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Transactions for December 6, 2010

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12/6/10 San Diego Padres traded 1B Adrian Gonzalez to Boston Red Sox. Analysis
12/6/10 Texas Rangers signed 2B Ramon Urias.
12/6/10 San Diego Padres signed P Aaron Harang.
12/6/10 Milwaukee Brewers traded 3B Brett Lawrie to Toronto Blue Jays. Analysis
12/6/10 Toronto Blue Jays traded P Shaun Marcum to Milwaukee Brewers. Analysis
12/6/10 Arizona Diamondbacks signed 3B Melvin Mora. Analysis
12/6/10 Baltimore Orioles traded P Kam Mickolio to Arizona Diamondbacks. Analysis
12/6/10 Arizona Diamondbacks traded 1B Mark Reynolds to Baltimore Orioles.
12/6/10 Baltimore Orioles traded P David Hernandez to Arizona Diamondbacks.
12/6/10 Miami Marlins signed P Jean Batman.