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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through September 30, 2019 ( DRC+ and DRC-based stats updated through September 30, 2019 )
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225.2006Gary Bennett166
226.2006Scott Williamson
227.2006Sandy Alomar Jr.102
228.2006Wily Mo Pena0
229.2006Brian Moehler0
230.2006Austin Kearns0
231.2006Luke Hudson
232.2006Jose Guillen0
233.2006Jared Fernandez
234.2006Danny Graves
235.2006Ken Griffey0
236.2006Adam Dunn0
237.2006Elmer Dessens0
238.2006Bruce Chen0
239.2006Juan Castro0
240.2006Aaron Boone0
241.2006Kip Wells0
242.2006Dave Williams0
243.2006Duaner Sanchez0
244.2006Scott Sauerbeck
245.2006Salomon Torres0
246.2006Aramis Ramirez0
247.2006Paul Konerko0
248.2006Willie Harris0
249.2006Tony Graffanino0
250.2006Keith Foulke
251.2006Jon Garland0
252.2006Javier Valentin140
253.2006Juan Rincon
254.2006J.c. Romero
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