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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 30, 2019 ( DRA and DRA-based stats updated through September 30, 2019 )
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396.MLB2006Kris Benson183.01112
397.MLB2006Kris Wilson8.300
398.MLB2006Kurt Birkins31.052
399.MLB2006Kyle Davies63.337
400.MLB2006Kyle Farnsworth66.036
401.MLB2006Kyle Lohse126.7510
402.MLB2006Kyle Snyder60.345
403.MLB2006Lance Carter11.701
404.MLB2006Lance Cormier73.745
405.MLB2006Latroy Hawkins60.332
406.MLB2006Lenny Dinardo39.012
407.MLB2006Les Walrond17.301
408.MLB2006Livan Hernandez216.01313
409.MLB2006Logan Kensing37.713
410.MLB2006Luis Vizcaino65.346
411.MLB2006Luke Hudson102.076
412.MLB2006Macay Mcbride56.741
413.MLB2006Manny Corpas32.312
414.MLB2006Manny Delcarmen53.320
415.MLB2006Mariano Rivera75.055
416.MLB2006Mark Buehrle204.01213
417.MLB2006Mark Hendrickson164.7615
418.MLB2006Mark Lowe18.710
419.MLB2006Mark Mulder93.367
420.MLB2006Mark Prior43.716
421.MLB2006Mark Redman167.01110
422.MLB2006Marty Mcleary17.720
423.MLB2006Matt Albers15.002
424.MLB2006Matt Belisle40.020
425.MLB2006Matt Cain190.71312
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