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Transactions for December 15, 2015

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12/15/15 Texas Rangers signed P Tony Barnette.
12/15/15 Boston Red Sox signed P Anthony Varvaro.
12/15/15 Detroit Tigers signed SS Alberto Gonzalez.
12/15/15 Baltimore Orioles signed RF Xavier Avery.
12/15/15 Miami Marlins signed SS Peter Mooney.
12/15/15 Minnesota Twins signed P Marcus Walden.
12/15/15 San Diego Padres signed P Fabio Castillo.
12/15/15 Texas Rangers signed P Jose Monegro.
12/15/15 Texas Rangers signed 1B Edwin Garcia.
12/15/15 Washington Nationals signed P Jon Velasquez.
12/15/15 Chicago Cubs signed LF Juan Perez.
12/15/15 Washington Nationals signed P Nick Masset.
12/15/15 Baltimore Orioles signed LF Alfredo Marte.
12/15/15 Texas Rangers signed C Bobby Wilson.
12/15/15 Texas Rangers signed P Chad Smith.
12/15/15 New York Mets signed P Jerry Blevins. Analysis
12/15/15 Milwaukee Brewers assigned P Hiram Burgos to the major league roster.
12/15/15 Milwaukee Brewers signed 3B Will Middlebrooks.
12/15/15 Chicago Cubs signed RF Jason Heyward. Analysis
12/15/15 Seattle Mariners signed PH Mike Baxter.
12/15/15 Colorado Rockies signed P Jason Gurka.
12/15/15 Chicago Cubs signed P Jack Leathersich.
12/15/15 Washington Nationals signed 2B Cutter Dykstra.