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Transactions for December 10, 2009

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12/10/09 Seattle Mariners signed LF Corey Patterson. Analysis
12/10/09 Seattle Mariners signed 2B Josh Wilson. Analysis
12/10/09 traded 3B Jorge Jimenez to Miami Marlins. Analysis
12/10/09 Washington Nationals released P Zack Segovia. Analysis
12/10/09 Washington Nationals traded LF Jamie Hoffmann to New York Yankees.
12/10/09 Kansas City Royals released 1B Mike Jacobs.
12/10/09 Kansas City Royals released P John Bale. Analysis
12/10/09 New York Mets released PH Andy Green. Analysis
12/10/09 Oakland Athletics released P Santiago Casilla. Analysis
12/10/09 Baltimore Orioles traded P Ben Snyder to Texas Rangers.
12/10/09 Pittsburgh Pirates signed SS Bobby Crosby. Analysis
12/10/09 signed 3B Pedro Feliz.
12/10/09 Texas Rangers signed P Rich Harden. Analysis
12/10/09 Tampa Bay Rays traded P Armando Zerpa to Los Angeles Dodgers. Analysis
12/10/09 Los Angeles Dodgers traded cash to Tampa Bay Rays.
12/10/09 New York Mets traded P Carlos Monasterios to Los Angeles Dodgers. Analysis
12/10/09 Philadelphia Phillies claimed P David Herndon off waivers from .
12/10/09 St. Louis Cardinals claimed P Ben Jukich off waivers from .
12/10/09 San Francisco Giants claimed P Steve Johnson off waivers from .
12/10/09 Pittsburgh Pirates claimed PH John Raynor off waivers from .
12/10/09 Washington Nationals claimed LF Jamie Hoffmann off waivers from .
12/10/09 Baltimore Orioles claimed P Ben Snyder off waivers from .
12/10/09 Kansas City Royals claimed P Edgar Osuna off waivers from .
12/10/09 Cleveland Indians claimed P Hector Ambriz off waivers from .
12/10/09 Arizona Diamondbacks claimed P Zach Kroenke off waivers from .
12/10/09 New York Mets claimed P Carlos Monasterios off waivers from . Analysis
12/10/09 claimed 3B Jorge Jimenez off waivers from . Analysis
12/10/09 Oakland Athletics claimed P Bobby Cassevah off waivers from .
12/10/09 Toronto Blue Jays claimed P Zech Zinicola off waivers from .
12/10/09 Minnesota Twins traded P Boof Bonser to Boston Red Sox. Analysis
12/10/09 Boston Red Sox traded NO_LONGER IN_USE to Minnesota Twins.
12/10/09 Milwaukee Brewers claimed P Chuck Lofgren off waivers from .
12/10/09 Tampa Bay Rays claimed P Armando Zerpa off waivers from . Analysis
12/10/09 Seattle Mariners claimed P Kanekoa Texeira off waivers from .
12/10/09 Chicago Cubs claimed P Mike Parisi off waivers from .