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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through September 30, 2019 ( DRA and DRA-based stats updated through September 30, 2019 )
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1.MLBA.j. Burnett20034000.0000000000
2.MLBAaron Cook200316000.0000000000
3.MLBAaron Fultz20030000.0000000000
4.MLBAaron Harang200315000.0000000000
5.MLBAaron Heilman200313000.0000000000
6.MLBAaron Looper20030000.0000000000
7.MLBAaron Myette20030000.0000000000
8.MLBAaron Sele200325000.0000000000
9.MLBAaron Taylor20030000.0000000000
10.MLBAdam Bernero200317000.0000000000
11.MLBAdam Eaton200331000.0000000000
12.MLBAdam Johnson20030000.0000000000
13.MLBAl Leiter200330000.0000000000
14.MLBAl Levine20030000.0000000000
15.MLBAl Reyes20030000.0000000000
16.MLBAlan Benes20034000.0000000000
17.MLBAlan Embree20030000.0000000000
18.MLBAlbie Lopez20030000.0000000000
19.MLBAlex Herrera20030000.0000000000
20.MLBAllen Levrault20030000.0000000000
21.MLBAmaury Telemaco20038000.0000000000
22.MLBAndrew Good200310000.0000000000
23.MLBAndy Ashby200312000.0000000000
24.MLBAndy Pettitte200333000.0000000000
25.MLBAnthony Ferrari20030000.0000000000
26.MLBAntonio Alfonseca20030000.0000000000
27.MLBAntonio Osuna20030000.0000000000
28.MLBAquilino Lopez20030000.0000000000
29.MLBArmando Almanza20030000.0000000000
30.MLBArmando Benitez20030000.0000000000
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