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Data Updated Through September 30, 2019 ( DRC+ and DRC-based stats updated through September 30, 2019 )
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1.2006Aramis RamirezCHN53.0
2.2006Michael BarrettCHN34.5
3.2006Juan PierreCHN24.7
4.2006Jacque JonesCHN19.9
5.2006Matt MurtonCHN18.4
6.2006Ryan TheriotCHN18.4
7.2006Phil NevinCHN7.2
8.2006Henry BlancoCHN6.8
9.2006Todd WalkerCHN6.5
10.2006Carlos ZambranoCHN6.0
11.2006Derrek LeeCHN5.5
12.2006Carlos MarmolCHN2.9
13.2006Glendon RuschCHN1.9
14.2006Kerry WoodCHN1.8
15.2006Angel PaganCHN1.7
16.2006Freddie BynumCHN1.6
17.2006Tony WomackCHN1.3
18.2006Scott MooreCHN0.7
19.2006Will OhmanCHN0.7
20.2006Bob HowryCHN0.6
21.2006Angel GuzmanCHN0.3
22.2006Roberto NovoaCHN0.2
23.2006Sean MarshallCHN0.2
24.2006Michael WuertzCHN0.2
25.2006David AardsmaCHN-0.0
26.2006Les WalrondCHN-0.1
27.2006Jae Kuk RyuCHN-0.1
28.2006Wade MillerCHN-0.1
29.2006Scott EyreCHN-0.1
30.2006Rich HillCHN-0.2
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