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2019 Projections (Preseason PECOTA - seasonal age 23)
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Birth Date12-15-1995
Height6' 5"
Weight260 lbs
Age23 years, 10 months, 4 days
WARP Summary

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2014 MRL Rk GCL 9 8 22.0 0 3 0 22 13 18 0 9.0 5.3 0.0 7.4 0% .333 1.59 3.89 4.50 0 0.00 0.0
2015 GRB A SAL 25 25 108.7 4 10 0 108 61 81 7 101 8.9 5.1 0.6 6.7 0% .298 1.56 4.87 4.56 117 5.55 121.8
2017 MRL Rk GCL 5 4 3.7 0 0 0 4 14 1 0 91 9.8 34.4 0.0 2.5 62% .308 4.91 16.78 29.45 172 13.75 292.5
2018 BAT A- NYP 8 0 14.0 1 2 0 12 7 12 0 7.7 4.5 0.0 7.7 44% .279 1.36 3.48 4.50 105 4.15 87.8
2018 MRL Rk GCL 2 2 1.7 0 0 0 5 2 2 0 104 27.0 10.8 0.0 10.8 38% .625 4.20 4.84 21.60 101 11.44 241.9
2019 CLN A MID 9 0 8.3 0 0 0 6 20 11 0 6.5 21.6 0.0 11.9 25% .300 3.12 8.35 9.72 163 8.56 176.1
2019 BAT A- NYP 6 0 5.3 0 1 0 2 7 9 0 3.4 11.8 0.0 15.2 50% .250 1.69 3.96 8.44 95 3.48 71.6

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Last Update: 12/31/2014 23:59 ET

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2019 Preseason Forecast

Last Update: 1/27/2017 12:35 ET

90o 0 6.9 0.1 12 9 43.0 39 52 29 7 .247 2.12 7.48 8.27 -22.5 -2.4
80o 0 6.5 0.1 11 8 36.8 36 49 25 7 .263 2.31 8.21 9.1 -22.4 -2.4
70o 0 6.1 0 9 7 32.6 34 46 22 6 .275 2.45 8.77 9.72 -21.9 -2.4
60o 0 5.7 0 8 6 29.1 32 43 20 6 .285 2.59 9.27 10.28 -21.2 -2.3
50o 0 5.4 0 7 6 25.9 30 40 17 6 .295 2.72 9.75 10.83 -20.4 -2.2
40o 0 5 0 7 5 22.9 28 37 15 5 .306 2.85 10.25 11.39 -19.3 -2.1
30o 0 4.5 0 6 4 19.8 25 34 13 5 .317 3.01 10.81 12.02 -18.0 -2.0
20o 0 4 0 5 4 16.4 22 30 11 4 .330 3.20 11.50 12.8 -16.2 -1.8
10o 0 3.2 0 3 3 11.9 18 24 8 3 .349 3.48 12.52 13.96 -13.2 -1.4
Weighted Mean05.207525.22939175.2932.699.6610.73-19.5-2.1

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BP Chats

2016-03-07 13:00:00 (link to chat)If you re-drafted the 2014 draft right now, regardless of team need, what would the first 5 picks be in order? Schwarbs #1? Turner, Rodon, Conforto, Newcomb? Maybe Nola in there?
(Q-Ball from Chicago)
So many good options. I do probably go Kyle Schwarber at No. 1, but I'd probably lean on Michael Conforto at No. 2 before even Turner or Rodon. That dude can *hit*. I'm big on Bradley Zimmer, so definitely some combo of him, Carlos Rodon, Trea Turner to round out my five. Poor Tyler Kolek. (Bryan Grosnick)
2015-09-30 19:00:00 (link to chat)Do you expect any of these guys to bounceback in 2016?: Arismendy Alcantara D.J. Peterson Alen Hanson Alex Jackson David Dahl Tyler Kolek Braden Shipley Reynaldo Lopez Sorry for the huge question, thanks!!!
(Max from Connecticut)
I would put my faith in Reynaldo Lopez and David Dahl. Arismendy Alcantara's approach hasn't matured from where it was last year so I'm not expecting him to bounce back. Alex Jackson looked lost at the MWL, he still has talent but that might take some time for him to figure it out. I've heard awful things on Tyler Kolek, high exertion with a terrible body and nary a dependable secondary pitch.

Braden Shipley hurts me. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-08-25 13:00:00 (link to chat)Chances that Tyler Kolek comes back next year in better shape and starts throwing 100 again, making us all laugh about worrying so much?
(Paul from Miami)
I'd still say pretty good. I just refuse to write off guys based on one year. But yes, he has to come back in better shape, and he has to show vastly improved command. (Christopher Crawford)
2015-08-13 20:00:00 (link to chat)Thoughts on some of the most overrated fantasy prospects heading into next season?
(Shawn from Richmond )
As a general rule, the guys who are overrated as fantasy prospects are the ones for whom defense is a primary part his overall value and placement on general top 100 lists. I'm not high on Mondesi in fantasy. Amed Rosario fits that description. I'm terrified of Tim Anderson but the upside is immense. Tyler Kolek. I love Gelyber but think he'll probably end up overrated in fantasy because he won't bring power or speed. (Greg Wellemeyer)
2014-11-20 13:00:00 (link to chat)What's your take on Tyler Kolek? The scouting report is rather obvious: Big body, more thrower than pitcher, elite veto, secondaries lag. What do you see him becoming?
(Dave from Phoenix)
That's a pretty fair assessment, though I think his slider deserves a bit more credit. There's a huge range of possible outcomes for him. If he stays healthy and maintains the power to his arsenal he has at least a bullpen floor given the plus-plus fastball and future plus slider. Obviously the Marlins hope they can develop him into something more. (Todd Gold)
2015-01-21 15:00:00 (link to chat)Tyler Kolek certainly went to an org that has had success in developing flamethrowers. You have him very good power and stability grades in an Under the Hood article. He had some issues with the free passes in his professional debut. What can we expect from him?
(AJ from Phoenix)
Right now the emphasis is on fastball command, refining secondaries, and building stamina with safe workloads. If he develops well - and he has the mechanical baseline to do so - then he could be devastating, with true ace potential. I'm not too worried about the 22 innings in his pro debut. (Doug Thorburn)
2015-01-21 15:00:00 (link to chat)How much can kne compare Thler Kolek to fellow Miami arm Jose Fernandez? Where does Kolek compare at this stage of their careers? Is late 2018 (per the Marlins top 10) a realistic ETA for Tyler Kolek? Is there a chance he could get to the show at some point in 2017? Or is that too optimistic?
(Shaun from Vegas)
There is no comp to Fern. His rapid development and aggressive assignment were unheard of, and the Defector is a pitch that separates him from the pack of pro pitchers.

Kolek's development will dictate his ETA - if he refines FB command quickly, along with his secondaries, then 2017 might be reasonable. But I agree with our prospect staff that late 2018 is more realistic. (Doug Thorburn)
2015-01-28 19:00:00 (link to chat)I'm in a shallow keeper league with an unlimited farm roster, but only a 3 round prospect draft each year. As a result, guys like Alex Meyer, Tyler Kolek, Hunter Harvey, and Stephen Piscotty are still available. How would you rank them in with the obvious top new talent (e.g. Tomas, Castillo, Rodon, Schwarber)?
(Steve from LBC)
Meyer Harvey Piscotty Kolek. I like Kolek the prospect but fantasy wise he's a ways away from contributing. (Mauricio Rubio)
2015-02-09 20:00:00 (link to chat)Tyler Kolek...oversight or not a top 101 prospect?
(Goose from Chicago)
He was one of the last cuts and was on the list for multiple iterations. Stuff backed-up some as a pro, limited track record, and really hasn't shown enough consistency in his secondaries to be more than a one-pitch guy at present. That's not to say he can't, and won't, be more. But as of this snapshot he wasn't one of the top 101 guys for us. (Top 101 Chat)
2014-11-28 13:00:00 (link to chat)Perhaps, due to high expectations, it seems like people are a little down on Tyler Kolek. What are your thoughts on him heading into his first full season of pro ball?
(Jason from CA)
It's just human nature to place such high expectations on a player taken so high and given that much money, so I understand how people can be down on Kolek. It was well known when he was selected that this wouldn't be a pitcher rolling through the minors and throwing darts against the Nationals in two years. Kolek is the big-time flamethrower that a club hopes to mold into a SP. He's got a ways to go still, but I don't think we have seen enough to paint a vivid picture of what his future looks like. The risk is high, that's for sure, but the reward could be huge. (Tucker Blair)
2014-12-11 18:00:00 (link to chat)There seems to be a 50/50 split when it comes to Tyler Kolek. What's your take on him?
(Shaun from Orlando)
I'm not sure I've seen a true split on Kolek. He's a potential high impact arm with tons of growth required, and I think that's a pretty universal opinion. I think the raw ingredients are there to make him a top of the rotation starter, and fans will just need to be patient as he develops. (Mark Anderson)
2014-12-11 18:00:00 (link to chat)I've heard reports of Tyler Kolek only sitting between 91-94 on his FB in the GCL. I thought this kid was supposed to be hitting triple digits on the gun. Do you think this is a precursor to a major injury? Have you heard anything about the velocity drop? How concerned are you and what would you attribute this to?
(Andrew from KC)
I certainly have reports of him in that range during some GCL outings, but I wouldn't call that the norm. He noticeably dialed it back in some starts to throw more consistent quality strikes, but the peak velo was still in the tank. I have minimal reservations about his long-term velocity, and if I were to be concerned, I would spend more time worrying about his overall crudeness and extreme risk profile. (Mark Anderson)
2014-10-31 13:00:00 (link to chat)Tyler Kolek or Aaron Nola
(Scott from AZ)
Aaron Nola. Give me the guy that is close to the majors and has a mid-rotation ceiling that is easy to envision him obtaining it. Kolek is a good talent, but that's a long way from forming. (Tucker Blair)
2014-10-23 14:00:00 (link to chat)Ok I will start throwing so pitchers at you then. Besides Carlos Rodon, which pithers do you like best coming out of the 2014 draft?
(Scott from AZ)
I really like Tyler Kolek, who has awesome power and very strong stability. Touki Toussaint also has a good balance of power/stability in his delivery, though he lacks the power ceiling of Kolek in his delivery, but Toussaint has a very efficient path of kinetic energy. Brandon Finnegan is another high-power guy, and I always appreciate a young pitcher with strong momentum, while holding out hope that his organization let's him keep it.

On the jukebox: Guns n' Roses, "Civil War" (Doug Thorburn)
2014-09-03 14:00:00 (link to chat)What is Tyler Kolek? I know he throws hard, but what is he supposed to be, Chapman? Verlander? A burn out?
(Sven from Ft. Lauderdale)
He is not a sandwich. Glad we got that out of the way. He's supposed to be Tyler Kolek. A giant #texan top of the rotation starter who chew through 200+ innings at a high level, with a high 90s FB. (Jordan Gorosh)
2014-08-19 14:00:00 (link to chat)I'm a velo whore, so guys like Tyler Kolek make it move for me. I probably would have taken him 1-1 this year (I also really really like big framed Texan gunslinger SP's- I swear I am not related to Parks). What's the scoop on Kolek?
(Donald Loria from Milwaukee)
Huge fastball. Everything else needs work. Long developmental path but he throws 100. So he throws 100. (CJ Wittmann)

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