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Data Updated Through September 30, 2019
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79.2019Ben May21377.36233398622473.203.581.
80.2019Roberto Ortiz26467.78057501830394.204.451.318.
81.2019Ryan Blakney29510.38600545831424.224.411.
82.2019Carlos Torres30523.39240578434565.616.231.5110.
83.2019Ramon DeJesus28503.38709548332264.244.471.348.
84.2019Nick Lentz30526.39395577936164.845.181.449.
85.2019Nick Mahrley13228.73965249914664.494.641.379.
86.2019Jansen Visconti35628.310842685939834.304.741.348.
87.2019Ryan Additon14265.74416273116853.834.
88.2019John Bacon6109.0187311986754.625.041.359.
89.2019Shane Livensparger589.314869185683.
90.2019Jeremie Rehak32604.710112639137214.064.471.
91.2019Alex Tosi6109.3188012136675.025.351.359.
92.2019John Libka27479.78191508831034.695.101.318.
93.2019Brennan Miller10177.03221199812235.855.951.5410.
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