1 41 10 15 13 7 1 .333 .441 .526 .192 0 0
2016 ATL MLB NL 145 129 20 39 7 1 3 57 17 13 34 3 0 .302 .361 .442 .140 2 1
2017 GWN AAA INT 45 38 5 9 1 0 1 13 5 6 9 1 0 .237 .356 .342 .105 0 0
2017 ATL MLB NL 551 488 59 113 23 2 6 158 51 59 120 3 3 .232 .312 .324 .092 4 0
2018 ATL MLB NL 533 478 51 114 25 4 14 189 59 44 122 10 4 .238 .304 .395 .157 3 6
2018 ROM A SAL 4 4 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 .500 .500 .500 .000 0 0
2019 ROM A SAL 13 10 2 4 0 0 0 4 1 3 2 0 0 .400 .538 .400 .000 0 0
2019 ATL MLB NL 545 483 77 121 26 3 17 204 65 51 124 10 5 .251 .325 .422 .172 5 1

Plate Discipline

YEAR Pits Zone% Swing% Contact% Z-Swing% O-Swing% Z-Contact% O-Contact% SwStr% CSAA
2016 580 0.5086 0.4500 0.7510 0.6339 0.2596 0.8342 0.5405 0.2490 0.0000
2017 2175 0.4639 0.4432 0.7614 0.6383 0.2744 0.8230 0.6375 0.2386 0.0000
2018 2145 0.4681 0.4974 0.7441 0.6673 0.3479 0.8537 0.5592 0.2559 0.0000
2019 2199 0.4598 0.4579 0.7239 0.6815 0.2677 0.7997 0.5597 0.2761 0.0000

Injury History  —  No longer being updated

Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

Date On Date Off Transaction Days Games Side Body Part Injury Severity Surgery Date Reaggravation


Year Team Salary
2020 ATL $3,150,000
2019 ATL $585,000
2018 ATL $565,000
2017 ATL $540,000
2016 ATL $
3 yrPrevious$1,690,000
4 yrPvs + Cur$4,840,000
4 yrTotal$4,840,000


Service TimeAgentContract Status
3 y 47 dExcel Sports1 year/$3.15M (2020)

  • 1 year/$3.15M (2020). Re-signed by Atlanta 1/10/20 (avoided arbitration).
  • 1 year (2019). Re-signed by Atlanta 3/19.
  • 1 year/$0.565M (2018). Re-signed by Atlanta 3/18.
  • 1 year (2017). Re-signed by Atlanta 3/17.
  • 1 year (2016). Acquired by Atlanta in trade from Arizona 12/8/15. Contract selected by Atlanta 8/17/16.
  • Drafted by Arizona 2015 (1-1) (Vanderbilt). $6.5M signing bonus ($8.6169M slot).

2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 45 10 2 0 1 5 9 1 0 .256 .341 .385 114 2.8 SS 0 0.0
80o 30 7 1 0 1 4 6 0 0 .269 .367 .423 108 1.6 SS 0 0.0
70o 20 4 1 0 0 2 4 0 0 .235 .316 .294 104 0.9 SS 0 0.0
60o 10 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 .222 .300 .222 100 0.4 SS 0 0.0
50o 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 97 0.1 SS 0 0.0
Weighted Mean300000100.000.000.000970.1SS 00.0

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BP Chats

2019-07-31 12:00:00 (link to chat)Just wondering how the 2019 season has effected your view of Dansby Swanson. Needle pointing up? Do you see continued growth, a plateau, or mirage? His infield buddy, Albies, seems to have proved a few things this year. Is he going to keep getting better? Thanks!
(Boz from Chicago)
I think it's been really nice to see after his struggles. I don't think there's necessarily another gear for Swanson and frankly the change in the ball makes it really difficult to grasp what changes are internal to the player and what production is the result of the external ball change. (Craig Goldstein)
2019-04-05 16:00:00 (link to chat)How legitimate is Dansby Swanson's start? With Trea Turner going down, I've been looking for a fill-in while Turner's finger heals.
(BACowett from Fayetteville)
Do you think that the wrist injury slowed him during 2018? Maybe it did, a bit. But do I expect him to be a .290 hitter in 2019 with 15/15 upside? Not really. The supporting cast is great, and you may as well play the hot start while you can. If you could flip him after a month, I'd do so because you're not going to miss out on a sudden top-10 shortstop. (Kevin Jebens)
2019-02-04 16:00:00 (link to chat)Who to protect going into this season in a HTH keeper league, Dansby Swanson or Starlin Castro? Thanks!
(Stash from Chicago)
I'd go with Swanson's upside, but it's close. (Mike Gianella)
2018-09-10 14:00:00 (link to chat)How overlooked am I? I'm only 24 years old and have 3.2 fWAR this year. I've got a .358 wOBA and a 123 WRC+ at both third and short. I'm so much better than Dansby Swanson. I'm even a great dynasty asset! Please sing my praises.
(Johan Camargo from Atlanta)
Thanks for taking time out of your day to come to a BP chat, Johan. You have been outstanding, and clearly better than Swanson. Good approach, solid power, exciting young team. Hopefully he stays underrated going into draft season! (Darius Austin)
2018-05-25 12:15:00 (link to chat)I've heard a lot about Nick Madrigal as the top fantasy prospect in the class. But I'm finding it hard to get TOO excited about him from a fantasy angle, especially in a points league where his steals might not be quite as valuable. I kind of get a Dansby Swanson vibe with Madrigal. Am I missing the boat on Madrigal?
(John from CA)
excellent hitter with gap power and plus speed. I think he is a better speed guy than Swanson but if you're in a league that doesn't value that then I guess I can see where you're coming from. I think he's a better pure hitter than Swanson was considered, though. (Craig Goldstein)
2018-02-05 12:00:00 (link to chat)Where would you put Dansby Swanson if he was magically still eligible?
(John from Orlando)
Hoo boy. Man, it looked bad. Like forgot how to hit bad. I've been fairly resistant to moving guys like Meadows and Crawford, but they also had longer pro track records as hitters than Swanson. Barreto range maybe? That feels too steep, though. (Top 101 with Jeffrey Paternostro)
2018-02-13 20:00:00 (link to chat)Where are you on the future offensive production of young SS's Addison Russell and Dansby Swanson? What sort power/average for each in 2018?
(rrydelek from Moon)
I still have faith in Russell's power; I wonder about the batting average. He's really young and had a shoulder injury last year that no one seems to talk about.

Swanson is better than he showed last year, but I wonder how much his value will ever translate to fantasy. He's a pure hitter at his best and I could see him hitting .300, but the power probably won't exceed 15-20 home runs. And he was a complete mess last year, so I don't know when this production is coming if ever. (Mike Gianella)
2017-09-29 12:00:00 (link to chat)While Dansby Swanson has hit better since his return from the minors, it hasn't been a good year. One kind of player should the Braves expect going forward?
(Mark Reilly from Reno)
Man, I thought Swanson was about the safest bet of the 101 this year with the broad base of skills. Can be a thin line between a 4 hit and 6 hit against major league arms though. Albies turning into poor man's Jose Ramirez might encourage the Braves to be a little less patient with Swanson at short, but I think there's still a solid regular in there. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-05-22 23:00:00 (link to chat)Dansby Swanson: wtf? He's been SO bad, and it's been 150 ABs, it doesn't seem like it's just a blip. What does he need to do to adjust and hit the Major's like he did last year?
(Mother of Dansby Swanson from at home, worried)
He's...he's 23 Mom, c'mon, you of anyone should know this. He's hitting .353 over his last ten, so it's not like he's not making adjustments and coming out of it, either. He's a really good baseball player. He'll be fine. (Wilson Karaman)
2017-04-28 13:30:00 (link to chat)Dansby Swanson was nothing special in AA at age 22 last year (110 wRC+), then, oddly, skipped AAA. And now he looks awful in the big leagues. Is it possible he's been wildly overrated due to a small sample of very good MLB performance last year, and he's actually only going to be a 2-3 WAR regular in the long run?
(Amanda Hugnkiss from Springfield)
Is it possible? Sure, the issue people had with Swanson was always that there was no dominant tool to carry the profile. That said it's not that hard for a shortstop to generate a win and a half on defense, and then make up the rest on offense. I'd bank on him returning to form in due time (hot take, I know). (Craig Goldstein)
2017-04-05 23:00:00 (link to chat)In a keeper league, for the next 3 years only, would you rather have Jean Segura or Dansby Swanson?
(Michelle from Milwaukee)
I might take Segura for that window, even though I wish he was still in the desert? I feel like that's probably a minority opinion? Dunno if it's fair to expect another $34 season like last year, but he's got impact wheels, some pop, and he's square in his prime for that entire window. Dansby's supremely talented, but Major League Baseball can be hard for young men, even supremely talented ones. (Wilson Karaman)
2017-03-22 20:00:00 (link to chat)Hey Jarrett, hope all is well. I have a few questions for you. Who do you think potentially gets more votes this year for the NL Cy Young, deGrom or Syndergaard? What kind of numbers do you think Cespedes would need to put up to realistically to reach his goal of MVP? Whats your confidence level on Gsellman making a run at Rookie of the Year this year?
(Tom Hubert from Long Island)
Syndergaard's the chalk for Cy votes, but you're right to bring up deGrom here. Everyone forgets that he was right amongst the contenders until he got hurt last year, and he was really never at 100 percent.

Cespedes probably needs like 30/100 plus the narrative. The narrative would've been easier to achieve last year.

I'd be a bit worried that Gsellman doesn't throw enough innings to get to ROTY. He could see a stint in the pen, he could skip a few starters for maintenance, etc., whereas I'm pretty sure Dansby Swanson is going to see 650 PAs unless something bad happens. (Jarrett Seidler)
2017-03-30 20:00:00 (link to chat)Would you rather have Dansby Swanson now, or Brendan Rodgers in your minors with Jean Segura as your interim SS in a keep forever dynasty format?
(Mike from Dover AFB)
I'd prefer Segura and Rodgers to Swanson, mostly because it seems like I'm higher on Segura than most. I think Segura is a decent bet to out-perform Swanson this year. If that happens, is it fair to call him your interim SS? He earned $30+ in NL-only leagues last year. (Scooter Hotz)
2017-02-14 12:00:00 (link to chat)Difference between Dansby Swanson simply a positional thing because Bentendi is surely the better bat correct?
(Chuck from Boston)
Yeah, we went back and forth with them on our calls about the list. As I recall it literally came down to figuring out what Swanson would have to hit as a shortstop to get him below Benintendi, and we thought the likelihood is he'd beat it more often than not. It's very close and I could see the top three in any order (top five really). (The Top 101 Prospect Chat with Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-02-14 12:00:00 (link to chat)You would really take Otani and his who knows how long stay overseas over guys who will be potential all stars while he is over there? Guys like Dansby Swanson and Andrew Bentendi?
(Drew from Boston)
The question was if he was eligible now. Which means he would have to be signed to a major league org. (The Top 101 Prospect Chat with Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-02-13 20:00:00 (link to chat)IS Dansby Swanson pretty much Andrew Benentindi but a short stop?
(Hank from ATL)
No, he isn't. Benintendi's bat looks like significantly better than Swanson's. (Scooter Hotz)
2017-02-21 13:00:00 (link to chat)Following up on your Lindor love - who's the next Lindor? And by that I mean a prospect that's not the sexiest in terms of fantasy because they think he won't be an offensive stud, just a really good defensive MLBer.
(Anthony from Lunch)
Great question. I literally almost wrote a column after the World Series entitled "Finding The Next Lindor" doing this kind of experiment, but then came to my senses, because those types of guys don't just crop up out of nowhere. The obvious parallel is a "sum is greater than the whole of the parts" type of hitter that can stick defensively and produce fantasy-wise across five categories. The obvious name to me in that department (which I've written about extensively) is Dansby Swanson. (George Bissell)
2017-01-31 19:00:00 (link to chat)Dansby Swanson prime more Xander Boagarts 2016 or Francisco Lindor 2016?
(Charlie from ATL)
I'm not sure if he'll run enough for the Lindor comp, and I'm not sure if he'll hit for enough power for the Bogaerts comp. That said, I think he'll still be really good falling in the middle of those two. (Mark Barry)
2017-01-31 19:00:00 (link to chat)It seems many in fantasy circles may be undervaluing Dansby Swanson and his potential production. Granted, he is a rookie but if he hits anywhere near .300 with 15 home runs and steal at the top of a lineup he is fantasy gold right? And that seems to be his floor almost.
(Jimmy from GA)
I agree, it does feel like he's flying a little under the radar for re-draft leagues. I'll probably take the under on those numbers though, especially in his rookie year. (Mark Barry)
2017-01-06 13:00:00 (link to chat)Jurickson Profar or or Dansby Swanson? Purely from an offensive standpoint, similar?
(James from Arlington)
I think at this point you would prefer to bet on Swanson's bat. Though if Profar does get back to being PROFAR, I think the offensive peak could look similar. (Jeffrey Paternostro)
2017-01-18 20:00:00 (link to chat)Does Dansby Swanson have any 20-20 seasons in his future? Similar offensive profile to Lindor?
(Ben from ATL)
I don't think he's got the power to hit 20 bombs, but I think 15-15 with a whole lot of bating average help is reasonable. (Bret Sayre)
2017-01-18 20:00:00 (link to chat)Is my fantasy love of Dansby Swanson and his 80 grade hair unfounded? I can almost envision a top of the order monster if I squint hard enough
(darthack2661 from Draft Central)
I think monster is overstating the case, but he's one of the best fantasy prospects in baseball for a reason. (Bret Sayre)
2017-01-18 20:00:00 (link to chat)How is a guy (Dansby Swanson) who "may" go 15-15 one of the best fantasy prospects in baseball? Seems those numbers are kinda blah for fantasy.
(Tim from Colorado)
Ask Francisco Lindor, who was an easy top-10 shortstop and top-30 overall hitter without either 20 homers or steals last year. (Bret Sayre)
2016-12-05 20:00:00 (link to chat)Favorite dynasty prospect buy this offseason? Favorite sell?
(Lorenzo from Florida)
My favorite buy would have to be Manny Margot if I can't pick Dansby Swanson...It's been pointed out how terrible the Padres depth chart is, but they literally have nobody else that can play centerfield (or compare to Margot), and when you combine 600 PA with what he can give you in terms of speed, you're looking at someone who is incredibly valuable in fantasy. Let someone else overpay for Turner or Dahl, I'll take Margot. Favorite sell: Michael Kopech (George Bissell)
2016-11-22 20:00:00 (link to chat)What is Andres Gimenez's ceiling?
(Ryan from US)
He's so far away that it's functionally limitless, right? If we're just talking ceiling, he could end up being Dansby Swanson in three or four years - good defensive shortstop projected to hit for a strong average and medium power. Or he could totally not be. Ceilings are fun. (Jarrett Seidler)
2016-11-22 20:00:00 (link to chat)Do you rank Gleyber Torres 4th or 5th among SS because of ceiling, distance from Majors, or both? Is he far behind Crawford, Rosario, and Swanson?
(Chris from NY)
I don't think his ceiling is much behind those guys, but they're all actualized more in some marginally to significantly greater way. Dansby Swanson is already a major leaguer, and Gleyber hasn't hit Double-A yet. That matters. (Jarrett Seidler)
2016-08-18 13:00:00 (link to chat)It seems like the 2017 draft class is loaded with arms. What hitters are in the 1-1 conversation? If you consider Hunter Greene a pitcher like most do, is Jeren Kendall the only hitter who is a 1-1 candidate?
(Greg from GA)
Kendall is the only hitter I could see going 1-1 right now, unless someone took a massive step forward next year. We've seen that in the past, though. Mickey Moniak and Dansby Swanson were never 1-1 candidates before the season. Jo Addell is the other guy I guess I could see entering that conversation, if someone thinks the hit tool is going to get to average. The rest of the tools could be plus. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-05-12 13:00:00 (link to chat)Everyone's high on the Braves system, but as a Braves fan, I'm confused. I don't see any pitchers with ace potential other than Newcomb, who can't throw strikes. I don't see any hitters who could hit 20+ homers. So what am I missing? Can a team win with a bunch of 10-15 homer guys in the lineup and a bunch of middle rotation guys in the rotation?
(Alex from Atlanta)
First of all, Dansby Swanson. Second of all, Austin Riley and Braxton Davidson absolutely could hit 20+ homers. Third of all, Dansby Swanson. Fourth of all, not a lot of ace guys, but a TON of middle of the rotation guys. Their depth is simply outstanding. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-04-19 12:00:00 (link to chat)Who would be Dansby Swanson running mate?
(Wyatt from NYC)
This likely is a piggyback to something I said in my last chat: I'm so disappointed in this presidential election that I still consider giving Dansby a write-in vote this November. While that's a joke, clearly, I think a great hypothetical running mate would be Brett Phillips. Lots of personality there. (Adam McInturff)
2016-04-12 18:00:00 (link to chat)Atlanta assigned Ozzie Albies to AA to play SS and Dansby Swanson to A+ to play SS. Which of these elite middle infielders do you think has the defensive chops to man the SS position long term for the Braves?
(Cubby Bear from Chi-Town)
Both! But if you're asking me who the shortstop of the future is, it's Swanson. Albies will be JUST fine at second base and the bat will play there? But Swanson has a chance to be special. (Christopher Crawford)
2016-03-02 13:00:00 (link to chat)In a SABR-based league that also values defense. CBA is followed, so 3 years at peanuts then arb sets in. I have the first pick in the minor league draft and am torn between Dansby Swanson and Brendan Rodgers. I am probably set at SS for a few years, so Rodgers' distance from the show is not a huge deal to me. Staying at SS is. Would you go for Rodgers' upside in Coors or Swanson's overall game?
(DF from Wilmington, NC)
Oddly enough, I'm in a league with Bret Sayre and we just faced this same decision. We took Rodgers. (Harry Pavlidis)
2016-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who is a high school player for this year's draft that you're high on that isn't in the draft book?
(Drafty Dude from New York)
Drafty Dude! My dude!

It is important to note that I didn't have initial insight into who got into the Draftbook and who didn't. What's so fun about scouting is the degree we all can see the same player differently--and/or the degree personal philosophies might favor or knock a player, when someone else sees something inversely.

As such, both of these guys would have been in my draft book, and I think, frankly, they're more on teams respective radars than our book would give credence to. I'll start with Carter Kieboom, who, frankly, really should be in the book. He's been a known man from a hotbed state
for some time, he has a brother in pro ball and another one at a major D1 conference, and made an All-American appearance this year in the Under Armour game. He was one of the guys that plenty of Directors and XCs were in to see at NHSI last week. He's got a very tapered, athletic frame--he's a little taller, but he holds his features pretty similarly to Dansby Swanson. Imagine that type of frame. I think because he's a little taller than Dansby, he ultimately moves off of SS, but it's a quality glove at other infield positions. He's got surprisingly fluid actions for a guy at 6'2. The selling point, though, are really great hitting tools--even though you have to project on the over-the-fence power. His swing will lengthen at times, and I think there's a little bit of a hitch in his hand-load he could live to smoothen out when he starts facing more velocity. But as the scouting phrase goes: 'this kid has it in the hands.' It's fluidity and looseness to the stroke that you just can't teach, and when he's at this best, it's a terrific consistent point of contact that's extended and out in front of the body. I really like this kid. Bloodlines, warm-weather prep hitter, track record of hitting and success on the showcase circuit. Look out for him.

Quickly, another guy is Taylor Trammell, also from a GA high school. I've seen this kid for a few years now. He's got the greyhound build, and the hit tool can come and go, but the more you watch him he's a weird mix of an 'athlete' with the traditionally-developing hit tool...but one that has a unique feel for the game and ability to take pitches. It's weird. Usually you don't say both of those things about the same player. I'm sold on him in CF, and I believe the bat can keep getting better. He's an animal on the bases; he lives to create havoc and is always stealing bases and pushing the limit to take the extra base. I've been really impressed with him. He was a late addition to the Under Armour All-American game, and I'm glad: he belonged in one of the two AA games this summer.

Trammell likely won't go as high as Kieboom, at least not for me, but I like both guys. (Adam McInturff)
2016-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who are you voting for in this upcoming election?
(Who's Your Daddy from Washington DC)
Dansby Swanson. Anchor Down, baby! (Adam McInturff)
2016-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Not asking for the best prospect in baseball, but what current prospect do you believe will sell the most jerseys in their career? There are a lot of things to consider, so choose wisely.
(Steve from Philly)
This is an 80-grade question.

I will say Dansby Swanson. He's got charisma all over him, the dude is just a stud, and, not to mention, he's a Georgia boy (Southeast--woot!). I also totally buy in insofar as his ability to stay at SS and the bat playing above-average there. He was head-and-shoulders my #1 guy entering last year's draft. The Diamondbacks did the Braves PR department a huge service by sending him there. (Adam McInturff)
2016-03-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Going back to the jersey-sales question, I feel like Dansby Swanson may be hurt by his market. I would imagine the favorite would be a player from a team with a larger fanbase? But, if the question was strictly limited to pink replica jerseys, Dansby would probably be at least top 3...
(Steve from Philly)
He is a stud...

I hear you on the size of the market, though. I am certainly no business whiz. Who would you say? I'm genuinely curious, I think this is a very fun question. (Adam McInturff)
2016-03-09 19:00:00 (link to chat)Which group sucks less? Anthony Alford, Rusney Castillo, Manuel Margot, Brett Phillips, Nick Williams,Spencer Adams, Mark Appel, Dylan Cease, Josh Hader, James Kapeielian, Triston McKenzie,Vince Velasquez or Blake Swihart, Jon Singleton, Dansby Swanson, Alex Jackson, Clayton Blackburn,Tyrell Jenkins, Rob Kaminsky, Zach Lee, Keuy Mella, Justin Nicolino, Aaron Nola, Tyler Jay. God these teams are awful.
(Clark from The 19th Hole)
The first group, but you're right, but they're both bad. (Mike Gianella)
2016-01-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)Who are your top 3 prospects from last years draft and recent int'l signings?
(mbeemsterboer from Wisconsin)
From the draft it'd be Brendan Rodgers, Dansby Swanson and Dillon Tate. From the international signings it'd be Yadier Alvarez, Eddy Julio Martinez and Vlad Guerrero, Jr. (Christopher Crawford)

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