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Transactions for July 17, 2018

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7/17/18 Cleveland Indians assigned P Andrew Miller to ().
7/17/18 Toronto Blue Jays assigned C Sergio Leon to the major league roster.
7/17/18 St. Louis Cardinals signed P Gustavo J. Rodriguez.
7/17/18 Chicago White Sox signed P Devan Watts.
7/17/18 Colorado Rockies signed P Brian Moran.
7/17/18 Chicago Cubs signed P Gabriel Jaramillo.
7/17/18 Chicago Cubs assigned P Anthony Bass to ().
7/17/18 Cincinnati Reds assigned P Rookie Davis to ().
7/17/18 Milwaukee Brewers signed P Jeff Ames.
7/17/18 St. Louis Cardinals optioned LF Tyler O'Neill to ().
7/17/18 St. Louis Cardinals changed LF Tyler O'Neill's roster status.
7/17/18 Milwaukee Brewers optioned P Alec Asher to ().
7/17/18 Washington Nationals assigned 1B Ryan Zimmerman to ().
7/17/18 Los Angeles Dodgers assigned P Pedro Baez to ().
7/17/18 New York Mets assigned LF Yoenis Cespedes to ().
7/17/18 Philadelphia Phillies signed P Michael Gomez.