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Data Updated Through July 15, 2018 (DRA and DRA-based stats Updated Through July 15, 2018)
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1.0.00BAL2007Adam Stern
2.0.00MIL2014Matt Pagnozzi
3.0.00WS11905Harry Cassady
4.0.00PIT1904Harry Cassady
5.0.00NY11886Ed Caskin
6.0.00TRN1880John Cassidy
7.0.00PHI1910Harry Cheek
8.0.00BSN1931Buster Chatham
9.0.00BSN1930Buster Chatham
10.0.00NY11919Hal Chase
11.0.00CIN1918Hal Chase
12.0.00CIN1917Hal Chase
13.0.00CIN1916Hal Chase
14.0.00BUF1914Hal Chase
15.0.00CHA1914Hal Chase
16.0.00NYA1913Hal Chase
17.0.00BUF1915Hal Chase
18.0.00CHA1913Hal Chase
19.0.00NYA1911Hal Chase
20.0.00NYA1912Hal Chase
21.0.00NYA1910Hal Chase
22.0.00NYA1905Hal Chase
23.0.00NYA1909Hal Chase
24.0.00NYA1907Hal Chase
25.0.00NYA1906Hal Chase
26.0.00SLA1944Mike Chartak
27.0.00SLA1943Mike Chartak
28.0.00NYA1942Mike Chartak
29.0.00SLA1942Mike Chartak
30.0.00WS11942Mike Chartak
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