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8/17/22 designated P Paul Fry for assignment.
8/17/22 optioned 1B Seth Beer to ().
8/17/22 selected the contract of OF Stone Garrett
8/13/22 signed P Caswell Smith.
8/9/22 optioned C Jose Herrera to ().
8/9/22 called up OF Cooper Hummel from ().
8/8/22 called up P Edwin Uceta from ().
8/8/22 placed P Kyle Nelson on the 15-day disabled list (Lower back spasms).
8/3/22 selected the contract of P Tommy Henry
8/3/22 placed P Tyler Gilbert on the 60-day disabled list (Left elbow sprain).
8/3/22 optioned P Taylor Widener to ().
8/2/22 optioned 3B Buddy Kennedy to ().
8/2/22 changed 3B Emmanuel Rivera's roster status.
8/1/22 activated P Zach Davies from the 15-day disabled list (Right Shoulder inflammation; went on 6/28).
8/1/22 placed P Caleb Smith on the 15-day disabled list (Right hand fracture).
8/1/22 called up 1B Seth Beer from ().
8/1/22 selected the contract of P Kevin Ginkel
8/1/22 optioned SS Yonny Hernandez to ().
8/1/22 optioned P Corbin Martin to ().
8/1/22 signed Tyler Stone.
8/1/22 signed K Landon Green.
8/1/22 traded P Luke Weaver to .
8/1/22 traded 3B Emmanuel Rivera to .
8/1/22 called up P Taylor Widener from ().
7/31/22 signed Demetrio Crisantes.
7/31/22 signed C Gavin Logan.
7/31/22 signed 3B Kevin Graham.
7/31/22 signed SS Josh Day.
7/30/22 traded LF David Peralta to .
7/30/22 traded C Christian Cerda to .
7/30/22 called up P Tyler Holton from ().
7/29/22 signed P Dylan Ray.
7/29/22 signed Will Mabrey.
7/29/22 signed P Eli Saul.
7/29/22 placed P Tyler Gilbert on the 15-day disabled list (Left elbow sprain).
7/29/22 called up SS Yonny Hernandez from ().
7/27/22 signed P Corcoran.
7/26/22 selected the contract of P Chris Devenski
7/26/22 placed P Keynan Middleton on the 15-day disabled list (Right ankle strain).
7/26/22 signed P Landon Sims.
7/26/22 signed Ivan Melendez.
7/26/22 signed P Nate Savino.
7/26/22 signed Andrew Pintar.
7/25/22 signed Logan Clayton.
7/24/22 called up P Corbin Martin from ().
7/24/22 optioned P Edwin Uceta to ().